The Days of Santo


The easier thing would be to just get up tomorrow, slap on the chinos and a polo and shuffle off to work, as usual. Instead I’ll be up an hour earlier, donning shorts and a t-shirt apropos of the occasion and motoring solo to Chicago for, yeah, Ron Santo Day III (or is it IV? Yes, it’s IV).

When the Cubs announced it I reflexively got online and grabbed a ticket, albeit an upper deck reserved one in the interests of cost control. I’ll be driving straight back after the game for the same reason. The road/ballpark ratio comes out about 10/3; not good. I damn well better be one of the first 10,000 through the turnstiles. If I don’t come home with one of the replica HOF plaques I’m gonna feel foolish. Actually, I will anyway and why not?

See, I’m 58 going on 12. I figure since I was there on 9/28/03 when #10 was retired and on 8/10 last year when the statue was unveiled my attendance tomorrow is effectively mandatory. Never mind that I couldn’t make it on 8/28/71, Ron Santo Day I. I’m sure I was listening in. I was 17 going on 18 then. My parents probably wouldn’t let me have the car.

If I ever knew that Santo was the first player to invoke the 10/5 rule to veto a trade I’d forgotten. He didn’t want to go to the west coast and eventually got himself traded across town for Steve Stone, among others. Ironic, huh, in light of current events?

When Santo was in the lineup or the booth I listened to the Cubs on the radio a lot. Now I hardly do at all. There are several factors. The Cubs aren’t very good right now, but that’s more rule than exception when you have the panoramic perspective my (chronological) age affords. Keith Moreland doesn’t tell me much, but Santo wasn’t exactly a sabermetrician. Really, I think the underlying reason I don’t listen as much now is because I’m pissed at Pat Hughes. I used to get a kick out of his tuna sandwich/slap a twenty/ugly sweater shtick when Santo was there to chuckle at it. But things have changed. 

When Santo died in late 2010 I got the news on the morning of my second book release. STUBS includes a couple of Santo-related vignettes, one of which I read at the release that evening. When Opening Day 2011 rolled around I sent a copy to Hughes, c/o Wrigley Field, hoping, selfishly, that he might mention it on the air and Cub fans everywhere would start clamoring for STUBS. In the first broadcast of the year I heard him recite some boilerplate BS about how many books get sent to them in the booth and how they can’t possibly acknowledge them all. 

We’re not talking about e-mails and birthday reminders here, we’re talking about an actual book I wrote and gave you a gratis copy of. You don’t have to bother to read it, not even the bookmarked excerpts about your late sidekick, and I’m not looking for a 7th inning promo gig a la John Grisham, but if you can’t manage a brief mention of it maybe you could at least reciprocate by sending back a copy of your own book which rushed into print later that season. Any thought of that probably got lost in the shuffle of promoting that book on the air along with your Ron Santo “Voices of the Game” CD. 

Now that the juice is squeezed from those sour grapes I can make them into raisins and sprinkle them on my bran flakes in the morning. Maybe I’ll even listen to the “Al Fonseca” interview from the Santo CD on the road. My son gave it to me for Christmas and it always makes me laugh.


5 stars on Amazon, and no link? Where's your marketing savvy, Mike? Only 3 left--order soon (more on the way)!! On a different note, fangraphs gets a chubby for Mike Trout:

5 stars on Amazon, and no link? --- I've read and truly enjoyed both books. Sorry to hear the Pat Hughes oversight, it is irritating that he gets to endlessly promote his works in the name of Ronnie, hopefully the money goes to JDRF rather than to buy him sweaters. STUBS... not to be overshadowed by Mike's first book...FAR FROM THE TREES

O&B, I ain't got none! And thanks to you & Cubster for the props. Finally, apologies for the font snafu; can't account for it - ain't got no tech savvy neither...

Jorge Soler (Arizona) Keith have you seen the two bombs I've hit in the rookie league? Pretty nice huh? Think I need to speed up my home run trot? Klaw (1:08 PM) I've seen both of them live, and both were pretty impressive. Those are explosive hands. Do you like the Epstein/Hoyer approach of leaving guys at a particular level for a fairly extended period of time even when they're thriving (Baez being the blatant example), or would you rather see a guy like that challenged? Klaw (1:20 PM) Well, Baez is thriving, except that he's not walking, which you know Theo/Jed are looking at. Keith does Dan Vogelbach have the ability to play another position or is it just 1B for him? Klaw (1:23 PM) He's a DH. Brutal at first. That's some crazy raw power, though. Since you brought up Dunston, how does he look? Real prospect? Klaw (1:33 PM) Yes, looks much better the last 2-3 games, should move up to Boise or Peoria so we can see how much of the improvement is real. I do like the swing and the athleticism but repeating the AZL is not good for any player's development. Does Zeke DeVoss have enough of a hit tool to ever allow that OBP and speed to be worthwhile at the higher levels? Can he play 2B long term? Klaw (2:04 PM) I'm leaning towards 'no' on the hit tool question.

I just went to all three Peoria games versus the Arizona affiliate and I can say that if I ever saw him get a hit on a squared up ball I would be very surprised. I'd rate his hit tool at a 20 or 30 (not that I know shit about the scouting scale). Takes a lot of pitches and can run, though. His defense sucks, even at 2B. I'm not talking about turning double plays or footwork - the guy can't field ground balls.

*checks watch* why isn't dumpster a dodger yet?

They're close. They're optimistic. They are nearing an agreement. Talks are continuing.

I hope that, this time, Dempster is right there on the phone with them.

the funny thing is they're totally shafting one of the best (numbers-wise) AAA pitchers in the PCL looking outside the organization rather than going with john ely. he's feasting on fooling kids with breaking balls...his fastball has below average velocity unless he's discovered how to pitch 90+mph again. i imagine he'd be up by now if he was pitching 90+mph, though.

Crunch would Ely and Ethan Martin be a sweet haul for Dempster?

ely is a poor man's kevin slowly, imo...his entire game depends on how much he can get people to put the ball on the ground without walking them while trying to do it. he's fooling people in the minors with his breaking stuff, but it hasn't translated to the bigs yet. plus, last i heard (pre-2012) he was throwing 88-90mph on his best days. dunno what to think about him, really...he's not trash, but he seems fringy.

Is he fooling minor leaguers with breaking stuff?

but it hasn't translated to the bigs yet...but it hasn't translated to the bigs yet...but it hasn't translated to the bigs yet...

Over under on number of Cubs from MLB 25 man roster to go to LA if deal goes down?

One (Dempster)

I think if Cubs are able to get Lee or Webster - that they will be sending 2 or 3 off their major league roster counting Dempster.

At least things are looking up elsewhere in the Chicago sports world. The Bears traded for a DT who had his hamstrings reattached to his broken pelvis. Things are looking up.

Well for a 7th round pick. Good pick up imo.

Could very well be. I just enjoyed the oddity of it. And, damn, that had to hurt.

"I’d look for a few more David DeJesus-type signings in the next off season. Fans who are expecting big names and big money deals will be disappointed, but I agree with what they are doing. That system was so badly broken and the organization so poorly constructed for a very long time that a complete tear down is the only way they can fix all of the problems,” he told me.
That sounds more like a threat, than a prognostication.

sounds like reality

they need to move the cubs out of oakland and into a larger san jose...or chicago.

Yeah, I wish the Cubs had been in a big market in previous years. I am sure that if they had a high payroll to spend on free agents they would have won multiple world series titles.

i just wish you could build a team using some kind of method where you draft/trade for talent while also using the huge money your market area provides to sign players. it sounds a bit revolutionary, but this is a revolutionary front office. it's not like this team needs 3 SP and 2 power bats + a full pen's not like anyone's saying "hey, sign some $20-$25m a year pitcher...that 1 guy is exactly what the cubs need."

I just wish people like you who made statements like that could back up with non-ridiculous ideas on how to accomplish it. So far, I've seen nothing remotely reasonable from any of you all claiming we could do both this season or even next.

how does not spending money a team has somehow add more prospect power to a team? the only way a method like this fails is if you're in contention mid-late season and trade what you've picked up for established guys. there is nothing preventing the cubs from getting prospect talent when they spend money. what you want to trade that's supposed to really bulk up the system? garza's all they got. castro and rizzo are what? window dressing waiting to be traded for the next round of hope? ...this huge collection of 3-5 pitching...a rather cheap p.maholm. what makes a team spending some money incapable of building a minor league system? i really don't understand why the cubs have to go cheap in order to build a minor league system.

They payed for Soler. A prospect who cost a lot. Who else do you want them to have gotten? Fielder, Pujols, who? Who should they have spent money on that would have not hurt us in the long run and made this pretty bad team and minor league system into a contender anytime soon? Stop repeating the same generalized, bumper sticker statement "they can do both!" and give actual specifics on what they could have done differently.

gotten? that's the past. no one's paying $$$$ for that kinda stuff going forward...both the international market and draft have had the money sucked out of them. it's almost a non-issue. i can accept this year, and have. i can live with another though i don't want to. 2-3 more years of this? hell no. this is chicago. this isn't kansas city. yeah, they can do both.

so we'll argue this, if necessary in another 2-3 years.

The Cubs offered to send Ryan Dempster to his preferred Dodgers straight up for solid right-handed pitching prospect Allen Webster, but the Dodgers have rejected the offer. The issue seems to be this: the Dodgers don't love Dempster as much as he loves them. According to people briefed on the talks, the Dodgers have thus far offered a couple of lesser prospects, guys who may project as relievers. The Dodgers, it seems, are much more interested in a different Cubs pitcher, Matt Garza. (cont.)

rebuilding seems to be going well....

Well when Dempster kinda fucks you over and everyone on the planet knows he only wants to go to the Dodgers what do you think the Dodgers are gonna do? They saw the giant asshole move Dempster did to Atlanta and did exactly what they should do, offer lesser talent and tell the Cubs to take it or fly a kite. No one has really mentioned that in doing that giant cluster fuck he killed Theo's ability to bring in better talent. Which means Dempster hurt this teams chances of getting better talent. Not a cool move and he deserves to be blamed for being the dick that he is for this fiasco. You don't under cut your GM's ability to improve the team.

So now it's Dempster's job not only to pitch but also to aid his GM in improving the team. I give up.

This thing is going back and forth. Dempster has every right to exercise his no trade option. If he told the Cubs that he'd be willing to go to Atlanta, then changed his mind without telling them, he's at fault. Both sides should keep each other in the loop. If he didn't express willingness to go to Atlanta, then he's not at fault. Family issues, Cubs needs, etc. are irrelevant to the discussion; he can stay for whatever reason he wants. The issue is if he went back on his word which put the Cubs in an awkward position. The problem is that we don't know what he did and did not say, so let's move on. The Cubs are in an awkward position, but I wouldn't say they were fucked, because they don't really have to move him. The Dodgers would have all the leverage if the Cubs did have to move him. Sure they're bidding against themselves, but the Cubs could still say no...and I sure hope they do if they're only offering a number of uninspiring relievers. All the talk about what Dempster did or didn't say are kind of silly because they're all based on hearsay of sport journalists (of whom I have little confidence) and no direct quotes from anyone of relevance. Though, Dempster is equally silly for being angry at journalists who are merely doing their job. There, I solved it.

You've got Frank Wren GM of Braves quotIng the Cubs brass. And I think honestly anyone who reviews Dempster's statements from his first tweet through his interviews and doesn't sense weirdness is trying not to see it. Reports today have Theo as 'livid' and he seems pretty calm in general. If smells like a duck, and quacks like a cherry -- whatever! ;)

Noted. Frank Wren certainly hasn't been talking to Dempster or was privy to whatever conversation he and Theo had. My hunch is also that Dempster backtracked. The point is we don't know for sure and everyone is repeating themselves in some sort of infinity loop.

if they want garza they'll have to get a 3rd team involved...i find it hard to believe they have anyone in their system that could get him (unless you want to count d.gordon as a possible chip). that extra/single year of club control is worth a lot...along with the fact he's a legit 1/2 starter type.

I agree with you on the Dodgers and Garza. I am hoping the Cubs do not trade Garza for a Dodger package where the marquee name is Zach Lee, as he is (IMO) immensely overrated.

A lawyer has gone over the evidence and pretty much sums up that everyone is using a dead man to lay the blame on.... My Google Chrome is only showing the first 3 paragraphs try switching to IE if it doesn't show up fully First, with respect to the 1998 incident, the Freeh Report says that several authorities promptly investigated and reviewed the matter, including the Department of Public Welfare, the University Police Department, the State College police, and the local district attorney’s office. Freeh Report at 42-47. A “counselor” named John Seasock issued a report that found “no indication of child abuse.” Freeh Report at 42-46. Mr. Seasock interviewed the alleged victim and determined that “there seems to be no incident which could be termed as sexual abuse, nor did there appear to be any sequential pattern of logic and behavior which is usually consistent with adults who have difficulty with sexual abuse of children.” Freeh Report at 44 (quoting Mr. Seasock’s 1998 evaluation of the alleged victim). The Freeh Report adds that Mr. Seasock “couldn’t find any indication of child abuse.” Freeh Report at 45. Furthermore, if Mr. Paterno had reported the McQueary information to me (were I, like Schultz, the official in charge of the University Police), I would have told him to keep his mouth shut going forward and let the authorities handle the matter. Otherwise, Mr. Paterno could have tainted the investigation. And, because he was a potential trial witness (to McQueary’s prior consistent statements, see Federal Rule of Evidence 801(d)(1)(B) and Pennsylvania Rule of Evidence613(c)), any further statements or action by Mr. Paterno could have become cross-examination fodder for the defense. Any further action by Mr.Paterno could only have damaged the integrity of the investigation and any prosecution against Sandusky. Indeed, Mr. Paterno explained his actions before died by saying that “I was afraid to do something that might jeopardize what the University procedure was. So I backed away and turned it over to some other people, people I thought would have a little more expertise than I did.” Freeh Report at 77-78. This statement makes perfect sense, and the notion of a football coach supervising a criminal investigation is ridiculous. It is very possible that Curley or Schultz or both told Mr. Paterno to stay out of the matter; in fact, Schultz should have told him as much. But we don’t know because Schultz and Curley are under indictment and not talking, Paterno is dead, and the Freeh Report did not find any information about this issue. The only reason Paterno is thrown under the bus is because it was easy. Its not right it's just easier to do when your dead. Much like the Duke Rape Scandal it was easier to just accuse a bunch of white guys and rush to judgement. It appears the same thing has happened with Paterno. Only this time the person is dead can't actively fight back. The Paterno family has a hell of a defamation suit in waiting. But i am not even sure if that is possible when your dead. Can you defame the reputation of the dead and seek damages? I don't know.

really? i mean...really? *walking away from this one*

Much like the Duke Rape Scandal it was easier to just accuse a bunch of white guys and rush to judgement. It appears the same thing has happened with Paterno. Huh? How the hell is this like the Duke incident? You have to be kidding me. But I will say that the "accuse a bunch of white guys" is a nice touch. Those damn white guys have such a hard life. And defamation? I guess, if defamation means telling the truth Aut how Paterno was part of covering up a sex abuse scandal. And, further, allowed the sicko to continue to use PSU football facilities, with young boys. Again, as multiple people said to you the other day (and you didn't respond to any of), Paterno destroyed his own legacy. He was a part of allowing a sick man to continue sexually abusing young boys.

But Paterno wasn't part of the cover up and nothing in evidence in the Freeh report says he was. Following the evidence is hard to do. It was hard for half the people in this country to do when the Duke scandal went down. Remember Paterno has not been tried in a court of law, or proven guilty by any law enforcement agency on this planet. If it was taken to trial the evidence against would be so painfully thin that the case would be dismissed. It's hard to put your feelings aside and follow the truth rather than just do the easy part and condemn. But here is some fact that goes against Freeh's own version of the facts discoverd by Freeh.... One of the most blatant errors in the report with regard to both facts as well as their interpretation comes with regard to the two Penn State janitors about whom Freeh spoke so glowingly at his press conference. Here Freeh exposes himself and his report to very credible charges of malpractice. Freeh claims that two janitors saw something “horrific” in the Penn State locker room in 2000. He says that they didn’t report the episode because they were terrified of speaking of what they saw to Paterno because going up against the football program was like taking on the “President of the United States” and they feared being fired. Freeh then concludes that this fear proved that there was a “chilling effect” within the football program, which was, in it self, is evidence of a culture of corruption. These assertions by Freeh are simply as laughable as they are inaccurate. First of all, whether Freeh realizes it or not, his team has never spoken to the actual witness in the 2000 episode because the lone witness now has dementia. The other janitor who testified at trial did so under a hearsay exception and only told of what the other janitor told him. Secondly, neither janitor would have been reporting to Paterno. Thirdly, Sandusky was a rather harmless former football coach at that time. Fourthly, Freeh seems to completely disregard the obvious reality that these janitors desperately need an explanation for why they didn’t report the episode and that their claiming “fear” of a now dead man (without a shred of evidence) should be looked at with great suspicion. Finally, it seems totally lost on Freeh that these janitors who didn’t report the episode at all are being treated by him as heroes while Paterno, who did at least report allegations which he didn’t even witness, is seen as a pedophile protector. The criminal trials of Schultz and Curley will lead to the use of actual evidence instead of the Freeh reports magical mind reading powers. Remember Freeh never interviewed any of the key people in this case....Not Paterno. Not Tim Curley. Not Mike McQueary. Not Jerry Sandusky. Hell of a report when you don't even bother to interview the people you are accusing. And finally more facts..... The report accuses Spanier, Curley, Shultz, and Joe Paterno of participating in a “cover up”, but then reports that Schultz met twice with the President of the Second Mile Foundation regarding the 2001 incident witnessed by McQueary. Why would these four powerful individuals at Penn State share this information with another agency if they were trying to cover this up or protect themselves from bad publicity. This doesn’t add up.

Shoot, I must have stumbled onto the wrong blog. I was looking for The Cub Reporter. They typically talk baseball over there.

"The only reason Paterno is thrown under the bus is because it was easy [he participated in the cover-up of child rape for the sake of victories and reputations]." But you're right, white guys, especially dead ones, are always taking unwarranted blame. That's why the jails are just full of these poor innocent white dudes, wrongly accused of crimes. If a living black dude covered up the rape of children, no one would care. I can't wait till we can finally find equality in this country.

Wow... You appear to have spent a bunch of time looking into this. How the hell can you possibly think that this is even remotely comparable to the Duke scandal??? I now know to never take another thing you post seriously again. Perhaps you should change your login name...

check out the site it's sourced from. it's mindblowing. that one is a gem. let's forget it's an article trying to find logic in why someone making a racist tweet who's an athlete in the olympics is excusable. let's get to the reasons... well, rather than the exact words of the exact individual we have comparable things like an athlete being from Cuba and that place is run by Commies (evidently just being from there is enough to be as bad as making a direct racist statement)...or those from "Arab countries" (seriously) that might be THINKING about being aligned with something that the author deems bad. my f'n god...

You don't know much about the Duke Rape Scandal do you? From the New York times to CNN to the Duke Faculty (who have never apologized to those 3 men) all naturally assumed they were guilty and tried them in the court of public opinion without the benefit of due process. On top of that the DA who was entrusted with the case lied, and withheld evidence in the attempt to prosecute those 4 men based only on the belief that because they were white and rich, they must have committed the crime. Nifong was later disbarred and served a grand total of 1 day in jail and paid a 500 dollar fine. The coach of the LaCrosse team who had nothing to do with the matter, was fired over the incident. He pleaded with the University to wait till the DNA evidence was returned before rushing to judgement and canceling their season. 2 weeks after the womans claims a group of 88 faculty members banded together implying that the charges against the players were true. “In Lubiano’s mind, the players could never be cleared, no matter what the evidence....The members of the team, she noted, could be considered 'almost perfect offenders,' since they are 'the exemplars of the upper end of the class hierarchy, the politically dominant race and ethnicity, the dominant gender, the dominant sexuality, and the dominant social group on campus.'...Lubiano concluded by promising that the crusade to transform Duke would continue 'regardless of the “truth” established in whatever period of time about the incident at the house on N. Buchanan Blvd.' and 'whatever happens with the court case.'” None of them has apologized and many have gone onto distinguished careers with higher salaries and prestige. Apparently waiting for due process and accusing innocent people is a clear path to success in the liberal university job field. No one cared about the facts or the truth in that case. A rush to judgement , absence of facts, tried in the court of public opinion......yeah it most certainly has shades of the Duke (False) Rape Scandal in regards to Paterno.

you would fine a better analogy with the Nuremberg Trial.

"A lawyer has gone over the evidence, etc." Since he's dead, I doubt that Paterno is under indictment. And there is no law governing the removal of statues. Paterno will be tried in the court of public opinion, where lawyers have no special expertise and where arguments written in legalese are not persuasive.

Well, um.....back to Dempster. At this point, I think Theo should give Dempster a dose of STFU. Tell him his ass is going to the bullpen for the remainder of the season, at which point the Cubs will let him walk. Screw the possible 1st round supplemental pick. Dempster created a real problem for Theo, here's hoping Theo puts his boot in Dempster's ass and let's him think about being a prick in the bullpen for two months on a last place team. As for the Dodgers, they can suck a bag of dicks, I hope Theo and Jed tell them exactly as much. Frankly, the Dodgers prospects suck ass anyways. Beyond Lee--who has question marks as it is--what prospects does LAD have that are all THAT interesting? Screw you Dodgers.

Spite your face much?

i was gonna mention how no GM would do that because no player would want to sign a contract for a team that would do that...then i just joined in with him and broke a bunch of stuff while flipping tables over. also, yeah...screw the dodgers.

Amen JHBat! I must admit I would be a bad GM because I completely would love to see Theo DFA Dempster Wednesday. To say that he is useless to this teams current goals is fair, maybe? So Arizona Phil and others who know the rules, just for fun, could the Cubs legally release Dempster next week AND if so would he then go to any team willing to claim him for $50k or something with the Cubs handling the last $4,000,000 for this year? And if so could he end up playing for Kansas City, Houston, Minnesota or Cleveland even though he has 10/5 rights?

Fri, 07/27/2012 - 12:53am — Carlito Amen JHBat! I must admit I would be a bad GM because I completely would love to see Theo DFA Dempster Wednesday. To say that he is useless to this teams current goals is fair, maybe? So Arizona Phil and others who know the rules, just for fun, could the Cubs legally release Dempster next week AND if so would he then go to any team willing to claim him for $50k or something with the Cubs handling the last $4,000,000 for this year? And if so could he end up playing for Kansas City, Houston, Minnesota or Cleveland even though he has 10/5 rights? ====================================== CARLITO: The Cubs could release Ryan Dempster at any time, but if they do they would be responsible for whatever is left of his 2012 salary (about $5M), minus the pro-rated portion of the MLB minimum salary (about $175K) if he signs a major league contract with another MLB club (of his choosing) after he is released. Prior to giving him his release, the Cubs would first have to place Dempster on Outright Release Waivers, where any other MLB club can claim Dempster's contract for $1. However, a club that does that would be responsible for 100% of what remains of Dempster's contract, AND, because he has a "no trade" right (which really is a "no assignment without permission" right), Dempster would have the right to revoke (void) any waiver claim himself (he would have five days to decide) and be a free-agent (same as if he was not claimed), and the Cubs would still be on the hook for all of Dempster's remaining salary (minus the pro-rated portion of the MLB minimum salary if he subsequently signs a major league contract with a new club). NOTE: This would not apply to Dempster, but if a player who does not have "no trade" rights refuses an Outright Release Waiver claim, the player's contract is voided and the player's former club owes him nothing... It's the "no trade" right that changes everything. If the Cubs do not trade Dempster by 4 PM (EDT) on July 31st, he could still be traded, but then Trade Assignment Waivers would first have to be secured. NOTE: Trade Assignment Waivers must be secured before any player on an MLB 40-man roster--including minor league players on Optional Assignment to the minors and players on a club's MLB 15-day or 60-day Disabled List--can be traded after the 7/31 deadline, but waivers are NOT required to trade players on minor league reserve lists. (In other words, the Cubs could trade Brett Jackson next month without having to first secure waivers, but Josh Vitters can't be traded until Trade Waivers are secured). Once Trade Assignment Waivers are secured, they generally remain in effect (that is, they are "good") for the the balance of the MLB regular season, the only exceptions being any player on an MLB 40-man roster who is on Optional Assignment to the minors or any player who is on an MLB 15-day or 60-day DL (Trade Waivers secured on these players expire after 72 hours). If the Cubs do not trade Dempster by next Tuesday's non-waiver trade deadline, they could place him on Trade Assignment Waivers in August or September (any time up until the conclusion of the MLB regular season), and if he is not claimed, the Cubs can trade him to whatever team they wish, except Dempster could invoke his "no trade" ("no assignment") rights (just like prior to the 7/31 non-waiver trade deadline). If the Cubs place Dempster on Trade Assignment Waivers and he is claimed by another club, the Cubs have three choices: 1. Withdraw (revoke) the waiver request, and then Dempster could not be placed on Trade Waivers again for at least 30 days from the date the waiver request is withdrawn (which would be in September, after the 8/31 roster deadline for a player to be eligible to play in the post-season), AND the second time he is placed on waivers in a season the waivers become irrevocable (the request cannot be withdrawn), meaning he would have to waive his "no trade" right IN ADVANCE (without knowing which team might claim him) before the Cubs could even place him on waivers for a second time; 2. Work out a trade with the club that was awarded the waiver claim--but ONLY with that club. Except (again) Dempster could invoke his "no trade" right, just like he is doing now. If Dempster is claimed, he would next have to agree to waive his "no trade" right, and then the Cubs and the claiming club would have a 48-hour window to work out a trade. If a trade is not consumated within 48 hours, the Cubs can withdraw the waiver request (see #1 above) or allow the waiver claim to stand (see #3 below)... 3. Allow the waiver claim to stand and the claiming team gets Dempster for the $20,000 waiver price and assumes 100% of Dempster's remaining salary (but again, only if Dempster does not exercise his "no trade" right and revoke the waiver claim himself). If Dempster revokes a Trade Waiver claim himself, it's just as if the Cubs withdrew the waiver request, meaning he cannot be placed on Trade Assignment Waivers again for 30 days from the date the waivers are revoked, and if the Cubs were to place him on Trade Assignment Waivers again before the end of the 2012 regular season (and since they would have to wait at least 30 days, they would not be able to put him on Trade Waivers again until sometime in September), Dempster would have to waive his "no trade/no assignment" rights IN ADVANCE (before he is placed on Trade Waivers), because the second time a player is placed on Trade Waivers, the waivers are irrevocable and cannot be withdrawn by the club or by the player.

That's wild. So a player in Dempster's situation can refuse a waiver claim. So in the simplest terms, if he wanted to play for the Dodgers and the Cubs were to release him ... He could easily make that happen assuming they wanted him.

Wow. You responded to that with no snark whatsoever. Bravo, I guess.

Javier Baez watch: SF, Double, Single, Hit by Pitch. 2-2, 2 rbi. Too bad he's not walking so Jedstein might notice him.

He has way more HBP than walks.

And since this bound to come up next month, here is the... PROCEDURE FOR AWARDING WAIVER CLAIMS The procedure for awarding waiver claims is different depending on the type of waivers and the time of the year. For Optional Assignment Waivers, Outright Waivers, and Release Waivers, if a player is claimed by only one club, that club is awarded the claim. If more than one club makes a claim, the club with the lowest winning percentage (regardless of league) on the day the player clears waivers is awarded the claim. If two clubs with the same winning percentage make a claim, the club in the player's own league is awarded the claim. If two clubs from the same league make a claim and they are tied in the standings, the club with the lowest winning percentage from the previous season is awarded the claim. If the clubs are still tied, standings from two years back (or three years back, four years back, etc) are used to break the tie. However, in the case of Trade Waivers (only), if a player is claimed by more than one club, the club in the player's own league with the lowest winning percentage is awarded the claim, even if that club has a higher winning percentage than the club or clubs making a claim from the other league. So a player placed on Trade Assignment Waivers must first be "waived out of his own league" before he can be assigned to a club in the other league. For the purpose of determining the awarding of waivers claims, the previous season's standings are used during the off-season and up through the first 30 days of the following season. Then beginning on the 31st day of the season, the standings as of the date the player clears waivers are used to determine the awarding of waiver claims, with the previous season's standings used to break any ties. A club is not permitted to make a waiver claim and then trade the player to another club if the purpose of the claim was to prevent a third club from being awarded the waiver claim. (A waiver claim that is judged to have been made for this purpose will be revoked). Also, a club can place no more than seven players on assignment-type waivers (Trade, Outright, and/or Optional) per day, and a club can make no more than 50 assignment waiver claims (Trade, Outright, and/or Optional) in a given seven-day period.

Wellman: Thanks for the nice piece. I only met Hughes once when I was doing a freelance gig at Wrigley on game day during his break. He was nice enough, but Whatever. I did get to meet Ron in September of his last broadcast season while in Milwaukee staying at the same hotel the team stays at (did not plan for that). My memory of him then will always be positive as he was very cordial (I did not ask for autograph, or picture, etc.) while an obnoxious-asshole couple did the opposite moments after I left him in the bar area. Why Hughes couldn't have quickly thrown a mention out to authors is somewhat odd. AZ PHIL: Thanks for the detailed explanation! Everyone else: Read Kapman's blurb on DempsterGate. Sorry Tito, I know you wish to be his apologist, but he does look like an asshole in this so far.

Yes, that's exactly what I am, Dempster's apologist. You nailed it.

BTW, which Kaplan blurb are you talking about? The one that begins with typical Kaplan back-patting: "Impeccable sources tell me..."? The only thing I see in that is an unnamed exec wondering why Dempster would stay with the Cubs rather than pitch for a contender like the Braves. That makes him an asshole? I stand corrected. But if that's not the story you're talking about, please share the link. Not sure it this is the link he is refering to.

Yeah, that's a different one, thanks. It does still start off with Kaplan patting himself on the back. " major league source confirmed to me that the Cubs were operating under the premise that Dempster strongly preferred Los Angeles but would consider a deal with the Atlanta Braves. After weighing offers from both teams, Epstein and GM Jed Hoyer went with the Atlanta deal which was superior to what Ned Colletti and the Dodgers were offering. However, Dempster was not ready to write off a trade to LA and told the Cubs he was not ready to approve any deal other than with the Dodgers. The Braves, wanting a resolution quickly so that they had time to evaluate other options, then pulled the plug on the trade when Dempster was unwilling to make a decision according to their timetable." WHAT AN ASSHOLE

Tito..are you related to Ryan Dempster? I'm fairly certain that more than a few people on the blog have come out and said, to paraphrase "It's Dempster's right to use his 10 and 5 rights, no one blames him for that...but if he gave the Cubs a list of teams he would go to...and the Braves were on it, then he shouldn't have reneged."

Yes, I'm related, and I'm his apologist. Why don't you go the next Real Neal-ish step and say he's my boyfriend. Changing your mind about where you want to go, because you have the right to choose, is not being an asshole. I think Rosenthal was exactly right when he said it was not reneging. And, let's not forget for the 1,455th time, we're all operating under conjecture that he said he'd definitely go the Braves. I realize I'm in the minority this. So be it. Calliing me an apologist or anything else won't matter. I will also have no problem admitting I was wrong if it turns out that way.

Ok. 1- TRN? Really? 2- I just feel we're beating a dead horse here. Let's all talk about something more interesting

1. After I defended Piniella against one thing or another, TRN asked if I was Lou's boyfriend. Asking me if I'm related is not all that far off. 2. I agree. I'm done talking about Dempster.

i thought i was the official dumpster spokesman. wtf?

mcnutt is a pen pitcher now...stock further eroding there. seems he has more upside there...but it's still a disappointment seeing him bumped to the pen.

MRI on Garza shows a problem. He will not pitch again before deadline.

Yeah, fluid in his tricep... I'm guessing that means that he is not going anywhere until the offseason at the earliest...

Trade Deadline Score so far: Cubbery 2, TheoCorp 0 A shutout, so far.

Expletive. Starting to look like this trade deadline passes without the Cubs improving their farm system in any significant way. At least Garza is dealable after the season ends and the Cubs can offer Dempster a qualifying contract and either retain him or get the pick. (Of course, in a more perfect world they could've gotten Delgado +1 for him and then re-signed him in the offseason anyway.) Then again, at least they haven't traded Dempster for Cesar Izturis.

No, they haven't done that, and I'm afraid Hendry may have. Better to sit tight and let your best trade be the one you don't make than give up a good pitcher for nothing.

since i don't know any better, are the cubs obliged to register these results with mlb? or anybody else? could this mri be a fabrication to take buyer's eyes off garza and place them back on dempster?

Another team can request his medical records if they are talking trade. But I don't believe the Cubs are obliged to share them unless the choose to do so. Since we're talking private medical records, you may even need the player's concent?

My guess is that Dempster said he wanted to go to the Dodgers, but would accept a deal to the Braves (and others) if the Dodgers didn't work out. To Dempster, "didn't work out" = the Dodgers traded for someone else. To Theo, "didn't work out" = the Dodgers couldn't offer enough value. Since the Dodgers are still looking for pitching, Dempster feels like he's within his rights to wait. That doesn't quite make him the asshole of the century, but it isn't terribly endearing to Cubs fans, the GMs who may be interested in him next offseason, or probably his agent.

Well said.

i think (assumption) the guy wants an extension with a trade and ATL either didn't deliver the years or the money...or both.

ROTOWORLD BLURB: Danny Knobler of reports that that Dodgers and Cubs have had discussions about including Alfonso Soriano or Bryan LaHair in a potential Ryan Dempster deal. It's unlikely to happen, though, with Knobler being told by one person briefed on the discussions that the inclusion of either hitter would be a "massive longshot." The Cubs are desperate to send Dempster to the Dodgers, as they might be the only team he's approved a trade to, but it doesn't appear that the Dodgers are willing to budge on what they'll give up.

Fun fact- Massive Longshot was my nickname during my high school years.

While the words 'massive' and 'long' are the makings of what I would consider a good nickname in high school years, I'm afraid that, when put together like that, it would not be such a fun fact....

i am surprised we're not hearing more about Maholm, Reed Johnson, maybe even Shawn Camp . . . and dare I say Lahair and Soriano -- though maybe that is wishful thinking. I think LaHair has very limited value, BUT I do think if any teams out there really scouted Soriano this year they would be severely impressed. Get Cubs to pay 1/2 his remaining $$ on that contract and I would think there are many teams that could use him . . .

Morosi, Ofman, & Levine have linked Reed Johnson to the Tigers in the past 2 days. Not that they'll get all that much.

The LaHair pedestal has begun to crack, I'm afraid. He still has time to adapt to the league, but not in a way that will help his trade value right now.

.214 batting average and a .600 OPS since the middle of May.


not a lot of teams looking for RH DH's unfortunately...

New Update: "Buster Olney of reports that there is "no current dialogue" between the Cubs and Dodgers regarding Ryan Dempster. Olney concludes that "both sides know what the other wants to do. Now we'll see if something changes." The Dodgers reportedly have rejected the Cubs' proposal of prospect right-hander Allen Webster in exchange for Dempster and might only be willing to give up a couple pitchers that project more as relievers. The odds of a deal aren't looking great at this point, but a lot can happen before Tuesday's deadline. "

Tony Four Bags

Fuck you Dempster. I hope you pitch in the playoffs again and get hammered. Again.

Having Travis Wood spend 10 days in the minors sounds like a very reasonable plan right about now.

3.05 era to 4.98 era in 3 starts...8er, 7er, 8er...ow.

Cubbery. Catch the 104-year old fever!

the author is complaining about not trading j.baker? ...a guy who wouldn't be worth much in a good season...much less one where he hit around .200 for 2 months pre-trade deadline? i guess there was a high A ball #30-#40 prospect out there that could have put the cubs over the top. aram refused to leave (damn u dempster), pena evidently made more sense to keep for compensation vs what was offered.... the author was in the "trade garza and dumpster" camp of "blow everything up"...meh.

Personally, I felt the exact same tremor of doom run (cubbery?) through my body when Dempster sent out his unnecessary and infantile text as when the Bartman play happened. Except I don't really blame Bartman at all . . . But that feeling of "This can't be happening..." bad feeling. I've only been doing this since the mid '60's I should know better. It's that Charlie Brown / Lucy football thing.

they used incorrect "landscape paint" in some areas of the grass for the Santo event, evidently...there's a few spaces (including a huge line going from OF to IF on the right side) where it looks like someone used regular spray paint. between this and concerts that turf is working overtime...poor poor turf...

Matt Szczur, leading the FSL in runs (68) and stolen bases (38) and second in OBP (.394), was promoted to Tennessee today. If you're wondering who will yield his spot to Szczur in the Smokies' outfield, Ha volunteered by smashing into a concrete part of the wall last night in Jacksonville.


ha is a great story and all (well, except the latest chapter involving the wall), but it's hard not to be excited about seeing a legit impact starter prospect move up to see some "real" pitching. nats bullpen reads Fiddy Shades of Grey.

kevin millar on MLB's Intentional Talk show said with about 0.000001 seconds of hesitation that dumpster to the dodgers is gonna get done when asked about trade predictions over the weekend. ...not shocking/breaking news, but millar and dumpster are really close, fwiw.

Again, really f'in bad news. I think this is the bs dempster has in his head ... That his yes-men and posse are telling him. Does everyone recall that the dodgers conversation was DEAD For a few days when the Braves deal broke. If millar represents what Demoster thinks is gonna happen we're fucked. Dodgers by many reports are convinced they can have him for spare change. I don't like it -- all reports are consistent they won't consider sending a legit prospect. Again I am not doubting your report crunch. Just sucky ass news. I say he does not go to Dodgers before deadline. I'll probably eat shit, but I think the Dodgers are a black whole of pain (in parlance of Big Lebowski).

still a better situation than aram last year...but yeah, it'd be nice to cash in some of these 10-5's for prospects that meet their true market value...2 seasons in a row of bad luck with it. at least something should get done this time. yeah, millar isn't dumpster's family/agent/etc...he's just a guy who talks to dumpster a lot (spends offseasons chilling with him, they visit each other, etc). dumpster and his agent are going to do what's best for dumpster and his family...even if that means being traded to a team that's not the dodgers.

They don't have to trade him. If Dodgers don't offer something better than the draft pick we'll get, then keep him and let him pitch for a loser for the rest of the year.

The Lesson in all of this: never trust a pitcher with a red beard.

Well, let's see........the Dodgers have the 23rd best farm system in MLB going into this season. They've already given Theo the finger on Zach Lee and Allen Webster. I think if they're lucky they might nab RHPs Sandy Rosario or Josh Hodges........oh boy! Thanks for the parting gifts, Ryan.......take your Harry Caray impression and shove it up your ass.

ESPN Stats & Info ‏@ESPNStatsInfo From Elias: Travis Wood is 1st starter in MLB history to allow a HR in each of the first 5 innings of a game.

"i do think the cubs will try to trade garza, if not now, then in the offseason. they have made no effort to re-sign him since spring." - rosenthall on MLB network

Sounds like Dempster and crew finally figured out there was a PR problem. Geniuses at work! They think this will help: I do hope that MLB institutes a rule where the fucking player has to at least shit or get off the pot in a timely manner. Shouldn't there be a formal deal sheet and veto. Instead of "I have time, nanananana . . . I'm not answering."

cubs fans work the internet like no other team's fans...even the yanks and rsox fans, imo. they go deep for info...they pick up rumors and news really quickly... 99.9% of every question kevin goldstein addresses (because he makes himself so available, which is cool) seems to be a cubs question. you gotta tread lightly or intentionally when you're working the cubs fan rumor circuit.

Just to be clear . . . Can Garza even be traded, under these circumstances? He wouldn't pass a physical right? Also say he was on DL, then it is completely prohibited, correct?

Fri, 07/27/2012 - 5:29pm — Carlito Just to be clear . . . Can Garza even be traded, under these circumstances? He wouldn't pass a physical right? Also say he was on DL, then it is completely prohibited, correct? ======================================== CARLITO: Players on the DL (both 15-day and 60-day) can be traded. Remember, a player does not have to pass a physical for a trade to happen. The club that acquires an injured player can do so even if the player is unable to play (or even pass a physical) at the time the deal is made, as long as the club accepts that and is cool with it. Where you will occasionally see a trade or a waiver claim get voided is when the team that acquires a player was not aware (ahead of time) that the player was injured and/or had some type of pre-existing medical condition. But as long as the club knew about the problem but decided to acquire the player anyway, it's strictly caveat emptor. BTW, one reason why a club would take a chance on acquiring a player who is on the DL is that the player 's value might be diminished to the extent that the club might not have to give up as much as they otherwise might have had to give up to get him.

Jake Peavy to the White Sox jumps to mind.

Greinke to Angels! Finally good news!


My balls hurt. Ouch

good news because it's not the Dodgers or Braves or good news because the Brewers are probably getting 3 pretty decent prospects?

SS Jean Segura, #55 prospect in baseball heading into 2012 according to BA (#43 in their mid-season rankings) and 2 AA pitchers (Ariel Pena and Johnny Hellweg). #2, #4, #9 on BA's top 10 Angels list.... #3,#7, #15 on that list Goldstein had them at #2, #3 and #10 on his Angels top 11.

meh...original post was clear as mud... it's hard to get excited about impact trades in divisions with how they're setting up wild card/playoffs next year. i don't think it's bad, but more opportunities abound.

Josh Johnson to Rangers rumors swirling, nothing definite, "in heavy talks". I presume Mike Olt would have to be involved.

Rangers/Angels in the AL West is becoming as much of an arms race as the Yanks/BoSox used to be in the East. Seems like everytime Texas or LA makes a move, the other feels pressured to match. Given their strong farm system, I REALLY wish we could get Texas interested in Garza before they move on Johnson or Shields first.

fwiw, twitter-verse says Rangers were in on Greinke until the end, but not willing to give up Olt. So probably not going to give him up for Josh Johnson.

What about Soto and Maholm to the White Sox? Pierzynski hurting and they want pitching...

the WSox farm system is nothing but C prospects fwiw...of course that's about what Soto and Maholm are worth.

Crasnick tweets that Cubs and Dodgers are talking Dempster for RP Josh Lindblom. Possible other parts involved.

scouting report from 2 years ago by Goldstein (pre-2010) Year in Review: A second-round pick, Lindblom nearly made his full-season debut in the big leagues after an impressive spring training show. He pitched well at Double- and Triple-A. The Good: A closer in college, the Dodgers moved Lindblom back to relieving in Triple-A, and his stuff plays better in short stints, with a 92-94 mph fastball that touches 96 and a plus power breaking ball that falls off the table. He's a big, intimidating presence on the mound, and he pitches with a nasty streak. He throws a surprising amount of strikes for a physical power reliever. The Bad: For a player with Lindblom's stuff, he doesn't miss as many bats as one would expect. He seems reluctant to use his breaking ball as a chase pitch, and he throws too many hittable strikes when ahead in the count. His changeup lags behind his other pitches, but that's far less of an issue out of the pen. Ephemera: Lindblom was a third-round pick by the Astros in 2005 out of Harrison High in West Lafeyette, Ind., the same school that produced Eric Bruntlett and Todd Dunwoody. Perfect World Projection: He's a good reliever, but not a closer. Path to the Big Leagues: He's close to a finished product. Timetable: Lindblom will be given a long look this spring; he'll have an outside shot of breaking camp in the big leagues. If not, he'll head back to Triple-A to wait his turn.

Wow. Quite the comedown from a Randall Delgado-style prospect to this guy, huh? Thanks Ryan!

in a follow-up tweet, Crasnick kills his own rumor fwiw. Wrongway tweets that Braves were focused on 2 starting pitchers, Greinke and Dempster and may re-engage Cubs with Greinke moved. From people I've spoken to with the Braves, there were two starting pitchers that they badly wanted -- Ryan Dempster and Zack Greinke. It wouldn't be surprising at all if Braves re-engaged the Cubs about the curious situation with Dempster before moving on to their third alternative, whoever that may be. The Braves believe Dempster has the stuff and the presence they need to hold onto the playoff spot that they let slip away down the stretch last season. Dempster's initial blocking of the trade can easily be explained away if he is willing to go there. This could move fast if Frank Wren is willing to take another shot.

here's the Crasnick, "She loves me, she loves me not" link
A second source says Lindblom as part of package to Cubs is "completely unfounded.'' So nothing new with Dempster.

So, unless I'm overlooking someone - the top SP trade candidates left are Josh Johnson, Shields, Dempster, and Garza. Four pitchers and the Cubs own two of them. And the price for Johnson according to a MLB exec is "take out your 2012 Baseball America Prospect Handbook and it starts with your top 3 prospects". Hell, you would have to think there's some kind of decent deal in their for Dempster and someone willing to look at Garza's medicals. I mean provided Dempster shows a modicum of cooperation.

"In an illogical turn of events, Ryan Dempster has become a villain to Cubs fans"

tidbit from another sun-times article: ◆ Travis Wood tied a Cubs record by allowing five homers in a game Friday. The others who did it were Warren Hacker, Ismael Valdez, Steve Stone and Carlos Zambrano.

Javier Baez last night hit a 2 run HR in the 8th for a 3-2 Chiefs win over Cedar Rapids. His line, 2-3, HR #11, 1 WALK. Zack Cates pitched into the 6th, 2 runs, 1BB, 7K. Cates was included in the Rizzo-Cashner trade with the Padres.

Baez followed by crushing a 1-and-1 pitch from Tromblee high and deep into the night sky. The ball easily cleared the grassy berm beyond left field and landed on the concrete patio. A young fan chased down the ball. “I was sitting on slider and he threw me one,” Baez said. The two-run shot gave the Chiefs their first lead of the night. Baez paused briefly while crossing home plate before being chased back to the dugout by home plate umpire James Rackley. “I was just saying hello to their catcher (Able Baker),” Baez said.

Sat, 07/28/2012 - 8:09pm — QuietMan Baez followed by crushing a 1-and-1 pitch from Tromblee high and deep into the night sky. The ball easily cleared the grassy berm beyond left field and landed on the concrete patio. A young fan chased down the ball. “I was sitting on slider and he threw me one,” Baez said. The two-run shot gave the Chiefs their first lead of the night. Baez paused briefly while crossing home plate before being chased back to the dugout by home plate umpire James Rackley. “I was just saying hello to their catcher (Able Baker),” Baez said. ================================= Q-MAN: FWIW, Cedar Rapids is the Angels MWL affiliate, and it was against the Angels that Javier Baez hit for the cycle in one game in Extended Spring Training and then watched a long HR in another (leading to the verbal exchange with the Angels coaches). I'll bet the Angels are glad that Baez is with an N. L. organization so that they won't have to see him much during the MLB regular sason once he reaches the big leagues. Baez absolutely OWNS the Angels. They are his bitch.

Phil, I don't know how you see Baez but I like a player who has exceptional baseball skills with a little edge to his game. Someone like Michael Jordan who won't accept losing or substandard efforts from his teammates. If that's Baez, then color me a big fan.

Sun, 07/29/2012 - 1:05pm — George Altman New Re: The Days of Santo Phil, I don't know how you see Baez but I like a player who has exceptional baseball skills with a little edge to his game. Someone like Michael Jordan who won't accept losing or substandard efforts from his teammates. If that's Baez, then color me a big fan. ==============================\ GEORGE A: The Cubs need more players like Javier Baez, both in terms of talent AND in terms of personality.

Until we get details... Almora went 1-4, double Soler went 2-4, rbi, 1K Lendy Castillo went 4 IP, 2H, 1 run, 2BB, 6K.

in case you missed it, Matt Szczur was promoted from Daytona to Tenn (AA) and went 0-4 in his debut including 2K's. Junior Lake had 2 doubles in that game including 2 rbi as Jacksonville beat the Smokies 6-4.

nobody expected this... Voldstad had a strong outing for Iowa in a 5-0 win. 8IP, No runs, 4H, 3BB, 5K...and a win.

Friday was also kind to Daytona Cubs Robert Whitenack: 5IP, 2H, 0R, 3BB, 4K - now 1-5, 6.63 ERA on the year. Hopefully will carry-over into his next start.

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  • bradsbeard 3 hours 47 min ago (view)

    Great info. Thanks! 


  • Arizona Phil 3 hours 47 min ago (view)

    BRADSBEARD: What happens on 12/2 is each club submits what's called a "Central Tender Letter" to the MLB LRD listing which unsigned players on the club's MLB Reserve List (40-man roster) are being tendered a contract and which unsigned players are not being tendered a contract. 

    The CTL is sufficient as far as providing proof of contract tender.  

    For players being tendered contracts, the CTL must list the club's MLB salary offer, a minor league split salary offer (if the club so chooses), and performance bonuses (if any) the club is offering to the player.


  • crunch 12 hours 23 min ago (view)

    theo walked away from a big payday for an executive in his last season as a cub without having another job scoped out...and according to him he's not even looking one.

    something tells me this isn't going to be a fun off-season for cubs fans.

    the state of the cubs household aside, i wouldn't exactly be shocked to see theo with the mets, though he's supposedly not on their radar at the moment.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 12 hours 47 min ago (view)

    The Cubs have been at the forefront of tone-deaf owners in terms of financial hardship during the pandemic. "The game isn't as profitable as most people think"


  • tim815 1 day 9 hours ago (view)

    The decision on the amount comes later.


  • bradsbeard 1 day 12 hours ago (view)

    At the point when the team makes the initial contract tender, do they have to offer a specific salary, and if so is that the same number the team takes into arbitration? Or does the specific number the teams files at for arbitration happen at a later date?


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 15 hours ago (view)

    jdrnym: A player who is signed to a contract that does not include a minor league split salary is paid his full MLB salary while optioned or after being outrighted to a minor league club.

    So if a player goes to arbitration and is awarded (let's say) a $2.5M salary by the arb panel, the contract will not include a minor league split salary or performance bonuses, and if the player is sent to the minors he is paid the full $2.5M while in the minors.


  • Hagsag 1 day 16 hours ago (view)

    Maybe Trump can give them a loan.


  • crunch 1 day 16 hours ago (view)

    it's not exactly looking good when the cubs brass is complaining about "losing 100m in revenue" when a huge chunk of that seems to include Hotel Zachary.  it looks like the entire "entertainment complex" is the cubs as far as the Ricketts are concerned...and the team might have to suffer a bit because they couldn't fully realize profits last year.  they've publically stated that the big incoming tax credits from the city they're going to realize for stadium work won't help the cubs payroll.


  • jdrnym 2 days 2 hours ago (view)

    If a player doesn't have a split salary in his contract, how much is he making when in the minors (or how is that salary determined)?


  • crunch 2 days 8 hours ago (view)

    we want kyle schwarber to not be mark trumbo so badly...

    either way, the NL having or not having the DH needs to be figured out pretty quickly for a lot of off-season sanity.


  • crunch 3 days 11 hours ago (view)

    minor league hitting coordinator chris valaika moves up assistant hitting instructor for the big league team.

    looks like a.iapoce's job is safe.


  • Cubster 3 days 15 hours ago (view)

    Jed Hoyer gets a new 5 yr contract that runs through 2025 season. 


  • Cubster 3 days 16 hours ago (view)

    BA's list of 19 prospects who impressed at Instructs. One Cub:

    Chase Strumpf, 2B, Cubs


  • Jackstraw 4 days 11 hours ago (view)

    Waiting for Ryan Pace to be available.  He should be a week from tomorrow.


  • crunch 4 days 11 hours ago (view)

    i haven't even heard a rumor...which is interesting since "virtual" winter meetings start in a couple weeks.

    surprised dan kantrovitz hasn't been named "interim GM" or something...which makes me wonder how wide of a net they're casting to fill the position.  he was snagged from the A's and was an assistant GM there (and director of scouting for STL).