Dempster wins, Lee hits, and Cubs blank the Dodgers

, on Tuesday night as Ryan Dempster outdueled Clayton Kershaw. Derrek Lee had a single, double, and two-run homer, and drove in all three Cub runs.

It was Dempster's first victory since April 23rd, Lee's first three-RBI game since April 16th, and his first three-hit game since the fourth game of the season way, way, way back on April 9th. 

Dempster held the Dodgers to three singles and fanned seven over eight innings. He looked capable of going the route, but Lou Piniella gave the ball to Carlos Marmol in the ninth, and the Cub closer made quick work of Russell Martin, Matt Kemp, and Manny Ramirez to secure the win. 

Kershaw was pretty impressive as well. He held the Cubs to four hits and just one, unearned run in his six innings. He threw 104 pitches, however, and as tweeted during the game, Kershaw is on a pace that would have him throwing more pitches in a season than any pitcher age 23 or younger since 2000.

Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Brian Campbell, and Adam Burish were in attendance Tuesday night. In their honor, here the 3 stars of the game:

Third Star...Clayton Kershaw. (Over his last four starts, spanning 28 1/3 IP, his ERA is 0.64.)
Second Star...Derrek Lee (Could he finally be regaining his stroke?)
And the #1 Star of the Game...Ryan Dempster (Now has a vs. L.A.)

Game two in the series will be tomorrow night, when Tom Gorzelanny goes up against Chad Billingsley.


This time it will be the Cubs who will move their radio broadcasts. The Cubs will broadcast on WIND when the Blackhawks have a Stanley Cup game on WGN.

During the bottom of the ninth CSN showed a pretty young lady in the stands almost in prayer after Marmol threw his first pitch. THAT is a smart young lady, and it tells a lot more than announcer Len Kasper picked up. Everyone wanted a Dempster win and should have been allowed a chance at the complete game. Marmol was lights out tonight but hasn't been lately, allowing more than his share of base runners in his last 10 or so appearances. It worked out Okay and the complete game does not hold the importance it once did. CSN did not cut to the bullpen to show if Marshall sat down when the 9th inning began. However Dempster mentioned post game how important it was to win this game in front of the Blackhawks in the first row. With a 3-zip lead, how important to the rest of the season, and tomorrow night, would it have been to shut the Dodgers down with a complete game? Dempster is old school. But Lou has withered on the vine. With just 6 hits, 3 of them coming from D. Lee, any boost builds momentum. Seize the day, Lou. Stop saying "F**** ME," get some guts and go for the jugular when you are up against Torre. Save Marmol for when you are up by one. Take every edge you can until you win the Series. There, I said it and I meant it. Go Cubs.

Lou has had a nasty habit of leaving Dempster in one inning too long, so it didn't bother me to see Marmol. Also, Marmol has looked pretty good to me. He still walks/hits too many, but he's striking out 75/9 Innings so I'd say it's working. And yes, Lou should not be back next season.

"However Dempster mentioned post game how important it was to win this game in front of the Blackhawks in the first row." If this is a factor, better lineup more hockey players for future Dempster starts. May as well throw in some SI swimsuit models, midgets and chimps on ponies, etc. - whatever it takes.

Headline: "With Addition of Swimsuit Models, Cubs Payroll Passes Yankees (Pirates Have Mixed Feelings)"

And they can catch a ball more reliably than Soriano.

I think it's important for any team with playoff aspirations to establish a front-line closer. If you bring in Marmol, and he can't close the door on a 3-0 lead in the ninth, then Lou may as well find that out now, because it means the team is pretty much sunk. A complete game is just not a big deal in the 21st century.

Marmol is great. This post is not. Some people complain because, . . ., well, . . . (OK I have no idea and do not care) Go Cubs.

I agreed with bringing Marmol in for 2 reasons: 1) Dempster did his job, and you want to make sure you take him out on a high note rather than risk letting one inning spoil the party. 2) It's good to get Marmol some easy* saves every now and then. He's had enough of the 4-5 out, 1 run save chances. Give him a nice 3-run lead to protect. *Not that facing the heart of the Dodgers' order is easy.

Marmol makes me nervous, but I think bringing him in in that situation was the right thing to do.

Sullivan speculates on Cashner as being added as a power arm for the pen and uses this Hendry quote on Cashner...
"He has had three outstanding starts in a row at the Triple-A level," general manager Jim Hendry said. "He has been 95-97 (mph) every night, commanding his fastball really well. … He's certainly not far away." also in same article, Sullivan says ARam's thumb is still swollen...
The Cubs may have to consider putting Ramirez on the disabled list if he's not ready to go in a few days.

''We're not talking about fill-in guys,'' Hendry said. ''We're talking about some power arms in Iowa. ... It's a really exciting group of young pitching.''
wittenmeyer article in sun times mentions Cashner, Jay Jackson and Casey Coleman.

Casey Coleman isn't a power arm...he's Carlos Silva if anything.

But Casey Coleman drinks Power Aid, so he still fits the description. I had a really good idea about trading Fountainout and Gorzellany or Silva for a second basemen last night - but I forgot who the player was.

Chase Utley?

Oh, I remember now - I was thinking of Scott Sizemore. I was also having some beers...

Submitted by Rob G. on Wed, 05/26/2010 - 8:37am. Casey Coleman isn't a power arm...he's Carlos Silva if anything. ========================= ROB G: Agreed. I think Hendry was talking about Andrew Cashner and Jay Jackson.

I'm sure, probably Diamond as well.

the drums are beating for cashner...he throws a matinee tomorrow while I'm @ work, but I will be on the road to Chicago early Friday morning if he needs a ride...can't wait to see the premiere of 'Ballhawks' Friday night...thought Wittenmeyer's piece about Zorro was right on, btw...

Yeah, totally forget about Samardzija... real nice Mike Wellman... j/k

can't wait to see the premiere of 'Ballhawks' Friday night I guess it's just me, but I find the idea of grown men muscling kids out of the way so they can hoard thousands of baseballs absofuckinglutely creepy.

I doubt they hoard them, but I do think they're losers.

It's in the movie
Big collections Yet, for those who've spent decades at baseball games without even one foul ball to show off, the Ballhawks' collections can spark envy. One named Moe shows the fruits of his work: his accumulation of more than 3,000 balls is tucked away in a plywood container.
in a plywood container, no doubt in his mom's basement...

I am thinking of the guys outside of Wrigley during the games - not the guys who show up early during batting practice of AA games. Milton Bradley knows a good shrink that Moe can talk to.

a chunk do just toss them to kids. you got jerks like the dude in COL who makes it a sport to jump in front of everyone in the park while roaming the OF bleacher area according to who's AB and likelihood of where HR's will land. he likes to keep a count of his personal conquest of catching balls to add to his own tally. he gets more than a few of them barging in front of others to add to his tally.

Don't they have ushers in Colorado?

nobody ever tossed me a ball @ a game when i was a kid...what needs to happen @ ballgames is drunks stop slopping beer & cussing like longshoremen in front of kids...the ballhawk phenomenon intrigues me because wrigley is unique as a place where you can be @ the game without being inside the ballpark; i do not aspire to friendship w/ their leaders, i just like the fact that it's possible for balls to be hit clear OUT of the joint & i bet the film will be for the omission of deep threat, that's on sully & gordie...[jk too]

Saw Diamond for six innings and Jackson for 3 and I don't recall seeing either hit 91 on the speed gun---although the gun in Des Moines is reputed to be a couple mph slow. Not knocking them -- just reporting.

I was going to shoot back with Jackson's K rate, but it's gone down considerably this year along with his walk rate, maybe he's trading velocity for control. Diamond is K'ing nearly a guy an inning though. K rates is what I myself usually refer to as power arms.

Doug Jones must have thrown 100 MPH ; )

speaking of... Cashner is going to get some work out of the pen in Iowa now.

rf fuke, 2b riot, 1b lee, lf sori, cf colvin, 3b font, ss castro, c hill, p gorzelanny vs. Furcal 6 Martin 2 Kemp 8 Ramirez 7 Loney 3 Blake 5 Johnson 9 DeWitt 4 Billingsley 1

the Des Moines guy said there would be more info on his blog about Cashner and it led me to this: Sandberg throwing to Lilly

they're doing it wrong...
At this point, it doesn’t appear that any serious talks are ongoing. And let's be honest: It doesn't make much sense to trade a 27-year-old left-handed starter … who is earning $800,000 this year, won't be eligible to file for free agency until 2013 and has very good numbers (2-4, 3.09 ERA, eight starts).
then it lists all the teams that could be interested and the Cubs wanting bullpen help... then I ask, what about a 3bmen?

The Brewers are stuck in reverse. I wonder what they'd want for McGehee?

Baker, Gorzo, and a B-ish prospect for McGeehee and some sort of relatively valuable relief pitcher? Too much? Too little?

B. It makes more sense to trade for a 2nd basemen you can keep around for a few years and push Fountainout/Baker to third base so Aram can do whatever he's going to do to get right. Lou is stupid, but he's right in one thing, just like last year, this team's not going anywhere without Ramirez hitting.

Do you include Theriot in a deal, or do you put him back to SS, or what in that case? Just curious. What's up with A-Ram after this year contract-wise?

he has a player option for 2011, which he isn't about to pass up at this point.

He has a player option for 2011, but, according to Cot's, the no-trade clause is just through this year. So the Cubs can be rid of him if they want to, assuming he's tradeable at around $14.6M.

10-5, right?

correct, believe he passed 10 years in the majors sometime last year so that 10/5 right kicked in sometime last year. also forgot that he has a 2012 mutual option that kicks in automatically if he agrees to a trade.

Aramis Ramirez is under contract with a player option for 2011 (THANK YOU Hendry). Seeing that unless the Cubs pick up a nice chunk of that in a trade to another team, and noting his annual injuries as well as his declining skills, I would say odds-on that he will be exercising that option and we will be seeing him for one more year.

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  • jdrnym 8 hours 30 min ago (view)

    All makes sense, but I think there is one important point of clarification in there -- are you using "practice squad" and "Club Player Pool" interchangeably? If so, I understood the first sentence of your third-to-last paragraph above to mean that Mills/Sadler/Underwood could be outrighted and still be in the Pool, therefore retaining their eligibility to re-selected to the major league active roster later in the season.


  • Arizona Phil 10 hours 56 min ago (view)

    jdrnym: Zack Short is still on Optional Assignment to the minors (as are Alzolay, M. Amaya, R. Garcia, Maples, T. Miller, Norwood, Rea, M. Rodriguez, and Steele), but he can be recalled at any time without restriction (no "ten-day rule") because he was optioned to the minors prior to the transaction freeze in March. 


  • crunch 15 hours 19 min ago (view)

    the toles update is worse than his troubled past.  toles has been diagnosed bipolar + schizophrenia and has been in/out of institutions over the past couple years.  he can't seem to stick to any program long enough to get good treatment.

    hope he turns whatever corner he needs to in order to get enough treatment to decide what kind of future he'd like to have.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 18 hours 9 min ago (view)

    Those two are definitely on more precarious ground once the roster is trimmed to 26, I would say.


  • jdrnym 18 hours 12 min ago (view)

    Right, just went through the roster quick. Underwood, Sadler, same deal.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 20 hours 28 min ago (view)

    Can't answer the Short thing. But I'd agree with your assessment of Mills if he weren't basically a lock to make the roster.


  • jdrnym 20 hours 36 min ago (view)

    Is Zack Short's official designation still "on optional assignment" even though he's not on the Pool? If so, he can't just be recalled even though he's on the 40-man roster, right?

    And someone like Alec Mills who's on the Pool and out of options... he's virtually locked onto the active roster because he can't get taken off (via an outright) and remain eligible to be re-added. Seems like the kind of player you'd prefer to leave off the initial Pool.


  • crunch 21 hours 25 sec ago (view)

    though he went to the hospital for treatment he was never admitted, so he's yet another person who got dragged hard by Covid, but who's case isn't showing up in the hospital admission, ICU bed, or death numbers most of us are looking at.

    there's a whole slew of people who have had to shut down their lives for 2-4-6-etc weeks to get over this that are falling outside of the numbers we're tracking most closely.


  • Cubster 21 hours 29 min ago (view)

    "In yet another reminder of how insidious this particular disease can be, Hottovy says he had acted quite cautiously in public before coming down with it. Fortunately, he was able to self-isolate and avoid transmitting it to his family."


  • crunch 22 hours 40 min ago (view)

    it'll be interesting to see how things go down when people have to start playing games in AZ.  they're damn close to being "early NYC level" screwed with a lack of planning and action.

    with the early plan of playing games in AZ/FL, they could have been huge economic winners with 15+ teams playing all their games in AZ (and spring training 2.0).  now it's looking like some teams may not even want to fly into AZ for a few dozen "away" games.


  • crunch 22 hours 56 min ago (view)

    cubs pitching coach tommy hottovy was diagnosed with covid-19 earlier this spring, but he is currently assumed fully recovered.

    he had a 100+ degree temperature for 6 days, lost 18 pounds, and it took 30 days for him to test negative.

    he's 38 years old, btw.


  • Hagsag 1 day 5 hours ago (view)

    Bravo Crunch!


  • crunch 1 day 21 hours ago (view)

    at least the cubs got elston back for pretty much nothing.  also, ha.


  • Rob Richardson 2 days 3 hours ago (view)

    How many coachs, managers, and other "tier 1" individuals around the league are in higher risk groups? 


  • Rob Richardson 2 days 3 hours ago (view)

    Well said Crunch.


  • Cubster 2 days 4 hours ago (view)

    1956 Cub Hoax...

    Hit .215, 5 HR. Age 28 season