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I just wanted to thank and once again for their guest posts last week. Be sure to visit on a regular basis as well. I had one more guest column lined up, but the server issues last week preempted it. The plan is for it to be up next week.

Speaking of the server issue, everything seems to be working smoothly once again. Or at least it has since Monday when I got back. Anyone still having issues connecting? We did have to upgrade to a higher server package at three times the cost, so I'm now forced to take on advertising on my

- The , Marcus Mateo, John Gaub, Jeff Gray adnd James Adduci were optioned to Triple A. Darwin Barney, Bobby Scales, Robinson Chirinos were assigned to minor league camp leaving 33 in camp. It appears James Russell will be added to the 40-man roster and make the team (a 0 ERA in spring will do that for you) and Tom Gorzelanny and Carlos Silva will be the starters, leaving the bench as the final puzzle to be solved.

Starters: Soto, Lee, Fontenot, Theriot, Ramirez, Soriano, Byrd, Fukudome

Starting Pitching: Zambrano, Dempster, Wells, Gorzelanny, Silva (who has actually pitched decently since his first outing)

Bullpen: Marmol, Grabow, Berg, Caridad, Marshall, Samardzija, Russell

Bench: Hill, Nady, Baker with Hoffpauir, Blanco, Fuld, Colvin, Millar and Tracy fighting for those last 2 spots in theory.

If I'm keeping track correctly, that also leaves Mike Parisi, Chris Robinson, Ted Lilly and Angel Guzman to round out the 33 with Lilly and Guzman set to start the year on the disabled list. The Cubs are probably trying to work out a deal to keep Parisi is my guess(or move him to another club) and Robinson is just around to have an extra catcher.

- Say hello to new Cubs blogs, and . That makes 53 on the Cubs blogroll on the lower left sidebar. I don't know much about Cubs Locker, other than they've been around since 2006 so I guess they're not that new, but Cubbery is written by smalbrecht who many know from Parachat on game days. I'm not sure if he's paying residuals to

- Great quote by Duke coach Mike Kryzewski on his seniors not living up to expectations:

“Just judge people for who they are right now. We are not the Yankees.
We’re not – thank goodness we’re not the Cubs, who are my favorite.

- I can't remember if I linked to this before, but here's from Baseball Intellect and his top 15 Cubs prospects.

  1. Starlin Castro
  2. Hak-Ju Lee
  3. Brett Jackson
  4. Josh Vitters
  5. Jay Jackson
  6. Andrew Cashner
  7. Chris Carpenter
  8. Kyler Burke
  9. Ryan Flaherty
  10. D.J. LeMahieu
  11. Dae-eun Rhee
  12. Logan Watkins
  13. Chris Huseby
  14. Chris Archer
  15. John Gaub

- and from Joe Posnanski.

- . He, like everyone else in baseball or who talks about baseball or has ever watched baseball, has an

- I want to get up our yearly Cubs prediction contest by Monday. What would be some good questions? Here was if it helps.


First player/coach ejected? I can't remember what all questions we had last year - or who won. Is the FA contest done yet?

I added the link to the post and below if that helps. I gave Jermaine Dye until Opening Day to sign for the FA contest. I actually do have prizes lined up for both, just have to verify the results when I get a moment. FA Frenzy '10 entries TCR Prediction '09 entries I do know that I'll make the total wins a tiebreaker question this year.

"Number of Chicago Cubs IP for Samardzija?" "Number of Zambrano meltdowns?"

Which will we see first: ivy on the walls or the same old 'new' Zambrano?

Just heard Bruuuuuuuce on ESPN Chicago. Bench decisions will be made March 31st. Berg indeed did not get the pen spot and Russell did - he confirmed via Lou. Also, a Lou sound bite was played where he said, "All four guys pitched well this Spring (meaning Fat Boy, Wide-Out, Gorzy, and Marshall). I am just not impressed with Wide-Out, but who knows? Maybe Greg Maddux will teach him how to develop one more pitch and create more movement? Ha! We'll see in due time. Should Silva and Gorzo both pitch equally - what happens when Lilly returns???


Justin Berg, he's a right handed relief pitcher. AZ Phil has him listed under the auto-renewal guys on the right hand side of the page. Kidding aside, I have lost track. 5 starters, Marmol, Grabow, Russel, Marshall, Smardijia, Russel ... doesn't that leave room for Berg or Gaub?

well Gaub got sent down today and Berg had already made the bullpen, hence my question mark. I'm assuming E-man just got the name mixed up.

Geez maybe I did. I was pretty caffinated. It doesn't make sense to me that both Berg and Russel will make it. What I gathered, unless I did get the names f'd up, is that Berg will be down, and Russel up. Maybe AZ PHIL can straighten this out?

as the post reads: Starters: Soto, Lee, Fontenot, Theriot, Ramirez, Soriano, Byrd, Fukudome Starting Pitching: Zambrano, Dempster, Wells, Gorzelanny, Silva (who has actually pitched decently since his first outing) Bullpen: Marmol, Grabow, Berg, Caridad, Marshall, Samardzija, Russell What doesn't make sense? Maybe he meant Parisi...

Nope. That makes sense now. I guess I was not sure how many pitchers the team would be carrying to start the year. Also, I was thinking (always a source of trouble) that no way would Lou want two rookies in the pen.

Lou likes rookies. Soto, Fontenot, Hoffpauir, Wells, Caridad. Koyie Hill was a rookie or near-rookie in 2007. It depends who they are. He didn't like Pie. He liked Fox but couldn't figure out a position for him.


I like "Fat Boy and Wide-Out", remeniscent of Jay and Silent Bob. You may even want to go with "Wide-Out-Side" for Smardijszia.

"Wide-Out Side" I like it.

Submitted by The Real Neal on Fri, 03/26/2010 - 12:37pm. I like "Fat Boy and Wide-Out", remeniscent of Jay and Silent Bob. You may even want to go with "Wide-Out-Side" for Smardijszia. ================================= REAL NEAL: I believe "Fat Boy" and Wide Out" were the two A-bombs the U. S. dropped on Japan in '45.

AZ Phil made another funny! Historical/pop cultural note for those who are unfamiliar (i.e., I'm going to explain the joke now): From Wikipedia at Fat Man and Little Boy (a.k.a. Shadow Makers in the UK) is a 1989 film that reenacts the Manhattan Project, the secret Allied endeavor to develop the first nuclear weapons during World War II. The film is named after the nuclear weapons known by the code names "Fat Man" and "Little Boy", and also potentially as a reference to the portly Gen. Leslie R. Groves and the seemingly much younger Robert Oppenheimer, the respective military and scientific heads of the project, who dominate the film. Also a Simpsons reference: "Fat Man and Little Boy" is the fifth episode of sixteenth season of The Simpsons and the last new episode of 2004.

Weren't those atomic weapons?

Yes. You are correct.

1 hour til CHC/OAK on WGN...replay at 9pm (Eastern) on MLB Network.

Just what I needed - another reason to go to Hooters after work instead of the gym.

"Unless we make a deal," manager Lou Piniella said. "Remember, (general manager Jim Hendry) and Randy (Bush), are both working hard to get us an experienced right-hander. So, if we do anything, that would be the final spot. If not, yeah, Russell is in line." mentions Berg is in as well Cubs projected for 2nd on 4 of the 6 systems, 4th on 2 of them. All in the 80-win range.

I really need to take a good luck at this - we talk here a lot about the 2008 Cubs - but the 2008 Cardinals were a 4th place (an 86 win 4th place) team. I just am not seeing a talent gap between them and the Cubs. Essentially these systems are saying that the Cards without Pujols are as good as anyone else in the NL Central. Does anyone really believe that?

why the hell is Soriano starting over Colvin?


Yay! Good answer! Good answer!

heh...jake fox and epat are out of options for the As.

well...WGN has their "bad music" CDs to play on tap. they're ready for the regular season. btw, this 80s revival is played out, but given the kids i run into, work with, and teach on campus there's a hell of a selfish "me me me" streak going on to match the 80s media revival. no one wants to get involved with anything,'s a very "spectator" lifestyle.

I am probably just getting my young whipper-snapper phase on, but man it seems like kids today are more self centered than I ever remember... any they have the attention span of chihuahuas on meth.

i'm seeing less kids smoking, less overall bitching, kids more focused on their education, but they seem to lack even a shred of imagination or adventure unless the adventure is some "package" they can buy into. even without the bitching many seem to be on a real "take it!" streak and are willing to walk over people to do it. too many aren't good at it and either don't follow it through fully or just end up causing drama because of it.

When we were kids we played with sticks and dead racoons. Then Atari 2600 came out.

my family was too poor to have sticks and dead raccoons...we just sat on the floor and breathed oxygen. we made a game of it, seeing how many imaginary balloons (too poor for balloons) we could blow up. then we found an atari 2600 that someone threw away shortly after buying it because it was a flaming piece of crap. we broke it apart to use as sticks to kill raccoons with. good times.

Oxygen? Rich bastard...

No kidding. We had to 'water down' our oxygen with nitrogen and other bits of junk. Couldn't afford the pure stuff...

When we were kids we played with sticks and dead racoons. --- when I was a kid I had to walk 2 miles to school in sub-zero weather without earmuffs only to find school was closed. as expected, my ears fell off. Then they invented the radio, so they could announce school closings. Later on, I went to a Hot Tuna concert and stood next to the speakers and couldn't hear for weeks, of course without ears, nobody knew.

Then you must have been ecstatic when they invented contact lenses. Taping/stapling your glasses to your head had to get old after a while.

Rob: Len just mentioned that Tracy and Hoff are battling for the last "spot." I don't know if he misspoke or if you missed something. But your projection looks right to me.

if millar already has a slot locked up before we already got a not-ready-for-D nady on the bench.

My personal opinion is that any combination of Rob's candidates other than Fuld and Tracy is a mistake. Most of you have probably read about this guy in one of my previous posts, but here is about 8 minutes of video from the first time in the minors when he (a switch pitcher) faced a switch hitter. The confusion that ensues is very funny, but we also get to see how he switches from one hand to the other... Am I the only one that is fascinated by this???


That's a sweet gimmick and likely to get him noticed, but my guess is the lefty-on-lefty, righty-on-righty advantage is probably outweighed by him actually learning to pitch well from one side.

Sitting around 88-89 MPH in this relief appearance. I was present at his debut in 2008, and he ran it up to 98 that day. His delivery looks to slow to me right now; I'd like to see him amp up the windup, especially out of the pen, but maybe that exacerbates his control problems. An uneventful two outs so far.

he was hitting low/mid-90s earlier in ST games, fwiw.

You can't really judge based on the TV gun. It could be reading really slow. Or in 2008 it might have been reading really high.

Rob -- Thanks for the shout out and the opportunity to write a guest post. I appreciate the opportunity.


nice one least you didn't walk him.

nice follow up by giving up a least you didn't walk him.

nice follow up by giving up a least you didn't walk him.


More reasons why Hendry is looking around to see if he can get another closer/set-up dude.

God damn! I saw that too. What a pile of shit as Fuky tries to score on a shit pop-up off the bat of Millar. 1-out and 2nd/3rd. Terrible. I really do not want Millar on this team. Can't they ,just hire a part-time comedian if they need a "clubhouse lightener" so bad? Or, just have Seinfeld on?

in a tie game, too. i don't care how many of these guys got tee-times.

I know it's just Spring Training, but that was a shit play. It's also the type of play where someone gets hurt. That was a really awkward slide by Fukudome.

yeah, it took him a while to get theriot getting up late on an awkward play earlier it wasn't too nice until they got up and walked off.

In my brain, everytime I see Millar I'm going to hear the Seinfeld music now.

Can't you see him in an episode as Kramer's brother? that's the real reason we had to get rid of milton? pathetic.


Baseball prospectus taught me earlier in the off-season that the third base coach should have been fired if he didn't send Fukudome in that instance:

I'm not a subscriber, but if I get the idea of where they're going, is BP actually suggesting there's a 50/50 chance of a runner scoring on a sac fly? Do they present any data? Even if the data says the runner scores 50 percent of the time, sending the runner more often will only lower that percentage. I might not be understanding that article fragment, but from what I see, it doesn't make mad sense.

The guy essentially said that you should always send the runner from third regardless of how deep the ball was hit or who it was hit to, because the marginal value you get from the run scoring (having one run with 1 out is a little better than having no runs and a guy on third with 1 out) always justifies the chance of him getting thrown out. Fukudome getting throw out yesterday was a classic example of why the writer is a moron - because he said "only 10% of runners get thrown out, therefore the runner should always go, no matter what", not realizing that the 10% that get thrown out are on balls that are hit shallow like the one yesterday. The real reason that it was a stupid call, though, is because you risk hurting Fukudome and the catcher in a fucking spring training game.

The sac fly should at least make it into the outfield. IIRC, the ball Fukudome was sent home on barely made it out of the infield.

"Ken Griffey Jr. hit a walkoff grand slam off Kip Wells as the Mariners edged the Reds 6-5 on Friday." couldn't that one have been on tv.

I'm guessing Waivin' Wendell Kim had a two headed coin.