The Current NL Central Lineups

I'm using the , the Bill James projections for and their 2012 playing age along with a few assumptions like Dusty isn't going to play Devin Mesoraco or Chris Heisey over veterans. Let's see how the NL Central offenses stack up. Obviously the actual order of lineups and players may vary, and there's no accounting for expected playing time due to injuries or sucktitude.

Furcal(.324), Beltran(.367), Holliday(.394), Berkman(.380), Freese(.353), Molina(.320), Jay(.328), Schumaker(.309)

Average wOBA: .347
Age: 31.75

Morgan(.311), Weeks(.348), Braun(.411), Hart(.355), Ramirez(.362), Gamel(.357), Lucroy(.319), A. Gonzalez(.285)

Average wOBA: .344
Age: 29.375

Stubbs(.331), Phillips(.332), Votto(.408), Rolen(.334), Bruce(.363), Ludwick(.323), Hanigan(.324), Cozart (.315)

Average wOBA: .341
Age: 29.75

DeJesus(.324), Castro(.346), LaHair(.352), Soriano(.331), Stewart(.329), Soto(.344), Byrd(.319), Barney (.294)

Average wOBA: .330
Age: 29.375

Presley(.345), Tabata(.328), Walker(.329), McCutchen(.360), Alvarez(.333), G. Jones(.338), Barajas(.288), Barmes(.300)

Average wOBA: .328
Age: 28.125

Lowrie(.341), Altuve(.321), Martinez(.353), C. Lee(.339), Bogusevic(.325), Paredes(.292), Schafer(.288), J. Castro (.287)

Average wOBA: .318
Age: 26.375

The Cardinals are of course going to have to stay healthy to keep up the offense and that's no small task with Carlos Beltran, Lance Berkman, Matt Holliday and Rafael Furcal on the roster. I'm sure the Cubs are hoping to get a little bit more from David DeJesus and Ian Stewart than their current projections, but doesn't mean it will happen.  If and when the Cubs replace Byrd and LaHair with Anthony Rizzo(.318) and Brett Jackson(.342), their average age would go down to 27.125, as would the projected wOBA, albeit slightly to .329 (Rizzo gets no love in the Bill James projections for whatever reason). Another fun exercise for the Cubs is to replace LaHair, DeJesus and Stewart with Prince Fielder, Beltran and Aramis Ramirez because why the hell not? this is all just for fun. In that case, the average wOBA goes up to .345 while also likely hurting the Brewers and Cardinals a bit. Of course, that also has the potential to bring the average DOTDL up to potentially astronomical levels (Dollars on The Disabled List) along with the problem of justifying the $50M or so to pay them for just this year.

I'll see if I can do something similar with the projected pitching staffs in the very near future.


with Tigers out of the Cespedes talks most likely, it would appear that Cubs and Marlins are ahead of the pack. I'd have to think Marlins are far more willing to give out stupid money at this point though, especially if they think Cespedes is someone they can market around.

For sake of comparison in the above, versus Barney, what are the numbers for DeWitt and Baker? Are the numbers provided with splits, so you could generate one assuming a DeWitt/Baker platoon? Barney needs to be a utility/bench-only player. Maybe Dale will be a bit smarter in that regard than was Quade.

They don't split it out, but it's Baker (.335) and DeWitt (.314) fwiw. There's obviously a defensive component though that isn't being accounted for in wOBA.

Here is a wish that I think makes sense: Garza (and cash and/or another player) To Cleveland for: Dillon Howard RHP Jake Sisco RHP Luigi Rodriguez OF The thinking is Cleveland needs to answer Detroit move, and while their minor league system is not well ranked they do have some raw talent at the lowest levels. So they get Garza for a few years, and then their A/AA guys will be ready when they are ready to reload. Cubs get a few more pieces for the future to gamble on...

fwiw, Dillon Howard and Jake Sisco can't be traded for a year, although I presume they could work out a PTBNL. But I'm fairly certain Cubs would be looking for pieces that are ready for the majors now or at the very least least some of the pieces.

Back to the drawing board!!

some links for those interested in him, expected cost is $20M range and likely bidding won't start until after the season starts. Looking at Jorge Solver’s age and physical frame makes you think you just caught lighting in a bottle. His frame and projection is still massively untapped and he could be a 230 pound masher in his prime; it is that type of lower foundation and torque that makes every scout think he will be better than Leonys Martin, who was signed by the Rangers last year. He shows every tool that you covet and then some for an up the middle prospect. Soler, the 18U team's right fielder, has a strapping 6-foot-3, 205-pound body, is 18 and has five-tool potential. The best running time scouts got for Balaguer was 4.4 seconds to first base; Soler, also a right-handed hitter, checked in at 4.26. Soler has bat speed and what one scout called "explosive power" to go with above-average arm strength. Soler is four years younger and more talented than Leonys Martin, another Cuban outfielder who signed a $15.6 million major league contract with the Rangers in April. Once Soler is cleared to sign with a major league team, he’s expected to top Martin’s deal. The new CBA provides for a $2.9 million international cap for each team for the 2012-13 signing period, which doesn’t start until July 2. As long as Soler signs before then, he won’t be subject to the cap. And even if he were, he’s talented enough and the penalties for busting the cap are so light (a 100-percent tax on the overage and a prohibition on signing any international player for more than $250,000 in the next signing period) that I bet several clubs would be willing to exceed the $2.9 million.

Yeah, but how old is he REALLY?

i really wanted to like Baseball IQ, but it's pretty bland/dry. these guys are some legit/hardcore baseball nerds, though. it's delivering what it promised and you can learn + jog your memory about a lot. matt vag is good for keeping guys loose, but almost all the contestants lack personality.

"but almost all the contestants lack personality' heh

Can we get a headline or quick summary of a link so I know if it's worth clicking? Yes, I'm that lazy.


You guys probably opened your presents on Christmas eve.

If you hover over the link in the trib's case, you get a summary: beginning of URL and then: /breaking/chi-wrigley-rooftop-venue-sold-in-bankruptcy-auction-20120124,0,4840974.story That was enough for me. And yes, I'm that lazy, too, so I relate. I didn't click through. No offense to Jacos.

Some great reporting by the affirmative action Trib reporter... //The Schlenker bid of $4.8 million was named the preferred bidder prior to Friday's auction, meaning other bidders would have to top the price.// Subsequent bidders would have to bid more to win. Who knew? .. Actually, with a preferred bidder designation someone would have had to outbid Schlenker by 5% to win the bid and no doubt they were hoping the Ricketts would do just that. The way this article is written, you would think that Samninja was one of the Cubs' best pitchers. This came as a pretty big shock to me. I must not have been paying attention last year, but in the past he has always been infuriatingly wild... What is everyone else's take on him? When i looked up his career stats, I pulled up an article saying the Cubs had declined his option for 2012... What is his contract status?

Had a good if not lucky year in 2011. Cubs still own his rights, he's now an auto-renewal for a year and then arb eligible starting next season.

If the Cubs declined his option for 2012, I don't understand why he is auto-renewal. I would have thought that made him a free agent... If you could explain this, I would appreciate it.

Samardzija signed a major league contract right after being drafted that had him signed through 2011 with options for 2012 and 2013. The Cubs declined his options, but he still hasn't reached 6 years of service time, so he's still property of the Cubs. A matter of fact, he hasn't even reached arbitration eligibility, so for one season he's still an auto-renewal player which means Cubs can pay him essentially whatever they want over the league minimum. Most players get called up and they are auto-renewal players for the first 3 years and then arb eligible the next 3 years and then free agents. Samardzija signed the somewhat unique major league deal, so his first few years were covered by that contract. The Cubs wisely declined his option this season because he hadn't reached 3 years of service time and hasn't been as good as they wanted, so he's now like any other player with 2+ years of service time although he is out of option years already.

So the option was to pay him a lot of money or a little money?

pretty much... had he reached 3 years or more of service time by the end of 2011 and been a little better, then picking up the option would have made some sense for the Cubs, but the way things worked out, it was a no-brainer to decline it. Bad thing is he's out of option years though, so he has to stick with the club or be outrighted and then exposed to waivers.

Thanks, Rob.

I could be wrong, but I thought that the Cubs can only reduce his salary by 15%?

oh that's right, good catch...seems to be 20% though. Because of Samardzija’s service time, he remains under club control as a pre-arbitration-eligible player. Under Major League Baseball rules, the Cubs have the right to renew his contract for no less than 80 percent — $2.24 million — of his 2011 salary. it was a $3M option, so they save just under $800K.

And they are going to cut his per diem from 50 dollars a day to 20 dollars a day.

There is no such thing as a lucky year.

tell that to Kent Bottenfield

And Corbin Bernsen.

Samardzija came on strong last year as the season wore on. Towards the end, he looked like the pitcher the Cubs had hoped for a couple of years ago. I believe that is the reason why the Cubs felt comfortable in trading Cashner. Whether he can do it as a starter, however, is still up in the air.

that raised their stock with fall/winter league performances LaHair has gone from a Quad-A hitter to one scouts believe in. He was one of the best hitters in the minors in 2011 with a .331/.405/.664 line for Triple-A Iowa, and he was impressive enough in an end-of-season stint with the Cubs that he's been handed the first-base job, even after the acquisition of Anthony Rizzo. Though things are finally lining up for LaHair, he played in Venezuela this winter and dominated the league; he hit 15 home runs in 169 at-bats and drew nine intentional walks. Just as importantly, he spent some time in left field, hoping to prove that when Rizzo is ready, he'll be able to move, as opposed to just fade away.

That's encouraging. Surely, Soriano will be gone by the time Rizzo is ready to be promoted.

I hope no one thinks LaHair is going to be any better defensively than Soriano out there.

Hold onto that hope, Hollywood Rob, but don't live on it. He that lives upon hope will die fasting.

Maybe LaHair and Soriano can work out as a platoon situation?

wouldn't that be nice? $18M per year Soriano will throw a fit if that happens and then Cubs will release him.

is it too late to teach LaHair the Sori-hop? at least he will be dirt cheap compared to Soriano.

except they'll still be paying Soriano regardless, either to play for them or another team or to sit at home.

Surely he can't be any worse!!

wouldn't put it past him, not like he's a particularly athletic dude and hasn't played that much out there. While Soriano does a lot of dumb stuff, his defensive ratings have never been horrible out there.

When is that new defensive thimabob is coming out? Where they have cameras at every stadium focused on players to get true defensive ratings.

Never heard of this - I would think that the player would hate it, because it would catch them napping..

it should help stuff like mike bordick's 2002 season make much more sense when you realize he set up on the outfield grass rather than the dirt at SS.

Isn't that why we have you around, crunch?

if you people start talking about the 2002 baltimore orioles i'm outta here...unless you want to talk about tony batista's batting stance cuz that shit was awesome.

I think you brought them up... Let me check... Yep! Hey, what about Tony Batista's batting stance?

that is some funny shit right there


uh they might have a problem in st. louis cause that squirrel would throw off the software.

the thing that kills me the past 2 years about soriano is watching him fumble around with routes while balls pass over his used to be the wasted hop while catching that killed his forward momentum that bugged me. once a ball gets past him it's game on for the runner...and people don't hold on his arm as much anymore.


Scouting report on both Cespedes and Soler...

My three year old grand daughter would not be as bad as Soriano in left field.

"The team lost a big chunk of potential fans from Chicago’s advertising industry "... Is this a good thing or a bad thing???

it's only 1 commercial campaign...they'll have a short term memory about it. besides, they don't want to park their luxury cars anywhere near the white sox park, much less drive there.

If butt hurt was in the dictionary, it would have a copy of that article under it.

Nah, I think it would have a picture of a sore butt. Maybe a pale one with rosy marks around the tender part.

they're the guys that came up with the Baldwin/Krasinski ads if they can actually bring humor to Cubs ads, god bless them, because the sappy bullshit they've been running for years is grading. I want the Twins and Mariners ads.

Agreed. "Its a way of Life?" what is? Losing?

his career has been long over besides minors filler these days, but... "Daryle Ward was suspended 50 games by Major League Baseball for testing positive for amphetamines."

In all fairness, at his age and weight, I'd need them too.

Dave Cameron: "Next winter, Cole Hamels, Zack Greinke, Matt Cain, Anibal Sanchez, Shaun Marcum, Colby Lewis, and Brandon McCarthy are all slated to hit the market. . ." top 100 B. Jackson #33 Rizzo #37 Baez #62 Hak ju lee #46 Archer #74

Prediction--before the year is out, Maples and Vogelsong will be on this list, Archer will not. I wish we still had Hak-ju. - says Cubs will go after Cespedes and Soler (guess Cespedes makes sense with lack of FA hitters available next offseason and him or Jackson can move to a corner, probably Cespedes. Soler's a few years away). - completely forgets that Volstad is part of the rotation mix, corrects it - thinks either Garza gets an extension or he's traded between now and July 31st. - suggests Hoyer/McLeod talked a reluctant Epstein in trading Cashner for Rizzo

I like the idea of Prado for Byrd. Someone make it happen.

think Byrd was no longer interesting for Braves once they got Bourne

ken caminiti aint got shit on this dude... "Dustin Richardson has been suspended 50 games for testing positive for five different PEDs. A former fifth-round draft pick, Richardson was released by the Braves earlier this winter after struggling to rein in his control issues last season at the Triple-A level. The 28-year-old could struggle to find a new opportunity."

"Chaz Roe has been suspended 50 games following a positive test for amphetamines." cut from the Ms in june...2 days, 3 PED announcements

"2 days, 3 PED announcements" Somebody at MLB must be hyper...

unless darryl ward got there first...suspended for amphetamines yesterday.

Sox plan on confusing tweeking fans with Sunday uniforms- Rob G and E-man- You see the uniforms are red, and they are called the White Sox! Crazy, right?

I actually really liked those unis and caps back in the day.

as soon as you mentioned it was about the Sox I knew not to click on the link. the system works perfectly....

According to MLB Trade Rumors:
"Free agent Raul Ibanez believes that a three-day session that he had in December with Cubs hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo will be key to a bounce back season in 2012. Last season, Ibanez hit .245/.289/.419 in 575 plate appearances for the Phillies."
Rudy hasn't had much of an impact on the Cubs (the teams that pays his salary), but he is apparently helping players that will be playing against them. Doesn't seem right, does it?

FUZZ BOX Re: Rizzo I think the idea that he had "holes exposed" (try taking that phrase out of context) as a 21-year-old in the big leagues is pretty damn silly. Re: B. Jackson Well, yeah, it does. If he can't maintain a high enough contact rate against better-quality pitching, the OBP won't hold up. Re: Soler and if Cespedes is worth over $50M I'd be in on both, since they're the last truly free international free agents we'll have until eventually baseball realizes they've shot themselves in the foot with the restrictions in the new CBA. Re: Backloading or frontloading contracts Teams prefer backloading because it keeps money free in the current year to add more players, and because they're essentially betting on salary inflation. Players prefer backloaded deals because the final year's salary affects potential arbitration cases.

Manny Corpas is your 40-man casualty... outrighted and will now be an NRI to spring training.

Thu, 01/26/2012 - 2:11pm — Rob G. Re: The Current NL Central Lineups Manny Corpas is your 40-man casualty... outrighted and will now be an NRI to spring training. ======================= ROB G: Per Article XX-D of the CBA, Manny Corpas now has eight days to decide whether to accept the Outright Assignment or elect free-agency. (Players who have accrued at least three years of MLB Service Time and/or been outrighted previously in their career can refuse an Outright Assignment, and Corpas has accrued 4+076 MLB ST through the 2011 season). If he elects free-agency, he can choose to become a free-agent immediately, or he can defer free-agency until the end of the MLB regular season. If he elects to become a free-agent immediately, his contract is terminated and he receives no termination pay. If he defers free-agency until the end of the MLB regular season, his contract remains in force and he is paid at the minor league split rate while on Outright Assignment. Also, he would not have the right to be an Article XX-D minor league free-agent post-2012 if he is added to an MLB 40-man roster prior to the conclusion of the MLB regular season. The fact that he was not claimed off Outright Waivers makes it pretty obvious that none of the other 29 MLB clubs wanted Corpas if it meant having to add him to their 40-man roster (at least for the salary he's getting from the Cubs), and it is likewise questionable whether he could hope to get the money he's getting from the Cubs if he were to elect free-agency now and sign a minor league contract with another club. So Corpas will very likely accept the Outright Assignment and defer free-agency until the conclusion of the MLB regular season (presuming he has not been added to an MLB 40-man roster by that time). BTW, if the Cubs bring Corpas up from the minors and add him back to their MLB Reserve List (40-man roster) at least 20 days after MLB Opening Day, he burns a minor league option (he has two left), even though he was outrighted--not optioned--to Iowa today. However, if the Cubs bring him up from the minors and add him to their MLB Reserve List (40-man roster) prior to the 20th day of the MLB regular season (like if he makes the Cubs 25-man roster out of Spring Training), an option is not charged. Free Baseball America chat happening...

Leyland says Miguel Cabrera will indeed move to 3B...Tigers pitchers must be thrilled. Fielder, Cabrera and not like Peralta is all that great. Dear god, stay away from Rick Porcello in your fantasy drafts.


That's what my girlfriend says when she sees my wife's number flashing on my iPhone.

And to top it off, Ryan Raburn at 2B. A defensive minus at every position in the infield. This team almost NEEDS Garza.

DET unveils their new infielder's gloves...designed by mickey hatcher

"Considered a more comprehensive measurement of batting efficiency because it adds more things to other things" win.

I liked this one... "RUNX2: A stat equal to the number of runs scored by a baseball player multiplied by two" I didn't listen to any of it, but apparently in Goldstein's podcast he believes Cubs are favorites for Cespedes and throws out a $40M figure and that they may already have an offer on the table. looks like LHP Gerardo Concepcion will decide soon...

Our condolences to Theo on the passing of his Puerto-Rican cousin-

it's like so weird, you know. I'm dyin over here...

MLB MLB BREAKING: @Phillies sign OF Juan Pierre to Minor League contract with invitation to Spring Training. I betting he doesn't play in MLB next year.

The good thing about Juan Pierre is that speed never slumps.

No, but as you get older, you might find yourself leading the league in caught stealing for the last two years.

Or in an ED commercial.

Or leading off the wrong way in a video game commercial.

The Riot signed with the Giants, reuniting him with TRN's lamely-nicknamed buddy Fountainout.

It appears as if the Giants now have the lead in short IFers


Bobby Scales is BACK!


Fri, 01/27/2012 - 11:48am — Jace Bobby Scales is BACK! =============================== JACE: Bobby Scales will probably be a player-coach at Iowa in 2012, coaching 1st base, and getting temporarilily activated whenever they need a body. Meanwhile, Scales will learn the ropes of managing and instruction under the I-Cubs' veteran minor league manager (and ex- Cubs Minor League Field Coordinator) Dave Bialas. The Cubs have done this many times before. Just for example, Casey Kopitzke, Mark Johnson, Jason Dubois, Franklin Font, and Leo Perez were all player-coaches in the Cubs organization before getting full-time gigs as minor league coaches or managers. Besides Bobby Scales, other candidates for minor league player-coach next season would include Blake Lalli, David Macias, Carlos Figueroa, and Mario Mercedes.

what an exciting day in irrelevant ex-Cubs news

oh yes, the Tigers infield defense is gonna suck..chart in there of the worse defensive infields of all-time and if you don't have the Yankees offense from 2000-2010, the team records aren't too great. has a list of the worst defensive 3B seasons of all-time, guess which 2 Cubs made it and the year?

The Answer: 5th worst since 1951 was Ron Cey in 1983, 11th worst was Aramis Ramirez in 2006

I guessed Cey at some year, not Aram.


That's not entirely fair. The Cubs have had over 2,000 third basemen. By the law of averages, we'll have a lot on any all-time list.

it uses FRAA so why bother? tori hunter agrees strongly since he's evidently a very league average CF'r except for the 2 years where he was ungodly...which is oddly sandwiched between a year he was well below average.

to annoy you

obviously not, but FRAA is flunky as hell...more-so than newer UZR formulations, imo. BPros clings to it like a war widow.

Yaquis de Obregon won the Mexican Pacific League title RHP Marco Carillo, RHP Oswaldo Martinez and INF Alfredo Amezaga were on the team from the Cubs. I didn't recognize any other Cubs on the roster.

David Cameron tweet- In 1982, Bob Stanley faced 694 batters in relief. In 2011, Jeff Samardzija led all relievers with 380 batters faced.

thank you Tony LaRussa for pussifying(that's a word right? it is now) relievers..

did you see how he managed his relievers in the playoffs? if the cards didnt win that's all people would be talking about.

here's the article on if relievers being used on shorter stints is better for the teams it is fantastic and as most of us agree (besides MLB managers), it doesn't seem to have helped one bit. Cubs "window to win" in a fun graphical form

ryan flaherty and marwin gonzalez still on there...

they'll be back :)

Theo probably having a good laugh over this

that is fantastic...

Is that a true story? Caveat emptor.

Ruzz Canzler DFA'd by Rays to make room for Keppinger. just a tsunami of ex-Cubs news today....

Well... mikewickett michael wickett tweet- Corey Hart: "You lose more in the clubhouse with craig counsell leaving than Prince". #brewers

No way, Prince is much bigger.

Hey, Anybody get their swing analyzed by Rudy Jaramillo for $150. And then what to make ? of this tidbit from C. Muskat's column on Josh Vitters... //Stewart has gotten a head start. He attended a mini-camp with Cubs hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo in early January in Mesa and the reports were good.//

Default Footer Text lulz...templates

lou pinella's mom passes away, fwiw.

b.selig at "Sox Fest 2012" (wsox) asked about the theo-compensation issue...reply "'s in my lap." no idea how long this will drag on.

/Bud Selig's Lap'd

Lame. Vitters comes across as a woe-is-me, huge chip-on-the-shoulder kid. A call-up "isn't up to me, it's the front office's call" about you hit better than a 800 OPS in the minors in your SIXTH professional season and maybe someone will take you serious? Cripes, the Cubs are real men of genius when it comes to having that #3 overall pick, aren't they? Patterson, Montanez, Vitters. Awesome.

Not much Muskat writes for the team isn't lame. I didn't take any of Vitters' comments as woe is me. What's he supposed to say? "These clowns called up Campana and not me. WTF?" Anyway, I think he'll beat the shit out of the PCL this year. I think he stays in Iowa all year and works on his defense and getting into hitter's counts.

Yeah, I don't read any amount of complaining in that article.

"Any way I can get to the big leagues to help the team is perfect for me," he said. What a dick...

lulz...MLBInsideNews "Scott Swaim" closed his account minutes/hours after prince fielder was signed. at least that's over.

fwiw, matt garza was at the bulls game on the 25th. wonder what he's in town for (besides a basketball game)...or if he lives here now in the offseason. he's got 3 kids and at least 1 is school age, maybe 2. he wasn't good at condoms in highschool...supposedly a good family dude, though. whatever, rock on.

he wasn't good at condoms in highschool

hey, he married the woman and had 2 more...and still with her. something worked out.

offseason weekend MLB Network content = the sad.

will be making a calculated gamble that Cubs fans are slightly less whiny than Red Sox fans.

Wow! maybe this is meant for overweight Cubs? Or me?

I really want an Italian beef, some cheese fries, a coke, and a milkshake now. Thank you spammer for making me fatter.

"Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the Cardinals are "actively shopping" right-hander Kyle McClellan." i still think it's an error on STL's part not having him as a starter. maybe someone will "fix" that issue. cubs not rumored in the mix, fwiw.

Somebody say something.

That'll do, that'll do. Frankly, I was hoping for something along the lines of a Rule 34'd Q-Bert/Jose Macias...but "Ugly" Dickshot will do, indeed.

Serious about what? My desire to see Macias giving it to a hyperrealistic Q-Bert? My appreciation of anyone named Dickshot? Wally Moon needs to find the number for Geo Soto's groomer, methinks.

Baseball-Reference's EloRater is a fun way to kill time... They do the shocker differently out in the country.

Spring training really needs to start soon!

Yup. If the new regime is trying to impress us with its new software capabilities and ability to round up obscure journeymen, it's succeeding.

Actually, he rounded him up for Boston last year using their software. 39 years old. There goes Theo "erring on the side of the future" again! WALOBS!

He fluked into a great year in STL in 2009, but I'm not sure even his most optimistic projection for 2012 fetches anything interesting in July.

It's a minor-league deal, so it's not like they're banking on Miller to be our primary LOOGY this year. It's insurance in case the guys we currently have vying for LH roles in the pen don't work out.

I wasn't trying to bitch per se, it just seems like deep insurance and I just meant to say it probably won't ever amount to anything. If two of Russ, Maine, Gaub, and Beliveau go down, then Miller does become important. Just in Des Moines.

wow, if i bought an insurance policy, i sure as heck would wan't more than a band-aid for coverage.

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  • First.Pitch.120 5 hours 2 min ago (view)

    Cotton McKnight: In 23 years of broadcasting I thought I'd seen it all, folks. But it looks like Peter La Fleur has actually blindfolded himself.

    Pepper Brooks: He will not be able to see very well, Cotton. 


  • First.Pitch.120 5 hours 4 min ago (view)

    Yes! Exactly... I'd love to be able to watch coverages in football or just key-in on a great WR to watch them work.


  • First.Pitch.120 5 hours 6 min ago (view)

    Wow... this is the most engagement I have ever received on any topic on social media platform. Please stay tuned for my opinions on the Oxford Comma, the APA Style Manual for Academic Writing, and the auto-correct on my iPhone.  

    I am an awesome guy at parties.... 


  • bradsbeard 15 hours 30 min ago (view)

    I watched some of the Puerto Rican Winter League games that Miguel Amaya played in this winter. At least one broadcast had a super wide shot for balls in play that let you see the OF and the baserunners at the same time. It was awesome. 


  • Wrigley Rat 18 hours 36 min ago (view)

    3 dots on this evening's Cubs-Dodgers game - makes sense & they do color in the 3rd dot as they're going to commericals (Spectrum Sportsnet).


  • crunch 20 hours 49 min ago (view)

    3 dot crew represent.  i didn't have an opinion, but now i'm 100% on board.


  • Charlie 20 hours 57 min ago (view)

    I agree on most of this, but I especially support three fillable dots for the outs--and fill in the third before cutting to a commercial!

    Not doing homework on the players in a Spring Training broadcast is pretty forgiveable, but ESPN is really bad about it pretty much all year. It would be nice if they made a habit of picking up a local color commentator and sort of interviewing them throughout games.


  • George Altman 1 day 1 hour ago (view)

    The single thing I want in a sports broadcast is to become smarter about the sport,  to learn something from the broadcast crew.

    Stone does that, Romo does that, Eddie O on hockey, and that's about it. I watch sporting events with the sound down very low or off. I forgot more about baseball than most broadcasters will ever know, and I'm always shocked when I see something in a football game that the crew doesn't,  and I know about NOTHING about football. 


  • First.Pitch.120 1 day 3 hours ago (view)

    Also... what is with only having 2 dots as the outs counter? I know that you don't really need the 3rd dot, but I find it counter-intuitive. If the dots fill in, then only having 2 throws me off b/c it's natural to subitize "3" associated with outs. You quickly see 0/3, 1/3, 2/3.  If the graphic does not have fill-in dots, then just put the #.  eg - OUTS: 1  It's minimalism for the sake of minimalism, not graphic design for effective communication.


  • crunch 1 day 3 hours ago (view)

    tight shots + insane amount of screen real estate being taken up with graphics is a bit of a plague...especially the ones with a non-stop bottom news ticker.


  • First.Pitch.120 1 day 4 hours ago (view)

    General comment on baseball broadcasting... I think that the color comentator (CC) needs to talk about 30% more & the PBP about 30% less. I would love a more stream of consciousness from the CC outlining what they would be looking for in a given situation. To that end, why not have 2 CC for national broadcasts - one a pitcher & one a position player. Would love for them to banter back & forth on micro strategy from their perspectives. I think this would turn the game's pauses between action into more of an asset.


  • crunch 1 day 5 hours ago (view)

    brews sign j.bradley 2/24m...decent deal for a quality CF'r.  he can opt out of the 2nd year.


  • crunch 1 day 6 hours ago (view)

    the national broadcasts on ESPN suffer badly from a lack of "homework" on the teams they're covering.

    yesterday i heard more riffing between the announcers about each other more than the players.  the only thing that saved them from more of that and dead air was in-progress action and player interviews (too many player interviews, but it's spring so whatever).


  • Hagsag 1 day 8 hours ago (view)

    Not impressed with ESPN's broadcast. I like Mendoza's work, but how many kids did we have to see rolling around the grass. Good day to see some young players ,but half the time you had no idea who was batting or pitching.


  • crunch 1 day 17 hours ago (view)

    cubs game totally not a delay broadcast for ESPN...thanks for that gem heyward.

    dunno if they'll be printing up any "You better have your shit in line" t-shirts, but it's as least as good as "Try not to suck"


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 1 day 19 hours ago (view)

    Jason Adam is another who throws short arm. I don't think he was a position player, but maybe falls into the arm injury category?