Hernandez Extends Hit Streak to 15, Kim Throws Blanks

Marco Hernandez extended his hitting streak to 15 games and Jin-Young Kim threw five shutout innings, as the AZL Cubs edged the AZL Dodgers 2-1 in Arizona League action at Fitch Park Field #3 in Mesa this morning.  

box score

Hernandez is hitting 426/453/639 with four doubles, three triples, a HR and 16 RBI, with only six strikeouts in 65 PA over the course of the 15-game hit streak, and is hitting 354/391/497 for the season. The 18-year old Dominican leads the AZL in RBI, and is tied for 3rd in the league in doubles. And (not too surprisingly) Hernandez was in the middle of the Cubs two-run 4th today, looping a single to CF that advanced Gioskar Amaya (who is hitting 366/401/486) to 3rd base with no outs. Both Amaya and Hernandez scored later in the inning.  

Kim received a reported $850K bonus (equivalent to "2nd round money") when he signed with the Cubs as a 17-year old out of South Korea last year, and after struggling at AZ Instructs (7.20 ERA & 1.30 WHIP) last fall and at Extended Spring Training (4.91 ERA & 1.68 WHIP) and at Boise (7.66 & 2.15 WHIP) earlier this year, the 19-year old right-hander has (finally) put together a couple of decent outings, throwing 8.1 IP of shutout ball for the AZL Cubs. He allowed five hits and a walk in his five innings (61 pitches - 45 strikes, 3/5 GO/FO) today, and probably could have thrown at least another couple of innings, but there is a limit of 75 pitches or five innings (whichever comes first) for pitchers in the AZL.  

18-year old RHP James Pugliese (Cubs 2011 18th round draft pick out of Mercer CC in New Jersey) piggy-backed with Kim, and threw three shutout innings of one-hit ball with no walks and four strikeouts (48 pitches - 30 strikes). Pugliesse is the guy with the max-effort extreme over-the-top delivery that would seem best-suited for a pitcher working out of the bullpen.  

RHP Yilver Sanchez pitched the 9th and picked up the save. The 21-year old Dominican did allow a two-out RBI double before recording the final out, but only because the Cubs defensively-challenged 2B-SS combo (Brian Inoa & Gioskar Amaya) failed to turn what should have been a game-ending DP on the previous AB. Working as the AZL Cubs primary closer since getting sent-down from Boise, Sanchez now has a 3/22 BB/K in 15.0 IP for the AZL Cubs.

FWIW, the AZL Cubs currently trail the AZL Giants by 4-1/2 games in the AZL East, but have a 1-1/2 game lead over the AZL Athletics, the AZL Indians and the AZL Reds in the Wild Card race. (The three division winners and the 2nd-place team with the best record qualify for the AZL playoffs).


http://www.bleachernation.com/2011/08/04/draf... rather cryptic, but some hints that Dunston Jr. and Jacquez will sign...

If the Cubs sign Jacquez, Scott and Maples, they (along with Maltos-Garcia) are a pretty good draft on starting pitching. Add Zych as closer and we'd have a few good relief prospects as well. Signing Baez, Vogelbach, Dunston and Lockhart, they (along with Shoulders, Devoss, Martin, Easterling and a few of the catchers) are a pretty good hitting draft -- good 1b prospects in V, Rock and Holliman, good speed with Dunston, Easterling, Martin and Devoss, and a great hitting prospect in Baez. Jacquez was the most unrealistic signing (IMO), with Maples probably next. This would be a pretty good draft, and a surprising change with the extensive bonuses, if we pull of these signings.

also Rock Shoulders signs for 3rd round money http://www.tboblogs.com/index.php/sports/comm...


jim callis on Gretzky non-sign Told SDState weeks ago he's not coming, but signing still not official. @bmix22: Gretzky came off #Cubs signing list on BA. #mlbdraft

Weirdness continues... I still don't get why he was drafted, other than faith that he'll be good because his father was a nifty skater.

... makes like a prospect with seven innings of six hit, no walk, 11 K innings against Sacramento for the I-Cubs, which make his AAA numbers very respectable (30.1 innings, 2 HRs, 4 BBs, 27 K's).

vs. team w/ best record in PCL...

A couple of milestone homers tonight: LaHair #30 and Richard Jones (Peoria) #20. That's four organizational first basemen with 20 or more home runs. The other two are Pena and Bour, both with 21. Jones also has 79 RBI. Bats left, throws right. 2009 9th round out of The Citadel.

if only r.jones wasn't 23 and lahair wasn't 28...still, nice production. jones K's a ton, but good for him finding his power.

Richard Jones 5.6% BB rate 24.6% K rate .380 BABIP next... speaking of a guy I wanted to like, Justin Bour wOBA by month .366, .444., .306, .295, .130 bummer.

Yeah. His second half has been extremely disappointing after he found his power stroke to begin the season and seemed to be combining it with an already acceptable ability to hit for average and take a walk. But at his age and with his lack of defensive ability, he needs to consistently put up big offensive numbers. Too bad. I was really hoping the Cubs had a decent offensive 1B prospect. Maybe Vogelbach or "Rock" Shoulders will be that guy. Paul Hoilman's overall production is nice so far, but it's really hard to get excited about him when he's hitting .251 and K-ing 34% of the time in A- as a 22-year old. For comparison, Adam Dunn (someone we might hope would be a good comparison for Hoilman) hit .304 in 4 seasons in the minors--never less than .281 for a season--and K'd something like 20% of the time, never more than 101 in a full season, and he was in the majors by the time he was 22.

So you give us Jones's BABIP, and Bour's wOBA. Both numbers make the player look bad. Bour's BABIP is .303. Last year it was .347. Can we expect Bour's number to get better soon, or is it only Jones's high BABIP that is unsustainable?

In jones' case, too many walks, too many k's and a high babip, bad combo for sustained success. In bour's case, his peripherals aren't bad at all, it was just 2 hot months and a huge dropoff. Had he kept up something close to his first 2 months, he was going to easily be a top 10 prospect.

Submitted by Rob G. on Tue, 08/09/2011 - 8:54am. In jones' case, too many walks, too many k's and a high babip, bad combo for sustained success. In bour's case, his peripherals aren't bad at all, it was just 2 hot months and a huge dropoff. Had he kept up something close to his first 2 months, he was going to easily be a top 10 prospect ==================================== ROB G: Actually the big problem with Richard Jones throughout his pro career has been too few walks, not too many. He is a true "hacker," in that he strikes out too much without balancing that with walks. He has sometimes gone over a month with only one walk (he had one walk in 37 games at Peoria the first two months of the 2010 season, and a grand total of two walks over his first 185 PA at Peoria 2010-11), and he's also had periods where he has struck out every-other or every-third PA over an extended period of time. He is an extreme LH pull-hitter with a long swing. He does have plus-power, though. (He hit seven HR in his first 12 games in pro ball). It's great that he has finally figured-out Basic "A" ball, but if you give a college kid like Jones enough time, he probably will. (He was at Peoria the first two months of last season, too, before getting demoted back to Boise). The idea is to master a level within one season or less and then move up to the next level and do it again. That said, no question Jones has been absolutely on fire at Peoria. But next season he will have to prove himself all over again at Daytona in the pitcher-friendly FSL, and this time the Cubs will not give him two seasons to do it.

Obviously what I meant was too few walks

Also "Obviously", thou shalt not snap at Arizona Phil. =)

but if he can hit .250-.270 in the majors as he's done in the minors... except Jackson's BA in the minors: .455 .330 .295 .316 .276 .256 this year in AA .297 I agree on his overall point, though. It's going to be awful hard to hit .300 striking out once a game, unless you hit 45+ homers.

Jackson's number in AA total in 2010/2011 is about a full season: .266/.370/.454,23 doubles, 9 triples, 16 HR, 60 RBI, 33/43 SB's, 75BB.137K's in 565 PA's. Jackson also missed time this season after breaking a finger. He had a good April, struggled in May/June, and a good July before his promotion. I'd like to see him in CF in September unless he just craters between now and then.

One more reason to have traded Byrd... Hendry: "We don't have an immediate replacement for Byrd, so I held onto him." if we had good reporters one of them would have asked "Well, what about your supposed #1 prospect who is at Iowa, or Slappy Campana?" But Jackson is going to strike out a lot and struggle when he reaches the majors, so a little platooning with Byrd may be good to get him going.

Agreed...or at least to get some value for Byrd. Well is Byrd in the team's plan for next season? God Hendry....don't you even know who's in your own system?

Submitted by Dusty Baylor on Tue, 08/09/2011 - 9:44am. Agreed...or at least to get some value for Byrd. Well is Byrd in the team's plan for next season? God Hendry....don't you even know who's in your own system? =============================== DUSTY B: While lack of TOR starting pitching is the Cubs #1 deficiency, I believe the Cubs also need to "exchange" (either directly or indirectly) Marlon Byrd for a slugger who can play average to (preferably) above-average RF and hit 4th or 5th in the order, somebody like Morse, Quentin, Willingham, Swisher, Francoeur, or Cuddyer. Of that group, I see Francouer as the one on the come, because he's just entering what are normally the best years of a player's career (he's only 27), he will be a FA this coming off-season, and he has won a Gold Glove previously in his career. If Brett Jackson and Starlin Castro hit 1-2, and if the Cubs bring Aramis Ramirez back in 2012 (and I now think they will), and if they can sign Fielder, Pujols, or Berkman (or even re-sign Pena), the one thing missing would be a slugger who can play RF and hit 4th or 5th.

Jim Hendry is a HUGE FAN of the Francouer approach to hitting.

Submitted by Dr. aaron b on Tue, 08/09/2011 - 10:25am. Jim Hendry is a HUGE FAN of the Francouer approach to hitting. =================================== DR AARON: Actually Hendry (and the Cubs organization in general) is agnostic when it comes to that. That's why the Cubs signed Carlos Pena, and why they haven't traded Brett Jackson. There are basically two different types of hitters (patient & aggressive), and there are dangers associated with both when it gets extreme (like Adam Dunn on one hand or Alfonso Soriano on the other, that is, when a patient hitter becomes too passive, or when an aggressive hitter becomes overly anxious).

Submitted by The Real Neal on Tue, 08/09/2011 - 9:30am. One more reason to have traded Byrd... Hendry "we don't have an immediate replacement for Byrd, so I held onto him", if we had good reporters one of them would have asked "Well, what about your supposed #1 prospect who is at Iowa, or Slappy Campana?" But Jackson is going to strike out a lot and struggle when he reaches the majors, so a little platooning with Byrd may be good to get him going. =========================================== TRN: One thing Brett Jackson will do anywhere he plays is walk a lot. He takes a lot of pitches, and doesn't consider it to be a defeat if he gets called out on strikes. In terms of patience, I would compare Jackson to Carlos Pena, except Pena has more pure HR power, while B-Jax is more of a slash hitter with lift, is MUCH faster, can steal bases, can score from 2nd base on a single to the OF or from 1st base on a double, can advance from 1st to 3rd on a single to the OF, and can play CF. But while he is extremely patient at the plate, he is not a passive player. He plays OF defense and runs the bases with the abandon of a Reed Johnson or an Eric Byrnes. He is a gambler, whether it be gambling that he won't get called out on strikes, or gambling that he can get from 1st to 3rd on a bloop single to CF, or gambling that he can catch a ball in the gap by diving for it. Brett Jackson is probably not going to hit for a high batting average in MLB, but I could see him having an OBP 100-125 points higher than his BA, but with lots of XBH (20-10-25 HR-3B-2B) and 20 SB.

Brett Jackson is probably not going to hit for a high batting average in MLB, but I could see him having an OBP 100-125 points higher than his BA, but with lots of XBH (20-10-25 HR-3B-2B) and 20 SB. That's pretty much what I expect as well. The only question is whether he's going to tack that 100 OBP onto a .220 average or a .265 average. I think I said headed into the season, that he profiles offensively as a left handed hitting Mike Cameron. Not a superstar, but notthing to scoff at either, and the Cubs could certainly use a cost controlled legitimate center fielder for five years with an .820 OPS.


Jackson (and I think this about Tyler Colvin as well) seems like a guy who will probably be a good enough player, but who could really break out if he develops a decent 2-strike swing.

".256 this year in AA" Some context is useful here. Jackson was hitting .295 when he injured his pinkie badly on May 11. Remember when he flew to Chicago to have the injury diagnosed? He returned to the lineup on May 30. I think he played hurt for the next month, for a few reasons: he was 13 for 79 (.165) between 5/30 and 6/29, to lower his season average to .246; he missed four games in a row beginning June 8th; and he didn't steal a base between May 11th and July 3rd. I'm guessing that he slides head first into bases and was protecting his hand. He started hitting in July and got the BA up to .273 before he slumped to .256, going 1 for 19 in his last four games before getting the call to Iowa on about July 12.

This time last year the Arizona Diamondbacks were 46-69 (the Cubs are presently 49-66), and this year the Diamondbacks are 62-53 (16 game improvement) and a half-game behind the 1st place Giants, where the changes from last year to this year were essentially a matter of subtracting Mark Reynolds and Adam LaRoche and replacing them with lesser players who don't strike out as much, improved starting pitching thanks to Ian Kennedy and Daniel Hudson getting better with age and experience and the emergence of rookie Josh Collmenter, and upgrading an atrocious 2010 bullpen (headed by Qualls-Gutierrez-Boyer-Heilman) with closer J. J. Putz (signed as FA), set-up man & back-up closer Daniel Hernandez (acquired from BAL in trade for Mark Reynolds), #1 lefty Joe Paterson (Rule 5 Draft pick), and Micah Owings (minor league FA), all of which had the overall effect of increasing the team's number of total bases (runners advancing on outs instead of being stranded with strikeouts), starting pitchers going deeper into games, and the bullpen converting a higher percentage of save opportunities. Not to mention replacing a moron GM (Josh Byrnes) and an incompetent manager (A. J. Hinch) with new a GM (Kevin Towers) and a manager who actually knows how baseball is supposed to be played on the field (Kirk Gibson).

their Runs scored per game is nearly identical, the only real upgrade has been Justin Upton, Raburn having a little better year than Reynolds, but then Kelly Johnson and their 1b mess has kept them in neutral. all of their turnaround can be attributed to their pitching and probably some improved defense full year of Daniel Hudson, Saunders and Kennedy having better years, emergence of Collimenter and the much improved pen of course. Seems to be the one thing Kevin Towers is particularly good at putting together.

Submitted by Rob G. on Tue, 08/09/2011 - 11:22am. their Runs scored per game is nearly identical, the only real upgrade has been Justin Upton, Raburn having a little better year than Reynolds, but then Kelly Johnson and their 1b mess has kept them in neutral. =========================================================== ROB G: Something else Towers & Gibson preach is the value of additional total bases by advancing runners an extra base once they reach base, by having more players in the lineup who have the speed to score from 2nd base or advance from 1st to 3rd on a single to the outfield, and score from 1st base on a double. The difference between playing "station-to-station" baseball versus having the speed necessary to advance extra bases adds up over the course of the season. Towers & Gibson also dismiss the theory that a strikeout is no different from any other out. EXAMPLE #1 (2010 Diamondbacks): lead-off double, then one or both of the next two hitters strike out, leaving the runner stranded at 2nd or 3rd... versus EXAMPLE 2: (2011 Diamondbacks): lead-off double, next hitter intentionally goes to right-field (not to try and make an out, but if he does make an out, the runner moves up to 3rd), and then a ground ball (if infield is playing back) or fly ball to score the run. It's little changes in offensive philosophy like that that add up to scoring runs more consistently from game-to-game, instead of playing for the three-run HR at the expense of more strikeouts which too often resulted in too many one-run losses (and too many LOB).

Submitted by Rob G. on Tue, 08/09/2011 - 11:58am. problem with your example is that it would show in actual more runs scored, which really hasn't happened to them (a helluva lot better pitching).

eek, there was a longer writeup there, don't know what happened to it.. odd

Submitted by Rob G. on Tue, 08/09/2011 - 12:27pm. eek, there was a longer writeup there, don't know what happened to it.. odd =========================== ROB G: I accidentally did an edit when I was trying to do a reply. I'll try to find it on twitter.

don't worry about it, honestly. could not be less important...

A couple stats regarding this. Productive outs, you can read the definition but it's pretty fair (though "non-productive outs" also lead to runs sometimes) http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/stats/productiv... D-Bags are 19th of 30 in success rate - so no great shakes. Then there's baserunning, which BP has zapped the free sortalbe stats on, but they have three of the top 33 runers (this counts stolen bases and advancing on batted balls as I understand it). http://www.baseballprospectus.com/sortable/in... I think the league leading 130 Home Runs probably explains most of Arizona's improved offense. They don't GIDP a lot, considering they have dropped about a strikeout and a half per game from last year.

from Callis Maples maybe, Jacquez no, Dunston yes, Scott probably. @bmix22: Who signs w/#Cubs out of Maples, Jacquez, Dunston, Tayler Scott? #mlbdraft

I'm trying to find some comps for Jackson, especially some that strike out as much as Brett Jackson has in the minors and it's been difficult. BP has their top 10 comps, but not sure how current it is...number in parenthesis is their minor league K rate. Jackson is at 23.3% Felix Pie (19%), Michael Saunders(24.1%), Jordan Schafer(21.6%), Colby Rasmus (19.5%), Adam Jones(20.4%), Lastings Milledge (17%), Jay Bruce (22.6%), BJ Upton(19.73), Barry Bonds(17.2%), Matt Kemp (18.5) Michael Saunders has to worry you.

Hell Felix Pie worries me...but if he turns out like Rasmus, Jones, Bruce or Matt Kemp.. I'd be satisfied..

well Saunders is the closest numbers wise imo, with lots of K's and lots of walks and a little power (although Jackson has showed a little more so far this season).

Mike Stanton was a little younger, but 371 Ks divided by 1394 PAs yields 26.6%. Joey Votto, 665/3016 = 22.0% Jackson likes to take pitches, so you don't really know how many swings and misses are involved in a given strikeout, just that it's a number between zero and three. Jackson looks particularly good when you add his total bases, walks and stolen bases and divide by games or plate appearances. You will probably object to my building stolen bases into a general hitting stat, so for the moment just use TBs + BBs / PAs. Jackson's number is .546. Pie stands at .496, Votto at .538. Stanton is .606. These are all minor-league numbers. One of the questions about prospects is whether they have skills that will keep them in the lineup when they're not hitting. You keep Votto in there because you never know when he's going to hit a bomb. (That's how Soriano stays in the lineup even when a month has gone by since the last HR.) Jackson will draw walks and steal bases even when the bat is cold. Pie can flash leather and throw but he doesn't walk and steal, or hit bombs, so he can't get in the regular lineup. We may never find out whether he could do anything worthwhile in the majors.

yeah, I was looking for comparables which throws Mike Stanton out immediately on account of all the HR's he hit in the minors Votto was a bit surprising, but his K rates went down quite a bit his last 2 seasons in the minors and has maintained it in the majors. Obviously the power (really) showed up as well last year. if Jackson can maintain a K rate under 20% for a season or two, time to really get excited, until then he's just gonna be a cheap guy that is just okay. with the caveat that if this recent HR power surge is for real and he's suddenly a 20-25 HR guy consistently, then I'll start worrying less about the K's.

Here's the thing....I think I'd like to see Jackson get 300-500 at abats in MLB, before I judge him. Not on minor league stats....but on his performance in the majors. If he's hitting well, they may as well give him the month of September to see give him a taste, and give him a crack in 2012.

2 days in a row with no day/afternoon games...and I'm in a WAS blackout area on a cable package that shows -0- WAS games a year (awesome)...so the cubs game is a no-go for me anyway unless it's a WGN/Fox/ESPN game.

Blackout rules make as much sense as the stock market.

The Houston game got blacked out in Houston last night... but the Rangers game didn't. I don't even understand the concept of blacking out games when the team is out of town, other than to piss people off.

lineup Castro SS, Barney 2B, Ramirez 3B, Peña 1B, Byrd CF, Soriano LF,Colvin RF, Soto C, Garza P

Ramirez out, DeWitt in and playing 3B in the same lineup spot Chien-Ming Wang goes for Nats

lower back spasms

http://web.minorleaguebaseball.com/milb/fans/... a couple of Cubs you can vote for in "Who has the best name in the minor leagues?" I see Taiwan Easterling and Cameron Greathouse, both 12 seeds already in the 2nd round. -edit- Eric Jokisch omission is unfortunate, hope they do it next year cause Rock Shoulders is gonna have to be a #1 seed.

ha...tobi stoner. speaking of...someone at Topps has a sense of humor. http://25yearsofbaseball.com/cards/2003/topps... anyone have a 2003 puffer/bong rookie card for sale? =p

a look at Z's HR hitting prowess at THT http://www.hardballtimes.com/main/blog_articl...

Z is totally different hitter the past 3 years. his stroke is more refined and not as violent (thank god) even when he does swing hard. he used to look like he was one swing away from tearing up his oblique or knees at various points of his career at the plate.

a bit on Rusin's game last night “When you have a guy who is on like that, and he’s throwing four pitches for strikes, it’s like a video game,” Robinson said. “It’s fun. Like you can throw anything, on any count. He was throwing his cutter to both sides of the plate, throwing his fastball and sinker to both sides of the plate. That’s a good-hitting ballclub.” http://www.desmoinesregister.com/article/2011...

Wilken hopeful #Cubs can come to terms with top pick Baez: "I guess we just have to find out if we’re still on the same page as we get close to the buzzer. comes from this guy @KevinCapie: Sportswriter covering the Peoria Chiefs and FCS football, poker player without a bankroll.

from Miles Hearing all kinds of draft chatter, including talk that No. 1 draft pick Javier Baez is getting close to signing. You've seen some of the tweets related on the last blog. The deadline is Aug. 15. Again, we've been given no indication by the Cubs. In fairness to the Cubs, they’re in a tough spot with MLB’s rules on teams signing “over-slot” picks. You’ll see a flurry of upper-round signings between now and next Monday.

dr. crazyface...i mean, mike marshall (manager, chico outlaws) punched in the face by tony phillips (yes, that one) during an in-game fight vs. the jose canseco managed (yes, seriously) yuma scorpions. http://www.krcrtv.com/video/28812248/index.html

from Kapman, this rather cryptic statement. @CSNMooney (Patrick Mooney) says major Cubs moves will come in the offseason

sweet...7 year c.pena deal.

AHAHAA-- Oh, fuck, you're right.

"major Cub moves" Probably means moves, as in moving people. I'm starting to see the light at the end of that long, long "Soriano Tunnel." (Ever drive through it? It's on the PA turnpike.)

whomever KendallRogersPG is Hearing the #Cubs and 4th-round pick, hard-throwing reliever Tony Zych, are close to a deal. Not a big surprise.

Garzanzo Bean with 5 K's through 2...on pace for 22 K's!!!!

no hitter through 5 for Wang

lol wang. no-hitter gone in the bottom 6th on a campy single. lead gone in the top of the 6th on a couple of homers. 3-0.

We couldn't have been leading! Muskett put the whammy on Garza today talking about how few HR's he'd allowed.

Campana.... That guy's so clutch. Take that, Wang-er!!

Some new info in there as well. http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/Ryne-Sandb...

Good read, thanks.

Neat. Still, if the team is losing, I'll probably be annoyed at whoever the manager is.

I am sure I would give Sandberg a one year grace period. He probably wouldn't have made this team into a winner, but I feel confident he would have won a handful more games. Quade makes me miss Baker.

Don't like the Ankiel Shift?

Funny you should say that.......I was watching a Reds game the other night and looking at Dusty and knowing what a putz Quade is, I had the exact same thought.

Saw a quote from Castro saying he's been working with Jaramillo on his approach the other day. Has he added a power stroke to his game? That's 3 in something like the last 6 games.

indians win vs. detroit in the 14 with a walkoff HBP to fukudome...

Bases loaded, I want a right fielder to swing at the pitches, even if they're going to hit him.

Are you sure you don't work for the Cubs?

I think Boilermaker pulled him aside and told him to lean into one! "I told you not to swing, you idiot!!"

sweet...wgn game tonight...no blackout for me. looking at highlights from last night's game...i'm glad i missed it.

After losing most of its big guns to Iowa, Tennessee has been winning lately and is 1.5 games out of first in the second-half standings. Just took four of five from Huntsville (Brewers) on the road. Jae-Hoon Ha is 18 for his last 36 and has raised his average from .231 on 7/30 to .300 today. Ha and Vitters have been carrying the offense, with help from Adduci, Wright, Ridling, Lake.

Vitters has certainly been hot of late--he's been all right since June, actually, and although his K% has been on the rise, so has his BB% and his line drive %. Ha has been crazy hot lately, too. He's not showing the HR pop he did in Daytona, but he's collected a lot of doubles at AA. What has Junior Lake done of any note at AA, though? I keep wondering if the Cubs will try his arm out on the mound soon, as at least one prospect evaluator (I don't remember who) had predicted they might. He's shown no discipline, and from what I've read here he looks more like a third baseman or outfielder now than he does a SS.

Arod is the best body type example I can think of when it comes to Junior Lake. He's not just tall, he's got heavy muscle on his upper body. In retrospect, they probably shouldn't have promoted him, but he's still just 21 in AA, which isn't bad, and has walked a little more following his promotion. Offensively he's never going to profile as more than a shortstop, based on what we've seen so far, and it's just hard to imagine a guy as big as him staying at short, for me at least.

"What has Junior Lake done of any note at AA, though?" - Committing errors and stealing bases come to mind.

Never mind, I read Lake's "last 10 games" column total wrong. .257 is better than he had been doing, but it doesn't rate an honorable mention.

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  • cubbies.4ever 7 hours 30 min ago (view)

    Still haven't seen/heard if Cubs signed 19th rd Daniel Avitia, the last of the unsigned or declined.


  • crunch 7 hours 42 min ago (view)

    imagine he'll go into indie ball somewhere and hope he doesn't end up like matt harrington.


  • Sonicwind75 8 hours 7 min ago (view)

    So is Kumar going "pro" by taking a KBO contract next season or something like that or does he just work out for a year?  Not sure what the rules are for a player in his situation.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 10 hours 59 min ago (view)

    Good. Suck it Mets


  • crunch 12 hours 6 min ago (view)

    mets fail to sign k.rocker.

    at the time it was considered a hell of a pick when he fell so far (11th pick).  he was considered a top-5 pick for most of the year, #1 for a chunk of it.  his medicals (elbow) gave the mets pause offering him slot value.  his agent, boras, says he's healthy.

    he will not return to vandy and will go "pro"...he returns to the draft next year and the mets get a compensation 11th pick in round 1 next season.


  • crunch 12 hours 45 min ago (view)

    rizzo, baez, and bryant all homered in their 1st game with their new team.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 13 hours 18 min ago (view)

    Winning very much to a backseat to profits. I would imagine it always kinda was that way, but it became very obvious after the title. I think when ownership saw Darvish struggle year one, that was that, no more free agent spending. And never adjusted after it became clear Darvish was back starting midway through year two.


  • Charlie 13 hours 29 min ago (view)

    Ownership absolutely decided sometime after 2016 that fans owed them and not the other way atound.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 13 hours 37 min ago (view)

    To be fair they also did a good job bringing in talent to the system that they were able to use to make trades. And a few solid signings such as Lester and Zobrist.

    I think part of it was the hunger mostly vanished after the title and things needed to be switched up to kick people in the ass a tad. Add a level of being hamstrung by Heyward deal, no one coming up to replace the lost farm system talent or aging players, no one but Rizzo and Hendricks signing extensions, and here we are


  • crunch 13 hours 39 min ago (view)

    HUGE standing O for bryant.  they're loving it.


  • Cubster 14 hours 3 min ago (view)

    The Chicago Ortegas


  • crunch 14 hours 4 min ago (view)


    who though we'd have "the ortega game" today?  alright, then.


  • Cubster 14 hours 28 min ago (view)

    Rizzo leading off for Yanks today


  • crunch 14 hours 29 min ago (view)

    the cubs had years of 1st round picks gained by tanking do well and they got very lucky with the arrietta/strop trade.  strop is especially underappreciated in that trade.  theo obviously wanted rizzo badly, and made the right call there.  hendricks was a complex back/forth trade because of player injuries, but at the end of the day the cubs wanted hendricks and they made the right call there, too.

    aside from that, it looks a lot like it's been for decades.


  • Cubster 15 hours 17 min ago (view)

    Every championship season is sacred (except 2021).


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 15 hours 21 min ago (view)

    He's looking kinda gassed. I think we've got to be coming up on his innings limit