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Yency Almonte
Adbert Alzolay 
Javier Assad
Colten Brewer
Ben Brown
Kyle Hendricks
* Shota Imanaga
Mark Leiter Jr
Hector Neris 
* Drew Smyly
Jameson Taillon 
Keegan Thompson
* Jordan Wicks

Miguel Amaya
Yan Gomes

* Michael Busch 
Garrett Cooper
Nico Hoerner
Nick Madrigal
Christopher Morel
Dansby Swanson
Patrick Wisdom

* Cody Bellinger 
# Ian Happ
Seiya Suzuki
* Mike Tauchman 

Kevin Alcantara, OF 
Michael Arias, P 
Pete Crow-Armstrong, OF 
Jose Cuas, P 
Brennen Davis, OF 
Porter Hodge, P 
* Luke Little, P 
* Miles Mastrobuoni, INF
* Matt Mervis, 1B 
Daniel Palencia, P 
Luis Vazquez, INF 
Hayden Wesneski, P 

10-DAY IL: 1 
Seiya Suzuki, OF

* Justin Steele, P   

60-DAY IL: 2 
Caleb Kilian, P 
Julian Merryweather, P

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2014 Winter Meetings Day 3

4:54: PM CST: Break out the salt shakers, but..."Cubs are talking very seriously with James Shields." -@injuryexpert @br_radio #BRAD". So the tweet comes from Jason Goff, who seems to host an afternoon Sirius radio show and I think he's talking to enemy of the state, Will Carroll, who I believe is the one saying the above. It would't completely surprise me, but it would be surprising in a way. I would think that after being able to sign Lester and a high draft pick next year, Cubs would prefer to have one more big draft class opportunity, but I could be wrong.

2:35 PM CST: Well, I suppose Johnny Gomes technically qualifies as a LF power bat.

1:49 PM CST: Jim Bowden (yeah I know), says Cubs are looking for a LF power bat.

My final take on this Jon Lester business. Yes, of course, it's too much money for too many years (aka big ticket free agency) and the full no-trade clause puts a bit of a damper on the deal, but with that much competition on Lester, it was probably necessary. It seems there is a $30 million signing bonus involved, with $20 million being paid to Lester right now and the other $10 million being spread out over the life of the contract. If that is how it works out, that's $135M over 6 years, which would be $22.5M per year. Let's say I'm a big fan if that is the case, using the savings from the last few years to make the contract slightly more manageable in the future. There is a 7th year option worth $25M that automatically vests if Lester throws 200 innings in 2020 or 400 total innings between 2019 and 2020. I haven't seen if that's a club, player or mutual option, but I would guess player. I'm not sure if there's a buyout involved. I'm also not sure what numbers I'm missing because the report is that it would be a total of $170M over 7 years if the option vests, but I get $180M ($155+25M), so there's something not adding up, but I'm sure it'll get figured out soon enough.  Lester also gets 25 hours a year of private air travel paid for by the Cubs.

In the end, the Cubs got the guy they wanted...the guy with the ability and make-up that they craved, the guy with 2 rings to show off to the youngsters. And there is some success in left-handers in their mid to late 30's (Lilly and Pettite come to mind) that the Cubs will still get something out of Lester on the backend of the deal. In itself, it's not enough to put them in playoff contention next year, but it's enough to start them down the path. And well, you never know, maybe the youngsters all come out hitting like they did in the minors and next year the magic begins.

More rumoring after the break...

- Sullivan claims the Cubs are still looking for another pitcher. James Shields sure would be nice, but I'm guessing it's more along the lines of Jake Peavy and Justin Masterson for a year or two year deal. If they spend big again on a pitcher, next year's potential free agent class is stuffed with talent (Cueto, Latos, Samardzija, Price, Zimmerman to name a few).

- Jimmy Rollins would approve a trade to the Dodgers, much like a passenger on the Titanic would accept a ride on a life boat.

- Pirates are looking at reliever Antonio Bastardo as were the Boston Red Sox.

- There were rumors yesterday of course that if Cubs got Lester, they'd look to add a big bat. Pickings are slim of course on the free agent market; Mike Morse, Colby Rasmus, Chase Headley or Melky Cabrera. Positions on the field are slim as well for the Cubs, but imagine Cubs could squeeze someone in at LF, 3B or CF if needed, with the presumption that Kris Bryant could move to LF if they got a 3B bat. The trade market is always a tough one to gauge, let's throw out some names to stir up things...Carlos Gonzalez, Matt Kemp, Evan Longoria...okay, my work is done.


...the guy with 2 rings to show off to the youngsters. Doesn't EJax have a ring too [ ducks ]

Yeah would be sweet if they had avoided a no-trade clause . . . but i suppose he's earned it and quality of life at that level includes being able to control your destiny. also maybe we owe a minor tip of the hat to Dempster? which is humbling because I would have BBQ'd him a few years ago if it was legal/moral.

alright LF bat...go!

J. Upton, M. Kemp, C. Gonzalez, A. Gordon,  J. Gomes, Y. Cespedes, M. Morse, Melky Cabrera, JD Martinez, M. Byrd, A. Ethier

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In reply to by jacos

I think Jonny Gomes will probably be the "bat" the Cubs end up signing because of the TB and BOS connections and because Gomes is the type of vet the Cubs seem to be seeking, but I suppose the Cubs might have some interest in Carl Crawford, but only if the Dodgers take back Edwin Jackson in the deal and pay maybe $5M of Crawford's salary in 2015-16 and half of Crawford's 2017 salary. 

Crawford played for Joe Maddon in TB and Theo signed Crawford while he was in BOS, so there is a connection there. 

2nd prize apparently is Wade Miley

Red Sox allegedly close to acquiring him. K rate took a nice jump last year, but so did walk rate. 200 innings a year guy though, certainly someone that could surprise.

[ ]

In reply to by jacos

sounds like 2 minor league pitchers, Phils also trade Bastardo to Pirates.

Fire Sale!

Sounds like Byrd is next and imagine Hamels at some point and Cliff Lee probably during the season. They'll have a tough time dumping Howard and Utley said he wouldn't waive his NTC, but we'll see about that after he sees the carnage.

i wonder what kind of fail has to happen to keep k.bryant from breaking with the team after this spring. the 2015 cubs have announced to the world they're ready to play for real again. also, if they're thinking of j.gomes...f'n why...especially with a crew of in-house guys who are just as good, if not better? to me, it's a "go big or go home" thing for LF because "good enough" is already here. also also, i still don't buy into them keeping welly...especially once TOR feels out the market with d.navarro. i'm expecting more trades...hopefully something to help replace the interesting, but expendable, talent that was given up for montero.

[ ]

In reply to by Old and Blue

For the absolutely nothing it means in the real world, I wish the Cubs were done. Unless they plan to pursue Shields, which I doubt. They've made three upgrades since yesterday, how about taking a breath and seeing how things come together early in the season, and if they still need a "power bat" come July 31 do it then. Cubs have made quality, smart moves. I'm certainly against any deals for non-premium starters since the Cubs have a raft of them onboard already. And no moving prospects for some B-grade LF just because. Don't mortgage any of 2016 and 2017 because we're tired of absolutely sucking and currently high on the good moves of the last few days.

[ ]

In reply to by Jackstraw

i wonder what will happen to a slew of guys if they keep adding roster-sticking guys. the cubs keep getting linked to a LF/power bat and another SP...whether they're actually looking either *shrug* while no one is officially excess, they still need to decide what to do with t.wood, welly, and the slightly-too-large OF roster situation. beyond that, they have some other guys who could disappear and, while useful, are replaceable for the cubs (olt/valbuena/etc). lester/arrieta/hammel/wada/hendricks seem to have the edge on the rotation...wada isn't a sure thing, but the cubs gave him 4m so they see something in him.

I wish I knew the Dodgers plan, but Friedman deservers the benefit of the doubt.

Rumor be that a Dee Gordon for A. Heaney deal is in the works.

[ ]

In reply to by Rob G.

Rollins possibly for Zach Lee & another minor league pitcher

Gordon and Haren for Heaney (stud pitching prospect), Kike Hernandez (C), Chris Hatcher (C turned reliever, decenet numbers last year in majors) & Austin Barnes (old for his leagues, but C/INF with real nice offensive numbers). Haren has said before he'd retire if traded unless it was to the Angels. Maybe a bit of subterfuge between Dodgers and Marlins to get him off both their books?

Bastardo trade to Pirates was for Joely Rodriguez.

[ ]

In reply to by Rob G.

Wasn't Zach Lee supposedly rumored in a trade to the Cubs a few years ago? When Dempster was in play near the All Star break? When he eventually nixed a deal to Atlanta and went to the Rangers? If not ZLee, then who was the rumored Dodger pitching prospect that Coletti wouldn't let go of?

I have to say, if this twitter thing is any indication of what kind of guy we are getting then we are in good shape.  Lester has been on Twitter non stop for 2 hours now answering fan tweets. Thanking well wishers and handling the mean ones from red Sox fans with the high road.  Very classy.



[ ]

In reply to by WISCGRAD

saw some of that....nice touch.

 Original tweet is protected, but imagine it was from a disgruntled Red Sox fan...but this was Lester's response.

@N_Ruggiero Sorry you feel that way buddy but i believe you meant "you are" and "traitor"

@enosarris Billy Beane: "Y'all should read FanGraphs, they pretty much have a bug in our office."


So rumor that Dodgers may get in on Shields...potential rotation of Kershaw, Greinke, Ryu, Shields and Heaney


@JeffFletcherOCR #Angels Jerry Dipoto said he will listen to offers for Mike Trout. "I will wait till you're done, then say no. I opt not to be rude."


BA Rule 5 Preview

thinks McKirahan may get picked

 Andrew McKirahan, lhp, Cubs

Why He Could Be Picked He has a plus fastball (92-96 mph) and was pitching extremely well at the end of the season. He has Double-A time so the jump to the big leagues won’t be as steep as some other, less-experienced power arms. His control has been excellent (less than 2 walks per nine innings in 2014). He’s a pitcher with further upside because he’s missed so much time with Tommy John surgery—he has only 120 pro innings in four seasons.

Why He Wouldn’t Be Picked McKirahan’s breaking balls is inconsistent, which explains why he’s had more trouble with lefthanded hitters than righthanded bats. His injury history is somewhat of a concern.

@JeffWilson_FWST Lefty starters #Rangers have considered in trade include Dbacks' Wade Miley and Cubs' Travis Wood. Ex-All-Stars coming off shaky seasons.

Heard they had a deal in place until Rangers realized the Cubs already had all their prospects.

as expected...

 @ESPNChiCubs Cubs have PTBNL coming from Oak (Samardzija/Hammel) and will send one to Bos after the Rule 5 draft on Thur.

Theo sounding like they make a signing tomorrow, minor variety for a "clubhouse dude" as Maddon calls them...guessing Gomes or Ross.

[ ]

In reply to by Rob G.

"clubhouse dude"...that reeks of gomes, especially with recent rumors...meh. it's not like i'm expecting a world-changer, but that seems more like wheel spinning than an upgrade. at least it will probably only cost 2-3m at most. it's not a step backwards, but it's not much of a step forward. maybe the clubhouse needs a positive-attitude lovable crap talking vet presence to give the kids some swagger...

[ ]

In reply to by The Joe

I mean Miley is okay and could be good instead of just average, road numbers are pretty good and Arizona is a nice place to hit, but seems Webster and DeLaRosa are pretty nice pieces to have and could do just as well. If anything, they seem like the near major league ready pieces that the Phillies could want in a deal. 

@jcrasnick Justin Masterson is getting close on a deal with unspecified team, said a source at winter meetings.

@jaysonst .@jcrasnick #Marlins source says they'lll announce a signing of a starting pitcher tomorrow. No, it's not Justin Masterson

The Dodger Reporter

Dodgers DFA C Ryan Lavarnway

Rollins deal still not complete, nor is anyone sure of names heading to Phillies

Kendrick for Heaney

McCarthy for 4/48M

Gordon/Haren and INF Miguel Rojas and $12.5M for Heaney, Hatcher, Hernandez and Barnes. Dodgers paying all of Gordon and Haren's contract this year, just for the prospects. If Haren does retire, Marlins may still get money or another player, not sure, but some sort of contingency plan is in place.


[ ]

In reply to by jacos

year younger than Hammel who got a 3 year'ish deal. Him and Farhan Zaidi were pretty close during their A's time I read. McCarthy's a smart dude, can only help.

McCarthy says D'Backs discouraged him from using his 4-seamer and cutter much and go more sinker, when he brought those back with Yankees, he certainly improved.

Like the Hammel deal more, but the AAV on McCarthy is low enough they can always move him.

[ ]

In reply to by Rob Richardson

$32M headed to Padres as well, along with the $12.5M to Marlins.

Friedman is gonna get burned at stake if they don't make playoffs and Padres or Marlins do. Give him props for having the guts. Wonder what rush was to move Kemp? Obviously he has some injury history, think there are some attitude confrontations as well, at least with former regime.

Morosi says Tigers getting a Reds pitcher. Cueto, Latos or Leake? The rich get richer.

-edit- or Alfredo Simon, lame.

Marlins in talks to acquire Mat Latos, sounds like the starter that was referred to last night that would be signed.

Twins and Yankees in on Ervin Santana.

Latos to Marlins for Anthony DeSciafani and Chad Wallach

Red Sox get RHP Alex Wilson & LHP Gabe Speier along with Porcello for Cespedes

Reds get Eugenio Suarez and Jonathan Crawford from Tigers for A. Simon

Recent comments

  • Raisin101 (view)

    Hi Arizona Phil!

    Exciting to see Naz Mule in box scores a few times. What's his stuff like now after the TJS?

  • Childersb3 (view)

    Mastrobuoni can't come back, yet

    Wisdom does have an option left. He can hide in Iowa if Jed DFA's someone else

    Does Brennan Davis get shown the door? I know it's too early for that, but these injuries are crunching the roster of a 12-7 team playoff demands and BDavis isn't going to help anytime soon.

    Someone has to go to add Peralta. And Canario isn't going to get to play everyday regardless of RHers or LHers. Neither is Tauchman. Also don't see PCA getting a chance over Peralta.

    If Jed does those moves:

    4 OF: Belli, Peralta, Canny, Tauch

    2 C: Gomes and Amaya

    2 DH: Cooper and Mervis

    5 INF: Busch, Nico, Dansby, Morel, Madrigal

    Little short on OF depth but two injuries will do that  

  • Arizona Phil (view)

    I have had the pleasure of watching some of the young A's pitchers lately (first Joe Boyle the last day of Minor League Spring Training in March, and more recently Luis Morales last week and Steven Echavarria yesterday at Extended Spring Training), and it reminds me of the Miami Marlins a couple of years ago. A really nice collection of young pitchers. It will be interesting to see what the A's will get for two years of ex-Cub Paul Blackburn at the Trade Deadline (there should be a robust market for Blackburn). 

  • Childersb3 (view)

    Good deal

    MB needs some talent infusion!

  • Arizona Phil (view)

    Childersb3: Very possible. Suriel, too. 

  • Arizona Phil (view)

    DJL: if a pitcher is recalled to be the 27th man for a doubleheader and then is optioned back to the minors the next day, the 15-day "clock" does NOT reset. The one day call-up for the doubleheader is treated like it never happened with respect to a pitcher having to spend at least 15 days on optional assignment before he can be recalled. 

  • Arizona Phil (view)

    Probably the only reason David Peralta is still in the organization (he is at AAA Iowa) is to be available in case anything bad were to happen to Ian Happ (which it just did). So if Happ needs to go on the IL, the Cubs can select Peralta to play LF, DFA Wisdom (and hope he and what remains of his $2.725M salary gets claimed off waivers), and recall Mervis to platoon at DH with Cooper (with Canario / Tauchman sharing RF), at least until Suzuki and Happ are back...


  • crunch (view)

    i'd just like to take a moment to express to the world i'm still pissed willson contreras is not a cub when the pricetag was 5/87m (17.5m/yr).

    it would be nice to have a legacy-type player to stick around, especially one with his leadership and the respect he gets from his peers.  cubs fans deserved more than 1 season of contreras + morel...that was gold.

  • crunch (view)

    happ, right hamstring tightness, day-to-day (hopefully 0 days).

    he will be reevaluated tomorrow.

  • Childersb3 (view)

    I guess I'm not looking for that type of AB 

    Just a difference of opinion