2021 Gameday Post

Cubs @ Cardinals: Series Thread (Games 160-162)

Cubs fans get their last chance to savor the 2021 season. The Cards have clinched the second NL Wild Card spot. And the Cubs can neither rise nor fall any places in the division. Despite the lack of stakes, this is a rivalry series and most of the Cubs' roster has something to prove. Games will begin at 7:15, 6:15, and 2:15 central time on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Cubs @ Pirates: Series Thread (Games 157-159)

The penultimate series of 2021 has the 4th place Cubs facing the 5th place Pirates in Pittsburgh. The Cubs can continue to audition and indulge fringey minor league vets as they sort out potential 2022 contributors. Mills, Hendricks, and Steele will start for the Cubs, facing Keller and a pair of question marks. The games will begin at 5:35 central Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.