Cubs Announce Minor League Staff Assignments

The Cubs have named their minor league & player development staff for 2011:

Dave Bialas


MANAGER: Bill Dancy

MANAGER: Brian Harper
HITTING COACH: Mariano Duncan

MANAGER: Buddy Bailey
HITTING COACH: Barbaro Garbey

MANAGER: Casey Kopitzke
HITTING COACH: Ricardo Medina

MANAGER: Mark Johnson (also Extended Spring Training Manager)

MANAGER: Juan Cabreja

Lee Tinsley, Brian Harper, Mariano Duncan, Marty Mason, Mark Johnson, and Jason Dubois are new additions to the Minor League Player Development staff, replacing 2010 Minor League Pitching Coordinator Mark Riggins, Hitting Coordinator Dave Keller, and Outfield/Baserunning Coordinator Bob Dernier (who were appointed to Mike Quade's Cubs coaching staff), and 2010 Iowa Manager Ryne Sandberg, Daytona Hitting Coach Richie Zisk, and Boise Manager Jody Davis (who will not be returning).

Mark Johnson was a player-coach at Iowa in 2010, but served as a Game Manager at Instructs this past September-October.

Jason Dubois played for the Iowa Cubs last year and had been playing in Venezuela as recently as last month.

Brian Harper had a lengthy MLB playing career (most-notably with the 1991 World Champion Minnesota Twins) and had been a minor league manager and catching instructor with the Angels, before serving most-recently as the manager of the San Jose Giants in the San Francisco organization.

Lee Tinsley played five seasons in MLB in the 1990's with SEA, BOS, and PHI, and after his playing days were over he served as a Minor League Outfield Instructor with the Angels and a base coach with both the Arizona Diamondbacks and Seattle Mariners.

After a lengthy MLB playing career where he played on three different World Champion teams (CIN. PHI, and NYY), Mariano Duncan spent the past five seasons as the 1st base coach of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Marty Mason was a long-time coach in the St. Louis organization, where he worked with new Cubs Pitching Coach Mark Riggins. He spent the last 10+ years as the Cardinals bullpen coach under Tony LaRussa.


kevin millar + MLB Network = best thing since john kruk on BDSSP.

I meant to turn on hot stove... anything interesting? breaking news or anything really nice. kevin millar is just out there raising the humor bar for everyone else in between cracking them up. he's like a 5 year old on a sugar rush.

What do these teams all have in common: Yankees, Angels, Rangers, Twins, Brewers, Red Sox, Cubs, Phillies, Rays? Answer: They're all contending clubs. Morosi's list of needs for contending teams. The Spankees have two needs, the Cubs only need a leadoff hitter.

3 years later, the Cubs could still use Brian Roberts.

"Carlos Pena should have a nice season on the North Side, but only if he comes to bat with runners on base. Don’t you miss those Brian Roberts rumors?"

Has anyone checked with Big Bird lately?

Does anyone realize that Orlando Hudson is still available and could be had for relatively cheap? I've always thought he would fit in well at 2B, where we've typically had average or below-average offensive players, and I think he plays decent D. I could be completely wrong about his defense especially, but doesn't it make sense to sign him without having to spend a ton of money and either bat him leadoff or in the 2 hole? I've never understood why the Cubs weren't more interested in him. Is he a bad clubhouse guy or something?

I always liked Hudson, but he has a reputation of a bad clubhouse guy, and his contract demands are outrageous (at least to me, probably not in this crazy market).

Last April, Hudson welcomed himself to the Twins by proclaiming MLB is racist. I don't agree with him. His two examples, Dye and Sheffield, were guys who were DH's at that stage of their careers, and refused to accept it and take a low base salary. He's also, as TRN said, been asking for a 3 year contract at $8-10 mil per year for about 3 years, and bitching when he doesn't get it. As I said above, I've always liked the guy, he has a spark that the Cubs haven't had in a long time. But the unfortunate reality is that outspoken black players have run into trouble at Wrigley. The guys who just do their job are beloved, but if you dare speak up on any subject, you'll be booed constantly. Hudson probably wouldn't be a very good fit with our media/fans.

He's getting a little long in the tooth now, but the main reason the Cubs haven't signed him is that they were spending money in other places and Hudson has been looking for a 3 year deal for three years. We already have a LH hitting 2nd basemen as of right now.

Hudson is a switch-hitter, and though I understand he's getting older, there's not many teams pursuing him, so he shouldn't ultimately come at an outrageous price. I don't know much about his clubhouse presence, but if that's a problem, then that may make sense as to why they're not pursuing him. I'm not really looking forward to Blake DeWitt leading off and starting at 2B for a full season... Project .500 rolls on.

OK, we already have a RH hitting second basemen. Not saying it wouldn't be an upgrade, but signing Soriano to replace Marmol would be an upgrade - it just doesn't make sense given the cost/improvement.

think Cubs have made it clear they're not interested in Hudson at his asking prices, they passed on him like most of the rest of the league the last two years. twice now we could have had Kelly Johnson, just like to point that one out.

Rosenthal tweeted Hudson is getting 2 years/$11.5 million from the Padres.

Fair enough...that's more than I thought he'd go for.

Good for him to finally get his multi-year deal. I've been a little surprised the Padres have spent a wee bit of money this year. Bartlett and Hudson give them good defense up the middle and better offense then the ss-by-committee/eckstein last year.

He may have the tail wagging the dog on the cause/effect of the Cubs' leadoff hitter scoring only 81 runs last year. I would say that's the last time I will jab the Zombie of Lou Piniella about lineup construction... but that's probably a lie.

Az. Phil, have you been out to see the action at Camp Colvin?

Mets interested in Gorz... Webb should sign in the next few days with a team.

I'd bet on Chris Young before Brandon Webb. Upside is lower, but the odds are getting productive innings in 2011 have to be higher.

from Chris Young? seemed to be a guy that lived off pitching in Petco...

4.16 career road ERA, 3.40 at home, with most of those innings pitching for SD.

Kerry Wood press conference is going right about now, according to Muskett.

i'm just gonna go ahead and say it... *deep breath* i like blake dewitt as the cubs 2nd baseman and i think he's capable of a .350-ish OB% with 30 doubles and 15+ homers. yeah. i think i said similar about fontenot, too, only i wasn't so sure about him being an everyday player. i get the feeling dewitt will be splitting some time, at least early, with jeff baker, though.

still lacking details as far as I can tell on the contract... "It's never been about the money," said Wood, who will have performance bonuses for games pitched and finished. "It's about being home and being here at Wrigley, which is home for me." claims to have had 3 to 4 other offers for mo' money...

2 minute standing O or 5 minute standing O when he returns to wrigley? =p ...and then cubs fans realize they're giving a huge standing O to a middle reliever. sigh...cubs. go k.wood.

Any news on who got bumped from the 40 man roster? Is there a bigger window to do such things this time of year? (AZ Phil?)

Submitted by QuietMan on Fri, 12/17/2010 - 4:05pm. Any news on who got bumped from the 40 man roster? Is there a bigger window to do such things this time of year? (AZ Phil?) ======================================================= QUIET MAN: The Cubs don't have to make a roster move until they file Wood's contract with the MLB office. But it's also possible that the Cubs have already Designated a Player for Assignment and it just hasn't been reported yet, because the MLB office might have closed early for the weekend. (It takes two business days to get a player through waivers, meaning whoever the Cubs drop from the 40-man roster won't clear waivers until next Tuesday at the earliest, and that's presuming the player was placed on Outright Waivers this afternoon).

Thanks Phil. You're the best!


Gaudin to Nats on minor league deal

from espn- .But it looks like a long shot. Rowand is still owed $24MM over 2 years with SF. Fukudome will make $13.5MM for the Cubs in 2011 about 4 hours ago via web .The Giants and Cubs discussed a Rowand-for-Fukudome trade, said a BB source. A classic bad-contract, change-of-scenery deal. about 4 hours ago via web

Submitted by jacos on Fri, 12/17/2010 - 4:29pm. from espn- .But it looks like a long shot. Rowand is still owed $24MM over 2 years with SF. Fukudome will make $13.5MM for the Cubs in 2011 about 4 hours ago via web .The Giants and Cubs discussed a Rowand-for-Fukudome trade, said a BB source. A classic bad-contract, change-of-scenery deal. about 4 hours ago via web ===================================================== JACOS: Kosuke Fukudome ($13.5M in 2011) and Carlos Silva ($6M in 2011 plus a $2M buy-out in 2012) for Aaron Rowand ($12M in both 2011 and 2012) would be even closer to a salary wash over 2011-12. Of course it would mean that the Giants would be adding about $7.5M in payroll in 2011, although they would save $10M in 2012 payroll for a net savings of $2.5M. Since the Giants would have no use for Silva, they could then trade him someplace else, maybe even eat his entire 2011 salary, but with Silva's new club on the hook for the $2M 2012 buy-out. That would save the Giants $4.5M net in payroll over 2011-12. The Cubs would be saving about $7.5M in 2011 but would add $10M in payroll in 2012 (Rowand's $12M in 2012 when they otherwise would have just had to pay Silva his $2M buy-out) for a net increase of $2.5M, although it would at least free-up $7.5M in 2011 payroll when they probably need that to acquire a SP (several contracts will be coming off the books in 2012 to offset the $10M payroll increase).

Why would we want to dump Silva just add one year of Rowand?

. . . . ...oh you were serious?? Oh, because Silva's change of scenery/i love big z/watch me pitch out of my mind honeymoon is long gone and he's not going to do shit this year. That's why we should trade him for a ham sammich (not that Rowand is much better) although we probably won't because he helps the team have "pitching depth" which is BB exec code for "enough shitty pitchers that even if one gets hurt a young kid still won't get a fucking look-see." And on a side note, if that's the best we do for Fuk I say why bother (unless that bit o savings is leading to something helpful for the team* *It should also be noted that the list does not include paying a guy with one start in 2 years 7-fucking-million-dollars, previous cy winner or not

Submitted by The Joe on Fri, 12/17/2010 - 6:36pm. Why would we want to dump Silva just add one year of Rowand? ========================================== THE JOE: Like I said, if it frees-up $7.5M in additional 2011 payroll and that extra $7.5M in 2011 is what's needed to acquire Zack Greinke (for example), then that's why you would do it, presuming the addition of somebody like Greinke is desirable. In other words, it's just a way to create additional 2011 payroll to be used on a high-priced starting pitcher Hendry otherwise can't afford. If it's possible to trade Fukudome and get $7.5 in 2011 payroll relief without taking back a bad contract, then that would be better, but apparently there is no market for Kosuke unless the Cubs take back a bad contract. So trading Fukudome and Silva for Rowand fits both requirements (frees up 2011 payroll and exchanges bad contracts).

Ok, I passed over the money increase part. If it gets us Greinke, I'm ok with the Silva loss:)

I admit that would be about the only reasonable thing that could happen to get me excited about the 2011 season.

Really? And I'm not being a smartass (believe it or not). I'm just a little afraid Greinke is being over-valued. He may want out of KC, and he may have no idea what he's in for. What's more, he seems to be kinda like Z--very 'Ace' WHEN he's on, and very not when he's not. I just think if we're hanging season hopes on Zack Greinke we're in a bad way (which we are), but I don't think he's that huge of a difference maker, even making the AL-->NL move. And I am dutifully standing by for a stream of statistics, traditional or not, telling me I'm wrong. ;)

Greinke is awesome. The idea that he might play for the Cubs makes my pants tight. I don't know stats, though. fart.

Have you thought about taking some pepto bismal?

No, but I'll consider.

There probably are only 15 +/- true aces in all of baseball. Greinke is one of them. He is arguably a top five starting pitcher and he has compiled his resume pitching for a very untalented team in KC. I don't want to get my hopes up, but if the Cubs could obtain Greinke and sign him to an extention, he could become the keystone to their pitching staff for years to come. He's the kind of guy you build around. He's the kind of guy we all thought Big Z was going to be when he signed his most recent contract. He is a difference maker. The only knock on the guy is that he has been treated for social anxiety disorder. I don't think anyone knows for sure how that would play out at Wrigley, but as a big market/high revenue team, the Cubs should be in a position to take a risk on someone like Greinke.

fuck if I know, grass is always greener syndrome probably chances are he'd break his arm the first week or curl up in the fetal position on the mound after giving up a HR. But he's got as good as stuff as just about anyone in the game and he'll be 27 next year.

Greinke to the Brewers??? Nothing confirmed.

looks like a "strong" rumor, though. decent bats, great power, nice SP...gambling on the pen. stl/mil look ready...

no good shall come of this... Greinke, Gallardo, Marcum, Wolf with a real good offense. imagine Cubs will be picked 4th by everyone in the preseason if this turns true. I guess hope Z can put it together and they can sign 2006-2008 Webb. deal is allegedy Greinke and Betancourt for Escobar, Jeffress, Odorizzi and L. Cain something equivalent to Castro, J. Jackson or Carpenter, McNutt or Archer, B. Guyer (don't think Cain is considered as good as B Jackson at the moment). one of you prospect junkies could give a better comparison I'm sure...

There's some more confirmation and another player, Jake Odorizzi added to the deal, down at the bottom of the link. ESPN just confirmed it on Sports Center.

Horrible. This way we get two years of a shitty grossly overpaid outfielder instead of just one.

Agreed keep Fuku.

Cubs 2010 5th round draft pick Matt Szczur leads the Villanova Wilcdcats into Cheney, WA, tonight to face the Eastern Washington Eagles in an FCS (Division 1-AA) semi-final game. (Eastern Washington beat North Dakota State in OT last Saturday). Tonight's victor plays the winner of tomorrow's Delaware-Georgia Southern game in the FCS Championship Game next month in Frisco, TX. Tonight's game is on ESPN, starting at 5 PM PST (8 PM EST). Last week at Appalachian State, Szczur threw for one touchdown, caught another one, and ran for three more. He has also been invited to play in the Senior Bowl in January.

ESPN 2 in Chicago. You have to turn it on for a minute just to see the ugly ugly red turf.

Sorry if this was already mentioned... Part of Wood's insistence on returning to the Cubs centers around his youngest daughter Charlotte's health issues that are best dealt with at Chicago's Children's Memorial Hospital. Kerry and Sarah decided last year that they would give up their home in Scottsdale, Ariz., and raise their children in Chicago. The driving force was Charlotte's medical needs.

So that's what he meant by "some family issues came up" and wanting to live in Chicago. I wish them the best.

Isn't that a Dempster thing, too? And Derek Lee? Maybe not. I seem to remember stuff. Chicago is a great place -- as someone who no longer lives there I can tell you that sometimes I underrated it when I was there. When I visit, my heart skips a beat. It will always be my favorite town. I think it's why I can't let go of my sports teams. It's my tie to Chicago. But I'm not good at self-psycho analysis. The reason I bring it up is that it makes sense that K relies on a great medical facility in Chicago (and yes, sadly, people in other parts of the country do call it chi-town)

Yes, Dempster's daughter was born with a condition that makes it hard or impossible to swallow, if I remember correctly. She's getting better, though. I think she was born in Arizona and he was flying back and forth. I'm sure he had to be a train wreck inside. DLee's daughter had/has a vision problem that was misdiagnosed. One of the few things that must suck being a pro athlete is all the travel when a family member is having major health problems and you want to be there all the time for them. (Same goes for businesspeople who have to travel constantly).

...or is Levine just drunk again? "Hendry has manipulated his bullpen money beautifully so far, spending only $3 million on Carlos Pena in the 2011 budget and $1.5 million on Wood." Cot's says # 1 year/$10M (2011) * signed by Chicago Cubs as a free agent 12/8/10 * $5M deferred, to be paid 1/2012 Sooooo, WTF?? Can AZ Phil explain new Levine math to me?? *edit Muskrat at least explained it. 2m of Pena's 10m he'll get as a signing bonus this year. Apparently that means it goes on this year's budget (seems they go by calendar year, probably affects luxury tax and that sort of thing) so he's kinda getting paid over 3 years for a 1 yr contract; 2/3/5m.

The math is too much for an old man like me. All I know is that Hendry copped (yes, like a nice pound of Columbian when it was $300 a pound), a heavy lifter who bats lefty and has an OPB that is gonna be near the top 20 league wise. So what, exactly, is your complaint? I can't tell because your post is incomprehensible. My suspicion is you had a little too much to drink before that post. I don't blame you for that. I do that often when arguing against Republicans on political sites, cuz it's the only way to go.

I think he was just wondering how 3 = 10/5.

as Tony S. posted... here is the sun-times explanation:
A big part of that is also due to the structure of Pena's contract, which puts $5 million (due in 13 months) on the 2012 books and $2 million (signing bonus paid this month) on the 2010 books - leaving only $3 million to go on the Cubs' accounting for 2011.

Over under on opening day payroll 130 Mil:

that's still $5M this year, no matter how much Levine blows Hendry about his creative accounting

Richie Zisk has not been let go. He's been given a newly created pro-Scout job operating out of Florida evaluating both minor league and major league players.

As painful as this offseason is for our supposedly big-market team, at least our left field courtship doesn't involve selecting between Marcus Thames and a Hairston. least make a run at andruw jones or something

Long before our time, Cub old timer Phil Cavarretta has died.

wow...didn't even assume he was still alive. 94. wow. it's hard to keep track of those guys that never gave many TV interviews.

long before your time, you mean.

some commentary on the Brewer prospects in the deal from the mlb blog for the Brewers

Great deal for KC. Good deal for Brewers. I'm shocked and impressed by the Brewers. Good for them to be so aggressive. And I love seeing the Yankees miss out on another top player.

To me you always want to get a guy back who you think may turn out to be as good as the guy you're trading and I don't see where the Royals got that, but they may be really high one one of the guys. The Cubs could have offered more, but not an MLB ready starting SS. I guess going into last year there was some debate about whether Castro would be better than Escobar, but I think that's been put to rest.

One thing though for the Brewers, they significantly downgraded on defense at SS.

Gammons says that Jeffries isn't a part of the deal and it's a PTBNL instead.

Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel tweets that the $2MM going to Milwaukee will cover the buyout for Yuniesky Betancourt's 2012 option, if the Brewers choose to buy him out.
will the $2M the Brewers get in the deal be for medicinal MJ if they get to keep Jeffries? or to paraphrase Achmed, the dead terrorist ("I kilo you")...

Nice work, Cubster, especially the obscure Rolling Stones B-side reference.

I hope Greinke has a mental breakdown.

I shouldn't laugh at that, but I did.

No, you shouldn't! ~shakes head and smiles~

Seems like a great market for him.

As I had said a couple weeks ago, with the Cubs 3 number 5 pitchers, the starting staff was already behind the Brewers. Now the team will be duking it out with the Pirates (whose staff looked like the Phillies against the Cubs) and Astros. Fuck Jim Hendry. Fuck Tom Ricketts. We are now a "small market team in America's 3rd largest City" And yet, asshole me will be paying for my Combo season ticket package once more. I also have a sneaking suspicion that Hendry will do something similar for the lesser skills of someone such as Matt Garza.

I'm not sure I agree that the Cubs have 3 #5 pitchers, but I sure agree with your overall sentiment. The Cubs purchase reminds me a little of the Tribune purchase by Sam Zell. Zell clearly could not afford that purchase, and leveraged his purchase heavily. I get the feeling that the Ricketts family really couldn't afford this team and they bought it for the ego trip of owning the Cubs. They're in it for themselves, so that the boys can get laid a little more. Their idea of improving the franchise is sprucing up the washrooms and declaring a love for minor league development. All owners, by the way, say that about the minor league system. So until it actually starts producing mega stars, and it never has, historically, I'm remaining a cynic. It's obvious to me that the Ricketts family is not in this as a top 3 market player. As fans, we can only do one thing -- vote with our feet and put the turnstiles to a dead stop. Rob calls this year Project .500. That's not good enough. Anybody who goes to see this team at Wrigley next year is simply doing the equivalent of enabling an alcoholic.

I don't know, not sure it's wise to compound the problems Zell/Hendry/McDonough created by creating more problems with more unwise, absurd contracts. Cubs payroll is still gonna be 2nd/3rd in the NL, I think next offseason will be the real litmus test on what the Ricketts plan to do with the team. That Greinke deal as far as I can tell is close to the Cubs giving Castro or Hak-Ju Lee, J. Jackson or Carpenter, McNutt or Archer, B. Guyer or B. Jackson. Pretty steep, but Brewers basically have a 1-2 year window left with their core.

I agree, next off-season will be interesting to watch. If Ricketts still is freezing/cutting payroll it's probably not a good sign. Not that we need to rush out and sign some more awful deals, but there will be money for some smart moves without shell games.

Here is my issue with the moves this offseason. If the plan is really project .500. And we are essentially punting. Then WHY ARE WE DEFERRING PAYROLL MONEY INTO 2012?

If you recall, the basic Hendry gameplan is to put together a team that is sitting around .500 at the All Star break and then convince the cheapskate owners to open their wallets so he can "tweak it" with a few mid-season addition$$ to "make a run" at the wildcard.

I don't think Hendry's plan is Project .500, I'm sure he thinks the team he's building is as good as any in the Central. But he may have Down's Syndrome...

I hate that I'm a Cubs fan sometimes.

Me too.

Hendry may have Down's Syndrome?

I'm not going to criticise Hendry based on the Brewers' moves. Though, I will criticise him for he previous shit contracts, but at least they were making a run for it and it failed. Now the Brewers are making a run for it. The Cubs had their window and it's passed. Though I'd LOVE for the Cubs to have gotten Greinke, this might not be the time to sell all of their best prospects from someone who doesn't seem interested in larger markets and has a limited no-trade clause. Maybe Chicago is on his list? I'd be pleased with a Garza trade.

jeffress confirmed as part of the greenkey trade. the holdup was making sure jeffress's preferred brand of blunt wrap was available in MIL.

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  • Dolorous Jon Lester 20 hours 12 min ago (view)

    I think, in relation to the higher profile guys like Javy or Contreras, they're trying to put some pressure on to sign extensions.

    That said I do think they're listening on everyone with the only name I haven't seen being Rizzo.


  • crunch 1 day 12 hours ago (view)

    i wonder where the cubs will go with things.

    there's a lot pointing to the cubs being expected to listen to offers on almost anyone.  as it is, on paper, the cubs could roll right into 2020 with no changes whatsoever and still field a very competitive team.  the whole "shakeup" thing seems to be a very hot topic from a variety of sources, though.

    bryant, contreras, schwarber have all been linked to "cubs may be listening" rumors...probably listening to anything on happ, bote, almora, russell, too...


  • Hagsag 1 day 13 hours ago (view)

    Even the Cubs should be able to out bid the Marlins!


  • crunch 1 day 13 hours ago (view)

    "According to Joe Frisaro of, the Marlins are "believed" to have interest in free agent outfielder Nicholas Castellanos."

    by interest, i assume they mean they'd like to have some baseball rookie cards or his or maybe a hug from him.  i can't imagine they actually want to spend money on someone they could use to make their team better because that makes no sense.


  • Arizona Phil 2 days 5 hours ago (view)

    Prior to joining the Cubs in 2012 Scott Harris was Director of Baseball Operations in the MLB office, which means he received, reviewed, and approved all major league and minor league contracts and transactions, as well as providing MLB clubs with schedules, rules updates, and draft information. 


  • Cubster 2 days 13 hours ago (view)

    Giants hire Scott Harris, from Cubs front office,  as GM


  • Charlie 3 days 15 hours ago (view)

    For anyone else who immediately wonders but is not invested enough to look it up, this is not Chris (Ryan) Young, former Padres starter and fisticuffs partner of Derrek Lee, but rather the two-years younger Chris Matthew Young.


  • crunch 4 days 3 hours ago (view)

    rev up those off-season rumor fryers...

    Jeff Passan @JeffPassan
    Multiple teams in search of catching help believe Cubs catcher Willson Contreras will be available this winter. The Cubs will get creative this winter, and with a deep catching free agent market, they could trade Contreras and begin retooling under new manager David Ross.


  • crunch 4 days 8 hours ago (view)

    former padres manager andy green is gonna be ross's bench coach.

    green was c.rea's manager in SD, btw.


  • Arizona Phil 4 days 14 hours ago (view)

    Last year the Cubs signed four free-agents to minor league contracts prior to the Rule 5 Draft: LHP Alberto Baldonado, OF Wynton Bernard, RHP Corey Black, and RHP Jose Rosario. All four were members of the Cubs organization in 2018 but declined to sign a 2019 minor league successor contract prior to being declared a free-agent, but then came back to the Cubs after briefly testing the free-agent waters. 


  • crunch 4 days 18 hours ago (view)

    chris young to be named new bullpen coach (former phillies pitching coach)

    mixed messages on whether lester strode will have a new cubs role or leaving the cubs...


  • crunch 5 days 11 hours ago (view)

    t.clifton straight up falling off a cliff sucked to watch happen last year.

    i had a lot of faith in the guy to at least hold his own in AAA, even if he needed another season or 2 after to get ready for prime time.

    he ended up giving out homers like candy on halloween while retaining his high walk and injury rate.

    that said, his career is far from done.  most likely many other teams willing to give him a minor league deal.


  • Arizona Phil 5 days 16 hours ago (view)

    Keep in mind that most free-agents who sign a 2020 minor league contract prior to the Rule 5 Draft are eligible for selection. (The only exception would be a free-agent who is not yet eligible for selection in the Rule 5 Draft, such as a player whose only previous pro experience was in a foreign major league or in an independent minor league, or a player who was released by another MLB organization but is still not yet eligible for selection in the Rule 5 Draft).  


  • Arizona Phil 5 days 16 hours ago (view)

    If you're wondering if players who sign minor league successor contracts ever get taken in the Rule 5 Draft, the answer is most definitely - YES -. 

    The Cubs selected RHP Hector Rondon in the 2012 Rule 5 Draft after the Indians signed him to a minor league successor contract, and the Baltimore Orioles selected RHP Pedro Araujo in the 2017 Rule 5 Draft after the Cubs signed him to a minor league successor contract. 


  • Hagsag 5 days 16 hours ago (view)

    Got to get Taylor Davis back.


  • Arizona Phil 5 days 16 hours ago (view)

    So the Cubs were ultimately able to retain five of their seven most-valuable post-2019 minor league free-agent eligibles (Rea, Pereda, de la Cruz, Lugo, and Burks), losing only Clifton and Leal (both of whom are probably looking for a fresh start in another organization after maybe feeling stalled in the Cubs system).