2020 Gameday Thread

Cubs @ Reds: Series Thread (Games 4-7)

The Cubs head out for their first road trip with a series win against the Brewers under their belt. Next up on their divisional to-do list are the Cincinnati Reds, last year's fourth place team but an opponent with the potential to jump up and surprise in an unusual season. This four-game series constitutes 6.67% of the whole season; there's some substantive work to do in Cincinnati.

Cubs vs. Brewers: Chatwood vs. Peralta (Game 3)

CHC(1-1): RHP Tyler Chatwood (0-0, -.-- ERA)
MIL (1-1): RHP Freddy Peralta (0-0, -.-- ERA)
First pitch 1:20pmCDT

Tyler Chatwood leads the way Sunday afternoon. The Cubs will be aiming to walk away victors in their first series, and Chatwood will attempt to build on a mildly successful 2019 campaign. Chatwood recovered from an absolutely dreadful first season with the Cubs (in which he walked over 8 batters per nine innings) to do respectable work out of the bullpen and as a spot starter. He found the zone with his fastball a little more and cut his walk rate in half. In five 2019 starts, he compiled a 3.97 ERA over 22.2 innings pitched. He's held current Brewers to a .535 OPS and is yet to surrender a homerun. Yelich is 4-12 with three walks off of him.

Cubs vs. Brewers: Darvish vs. Burnes (Game 2)

CHC (1-0): RHP Yu Darvish (0-0, -.-- ERA)
MIL (0-1): RHP Corbin Burnes (0-0, -.-- ERA)
First pitch 12:05pmCDT

Yu Darvish makes his first start of the compressed 2020 season. He'll have to follow a gem of a game from the opening day starter, as Kyle Hendricks was just this side of perfect and just this side of a Maddux in the Cubs' first win of the season.

Cubs vs. Brewers: Hendricks vs. Woodruff (Game 1)

CHC (0-0): RHP Kyle Hendricks (0-0, -.-- ERA)
MIL (0-0): RHP Brandon Woodruff (0-0, -.-- ERA)
First pitch 6:10pmCDT

Opening Day arrives at Wrigley for the Chicago Cubs and on televisions and radios across Cubs fandom. Said fans will be treated to Kyle Hendricks's first Opening Day start, a recognition not only for his remarkably consistent performance in the Cubs rotation but also his excellent preparation for the season--he should be available for 100 pitches if things go his way. Hendricks has handled current Brewers reasonably well over his career, including Christian Yelich. In this shortened season, it's not hard to imagine an 8-game winner walking away with the Cy Young and a 35-win team taking the division; every start is going to count for both the individual performers and the teams.

2020 Summer Camp - Cubs vs. White Sox, July 19

CHC: RHP Kyle Hendricks, 0-0, 1.00 ERA
CHW: RHP Drew Anderson, 0-1, 6.75 ERA

The "regular" season has not yet arrived, but the Chicago Cubs will host their cross-city rivals today at 7:05 CDT. Or so says the schedule, at least. File this under things that don't feel real, 2020.

Opening day starter, Kyle Hendricks gets the start for the Cubs as he continues to build up. Rizzo may not be available as the team attempts to get him healthy for the beginning of the season.