Game #73 Preview: Cubs (32-40) @ White Sox (37-34)

Back on June 13th, after Ted Lilly nearly no-hit the White Sox at Wrigley Field, the Sox' record was 28-34, and the Cubs stood at 28-35. The White Sox haven't lost since, and the Cubs have continued to stumble. They're now eight games under .500 and the same number of games behind the division-leading Cardinals.

On this, his 32nd birthday, Aramis Ramirez returns to the lineup after a stint on the DL with that nagging thumb problem, and . Tracy hit .250 (11-for-44) in 28 games for the Cubs.

In the big news of the day...

Steve Stone was on WSCR a little while ago and said that he and Lou Piniella had an agreeable meeting in the Cub clubhouse which included multiple handshakes. No back-patting or playful tousling of the hair was reported.

Cubs vs. Jake Peavy (6-5, 5.07; 4-2, 2.72 all-time vs. Cubs)
Fukudome 9, Colvin 7, Byrd 8, Lee 3, Ramirez 5, Soriano DH, Fontenot 6, Soto 2, Theriot 4

White Sox vs. Carlos Zambrano (3-5, 5.10; 5-3, 4.56 all-time vs. Sox)
Pierre 7, Vizquel 5, Rios 8, Konerko 3, Quentin 9, Kotsay DH, Pierzynski 2, Ramirez 6, Beckham 4


Only thing I might do differently with that lineup is swap Byrd and Colvin to break up the LH hitters. Hopefully Z will get it going versus the rival today. As bad as the season is and as bleak as our outlook is for 2011 - imagine what it would be like had we traded Cashner, Marhsall and Vitters for Jake Peavy.

Has anyone seen Russ Canzler play? He is one of the few prospects in the system showing any kind of power from an infield corner (I see he is getting time at 3B in addition to 1B), and is now hitting .307/.390/.569. At 24, is he starting to put things together and becoming a legit prospect, or is this just a temporarily productive ~140 ABs?

Submitted by Ross_Barnes on Fri, 06/25/2010 - 1:30pm. Has anyone seen Russ Canzler play? He is one of the few prospects in the system showing any kind of power from an infield corner (I see he is getting time at 3B in addition to 1B), and is now hitting .307/.390/.569. At 24, is he starting to put things together and becoming a legit prospect, or is this just a temporarily productive ~140 ABs? ============================================ ROSS B: Russ Canzler is in his 7th season in the Cubs organization, and has never played above AA. He is also repeating AA. (This is known as the "Brandon Sing Syndrome"). Canzler will be a Rule 55 minor league free-agent (6YFA) post-2010, and will probably want to move to another organizational where he will at least get a shot at AAA. Canzler does have some HR power, and he can play corner IF-OF (although he is basically a 1B), but his ceiling is very limited.

cubbery already. neat.

wsox lead by 4 with 1 out in the bottom 1st. AWESOME!

was it Cubbery? box score just looks like Z got lit up.

there was a play on a foul ball that no one got to, but 3 people (aram/soto/Z) were there to watch it fall slightly out of their arm's reach. it's one aram should have been closer to and playable, but soto made the effort and missed out of reach. Z and dlee are fighting (verbal). water cooler knocked down...lou had to get in the middle of it. z went into the tunnel...still not back in the dugout. gorz. is warming up. think Z might be done... "this has been a dead ass team" - bob brenley

Z is back in the dugout...sitting by himself.

rothschild is not happy...lou doesn't look too happy himself.

and gorz is in...and Z is done...

he didn't try to kick Lee's ass? not as dumb as we make him out to be.. screen grab by someone was there something involving Lee in the bottom of the first or just some random dugout thing?

wait til you see the video...Z came in mad-man screaming that seemed to be directed at no one...but somehow DLee said something or was the subject of part of Z's rant or something...they were up in each other's face until lou quickly got there. the aftermath division of the bench (not along race lines, btw) and lack of anyone talking to each other except lou/roths was kinda creepy.

Milton Bradley has ruined this team.

on the lighter side the cubs have had 4 batters face peavy 4 in a row and all 4 have K'd. AWESOME!

How do you solve a problem like the one douche bag Zambrano presents? Can't trade his ass with out sending $30 million along to the team dumb enough to make the deal. The bullpen carries them through 13 innings the day before and the team has to fly across country to play a day game. So his stupid ass goes out and A) pitches like the bitch he's repeatedly shown himself to be and B) acts like the emotional fucktard which he's repeatedly shown himself to be and leaves the bullpen to carry 7 innings. Fuck you, Zambrano you bitch ass mother fucker. 2004 all over again....


How do you solve a problem like the one douche bag Zambrano presents? -------- You take him out on Lake Michigan in a boat, get him drunk, and push him overboard.

That is an awful thing to say But, I lol'd Maybe I'm an afwul person?

On the way home last night I heard in the postgame show that Zambrano said in his initial rant: We're playing like shit. This is a horse shit team (etc) On the video you can read Derrek Lee's lips: Shut the fuck up! Shut the fuck up! That's bullshit (repeated several times) When Zambrano hears Lee tell him to STFU, he wheels around and starts yelling directly at Lee, I can only assume telling him that he wasn't fielding his position properly. But who knows I say mad props to Lee for telling Zambrano he was out of line. I like Z's "fire," but this was a little much. Apparently the whole team must really hate Z if the mild mannered, lead by example, DLee has had enough. Everyone else on the team has probably been wishing he had done it a long time ago. Curious thought, what if Fontenot or say, Colvin had told Zambrano to STFU? Would he tear his head off immediately? Kick him into LF?

Fontenot would have punched him straight in the knee and knocked him down.

Point well taken that this team and organization are a joke, but coming from Z it smacks more of a desire to show everybody up than a real intent to fire up the team or fix anything (least of all his own cruddy performance). He wants to pretend he's not part of the crapulence when, in fact, he is. Showing up Lee is particularly ridiculous. Everyone knows he's having an all-around down year, but he's saved this team's bacon defensively way, way more often than not over the years. It's not like he's Todd Walker or Theriot or some other brick-gloved chump. I usually reflexively defend Z even when he's an idiot, but no can do this time.

Yeah, it would have been nice if Zambrano had done something like this, say, before the game, and then went out and threw lights out and kept being pumped up in an effort to energize the team. Or again, if there were 2 errors or something and he strikes out the side around them to save the inning and then comes back and yells. Etc. But at this point he has no standing. The team is a horseshit team in part because its alleged #1 starter pitched so poorly he was the 6th best on his team and relegated to the bullpen, where he also struggled. And the team was down 4-0 not because infielders did not dive and knock down balls, but because Zambrano was leaving everything up in the zone and balls were getting scalded.

Lee's defense hasn't been that great lately. He almost cost the Cubs the game Thursday when he allowed the "hit" that lead to Cashner giving up his first "earned run" of the season. Last time I checked, official scorekeeper, when the ball hits an infielder in the glove and he doesn't catch it - that's an error. Lee is moving like someone who's got whiplash.

“You know, I gotta tell you something, Len. I’m not a big believer in temper tantrums solving anything or creating momentum for your ball club, but it’s good to see somebody show some emotion in that first base dugout! This has been a dead-ass team for the better part of three months to start this season, and GOD KNOWS there’s been enough opportunities for guys to blow a cork. It’s good to see somebody finally have an emotional involvement in the game.” Bob Brenly, during the 2nd inning.

Steve Stone seems to think it was Pierre's double and Lee playing too far off the line that may have started the dispute. Stone rightfully defending Lee on that one.

even the best 1st basemen don't make that play without diving into/on the base. dlee didn't dog it.

seem to be that he was playing too far off the line for Z's taste was Stone's hypothesis, although as Stone pointed out, you don't expect Pierre to pull it down the line.

ahhh, the long-awaited tantrum of zombie to tie the season in a think i gave this outfit the best years of my life...

Witty surmises that Lee didn't argue enough about ball being foul or not enough effort on Lee's part.

that was uninformative...

what a dysfunctional, god-forsaken operation are the chicago cubs...

can hardly wait to see them in the flesh monday night...

I hereby change my official stance, play Colvin and Castro, gut the entire franchise and every starting player besides those 2, hell pay the entire salaries of players so you can get good prospects back and just float a 15 million dollar payroll. Gut the front office and every coach and scout not named Ryne Sandberg. "Start Fresh" is my new theme, you ain't got to go home but you can't be a Chicago Cub anymore. This team sickens me.

I've been thinking the same thing for awhile, and I actually LOL'd. Hell, we got DLee off the Marlins after 03, let's use some of their operations ideas too (without the rings, of course, but you get the idea)

Baker on Zambrano going after Lee in Cubs dugout: “I wouldn’t mind getting a seat for that one. Get some popcorn. That’d be a good one.”

Milton Bradley has ruined this team. --- Returning to the anniversary of sorts, when Lou sent MB home after calling him a POS. Hopefully Lou knows how to say POS in spanish. 6/26/09
...after Bradley threw his helmet and tossed a Gatorade cooler in the dugout following a bad at-bat.
Bradley had struck out in the first and the fourth innings, then flew out to left for the second out in the sixth. He threw a fit in the dugout, and Piniella decided to discipline the outfielder. "I told him to take his uniform off," Piniella said. "He threw his helmet and smashed the water cooler and there was water flying all over. I told him to take his uniform off and go home. "I followed him up to the clubhouse and we exchanged some words. I don't like when those things happen, but I was tired of watching it." Piniella said Bradley's actions have been a "common occurrence." "I've looked the other way a lot," Piniella said, "and I'm done with it."

I'm getting to like the 2010 team philosophy...lose the first two games of each series. Based on that we're seriously overachieving as our win percentage is well above .333 (started the day at .444) So we've got quite a ways to go, downhill.

that won't be up long... -edit- still there, I used this site to download a copy.

I'll be out of the country next year. I've been worried about when I'll have a chance to watch games online. Maybe I'll just take a year off from the Cubs instead...

chad tracy is the glue that held this team together.

PWSullivan: Just keeps getting worse for the Cubs: Big Z filmed screaming obscenities at local cameramen in the Sox parking lot at the Cell.

Conspiracy theory: someone poisoned the Gatorade dispenser in the cubs dugout, otherwise why does this happen ever time they play there?

CUBSTER: This wouldn't have happened if Andy the Clown was at Comiskey.

That's just the residual meth from the typical Cell patrons.

Was there a game today btw?

yes, it sucked.

9 straight series losing the first game. Can't fire the manager, can't find the owner (he's on Safari), can't unload any players because of bad contracts.

Why can't the Cubs just be putrid like other, run-of-the-mill garbage teams (KC, Pitt., Balt.)? Why does it have to go all the way to farce?

Aaron Miles is DHing for the Cardinals tonight. Maybe this farce thing is contagious.

Enrique Wilson wasn't available?

Lou postgame says Z's behavior is unacceptable, at the least he will need to apologize to the whole team and expects Hendry to take disciplinary action. Lou asked about why he's always having to send someone home from the cell. Ozzie laughs at Z, saying he's gonna have plenty of time to make dinner reservations.

ozzie and Z were/are supposed to have dinner tonight (arranged pre-game), btw

Can I get a "fart"?


Much obliged.

Hendry postgame: Z suspended indefinitely. His conversation with Z was brief and didn't have time for a Z apology.

woo...cubs baseball.

This should have happened years ago.

i.e., several million dollars ago...

I agree. While I don't like superstar treatment anyway, Z isn't good enough to behave like he does.

Does Z owe Chad Tracy a full apology, or only a partial share?

DennisCulloton (Ricketts PR Guy) This wouldn't happen at the Friendly Confines. followed by Paul Sullivan Ricketts' spokesman blames the Cell for Z outburst: RT @DennisCulloton This wouldn't happen at the Friendly Confines. followed back by Culloton that was a joke Sully. Where's my gatorade? RT @PWSullivan: Ricketts' spokesman blames the Cell for Z outburst followed by bleedcubbieblue @DennisCulloton "Jokes" like that aren't funny, especially in situations like this.

I'm glad Sully is here to tell us what is and isn't funny. It was was just a bad time to be making a funny. [edit] ok it's not that funny. [edit] fart

Sully misinterpreted the joke, BCB/Al decided to give a lesson in comic timing though, cause THIS SHIT IS FUCKING SERIOUS!!!!

"that was a joke Sully. Where's my gatorade?" BAWHAHHAWHHWAHAHHAHAHWHAWHAHAHAHWHA. and someone take the stick out of bleedcubbieblue's ass.

edwin jackson just threw a 149 pitch no-hitter against the drays.

Unless he dropped acid before the game, I'm not impressed.

GREAT reference.

as Will Carroll's head explodes... people seem upset about it and while unorthodox for today's day and age, it's a fuckin no-hitter and it's fuckin Edwin Jackson on a terrible DBacks team with a terrible pen in a 1-0 game. how they manage him past tonight would be when to start voicing the outrage....

That's the kind of high pitch count game that doesn't bother me so much. He racked up his long innings early in the game. It's when you're throwing 30 pitches in the 8th and 9th innings that I'd expect you to be more likely to hurt yourself. With a no-hitter and a 1-0 game, though, I imagine he was pushing it pretty hard.

At the game today. Blah Guessing Z still had hard feelings from lee s performance at wriglry when he pitched. 2 errors in 1 inning Guessing Rob G was right sharks vs jets going on inclubhouse. call hendry in clubhouse for team meeting and throw grenade in there and let god sort them out.

don't toss the grenade to an infielder, they'll boot it...

At least Zambrano can watch the World Cup in his free time.

The good news, when Z comes back from his indefinite suspension it will be just like making a midseason trade acquisition!

well done

Z dining with Ozzie, in the old days that would be tampering If they dined on red beans and rice, that would be... Fart.

In 2007 and 2008 Z was my favorite player. Old school - tough - offense and pitching. But man - he needs to get some professional help. I am assuming he will be doing it if he wants to pitch for the club anymore.

Carlos Zambradley

carlost/carloco zamboner...

make that zambozo..

Screwloose Lamebraino

Brett Jackson hit by a pitch and removed from Daytona's game yesterday. Injury described in the game writeup as a triceps contusion - apparently was hit intentionally in retaliation for Junior Lake's first dinger of the season right before him.

Junior Lake belongs in High A about as much as I do. Move him to the mound, he's a heck of an athlete, but he just can't hit.

Brett Jackson makes Baseball America's Prospect Hot Sheet again this week. .423/.429/.923 (11-for-26), 2 HR, 3 2B, 2 3B, 7 RBIs, 8 R, 1 BB, 2 SO, 1-for-1 SB

Wrongway calling for the Cubs to dump Zambrano now.

And Wittenmeyer concurs. It sort of makes me wonder if the Trib owning the Cubs so long forced the beat writers to think more as mouthpieces for the organization than people with their own brains.

that would surely account for rogers' article, not so much wittenmeyer's. i'm going to guess the suspension lasts through the all star break. and z is just told to wait for his agent to call with prospective takers, in order to give thumbs up/thumbs down. hendry must now be dialing for his life: he has been unable to move the bad contract of an average player (fukudome), how can he be reasonably expected to move the worse contract of an average pitcher and first-rate loon? methinks it's time to light another prayer candle...

This is simple. Fire Hendry. Fire Lou. Make Z the manager. love it

Is Minaya still running the Mets? I bet he'd take Zambrano.

If the Cubs control media access based on the media writing articles that they want written it would account for everyone's article.

Call Al Davis...Z will look good in a Raiders uniform And then there is Andy McFail, he just might poney up Garrett Atkins

Lets try another "change of scenery" trade with Seattle. They could use Z's bat.

Z still has a ton of value. A guy with a season ERA never above 4.00 and age 29? Yeah teams will come a calling, but what the Cubs do best is destroy trade value, they won't be offering much. He isn't a player on his last legs, he is a player that probably needs a whole new organization, a change of scenery. Zambrano and Zambrano alone has the potential to bring back better talent than anyone else. He is the single best trading chip on the roster.

i think the 3-4mph missing off his fastball and the 20zillion a year he's owed the next 2 years destroyed his trade value a bit more.

Stop listening to Steve Stone's blather.Z was at 93-94 mph with his fastball Friday. His sinker was 90+ What got hit: cutter/slider/sinker/change

Zambozo is the winner btw.

Stevens down

Awe Schlitter. Stevens getting the Stevie Eyre boot?

fox saturdays suck. thanks for [email protected] dudes. least it's not the NYY/BOS/NYM/ATL "game of the week" like it is 99.999% of the time.

Yeah, I'm in San Antonio on business and got NYY/LAD. Ugh.

zambozo for bradley...

That is not funny in any context, and if need be, I'll get Al (BCB) to come here and tell you it's not funny...