Cubs Pitchers Stretch Out at Fitch Park

Randy Wells, Travis Wood, Andy Sonnanstine, Trey McNutt, Lendy Castillo, Marcos Mateo, Trever Miller, and Rodrigo Lopez threw "live" BP at cool & blustery Fitch Park today, before a sparse crowd under partly cloudy skies.

Wells, T. Wood, Sonnanstine, McNutt, and Lopez threw 45 pitches each, while L. Castillo, Mateo, and Miller threw 30 pitches a piece.

This is somewhat of a change from past years, as the pitchers who are prepping as starters are throwing more pitches per outing earlier than before. I can't remember the last time I saw any pitcher throw 45 pitches in a pre-Cactus League "live" BP session at Fitch.

Lopez has (apparently) been tabbed to start the Cactus League opener versus the Oakland A's at HoHoKam Park on Sunday, and it appears he has a reasonable shot to win the 12th man slot (long reliever/spot starter/garbage man) on the pitching staff. Lopez isn't Cy Young, but he does have the proverbial "rubber" arm and doesn't really need a lot of extra side-work to stay stretched out enough to be able to give his team four passably-decent innings (five tops) when needed.

Best performance at the plate today in "live" BP was by Junior Lake, who hit a couple of balls off the outfield fence, and Josh Vitters peppered Rule 5 draft pick Lendy Castillo's offerings with line-drives back through the box. Otherwise, there were no dingers, as the pitchers appeared to be mostly ahead of the hitters.

1B Anthony Rizzo (acquired from the Padres during the off-season) took some extra ground balls at 1st base after BP. He is a hard worker and the coaches really seem to like him a lot.

Steve Clevenger, battling Welington Castillo and Jason Jaramillo for the back-up catcher job, had an extensive work-out at 3B with the "B" team on Field #2 prior to the "live" BP session. Clevenger played SS in college and was moved to 2B after signing with the Cubs in 2006, before being converted to catcher at Instructs post-2006. Clevenger still has work to do to make himself a major league backstop, but he has the knowledge and aptitude to play anywhere in the infield in a pinch. He's gotten a bit bottom-heavy over the years and he has little range, but having a left-hand hitting back-up catcher who can play other positions in an emergency is a definite plus.

Clevenger has a short stroke that allows him to hit "cold" off the bench without needing a lot of regular playing time to stay ready, and he also is an excellent bunter. He might not have been an Academic All-American (he transferred to Chipola JC after being declared academically ineligible at the U. of Texas), but he has a high "Baseball IQ" and probably will be a manager someday. He understands the fundamentals of the game very well. (The Cubs minor league coaches LOVE Clevenger).

With Geovany Soto unable to do much while rehabbing a groin injury, the Cubs have brought 2010 3rd round draft pick Micah Gibbs (LSU) down to Fitch Park from Minor League Mini-Camp at HoHoKam as a 6th catcher. (See kids? It pays to report early!). Gibbs is probably the best receiver in the organization (albeit with just an average arm), but he has struggled offensively over his first two seasons in pro ball. However, the switch-hitting Gibbs showed tremendous improvement (and an outstanding eye) at the plate at Instructs post-2011, and should be the #1 catcher at Daytona in 2012.

The new regime has demonstrated little patience with mistakes and poor play so far at Fitch Park. Several coaches have stopped work-outs mid-stream to provide a "teaching moment" when a player's performance is not up to par. The players all seem to be enthusiastic and loose, but there is zero tolerance for f*ck ups. And that's kind of refreshing.


Phil, have you heard anything regarding Gerardo Concepcion? Thanks for the report.

Tue, 02/28/2012 - 4:39pm — Hagsag New Re: Cubs Pitchers Stretch Out at Fitch Park Phil, have you heard anything regarding Gerardo Concepcion? Thanks for the report. ======================= HAGSAG: No. It's been about a month since he was reported as having signed, and even if they were waiting for him to take a physical to make it all official, that's long time to wait.

"Big Cubs press release. They signed Bryan Robinson as VP of Human Resources. " wow, they hired someone who didn't used to work for the RSox...wonder if he interned there =p

Didn't he play third for the Orioles?

i think that was boog robinson

And that's kind of refreshing. ---- Glad to hear some positive comments from you on the management team.

have the astros lost their f'n minds? they're moving their #2 starter, brett the pen...assuming he's the new closer. lol wut?

have more starters than relievers and Myers was open to it. Maybe Astros think he's more valuable as a upper end reliever than fringe starter in the trade market. "From my standpoint, we have some depth in the rotation between Duke, Livan, Happ, Sosa and Harrell and all the young guys," Luhnow said. "We feel like we're in pretty good shape there and have some choices. We felt like we were a little exposed in the bullpen, and having a guy who's been successful in that role and who's got the mentality and stuff to do well takes pressure off Brandon Lyon coming off an injury and doesn't put pressure on young kids like David Carpenter and Wilton Lopez." it certainly wasn't forced upon him....

i think he'll be a good closer...and hitting closer to 95 rather than 90mph should help things...but with his price tag (and 2013 option for 10m vs 3m buyout) i just think it's a bad allocation of their available resources.

What's going on with Soler?

And where's my World Series ring, Mr. Epstein?

No new rumors ? Haven't heard anything in two weeks

Soler has not yet been given resident status in the DR. Until that happens, he can not be declared a free agent by MLB. And until that happens, no one, including the Cubs, can officially sign him.

Cleveland Indians reunion involving an old Negro League player it looks like. Get ready to feel old-

on the Magic Johnson post-retirement diet I see

heavy drinking for the win. he liked speed in his days, too...probably didn't help his attitude.

Shiraz Rehman gonna be live streamed in the next few minutes, whatever BWBCHI is...president of Bloomberg Sports too

they're past talking about the Front Office fantasy app now, talking about Bloomberg's professional app.

25 teams use it at the moment...

Software is a fancy database but can quickly get to information and every pitch is linked to video of that pitch which is neat. Mostly demo'd on Garza, showing his pitch sequences and so forth... Shiraz talking now. (paraphrase)"how can we get all the information we use to make a decision in one place and get to it fairly quickly" "all scouts enter their analysis into the app"

old news, but Ipad "advance scouting" app they sell to players with video Garza can get all videos of him pitching to Brewers or just swing and misses and so on...

Q&A now, everyone there gets a free login to Bloomberg Front Office. *damnit*

what is it with bloomberg/cubs? they are shilling the hell out of bloomberg products this offseason. maybe they got some free services or something.

Garza open to extension "It's awesome," he said. "What player doesn't want the front office to commit to them? For me, it's nothing but compliments. The way it goes is the way it goes. It'll be behind closed doors. It's huge for me. It would be huge for my family...I'm ready to help the Cubs win."

sadly I couldn't listen to all of it, the Q&A seemed the most interesting... Shiraz on free agents (paraphrase): "winner's curse, if you're system evaluates Pujols worth 8 years at a certain dollar amount, you have to pay 9-10 years to get him...then the question is how much are you willing to overpay?"

Lendry Castllo. Looks like he belongs, or will be going back to Philly when time allows?

i think he's headed to the 60-day DL with "suck fatigue."

what does he throw besides the mid-90s fastball, btw? i nearly forgot about the guy.

Tue, 02/28/2012 - 9:38pm — crunch what does he throw besides the mid-90s fastball, btw? i nearly forgot about the guy. ============================= CRUNCH: L. Castillo throws a low-to-mid 90's fastball and a breaking ball. Profiles as a reliever. Yesterday he gave it a little bit of that Jose Valverde thing where he jumps & spins after the pitch. Either that or he got spun around by one of Vitters line drives.

Tue, 02/28/2012 - 9:09pm — tim815 Lendry Castllo. Looks like he belongs, or will be going back to Philly when time allows? ================================ tim815: I would be very surprised if Lendy Castillo makes the Cubs Opening Day roster. The Cubs might try and work out a trade with the Phillies to keep him if he clears waivers (which he should). He probably should be pitching at Daytona in 2012.

"Right now it's a concrete plan to just let Rizzo have another season in Triple A and let him be comfortable instead of moving him up and down and all that stuff," manager Dale Sveum said. "It's Bryan LaHair's job. It's not his to lose."

Makes sense to me, but if LaHair dominates, and Rizzo knocks around AAA pitching, which corner outfield spot does LaHair take? I have a gut feeling Rizzo is going to be putting pressure on LaHair to actually turn his 4A story into a cinderella success story very quickly, no matter what Sveum says.

If both do well, LaHair resembles a flip candidate.

That seems the general consensus here, but it doesn't sound like what he's being told, and as lousy as Trib reporters can be, they're pretty consistently reporting he'll be moved into the outfield if things move along as the team hopes.

I think the question will be how much of Soriano's contract will they need to eat versus what player(s) they will get back in return for moving LaHair.

good point

Yeah. I'm sure other teams' level of interest (in either LaHair or Soriano) could change everything.

updates on and mlb at-bat apps...
Last year, Premium users were required to pay the $124.99/season fee, as well as buying separate iPhone and iPad apps for $14.99 each. This year, subscribers with iOS devices will save $30 by having the apps unlock automatically with a login. Additionally, Premium users will get access to out-of-market game broadcasts on the Apple TV. MLB tells MacRumors that the Apple TV is receiving an updated interface for 2012 as well.
New for this year is an additional Premium purchase option: a $24.99/month in-app subscription that gives all the same access as buying through the MLB website, but with the convenience of charging the service to an iTunes account. Across the whole length of the season, the $24.99/month charge will be more expensive than the full season charge of $124.99, but it is nice to have the option.
...and something new:
MLB told us about a new "At The Ballpark" app coming on Opening Day 2012. The app will expand on the features offered in the At Bat app last year and will offer maps to concession stands, emergency exits and more at ballparks, as well as a geolocated check-in service. Individual clubs can offer seat upgrades, special offers and food discounts to app users. Some clubs even offer mobile food ordering from the app, and can deliver food right to your seat.

the Apple TV interface last year worked pretty great, better than the Roku. Wonder what they're doing? also rumors of a new Apple TV, announcement would be March 7th with the Ipad 3.

for this year, says Rosenthal, official announcement tomorrow. MLB - 33% make playoffs NFL - 37.5% make playoffs NBA - 53.3% make playoffs NHL - 53.3% make playoffs let's hope it stops there...

nba/nhl playoffs are a joke...some people don't even start watching until the playoff chase heats up...that goes on with baseball, too, but meh... they play 162 games...let that sort it out more than letting 14-16 teams in for short series playoffs.

they should go back to just a world series of the best record NL vs AL ...the 16 team playoffs should be a bunting tournament. (and we've got CLEVENGER!!!)

get rid of the DH, bring back segregation and day games and .10 hot dogs while we're at it!!!!!!!!

Rob, I disagree with you about segregation.

I don't think the guy who just banned the homophobe is actually racist. ;)

I disagree with you about Jon Stewart. We shall duel at dawn with pistols to settle these very important matters. blah, blah, blah, obviously I was joking as I'm sure you are... Lawrie, Garza, Trout for Heyward?

Hmmmmm....what you offer intrigues me. I'm more or less looking at it as Lawrie for Heyward since I don't expect Trout to get significant playing time. Lemme ponder. I will, however, allow you to pursue other trades while I ponder. And, yes, I was joking and knew you were. But I wanted to see who didn't know that I was joking about not knowing you were joking. And it worked. Like a snake charm.

It's 3 for 1, Phil Rogers would do it.

"get rid of the DH, bring back segregation and day games and .10 hot dogs while we're at it!!!!!!!!" What I hate about this is that it forces me to choose whether I'd be willing to put up with the segregation in order to have the day games, 10 cent hot dogs & no DH.

fine, keep your desegregation, just know Obama is your fault. /dripping with sarcasm, #sarcasm, flashing sarcasm font


/dripping with sarcasm, #sarcasm, flashing sarcasm font --- TCR readers could use one of these...

sarcasm detector...more boobs...TCR 2013 is going to be interesting.

and the return of ryan flaherty!

The Orioles selected Flaherty, a first-round sandwich pick of the Chicago Cubs' in 2008, in December's annual Rule 5 draft, which allows teams to select certain players not protected on other teams' 40-man rosters. The club paid $50,000 for Flaherty's rights, but if the Orioles don't keep Flaherty on their 25-man roster for the entire season, the Cubs could buy him back for $25,000 — almost a certainty in Flaherty's case. ================================================================= Before any Rule 5 player can be offered back to his former team, he must first clear Outright Assignment Waivers, where any club can claim him (and assume the Rule 5 roster obligations) for $25,000. If he is not claimed, THEN his former club can buy him back for $25,000. This is the point when trades invloving Rule 5 players are sometimes made, with the player's former team receiving a different player and/or cash in return for allowing the drafting club to keep the player and send him to the minors, This will be true for RHP Lendy Castillo (selected by the Cubs from the Phillies AAA Lehigh Valley club in the Major League Phase of last December's Rule 5 Draft), too, if the Cubs choose not to keep him on their Opening Day MLB 25-man roster or DL.

that's a weird starts with explaining how it's pretty much a given he's not going to make the O's...then follows with a dozen paragraphs featuring praise from various members of the O's organization. it was written by a baltimore sports writer, though... *shrug*

Cut the season to 154 games, get rid of about four teams. Better competition and you won't have to invite all those teams to make it exciting.

I'm sure you meant the nba/nhl seasons are a joke. The playoffs are quite exciting. then of course, people that aren't avid baseball fans think the MLB season is a joke and too long. To each their own...

162 games at 2-3 hours a pop. I've never had a hard time understanding why some people think baseball is a boring sport. WGN's national coverage of so many games and the long, summer season are also probably 2 and 3 on the list of reasons I learned to love the Cubs as a kid, though.

and there were 24.... Coleman over Mateo, W. Castillo over B. Jackson, Clevenger over LaHair, Rusin over Rhee Sweet 16 so far (1) Beliveau vs. (12) McNutt (2) Coleman vs. (14) Rusin (4) Lalli vs. (9) Cardenas (3) W. Castillo vs. (10) Clevenger plus 8 more 2nd round matchups to go....

get rid of the DH, bring back segregation and day games and .10 hot dogs while we're at it!!!!!!!! --- and for God-sakes, thaw out Ted Williams head.

because i'm bored... we got 8.5 years of aram...1 season was a 1/2 season thanks to health...and 3 were semi-shortened seasons where he saw 500-550ish PAs (rather than 600+)...and 4.5 he pulled pretty much full-time work. all-in-all he averaged about 135 games a season (560 PA) and put up a .294/.356/.531/.887 line. neat.

I'm still pissed I only got to see three years of Madlock in blue pinstripes. Wrigley was a skin-flint jagoff.

He was also a key part of the only Cubs playoff series win in the last 104 years. #depressing

I liked Aram, all n all. Although, I didn't mind him being shown the door. Sometimes, you really need to just vacuum up a team. Plus, he was getting a bit slow at third - but at the beginning it was a lot of fun to watch him change at 3rd. I remember when he first started with the Cubs and he had this weird foot shuffle to his left when a ball was hit at him. Somebody worked with him because it went away after a few months. And there was that double clutch when he threw, which never completely disappeared but also got better. For a few years he even seemed like a pretty decent fielder, although some stats head will probably punch up a few numbers saying I'm wrong. And his hitting, well, that's a good reminder up there. One of Hendry's good moves, for sure. I bet he's gonna kill us when we play them. His thing, like all seasons for him, is, did he have a good workout regimen during the offseason so he can avoid those pesky injuries.

"Somebody worked with him because it went away after a few months" Santo I believe

Really? Good ole Ronnie.

It was pretty awesome that Santo, who had no feet, worked w/ Aram to get his footwork straightened out.

I guess that would be a classic case of, "do what I say, and not what I do."

I'll remember ARam's time fondly. Never really bought the "he doesn't hussle" stuff, given his injuries. Plus, he always seemed to me like he really wanted to win. I remember how pissed he was at a game the Cubs blew in 06. Loved the dramatic late-inning homers. I even have a jersey. I wish him well. I'd wish him weller if he weren't in the division.

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    Scrubs?  I prefer Witness Protection Plan All Stars.  Though it doesn't really roll off the tongue.


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    Cubs scrubs win!


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    Pretty solid outing after all. He's been really good since returning to the rotation. 


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    missed lester's 1st start as a cardinal yesterday...

    5ip 9h 2bb 4k, 6r/er



  • crunch 14 hours 49 min ago (view)

    alec mills in colorado sucks.


  • cubbies.4ever 14 hours 51 min ago (view)

    AZ PHIL - are any of these INTFA, other than the obvious Christian Hernandez, show an immeadiate signs of being a good prospect?  Given a lot of these are really raw young kids.  You saw the talent in Eloy, Torres, Amaya, Soler, Alzolay, Marquez, etc, but there have also been the can't miss busts, Eddy Julio Martinez, Ademan, Tseng, Moreno, Sierra, etc or are a lot of these just a lot of bodies who are wild cards?


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    delay of game...home plate ump seems to have tweaked his back or something...neet.

    a pointless delay of a pointless game.


  • Hagsag 18 hours 37 min ago (view)



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    Off all the awards and accolades Rizzo earned during his time in Chicago; perhaps the most important is being named the Roberto Clemente Award winner in 2017.


  • crunch 19 hours 32 min ago (view)

    technically correct is the best kind of correct.

    also, rizzo's charity work (himself and the time he gives, not just his money) is top notch stuff.


  • tim815 22 hours 36 min ago (view)

    Anything to be noted about Temblador, Venezuela's Pedro Ramirez, who is shredding as the pipelines youngest player?


  • bradsbeard 1 day 15 min ago (view)

    Arizona Phil, some folks (mostly me!) were wondering if you had any thoughts/info on Luis Devers, who seems to be having a nice ACL season despite being a bit old for the level. Got touched for a HR last night but hadn't given up multiple runs in a start before then and has struck out a healthy number of batters while limiting walks. Many thanks in advance!


  • Hagsag 1 day 5 hours ago (view)

    Rizzo wasn't a cancer, he HAD cancer!


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 8 hours ago (view)

    The Cubs have released AAA Iowa C-INF Tony Wolters so that he can sign a minor league deal with a contending club (if the opportunity presents itself).

    Because he was outrighted earlier this season he was not eligible to be traded after 7/30, even though he was on a minor league reserve list and (generally speaking) a player on a minor league reserve list can be traded up until one week prior to the scheduled conclusion of the MLB regular season. 


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 9 hours ago (view)

    So #11 (Ziehl), #12 (Banks), and #19 (Avitia) were the only three 2021 Cubs draft picks who did not sign. 


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    similar story, similar quotes, different site/author