2010 Winter Meetings Day One

6:17 PM CST (Rob G.): Count on

4:13 PM CST (Rob G.): Damn. Apparently they're talking.

2:15 PM CST (Rob G.): Rosenthal

YESTERDAY (Rob G.): Some important stuff (as important as baseball rumors can be) from y that I haven't seen mentioned.

- Cubs offered Berkman the same $8M as the Cardinals but with deferred payments.

- Lyle Overbay is also on the Cubs 1b radar.

- If the Cubs can't sign a starting pitcher, expect Andrew Cashner to move to the rotation.

- Kerry Wood is a possibility if he's willing to accept the dollars($5M or less) and set-up role.

- Fukudome will be shopped.

2:15 PM CST (Rob G.): are making a push for Carlos Pena.

2:10 PM CT (Cubnut):  (@stevehenson333) says a Dodgers source told him Loney will not be traded "because he'd be too expensive to replace on free agent market."

1:05 PM CST (Rob G.): As Arizona Phil predicted, Expect an official announcement tonight.

 12:20 PM CST (Rob G.):, says Cubs are one of four teams interested in Dan Wheeler.

- The Nats say Colletti wanted SS Ian Desmond and RHP Jordan Zimmerman. Apparently the moon isn't available in trades this year.

As we attempt to do every year, a running list of the rumors flying out of the Winter Meetings today, athough I'm gonna be tied for most of the day.

- Joel Sherman is saying for Gonzalez and they were particularly intrigued by the Cubs prospects, though Starlin Castro was not going to be traded.

- Padres will look at the plethora of free agent first basemen to fill the void left by Gonzalez's departure including Derrek Lee and Adam LaRoche.

- Jon Heyman

- is available in a trade and the Cubs could be interetested.

- If the minor leagues are your thing, Brett Jackson gets the top spot, but shares a B+ rating with Trey McNutt and Chris Archer.


Sickels rankings over the years http://wiklifield.thecubreporter.com/John_Sic...

Hard for me to argue with anything on Sickle's list. I still like Lee a little more than Jackson, but Lee may never have the power hitting of which Jackson.

http://twitter.com/search/Cubs best way to follow rumors these days is to check Twitter, you'll get some weird stuff in there, but that'll catch most everything relatively quickly.

I love it "Remember the cubs are extra active & entertaining after they’ve been fed" At first, I thought he was talking about different Cubs........

I'm throwing my support behind Brad Hawpe as our 1st baseman next year. He's got good On Base skills. Solid line drive stroke. And has an .821 OPS outside of Coors over the last 3 years. Plus you can sit him for Soto at First against tough lefites, and probably get him cheap if you guarantee him the full time job at 1st.

And I'll add that I'd like to see us offer Cla Meredith and George Sherrill NRI spots to fill out the bullpen.

I need to look up Meredith, but I think I agree. I'm afraid that with 'closer stink' on him, Sherrill will hold out for too much (and probably get it)

Can probably get him cheap anyway, since his other option is unemployment?


True, I just want Hendry to be one extreme or the other. A) Spend the money to get the best available guy B) Bargain hunt for upside bounce back guys Far too often Hendry is in Camp C C) Massively overpay for 2nd and 3rd tier options

Crasnick tweets that the Webb front-runners appear to be the Nats, Cubs, and Rangers.

Oh boy! To be a possible front runner for another rag-armed pitcher! Question is: will this one be Wade Miller, or Chris Carpenter?

I'd be perfectly happy with Tim Hudson.

Another dempster would be nice

I'm loving the twitter search (even in other languages) "Ahora,que jugador seria interesante para LAD de Cubs?Soriano(muy caro y viejo)?Fukudome(caro y decepción)?DeWitt(maybe)?" From my high school Spanish, the gist is "Now, who the fuck would the Dodgers want from the Cubs? Soriano is very expensive and old, Fukudome is expensive and [tricky?], and, y'know, maybe they want DeWitt back" I love it

Maybe Buster heard something? Or is just as confused as the rest of us.... "@Buster_ESPN Loney to the Cubs???"

Any GM who trades anything for Loney, other than a bad contract should be fired the following day.

Well then hopefully Hendry completes the trade for Loney today.

Mediocre on base skills, little power, plays first base. Awesome. If the Dodgers asked about Zimmerman and Desmond in negotiations with the Nats, who do they ask the Cubs about? Castro? Jackson? Cashner?

I was going to say something like, "The best you can say about James Loney is ...." but I couldn't come up with anything. I would bring back DLee before I traded for Loney.

Didn't you hear? DLee suffers from the dreaded "wrong-handedness" Seriously though, I don't give a crap about Loney, it's a matter of what JH gives up like Charlie says above.... That's some scary shit. Ricketts should have final approval of a trade of that size, hopefully to keep Jimbo from screwing the system for years. I keep hearing/reading how many arms the Cubs have in the system, but if you're using them to get freakin Loney, why bother. *edit Although, the eternally optimistic Cub fan in me hopes, I don't know, Rudy said "I see something I can fix, go get him"?

The thing is that it's already too late to non-tender him, so you've got to pay him whatever he wins in arbitration next year.

Thought you could still buy out the process with a multi-year?

important to note that catches every moron on Twitter that posts anything with the word Cubs in it. If you just want the reliable sources, you need to create an account and follow the right people. I'm sure that's just some moron reading Cubs talked to Loney as, let me yell at Buster Olney and see if he'll respond.

Probably, still, this is fun.

Damn. Missed the @ symbol. [edit: and by "damn" I mean "thank goodness."]

My bad, should have clarified (also, I'm not all the way up on 'twitter-ing')

MLBTR reports that Loney is off the board, as the Dodgers feel that he would be too expensive to replace. Which likely means that the price tag for Pena, LaRoche and others is upward of $7 million...

Steve Henson of Yahoo is doing the reporting on that one, MLBTR is just regurgitating. Important distinction...

Well, you can also just go to individual Twitter pages without an account...you just need to know what the user's name is. That's more work than creating an account, of course.

Fwiw, and granted not much, Loney's numbers for his career with Men on and RISP are quite excellent. 324/403/476 with RISP (758 PA) 321/388/456 with Men On (1203 PA) very Mark Grace-like player imo, especially if they could get him out of the NL West.

Mark Grace had, I believe, the most hits in Major League Baseball during the decade of the 1990s. I wouldn't go that far, but I wouldn't freak out if they got him, either. I'm just afraid he's worth more to them than he should be to us (Hendry).

The best OPS+ he's had in a full season is 103. He ain't no Mark Grace. Maybe Bill Mueller without the 3rd basemen's glove.

well thank god you're here to catch my lazy comparisons... Grace-like skills is what I should have said in terms of good defense, doubles hitter, good with Runners On, takes walks, not a lot of K's. And you never know what can happen with a 26-year old and getting out of the NL West, a few doubles turn into HR's, sees a few less pitches, walks a little more and he takes a small leap up the rankings. The asking price sounds absurd right now, but I don't hate the guy as much as some others seem to do and can understand the Cubs interest in him as I try to do with any rumor.

And here's my biggest concern about Loney. If Hendry only has like, at most, $7m to spend, everyone's reporting that Loney should make around $5m through arb. With Hendry's "I don't like arbitration" stance, that means if they get Loney, I'd expect a 3-4 yr deal, heavily backloaded, in order to pay him less in 2010....? AZ Phil, somebody? Thoughts, or am I worrying too much??

$7M seems a little light in terms of what Hendry has to spend, Levine is saying $135-138M range which is more like $12-15M to spend. Pena, LaRoche, Lee, etc are gonna be in that $7M range at least, so Loney would be cheaper besides the cost of players. Anyway, if you read the updates, sounds like Loney isn't all that available.

Trading for Loney would also likely prevent the Cubs from going after Fielder or Gonazalez (if he doesn't sign) next year with a lot of money coming off the books. While the point is likely moot anyway, count me in for a one year rental of Pena or LaRoche. And if they have a good year they might be worth something at the trade deadline since the Cubs aren't going to be in the hunt for a playoff bid.

They could trade for him, and then not offer him arbitration. I wouldn't put that past Hendry, he's pretty ignorant.

while I would love for the Cubs to go after those guys, they shouldn't count on them being available either. That being said, Loney isn't going to stop them from pursuing either or Pujols.

Prince Fielder is going to want big bucks and big years. Do you want to give him that with his big body?

I don't, but that doesn't mean Hendry doesn't. Bos will extend AGonz. There's a tiny (like an icecube in hell) chance that StL doesn't lock up Pujols, but I'm not holding my breath. All this adds up to why I kinda thought AGonz was the way to go, even if the timing wasn't perfect. We have NO FUCKING POWER in the system right now, 1B is a great place to add it, and ARam is getting old. Just sayin.

Adam Dunn sure as hell made a ton of sense. Especially after you see what Fielder, Gonzo and Pujols are going to get. BUT THE GUY DOESN'T LOVE BASEBALL!!!!!!!

He's getting older and they weren't going to shell out the $$, that simple. 2 years ago he made a ton of sense, though. Now, not so much.

Adam Dunn is 30, Adrian Gonzalez is 28 Dunn got 4 years, Gonzalez, Fielder and Pujols are all probably looking at 7-8 years.

Understood, Gonzalez and Pujols will age better. Call it 'gut'.

more that's he older and the Cubs don't have the money this offseason as they will next offseason. and the other 3 are better players. Fielder's crap defensively like Dunn, but at 28, even on an 7-year deal, he's good for for 4-5 years most likely, while Dunn could be a bust after a year or two. Dunn at 3/36 or even 4/48 would have been acceptable to me (not that that matters one bit), but you can understand the hesitation from an NL team for a guy that no one thinks should be in the NL. The move made nothing but sense for the White Sox though and at 4/60, way too steep for the Cubs this year.

I still don't get the logic that Fielder at 28 will have 4 or 5 more productive seasons. Yet Adam Dunn at 30 will probably be done after another season or 2? Is there a hidden math equation that I'm missing?

Dunn will be 31 next season, Fielder will be 28 the season after he signs a deal, at that point Dunn will be 32. Not a lot of guys stop hitting at 28, a lot do at 32 and definitely even more by 34, now that they test. Or more likely in Dunn's case, be completely immobile that he can't play 1b and the Cubs would need to trade him. And I'm sure I didn't say "probably be done", just a better chance he could flake out at that point like Lee or Ramirez (for just one of a 1000 examples) did at the end of their deals. The bigger point is the Cubs don't have the money this offseason, they will next offseason. Let me know when that registers with you.

I am really getting sick of all the blantant age discrimination on this blog. Every employee is equally as good and has the equal amount of future potential as every other employee!

Neither of us are privy to exactly what the Cubs budget is at this point? If its the 12-16 Million that is bandied about in the press. Then the Cubs absolutely COULD have gotten Dunn. I just find it really hard to believe that the Cubs are going cheap this year, so they can throw around 200 Million dollar contracts NEXT year. Unfortunately I think we are witnessing a shift in philosophy. Now we must hope that a starting 8 of Homegrown Shortstops can morph into a competitive MLB unit.

Neither of us are privy to exactly what the Cubs budget is at this point? If its the 12-16 Million that is bandied about in the press. Then the Cubs absolutely COULD have gotten Dunn. Dunn for $15M, SP and reliever for $1M? assuming the $16M high mark. impressive. Don't know the Cubs ultimate plan, suggestion was they'd stay in the top 3-4 of the NL which is in line with revenues. That's fine by me.

It's possible Dunn would have taken a million or 2 less to stay in the NL and play 1st? Surely we could have backloaded the deal to shave a couple of million off of the 2011 commitment. After hearing the deferred money of the Berkman offer. My gut feeling is that payroll will be 120 with an absolute ceiling of 125. That sucks for Cubs fans. Especially with such an inept Front office.

Oh, for heaven's sake... He's GONE! TAKEN!! Give it up!

In one of his blog posts the other day, Bruce Levine said the payroll is currently close to $130 mil and they might only have $5-8 mil more to spend, which is similar to what the Tribune has said recently. It's at the bottom of this post: http://espn.go.com/blog/chicago/cubs/post/_/i...

I love when Levine quotes Hendry without actually quoting him. That type of bravado might be a bit of an overstatement, considering the Cubs already have close to 130 million committed to existing contracts and arbitration eligible players. Hendry might only have between $5-8 million to spend, after ownership cut payroll during their November budget meetings. anyway AZ Phil has about $120M committed and maybe the Cubs areestimating higher on the arbitration side, but it can't be that much.

I counted closer to 115. Unless the Cubs are expecting to fold like lawn chairs in Arbitration hearings this winter?


There's $100M in payroll committed, plus $6M in auto-renewals to fill out the 40-man. You counted $9M in arbitration to Baker ($1M), Marmol, Soto, Gorz, Hill and Marshall?

"We have NO FUCKING POWER in the system right now." I'm hearing this a little too much lately. There's a fair amount of pop around the system. M.Smith (20), Chirinos (18) and Guyer (13), any or all of whom could make the team this year, hit 51 HRs in 2010. (The players with the most home runs, Snyder and Canzler, were released.) No one in the picture today except possibly Colvin is ever going to lead the league, but a lot of bad Cub teams have had the league leader in HRs. It's something of a Cub tradition, along with losing. Part of my problem with Adam Dunn was that he had Cub written all over him. If the Sox want to be the new Cubs, fine with me.

Submitted by VirginiaPhil on Mon, 12/06/2010 - 5:07pm. "We have NO FUCKING POWER in the system right now." I'm hearing this a little too much lately. There's a fair amount of pop around the system. M.Smith (20), Chirinos (18) and Guyer (13), any or all of whom could make the team this year, hit 51 HRs in 2010. (The players with the most home runs, Snyder and Canzler, were released.) No one in the picture today except possibly Colvin is ever going to lead the league, but a lot of bad Cub teams have had the league leader in HRs. It's something of a Cub tradition, along with losing. ============================================ VA PHIL: Russ Canzler signed a minor league deal with Tampa Bay, but Brad Snyder re-signed with the Cubs (minor league contract with NRI to ST) last week.

me? no, but I don't make enough in a year to pay the league minimum to a guy. As for the Cubs, I'd certainly be serious about a 28-year old if that is what's available, although probably not my top choice.

Submitted by Tony S. on Mon, 12/06/2010 - 2:18pm. And here's my biggest concern about Loney. If Hendry only has like, at most, $7m to spend, everyone's reporting that Loney should make around $5m through arb. With Hendry's "I don't like arbitration" stance, that means if they get Loney, I'd expect a 3-4 yr deal, heavily backloaded, in order to pay him less in 2010....? AZ Phil, somebody? Thoughts, or am I worrying too much?? ========================================= TONY S: I suspect the Cubs 2011 payroll budget is probably right around what they actually spent on salaries in 2010, and that was about $132M. So if that is the case, then after the arbitration cases are settled Hendry should have about $13-$14M in 2011 payroll left to spend on a 1B, a RH set-up man, and either a mediocre "innings-eater" SP or a fragile surgery rehab project SP. It's possible that Hendry could perhaps realize some additional 2011 payroll if he can find a taker for Kosuke Fukudome (even if the Cubs have to eat 2/3 of Kosuke's $13.5M salary). If Hendry can do that, he'd probably have about $18M to spend. Also remember that every time the Cubs sign a FA they save about $335K in payroll, because a player who would have been on the 25-man roster making the MLB minimum salary ($400K+) gets bumped down to the minors and would get the lesser minor league split salary ($65K+) instead. So if Hendry can sign three free-agents, the Cubs save about $1M (3 x $335K) in 2011 payroll. So if Hendry can trade Fukudome (even if the Cubs eat $9M of Kosuke's $13.5M salary) Hendry could have as much as $19M to spend (again, that's presuming the Cubs 2011 payroll budget is approximately $132M, although it could be less).

Who's left to spend it on?

From Paul Sullivan: "The Cubs' payroll is expected to be slashed 15-20 percent, according to a source familiar with the situation, which leaves general manager Jim Hendry with little flexibility." http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/baseball...

We're over that already. Why is Sullivan repeating something that is clearly impossible?

The payroll could be further pared.

The Current payroll is somewhere between 115-120. Last year the opening day payroll was 146. The actual payroll after mid season trades.

Dusty knows what's wrong with Cubs, continuity. http://www.chicagobreakingsports.com/2010/12/... "If they would have game me and Neifi a few more years, Lord knows how many pennants we would have won."

The fact that Baker's best year with the team was his first totally goes over his head. The way to win is to keep your 65 win managers...just look what happened when Baker left, oh whoops, they won the diviision again. Based on recent past, the way to win is to hire a new manager, we just haven't been doing it often enough. If we hired a new one every year, we'd challenge the Braves' division winning record.

I don't doubt that Dusty and Ronny were actually good friends. But, to be historically accurate, Ronny turned on Dusty at the end just as much as everybody else. If I had buckets of time I could go back through MLB audio from 2006 and find out what exact day Dusty stopped being the "fine manager of the Chicago Cubs," relegated to "manager of the Chicago Cubs," but then again, subtlety was never exactly Ronny's strong suit.

I just remember Loney hitting the GS off Dempster, when I was in attendance in Game One, NLDS, during Demp's All-Star caliber pitching performance. So to me - he's clutch. Other than that I have no idea about him except that he still is relatively very young compared to the other FA's such as LaRoche and Pena. It would seem Chris Davis and Loney are around the same age, right?

Chris Davis is 24, Loney is 26

So they are "around" the same age, as I said. Thanks.

Not according to Rob G

That's an important distinction.

in baseball terms, that's a big difference...yes. more importantly though, E-man could strike out Chris Davis.

I'm not a huge Loney fan because I prefer my corner infielders to hit with more power, but I'd rather have him over Chris Davis. The only problem if we deal for him is that Hendry will want to give him an extension, and I see Loney as more of a 1 year fill in since I don't want to commit to 10-15 hr's at 1B for multiple years. Might as well just pay LaRoche his going rate, or sign Overbay for 1 year, he'll put up similar numbers to Loney and you don't have to make a multi-year commitment.

Why pay Loney $5 million to be a 1-year fill in? Why pay anyone more than a million or so to be a 1-year fill in unless they are a rebound project with mid-season trade potential, and even then, why pay much?

I agree with you if they honestly think they aren't going to compete this year. If that's the case, fill the position as cheaply as possible. If they really think adding a couple of players puts them right in the middle of contending, then go sign LaRoche. At least for the $5-8 mil he should cost you know exactly what you're getting, he's pretty consistent around .270's, 25hr, 75-80rbi or more. And he plays decent defense. I'd much rather have LaRoche than Pena. I wouldn't pay $5 mil+ to sign a 32 year old who hit .198 last year (and rarely hits over .240). LaRoche also probably doesn't require a multi-year commitment. But dealing for Loney and making him the long-term 1B doesn't really do much. Overbay can do almost as much for less money/commitment. Honestly looking at the team, if they get a decent run producing 1B, and can add a SP who is consistent (I'm getting tired of Randy Wells), we aren't far off from being a contender in our division, maybe not for the World Series, but we could make a run at the division if we added 25 hr and 80 rbi at 1B, and make another small improvement here or there. And ARam must stay healthy. But if we can't make a nice move to fill 1B, forget it.

I'd love to see a poll of the TCR faithful... Who would have been surprised if Hoffpauir hit 25 HR's and had 80 RBI's given 600 PA's at first base. Jack Cust is a FA too, isn't he?

This is 3/44 but the Broncos fired head coach Josh McDaniels a few days after the dreaded owner vote of confidence. Lol. Apparently one of the main problems (besides sucking and cheating) is that McDaniels refused to bench Kyle Orton and start Bible Beater Tebow, so Bowlan fired him. Hahahahahaha.

...and the rest of the NFL was thinking one of Denver's problems this year was wasting the pick on Tebow and not getting some help on defense. Not that McDaniels doesn't suck.

i'd be surprised to see hoffpower hit a slider...or a curve...

They don't have those in the PCL?

25 HR's & 80 RBI from Hoffpauir would have surprised me.

Well, I'll take that as the consensus. His Major league stats prorate out to 18 HR's and 73 RBI's for 600 PA's.

Ditto on Joe's post

TRN..put me in the "I'd have been shocked if The Hoff would have done that" camp.

The Chicago Cubs will hire Mark Riggins as their pitching coach on Monday, according to a major league source. http://sports.espn.go.com/chicago/mlb/news/st...

Are they paying him 3/44? Or is it a different guy with the same name? (j/k, seriously though, that's been all over for a while, somebody was going to do it...)

new Fielder rumor up top...

Just saw that.... F*ck, seriously??

as serious as rumors get I suppose. Jake Peavy was a Cub about 15 times before the 2009 season. and then there was Brian Roberts...

Anybody remember what the Cubs were going to give up for Peavy? I've forgotten completely. I'm sure Vitters was in the potential deal.

Looks like it was Mark DeRosa in a three team deal- http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=3...

Steve Henson @ Yahoo debunks it fwiw saying Dodgers have no interest in Fielder http://twitter.com/stevehenson333

The Dodgers lack of interest in Fielder is understandable. If Prince slides into 2B too hard, he could cause an earthquate in LA....

@jcrasnick Eric Chavez working out several hrs a day at API in Phoenix, still wants to play. Likely to audition for all 30 clubs after the New Year.

What about Russell Nathan Coltrane Jeanson Martin as our first basemen? Not sure if he was open to playing other positions, but he and Soto could do a 1st-Catcher rotation deal, as they both work back into shape, which would hopefully get their bats going.

fwiw, at the moment, Martin wants a full-time catching gig and of course the Cubs want a power-hitting lefty at 1b, but things change.

Is Martin going to start taking steroids again?

He was diagnosed with ADHD last week.

damn...mark reynolds is now an O (d.hernandez...nice/k.mickolio...who) and jj putz was signed to a 2 year deal with some of the free'd up loot.

"According to the Chicago Sun-Times' Joe Cowley, the White Sox are considering Derrek Lee as a Plan B or C at first base." it looks like no matter what even the CWS don't want dunn at 1st.

At least Hendry was kicking the tires on Gonzalez... "The White Sox and Cubs were the other finalists for Gonzalez, but neither had the prospects the Padres sought in return, though each was willing to include a big league player in the deal that would have made selling it to the public in San Diego a little easier." http://www.bostonherald.com/blogs/sports/red_...

Well, regardless of Hendry, Padres GM worked for Epstein previously, and according to the same report you left out, Epstein had been "pursuing" Gonzalez for a year and a half.

Ohhhh Sweet Lou don't get trapped in the "kicking the tires" mentality. The Cubs have built a nice little history or going, "Ohhh hey Cubs fans we tried to get (insert big name star) but he just wanted to much money." "We tried real hard, but we aren't going to go compromise our values or our plan. So with that we have signed who we think could be just as good! We now introduce (insert half ass/probably closer to washed up than good players name.....you know guys like Cliff Floyd and Milton Bradley)." Its a broken record, Cubs are always in on everyone and some how always come up short. Its because 99.9% of the time its complete propaganda bullshit from the Cubs front office to make you the fans think they are actually performing their jobs. Thats why the signing of Soriano was such a shock and it had nothing to do with putting a better team on the field.

Bruce Levine from Monday night: "The Cubs have also talked to several teams, including Cincinnati, Toronto and Texas, about possible trade scenarios, numerous sources have told ESPNChicago.com. According to sources, the Cubs are kicking around a trade with Texas for first baseman Chris Davis, and Texas has interest in some of the Cubs’ younger minor league catchers." http://espn.go.com/blog/chicago/cubs/post/_/i... So it seems the Davis thing won't go away. The Reds have Yonder Alonso... http://www.baseball-reference.com/minors/play...

Carpenter for Alonso?

I'd do that, but I doubt the Reds would. Not impossible, though. I think the general consensus would be that it might cost a bit more (maybe a secondary asset on the Chris Rusin-ish level, just blind stabs).

Yeah, I could see that. I would think that Carpenter's groundball tendencies would play well in that park.

Heyman says Konerko should be able to get 3 @ 12.5M per year from White Sox with Rangers and Orioles in the mix.

LaRoche, Pena, Overbay seem to be last FA names left for the Cubs. Nats in on Pena as well. http://sports.espn.go.com/chicago/mlb/news/st...

Greg Maddux sat in on meeting with Pena's agent, Scott Boras. Maddux is a former Boras client. Per Levine radio report.

Wrongway says WSox have signed ex-Cubs Daryle Ward and Jeff Gray to minor league deals.

"Wrongway says WSox have signed ex-Cubs Daryle Ward" Why? As minor league spare parts, I assume?

I believe Sox have like 35 guys on their 40 man roster. I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

ESPN-AndrewMarchand The question that is developing here is will the Nats go seven years on Cliff Lee or is there another team? I hope the Yanks get f'd out of getting Lee.

That'd be awesome. 2017 Nationals could be an expensive disaster.

Cubs joke.

Cubs "aggressively shopping" Gorzelanny. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2010/12/cubs-sh...

Makes me wonder if he was the MLB guy mentioned in the Gonzalez talks.

I thought that was Cashner.

I figured Colvin

Regarding Twitter, why do people keep quoting things over and over again? I just did a twitter search on Chicago Cubs and got about 100 of these (with different Twits saying the same thing): daCubsCat RT @CarrieMuskat: Lou Piniella on Santo: "We've lost a true friend. Chicago has lost an icon." #cubs These frequent Twitter users seem clueless to me. If I am doing a search on the Cubs I've seen this news. I don't need to see a hundred different tweets from a hundred different Twits saying the same thing. No wonder I never use that ridiculous service much.

can it be filtered so you only get, say Buster Olney when he has "cubs" in his feed? That wouldn't be too bad.

the search isn't that robust, but you can start an account and only follow the people you care about. you can also get the RSS feed for anyone's account, although not as instantaneous. There also lists that can be subscribed to of just certain areas. verified MLB Players, MLB writers, etc, but you need an account for that as well.

you're getting all mentions of Cubs by doing it that way. Most folks are tweeting for their friends and followers, so you'll get tons of repeats and news about panda cubs.