Cubs Allegedly Consumate a Trade

I'm on vacation this week, so no blog-a-palooza from me at the trade deadline. That being said, word is that Reed Johnson has been traded. No word on the team as of yet, but Levine says 4 teams made their best offer today including the Pirates and Tigers.

Update: No time for linkage, but Cubs get 24-year-old RHP Jake Brigham from the Texas Rangers for Geovany Soto(meh). From the Atlanta Braves they get pitchers Arodys Vizcaino and Jaye Chapman(Vizcaino could be very good in a few years, but currently is out after TJ surgery).

Rosenthal rumors that Reds are in on Matt Garza.

Soriano apparently said no to any ideas of trading him to the San Francisco Giants.

Plenty of good info in the comments, so read on.


Soto gets a send off similar to Johnson.

"don't hug me in the final 3 innings...i'm getting nervous." - len kasper

Jon Heyman says Reed Johnson sent to a mystery team. Japan?

...and also Soto traded apparently.

IS this an Official "White Flag" trade, or is it way to late for that??

Haha... this question made me lol.

Our opening day roster was "White Flag" indication enough.


Dempster's nanny expecting a hug later tonight.


Brett Jackson pulled from Iowa game.

Appears Soto traded in a separate deal.

SOTO has been traded. Also.

Rosenthal says seperate deals for Johnson and Soto.

nice managing there Clint, trying to steal down by 9

kid behind home plate makes nice catch gets hug from brother. Wonder where he's been traded to.


148 AAA games for Brett Jackson btw. 269/354/502 with 25 Hr, 103 R, 30/36 Sb

d.barney a double away from the cycle. eventful night.

Gloria Estafon sings 7th inning stretch with notes to help. "for it's one, two (looks at note) three strikes your out"

My guess is Soto to Mets. Just b/c I heard they were in the market for one.

a stoner?

Surprisingly, he has kept his weight relatively in-check as a weedist.

9:45pm: The Mets aren't getting Soto, Jon Heyman of tweets.

Welington Castillo did not play in the I-Cubs game tonight (Brian Esposito did catch).

Gloria Estabon is picking up Jackson and Castillo in her bus. /went there

Twitterverse playing 20 questions so far of all the teams not gettIng Soto or Johnson. So far no on pirates, giants and dodgers for reed. No on mets for soto.

Rangers for Soto.

wonder if it's soto + dempster...yeah, i'm still on that dumpster/TEX thing =p lulz. etc.

SOTO to Rangers per Bruce Miles.

Via Kaplan Soto to rangers

(As ROB G) Cubs appear to have traded Soto to the Rangers. Via Tim Brown Twitter.

any word on soto?

Not yet.

Jacob Brigham goes to Cubs in Soto trade


Ditto. Why?

never heard of him. i got no scouting info...unimpressive numbers given his age at various levels.

Reed Johnson starts of firestorm of tweets as to who he is not going to... Not Dodgers Not Indians

Jacob Brigham goes to Cubs in Soto trade
per DKnobler

24 year Old pitcher in AA with suspect numbers

If we continue to collect Jeff Belliveaus, we are in deeper shit than I thought.

Scouting report ● Jake Brigham: 49 present/57 future with 60-grade fastball (60-grade velocity as a starter [91-95 mph; tops out at 97 mph]; 55/55-grade movement), 60/65-grade curveball (80-82 mph), 40/50*-grade (*fringe-average) change-up, and 50/60 control. Aggressive power pitcher with two plus offerings at present with projection for above-average control. Projection: No. 3 starter or frontline set-up man/second-tier closer. (3/27)

From March 2010 btw

Nice work. Thanks.

Johnson to athletics


Johnson and Paul Maholm are close to being dealt to the Braves, Jon Paul Morosi tweets.

johnson on A's?

Still nobody good I bet

Nobody good

rich harden?

maholm now being traded.

Dempster not being traded?

Jacob Brigham had Tommy John surgery in 2007. Otherwise, I don't get it.

i can't even find basic info on the net about the what he throws and his velocity. almost all his info is from when he was got drafted or before...

Kevin Goldstein‏@Kevin_Goldstein Jake Brigham is much more than I would have expected. Writing it up for BP .

Morosi tweet sounds like it's a done deal to Atlanta

brigham...from Nov 2011 article when he was added to TEX 40-man Jake Brigham, RHP – Raw stuff has never been Brigham’s issue, as his arm remains one of the best in the system. The 23-year-old had an inconsistent Double-A debut campaign but appeared to settle into the full-time bullpen role during the second half. He posted a 2.35 ERA while fanning 45 in his final 38.1 innings. As a reliever, Brigham’s fastball sat at 93-97 mph, and both his power curveball and upper-80s slider flashed plus. He may not be a finished product, but his late-innings ceiling gives him a good case for addition. fwiw, he's being used as a starter in AA this year so far.

cransick Cubs are getting two minor league pitchers in Maholm-Johnson deal, source says. Not in the Minor-Delgado-Teheran-Gilmartin group.

so the cubs are about to be down 2 SPs with no one to pitch the slots? ...unless something has gone horribly wrong in trading dumpster.

I don't think he's going

Morosi Tweeted that "Dodgers deal still alive", or something of the sort.

ATL game already over...CHC game just ended.

Blue Jays and Rangers still in on Garza.

i can only think of 1 prospect on either team i'd would consider for garza...and TEX supposedly wouldn't even budge on olt for j.johnson from FLA. yeah, rebuilding blah blah etc...but at least field something worth watching.

We will always have July. Hold onto your hats for rest of the way.

i should also mention that travis d'arnaud out of TOR is a badass on garza-level, too...i doubt very seriously they want to move him, though....even more-so than olt in TEX.

Rangers got spanked by Angels tonite, hopefully Ryan is in office wearing his big smelly cowboy hat looking to overpay for pitching.

I would do Martin and other decent (not high level) prospects for Garza.

JIM BOWDEN‏@JimBowdenESPNxm Alfonso Soriano has told Cubs he will not go to Giants in trade

I'm okay with Sori staying as long as he's not blocking anybody.

Theo probably worked his ass off for that.

Soriano was quoted as saying: "Nah, I don't want to play for a team that wants me, especially one in first place...moreover, I'd prefer a fanbase that'll hate me for my enormous contract. I'd rather stick with a team that won't approach contention for the entirety of my contract."

sounds legit, yo.

Yeah, I got a source on the inside.

Rangers DFA Yorvit Torrealba to make room for Soto

Funny, I was watching the Rangers game and the lady-in-the-stands was doing some fluff piece when the camera started to pan down to hear lower section...then eventually to her feet. Turns out Torrealba was messing with the camera. She and the crew made comments about using their pull to get him traded....

Pitcher Jaye Chapman is one of the players going from #Braves to #Cubs in Maholm-Johnson deal, source says.
per Crasnick

Ken Rosenthal‏@Ken_Rosenthal Source: Vizcaino and Chapman to #Cubs for Maholm and Johnson.

Garza to the Reds? per Rosenthal

Ken_Rosenthal Source: Vizcaino and Chapman to #Cubs for Maholm and Johnson. ...not bad.

Vizcaino out for season with elbow surgert?!?!?

yeah, but it was very early. he's expected to be ready for spring training.


it's only the 2nd time he's torn his elbow in his career. he'll be fine... =p actually, he didn't have surgery first time...though he probably should have.

Seems like a low-cost trade for the Cubs- with an outside chance at some sort of payoff.

in case people need reminding... vizcaino is out having his elbow put back together, but is expected back in 2013. great curveball and a high 90s+ fastball.

Have to ask CUBSTER prognosis for the surgery Vizcaino had.

he had TJ surgery back in march.

Arodys Vizcaino's 2nd trade: July 2, 2007: Signed by the New York Yankees as an amateur free agent. December 22, 2009: Traded by the New York Yankees with Melky Cabrera, Mike Dunn and cash to the Atlanta Braves for Boone Logan and Javier Vazquez.

more on Vizcaino: Arodys Vizcaino had his TJ surgery on 3/20/12 during spring training. before his surgery...
Vizcaino, rated the No. 40 prospect in baseball and top relief pitching prospect for 2012 by Baseball America, faces a 12-month rehabilitation.
Vizcaino is one of the organization’s coveted trio of Latin pitching prospects, with starters Julio Teheran and Randall Delgado.

so don't ask for autographs until Easter

if he can find a slider or some other offspeed pitch to compliment his curve he's got starter material. braves just gave up on when he works relief he can bring it 95+mph on the fastball all the time rather than dialing it back a bit in order to go 5+ innings. he's got either/or SP/RP value, imo.

a cool quote from Braves GM, Frank Wren, in the above Vizcaino article (from last march): “There are guys that have ligaments that don’t look good on MRI and they play their whole career,” Wren said. “Greg Maddux’s ligament, from what I’ve been told, was one of the worst looking ligaments they’ve ever seen. But he continued to pitch and it never really became a problem. And that was when he first signed with the Braves.”

and Soriano blocks any possible trade to SF per Jim Bowden

Am I pleased with these returns?

i like the ATL trade...and im the guy that considered p.maholm a cheap 2013 option for the cubs (6.5m) if they consider putting a competitive team together.

this is in the twitter feed and i don't get it... "jcrasnick Chapman is a back-end-of-the bullpen guy. Throws low 90s, and has a plus changeup. #cubs #braves" yeah, he has a change...and it's closer than any other offspeed pitch he's got (including a slider)...except his curve, which is pretty impressive. also, he's a low 90s guy when he's starting, but he's more than capable of repeating a 95-100mph fastball when he was throwing relief for ATL. he may be a back-end pen guy, but he'll most likely be throwing harder than low-90s when doing it if he's not expected to throw 5+ip. he'll also be showing his curve more than his change.

Have to ask CUBSTER prognosis for the surgery Vizcaino had. --- It was classic Tommy John Ulnar Collateral Ligament surgery and it was done by Dr. James Andrews on March 20th this spring. So what's not to like. He should be available next spring although they might bring him on slowly from that point.

I thought Dwight Yokum was the leading surgeon?

wow...a.huff (SF) out of the game. he's barely off the DL. how much more career does he have left? it's like watching b.bonds play his last couple of seasons.

I like what I'm hearing about the returns. Am I crazy to think that considering it wasn't for Dempster and we can still move him, this may beat the Demp for Delgado trade that didn't happen?

I'd rather have Maholm and Delgado than Dempster and these guys I, granted, know nothing about.

Vizcaino was rated ahead of Delgado, but is obviously more fragile, recovering from Tommy John, and doesn't have that 6'3" frame Delgado does. However it's all a frickin crap shoot and mjmiller73 is right, we'll hopefully get a tasty can of soup from the dodgers. Oops, I mean hopefully get someone exciting on some level for Dempster.

Brad Lincoln for Travis Snider trade is an interesting swap of two mostly-failed 2006 1st-round picks taken just before (Lincoln) and after (Snider) the Cubs' own failed pick in that draft (Tyler Colvin), whom they moved for another failed 1st-round pick in Ian Stewart. I guess the moral of the story is that GMs just can't resist the name recognition associated with "former 1st round draft pick," regardless of whether the player has turned out to be an absolute bust. To whom can Theo pawn off Casey Weathers and Hayden Simpson?

Jake Brigham leads the Texas League in HR allowed.


It gets worse. Cubs are sending TX money to take Soto off our hands to boot. WTF, Soto has really fallen down sure, but he's still a ML catcher, and those are hard to come by. How could Theo not get something better than Jake Brigham? Seriously?? Granted, it could be that Jedstein had already concluded they would non-tender Soto this winter, but even so....disappointing trade to say the least when compared to the Maholm + Reed deal.

Soto sucked major ass for 1.5 seasons. At least they got a live arm. Honestly just look at his numbers... I think cubs did well. He's batting like a combined .208 over 2011-2012. Totally awesome just to clear playing time for our two young catchers.

Dodgers trade for Brandon League.

Paul Maholm is owed about $1.6M for the balance of 2012, plus $6.5M or $500K buy-out (club option) in 2013. He also gets a $50K bonus if he pitches 150 IP, and an additional $100K bonus (each) at 160, 170, 180, 190, & 200 IP, for a total potential performance bonus of $550K in 2012. (This bonus will also be available to him in 2013 if his contract is not terminated by club option post-2012). Unless The Cubs agree to pay part of it, the Braves would be responsible for any perforamance bonus Maholm may attain in 2012 and/or 2013, even though most of his IP were with the Cubs in 2012. However, it is VERY likely that Cubs and Braves would agree to split any performance bonus(es) Maholm may earn based upon the percentage of innings thrown while with the Cubs versus the percentage thrown while a member of the Braves. EXAMPLE: Maholm presently has thrown 120.1 IP, so another 29.2 IP and he gets $50K. Since he would have thrown about 80% of those innings while a member of the Cubs and only about 20% while a member of the Braves, the Cubs might have agreed (in advance) to pay $40K (80%) of the $50K performance bonus Maholm earns if he reaches 150 IP, and then the Cubs might have agreed to pay 75% ($75K) of the $100K bonus Maholm gets if he reaches 160 IP, $70K (70%) of the $100K bonus if he reaches 170 IP, etc. Reed Johnson is owed about $350K for the balance of 2012. So Maholm and Johnson (combined) are still owed about $1.95M in 2012 salaries, plus Maholm's potential performance bonuses (still TBD). The $1.95M in 2012 payroll saved by trading Maholm and Johnson would be offset by the Cubs needing to replace Maholm and Johnson on the 25-man roster with players making at least the pro-rated MLB minimum salary, so the Cubs will have to add about $350K for those two players (TBD), plus the pro-rated portion of Arodys Vizcaino's 2012 salary (about $160K), for a total of about $510K, and therefore a total payroll savings of about $1.44M (not counting Maholm's peformance bonus). Again, that's presuming the Cubs are not paying any part of Maholm's and/or Johnson's remaining 2012 salary or Maholm's performance bonus(es). Geovany Soto is still owed about $1.4M in salary, and the Cubs wil have to replace him on the 25-man roster with a player (presumably Welington Castillo) who is making at least the pro-rated MLB minimum salary (about $175K), for a savings of about 1.25M in 2012 payroll. Soto will be eligible for salary arbitration post-2012 and will be eligible to be an Article XX-B MLB FA post-2013 (if he isn't non-tendered on 12/2). However, it is already being reported that the Cubs will be sending the Rangers money to cover some or all of Soto's remaining salary (or at least what is left of Soto's salary minus the $175K they will be paying his replacement on the 25-man roster), so it is still TBD how much (if any) 2012 payroll the Cubs will save in the Soto deal.

Jake Brigham will likely move from AA Frisco in the Texas League to AA Tennessee in the Southern League and join the Smokies starting rotation. Jaye Chapman could very well join the Cubs bullpen immediately (he was the primary closer at AAA Gwinnett, but he would probably be a middle reliever at the big league level). And Arodys Vizcaino goes from the Atlanta Braves 15-day DL to the Cubs 15-day DL. Even if Chapman is brought up to Chicago, that still means there will be a couple of openings on the Cubs MLB 25-man roster. Obviously Welington Castillo will be recalled to replace Soto, and it is already being reported that Casey Coleman and Brett Jackson might be en route to Chicago to replace Maholm and Johnson. If so, then Chapman could replace either Matt Garza (who will probably be placed on the DL on Tuesday) or Jeff Beliveau (who may have pitched his way back to AAA Iowa Monday night).

Jackson getting called up was all but killed by most of the beat writers.

Dave Sappelt would make more sense. Sappelt essentially does what Reed Johnson does (RH hitter who plays all three OF spots), plus Brett Jackson is in the midst of a slump and now would not appear to be the best time call him up.

from what we can barely infer on twitter, he made no indications tonight also hasn't hit a lick all year April: .637 May:.597 June: .640 July: .767

Sappelt is hitting 300/354/410 with six doubles and seven SB in 26 games so far in July. He's not a HR hitter, so what he has done this month is basically what he does when he is playing well. Also, he is already on the 40-man roster.

David Kaplan‏@thekapman I just spoke with Brett Jackson. He is NOT getting called up. Told me he is playing today in a day game for Class AAA Iowa.

Cut down on those strikeouts, kid.

Any chance he's still having trouble adjusting from the Hendry regime's "see ball, swing" approach?

Jackson was never a part of that, TJ. Someone else taught him to hit, or he taught himself. I refer you to his .379 career OBP. Going deep into counts doesn't help you (or Jackson or Adam Dunn) avoid strikeouts.

OK, CRUNCH, is it too soon to start suggesting FA to fill in the mix left open...For instance, a LSP to take PMaholm's place?? Go for it...

trade for cliff lee, of course.

Jamie Moyer: It's only a matter of time.

I imagine Jackson was on his way to Chicago until Soriano said no to the trade to SF.

Damn. I think you are 100% correct. Makes sense...

Hey nice trades and if Cincy wants Garza we want Billy Hamilton. And I am miffed at Soriano blocking a trade. What is it with these guys? Is losing fun in Chicago where they don't want to go to contenders? Are they making so much money that winning doesn't matter? Man i want players hungry for a championship, not a pay check.

With the way Soriano has been playing lately and the way he has improved his defense all season even when he wasn't hitting, I think he's pretty hungry.

per Muskat...
The Cubs were expected to promote pitcher Casey Coleman and catcher Welington Castillo from Triple-A Iowa in time for Tuesday's game. There were reports that top prospect Brett Jackson had been pulled from Iowa's game, and also was headed to the Cubs, but team officials said they didn't expect the outfielder to be part of the group. "I'm not going to comment on the guys coming up," Hoyer said.

Here is BP's/Kevin Goldstein's writeup on Brigham:
While hardly a top prospect, the Cubs got a surprisingly solid arm in return for Soto. A sixth-round pick in 2006 out of a Florida high school, Brigham has been slow to develop in a career that includes a 2008 Tommy John surgery. Repeating Double-A this year, Brigham has better peripherals than his 4.28 ERA suggests, giving up less than a hit per inning with 116 strikeouts and 46 walks in 124 innings. He has a solid fastball that ranges from 91-95 mph, but he can get loose with the pitch up in the zone and gives up too many home runs as a result. His primary secondary pitch is a low-80s slider that rates as average, and while he has a changeup, it's a below-average pitch. He projects as an innings-eating no. 4 or 5 starter or a solid middle reliever. He looks like a big leaguer, just not an impact one.

Goldstein paints Brigham well enough here to be a down-the-road serviceable player, which is conceivably the best we could expect for Soto given his pending non-tender (although hitting in Arlington may earn him another $4M). Still, I don't see this guy in an MLB rotation, and 7th-inning setup guy is probably the absolute ceiling. As a 24-year-old in AA, he's putting up the minimum numbers he needed to have to not get released.

As mentioned by another poster higher up the thread, any live arm is good for Soto. He had a very brief good run when he first got to the league but has been a pretty bad catcher since. Can't throw runners out. Not bad receiving skills but not good enough to warrant the hitting line. I'm not sure what his pitcher's ERA is, though. Rolls eyes.

Soto is still better than Clevenger...Castillo...Lalli...Steve Lake....Rick Wrona...whoever the hell the Cubs have? I'm rooting for Castillo to finally get an extended shot. I sure hope Cub fans are ready for some sucking though. Right now 1B, 2B,SS are solid. CF is ok, and Soriano is having a good year in LF. Catcher, RF, 3B, and 3 starting pitching slots? Not so much...

Hmmm...not sure I agree with you. Soto WAS better than the aforementioned. Not any longer.

Soto's "D" is better than Clevenger's, and while Castillo's arm is outstanding..his pitch calling, and catching the pitches thrown leaves something to be desired to say the least. Soto's 27% CS rate isn't real good...but much, much better than Clevenger's. He'll take some walks, and hit an occasional HR. If the Cubs bring up Castillo, and give him the majority of starts, I get it. If not....well WTF? Lol.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Soto do very well in that ballpark. It seems like his kind of joint. I think he'll have a nice, successful career in Texas and I wish him the best.

I agree Ryno. I liked Soto. I thought he did a nice job behind the plate-especially at framing pitches. His bat was starting to come around. I think he'll play more to his career averages-.250 hitter, decent on base and a little pop. I do think he needs more rest than a guy his age would suggest but put in the situation where his bat won't be counted on-I think he'll contribute.

If you are basing that comment on Soto's last two years, you are basically saying that Clevenger and Castillo will combine for one of the crappiest hitting lines for the catching position. Not to mention the free reign runners will have.

Castillo has a triple-A OPS of .831, to Soto's .851. Not much difference there. Castillo's swing looks much better to me. Soto's bat seems to have gotten much slower lately--Henry Blanco slow.

Except of course...AAA is not MLB. We'll see, I hope

and Chapman:
A 16th-round pick in 2005, Chapman is an undersized right-hander who is in his seventh minor league season while being developed solely as a reliever. He has an average fastball that sits at 89-92 mph and a fringy breaking ball, but he has a true plus changeup that he uses as an outpitch. Already 25 years old and lacking anything in the way of projection, his best chance is as an up-and-down reliever

and Vizcaino:
Despite being just six feet tall, Vizcaino has a lightening quick arm and sat at 96 mph in short stints while touching 98. His power curveball sits in the low-80s, features heavy late break, and gives him a second outpitch that he'll use at any point in the count. He has a rarely used below-average changeup, and the effort in his delivery creates some command issues. Originally developed as a starter, Vizcaino had a history of arm problems before the surgery and has never thrown more than 120 innings in a season. Now an undersized pitcher with an injury history and far from a pretty delivery, everything points to Vizcaino becoming a permanent reliever, but if his stuff comes all the way back, he's potentially closer-worthy.

I would be alright with Gould and Lindblom from the Dodgers if they take Sori with Dempster and pay the majority of Sori's contract. They are constantly gabbing that cash is not a problem. I know they Say they won't offer Lee, Webster or Reed . . . but I think Garret Gould must be a possibility?

Woo... next year is going to be ugly.

I think the cubs are infinitely more watchable than recent years. Granted the starting pitching could be atrocious next year, but I find it all exciting compared to the free-agent fatass years.

I agree, I enjoy watching this come together with the kids, knowing they will spend money when needed and warranted.

+1,000,000 I could not agree more.

You never know, really. TheoCorp is stockpiling arms, and they're not done yet. It's a good strategy. Get as many as you can, hope one or two stick. Maybe we'll get lucky and see one shoot up the system faster than expected. I didn't see Germano last night, but his line was not too bad. I'm not suggesting Justin Germano is the solution or even part of it. But grabbing a bunch of guys like that is a good way to find some gold. Like Carlito says, this sure beats watching a bunch of journeymen (I switched out free agents for journeymen). I like Johnson a lot as a player in almost every way. He would have been a tremendous guy to have if the Cubs were a contender. But he's just blocking people on a team like the Cubs.

Who was Reed Johnson blocking? Campana? Seriously..not sarcastic.

Whoever they bring up. My point is I'd rather see a youth movement than guys like Baker, Johnson, etc. Nothing against those guys, but they are pointless on a team like this.

yes, and certainly if you can get more youth for those journeymen, they gotta go! goal is to become a talent factory from the bottom up and timeline is not this year or next . . .

Can we get some youth....that's talented? That'd be cool.

"I'd rather see a youth movement." So would I, but young guys aren't usually called up to sit on the bench. That's a job for older players like Johnson, who had his shot at being a starter and then dropped down to a substitute role. Campana originally came up to start in center after Byrd's beaning. The Cubs probably don't like Campana's situation right now, since he's not going to learn to hit like a major leaguer on the bench. I'm not positive, but I think Mather was supposed to compete with Soriano for starts in left. He just didn't hit. But he's 29, so not exactly a youth movement, either. Sappelt is still too young (25) to die on the bench. The purpose of his existence now is to have a breakout year in the minors.

thoughts: 1.) didn't yesterday seem like a watershed day for Castro? I feel like his defense and power are finally meeting up with his uncanny ability to put the bat on the ball (clearly working on patience at plate too). He's damn exciting. 2.) so glad we didn't trade Barney (yet?), I like him at 2B a ton. 3.) anyone think Marmol goes today?

I wouldn't mind the Cubs using Marmol in the 8th inning and it would be cool if they got some boring old dude with control of the strike zone to close games. Dempster, perhaps. :)

I think if the Cubs are willing to eat Marmol's contract-which has been their mo on all these trades-I wouldn't understand why any team wouldn't have space for Marmol.

Also I think it is conceivable that Soriano goes to Yankees *if* Texiera MRI is bad today, and Soriano doesnt mind heading back to Yanks. His numbers are comparable to Texiera and with DH (and a 1B injured) they would find a way to get him in lineup: Like swisher to 1B and Soriano at DH, etc.

What the Cubs overall hitting line is since Rudy left

.246/.295/.389/.684 (6/12 - 7/30) .247/.304/.385/.689 (4/5 - 6/10)

Fuzz box.

Thanks. My minds eye has a completely different take. Must be the Rizzo effect.

When was the last time we completed a deal with another team where someone paid to review deals (here Keith Law) said: "Atlanta gets marginally better for this year with the additions of Maholm and Johnson, but the Cubs land the best prospect they're likely to obtain in this year's trade market in exchange for two players they didn't need....The price for Atlanta, however, was too high." I really didn't expect anything of note for Maholm and Johnson, so I am ecstatic. And truly just want Dempster traded for anything (he does nothing for us for 2012....and Soriano going as well would be awesome) and hope we can find someone willing to give value for Garza.

Of course this presupposes a complete recovery from TJS. Which in Dr. CUBSTER's view (considering Andrews leading the surgery) is baseball-routine.

It's Vizcaino's second surgery isn't it? Doesn't that make a difference?

first surgery. he avoided surgery on his first tear. still he appears very delicate.

Let's hope he doesn't have Angel Guzman disease.

Let Cubster confirm, but I think I've read pitchers come back stronger these days after the surgery. Strasburg sure came back well.

i've always heard that too. BIONIC arm! (just wishing)

Brett Jackson flew out to end the top of the 6th last night. Rusin pitched the bottom of the inning but was touched for a 3-run homer that made the score 5-1. Cabrera relieved Rusin with two out. Cabrera would have been fourth in the order next inning, so the manager double-switched, bringing Tolbert in to replace Rusin, while Cabrera would bat in Jackson's spot. This maneuvering based on how recently Jackson batted and how soon the pitcher would bat and, of course, on the inning and the score--this doesn't look like a case of removing a player because of a phone call from Chicago.

If Kaplan is to be believed, the Dodgers, Yankees, and Rangers are currently the 3 hottest teams after Dempster.

Do you think Rangers acquiring Soto was partially to make a nice comfy landing place for Dempster or Garza?

No. I personally have a hard time seeing Dempster going to the AL. Garza to the Rangers has potential.

A bit OT, but does anyone know when the Cubs CSN/WGN contracts are up? As we all know, a Golden Goose will hopefully appear when they expire. It sure has for numerous MLB contenders recently.

Thanks. Always the most well-informed at TCR.

After reading this, I still can't fathom the incredible sweetheart deal TribCo. signed with CSN. I am guessing, but if it was signed in 2009, and is 10 years at well-below market, I will be in my 60's before the team can get their hands on any of a new deal. Just goddamned so Cubs. This must have been fucking Zell?

For the first time in over 30 years, this team has an actual interested owner. It'll take a while to un-do everything, but hopefully we all die happy.

but hopefully we all die happy. Hookers and bath salts for everyone!

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Let Cubster confirm, but I think I've read pitchers come back stronger these days after the surgery. Strasburg sure came back well. --- Unless your name is Chad Fox.

The below brings back priceless memories: During the disgusting 7th and 8th innings, the walkmasters paraded their stuff including walk(s) from Cotts, Patton, Fox and Heilman. I was suffering along with Ron Santo who said on the radio: "anytime you have 7 walks you don't deserve to win." Six of the nine walks the Cubs pitchers gave up came from the bullpen. I believe we have at least better quality on the mound now than the above.

Tim Brown‏@TBrownYahoo Phillies have traded Victorino to Dodgers for Lindblom and Ethan martin

Victorino to Dodgers for minor league starter Ethan Martin and reliever Josh Lindblom. So much for Dodgers pitching depth outside of their taboo top 3.

Yeah. Fuck Coletti. Well, the Dodgers deal is probably dead. We'll see soon enough if, or where Dempster is going.

Sweeney left game early not because he was traded

Hunter Pence to SF

JimBowdenESPNxm says Dempster to Dodgers deal done "dotting i's and crossing t's" ???

Muskat tweets that Cardenas, Coleman and Castillo are on the way up from Iowa


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  • bradsbeard 3 hours 59 min ago (view)

    Great info. Thanks! 


  • Arizona Phil 3 hours 59 min ago (view)

    BRADSBEARD: What happens on 12/2 is each club submits what's called a "Central Tender Letter" to the MLB LRD listing which unsigned players on the club's MLB Reserve List (40-man roster) are being tendered a contract and which unsigned players are not being tendered a contract. 

    The CTL is sufficient as far as providing proof of contract tender.  

    For players being tendered contracts, the CTL must list the club's MLB salary offer, a minor league split salary offer (if the club so chooses), and performance bonuses (if any) the club is offering to the player.


  • crunch 12 hours 35 min ago (view)

    theo walked away from a big payday for an executive in his last season as a cub without having another job scoped out...and according to him he's not even looking one.

    something tells me this isn't going to be a fun off-season for cubs fans.

    the state of the cubs household aside, i wouldn't exactly be shocked to see theo with the mets, though he's supposedly not on their radar at the moment.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 12 hours 59 min ago (view)

    The Cubs have been at the forefront of tone-deaf owners in terms of financial hardship during the pandemic. "The game isn't as profitable as most people think"


  • tim815 1 day 9 hours ago (view)

    The decision on the amount comes later.


  • bradsbeard 1 day 12 hours ago (view)

    At the point when the team makes the initial contract tender, do they have to offer a specific salary, and if so is that the same number the team takes into arbitration? Or does the specific number the teams files at for arbitration happen at a later date?


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 15 hours ago (view)

    jdrnym: A player who is signed to a contract that does not include a minor league split salary is paid his full MLB salary while optioned or after being outrighted to a minor league club.

    So if a player goes to arbitration and is awarded (let's say) a $2.5M salary by the arb panel, the contract will not include a minor league split salary or performance bonuses, and if the player is sent to the minors he is paid the full $2.5M while in the minors.


  • Hagsag 1 day 16 hours ago (view)

    Maybe Trump can give them a loan.


  • crunch 1 day 16 hours ago (view)

    it's not exactly looking good when the cubs brass is complaining about "losing 100m in revenue" when a huge chunk of that seems to include Hotel Zachary.  it looks like the entire "entertainment complex" is the cubs as far as the Ricketts are concerned...and the team might have to suffer a bit because they couldn't fully realize profits last year.  they've publically stated that the big incoming tax credits from the city they're going to realize for stadium work won't help the cubs payroll.


  • jdrnym 2 days 2 hours ago (view)

    If a player doesn't have a split salary in his contract, how much is he making when in the minors (or how is that salary determined)?


  • crunch 2 days 8 hours ago (view)

    we want kyle schwarber to not be mark trumbo so badly...

    either way, the NL having or not having the DH needs to be figured out pretty quickly for a lot of off-season sanity.


  • crunch 3 days 11 hours ago (view)

    minor league hitting coordinator chris valaika moves up assistant hitting instructor for the big league team.

    looks like a.iapoce's job is safe.


  • Cubster 3 days 15 hours ago (view)

    Jed Hoyer gets a new 5 yr contract that runs through 2025 season. 


  • Cubster 3 days 16 hours ago (view)

    BA's list of 19 prospects who impressed at Instructs. One Cub:

    Chase Strumpf, 2B, Cubs


  • Jackstraw 4 days 11 hours ago (view)

    Waiting for Ryan Pace to be available.  He should be a week from tomorrow.


  • crunch 4 days 11 hours ago (view)

    i haven't even heard a rumor...which is interesting since "virtual" winter meetings start in a couple weeks.

    surprised dan kantrovitz hasn't been named "interim GM" or something...which makes me wonder how wide of a net they're casting to fill the position.  he was snagged from the A's and was an assistant GM there (and director of scouting for STL).