Is Kid K Coming Back?

Dave Kaplan, , are close to finalizing a deal.

That's my reaction to the news.


Love it. Mine too. (Although, is this a bad time to start talking about BABIP, other RH relievers for less money, money wasted on the bullpen, etc.?? You f'n know it's coming, here and elsewhere) I'll save my defense of the signing for when it happens. On a side note, I'll be up late doing papers all night, and watching Twitter for news on this very important front.

Also from Kaplan on Twitter, in response to a fan? "thekapman David Kaplan @ @mac_of_all_macs Trust me....He is going to end up a Cub. It may take a little time but he will be pitching for the Cubs." That almost sounds a little too sure for comfort....

Okay, all night was a stretch, gotta take a nap before work in the am. Hopefully I'll see good news on here in 4 hrs or so....

Yeah, but it all looks like just Kaplan for now.... Levine agrees as well and as you'd expect, should be more than a one-year deal.

Fucken' A. I don't give a damn if it's money not well-spent, after all the $$ the Cubs waste on losers year in and year out? Kerry Wood is this generation's Ron Santo, he's a goddamn Cub and I love him. BTW, Wood is no longer a kid, there's no long-term career to protect anymore. Which raises an obvious question: could he be a starting pitcher again? He's got 3 plus-plus pitches, and he knows how to use them (tho not always for strikes). Trade Zambrano and replace him in the rotation with Wood? Hell yeah, I'm on board for that.

When he signed the deal with Cleveland I thought that it could be a potential steal for them, if he pulled a Smoltz and moved back into the rotation, but he just hasn't been healthy enough. If he makes it through a season in the bullpen relatively healthy, and some of the Cubs minor league arms step up, maybe it's something to look at for 2012, but the Cubs need a light's out 8th inning guy right now more than they do a starter. Remember this is a team that finished 2nd in the majors in quality starts last year.

Cubs had good starting pitching last year. Just need to find a replacement for Lilly and the first half performance of Silva.

Weren't they really good down the stretch without either? As long as we're not counting on Coleman that is.

Z had a good second half Dempster steady Wells and Gorzy?

I dunno, but they went 18-11 with a 2.95 ERA or something under Quade the Messiah.


imagine it'd be in the 3/16m to 3/20m area...wonder how it'll be backloaded or broken down, though. if he's healthy i'd consider it a good deal at either price.

I smell a hometown discount, considering he robbed the Cubs between 2004 and 2007

yeah, he was supposedly looking 6m/yr...just taking a wild guess.

2/12M was the early rumor, imagine it will add up to that with some incentives and maybe a vesting option

Submitted by Rob G. on Thu, 12/16/2010 - 1:33am. 2/12M was the early rumor, imagine it will add up to that with some incentives and maybe a vesting option ============================== ROB G: There's going to have to be at least $2M in performance bonuses each year based on GF in case something happens to Marmol and Wood ends up having to be the #1 closer for a while. Otherwise, I could see a base 2/$12M ($4M-$8M) two-year deal, or maybe even 2/$12M ($2M-$8M-$2M) with the "third year" money paid in January 2013 deferred from the first year (similar to the Carlos Pena deal).

marshall(L)/wood/marmol for the core... grabow(L)/cashner/russell(L)/maine(L)/diamond/caridad/m.mateo TB might be able to take either russell or maine from the cubs in a garza pacakage....

Garza was starting to sound unlikely. Although, should they just sell low now, and eat it and dump Grablow if possible? Or was it really a knee issue?

i was chalking grabes up as unmovable. TB just has has a slot for a LH reliever and the cubs have excess. it's not like they can't stash russell or maine back down in AAA, but they're both a bit "over" AAA.

...i think this is the deal i would have rather seen, though... "'s Peter Gammons reports that the White Sox have reached a three-year, $13 million deal with free agent reliever Jesse Crain."

Here's the old cub fans fantasy scenerio... Kerry Wood re-signs for two jobs. Innings 1-6, color commentator with Pat Hughes ...bottom 6th he takes the catwalk tour heading down to the bullpen as the fans in the top rows of the grandstand go nuts Inning 7 or 8... KKK Then they re-mike him from the dugout for the 9th. Makes the post game interview a piece of cake.

You might just be the smartest person on the planet.

It's been reported that the Cubs are looking for a starter and a reliever. Now with Wood in the pen, does that make Cashner the sought-after starter? I already see a team with Z, Dempster, Wells, Gorz, Silva, and Coleman on the depth chart, and if you throw Cashner in there, I don't think they'd even have room to audition another guy, let alone sign or trade for someone.

Wells, Gorz, Silva, and Coleman are all BLAH. It can't hurt to add another guy to the mix.

My guess is that we could still see a Webb or Garza deal. I'd be surprised if we are in play for any veteran #4-type innings eater.

I don't care if K doesn't get one guy out. For saying what he said about not being able to put on a White Sox uniform, he can serve up 100 gopher balls and I won't boo him.

Put me down in the camp of please God let this happen as Wood should be a Cub and maybe Santo is pulling the strings on this. Best news in a while. And he'll be Kid K until he's 70 and shaking hands at the Cubs Convention.

Nady to D'Backs for 1/1.75M and $1M in incentives D-Lee liked by the Nats, Rosenthal says Orioles, Padres also interested along with LaRoche. Rangers, Rays, Blue Jays also lurking. Aardsma on the block.

What the hell? Nady is a starting calibre player. He had 85 RBI's one year!

FWIW, Jose Pena actually has a higher career OBP and OPS than Nady: 351/841 vs 331/775. Pena's OPS with RISP is also quite a bit higher .936 vs .799 over the last three years, although Nady does have a higher BA over those three years with RISP

Cool... but who's Jose Pena?

It's the brain fart version of Carlos Pena

According to RobG favorite news source- IMO you will see him in the bullpen alot, coming out of it---not so much.

Love Kid K. If they did keep Z, I can't see him messing with the kid. Kind of like having a pit boss in the club house... However, if they are able to convince Z to accept the deal, I would consider including Marlon Byrd in the deal in an attempt to get Brett Gardner. Not sure the Yanks would do that, but Gardner would be the leadoff man we need. I'm also assuming the Cubs would want Joba in the deal... As far as the Garza rumors go, if you look at the Rays' roster, they clearly need help at short and in the pen. If I'm them, I would want Barney and Carpenter instead of J. Jackson and Lee.

I agree that he's more Barney's more "big league ready", but it would make more sense to get Lee and sign Izturis for a year at $1 million, than to get Barney and then still have to get a starting shorstop. Barney is a defensive replacement, who's probably better served playing in the NL where he can get in on double switches.

isn't Brignac their shortstop? could use a back-up, but I think they believe in him. They believed in Bartlett when everyone thought he was a back-up and he worked out just fine.

did u just offer Byrd and Z for Gardner?

and joba

is joba going back to the rotation in this scenario or is there another rotation plan you have in mind?

I think Joba could compete for either. Of course, I'm still of the belief that Marshall should be a starter, especially if we trade Gorz. Aside from a loogy, is a lefty to pitch in the 7th or 8th a necessity? Interesting article a couple of weeks ago by Joe Posanski of SI. Sorry I don't have the link, but the gist is how much more the 8th inning plays into the winning pct than the closer. Might explain why the set-up guys are getting all the love this year.

must have borrowed the article from his good friend Bill James about 25 years back.... oh to bring back the relief ace and Bruce Sutter's of the world. All of this is Tony LaRussa's fault.

I think anyone who watched the Cubs in 2007-08 knows setup men can be much more important than closers. It was such a luxury to have Marmol come in when the other team had bases loaded / no outs only to go K-K-K. I understand why he wants to be the closer (payday), but for the team it seems much more valuable to have your reliever with the unbelievable K rate available for the highest leverage situations rather than just the 9th inning. Without Marmol pitching out of all those jams, there wouldn't have been nearly as many save opportunities.

Agreed, and that's the guy (at least last year) Marshall has become/is becoming

Exactly why I have no interest in Marshall returning to the rotation. As long as he provides more value as a reliever (which he has for the last 2 years) than as a starter, I can't see why the organization would move him out of the bullpen......other than, this is the Cubs.

Yup. I don't have #s in front of me, but he's consistently pitched better in relief, so I don't know...... leave him there??

I would.

I hate Joba. Anyone who doesn't know how to wear a hat is a fucking retard.

That was my stance as well, but for whatever reason, James Russell doesn't bother me with it..... weird. He's like the first person that that somehow looks ok on.

Here's an interesting article about Zack Grienke: I would love to see the Cubs get Grienke and build their staff around him for the future. However, I'm concerned about how comfortable he would be in Chicago because of his social anxiety disorder. The article indicates that maybe I shouldn't be so concerned.

I'd sure love to have Greinke and happy to give them B. Jackson for it, but it's up to the scouts and colleagues to try and figure out if he could handle Chicago. I would guess it would take about 2 days before he hated Paul Sullivan. He did have a down year last year, but he truly seemed disinterested in the season and the team, not that coming to the Cubs will necessarily make that better.

What's the worst that can happen? Cubs and Wrigley bring the best out of players. ~sigh~

Imagine if he loses track of the outs in an inning!

he does have the advantage of being white though....

Cracker Lover!

if only we could find a highly-regarded, players' manager...

An excellent point. You would think that players who sign to play here (or manage here) know "what the deal is". But time and time again, most just cannot handle having a microscope placed above them with everything Cubs. Whereas in Chicago Cub Land everything is weighted - or referenced towards epic failure constantly, in New York or Boston, everything is weighted towards success.

while I agree, I don't think Bos was like that pre-2004. I think they got their success started by just not giving a darn about that stuff, and having fun. You can argue both sides of 'team chemistry', but let's be honest, when was the last time it seemed like the Cubs were 'having fun'? I can think of a)2003 and b)the last month and a half last year.

2 days? I can hate Paul Sullivan in 2 paragraphs.

Boy Cubs fan love their shinny objects!!!!!

I just like rooting for Kerry Wood. I make no apologies for it.

You couldn't root for him in Cleveland? It pisses me off that Jim Hendry didn't even offer arbitration and take the free draft picks. Only to turn around and offer him multiple years coming off of 2 subpar, injury plagued years. Its the height of incompetence.

Had Hendry offered him arbitration and he accepted it... the Cubs wouldn't have won in 2009 or 2010, so what difference does it make? Kerry may have flat-out told him "if you offer me arbitration, I will accept it".

well I'd obviously rather root for him as a Cub. the arb thing was dumb, Hendry obviously felt like he would accept it. let's see what the deal is, non-closer relievers are getting $5M a year in this market right now. Also, he apparently picked up Mariano's cutter pretty quickly as a Yankee, so see if that 26 innings is for real last year. I assume 0.69 ERA isn't sustainable, but hopefully the HR's stay down.

That .235 BABIP and a little situational luck probably best explains his Yankees success, he had an X-FIP of 4.20 (all my caveats and reservations about FIP aknowledged). He's likely to pitch about as well as he did in 2009 for the Indians, but I am still happy he's with the team.

fwiw, Rivera's BABIP is .273 for his career with a lot of .230, .250, .270 seasons in there (and one unfortunate .335 season). I'm obviously inclined to believe it was mostly dumb luck, but the reports were that he really learned how to control his cutter finally after working a bit with Rivera. blind optimism I'm sure, but what else we got with the Cubs in 2011

I heard about it as well, but if I had to bet money I think the series of events was: 1. Hey, Wood has a really good ERA 2. What's up with that Kerry? Oh, I learned Rivera's cutter 3. You can see that Kerry is really controlling the cutter. I am a smart sportswriter. His control was awful with the Yankees. He wasn't throwing as hard in the playoffs as he was with us in '08, but I am all for him putting up 70 innings of 2.50 ERA ball next year, and wouldn't be shocked if he did.

fwiw, and I screwed it up myself earlier as well, he says he's been throwing a cutter for awhile and just claims he's controlling it better and there were some good old fashioned anonymous scouts with the same observation of how much better the pitch looked as a Yankee. It could all be BS and doesn't mean he's doing any better with his regular FB or curve. Fangraphs does show an uptick in how much he threw the cutter with the Yankees (standard disclaimers).

"kerry wood wanted to go to his beloved cubbies, other teams sensed. like with cliff, it wasn't all about $ with him" let's see how much he "sacrificed"... . Magglio back to Tigres...

Most likely to get dropped from the 40-man roster if the Cubs do sign Kerry Wood; 1. John Gaub 2. Jeff Stevens BTW, neither Gaub nor Stevens can be a minor league free-agent (yet) if outrighted, so if either one was to clear waivers the Cubs would be able to keep him in the organization and extend an NRI to ST.

AZ PHIL: Honestly, neither of these pitchers strike fear in the hearts of opponents in my opinion. Maybe one of them will end up as a journeyman pitcher on bad teams (like the Cubs), perennial call-up, or 4th person in a trade. A big "meh".

I nominate Berg. His K/BB with the Cubs last year in 40 innings was 0.7. On the final day of the I-Cubs season, ready to clinch a playoff berth, they gave the ball to Berg with a man on in the 7th inning of a 6-3 game. Three outs later, 6-6. Stevens was 8 for 8 in save opportunities with the I-Cubs in the stretch run. Gaub will get snapped up quickly.

I can second that. One pitch, even if you want to grade it at a 70, doesn't make a major league pitcher.

Now all we need is to sign Kenny Lofton to lead off {{ducks}}

Sammy can come back for Right Field!!!!!

With Pena and Wood, looks like Hendry is not only filling some holes, but providing his rookie manager with some veteran, high integrity leadership to help control the asylum.

That's a good point, but Wood isn't going to be in the dugout during the games.

True, but he's still on the team, and he will be in the bullpen, which also needs leadership of its own.

Absolutely agree, am thinking it must be someone's idea other than Hendry, it's like he's making anti-last-few-years decisions, and heaven forbid, decent ones. Admittedly, Wood is a shaky sign from a pure baseball standpoint, but that all depends on the money (which I read is lower than we thought but haven't got that far in the comments yet), just like trading DeRo may have been the right baseball call at the time (it was) but good personalities are hard to replace in the clubhouse. Woody was a leader on the North Side before he left, and I think the team will benefit from having him back. Can they translate that into wins?? That's the big question, and I have no f'n idea, but I can hope....

well, they still have to go into the clubhouse. when wood was still here he called player meetings and players showed up. his work ethic helps back up the stuff that comes out of his mouth, too.

Sounds more like PR drivel to sell expensive seating for a 75 win team.

PR drive would mean Sandberg was the manager.... not like the Cubs weren't looking for a RH set-up guy from the very start, maybe not the one you wanted, but he fits the offseason plan.

Why didn't they just sign Adam Dunn for the RH BP spot? :)

I don't believe it unless they bring back Mark DeRosa, heard he negotiated a treaty between North and South Korea just the other day.


Forget it. Mr Fabulous is the top Matre 'd at the Chez Paul. He's pulling down six bills a week. You'll never get Matt and Mr Fabulous outta them high paying gigs.

+1000 for that reference

Blues Brother'd!!!!!!!

Awesome!! You win!! "Ya see, me and the lord we have an understanding."

Aha! Cubster with yet another fantastic & relevant YouTube drop-in. Haven't thought about Tull for awhile. Thanks!

Willingham to A's for 2 minor leaguers (I be baffled by the Nats strategy this offseason) magglio's deal is 1/10M from Tigres

Boy, the A's are Giants AL. Without the starting staff...

The A's have a damn good pitching staff though, and arguably pretty close to SF's. One of the best in baseball last year.

One for AZ Phil... too lazy to get the link, but MLBTraderumors has a line about the minimum salary going up to $414K next year according to an AP report.
As part of the collective bargaining agreement the minimum salary rises at the same rate as the increase in the Consumer Price Index-Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers.
Minor leaguers also receive a bump in pay, with the minimum salary for non-big leaguers on the 40-man roster rising from $65,000 to $67,300.

That is horrific.

Submitted by The Real Neal on Thu, 12/16/2010 - 2:02pm. One for AZ Phil... too lazy to get the link, but MLBTraderumors has a line about the minimum salary going up to $414K next year according to an AP report. =============================================== REAL NEAL: I have re-calculated the right sidebar to reflect the increase in the MLB minimum salary. I am presently estimating the Cubs 2011 payroll (actual payroll, not inccluding pro-rated signing bonuses not paid in 2011) at $123M.

Jenks gets 2/12M from Red Sox 3 closers now or Papelbon can be trade bait

Over under 2/12 for KW and his "Discount"?

me guesses Wood gets less in guaranteed money, possibly more with incentives...

EPat traded by Bosox to Padres. All we need is an article on Cherry-Pie and the gang's all here. ...well maybe Matt Clement's beard Chris Archer honored for his 10K game over Cuba by USA baseball with the International Performance of the year or something like that. Adam LaRoche to O's chatter is building...

Carrie has more than 140 characters on that:

USA baseball is a wonderful organization...too bad they don't have they olympics anymore. AFFILIATE MANAGER PITCHING COACH HITTING COACH Iowa (AAA) Bill Dancy Mike Mason Von Joshua Tennessee (AA) Brian Harper Marty Mason Mariano Duncan Daytona (A) Buddy Bailey Tom Pratt Barbaro Garbey Peoria (A) Casey Kopitzke Jeff Fassero Ricardo Medina Boise (Short A) Mark Johnson David Rosario Desi Wilson Mesa (Rookie) Juan Cabreja Rick Tronerud/Frank Castillo Jason Dubois Dominican-1 (Rookie) Manuel Callado Leo Hernandez Alberto Garcia Dominican-2 (Rookie) Yudith Ozorio Anderson Tavares Leo Perez/Franklin Blanco bwahahahahaha Jason Dubois!!!!

good for the dub.

well we know Bobby Scales will have a job offer waiting for him somewhere in the organization

major league cleanup hitter followed by major league manager followed by GM, i imagine...full trip to GM completed by 2016 at the latest.

Clinging on for no apparent reason Coach.

Dubbie dubbie doo

I'm sure I just missed this somewhere, but did Jody Davis steal Hendry's donuts or something? if anyone cares, Brian Harper was the Hi-A San Jose Giants coach last year and they won their league. Former major league catcher...

i think he's been in the doghouse since he pulled that stunt forfeiting a game by pulling the entire team off the field.

thanks, forgot about that

Submitted by Rob G. on Thu, 12/16/2010 - 3:23pm. I'm sure I just missed this somewhere, but did Jody Davis steal Hendry's donuts or something? if anyone cares, Brian Harper was the Hi-A San Jose Giants coach last year and they won their league. Former major league catcher ================================================= ROB G: Jody Davis fate with the Cubs was sealed when he forfeited a Northwest League game in August because he felt the field was not playable. Jo-Dee was fined and suspended by the league and the Cubs werern't real happy about it, either.

So the Cubs want their prospects to risk injury for $1200 in extra revenue for a short-season A ball affiliate? I cannot figure out why we never win a World Series.

Seems like Davis was trying to do the right thing by his players. I don't know why the Cubs couldn't cut him some slack on this.

from the brief part that I read just now, the gist of the anger was that he wasn't following orders and needed to respect umps decision and that the field wasn't that bad.

Agreed, and there's nothing about him on the interwebs, I'm just wondering which level he'll be managing in Philly's system *ducks*

That's great news about Wood! Side note: isn't Mariano Duncan crazy?

No Booze Even if you have a ticket, you may not get in "There will be no encore!!"

Chris De Luca is saying that the Cubs have signed Wood for 1 yr/$1.5M. If that is true... that is great! UPDATE: And the corresponding Sun Times article:

o_O wuuuuuuuuuuuuut?

Love to see the incentives and clauses on that one. Makes it to the mound without tripping- $ 1,000.00

"An announcement of Wood's signing could come as early as Friday after the pitcher takes his physical, and after the Players Association and Major League Baseball sign off on the agreement, the source said." This seems to imply there is more to the contract than a straigh 1 yr/$1.5M.

it's so far under market the player's assoc. would want to look at it. he supposedly walked away from a 1yr/3.5m as it is. damn. what a deal.

I bet it's like $1.5 guaranteed and $500K for every 10 appearances, with a $5 mil 2012 option that vests at 60 appearances.

Has to be. Something like that. We must just be getting the headline now. No way he's just a straight-up $1.5 mil.

I love K, but where was the players assoc when K was sitting for a year. If K wants to pitch for free, the PA should have no say about it, unless of course there's some tiny print legalese in the CBA. That's an amazing deal. You gotta wonder if K is hoping Hendry will use the extra money to beef up the team more. I think i'd be okay with a Webb crapshoot.

I love K, but where was the players assoc when K was sitting for a year. Huh? The MLBPA was supposed to say something about Wood being hurt?

The point is that when players get injured and don't perform at all, they get paid 100% of their salary. Baseball is the only industry I can think of that has that deal going on, though maybe the UAW or one of the dockworkers associations does.

Any pro athlete with a contract gets paid their salary in a given year if they're hurt, don't they? Of course, NFL contracts aren't guaranteed from year to year, but NBA contracts are. I assume NHL's are, too.

I don't think NHL are, but you're right on MBA (Just ask the poor Houston Rockets). So we have 900 people in America who get this protection. It must be nice!

the mlb player's association is only there to protect the players and their money (as a whole). when someone takes 1.5m over 3.5m (less than 1/2) the player's association generally wants to know why. it's usually a very un-intrusive formality, though. baseball does have a rather recent history of both owners trying to blackmail players and owner collusion.

NHL contracts are guaranteed for the entire length of the deal, however, a team can release a player and buyout the contract early at a reduced rate, depending on the service time of a player. One example is player x has been in the league so many years and qualifies for a 60% buyout. I'm not sure if the player has to take the buyout, but if they do, there is an odd hit to the salary cap. Say the player had 10 million left on his deal over 5 years. The team pays the 60% buyout, so $6 million, but for salary cap purposed the $6 million is spread out over twice the length of the contract, so 10 years, in this example. That's a $600k hit per year for 10 years. It's goofy, with lots of wiggle room, like the Blackhawks sending goalie Cristobal Huet to a team in Switzerland and getting his contract off the books (while paying the entire amount). Imagine the Cubs sending Soriano to play in Japan and footing the entire bill, but having his money removed from the salary cap. But the NHL has a hard cap in that it's a real cap in that sense. There is no luxury tax in the NHL.

Don Fehr was just named director of the NHL Players Association.

It's actually dependent on the age of the player.

Sun Times Chris Deluca tweets that Kerry Wood signs a one yr deal at $1.5M with Cubs ...somehow I think a decimal has been misplaced Its on mlbtr too

Regardless of the incentives, you have to ackowledge the sales ability of Jim Hendry. I've been as down on Jim as the rest of you but I must say, he's selling the Cubby kool-aid this year. Maybe Hendry was like Dunston-he just needed about 10 years to develop! Miles is the first to mention that it will include incentives, believes this means Cashner will get to compete for a starting spot in spring training.

KERRY WOOOD!!!!!!!!! (sorry, I'm better now...) naturally there was food involved in getting the deal done... In what may be remembered as the Pizza Summit, Kerry Wood and Cubs general manager Jim Hendry huddled Friday night in a cramped hallway at D'Agostino's restaurant in Wrigleyville. The two had spoken earlier that day at Ron Santo's funeral, but their second meeting at the pizza joint during a charity function for the Ryan and Jenny Dempster Foundation, was Wood's chance to make his pitch. also mentions incentives based on games finished

Games finished? The other good thing about the deal: if they film the new Spider Man movie in Chicago, Kerry can film the scenes with Tombstone during off-days.


lol... nice. And would it be alright with Cubdom if we rename Kerry Wood "Kid OK"? Because anymore he's just OK.

Man, that ain't EVEN right....

Love that pic--especially how the wimpiest looking one was the pitching god. Can Maddux seriously not cross his arms and look bad-ass for a second? Or was he just saying "give me a break..."

about as bad-ass as you'll ever see Maddux "Hey! We got Cy Young winners over here"

My then 76 year old father and I went to see spring practices at Fitch park in 2004. The pitchers were running around the bases, and as you can see they are all about 6'3" in height with a little guy bringing up the rear. My dad says to me "why is the bat boy running with the pitchers?" I said "because that bat boy has nearly 300 wins." dad- "OHHH! That's Maddux???!!!"

haha. awesome.

Love it

The article in Friday's NY Times mentions a personal-services contract as an aspect of the Cubs' offer to Wood.
Later in the week, Wood said no to the Yankees, the Chicago White Sox and at least one other team to sign with the Cubs for one year and a $1.5 million base salary as a setup man, with the promise of future employment under a personal-services contract with the team once his playing days are over.
That's probably why Wood met with Ricketts before the deal was finalized.

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  • Dolorous Jon Lester 19 hours 44 min ago (view)

    I think, in relation to the higher profile guys like Javy or Contreras, they're trying to put some pressure on to sign extensions.

    That said I do think they're listening on everyone with the only name I haven't seen being Rizzo.


  • crunch 1 day 12 hours ago (view)

    i wonder where the cubs will go with things.

    there's a lot pointing to the cubs being expected to listen to offers on almost anyone.  as it is, on paper, the cubs could roll right into 2020 with no changes whatsoever and still field a very competitive team.  the whole "shakeup" thing seems to be a very hot topic from a variety of sources, though.

    bryant, contreras, schwarber have all been linked to "cubs may be listening" rumors...probably listening to anything on happ, bote, almora, russell, too...


  • Hagsag 1 day 12 hours ago (view)

    Even the Cubs should be able to out bid the Marlins!


  • crunch 1 day 12 hours ago (view)

    "According to Joe Frisaro of, the Marlins are "believed" to have interest in free agent outfielder Nicholas Castellanos."

    by interest, i assume they mean they'd like to have some baseball rookie cards or his or maybe a hug from him.  i can't imagine they actually want to spend money on someone they could use to make their team better because that makes no sense.


  • Arizona Phil 2 days 5 hours ago (view)

    Prior to joining the Cubs in 2012 Scott Harris was Director of Baseball Operations in the MLB office, which means he received, reviewed, and approved all major league and minor league contracts and transactions, as well as providing MLB clubs with schedules, rules updates, and draft information. 


  • Cubster 2 days 13 hours ago (view)

    Giants hire Scott Harris, from Cubs front office,  as GM


  • Charlie 3 days 15 hours ago (view)

    For anyone else who immediately wonders but is not invested enough to look it up, this is not Chris (Ryan) Young, former Padres starter and fisticuffs partner of Derrek Lee, but rather the two-years younger Chris Matthew Young.


  • crunch 4 days 2 hours ago (view)

    rev up those off-season rumor fryers...

    Jeff Passan @JeffPassan
    Multiple teams in search of catching help believe Cubs catcher Willson Contreras will be available this winter. The Cubs will get creative this winter, and with a deep catching free agent market, they could trade Contreras and begin retooling under new manager David Ross.


  • crunch 4 days 7 hours ago (view)

    former padres manager andy green is gonna be ross's bench coach.

    green was c.rea's manager in SD, btw.


  • Arizona Phil 4 days 13 hours ago (view)

    Last year the Cubs signed four free-agents to minor league contracts prior to the Rule 5 Draft: LHP Alberto Baldonado, OF Wynton Bernard, RHP Corey Black, and RHP Jose Rosario. All four were members of the Cubs organization in 2018 but declined to sign a 2019 minor league successor contract prior to being declared a free-agent, but then came back to the Cubs after briefly testing the free-agent waters. 


  • crunch 4 days 17 hours ago (view)

    chris young to be named new bullpen coach (former phillies pitching coach)

    mixed messages on whether lester strode will have a new cubs role or leaving the cubs...


  • crunch 5 days 11 hours ago (view)

    t.clifton straight up falling off a cliff sucked to watch happen last year.

    i had a lot of faith in the guy to at least hold his own in AAA, even if he needed another season or 2 after to get ready for prime time.

    he ended up giving out homers like candy on halloween while retaining his high walk and injury rate.

    that said, his career is far from done.  most likely many other teams willing to give him a minor league deal.


  • Arizona Phil 5 days 15 hours ago (view)

    Keep in mind that most free-agents who sign a 2020 minor league contract prior to the Rule 5 Draft are eligible for selection. (The only exception would be a free-agent who is not yet eligible for selection in the Rule 5 Draft, such as a player whose only previous pro experience was in a foreign major league or in an independent minor league, or a player who was released by another MLB organization but is still not yet eligible for selection in the Rule 5 Draft).  


  • Arizona Phil 5 days 16 hours ago (view)

    If you're wondering if players who sign minor league successor contracts ever get taken in the Rule 5 Draft, the answer is most definitely - YES -. 

    The Cubs selected RHP Hector Rondon in the 2012 Rule 5 Draft after the Indians signed him to a minor league successor contract, and the Baltimore Orioles selected RHP Pedro Araujo in the 2017 Rule 5 Draft after the Cubs signed him to a minor league successor contract. 


  • Hagsag 5 days 16 hours ago (view)

    Got to get Taylor Davis back.


  • Arizona Phil 5 days 16 hours ago (view)

    So the Cubs were ultimately able to retain five of their seven most-valuable post-2019 minor league free-agent eligibles (Rea, Pereda, de la Cruz, Lugo, and Burks), losing only Clifton and Leal (both of whom are probably looking for a fresh start in another organization after maybe feeling stalled in the Cubs system).