A's Score Often and Late to Trump Cubs at Fitch

Chris Bostick, Kelvin Rojas, Rhett Stafford, and Miguel Marte ripped consecutive two-out RBI hits in the top of the 8th to turn a 4-2 deficit into a 6-4 lead, as the AZL Athletics scored six runs over the final two innings to defeat the AZL Cubs 8-4 in Arizona League action at Fitch Park Field #3 in Mesa this morning.

Cubs 2011 17th round draft pick John Andreoli (U. Conn) made his pro debut today, playing RF and batting 6th. He reached base in each of his first three plate appearances, lining a first-pitch opposite-field single into RF in his first pro AB, grounding a single sharply between short and third in his second AB (and then stealing 2nd base), and walking and later scoring a run his third time up. He popped out to the catcher on a bunt attempt on his 4th PA.

Andreoli displayed a strong arm in RF and plus-speed on the bases. The big question with him is how much he will hit at the higher levels, and whether he will ever hit for power. He reminds me of a RH version of Jim Adduci.

18-year old LHP Brian Smith (Cubs 2010 40th round draft pick - Canadian Junior National Team) got the start for the Cubs today, and worked three innings (59 pitches - 40 strikes). He allowed two first-inning runs with one out on a single, a double, and a triple by Bostick, Rojas, and Stafford (respectively), but left Stafford stranded at 3rd and threw shutout ball in the 2nd and 3rd. Overall Smith allowed two runs on five hits and a walk, while striking out five (all swinging). He threw a lot of pitches (59) in his three innings, but he also got a couple of big strikeouts when he needed them.

In 12 games (10 GS) in what is definitely a hitter's league, Smith is 3-3 with a 3.66 ERA and a 1.47 WHIP, with 19/37 BB/K and only one HR allowed in 39.1 IP.

After having a 16-game hitting streak stopped last Thursday, Marco Hernandez has started another one, this time five games and counting (and 21 out of 22). Hernandez smacked an RBI double (near HR) down the RF line and off the fence in the bottom of the 3rd today (although he was thrown-out trying to stretch the double into a triple), and is now 9-22 over his last five games. Overall he is hitting 354/392/516, and is tied for second in the AZL in doubles, is 3rd in RBI, 6th in runs scored, 7th in batting average (teammate Gioskar Amaya is 6th), and is tied for 8th in the league in triples.


Hey AZ Phil, thanks for all the great recaps and the in-depth info. How long does it usually take before a draftee shows up to play in a ball game? How long do you expect it to be before players like Baez, Vogelbach, Maples, Dunston, etc., appear in an AZL ball game? And, this is a separate topic, what do you think of Eric Jokisch? Also, any thoughts on Yao-Lin Wang? I haven't seen much of anything about him, but he's been used primarily as a starter and he's K'd around one batter an inning in his two years in Rookie and A- ball.

Submitted by Charlie on Wed, 08/17/2011 - 8:45pm. Hey AZ Phil, thanks for all the great recaps and the in-depth info. How long does it usually take before a draftee shows up to play in a ball game? How long do you expect it to be before players like Baez, Vogelbach, Maples, Dunston, etc., appear in an AZL ball game? And, this is a separate topic, what do you think of Eric Jokisch? Also, any thoughts on Yao-Lin Wang? I haven't seen much of anything about him, but he's been used primarily as a starter and he's K'd around one batter an inning in his two years in Rookie and A- ball. ================================================== CHARLIE: It's unlikely that Baez, Vogelbach, Maples, or Dunston will play in the AZL. It's much-more likely that they will make their pro debuts in the AZ Instructional League next month. Besides John Andreoli (who made his pro debut today), the only other 2011 draft picks I have seen at Fitch Park in uniform who have not yet played in games are 1B Rock Shoulders and INF Danny Lockhart. BTW, 2011 Cubs 38th round draft pick RHP Casey Lucchese (College of Charleston) either had his contract voided or the contract did not go through for some reason. Because he is a college senior with no eligibility left, Lucchese would (like 37th round pick RHP Steven Maxwell) ordinarily remain on the Cubs Rule 4 Negotiation List until one week prior to the next June draft, but if he signed and then the contract was voided, he is a free-agent. As for Eric Jokisch, I have seen him pitch only twice, once last year (one inning, and he struck out the side using change-ups & curves) for the AZL Cubs, and then once in Minor League Camp this past March in a "live" BP session where he threw only fastballs while getting in shape for the start of the 2011 season. (Jokisch did not attend AZ Instructs last Fall). I have seen Yao-Lin Wang pitch a lot over the past two seasons, though, because he was at Extended Spring Training both last year and this year, and there is no question that Matt Loosen, Luis Liria, and Yao-Lin Wang were the top three pitchers at EXST this year. Both YL Wang and Boise CF Pin-Chieh Chen were members of the Taiwan Junior National Team prior to signing with the Cubs, and so they are more advanced (polished) than a player or a pitcher their age would normally be. Because Wang frequently piggy-backed with Jin-Young Kim this year at Extended Spring Training I had a chance to compare the two more closely than I otherwise might have been able to do, and Wang was just flat-out the better pitcher of the two, even though Kim got the bigger bonus. Now there are various reasons why Wang might have looked better (Wang is a year older than Kim and has experience in international competition), but I do believe Wang is going to be an MLB pitcher, and I'm not so sure about Kim. At the very least I would say Wang will be another Hung-Wen Chen (who returned to the Iowa Cubs this week from Campeche after developing into one of the top closers in the Mexican League and helping to pitch Campeche into the MEX playoffs). YL Wang throws a fastball, curve, slider, and change, and he pitches aggressively and really tries to seek & exploit a hitter's weakness. Despite a bit of a pitch-to-contact philopsohy he apparently learned to help depress his pitch-count and maximize his efficiency, he still manages to miss a lot of bats. I really like Wang a lot.

If Wang watches any of the big league club this year, he'll probably be more intent on missing bats. Sounds promising though... I should really start working some of my Taiwanese friends for more info on these kids.

Thanks, Phil! That's exactly the kind of information I was looking for. Nice to get knowledgeable, attentive eye-witness reports on some of these kids. Wang sounds like a very good pitching prospect (and right now he looks like one on paper, too). It'll be really interesting to hear about what the draftees do at instructs. Looking forward to it.

Nice article on Vitters, posted this in the last thread too: http://web.minorleaguebaseball.com/news/artic... "When you know you can hit a pitch, it's hard not to swing at it," Vitters said. "But I need to wait until I get a pitch I can drive. That's something I've been working on, and I think I'm making progress."

It's funny, I was playing slow pitch softball the other week, first time I played in years and first pitch I swung at I missed. From that point on, I was panicking about striking out (only 2 strikes in this league) and so anything that I thought was hittable, I whacked at, regardless of whether I could really drive it... all the time knowing in the back of my mind, that working a walk is probably a better outcome than hitting the ball into 10 defenders with a no HR rule. Vitters is just the type of hitter who would benefit most from not making "poor" contact. He's not fast, and he doesn't have enormous power. Hopefully he gets it over his next 8 months of baseball.

I posted that link because I've seen people comment the exact thing that Vitters stated - improving his quality of contact. I don't think he can't tell a ball from a strike. I think he just goes up looking to get a hit and gets the bat on the ball. He's clearly looking to improve his approach, so we should all at least be pleased with that notion. The first step is to not hit a ball into play. The next step is to take a pitcher's strike and wait out a better pitch. Based on his numbers he's making progress, but I'm not sure if he's completely tackled step 1 yet. Someone who sees him routinely would be able to comment on that

A lot of the time though people who talk about "quality of contact" are really just saying "I don't understand how chance plays into baseball". Just because someone has a low BABIP doesn't necessarily mean that they're making poor contact, or the inverse. Many times, I would even go so far as to say it's more often than not, they're just having bad luck. There's a huge amount of observation bias that goes on when you talk about "quality of contact" and BABIP. When Slappy Campana had a .423 BABIP in the PCL, it wasn't because he was rifling line drives all over the place, and when Vitters had a .240 one in the SL it didn't necessarily mean he kept tapping out to short.

That could be the case. When I think of quality of contact, I am more concerned with him squaring up on a ball and producing a line drive. If he has a poor BABIP despite hitting the ball well and hard then I'm happy.

This might be a dumb question (and I am in no way trying to defend Z), but why is it such a big deal for a guy to leave the clubhouse in the middle of a game? In some blowouts, guys will go shower and get dressed before the game is over. Is it a baseball etiquette issue or is there some functional reason a player has to stay until the end of the game?

Baseball etiquette. I think it's stupid as well, but stupid traditions and baseball often go hand in hand.

I would guess that staying to see if the team won or lost would be a common expectation. Say the team comes back and ties it and wins in the bottom of the ninth. Zambrano isn't there to celebrate a miracle win. Not that we have to worry about that, but that's a bad situation when you went home early

There's a difference between going to the clubhouse to get ice wrapped on your shoulder and instead packing up your locker, calling and texting people in the organization and telling them you retired, and then taking your shit and going home.


Nice come-from-behind win on the road for Iowa last night. I'd like to say that B. Jackson got the big hit, but it was Montanez with a three-run double in the ninth. Jackson did walk ahead of Montanez and score the winning run. Jackson also had a triple and a single on the night. This probably goes without saying, but LaHair hit another four-bagger.

Submitted by VirginiaPhil on Thu, 08/18/2011 - 10:03am. Nice come-from-behind win on the road for Iowa last night. I'd like to say that B. Jackson got the big hit, but it was Montanez with a three-run double in the ninth. Jackson did walk ahead of Montanez and score the winning run. Jackson also had a triple and a single on the night. This probably goes without saying, but LaHair hit another four-bagger. =================================== VA PHIL: A scout from another organization (not TEX and not CUBS) was at Fitch Park the other day talking about "4-A" guys who have emerged from AAA and have developed into everyday players in recent years, and he mentioned Nelson Cruz, who had a break-out year in his 4th season in AAA (2008) after he was out of options and had been outrighted to the minors and had been basically written-off. Cruz was 28 (same age as LaHair) when he put up almost the exact same numbers in the PCL as LaHair has put up this year. It doesn't mean LaHair will necessarily be another Nelson Cruz, but it also means it's not automatic that he won't be, either, but we'll never know if he doesn't get a chance to show what he can do. There is a widespread prejudice against "4-A" players that can blind a team from seeing that what they actually have is a "late-bloomer," whether it be a minor league 6YFA like Ryan Ludwick or Garrett Jones, or non-tendered guys like Jayson Werth.

See, even sometimes AZ Phil and I agree! Sometimes it can also be the case that a guy just has a "career year" in the minor leagues, which may well be the case with LaHair and maybe was with Chirinos last year, but with a team that's going to Nowheresville like the Cubs, what better time to find out? Maybe their nothings, or maybe you've got another Geo Soto.

Yeah, thanks. I've been thinking about Cruz in connection with LaHair. I'm very familiar with Cruz because he beat out Hoffpauir for league MVP in 2008. They had similar numbers but Cruz had 37 HRs to Hoff's 25. LaHair will end up within an HR or two of Cruz. Of course, Cruz was a right fielder who stole bases while Hoff and LaHair are first basemen, the toughest big-league position to step into because there are so few of them and the skills are not transferable to any other position.

Cruz, Ludwick and Werth were considered pretty good prospects before they took career detours though. Not sure if Garrett Jones is much of a success story beyond a half season, they've been looking to replace him nearly ever year. That all being said, certainly worth letting him play now.

saving the Cubbies from themselves, Francouer signs a 2 year extension with Royals

one time MLB non-prospect-of-interest mike jacobs (drafted mets, interesting years with FLA, currently AAA COL) suspended for HGH, 50 days.

I still say the existence of the drug testing policy in the minors (and now the presence of HGH testing, which the Union is considering a bargaining chip in the upcoming labor deal) pretty much exonerates, at least Selig, if not the owners en mass from complicity in the steroid years.

they did nothing for decades. i hope every broken record stays the property of the drug users and the suits have to constantly defend it. this has been an issue since the 70s, and horrible since the early/mid 90s...critical mass didn't hit til some people dared to mess with historical numbers. yawn. almost everyone involved saw no reprocussion aside from a personal hit to their pride. people should throw shit at guys like mark mcgwire for the people/reporters/etc he dragged through the mud defending his lies to the game...instead he gets a coaching job and standing ovations.

The union fought hard to keep testing out of the CBA. With the contentious labor situation of the 90's. You can't really fault the owners for not pushing harder.

they should have started in the 70s and definately the 80s...the rangers and phillies have long standing issues with roids going back to the 80s at the very least. no one cared. hell, organizations like the dodgers were caught talking openly about who's juicing and who's not when considering players to sign in the 90s. you have to raise an issue with the public on something like this...they didn't even start the discussion, reporters did.

Looks like they did start in the 70's. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/articl...

twins "wtf do we do with joe mauer" fun-time continues...they're trying him in RF tonight. what a horrible leash they tied themselves to with the guy...unless he starts hitting soon he won't be getting many more contracts for dandruff shampoo and video games.

They say they didn't have much of a choice for tonight's lineup, one OF is hurt, another is on family emergency leave or something like that, and the OF they called up didn't arrive at the park in time. Some non-OF had to play OF.

We missed an opportunity to show them the value of DeWitt in the OF.

Maybe we can work a Mauer for Soriano trade?


Miles suggesting that Hendry is probably staying on...says he negotiated a number of the bigger money deals from the draft. http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20110818/s...

Yeah, that was pretty evident from what Wilken said after the draft, I thought. It would also explain why third round talent guys were getting first round money.

It would also explain why third round talent guys were getting first round money. win.

I read elsewhere that Maples would have signed for $2 mil.

He wanted 1 million to sign. Hendry wouldn't accept anything less than 2.5


I'm fucking serious about being a Pirates fan...

One problem would be you'd be back to having Cedeno at short.

Guess I won't have to worry about that now.

i'm either blind or dumb or both, but noticed that firstinning has added a "show season stats' on your player list page which is neat. For all I know it was there the whole time. Seems they've lost all data for 3 days though earlier this week. anyway, didn't really notice how good Welington Castillo's numbers were on the year, granted he's been injured a lot. Really showing power though over the last 2 seasons.

jim joyce named best mlb ump on player's poll. good for him.

Fuku brains Sox pitcher Humber with line shot up the box


It seemed like he fell backwards in slow motion. http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/gameday/index.jsp?gid=...

Sullivan (who really needs to be bought out himself) has a new article up saying Hendry has been in an unusually good mood and wonders if he is about to get a contract extension or at least an announcement he's coming back next year. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/baseball...

i dont mind hendry, but im surprised he may actually make it out of the past 2 seasons without getting fired. fans are nearly rabid for someone in a suit to get the axe. i just wonder where the next cubs pitcher is coming from if Z goes...dumpster/garza/??/??/wells... FA market is ass...new RF'r needed...1st needed...3rd needed... important offseason coming up.

I guaranfuckingtee you they keep ARam. But yeah, still plenty of holes to fill....... reverse chalupa, boom!

agreed...i just hope they can get it done on a 1-2 year deal...wouldn't mind either...3 i could live with...any more than that, nah.

In a subscription only article posted today at Baseball America, Oneri Fleita says he hopes Trey McNutt can pitch in the AFL post-2011 to get his innings up over 100 (he presently has thrown only 72 IP). Each MLB club contributes four pitchers to it's AFL-assigned team, with one of the pitchers designated as a starting pitcher (which would be McNutt). Each of the designated starters usually gets one (occasionally) two starts per week (throwing about 30 innings total) over the six-week long AFL schedule.

about time the cubs sent a guy to the AFL worth following closely...i don't remember being too excited about anyone getting AFL work in the past few years.

Submitted by crunch on Thu, 08/18/2011 - 10:23pm. about time the cubs sent a guy to the AFL worth following closely...i don't remember being too excited about anyone getting AFL work in the past few years. ================================== CRUNCH: Jake Muyco was the Cubs designated starting pitcher sent to the AFL last year, but Andrew Cashner was the Cubs designated starting pitcher with the Mesa Solar Sox in 2009 and he was one of the best starters in the AFL that year. Then the Cubs moved him back to the bullpen in 2010, before moving him back to the starting rotation this year. With Josh Vitters having played in the AFL twice already he probably wouldn't be assigned there again (he's more likely to play winter ball in Mexico or Venezuela), but some combination of LHRP Jeffrey Beliveau (a virtual lock), RHRP Kevin Rhoderick, LHP Chris Rusin, RHP Jay Jackson, RHP Nick Struck, and/or LHP Brooks Raley, 1B Rebel Ridling, 2B D. J. LeMahieu, IF-OF Ryan Flaherty, and/or IF-OF Logan Watkins, and OF Brett Jackson, Matt Szczur, Evan Crawford, Matt Spencer, and/or Ty Wright (depending upon the needs of the Solar Sox) could be there this year. Like Vitters, C-1B Steve Clevenger has been there twice, so he probably wouldn't go back there again either. There are exceptions, but Latin players usually don't play in the AFL because they are expected to play winter ball in their home country, but occasionally you will see a Cubs Latin player on the Solar Sox (Starlin Castro and Welington Castillo in 2009, Esmailin Caridad in 2008, Angel Guzman in 2004, et al). If that happens this year, I would think IF-OF Marwin Gonzalez is the most-likely candidate, since he is on the bubble as far as whether he gets added to the 40-man roster post-2011. (I would say he would be more of a lock to get added to the 40, but the Cubs might not feel that way).

yeah, cashner 09 was worth paying attention to...didn't remember that.

Matt Szczur seems like a good candidate to go to the AFL twice in the next three years.

Kind of out there, but what's the story on security for these guys when they're playing winter ball in places like Mexico and Venezuela? I'd think a 21 year old white kid with a few hundred grand might make a nice kidnapping target.

AP, I've read some bad things about Jay Jackson this year (and am too lazy to follow up myself). IF he goes to the AFL, would it be a good opportunity to right the ship? Different level of competition, more coaches, something?

Submitted by Tony S. on Fri, 08/19/2011 - 7:42pm. AP, I've read some bad things about Jay Jackson this year (and am too lazy to follow up myself). IF he goes to the AFL, would it be a good opportunity to right the ship? Different level of competition, more coaches, something? ================================== TONY: Jay Jackson would be a good candidate to go to the AFL as long as the Cubs feel he hasn't thrown too many innings during the regular season. (He'll probably be at 140+ IP by the end of the PCL season).

If Ricketts brings Hendry back, at the very least they have to replace Quade. Q-ball is awful. Bring in someone who is going to stress fundamentals and playing prospects over journeymen, and who has some comprehension of how to work a pitching staff.

If rickets brings hendry back, he let's hendry pick the manager for next year.

Gotta love this, Cubs draftee Dillon Maples slights the White Sox.... "They love all their sports teams there — the Cubs, the Bears, the Bulls, and the Blackhawks," he said, before adding some fuel to the city rivalry. "The White Sox seem kind of secondary to the Cubs." http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/baseball...

LHP (ex-OF) Kyler Burke threw 3.2 IP of hitless/shutout ball with six strikeouts piggy-backing with Ben Wells at Boise tonight. In his last ten games at Boise: 1.86 ERA, 1.00 WHIP, .171 Opp BA 29 IP, 18 H, 8 R (6 ER), 11 BB, 26 K Despite his potential as a pitcher, Burke is unlikely to be added to the Cubs 40-man roster post-2011 because he hasn't pitched above short season ball and because he still has control lapses from time-to-time. But the Cubs will probably add him to the 40 after next season (even if he hasn't made it past Daytona), because otherwise Burke can be a minor league free-agent (6YFA) post-2012, and I doubt that the Cubs will want to lose him. BTW, Burke will probably attend Instructs next month, and he is the type of "mystery" pitcher scouts from the other MLB organizations will be watching closely to see how he develops. So if he pitches lights-out at Instructs it would not be inconceivable that Burke could get lifted in the December 2011 Rule 5 Draft. Lefties who throw in the mid-90's are worth their weight in gold.

Do you think Burke's ability to play outfield may make him more tempting for a team to grab?

Submitted by The Real Neal on Fri, 08/19/2011 - 5:04am. Do you think Burke's ability to play outfield may make him more tempting for a team to grab? ==================================== REAL NEAL: I don't think so. While I suppose he could play OF in an emergency, Kyler Burke is now considered to be a LHP, even if he were to be taken in th Rule 5 Draft and is being kept on an MLB 256-man roster just for that reason.

Note, I didn't say "ability to hit", though he probably would get the "hits well for a pitcher" label. I would think he's going to be safe for a year, unless the Cubs do something unexpected like showcase him in the AFL. In a sort of related subject, the prospect experts over at BP are both convinced Matt Bush, who K's almost 14/9 in the minors with a mid to high 90's fastball and a "true two-plane slider" is going to pitch in the majors. They also agree he's punk.

Radio report from Levine: Hendry fired. No joke.

Hendry might be the victim, he might be the perpetrator... either way this is the correct move about a year or two late.

Kaplan reporting same via Twitter.

You guys better not be pulling my leg... where's Manny?!?

It's official. Hendry dismissed and Assistant GM Randy Bush named interim GM, per MLB trade rumors.

Asst. GM Randy Bush interim GM.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/baseball...

Finally our long national nightmare is over.

Almost gave up on you Ricketts. Now lets blow this thing and get out of here.

Seems like a snap decision to me. Hendry was just turning things around.


when Soriano goes 40/40 next year we'll regret letting the mastermind get away...

Post of the year


He went out a winner- "Hendry's teams clubs went 749-748 during his time as general manager." Trib

Now that's funny

Someone needs to wake up the L.A. office to get a new post going. ;-)

Hendry's addressing press right now. Sounding choked up.. (wind up and the pitch)

Only tears of joy coming from me. Hey Jim, don't let the door hit your fat ass on the way out.

A great day in Cubs history. Jim Hendry FINALLY gets fired. Long overdue!! Nice to see the Ricketts Family wake up. I am so happy right now and excited for the future of the Cubs, even without knowing who the next GM is. The past few years have been such a downer and I have barely watched many games as my interest has waned after knowing the Cubs would NEVER been able to win a WS with Jim Hendry as the GM. I was 100% correct. I called for his firing years and years ago and t took many of you a long time to join the train, but finally saw what I saw years ago. Now the Cubs can start fresh, get a competent GM, rebuild and look 3 years down the road to start contending again. This team/organization is in disarray and will take some time to rebuild from the mess Hendry created. No more Teflon Jim!!!! Ding dong the witch is dead!! Go Cubs!!!!


Holy Crap it's Manny!!!!!!!

Not that it was a difficult call, but I called this return a while ago.

Good to see you, Manny.

Sorry, Manny, it remains to be seen if this is a good day in Cubs history.

There he is! Haha :)

"Hendry said Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts notified him July 22 that he wouldn't be retained. He indicated that was one factor in deciding not to trade away veteran players at the deadline, figuring he should leave those decisions to his successor." http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/baseball...

WHUT? That's the lamest fucking excuse I've ever heard.

They can always trade the players now or in the off season. Seems like a pretty reasonable explanation for why no moves were made.

That's true on Baker. Not true on Pena or Johnson, who will both be free agents after the season. [Edit: Suppose they could still trade Pena now if he makes it through waivers. They already retracted Johnson when he was claimed, though.]

You are saying that you TRUST Hendry to execute a good trade these days?

What would constitute a bad trade that sends away Pena or Johnson for the remainder of a losing season, unless he picked up a bad contract in the process, which would be moronic.

A loogy bullpen arm is better than the nothing they got. I'd rather they dump those guys just for the opportunity I'd give a LaHair or a Bjax.

Hendry was fired on July 22, announced today. WtF?!?? Rickets on in 15 minutes

Well, maybe I underestimated Ricketts. Pretty smart to tell Hendry when he did, and ask him to help out during the draft, since ramping up for the draft would be tough for a new guy. And as much as we bash Hendry, he was a pretty class act, and he showed it by working so hard on these negotiations.

Yep, I have no problem with the 1-month lame-duck general managing and lack of trades. They didn't have any pieces that would have hauled much of anything meaningful.

While it would have been nice to save a few bucks and get some B/C level prospects for our trash, it doesn't matter too much. This team has only a couple pieces on it that will be long term answers for a team intending to win a WS. This team needs to be gutted. Bye Z, Bye Aramis, Bye Fukudome, Bye Soriano, Bye Pena, etc. All those players are not going to be an asset in helping the Cubs win in the future. They are only weighing us down at this time. I understand this is going to be a long ugly road for the next 2-3 years, but with the right GM and a solid payroll, there is no reason 2015 couldn't be our year! Go Cubs!

We need more guys like Pena, not less.

I disagree with that statement, but I am pretty sure there were worse players than Manny listed on each World Series champ for the last, oh, say 107 years.

I am sure there were Neal, but not if those guys were supposedly your stars.

Good to hear from you Manny

Good to be back. Good to see many of you guys are still around. Hopefully the Hendry firing gets me reinvigorated with the Cubs again and I will be around more.

Fair enough. I was just speaking in terms of: 1. Defensively above-average. 2. Not a free swinger. Willing to wait for a good pitch to swing at. Basically, he's not an embarrassment like so many other players on this team.


I knew Manny would be back the day Hendry was fired!! Hi Manny!

Damn right! Wouldn't miss it for the world!!

Like Aaron Rowand and Barry Zito? It's OK to have bad contracts.

Like Soriano?

Tom: "Jim, have a donut and explain to me why Carlos Pena is still on the roster, and we are paying for it." Jim: "*garbled* feel like he's going to be a key part for us next year." Tom: "He hit .196 and cost me $10 million, what do we have to pay him for hitting .225?" Jim: "Well, I think we could get him for probably $12.5. He oozes leadership and winningness, you know." Tom: "But we could have traded him, saved, say, your salary for this year, and then re-signed him anyway, right?" Jim: "Technically yes, but you know, that's a lot of paperwork to go through." Tom: "OK, clean up out your office, we'll do the press conference Friday morning."

Only in your mind. :)

Ricketts on Two reasons for change -not enough wins -needed new leadership to win WS Looking for new Gm " today" No time line Candidates will be outside of organization Search will be "private process" no updates or comments Wants to continue to build players through organization Wants world series champ for fans. Questions? Why 7 /22? "respect for Jim" and help thru draft and trade deadline

Please keep the PBP going on the presser. Thx.

Rosner tweet : "New GM will report directly to me." Except for when Kenney is meddling... web • 8/19/11 11:20 AM

Kenney is more the Biz guy, I think. He will be gone soon enough.

Gave sorta ultimatum to Kenney. "He's in charge of business end", so if they can't get money from city, which is rumor going around right now, he will be next.

jeebus, couldn't just fire Q-Ball at the same time and get that over with

No need as next year is rebuilding. Then they should go get a real manager after the 2012 season in preparation of getting this team to be a contender again shortly after that. Ryne Sandberg should be thrilled he didn't have to deal with this pathetic team.

Ricketts said that's up to the new GM. Either way.

So goodbye Q

Lil Mr. Clean never really had a chance. Kinda feel bad for him, but he was never going to be the manager when this team was ready to contend again anyways.

Especially if his buddy who hired him trades away four prospects, three of them in the upper levels, for Matt Garza.

that's my point, new GM is gonna pick his own guy of course. It's just a formality at this point and I would prefer Q-Ball to go away so he can stop playing Reed Johnson.

New GM gets to make that call.

see post #116

Let the months of speculation begin! Go TCR! Heard B Levine (who must be crushed), who opined that Rick Hahn fits the bullet points Ricketts discussed. Turned down a Cardinals GM job apparently, and a Mets finalist.

anybody from the White Sox is hard to get excited about

Both sports radio talking up Hahn. One guy mentioned Friedman in TB.

I have a feeling the sports radio guys couldn't even name all 30 GM's right now.

Logan White seems like a guy who fit what Ricketts is looking for. He's had a really good track record for player development. Maybe a John Schuerholtz as President and Logan White as GM combo could work out?

there's so much more to a GM than player development

I realize that. It just seems to fall in line with what Ricketts wants to stress. He's already an assistant GM right now. I think he'd be a good young candidate. Especially if you can pair him with a Gillick or Schuerholtz or Beinfest type of Club President.

guess I don't know much about him, never thought White was much of a sabermetric guy

I kind of assume that every young candidate is going to have some solid SABR fundamentals. Take a look at the guys who Logan White drafted when he was the Scouting director in LA.

some real good ones, check out the ones when Pat Gillick was GM or Dallas Green. I don't think that equates knowledge of statistical analysis. I don't really know anything about Logan White to be honest, just never heard of him as someone that has much of a foot in sabermetrics.

He's old school.

Random inject. Schuerholz moved up with the Braves, not out, yes? I believe he's still there, not going anywhere.

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