Your Opportunity to B*tch About TCR

As I've mentioned in the comments, a new site design is on its way in the near(ish) future. Ideally before Opening Day arrives so I can work out the bugs before the games start. It will hopefully be easier to navigate and more importantly to me, easier to maintain as I'm finding the time that I can spend on the site dwindling year by year.

Since absolutely nothing remotely interesting is happening, I'm going to dip into the shark infested waters and dare to ask what more or less you'd like to see from the site.

There's a survey below to start you off (), but feel free to add anything in the comments. Just don't take it personally if it doesn't get implemented. It's all fair game...any issues or ideas you may have with the site layout, articles, readers, etc.

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Thanks for the input and bear with me as I try to get the new site up relatively soon.



I just took the survey, but I'd also like to suggest that you make the site suck less. Also, if you could make all of the commenters suck less, especially Crunch, I'd appreciate that.

I'd also like to suggest that you make the Cubs suck less too, especially Soriano, I'd appreciate that.

ban all commenters with the letter "J" in their names, except for me.

Wait, that would include me!

Maybe you need to go Espanol with your user name and change it to "The Hoe."

good luck with that, the suck flows like lotion through your fingers.

You have my attention.

for the low price of $19.95 a month you can have my attention at

More stuff about Tim Tebow would help!! Oops wrong site!

More fart please.

I agree.


More fart please.
"2. What do you think of the quality of the comments and the readers that contribute?"
Sigh... :)

That survey is way too long. I'll just say that I come here first for news on the Cubs, to see how grouchy crunch is, to read up on AZ Phil's ridiculously detailed look at the kids, and to occasionally try my hand at off base humor. Most of the commenters here are also way more knowledgeable about players than I am, which makes it great for hot stove league stuff. In fact, they are more knowledgeable than most of the writers out there, too. I can't say I miss the snarkiness that left when TNR left. It's too bad that had to happen though, because when he behaved himself he had some good stuff to say. But getting all bent about a baseball post seems a little "do you have a life?" to me. Oh, and I wish people would quit farting on this site.

i used to come see Cubfan, ST and TRN bitch and get into fights but now that they're gone, I guess Crunch has been passed the baton so that's still fun.

Hey fucktards, it was 35 degrees and snowing yesterday. I thought that was impossible according to the real nutjob. I like the site how it is, only change it if it saves you cash and/or headaches. And fuck a mobile site, those are for people with shit phones.

Fuck that, here you go, Rob:

neat, I'll take a look at it.

Biggest issue I have on my mobile device(s) is the threaded comments. Of course, threaded comments are one the things I like most about the design/functionality of the site. So the best option is... ?

Keep up the site comments, but in the meantime... Epstein is counting on injuries to the rest of the division. We have one advantage over some of the opponents we might face, in that we can withstand an injury or two and still throw a very reputable starting pitcher out there every day, five days around the rotation. And if our opponents in the division can’t – because of injuries or attrition or poor performance – then we might surprise some people

and Sveum “It is a high-stress job and city,” Sveum said. “The bottom line is we’re trying to win every single (time) we go out there. But more importantly, we’re building this organization to win consistently every single year to where you have the ability to win World Series because you’re consistently winning 90-plus games every year.”

Ain't it amazing what a title and money can do? 'Cuz he was trying to get us to lose every time we went out there. At least he understands how it is to laugh at us, now he is in the same boat,, dugout. Did Lou P get stressed? Only when his mom got sick. Hey Dale! WE ARE STRESSED... PS Rob - Since ESPN hates all things Chicago and WGN devotes 30 seconds to sports each day, I can't tell you how much I appreciate this site. It keeps moving up my Chrome hits as ST ebbs closer. Sincere thanks from Texas...

Well, usually the high stress on the northside comes from trying to win every game with a team that's lucky to win any game.

What I understood him to say was, if any of our competitors lose one of their starters, it's really going to hurt them. But if we lose one of ours, we can replace them with any warm body and get basically the same performance out of them.

Ever play poker? Four 5's always beats a pair of aces. /eyeroll

Kind of what I thought as well. Nothing like setting the bar low early. Can't wait til Tom Ricketts comes out with a silver cloud of 'This projects to be our best year financially since we purchased the club".

Is that a real quote? link?

Not a real quote. Just what I assume he says to Papa Ricketts in private.

I don't think that's a secret, or necessarily a bad thing. Now, I'll be pissed in a year or two if those profits aren't re-invested in players or (more importantly) player facility upgrades at Wrigley (a well-documented shortfall).

a lot of great feedback on the survey by the way, especially in the comment boxes for a few questions. Much appreciated.

I didn't put anything in the comments cause I'm lazy. I like parachat though and miss the conversations. If Cubs end up doing anything I want it still there for me to go back too.

Some news about this Jeremy Lin guy would be neat.

Cubs Lin! Cubs Lin!

as much as i liked the peak of the parachat years it seems the past 2 years it's a luxury that people aren't tapping. shame.

You log on and hope to see all your friends but there's no one ever there - it's just like Google+.

i blame transmission and micheal barrett.

It's Ne!f!'s fault! Two things I'd like to see more of here: 1) Better FB integration so new posts show up in my feed, thereby encouraging me to participate in the high brow, intellectual Cubs talk ot TCR. 2) More jokes about dudes with mustaches.

You want more Carrie Muskat jokes? Easily done...

it's just like Google+. Haha!

Report that Cespedes offered 6/40 from Marlins, then a tweet that it was less than $40M from a Marlins beat writer

via trib.. "Next week looks like a big one for the commissioner's office. Look for both the Ryan Braun and Theo Epstein rulings to come down, although only the Epstein compensation matter is under Bud Selig's control."

In the Feb Vineline, among the scouting reports on page # 28, it says that the Cubs have signed another Cuban athlete. Leugim Barroso,26, is expected to start at AA or AAA. He is an IF with a strong glove. I hadnt heard of this signing.

Harry would've loved this guy. "Leugim spelled backwards is Miguel." Latest from Cafardo on compensation

watching the aussie ABL championship game. i haven't seen this many 80-88mph fastballs in a wooden bat league since summer highschool/college invitationals. also, "everybody clap you hands" gets mad royalty payments in aussie-land baseball, too.

great game...not so great skills displayed. not messy, just lacking MLB-quality talent. 13th inning (2nd night in a row)...great series. Perth wins for those that care...which is probably no one...including me.

On the eve of the Finals, the baseball report here in Perth was story number 6, after cricket, rugby, pre-season Aussie Rules Football, soccer (Australian A-League), and basketball (NBL). I was gone from town 'til today (Weds for me, Tues in Chicago). There was a one-column by about 3-inch (er, 8-cm) piece in the depths of the sports section of the West Australian today about the pitcher who won the MVP, about him hoping to get back to the big leagues but having no hesitation about coming back here next year.

@Kevin_Goldstein Kevin Goldstein Rumors out of the DR today that the Cubs are making a very very big play for Jorge Soler.

cubs in 2015...woo.

Excellent mastery of turning good news into a negative...

Reasons to Stay Upbeat by Crunch #ThinnestSportsBooks

okay, a couple of 19 year olds taking up 2 roster spots on the 40-man at around 30m over 5 years and they should show up MLB ready after 1 year in the minors. cubs 2013. happy now? realistic now? soler's a top-5 draft pick caliber talent at least. get off muh nuts.

I'm sure their next teams will be glad to have them when they are out of option casualties in Spring Training 2015.

Don't you have a White Sox blog to post at?

You are more than welcome to skim past my postings.

And you are welcome to stop repeating the same stupid shit. Or go to some Cubs site that welcomes constant, repetitive complaining. Or make a "Fuck the Cubs" site and post your complaints there. Sorry, but it's fucking old

Perhaps it's you who needs to hang out elsewhere. BCB is flush with Pollyanna, apologist and company line toaters. I'm sure they'd be happy to have you. I think it's noteworthy that payroll is off 40 million from when they bought the team. You don't have to agree with my opinion. Nor do you need to be a jerk in the way you disagree.

All the regulars here already know that the payroll is lower this year so it's kinda weird how you keep 3/44ing that.

I honestly don't know why you come here and constantly complain with wise ass comments about how shitty the decisions are, or how shitty the ownership is. I mean, if you're that bent out of shape about it then you should pick a different team to root for or go hire a therapist. Apologies for being a jerk, but your posts are not only not factual, but repetitive and boring. Just my opinion.

What the hell did I say exactly? Other than giving 18 year old's 40 man roster spots will lead them to be out of options before they are likely ready? Do you disagree with that statement?

I understand your point, but I have a hard time believing Theo is worried about Concepcion being out of option years (4) before he's ready to nail down a roster spot. He's signed him to a contract that assumes the kid can move from PEO/DAY in 2012 to the MLB roster by April of 2016. I would have to assume this is a gamble Theo was willing to make based on the kid's ceiling, make-up, and skills. For reasons you and many others may not agree with, Theo chose this over signing a FA pitcher (like CJ Wilson) to a 5-year contract with comparable risks the player could be ineffective or on the DL in years 4 and 5 at $14-15M per season. I can't confirm that was his reasoning but it seems more plausible than not, and if so, I can't disagree with this type of risk for a 'major market' team.

I agree with that. They are obviously building for the future and trying to lessen their financial commitments for the very near future. It kind of makes me wonder if there is some validity to playing in the Cell over the next couple of years while they restore Wrigley? If that is indeed what the plan has been. Then I take back much of the flak that I dished out towards ownership this off season. Obviously they don't have the kind of deep pockets to lose Tens of Millions while they play on the South Side.

Fair enough. I admit, you have been the recipient of my cheap shots...not offense intended, you just seem like one who can roll with the punches. BUT, you seem really down on the Cubs this off-season. I'm happy that the Cubs are (maybe) spending non-my-money on some really talent.

actually, if you look at everything but the last cuban signing i've been okay or liked every move they've made for what they're trying to do. even though i expect Z to outperform volstad, i really like that one. even the stewart trade i dont mind even though i expect anything out of it. if the guy hits .250/.320 with 20+ HR i'd be happy as hell about it. i don't feel like he's capable of it and highly exposed, though. but what was given up...*shrug* i'm down on cubs 2012. i think they have hope for 2013. i don't buy into them being some long-term 2015 plan...but i'm not pretending some 19 year olds are going to be impact in 12/13 and probably 14.

When was the last time the Cubs did a "youth movement"?

why is that some kind of good thing because it sounds good? it's exciting. you need youth + vets... this is a 130-140m team, though...and there have been cubs youth movements in the past...injuries and suck ruled the day, though. hopefully this crew can draft/develop better.

I didn't say it was a good thing. I was trying to think last time they went this young. 1993-1994?

2002 jumps immediately to mind. plus the over-pay draft slots approach over many years since. dylan maples recently.

Sosa, Alou,McGriff, pitching was young

i'm talking more of the minors youth movement...didn't realize you meant the pro team. i don't see 2012 on the MLB club as a youth movement given the upside of most everyone but rizzo/lahair. lahair isn't youth, but for the use/cost he might as well be. if stewart comes through he's got 1 cheap year left at least. i guess wood/volstad could technically break out ace-style, but it's not likely. imo, the pitchers are middle/end rotation fodder which should hopefully help support a good 2013 team...especially with spending money on it...if enough of the 2012 gambles play out.

The Cubs lineup in 2002 was as follows: Girardi (37) McGriff (38) Bellhorn (27) Mueller (31) Alex Gonzalez (29) Alou (35) Patterson (22) Sosa (33) I'll give that the staff had youth with Wood and Prior, but to say that this was a youth movement is a bit of a stretch.

1988 was a nice little youth movement. At least until Cindy Sandberg messed everything up.

explained above. i'm not willing to cut a team a break because they field d.barney...unless d.barney production is all you expect out of the sub-28 year old.

I missed your above post... But won't the minor leagues always be a youth movement? Isn't that the point of a minor league system?

it all depends on perspective, imo. some people would say the majors team defiantly is a youth movement based on the amount of under-30 players on the 25-man regardless of ceiling. i tend to place more importance in overall ceiling when it comes to a kid.

2002 was young? C- Girardi 37 yrs old 1B McGriff- 38 2B Bellhorn -27 SS A-Gon -29 3B Mueller- 31 LF Alou- 35 CF Patterson 22 yrs old RF Sosa - 33 The rotation was fairly young, but Clement and Wood each had a couple seasons under their belt: Wood- 25 Clement-27 Lieber- 31 Bere- 31 Prior-21 Zambrano-21 So Patterson was young, Prior and Zambrano. Still a lot of age on that team.

I'm pretty sure someone said it was a $70 MM payroll this year, then $30 next year including Soriano's $19

It would make sense. They need blue chip prospects as badly as any franchise, and there if they are going to extend Matt Garza, there aren't going to many opportunities to pick them up. Throw a lot of money at Soler. Feel free to throw some cash at Cespedes, too, Rickettses.

I love it.

If they sign Soler can he replace Soriano on the 40-man?

The 40-man roster has improved, while the payroll has gone down. It might not be the "perfect offseason," but I'm going to go ahead and call it a solid effort.

Is minus Aramis, Z, Marshall, Pena and Fukudome really a 40 man roster upgrade?

outside of Marshall, I would say yes. You can still sign Fuku and Pena was available until last week.

Pena signed January 24th...not last week. Ramirez vs Ian stewart Pena vs LaHair For 2012, this is not an upgrade on paper. For 2013-and beyond, I am hoping that it will be.

If you put aside arbitration time and salaries, then I concede it's probably a push. But the rotation is undeniably much deeper, and I think this team is in good shape to win just as many games with a smaller payroll. That's not the goal, but it's a step in the right direction.

Is there a 2012 over/under on Cubs wins yet. Just curious ...

Rob's ranking from somewhere or other I think had them at 74. Is that right?

Pound the under. Especially since we will be dealing anyone not nailed down come July.

I thought I heard 75 from PERCOTA projections.

If everything goes right for the Cubs: 85 wins If everything goes wrong: 65 wins The median then suggests: 75 wins. I think it would be extremely hard for the Cubs to lose 100 games, there are too many weak teams in the NL right now. So we've got that going for us.

fwiw on Soler, he still hasn't established residency or any of that, so any news at this point is premature. Teams will get more involved once that situation resolves itself. says Cubs are moving off Cespedes and allegedly willing to go up to $27.5M on Soler (jeebus).

Goldstein has a major woody for Soler, I don't recall him or any others for that matter being as excited over Cespedes. So here's the question: is Soler a Bryce Harper, Mike Trout-quality prospect? And if so, isn't he worth Harper/Trout kind of money, plus a premium given his international FA status? I'd say anything under 5/year (say, 6/28) is worth the gamble.

a lot of people would call him a top-5 pick both last year (when people started talking about him) and this year if he was draft exposed. he's no bryce, but no one is. bryce, for all the criticism about attitude and etc, is one of the most special young players in the game since ken griffey jr/arod/etc...

Was just gonna post this myself. How long til he is expected to obtain FA status?

rumors were beginning of the season is when teams could sign him.

Let me bitch about Levine instead. I've got a serious question for the group: Is there any quantifiable f'ing reason the top article on the espn Cub blog page for the last day or two (at least) should be about another team's manager's thoughts on an overpaid 30 y/o pitcher who may or may not be a possibility for 'comeback player' this year? Am I the only one who wishes Zambrano well (as long as it's not against us), or not well, but ultimately just doesn't give a fuck? And ditto the reanimated Hendry article. They're gone, Bruce, you may actually have to write about baseball now. And let me clue you in, Pulitzer was never coming calling anyway. Just me...?

I don't really think Levine is awesome or anything, but I mainly just don't care about his opinion much. If he's passing something along from the actual team, maybe there's some value in his writing. I enjoyed the Ozzie article because there has been very little Cubs related activity to sate my appetite. Plus he's pretty fucking nuts, but I love how direct he can be. I wish he worked in my office sometimes.

We're getting geared up for the fourth year of our fantasy keeper league and I know we'll have at least 1 roster opening this year. It's a $30 entry fee- 12-team league that pays out $200, 100, and 60 for first, second, and third. Even though it's a keeper league, first-year teams can be competitive due to the draft compensation rules we have in place. If you are interested, shoot me an e-mail at rynox77[at] and I'll reply to you (from a different e-mail, my real e-mail address) with details. Last year managers, expect an e-mail in the next day or two with enrollment instructions. #44 Jackson, #66 Baez, #75 Rizzo. Says Soler would be #38.

OAKLAND? Buster Olney @Buster_ESPN Sources: Oakland has agreed to terms with Yoenis Cespedes, 4 years, $36 million.

Mystery Team strikes again part of deal is they can't offer him arbitration after 4 years is up which makes him a free agent again.

So, 9 Million per year? Seems like that should drop the asking price on Soler, too... At that price, it seems like the cubs could have gotten both of these guys, but as long as they scoop up Soler, I will be okay with it...

It might be more like $12 million per year of actual, real and contributing MLB play. Depending on how things go.

I thought that I read that he was looking for a team where he could start in the majors from day one... did he not find it?

certainly isn't going to be anyone blocking him

Could be he found it, but whether he actually contributes anything this year is anyone's guess. I don't blame him for focusing on that, though. Also, I thought he would be more interested in the flashy lifestyle of South Beach. I was wrong.

Sure, i get what you are saying. that's why this was such a gamble, because projecting him into the majors right away was a pretty tough thing to do... you mean you haven't heard about the flashy lifestyle of the Oakland area????

If you're talking about gun flashes along Telegraph Avenue, yes. I've heard of those.

Well played!

Well, Cespedes did say he wanted a shot at playing right away...

I was thinking right along with some guys here, that he would sign with Marlins just so he didn't have to face Z...

Since you bring up Z, Buster Olney says he was clocked at 94-95 this winter

Are you sure you didn't read he Clocked someone, Nav?


That was on his Vespa, not his fastball

Nah, top speed on a Vespa is 80 mph. But Venezuela uses the metric system so maybe they're talking kilometers per hour.

Hot gun.

Wow. If true - I as well thought he was bringing his talents to South Beach. Hmmm...