Zambrano Hints at Retirement, Cubs Ready Gold Watch

Since this will be the talk of the weekend comments, let's recap tonight's festivities...

Carlos Zambrano started the game, he gave up in 4.1 IP and 8 ER, then decided he didn't want to wait for Q-Ball to take him out and At least he had the deceny to not throw at his head. With the calmness of a serial killer, he walked off the mound, seemed to say a few words to someone on the bench and then proceeded to pack up his locker, go home and apparently

There's even a silver lining in the Cubs 2011 cloud.

Because if he retires, he saves the Cubs $18M next year, not to mention the roughly $4.5M he's owed for the rest of this year.

Jim Hendry's comment from Tennessee where he was watching the Smokies play was, ""We will respect his wishes and honor them and move forward."

(Ominous drum hits)

I've always liked Z, the player and the personality. A few unfortunate antics aside, he played hard, was for the most part good at his job and was just frankly entertaining. It's a shame he never recaptured the numbers that helped him earn his contract, it's hard to imagine a player declining at age 26, but that seems to be the case.

But for the good of the Cubs (hopefully), Z and the organization just weren't getting along and that $22M that the Cubs may suddenly find under their pillow will hopefully be put to good use and get the Cubs back to relevancy a little quicker. (update:

I'm sure more is to come.


looked like Uggla was pointing at the Cubs dugout after the first HR? anyone else catch that?

It almost looked like he picked up someone in the crowd right near/above the dugout or possibly the ball boy and was pointing at them but maybe not... seems really stupid to be pointing into the Cubs dugout unless you want to get your teammates killed ala Carlos Guillen...

Z might be a little pissed that when the ATL benches cleared...though they never made it past the foul one seemed to be coming out of the CHC dugout except quade. still...he seemed to be hyped as hell even before that =p also... "I've always liked Z, the player and the personality. A few unfortunate antics aside, he played hard, was for the most part good at his job and was just frankly entertaining. It's a shame he never recaptured the numbers that helped him earn his contract" sums it up perfectly for me.

For me too... he always wore his emotions on his sleeve but at least you knew he cared, albeit a little too much at times... He really did well as a Cub when he didn't have to be the man... once he was seen as a #1 starter and got the contract for one but couldn't live up to it, I'm sure that was frustrating and disappointing for him, and the theatrics ensued... If he doesn't retire now, I would love to see him finish out his contract and retire as a Cub rather than going somewhere else and declining even more. I'm not even sure what his market value would be once he is a FA but a helluva lot less than $18 million, to be sure... maybe half that

seems there's 4 ways out of this if he doesn't just come back and honor the rest of his contract... unconditional release from the cubs (dumb, expensive and useless move, imo) negotiated retirement release (saves loot at least) negotiated FA release where he can sign with another team (same as above) Z walks away and retires "fuggit, i dun care" style (dumb, and his agent would crap himself)

CC Sabathia gave up 5 hrs last night too. Guessing he had a different reaction.

You mean NOT 'retiring' and pouting like a 3 year old? Hmm, interesting.

Hard for me to imagine any Cubs fan managing to block out the last few years with Zambrano and maintaining positive thoughts or respect for the player. 2003 through 2006 he was nothing short of great but since then he's regularly been out of shape, injured, and / or unprofessional. I have no respect for "professional" athletes behaving as he regularly has. You can claim he cares with his firey attitude but his unwillingness to stay in shape and seeming belief that calling out teammates in public is acceptable indicate otherwise to me. If he does end up walking away it would be an unexpected gift to the organization and we should swallow as much of the Soriano contract (assume almost all) in the summer to turn the page on this toxic roster.

I guess I don' t recall a lot of stories of Z being out of shape. I recall it sort of being an issue one season.

Rob, agreed, but it is just one more thing. As opposed to, "Well, he's a head case, but at least he always shows up ready to play."

I'm sure Hendry will spend that money wisely.

I'm sure Hendry will spend that money wisely. --- I'm thinking donuts with sprinkles.

Z statue planned...placement next to the portapots under the "L" tracks on Waveland, just past Murphys.

The planned design is him walking away with his back toward Wrigley, and cash falling out of his pockets. has a pretty balanced take on it. I find it extremely hard to believe that Zambrano pitched his last game yesterday.

Musket article in, seems like the players didn't smash his boombox.

"A $19.25MM vesting option for 2014 based on Cy Young Award finishes is unlikely to kick in" Unlikely?? In related news, I'M not going to win the fucking Cy this year either.

B Jackson homered again and Casey Coleman pitched well for Iowa, and Flaherty got three hits to raise is batting average to merely crappy. Sczur got on base twice for Daytona, and Jockish won again, getting 8 K's in five plus for Peoria.

So Casey Coleman is on the same schedule as Zambrano was.

So Casey Coleman is on the same schedule as Zambrano was. -- Steroids and Deer Repellant? I miss the days when Z would show up to the ballpark injured, unable to make a start, because he hurt his wrist surfing the Internet.

Don't forget all the cramping from dehydration. The coffee and Red Bull diet.

Jokish has done really nicely this season, although his HR numbers are a little high. It'd be nice to see him continue to progress, and continue to post respectable K numbers.

I think the link for Q's postgame was in the last thread, but this kind of sums it up (HireJimEssian on Twitter): "Quade's reaction to Zambrano's "retirement" was as pussified as one might expect." I was pretty surprised at how well, I guess, he controlled his emotions. Or didn't have any, I'm not sure which. It seemed very controlled. Maybe he's just tired of Z's BS, but we've had tired running this team for years, and it hasn't gone overly well.

Usually happy to criticize Q-ball. But the video of it he was rocking back and forth with his eyes nearly bulging out. Seemed like he was trying to keep it together just enough to not fly off the handle to the media.

quade didn't "bro out"...thank god. he addressed it pretty damn sanely and strongly, but since it didn't use angsty "bro talk" it evidently doesn't work. that's why he's got a job where he's allowed to work with other people. =p

Agree with both of you, I guess I'm just a little more in the 'fire-y' camp. If one of your 'stud' pitchers disappearing doesn't give you an excuse to flip out on camera, what does? That said, agreed, bravo for keeping it together.

It may be a good idea to sign or acquire Dontrelle Willis during the winter and teach him to play left of first base.

....Because that was the plan for Zambrano next year?

Wouldn't be surprised if Zambrano does retire, then comes out of retirement in two years as a DH for a small-market team. Maybe he'll even do it incognito.

29 years old and already made 80m bucks...probably safe to say money isn't an issue to him as much as liking what he's doing. i imagine he's frustrated as hell with himself for failure...i wouldn't be surprised to see him playing indie ball or some other league years after retirement (if early) just to feel the joy of domination again.

no wonder d.lee was having a hard time staying healthy and coming back after getting hit in that game vs. cubs... out 2-4 weeks with a broken wrist...finally got it right at least PIT don't need him anymore. they went from 1st to 5+ games back in like 10-12 days or something.

Another 1b goes down, Xavier Nady injured and out about a month for Arizona. MLBTR claims they are talking to Overbay, but they should just play Goldschmidt everyday.

i love goldschmidt, but the learning curve at this point is going have a m.reynolds amount of Ks. he's still a little raw, though he's got un-f'n-godly power.

Overbay deal is done... I would guess they have some sort of platoon thing going on.

Z's agent says he's "not in retiring mode". Cubs responded by putting him on the disqualified list. He can't be activated for 30 days. Cubs expect a grievance. cst_cubs: Z on disqualified list. Includes 30 days no pay and no contact with team.

very bold move...rarely made and akin to a punishment. make up your mind and get on with your career or your

Yeah, basically about $3M fine, as someone on Twitter put it. Paging Az Phil: Assume they can replace him on the 25-man??

From AZ Phil's Corner in the 40 man roster section near the end. Players on the Disqualified List do not count against a club's Active Roster (25-man roster) or Reserve List (40-man roster)......a player can only be placed on the Disqualified List with the approval of the MLB Commissioner.

Thanks! Side note, this also nullifies the "Will the league let the Cubs get away with this" argument...

"He's been doing a lot of things, not once or twice. Gotta think a little bit more," Alfonso Soriano said on Saturday. "Big man, but mentally he's weak." That has got to be the quote of the year for the Cubs.

Or the last couple years...

story...including ignorant ass "unions be stupid n junk" comment du jour. "daisyJ at 3:52 PM August 13, 2011 SO, HENDRY expect the union, the UNION TO BARK at his handling...Well all you Union punks speak up..speak is your chance.. This is what is wrong with America.." YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HAW! WUT HAPPEN'D TO MUH AMURICA?!?!? *spit*

I've been told that a recent episode of 'Squidbillies' has Early selling his land to Al Qaeda for $3000. After which they open, I think it was, a hot dog stand. Go get yourself a dawg, daisyJ.

and while I'm at it, if anything concerning Carlos Zambrano and his shenanigans qualifies as 'what is wrong with America', then fuck it, we've already lost.

bwhaha. also, beyond all that...the reader saw the word "union" and exploded into ignorant ranting without really understanding what that so-called "player's union" actually does.

They. Took. Our. Jobs.


Back in the pile, everyone! We're going back to the pile!

Hahahahaha. Love it. And I'm not going back in the pile.

cst_cubs: Dempster: I think the guys in here are upbeat today. He's made his bed and he's got to sleep in it

I expect nothing less than a 30 game winning streak now that Z is out of the way.

and THIS is just what I suspected. According to Olney's source, Zambrano only made some PRIVATE, PERSONAL remarks to Cubs staff in the locker room Friday. Within two hours of the end of the game the Cubs were told by Z that he DEFINITELY WAS NOT retiring AND he returned his equipment to the locker room Friday night. Chew on that.

he walked out in the middle of a game and hendry hasn't been able to contact him since his blowup according to multiple sources. now hendry's had a commissioner sign off on a disciplinary move...and now the union will step in...and it will probably all end early. that's where it seems to be at no matter who said or did whatever.

Did you even read my post?

yeah, then i chewed on it. just sit back and wait for the negotiated buyout and Z to hit the FA market. it's a thin market in of the better times for it to happen to him.

Bob Nightengale of USA Today says Hendry is returning next year unless the Ricketts suddenly change their mind (I like to think of them as a hive, like the Borg, with one collective mind. It makes it easier to understand their bizarre behavior).

I am not too worried about Nightengale scooping the beat writers... I guess this is just regurgitation of the bits and pieces (no pun intended) that we've heard over the last three months, rather than news. The comments at that link are pretty funny. How can everyone in baseball, writers, commentators and fans included, know that Gym Hendry is no good at his job... except for his bosses?

LOL, they're totally the Borg!

I'll be fine with Hendry next year. I think his bargaining skills will play well under Pat Gillick's thumb... Then again, this is the Cubs we're talking about, they've let other opportunities slip by in the past. >sad face<

According to Wscr Terry boers "his cub guy" said Gillick is "done with Cubs". Gillick thinking situation too much a mess.


I don't think the Cubs ever considered hiring Gillick since he pretty much insists on being the President of the next team he works for.

Which is a shitty decision on the part of the Cubs, which was my original point. Thanks!

PWSullivan Paul Sullivan Zambrano agent Barry Praver claims to ESPN that Zambrano returned stuff to his locker. Then again, nothing is in there.

Quade reminds me of Dusty.... Cubs manager Mike Quade said Tyler Colvin will have to earn playing time rather than have it be given to him because the team is well out of the playoff race. "I won’t throw my veterans, who have been battling all year, [on the bench],’’ Quade said. "Especially Reed [Johnson] — what a year he’s had — and say, ‘You’re going to sit down for a week.’ No... And these kids will get their at-bats and opportunities, but to me it’s not just, ‘Here it is, go get it and the rest of these guys can watch you play.’’’ GM Jim Hendry said the reason Kosuke Fukudome was dealt was to get a two-month evaluation period on Colvin, but evidently he and Quade don't see eye to eye in that regard. The Cubs have shown zero foresight all year from what has been a sinking ship, so we can't be surprised that they continue to refuse to look to the future. I don't really think Colvin will ever be the answer but hell what do you got to lose in giving him a shot? I bet the Cubs didn't even put Reed Johnson on waivers because he is supppppper important to our future. I would rather just give the job to Colvin, watch him fail, and be done with it, instead of dragging on this little fantasy of maybe he can still be good into 2012. But Quade? Geez dude is dumber than Lou Pinella's jock strap. Cheaper isn't better or hell isn't even qualified to run a major league roster. What a god damn disaster he has been. And he was hired by Hendry.

he at least needs a shot to bring that ops above .450 =p horrible year for the guy...even in happened there? never a guy that was gonna walk, but his slugging and contact was more consistent.

He's pushing .500! A big part of his struggles was bad luck, but that's just not something our front office is capable of recognizing.

lucky on that triple...bourne snowconed it, but it fell out of his glove when he hit the wall. still...good to see him hitting them that far...hit or error, regardless. if he heats up hopefully he'll get to face lefties, too.

He's also busted his ass all night, even on that groundout he almost beat it out, then hustled in to second on that error. Skinny Dick hasn't done anything to merit being benched, but it's not like he was promised anything when the Cubs signed him during the off-season. Really shitty at bat for Soto there.

Weird to see Samardjiaza come into the game and not automatically think "we've lost". Slowest fastball on the WGN gun was 97 for him tonight.

I've never been a fan, but he seems on the surface to have developed some this year.

i've been impressed at how professional he's handled himself...and it seems like he works hard at pitching even if the results aren't always impressive. he seems to have left his college attitude days in college...

@KendallRogersPG Kendall Rogers Big night for #cubs fans. Just learned 1st-rdr javier baez has agreed to terms. No surprise at all there. KendallRogersPG Kendall Rogers The #cubs have agreed to terms with 2nd-round pick and #florida signee dan vogelbach. Signing should be announced tonight. (Perfect Game USA) But... @PWSullivan Cubs have not agreed to terms with Baez, contrary to web site's tweet.

Hopefully it's just dotting the i's... It will be a shot in the arm to get those two high potential bats in the system, even if it's just down at instructs this year.

snagging both would be awesome. i dunno if vogelb is worth what he wants, but having a high end plus-power prospect around to track is something that's been missing for a while from the system.

Voglebach's stats from his senior year, not sure if I saw these before: .467 .571 1.239 slugging, with 4 triples, 19 HR's and 27 BB's against 8 K's. I also read here that he runs pretty well. 13 for 14 in steal attempts his last two years of high school. I wonder if he weighed 220 if he wouldn't have been a consensus first rounder.

Hopefully the $3m they save on Z this year will help get both of these deals done. See, Z is a good team player!

jimcallisBA Jim Callis Again answering several ? at once: #Cubs didn't agree w/Baez (tho I expect he will).

Submitted by Newport on Sat, 08/13/2011 - 8:18pm. Hopefully the $3m they save on Z this year will help get both of these deals done. See, Z is a good team player! ========================================= NEWPORT: I would be surprised if the Cubs placing Zambrano on the Disqualified List and essentntially fining him $4M+ (the balance of his 2011 salary) passes muster with an arbitrator after the MLBPA files the grievance on Z's behalf (which is a given). It will probably end up being a substantial fine (but nowhere near $4M), and then the Cubs tell Zambrano to just go home (like they did with Milton Bradley the last month of the 2009 season), with full pay. That means Jim Hendry will go into the off-season with a similar situation as post-2009 with Bradley, except Zambrano is making $18M (guaranteed) next year, with a full "no trade" (something Bradley did not have). The White Sox (and Ozzie Guillen) would seem like a possible match, because Guillen likes Z, and the White Sox have a couple of albatross contracts of their own that they would probably like to move (Alex Rios and Adam Dunn). But from what I know of Zambrano, he likes hitting MUCH more than pitching, so I doubt that he would OK a deal to an American League team where he would not be hitting, even if it means staying in Chicago and playing for Ozzie. The one N. L. team that has shown interest in Zambrano in the past is the New York Mets, most recently last year after Z's implosion at The Cell, when the Mets reportedly offered LHP Oliver Perez and 2B Luis Castillo (who combined were making exactly what Zambrano was making 2010-11) in exchange for Zambrano (Cubs turned it down). With O. Perez and L. Castillo having been releaed, the lone "bad contract" currently owned by the Mets is OF Jason Bay, who is making $16M in 2012 (contrasted to Zambrano making $18M in 2012), 16M in 2013, and $17M or a $3M club option buy-out for 2014 that vests with 600 PA in 2013 or 500 PA each in 2012 and 2013. The $3M Bay buy-out for 2014 essntially cancels-out the $2M differential in the Zambrano ($18M) & Bay ($16M) salaries next season, meaning the $16M Bay salary in 2013 would be the lone problem (for both teams). $8M would be the middle-ground, and either the Cubs and Mets could just split the difference (each paying $8M) with the Cubs sending the Mets an outfield prospect back in the deal, or the Cubs could send an MLB contract to the Mets that pays a large chunk of the $8M differential, such as Marlon Byrd (who is making $6.5M in 2012), which also would free-up CF for Brett Jackson. Of course a deal such as this would depend on Zambrano and Bay waiving their respective NTCs, and it does not address the fact that Bay has basically been a bust for the Mets over the last two seasons, and could turn out to be just as bad in Chicago in 2012 & 2013. But it would at least solve the problem of getting rid of Zambrano without just releasing him (something Hendry does not like to do, which is why he traded Todd Hundley, Sammy Sosa and Milton Bradley instead of just releasing them and eating their contracts), and could possibly benefit the Cubs (a la the Cubs acquiring Eric Karros and Mark Grudzielanek for Todd Hundley post-2002) if it's a case of Bay just needing a change of scenery to get back somewhere closer to where he was with the Red Sox in 2009.

The other problem with Bay is that he's essentially a left fielder only, and the Cubs already have their designated albatross there. A Zambrano for Michael Young trade would make sense for both teams, again if Zambrano will accept a trade to the AL.

Um, if by both teams you mean just the Cubs, then yes. Why the hell would TEX trade Michael Young for Zambrano? I haven't looked in a month or so, but he's having a hell of a resurgent year at the plate, yes?

Yes he is, but he's also a one dimensional offensive player with defensive shortcomings about to turn 35 who's owed $32 million for the next two years. In short they'd want to trade him for the same reason that they tried to move him this off-season, they have better cheaper options. They've also are facing losing their #1 starter to free agency (though if the rumors of their local TV contract are true, they can afford to keep both).

Yeah, I know why TEX wants to trade Michael Young, I just don't see how Zambrano matters via "losing their #1 starter." It's the FOR ZAMBRANO part that I don't believe.

I'm sure they'd still be happy to get rid of that contract...but Young has been retarded-good all year.

Submitted by The Real Neal on Sun, 08/14/2011 - 1:00pm. The other problem with Bay is that he's essentially a left fielder only, and the Cubs already have their designated albatross there. A Zambrano for Michael Young trade would make sense for both teams, again if Zambrano will accept a trade to the AL. ================================== TRN: My concern about Jason Bay is with his drop in offense (SLG) over the past two seasons, and whether he would even waive his NTC if the Cubs thought it was worth the gamble to trade Zambrano for him. As for playing RF, Bay came up through the minors as a five-tool OF who played CF and RF, and while he has enough arm to play RF (he had 46 OF assists playing LF 2006-09), he was moved to LF after he was traded to the Pirates because playing LF in PNC Park (Pittsburgh) required the range of a CF (which Bay had at the time). Then when he got to Boston, J. D. Drew was playing RF, and Jeff Francoeur (2010) and Carlos Beltran (2011) played RF for the Mets after Bay arrived in NY. So I don't think Bay would be a defensive albatross in RF, and while he still runs well and has above-average patience at the plate, I would worry about his sudden drop in power over the past two seasons (age 31 and 32), because in his good years (2003-06 and 2008-09) he was always a 500%+ slugger.

His arm is pretty shaky for left. Over at Fan Grapsh they do a "Fan scouting report" where fans gave him a arm strength rating of 34 (on the 20 to 80 scale I think) over the last two years. The Cubs would have to move Soriano to right, and his arm is too short to handle that as well.

I think a huge part of his slugging drop was leaving Fenway for that new Mets park. Look at David Wright's production drop since they moved there.

Thats a possibility of course. However his home/road splits this season: Home: .269/.356/.410 Away: .230/.308/.322

All of this sounds dreadful. I hope he either retires or he and the organization hammer things out enough for him to finish out his contract with the Cubs.

Mlbtr says the Cubs have signed Baez, via Perfect Game USA's K. Rogers Paul Sullivan says the cubs have not signed Baez. Probably he just signed his first name.

According to Joel Sherman, the Cubs will in theory get another crack at CC Sabathia this off-season, (though it'll probably be more like A-Rod's last free agency).

dear for c.pena already. k thnx bye.

dear for c.pena already. k thnx bye. dear CHC... be willing to trade c.pena already. k thnx bye.

dear of now, the cubs aren't going after fielder or pujols (which, with jimbo's history of great long contracts, is probably best for the team and those players) and have nobody in the system ready to take 1b, making c. pena about the best option they have. ... k thnx bye.

he's no long term option, but there's an old guy in AAA with 30+ homers and 30+ doubles...and some spare roster space recently opened up. =p

... Thought Hoff-power went to Japan? =)

pathetic amount of fans at the game for a sunday game...

remember how hard a time ATL had drawing fans while they were winning all those division titles? man, some people's problems...

yeah, it's the one place you could always find walk-up tickets during playoff time...crazy.

If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't be one of the few Cubs fans alive who's been there for my team to win a playoff series. =)

Z try to come back that night? According to his agent. Also Cubs have text from saying "good bye and thanks"

"Randy Wells moved his guitar and some clothes into the empty locker on Sunday." ha. not that i think it's disrespectful, but i find it funny it's one of the non-senior members who stepped up and took the extra space.

LMAO. Good for him.

3 more cubs errors today...garza's 6th (seriously, wtf...6 guy?)

4 errors...this one by grabes...2 pitcher errors in 1 game. awesome. also, braves lead by 1.

Grabow era ends in 6 weeks.

Did the cubs bother with PFP this year?

Logan Morrison optioned to AAA, to learn all facets of being a major leaguer.

his post-AS slump has been really weird. he's a lot better bat than he's shown recently...he doesn't get enough credit for how good of a hitter he is, imo...good power, too.

ah...evidently it has to do with some off-field matters according to ye olde world o' roto. "Morrison's demotion Saturday raised some eyebrows, as many felt he was optioned due to something he did off the field rather than his on-the-field performance. Beinfest basically confirmed as much, saying Morrison "needs to concentrate on all aspects of being a major leaguer.""

Wasn't he the dude that got attacked by that praying mantis a month or so ago? That can be pretty traumatic....


Morrison blew off an autograph session with season ticket holders after union rep Wes Helms told him he didn't have to show up. Helms was released and Morrison sent to AAA. LOL. Morrison wants to file a grievance. Marlins should file a grievance because Morrison is a moron.

holy crap soriano...bad OF play by a bad OF'r is expected, but holy shit have to slide there. that doesn't even take any "skill" or practice aside from paying attention and eyesight. tie game at least.

Samardzija's last pitch to Uggla was 99.3 mph according to MLB app

Saw in a CBS sports blog that Soriano reamed Z en espanol when he stomped off into the locker room. If that's true, that's the first time I've ever heard of Sorryano confronting anyone. Mildly interesting.

f'real...either way i think Z's days as a cub are done. whether he ends up getting traded or bought out of his contract to become a FA...i doubt he'll show up again in cubbie blue any time soon. i like the guy...hope he hangs around and sorts his issues. it really seems the cubs are sick of it, though.

Do the Cubs really corner the market on problem children, or are they just too stupid to cover it up?

i'm sure there's more than one team that would take Z on for 5-10m for 1 year if the cubs will pick up the rest. given how razor-thin the 2012 FA market is for starters it might be attractive for Z+agent to test FA. Z's still relatively young and can toss 93-94mph...he's not done. i just hope they don't do something stupid with the money...whatever amount is actually saved...

Hendry jumped the gun. again.They're going to save about as much money as they saved on Bradley.

yeah, no one knows anything about Z's attitude/aggro-isms and he's not been actively shopped by the cubs at all for reasons other than they just want to find a slot for casey coleman or something like that. hendry should have just made statements over the years like "barret ran into a door." and "no, he just really hates gatoraide."

okay, "no, he just really hates gatoraide (sic)" has to be up for quote of the year.

Great "quotes", crunch! Would those kind of statements be typical of "battered team syndrome"?

hendry should have just made statements over the years like "barret ran into a door." and "no, he just really hates gatoraide." Obviously when he blows up in front of the camera there's not much you can do about it. When he tells a clubhouse attendant that he's retiring after getting knocked around... I don't know, maybe you can tell the manager not to blab about it to the press? Quade is in such a cover-my-ass mode, though, maybe he did tell him.

Submitted by Mike Vail on Sun, 08/14/2011 - 2:44pm. Saw in a CBS sports blog that Soriano reamed Z en espanol when he stomped off into the locker room. If that's true, that's the first time I've ever heard of Sorryano confronting anyone. Mildly interesting. ====================================== MIKE V: Apparently the reason Soriano followed Zambrano into the clubhouse and yelled at him for throwing at Chipper Jones was because Soriano was concerned that a Braves pitcher would retaliate by throwing at a Cubs hitter (like Soriano).

Yep, I buy that. Soriano looking out for himself...

And apparently Zambrano told Soriano to eff off. sure looks like the Ricketts' are backing up their statement about building through the system. Signed 41st rounder Austin Urban for $100K today.

nice upper round talent picked up late.

j.marquis (ARZ) out with a broken leg...he pitched an inning on it before he finally crumpled after a pitch (and walked off the field on his own). earlier, he took a comebacker off his leg. gamer. note: they also lost x.nady in this same series with a broken hand

Pena, Zambrano and $10 million for Goldschmidt!


Not sure how I feel about Goldschmidt, but that actually might work...

Cubs hitters struck out 18 times today --no walks. What can you say?

The back end of the Braves bullpen has three of the top 15 relievers in baseball?

kimbrell is awesome, but wow venters...venters gets a lot of really jaw dropping late movement on his high 90s fastball. people who throw 5-10mph less are supposed to get that kind of movement...and only if they're good. rare talent.

Venters is a better reliever. His numbers are insane. He has like a 70% gb rate while striking out over 8 per 9 and walking few. Also never gives up homers. literally the perfect pitcher.

They've both been lucky this year on fly balls but Kimbrell's K rate makes him better using "advanced" metrics. Venters' BABIP isn't sustainable, especially with the number of grounders he gives up. Still he's having a heckuva season.

I find gb rates very underestimated overall. That's why I favor him. especially if he keeps his k rate at around 10 where its at now. No doubt they are the scariest 8-9 inning guys.

that 'discipline' is too hard to spell

p.sullivan posted a pic of Z's bags being loaded with the other team bags en route to HOU. at least they're not stranding it in ATL...weird that no one's picked it up yet. Z flew out of ATL yesterday, supposedly. also... "Zambrano's agent now recanting story that Z personally returned stuff to his locker late Friday night. Spin control is out of control."

Anyone else heard this (from a UNC chat on
UNCNut Posted: Today 5:11 PM Re: Seven Days and Counting to Signing Deadline Maples left after the football scrimmage and told the team he was signing with MLB. He was doing great as punter and kick off guy. He stood to be granted a scholarship. Good luck to him with the Cubs. Must have gotten over the slot, life changing kind of money. Can't blame the fellow.

KendallRogersPG Kendall Rogers #Cubs 14th-rdr and #UNC signee Dillon Maples didn't show up for football today, took physical yesterday. He will be signing KendallRogersPG Kendall Rogers The number I'm hearing attached to Maples is huge for his round ..... waiting for a second confirmation right now

Last year the Cubs signed four draft picks (7th round pick RHP Ben Wells, 9th round pick RHP Kevin Rhoderick, 29th round pick LHP Casey Harman, and 40th round pick LHP Brian Smith) on the last day before the signing deadline. Rhoderick was an interesting one, because he had already told the Cubs that he was positively, absolutely going back to Oregon State for his senior year, but then he called a Cubs scout with just a few hours left until the deadline and asked if the "final offer" was still on the table, and it took several phone calls to get approval to sign him. BTW, players signed by the Cubs at the deadline will make their debut in AZ Instructs or 2012 Minor League Camp. That's because a player does not need to be added to a minor league reserve list until 15 days after being signed, and by that time the AZL season will be over. No reason to rush him into the lineup. fwiw, Dad says no deal in place yet.

Submitted by QuietMan on Mon, 08/15/2011 - 10:19am. KendallRogersPG Kendall Rogers #Cubs 14th-rdr and #UNC signee Dillon Maples didn't show up for football today, took physical yesterday. He will be signing KendallRogersPG Kendall Rogers The number I'm hearing attached to Maples is huge for his round ..... waiting for a second confirmation right now ========================================= Q-MAN: Really no reason for Dillon Maples to quit the UNC football team. The Cubs would probably be OK with Maples playing college football this year (since he's a punter), and then he can make his pro baseball debut at Minor League Camp next March. That way the Cubs could spread his signing bonus over five years, as they did with Taiwan Easterling.

Just mentioned: In some important corners of the Cubs' front office, there is concern about investing huge $ in one player this winter. some tweet from Olney

Right then. Two players it is.

Sabathia and Fielder would get create a buzz, and possibly a small earthquake. They do need to replace Z's bat too.

"I guarantee you in two or three more days he'll be thinking 'Oh my God, what I did?' I know that. " Yes Ozzie, I believe you're right, and that's exactly what he'll be thinking.

Dave Bush signed a AAA contract with Ryne Sandberg's Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. Life is a great circle or somethin'.

another callis tweet... Yes on all three. @bkelz417: will #Cubs sign Tony Zych??? Haven't heard anything? Plus any updates on Baez and Vogel"bomb" ? #mlbdraft

@jimcallisBA Jim Callis Bonus for #Cubs 25th-rder Rock Shoulders was $294k. State JC of Florida 1B led Fla jucos with 14 HRs this spring. From AZ Phil: ROUND 25 (759): Rock Shoulders, 1B (State College of Florida - Manatee/Sarasota JC) L/R, 6'2, 225, 19 years old COMMENT: JC freshman... Ex-catcher with plus-arm... Plus-power... Led all Florida JC players with 14 HR in 2011... Lumbering slow runner... Could possibly play 3B if he gets into better shape... Was drafted by Red Sox out of HS in 20th round of 2010 draft but did not sign...

Wasn't he in an episode of the Flintstones?

...and rock is gonna roll! *eats shellfish* oh no.

KendallRogersPG Kendall Rogers I'm hearing that the deal, if approved, is worth around $1.6 million for Vogelbach. Again, should officially sign

not bad, imo.

Oh lordy, Z isn't retiring. He had a shitty day and spouted off his mouth. Nothing more, nothing less.

Well...true, he had a shitty day...spouted off his mouth, and then cleaned out his locker and left the team during a game.

I think the salient point is that he wasn't quitting on the team, he was quitting on himself, basically frustrated with how crappy he is.

He's just overpaid and unable to live up to $91 million dollar expectations.

...Like so many of these ball players on the Cubs roster. But Teflon Jim survives...

So leaving the game in the 5th inning is ok? Leaving the park?

It's Zambrano being Zambrano. He'll probably be traded and the Cubs will probably eat most of the contract.

I don't think it's an "OMG!!! WE MUST GET RID OF HIM, HE IS DESTROYING THE TEAM!!" big deal. he's sort of crazy, and he does crazy stuff sometimes. Unfortunately he's not very good, so like with Silva, Sosa and Bradley, Hendry probably thinks it's the prime time to sell low.

You're probably right there....after last season would have been a good time I suppose..after his solid last 2 months. It's not, standing alone, an "OMG we ust get rid of him" moment. Collectively, with all the bullshit he's pulled over his career?

No one likes trading a guy when he's going well. Buy low, sell high is a lot more difficult than it sounds.

Excellent point ryno!

Though I am sure some of our more avid fans will be checking Callis and co's tweets all day long and reporting back to here, MLBTraderumors is at least trying to keep this page up to date with the first round picks:

Really interesting article regarding "hi-tech" scouting at the Area Code games. Also, it appears that some parents named their kid "Stryker".

I don't know about the "he is not very good" comment. This is his first year he will finish with an ERA over 4.00.....ever. Which is a hell of an accomplishment no matter how you look at it. He just needs a change of scenery and get away from the losing and really craptastic defense the Cubs play. Cubs pitchers tend to get into this mentality that they have to do it all themselves because the offense stinks and the defense is only going to help the other team. Even Dempster is having a shitty season. Garza is having a pretty good season yet sits at goes back to shitty defense and poor offense. As a pitcher your trying to over throw and make every pitch count.

He's a $9 mil/per pitcher making $18 mil/per. The expectations come from the contract. The Zambrano issue is a Hendry failure, not a Zambrano failure.

Can we waive Hendry?

I will begin my Cubs boycott beginning in 2012 until Jim Hendry is gone. It will help that I plan on getting rid of DISH tv in January anyways, so I should be able to make a clean break. I will stick around on TCR.

Garza, as we saw yet again yesterday, has himself to blame as much as anyone for the shitty defense. That throw was indescribably bad.

BJB just threw big Z under the bus on WSCR.


"bad joke bob" ...aka, bob brenley


big surprise there, Soriano cleared waivers according to Heyman.

Kenny Williams must have been tempted.

Scott Maine called up btw, Casey Coleman to be called up for Wed's start

dimitri young apparently preparing for a MLB comeback...odd timing...mid-August. announced it at a card convention... he's like 36 years old, fwiw...but always a hell of a hitter. he probably misses the game and wants to do some bench/pinch-hitting for someone. he retired due to health/diabetes issues too young... even though he's been out of baseball for years, he only officially retired a bit over a year ago.

The Chicago Cubs will promote left-handed pitcher Scott Maine from Triple-A Iowa on Monday to temporarily fill the spot left open by Carlos Zambrano being placed on the disqualification list, according to a major league source. Mike Quade’s bullpen was depleted over the weekend as the Cubs had 12 bullpen innings over the last three games. On Wednesday, the Cubs will change their focus and promote Casey Coleman from Iowa to pitch in Zambrano’s rotation spot, according to a source familiar with the situation.

Twinkies trade Delmon Young to the Tigers.

practially gave him away unless the PTBN is worth mentioning...cole nelson, really?

He's a non-tender candidate. The Twins were jealous of Alfonso Soriano's production.

yeah, they non-tendered david ortiz, too. at least they get to save a million bucks or so this season... guess if you give out stupid contracts like mauer's some things have to go along the way-side. ps- i hate the twins organization. they never do anything come playoff time in the trade market when they're competitive...bitch about money constantly...and then do stuff like hand zillion dollar contracts to mauer.

then do stuff like hand zillion dollar contracts to mauer. How many times have they done that?

while i think the c.crawford contract is the dumbest in baseball...and i realize mauer is the face of the organization...his 23m a year til 2018 blows my mind.

That's the problem when you let emotion and marketing dictate roster management. Look at the NFL as a prime example. The most successful organizations are the ones who are the most cutthroat.

i understand you gotta pay a little more for the face-of-franchise guys...but this was a hell of a lot of money for a guy way too early. they gave him the mega-extension in spring training 2010. they would have saved 5-8+ million per year on the same contract if they would have waited just 6 more months...and it had nothing to do with injury. he got a huge bump in pay due to his breakout power year he didn't show much of before or after 2009. people have been asking since 2007 just how much time does he have left playing C full time. it's going to make their 1st/C plan they have for him very interesting as the years go on if he's only able to put in 80-100 games at C a year...right now there's not much reason to believe he can't go 120+, though. at least they're in a DH league giving him a 3rd roster spot to slide into. even without high-end power he's never a fun AB for any opposing team.

Didn't they stop "bitching about money" once they built Target Field and considerably raised the payroll? I love the Twins organization. Something to strive for, IMHO.

yeah, they did...i'm being historically harsh on them. i got sick of watching them compete every year and do nothing come trade time except pick up a cheap part.

jimcallisBA Jim Callis #Cubs sign 4th-rder Tony Zych for $400k. Louisville RHP has big arm (94-97 to 99), possible closer if he refines his slider. AZ Phil's draft day write up: ROUND 4 (129): Tony Zych, RHP (U. of Louisville) R/R, 6'3, 190, 20 years old COMMENT: College junior... Was selected by Cubs in 46th round of 2008 draft out of St. Rita HS in Chicago but did not sign... Rated the 50th best prospect in 2011 draft by Baseball America... One of the top closers in college baseball, was voted the #1 prospect in Cape Cod League in 2010 when he led league with 12 saves... Had 13 saves for Louisville in 2011... Two-pitch pitcher... Throws 94-97 MPH fastball that tops out at 99 and a mid-80's slider... Good hitter and fielder, he also played some infield for the Cardinals in prior seasons...

Here is Tony Zych in action at the Cape Cod League All-Star Game at Fenway Park (Boston) in 2010. Zych was voted the #1 prospect in CCL in 2010.

that arm motion is quick and explosive. he loads up kinda weird, controlled, but jerky.

looks hell-a-tough to pick up the ball with that goofiness

that, too...i mean, i've seen motion like that, but rarely that quickly...he gets rid of the ball fast after loading up and the entire motion is fast as hell. everything looks like it's being "pushed" at the batter straight on.

What are the odds the Cubs try to stretch this career closer out into a starter and ruin his arm in the process? Andrew Cashner is shaking his head sadly...


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  • Arizona Phil 1 day 10 hours ago (view)

    In addition to 40 players signed to 2020 MLB contracts, after releasing 22 minor leaguers this week the Cubs now have 279 players signed to 2020 minor league contracts (plus one minor leaguer on the Restricted List), for a total of 320 players in the organization (181 pitchers, 30 catchers, 60 infielders, and 49 outfielders).   


  • JustSayin' 1 day 19 hours ago (view)

    Years of over-drafting pitching shown here.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 1 day 21 hours ago (view)

    Some of the players cut I am not too surprised by. Some of them I think are definitely victims of the minor league pay thing and being squeezed out.

    That said, I am very surprised they gave up already on Riley McCauley and Niels Stone.


  • Hagsag 1 day 23 hours ago (view)

    Baseball America is showing a big group of players that have been released.


  • Arizona Phil 2 days 12 hours ago (view)

    The Cubs have released minor league catcher Rafelin Lorenzo. He was selected from the Pittsburgh Pirates in the AAA Phase of the 2018 Rule 5 Draft and spent the 2019 season at South Bend. He was eligible to be a minor league 6YFA post-2020. 


  • JustSayin' 3 days 22 hours ago (view)

    The organizations will cut rosters down, as if the full-season teams were breaking camp to start the season, THEN pay the remaining minor leaguers $400/week or whatever.  That's similar to what costs would have normally been but the "one last chance" players who got spring training invitations this year and didn't have an obvious roster spot won't be getting their last chance.


  • crunch 3 days 23 hours ago (view)

    "According to Jeff Passan of ESPN, all minor league players will be receiving $400 per week from MLB through at least May 31."

    so that's where that promise landed.  the scary thing is that's still more than some in the low minors make on a weekly basis.


  • crunch 6 days 16 hours ago (view)

    "Jeff Passan of ESPN writes that the players and league agreed that the 2020 season won't start until "there are no bans on mass gatherings that limit the ability to play in front of fans, there are no travel restrictions and medical experts determine games will not pose a risk to health of teams and fans." Passan does add that the two sides "will consider the feasibility of playing in empty stadiums" and also at neutral sites.


  • crunch 6 days 21 hours ago (view)

    i miss baseball.  it could happen in may happen in late might not happen either way.

    there's so many things getting messed up right now i would get lost making a list.  there's some college guys making a serious "okay, we need to look at that guy" push that's dead.  former cubs draft pick russell smith (2017, LHP highschool) took last season off for injury (TCU college) and returned with a low 90s fastball, impressive control, and a MLB-quality changeup.  his "comeback" was 4 games and done thanks to this current situation...


  • JustSayin' 1 week 23 min ago (view)

    COVID 19 + a short draft + Manfred's obsessive drive to shrink the minor leagues will change baseball forever.  It WAS still America's grass roots sport.  Where I live, from June through August, you could see a quality live game any day of the week, within an hour's drive.  I believe that era is over.  What's going on will have ripple effects, contracting serious college ball, college summer leagues and independent pro ball just as much as the MiLB systems.  With those changes, some of the game's charm will also go.  I've seen a kid from Cape Cod play in the Ca


  • crunch 1 week 22 hours ago (view)

    fyi for anyone who bought

    for "some reason" getting a cancel+refund via phone is like pulling teeth, but if you contact them via a webpage contact request many people are getting a cancel+refund confirmation within an hour or 2...


  • bradsbeard 1 week 1 day ago (view)

    I imagine because the new labor agreement freezes rosters as of whenever the agreement is approved by the owners and it might affect what those guys are paid under the agreement. 


  • Hagsag 1 week 1 day ago (view)

    AZ Phil. what was the reason that a whole bunch of teams optioned or assigned players to the minor leagues yesterday on March 26 ? Thanks.


  • Arizona Phil 1 week 1 day ago (view)

    jdrnym: Ordinarily, players on an MLB Reserve List (40-man roster) who are on Optional Assignment to the minors do not accrue MLB Service Time, are paid at the minor league rate rather than at the MLB rate if the player has a "split" contract, and if the player gets hurt or becomes sick after being optioned, he can be placed on a minor league IL instead of on an MLB IL (so that he cannot accrue MLB Service Time or be paid at the MLB rate while he is on the IL). Also, a player who is optioned to the minors for at least 20 days will burn an option year.   


  • jdrnym 1 week 2 days ago (view)

    AZPhil, what are the technical ramifications of optioning/not optioning guys during this period of no baseball? Seems like some teams are more eager than others to trim their roster down.


  • crunch 1 week 3 days ago (view)

    "Major League Baseball has agreed with the MLBPA to grant a full year of service time to players in 2020 regardless of how many games the schedule includes.

    Rosenthal adds, however, that the two sides have agreed to "table discussions" on how much service time the players would receive if the worst-case scenario plays out and the 2020 season has to be canceled entirely due to the coronavirus pandemic."