Ryan Theriot—a Modern-Day Max Flack?

On Memorial Day, 1922, the between games of a split doubleheader. After playing for their respective teams in the morning game, Cubs outfielder Max Flack and Cards OF Cliff Heathcote were traded for one another. Each man played for his new team in the afternoon.

The Cubs and Rockies have no doubleheaders scheduled this weekend, but in line with rumors that have been coming out of Chicago the past couple days, the that Ryan Theriot may begin the weekend series as a Cub and end it as a member of the Rockies.

Theriot, 30, wouldn't figure to be just a pennant-stretch stopgap at second base. He's a career .287 hitter who would provide the Rockies with a much-needed threat on the bases. He stole 71 bases from 2007-09 and is on pace for 26 this year.

Theriot lost in arbitration to the Cubs last winter, settling for $2.6 million instead of the $3.4 million he requested. He could be in line to make $4 million-plus next season.

is in a similar situation. His future as the Rockies' second baseman is cloudy because he's arbitration eligible. He's making $3.35 million this season and could jump to about $5 million next year.

Neither Theriot or Barmes is a world-beater at the plate. Theriot is currently hitting .281/.318/.385, and Barmes is at .249/.315/.385. Remarkably, the two players have the same, sad lifetime OPS—712, though Barmes has had the advantage of playing in Denver's hitter-friendly altitude.

(Had to laugh at the reference to Theriot as "a much-needed threat on the bases." Anyone who has watched  would have to ask, "Threat to whom?")



don't they get wgn in denver?

Well said. (Hope you don't mind--just quoted you on Twitter.)

no problem. I have now signed up.

Carlos Marmol featured in John Dewan's "Stat of the Week." http://actasports.com/sows.php "The thing about Carlos Marmol is that he is basically unhittable. The batting averages against him since 2007 are incredibly paltry, .169 in 2007, .135 in ‘08, .170 in 2009 and .148 this year. The only way to beat him is to hope that he is wild."

When he pitches it's Carlos Marmol v. Carlos Marmol. He can only beat himself.

From what I have seen of Barmes here in Denver, I would say that he is the superior fielder, and is fairly versatile, playing 2b, SS, and even 3rd. Nonetheless, this is hardly a big impact deal, and is quite a bit like shuffling deck chairs...

I think our team is better with a prospect who is never going to reach the bigs and Fountainout at 2nd with Barney as a backup, than Theriot at 2nd and Fountainout as a backup.

Personally, I really don't think it will make a significant difference either way. There is no point in arguing this matter. I was sort of hoping to be rid of Theriot in a way that meant he would be more or less out of sight and mind. If he goes to the Rockies, we will be right in my face any time I go to Coors Field.

Oh, that wouldn't bother me unless he does really well. And even if he does, I'd just say "well, he sucked with the Cubs", sort of like I do with Jamie Moyer.

Jamie Moyer sucked for the first 4 teams he played for. From 1988-1995 he was 59-76 with a 4.51 ERA. If a hitter turned his career around like Moyer did at age 33, he would be bombarded with PED accusations.

Well, if a hitter turned around his career by slowing his bat speed, there would be a lot more than PED accusations going on. Tewksbury is another guy who never bothered me too much. When he first came up we called him '0 and 2ksbury', then '0 and 3ksbury' etc.

Is Howie Kendrick really available? And what's the problem with his bat this year? I'd probably rather see him batting 8th than Theriot, especially if the money is the same or better.

Nowhere that I can find...?

He was mentioned MLB traderumors.

So Soto is sitting again today, so word is that Lou is also sitting Lee (Baker at 1st) and Byrd. Because if the lineup is weakened, why not weaken it even more. Off-day tomorrow, so Lou is giving these guys two days rest I guess. Not that any of this matters anymore.

Baker at first? They trying to showcase him as a versatile player for a trade or something? What happened to Nady?

I had a bizarre dream last night that the Cubs put Nady at 1b and moved DLee to left center field (apparently they were playing with a softball defense). The first ball hit to DLee was a one hop single with a guy on 3rd, DLee threw home and blew his arm out. I don't know where that dream came from but it was odd.

Lou thinks Nady is the bench coach.

Somebody has to pull the strings on "Weekend at Trammel's" corpse

(But color me embarrassed, I thought it was Baker, not Nady...)

I would normally think yes on the showcasing Baker to trade him, but in typical Cubbery fashion, they're probably putting the cart before the horse, think they've already got a taker for Nady, and want to see who else is going to back up DLee. You can ask the same question again next week, when the supposed 'deal' falls through and Lou continues to put Baker at first because he forgets Nady is there.

I think Soto is a little banged up. Didn't he get hit with a foul tip or something on Sunday? It's hard to remember when you're not really paying attention.

nada is in lou's doghouse for not outplaying colvin in the beginning of the year which made lou look bad.

Hmm. That's possible, actually.

should play fuku at short

That whirlybird move he has perfected when striking out might come in handy when trying to turn a DP.


Cubs relievers rank #5 in all of baseball in number of losses: 19 of the 55 losses. (And 24th in number of wins!) This might sound dumb, but I think the Cubs messed up not getting Matt Capps.

It was $500K Ricketts would not come up with (Levine) - PLUS, he "wanted to close". If we are honest about it, would it have made any dif with A-Ram and Lee's terrible 1st halfs?

Yes, he would have closed. That means Marmol would pitch setup and VASTLY improve the 8th inning pitching performance. I looked all over and couldn't find 8th inning pitching splits. I don't know where to find stuff like that. I agree Lee & Ramirez had a terrible first half, but the bullpen, again, gave up a lot of games this year.

Those splits are here: http://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/split... The Cubs' worst innings have actually been the 1st and the 7th, in terms of runs allowed and opponents OPS. (Scroll about halfway down to find pitching by innings.)

Except that Marmol was committed to as a closer earlier than the Capps FA offer. You are assuming that Capps would have been annointed closer. And, if you have been reading this blog, Marmol is worth the investment of "closer growing pains".

Capps wan't a closer gig. Tbe Cubs had anointed Marmol the closer. It's not that complicated.

So then you call Marmol in your office and say "I know we said you would be the closer, but something came up and now you will pitch the 8th inning." I mean do I really have to point this out?

Is it me or did Marmol not respond so hot the last time the Cubs pulled something like this on him, when the something-that-came-up was called "Kevin Gregg?" Also Kevin Gregg didn't respond so hot either, as I recall. I appreciate Marmol for what he is: the Most Interesting Closer in the World.

Do I really have to point out we're talking about a team that has been batting a .250 hitter #3 all season?

Not to mention the no power for 3 1/2 months .200 clean up hitter.

soriano finally gets put in a RBI slot and he gets to feed off that slop. awesome.

Today's lineups... Cubs vs. Bud Norris Theriot 2B, Castro SS, Colvin CF, Ramirez 3B, Nady LF, Fukudome RF, Baker 1B, Hill C, Wells P Astros vs. Randy Wells Bourn CF, Sanchez SS, Berkman 1B, Pence RF, Lee LF, Johnson 3B, Castro C, Hernandez 2B, Norris P When a lawyer concedes a point in court so that it doesn't have to be discussed, I believe it's called stipulating. I think the Cubs should stipulate that they won't get a hit from the 5th spot in the order on down.

to waiving his NTC to any team according to WMVP. Apparently Hendry took an offer from the Angels to Lee and he nixed it.

Probably won't matter anyway after Jeff Baker asserts himself as our regular first-baseman.

So now we know. fart...I'd like to know what the deal was.

Mr. Lee, may I introduce to you Mr. Pine? You two will be spending a lot of time together over the next two months.

derick mcgriff if he does play bat him 8th were he belongs.

"Anyone who has watched the damage he has done on the bases to the Cubs" etc. I am more interested in the damage done by players who don't go from first to third or from second to home on singles. If Soto (and I only mention him because he's the slowest Cub) gets one of his vaunted walks, how many singles behind him does it take to get him home? Two, maybe three? A fast runner, leading off with a walk or a single, will often score on just one more hit. Those are numbers you never see. I see a lot of lumbering pachyderms running the bases for the Cubs, while others focus on caught-stealings and caught-trying-to-take-an-extra-base. Starting with Soto, in order of increasing speed, I would put Nady, Lee, Hill, Ramirez, Fukudome, Baker, Soriano, Fontenot, Byrd, Theriot, Colvin/Castro.

If those are numbers we never see, why don't you run those numbers? And just how fast do you think Theriot is?

the numbers are on Baseball Prospectus, think you can find them on Bill James site as well.

He's decent, and he likes to get around the bases, which, being a long-time Cub fan, I appreciate. In my memory, they've always been a slo-mo team. To quote myself: "Of the Cubs’ top-ten career base stealers only one of them, Ryne Sandberg, played in my lifetime." So of course Theriot can never be forgiven for his baserunning gaffes. That's the worst thing you can do.

VA Phil: Is Soto the slowest Cub? I would like to see a "Slow-Off" with Soto, Ramirez, Wells and DLee.

Ramirez is pretty aggressive on the bases and doesn't get thrown out a lot, so he might be faster than he looks. I also remember him being safe at first once in while. Lee, on the other hand . . . When out-of-town announcers see Lee run, they say things like, "He must be hurt." As slow as Soto, though, I don't know. Lee at least has the muscle memory of being fast.

You guys are all making it sound like the Cubs have the kind of personnel that has no business thinking it can be a contender.

VirginiaPhil, As Rob said, Baseball Prospectus has a baserunning stat. It's called Equivalent Baserunning Runs, and it measures "the number of runs contributed by a player's advancement on the bases, above what would be expected" based on the number and quality of the player's baserunning opportunities. The Major League leaders in EqBRR are guys like Michael Bourn (9.4 EqBRR), Carl Crawford (6.1), and Chone Figgins (5.0). The Cubs' leader is Alfonso Soriano (2.7). Here are the numbers for the other Cubs position players: Hill, 1.0 Byrd, 0.9 Nady, 0.9 Baker, 0.2 Castro, 0.0 Colvin, -0.3 Theriot, -0.6 Soto, -1.7 Lee, -1.8 Fontenot, -2.3 Ramirez, -2.8 Fukudome, -3.8 Overall, quite an unimpressive group, in which Theriot sits pretty much in the middle. As a team, the Cubs rank 14th in the NL with -8.8 EqBRR. Only Arizona and Washington are worse.

If it was any other person he would be a selfish prick.... Cubs general manager Jim Hendry confirmed to Bruce Levine of ESPNChicago.com that Derrek Lee will not accept a trade. According to Levine, the Rangers and Angels have made offers for Lee over the past 10 days, however Lee wants to remain with the Cubs for the remainder of the season. Lee, 34, is in the final year of a five-year contract. Lee is a great guy, class act, and got his NTC and is using it. But in the best interests of the team......he is fucking us over. I don't know if i said it hear when Zambrano layed into Lee, but if Lee is your clubhouse leader it is kinda like having sleepy smurf as your leader. Great guy, but a leader he is not. Mark Grace still takes crap for not being vocal enough for the Cubs getting better talent. Lee isn't a Cub after this year, we aren't a very good team and he has a shot at playing for the post season and maybe a title and what does he do? He sits on his hands and stays put. You can call it loyalty or you can call it being lazy. Its one thing if he is in the middle of a multi-year deal but he is gone from Chicago after this year no matter what anyways. So what if his departure is a few months early. His last good act as a Cub would be to help us get something of value in return for his eventual departure and give him a shot at the playoffs and a ring. Now he just looks like a guy going through the motions and is only a "paycheck" player. Uhhh thanks Lee, good to know your not motivated enough to play winning baseball anymore. You sure do play like it lately.


This is all bullshit. The Cubs won't lose out on anything by waiting until the end of the year... you think some Douchy McDouchebag 19 year old prospect will make a difference? F' that. The best prospects aren't traded for guys like Derrek Lee.

But Douchy has upside.

I wouldn't be against releasing DLee if he turned down a trade. At least make the threat to him. "accept trade or accept you're release. Either way you are done in Chicago."

Treating your players poorly is a good way to loose out of free agents in the future. As an example, the Bulls are still paying for the perceived slight of Pippen and Jordan. http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2010-05-27...

Yeah, the Cubs would have to still pay him, so it doesn't save any money, and it's not like him being off the roster frees up a spot to give two months of playing time to a hot young first base prospect. All it would do is make the organization look bad. The best case scenario would be for Lee to announce he was retiring at the end of the year and wanted to go out a Cub. He would then go from villain to hero in a matter of minutes and would get standing ovations at Wrigley from here on out.

He said he's not retiring. His teammates are glad he's staying. So there you have it.

The real question is how much of a pay cut is he willing to take to stay with the Cubs in 2011. My crystal ball tells he that he will think he is worth much more than the Cubs will.

It's hard to blow a team apart when pieces of it stick to the core like leeches carrying glue guns.

So this is what we've come to... D Lee is the new whipping boy? This makes me sad.

Me too actually. He was everyone's favorite (or among the favorite) not too long ago. He's had a bad year. He's not doing much, but I still like the guy.

It's not that I don't like him, it's that he shouldn't be batting 3rd. He should be man enough to admit that. Sammy Sosa was better about it than he's been. What's that say?

I won't argue with that. I think he's a #6 or #7 batter who had a few really good seasons.

I am not sure it's Lee's job to tell Lou where to bat him. He has not insisted he bat third. He hits wherever in the lineup he is penciled in and I don't think anyone has any story to say he has every complained. In the article about the nixing of the deal he said, plainly, "I am having a terrible year." So he has been quite man enough to admit it. It's not his job to tell Lou to not him him third.

"I am not sure it's Lee's job to tell Lou where to bat him" It worked with Sammy and Dusty. I think Lou is going to try to end the season with the least amount of aggravations.

i hope the only question being asked is "does this player get us closer to the playoffs/w.s. than all other options?" i'm not sure the answer to that, as regards to lee, is "affirmative".

Even so, any prospect is going to be at least as valuable to the Cubs as Lee will be going forward. Maybe he doesn't want to move his family twice in a year, but this sure isn't going to increase his negotiating power when he's a FA. There aren't a lot of teams looking for "I don't care about winning" 36 year old free agents coming off of bad years.

Will we get a draft pick when Lee signs elsewhere? And, in speculation, would that draft pick be better than whomever we would have traded Lee for?

I doubt we get a draft pick because it is unlikely that the Cubs will offer arbitration.

Isn't there a sport where you get a draft pick just because your big-time awesome player left? Seems like there should be.

Basketball. They call it a sign and trade, which is what Toronto and Cleveland did I believe.

Gotcha. I still think the zero draft picks will still produce better results than whomever we would get for Lee.

It depends on when he signs.

Since the Cubs don't have a first-base prospect in the high minors who is better than Hoffpauir--a hitter I still like but one who will never have a season as good as Lee's last year--I don't see what the problem is with Lee staying. He'll probably sign a contract that's favorable to the Cubs, for the same reasons that he's declining a trade today. I've done a big U-turn on Lee over the past 18 months, I know.

I think there is zero chance that Lee will return to play for the Cubs next season.

I think MIKE C wants a "douchy" player in return so he can turn around and say how the team has the "worst prospect system in the game!", and how the team has not had "...a decent minor leaguer come up in 40 years..." Although, maybe he has changed his tune somewhat this season...

Submitted by VirginiaPhil on Wed, 07/28/2010 - 3:03pm. Since the Cubs don't have a first-base prospect in the high minors who is better than Hoffpauir--a hitter I still like but one who will never have a season as good as Lee's last year--I don't see what the problem is with Lee staying. He'll probably sign a contract that's favorable to the Cubs, for the same reasons that he's declining a trade today. I've done a big U-turn on Lee over the past 18 months, I know. ====================================== VA PHIL: Although he is not presently playing 1B, Tyler Colvin will be the Cubs #1 1B prospect post-2010, and Geovany Soto will be #1-A whenever Welington Castillo is deemed ready to move up from AAA.

I'm trying to think of a player who was just fine in centerfield moving over to first. First base is a position for power hitters who can't play anything else. Because there are more players in that category (many of them stuck in AAA) than there are 1B positions to fill, they're a little cheaper than sluggers who can also chase down flies in the outfield. I admire your confidence, though. If you're right, I'll tip my hat.

it's just a position. he's got no shot at CF the way byrd plays it. he'll probably (hopefully) get some time in the OF resting others, too.

Tyler Colvin playing mostly 1B for one year wouldn't be a big deal. If the Cubs plan on him being the first baseman over the next 2+, though, it seems like a waste of the guy's abilities. It only makes sense for next year if they can't get rid of either Fukudome or Byrd. In 2012 the Cubs will be free from Fukudome, and will have, what, 1 or 2 years left of Byrd, who might be tradeable at that point. I know we talk a lot about Jackson taking over in CF at that point--and that would be great--but we've seen other young guys struggle. Colvin could play CF in that case. If Jackson is ready, the Cubs could try to deal Byrd if anyone is interested and make room for Colvin in RF. I don't think Byrd is as great in CF as Len and Bob make him out to be. Colvin at 1B for a year beats Hoffpauir by a long shot at this point--and I'm not that psyched about Dunn, who I don't think the Cubs will spend on anyway.

Fukudome doesn't need to be traded to be a non-factor in the starting lineup. The point to move Colvin to first will be when Jackson comes up. If it's next season, the you've got Soriano-Jackson-Byrd across the OF and nowhere but 1B for Colvin. If the Cubs decide to trade Byrd after the 2011 season they could move Colvin back to RF and Soto to 1B. That's pretty far into the future, so who knows

think of a player who was just fine in centerfield moving over to first. Darin Erstad?

I blush to mention that Joe Pepitone played CF for most of his games with the Cubs in 1970 with a better than league average fielding range factor, fielding % and 6 runs above average over 56 games. He was then moved to 1B in 1971 (except for a brief return to CF for a 3 week stretch in late April thru mid-May).


Don't forget there is 4 years left on Sori's contract after this year. His LF defense is not getting any better.

it sucks...i don't like it, but both sides knew what they were getting into. hard to hate on him for it, but it's not too cool from a fan's point of view...

With the money left on DLee's contract the rest of the year and his inconsistent and mostly poor hitting, I doubt we would have received anything of value. It would most likely be a pure salary dump, so I'm not upset about the low talent player(s) we would have acquired.

I just want him out of the fucking lineup.

I have to think DLee must seriously be considering retiring at the end of the year. I could see it happening, he's getting up there, has chronic neck and back injuries, his production has slipped, he would get a much smaller contract in years and dollars this offseason, and his daughter is still dealing with whatever health ailment that turned out to be.

It's entirely possible. If Dye couldn't get a contract after the year he was coming off of, things don't look too rosy for Lee. I've thought earlier in the day that it could be sort of like the Sandberg situation, where he said "just let me retire a Cub" instead of going to the Dodgers.

Bob Howry still on the roster, does he have a non-expiring no trade clause from his previous contract? Nice having that veteran presence to help make us hate the 2010 season just a little more. photocopy of Howry's signature on the contract: http://tinyurl.com/nhdgo8

Any chance we might get a manager in here who understands that, when you take multiple starters out of the lineup all on the same day, you are effectively saying "I don't really give a rat's ass about this game." I think that, over the course of Lou's tenure here, this has been a recurring problem. All the games count the same. Throwing games away is not something the manager should be doing, even if it is on getaway day, and it interferes with his sleep schedule...

Howry stats for July (per Muskat): 12 Earned Runs over 8 2/3 IP, 19 Hits, 3 BB. Now that's solid. I remember a Howry pre-game interview with Judd Sirott saying that he just wanted to finish strong (but implied he would probably be retiring after the season). Jim Hendry, willing to hire the near dead (or sign them to contracts that extend into the afterlife). P.S. Astro's 8-1 final means the Stroh's have won all 4 series vs Cubs. Bob Brenly: The pace of the game was dreadfully slow. (translation: the Cubs are boring the hell out of me, can I go watch Michael in Daytona again?)

I think I hate Sirott as much as Howry. Too bad we can't trade or DFA both.

"When Wellington Castillo is ready to move up from AAA". I say move him up now. Hill is totally useless, let's DFA him and give Castillo a little look - see. Certainly next year, they should have Castillo as their back-up catcher. Not only would he save money, but he could at least offer some pinch hitting option. I don't get the strategy of keeping your starting cathcer in the game because you don't want to left with no catcher. I say go all out to win the game. If a back-up catcher is a vaible option to pinch hit (which HIll isn't) or your starting catcher sucks (which Hill does) aren't you worse off losing the game than preserving a catcher on the bench at the end? There was a game last week in which Hill was starting and he came up with the game on the line and crapped out. I was shouting for Soto to pinch hit for him. The game went into extra innings and Lou finally pinch hit Soto for Hill. Soto did not get a hit, but he did hit a two run homer later that brought them within one run.

personally, i wonder how long until k.hill is a cubs 1st or 3rd base coach. his playing days have to be close to done.

Meanie! You try cutting your torso off with a farm implement and keep playing.

TJ: I think the Cubs could have a situation next year where they carry three catchers (Geovany Soto, Welington Castillo, and Robinson Chirinos), where one can also play 1B (Soto) and another can also play 3B and 2B (Chirinos).

That would be interesting. Would that result in Castillo starting more games than a typical backup would?

Submitted by Charlie on Wed, 07/28/2010 - 6:28pm. That would be interesting. Would that result in Castillo starting more games than a typical backup would? ================================ CHARLIE: I think it would be good to be able to play Tyler Colvin at both 1B and in the outfield in 2011, to be able to play Geovany Soto at catcher but also be able to move him to 1B a couple of times a week, and then play W. Castillo at catcher two or three times a week. You do not have to have an "everyday" player at any position. Players should be able to move around and play various positions as needed. What kind of bugged me recently about Piniella is that when he had Theriot and Fontenot in the same game at same time, he kept Theriot at 2B and played Fontenot at SS, because (apparently) Theriot is the "everyday" 2B now and Fonteniot is the "utility" guy. But really Theriot should have been moved over to SS and Fontenot should have played 2B. Perhaps with a different manager the Cubs will learn to take advantage of the versatility of some of the players on the roster, and not feel that a player has to stay at one position (and only that position) just because he is supposed to be the "regular" or "everyday" player at that position. Colvin can (and should) play 1B-LF-CF-RF in 2011, and Soto can (and should) play C-1B.

Sounds a lot like a 70 win team.

There were several roster moves involving Cubs minor leaguers today... C-IF-OF Jonathan Mota was promoted to AA Tennessee from Peoria, taking the roster spot of 3B Josh Vitters (out for the year with a broken hand). 2010 5th round pick Matt Szczur (who will be returning to Villanova next month to play football) and INF George Matheus were moved up to Peoria from Boise, RHRP Jordan Latham was demoted to Boise from Peoria, and 2009 10th round pick 3B Charles Thomas was sent down to AZL Cubs from Peoria, probably to be converted to a RHP. And 1B Ryan Cuneo (the AZL Cubs best hitter), INF Dustin Harrington, and RHRP Eric Rice were moved up to Boise from AZL Cubs, while LHP Marcos Perez, RHP (ex-C) Alvaro Sosa, and 2009 5th round pick INF Wes Darvill were sent down to the AZL Cubs from Boise.

I saw a Peoria game earlier this year and it was hard to not notice Charles Thomas. The guy is built like a brick shithouse. Judging on his size, I would expect him to throw about 110. Do you know anything about him as a pitcher or does he just have a good arm?

Submitted by Jumbo on Thu, 07/29/2010 - 3:33am. I saw a Peoria game earlier this year and it was hard to not notice Charles Thomas. The guy is built like a brick shithouse. Judging on his size, I would expect him to throw about 110. Do you know anything about him as a pitcher or does he just have a good arm? ================================================== JUMBO: Charles Thomas was a 3B/RHRP at Edward Waters College and supposedly threw in the mid-90's as a closer, so the transition from position player to pitcher shouldn't be as tough as it might be for a player without a pitching background. Whether Thomas can develop other pitches and throw strikes consistently is the big question.

Likely Cubs roster moves before their next game, whether they make a trade or not... Carlos Zambrano will be reinstated from the Resrticted List and will rejoin the Cubs, Jeff Gray will be recalled from Iowa, Brian Schlitter will get optioned to Iowa, and Bob Howry will be released.


So much of the dream of Giovanni Soto pitching to Geovanny Soto. Tigers' Giovanni Soto was traded to Cleveland for Johnny Peralta. http://twitter.com/OFFICIAL_TIGERS/status/197...

THAT is a sound clip that should be used FAR more often around here.

Lilly for Happ? AOL Fanhouse, Via Rotoworld "Ed Price of AOL Fanhouse hears that a deal that would send Ted Lilly to the Phillies and J.A. Happ to the Cubs may be in the works."

take it Cubs! not that Happ will ever do what he did in 2009 again, but he looks like he could be a solid middle to back-end rotation guy under club control. Then him or Gorzelanny could be trade bait down the road.

I'm of the same opinion. If this is out there, go for it.

if he threw more than 86-88mph i'd be inclined to agree...no movement on that sucker, either. meh. he's another guy who has a "lot" of pitches, but for the most part it's fastball/slider.

Don't poop on my speculative picnic. I don't know much about him, all I remember was his awesome year.

fangraphs has him at an average of 89.5 mph on his fastball for his career, and throwing his change almost as much as his slider. /insert all appropriate disclaimers on pitch type numbers

yeah, 88-90mph is more fair.

On a loserish note...because of our upcoming move, I've only been working 2-days a week (being a stay-at-home dad). Unfortunately, during naptimes, I discovered Facebook games. I was playing a superhero game and just battled another player named 'crunch' (lowercase). He was wearing a trenchcoat with no shirt and no pants. I thought of you.

I could total see crunch wearing a trenchcoat with no shirt and no pants.

Put away those binoculars.

so could i until the courts started "blah blah blah" about 3-Strikes laws or some b/s...stupid activist judges... anyway, it wasn't me in the game.

This is probably something you need to keep to yourself. Just saying... Oh yeah...fart.

Yeah, I know, but somewhere down the road pride and dignity ditched me.

dignity? pride? this is a cubs blog.


"A 'loserish note'"? That is a new one for me.

I just wordified it.

Definitely take it. Hard to believe the Cubs are going to get much more for a few months of Lilly, to whom most teams will be scared to offer arbitration at the end of the year.

ESPN's Stark says the Phils won't deal Happ for Lilly. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2010/07/ted-lil...

F'ing bitches!

in other news, F U Derrek Lee.

http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20100... says he is building a home in Southern California, but still didn't want to uproot his family quite yet. even though he'll be doing that in 2 months anyway... bah.

Ok, that is lame-tarded. I don't really understand the uprooting thing. It's two months! I'll be moving nearly a month before my wife and daughter arrive AND I'm not making millions of dollars to do it.

Scottie Pods traded to the Dodgers. I hope the Cubs trade for his wife. http://www.athleteswives.com/2009/08/lisa-der...

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continuing proof that it is not only the cubs having a crummy year...

•The Cubs have indicated a recent willingness to assume some of the $4.43MM owed to Lilly, reports ESPN's Jayson Stark.
Good fucking grief. Just keep him.

no doubt.

Don't speak. I know just what you're saying.


You're welcome.

they should be wiling to pick up all of it, if it gets them better prospects. It's not like they weren't planning to pay it anyway.

There will be some decreased revenue, though, if they trade Lilly.

There will? Ratings will go lower? They'll sell significantly fewer jerseys?

The less likely they are to win, the less people will come to the ballpark, and their TV ratings will go down which effect their future revenues.

Too bad they already sold almost all of their tickets before the season...I DO agree, though, that it'll be embarrassing for the Ricketts to see Wrigley Field half-empty in August and September.

Does trading Lilly make them a significantly worse team to the extent that fewer fans will show up? How will we know that's because of Lilly and not because of the fact that the team isn't good, with or without Lilly?

Were ticket sales or attendance lower when Lilly was on the DL and the Cubs were playing like crap? I don't think so.

WERE playing like crap??? Past tense??? I'm pretty sure they didn't stop...

But my question was limited to the time when Ted Lilly was on the DL. So past tense was appropriate.

So you guys think that when a team "waves the white flag" it has nothing to do with revenues? We'll just leave it that we disagree.

In shocking news, Ben Sheets out for the year with a torn flexor in his right elbow.

Carlos Zambrano for Ben Sheets?

Does Sheets now surpass Kerry Wood with DL stints?

If this doesn't get Santo into HOF, nothing will. http://keitholbermann.mlblogs.com/archives/20...

screw g.steinbrenner... some people like him, some people don't care...i don't like the guy. world still spins...

to Phils allegedly agreed upon, waiting to see if he'll waive his NTC http://www.myfoxhouston.com/dpp/sports/mlb/10...

Happ seems to be one on of them with Astros picking up a "significant" portion of Oswalt's salary according to Rosenthal.

Not real surprising. The teams that suck this year have seen their ratings go down, the teams that are doing well, have seen theirs go up. Those statistics are extremely volatile from year to year, as evidenced by many teams going up or down 40, 50, 60, and even 140% (Nationals). I personally think it would make more sense to calculate the change from some sort of average baseline statistics, say the last 5 year average, rather than just the year before.

TCR comments are up, it seems.

It's entirely possible that Derrek Lee might choose to waive his NTC and get moved in a waiver deal during the month of August. As it turned out, D-Lee might have made an astute move by declining a trade to the Angels, since it looks like the Angels may have fallen out of the race in the A. L. West and might be ready to become sellers themselves right now. By waiting to waive his NTC until next month, it should be more clear to D-Lee which clubs are definite contenders and which are just pretenders. So even though Lee says he wants to remain with the Cubs through to the end of the season, it doesn't mean he won't change his mind before 8/31 and agree to go to a team with a batter chance of making the post-season than was the case with the Angels. The Cubs could wait until next month to trade Ted Lilly, too. For guys making the kind of money that Lilly is making, a club would have to think twice before making a "blocking" waiver claim, since the Cubs could just let Lilly go for the waiver price, with the claiming team on the hook for the balance of Lilly's 2010 salary.

Hmm. But I would think that other teams would hesitate to get involved in time-consuming trade talks for a player who already declined to waive his NTC and isn't even having a decent year.

Submitted by Charlie on Thu, 07/29/2010 - 1:08pm. Hmm. But I would think that other teams would hesitate to get involved in time-consuming trade talks for a player who already declined to waive his NTC and isn't even having a decent year ========================================== CHARLIE: Not necessarily. It could be that Hendry already knows that Derrek Lee might be inclined to change his mind, and that it would just be a matter of approaching D-Lee whenever an offer comes forth to see if he's interested in going to that team. If he does express interest and agress to waive his NTC to go to that club, only then would the Cubs would put him on Trade Waivers. If he gets claimed by a club other than the one to which he has agreed to go, the waivers would have to be withdrawn and he would remain with the Cubs through to the end of the season. That's the one problem with trying to make trades in August. As to whether any contending club would be interested in acquiring D-Lee, the Angels were, and as things get closer to the 8/31 post-season roster deadline, clubs begin to think about solidifying their roster for possible matchups in the LDS, LCS, and WS, and a veteran RH bat like Lee's might become more attractive as things get further along into August. Also, a contender could lose its starting 1B to injury sometime before 8/31, and then suddenly a Derrek Lee would become very attractive. As a result, I do think there is a pretty good chance that Derrek Lee will get traded prior to the 8/31 post-season roster deadline. Whether the Cubs will get a minor league player or two back for him, or whether they will just jettison his salary, would have TBD.

original story was Angels and Rangers, no doubt Rangers are in contention. and they've moved on to Cantu.

I think the problem Derrek Lee will have post-2010, is the same thing that happened to Frank Thomas, Jermaine Dye, et al. And that is, he will be looking for a contract that just isn't there. So he will end up remaining unsigned through the post-season, into Spring Training, and then into the regular season, and before you know it, he has missed the entire 2011 season. And then he will realize that he has retired, not because he wants to retire, or because he wanted to "retire as a Cub," but just because he doesn't get the kind of offer for the kind of money he's used to getting, and in effect he will retire, but not intentionally. I suspect the only way D-Lee will be playing in 2011 is if he's willing to sign a deal for a low base salary plus incentives, and I don't know if his pride would allow him to do that.

possible, but Lee's gonna be 35 (thomas was 41 and Dye 36) and Lee can still play defense.

i already miss pedro martinez even if he never was a cub.

And what do Thomas, Lee and Dye have in common???? /tori hunter'd

strasburg to the dl. that was mighty quick. sure he says his arm already feels much better. But anyone trying to throw the ball thru the catcher is gonna have issues IMO. someone on espn boards commented well on it. the kid needs to learn how to pitch. don't need to throw 100 to be great. hit the low 90s with location and he could have a great career.

Astros trade 19 year old CF Gose (just picked up from Phillies in Oswalt trade) to the Blue Jays for 1b/dh/man without a position Brett Wallace. I'm not sure why the Jays would make that move. Gose is years away from being MLB ready while Wallace is ready now, and Gose doesn't project to have a ton of power, just speed and defense. (edit, well, Gose has been hitting a ton of triples, 11 already. As he matures and puts on muscle his hr totals should go way up). Still an odd trade though since Toronto was supposedly so high on Wallace. I would think that Wallace becomes Berkman's successor next year at 1b and they do not pick up Berkman's option (which wasn't expected anyway since it's $15 million, I think).

No, they're not going to pick it up, and he is talking retirement.

I'm not happy to see a young lefty power hitter go to Houston. We were finally about to see the end of the Killer B's, and now there's Brett Wallace. If the Wallace deal is legit, that's a nice move by Ed Wade, who seems brain dead much of the time. On another note, it's very odd to see two sources claim Jorge Cantu has been traded to the Rangers while he keeps playing in the Marlins game. It's now the 7th inning and he's still in there, yet the sources say the deal is agreed upon, which can't be true since he's still playing. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2010/07/rangers...

Wade isn't the problem. McClain is the problem.

He does throw in the low 90's with location - that's his slider.

Huh? Strasburg doesn't know how to pitch? He just throws really hard? Not sure if you have actually watched Strasburg pitch, but if you have, you might be watching a different game than I have been watching.

Sounds like an assumption to me: he's young, throws hard and just got DL'd...therefore he must be a big dummy who doesn't know how to pitch.

actually, im pretty sure dusty ruined his arm. just look at the facts.

You are correct, sir!

Via Rotoworld: Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun reports that right-hander Wynn Pelzer has been dealt to the Orioles in exchange for infielder Miguel Tejada. Pelzer turned 24 years of age one month ago and has posted a 4.20 ERA and 1.66 WHIP over 94 1/3 innings this season at Double-A San Antonio. He's had control problems throughout his minor league career and can barely be considered a prospect. This was a salary dump for the O's, basically.

Where did Tejada go to? Oriole hired Showalter to manager, starts Tuesday.

What team is that that traded for Tejada?



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