Cubs MLB Roster

Cubs Organizational Depth Chart
40-Man Roster Info

40 players are on the MLB RESERVE LIST (roster is full), plus two players are on the 60-DAY IL

26 players on MLB RESERVE LIST are ACTIVE, plus seven players are on OPTIONAL ASSIGNMENT to minors and seven players are on the 15-DAY IL

Last updated 5-21-2024

* bats or throws left
# bats both

Javier Assad
Ben Brown
Jose Cuas
Kyle Hendricks
Porter Hodge 
* Shota Imanaga
Mark Leiter Jr
* Luke Little
Tyson Miller
Hector Neris
* Justin Steele
Jameson Taillon
Hayden Wesneski

Miguel Amaya
Yan Gomes

* Michael Busch
Nico Hoerner
Nick Madrigal
Christopher Morel
Dansby Swanson
Luis Vazquez
Patrick Wisdom

* Cody Bellinger
# Ian Happ
Seiya Suzuki
* Mike Tauchman

Kevin Alcantara, OF
Michael Arias, P
Alexander Canario, OF
* Pete Crow-Armstrong, OF
Brennen Davis, OF
* Miles Mastrobuoni, INF
* Matt Mervis, 1B

15-DAY IL: 7
Yency Almonte, P
Albert Alzolay, P
Colten Brewer, P
Daniel Palencia, P
* Drew Smyly, P
Keegan Thompson, P
* Jordan Wicks, P

60-DAY IL: 2
Caleb Kilian, P
Julian Merryweather, P


Minor League Rosters
Rule 5 Draft 
Minor League Free-Agents

2024 Cubs Spring Training


The Cubs have optioned RHP Hayden Wesneski and OF Alexander Canario to AAA Iowa, C Joe Hudson has been assigned to Minor League Camp, and C Jorge Alfaro has elected free-agency (he had a contractual opt-out).  

So there are now 30 players ACTIVE at Cubs MLB Spring Training (28 on MLB Reserve List and two NRI). 


RHP Carl Edwards Jr and 1B Dominic Smith have elected free-agency (Edwards had an automatic Article XX-B opt-out, and D. Smith had a contractual opt-out). 


The Cubs have assigned LHP Edwin Escobar to Minor League Camp. 

So there are now 36 players ACTIVE at Cubs MLB Spring Training (30 on MLB Reserve List and 6 NRI). 


The Cubs have optioned RHP Daniel Palencia to AAA Iowa. 

Also, RHP Colten Brewer, LHP Richard Lovelady, LHP Thomas Pannone, and INF David Bote have been assigned to Minor League Camp.  

So there are now 37 players ACTIVE at Cubs MLB Spring Training (30 on MLB Reserve List and 7 NRI). 

3/17 UPDATE:

The Cubs have optioned RHP Keegan Thompson and 1B Matt Mervis to AAA Iowa. 

Also, RHP Cam Sanders, C-INF Bryce Windham, and INF Chase Strumpf have been assigned to Minor League Camp. 
So there are now 42 players ACTIVE at Cubs MLB Spring Training (31 on MLB Reserve List and 11 NRI). 


RHP Chris Clarke, RHP Sam McWilliams, and LHP Brad Wieck have been assigned to Minor League Camp.

So there are now 47 players ACTIVE at Cubs MLB Spring Training (33 on MLB Reserve List and 14 NRI). 


The Cubs have optioned RHP Ben Brown, OF Pete Crow-Armstrong, OF Brennen Davis, and INF Luis Vazquez to AAA Iowa, and OF Kevin Alcantara, RHP Michael Arias, and RHP Porter Hodge to AA Tennessee.  

Also, NRI RHP Ethan Roberts, RHP Riley Thompson, C Pablo Aliendo, 1B-C Haydn McGeary, INF Matt Shaw, and OF Owen Caissie have been assigned to Minor League Camp. 
So there are now 50 players ACTIVE at Cubs MLB SPRING TRAINING (33 on MLB Reserve List and 17 NRI)


The Cubs have added 1B-OF Garrett Cooper (# 41) to their MLB Spring Training roster as a Non-Roster Invitee (NRI). 

2/27 UPDATE:

The Cubs have signed free agent OF-1B Cody Bellinger (# 24) to an MLB contract, and the Cubs have traded LHP Bailey Horn (# 92) to the Chicago White Sox. Also, the Cubs have added OF David Peralta (# 6)  and 1B-OF Dominic Smith (# 12) to their MLB Spring Training roster as Non-Roster Invitees (NRI).

2/23 UPDATE:

The Cubs have added minor league C-1B Haydn McGeary (# 70) as an NRI to MLB Spring Training. He is catching "live" BP and bullpen sides.

Also, Miguel Amaya has switched from # 6 to # 9 (presumably so that David Peralta can wear # 6) and Carl Edwards Jr has switched from # 79 to # 58.

2024 CUBS SPRING TRAINING ROSTER: (last updated 3/25)

30 players

28 players on MLB roster
two players are Non-Roster Invitee - NRI

* bats or throws left
# bats both

25 Yency Almonte
73 Adbert Alzolay
72 Javier Assad
74 Jose Cuas
28 Kyle Hendricks
18 Shoto Imanaga *
45 Caleb Kilian
38 Mark Leiter Jr
43 Luke Little *
66 Julian Merryweather
51 Hector Neris
11 Drew Smyly *
35 Justin Steele *
50 James Taillon
36 Jordan Wicks *

9 Miguel Amaya
15 Yan Gomes

29 Michael Busch *
2 Nico Hoerner
1 Nick Madrigal
20 Miles Mastrobuoni *
5 Christopher Morel
7 Dansby Swanson
16 Patrick Wisdom

41 Garrett Cooper

24 Cody Bellinger *
8 Ian Happ #
27 Seiya Suzuki
40 Mike Tauchman * 

6 David Peralta * 

30 Craig Counsell

96 James Adduci (Assistant Hitting Coach - Game Planning)
63 Juan Cabreja (Assistant Hitting Coach - BP Coordinator)
84 Ryan Flaherty (Bench Coach)
33 Willie Harris (3rd base coach)
79 Darren Holmes (Bullpen Coach)
68 Tommy Hottovy (Pitching Coach)
99 Danny Hultzen (Pitching Strategist)
76 Dustin Kelly (Hitting Coach)
80 John Mallee (Assistant Hitting Coach)
90 Jonathan Mota (Assistant Bullpen Coach)
53 Daniel Moskos (Assistant Pitching Coach)
55 Mike Napoli (1st Base Coach)
97 Alex Smith (Data Development & Process Coach)
81 Mark Strittmatter (MLB Field Coordinator)

85 Garrett Lloyd (Bullpen Catcher)

3 (last worn by David Ross)
17 (last worn by Kris Bryant)
34 (last worn by John Lester)
37 (last worn by Dom Nunez - ST 2023)
44 (last worn by Anthony Rizzo)
47 (last worn by Brandon Hughes)
56 (last worn by Jeremiah Estrada)
59 (last worn by Michael Rucker)
60 (last worn by Sergio Alcantara - ST 2023)
61 (last worn by Brailyn Marquez - ST 2023)
64 (last worn by Jordan Holloway - ST 2023)
65 (last worn by Tyler Duffey)
69 (Cubs do not issue this number)
92 (last worn by Bailey Horn prior to being traded on 2/27)

10 Ron Santo
14 Ernie Banks
23 Ryne Sandberg
26 Billy Williams
31 Ferguson Jenkins & Greg Maddux
42 Jackie Robinson


[ ]

In reply to by TarzanJoeWallis

andruw jones restructured his contract so the team could trade him away without the financial impact being all in 1 season.  they tried to void his contract before that.  the dodgers pissed him off rather hardcore.  he wasn't doing anything to benevolently help the dodgers.

they found no takers and ended up releasing him.

[ ]

In reply to by Dolorous Jon Lester

I checked and the best internal options we had that year were Tyler Colvin and Sam Fuld. Which points to something I think we can agree on - It sure is nice to have the depth and options we have in the minors right now. First time I’ve seen anything like it in over 50 years as a Cub fan.

[ ]

In reply to by Dolorous Jon Lester

$31 mm a year represents about 20% of the average payroll of teams this year. That’s putting a lot of eggs in the basket of a guy who’s body of work just hasn’t been that good.

The real value in an overpriced free agent is that he fills in a gap sufficiently to move your team significantly toward a World Series title or, at bare minimum, the playoffs. If not, this kind of money is best spent on the development of a team that will get you there. And if your front office is too lazy to do the work to build that team and would rather settle for “at least they’re trying to improve” through desperate and constant free agent acquisition then it’s time for a new front office.

They could prove me wrong (the Rangers did), but to me the Giants are a classic example of a team (there are several) that has lost their way in developing a system and are trying futilely to cover that flaw by blowing dollars on the past performance of players who aren’t that good and certainly aren’t that hungry and motivated at this point in their careers and surrounding them with scraps. This is a mediocre team, third place at best, that has destined themselves to stay there for awhile. I see this kind of front office desperation quite often. All it does is drive up payrolls and makes it ever more expensive for fans to enjoy the sport.

That’s ultimately the chip I have I  my shoulder about nonsensical free agent deals like this one, even if it is only a two year boat anchor. I acknowledge that’s my own personal bias and I realize it’s not the popular view on the blog.

Years ago when Charles O. Finley owned the A’s, he said every player contract should be a one year contract. That would certainly motivate players. 

wisdom was supposed to play, but was scratched with back on-going problem with him this spring.  he actually got sent to the doc today because of it.  yow.

kyle hendricks and sucking in spring training...what a combo.

between him and nico hoerner, i would be more worried if i didn't see their lame springs turn into decent seasons so many times the past few years.

still, i expect hendricks to be a middle-rotation type talent and i think last year for hoerner was a bit of a "best case" type performance.

neris gives up another homer.  that's 3 in 7 outings.

...and m.amaya's arm isn't looking like he's going to stop too many steals.

Paul Blackburn is only 30 years old. The Cubs picked him in the late first round of the 2012 draft. He was traded by the Cubs (with Dan Vogelbach) to M's for Mike Montgomery in July 2016. Then went to the A's in November 2016 (for Danny Valencia) where he found a home and has been there since although he didn't become a starter until 2022. Nice 6 IP today (no hits!). It's interesting to watch a pitcher get opportunities and mature with eventual success.

at this point im not sure carl jr will stick around if he's not added to the roster.

he can have occasional "no control" outings, but dude is still hard to hit.  short sample size and not facing the "best" in spring and all that, but he's gotta be feeling like his stuff can find a MLB roster spot somewhere.

With David Bote having been sent to Minor League Camp today and with Patrick Wisdom and Nick Madrigal likely to begin the season on the 10-day IL (but really only seven days because the IL assignment can be backdated to three days prior to MLB Opening Day), that means Garrett Cooper, Dominic Smith, and Alexander Canario are in contention for two spots on the Cubs 26-man Opening Day roster, with Canario having a "leg up" because he is already on the Cubs MLB 40-man roster. 

BTW, I am not including David Peralta (October 2023 left flexor tendon surgery) as a possibility to win a job on the Cubs Opening Day 26-man roster because he can't play OF yet and so he will almost certainly remain in the Rehab Throwing Program at Extended Spring Training, if he doesn't opt-out this weekend. 

And as I have mentioned before, if Peralta exercises his opt-out on Friday but the Cubs don't want to lose him, they could select Peralta to the 40 by the 12 PM (Eastern) deadline on Sunday and then immediately place him on the MLB 60-day IL while he rehabs at EXST for 40 days (3/28 through 5/6) and then does an "official" Article XIX-C 20 day minor league rehab at AAA Iowa beginning on May 7th.   

If the Cubs do that, the sequencing would have to be: 

1. Place Caleb Kilian on the 60-day IL;
2. Select David Peralta to the 40;  
3. Place David Peralta on the 60-day IL;  
4. Select Garrett Cooper or Dominic Smith to the 40.  

This could all be done within about 30 seconds (or however fast the Cubs Basebal Operations person can type!). 

wicks and assad get the SP slots...smyly to the pen.

that's 8 million dollars worth of management right there.

[ ]

In reply to by George Altman

i am not a big fan of hiring big price tag managers, and counsell just blew the top line of that out of the water.

that said, ross's short-leash bullpen management and his pinch hit/bench use didn't do it for me.  i'm happy for the change.  ross is a nice guy...great cubbie.  he will get standing O's any time he shows up at wrigley.

[ ]

In reply to by George Altman

One unintended consequence (or maybe it is an INTENTIONAL consequence?!) of moving Drew Smyly to the bullpen is that he almost certainly cannot reach his $3M in potential 2024 performance bonuses, since they are based on IP and start at 110 IP... 

So if Smyly stays in the pen, the Cubs won't have to set aside the $3M in potential AAV from Smyly's performance bonus, and thus essentially have an additional $3M they can spend in 2024 AAA while still remaining under the CBT threshold. 

$3M won't buy a lot, but it would make it easier to add a veteran or two like Cooper, D. Smith, Edwards, and/or Peralta to the 40.   

[ ]

In reply to by Arizona Phil

at this point i would be shocked if d.smith doesn't break with the club.  they've been giving him a lot of work lately and cooper's stock has been sliding a little bit.

i'm not sure if i trust him to be more than what's he's been in his MLB career so far, but he's long been a target for the cubs front office and he's delivering this spring.

CRUNCH: The Cubs actually could add both D. Smith - AND - Cooper to the Opening Day 26-man roster (and 40-man roster), and then option Madrigal and Wisdom to AAA after they are reinstated from the IL (I expect both to begin the year on the IL). It would just require one more 40-man roster slot besides Kilian's (who will go on the 60-day IL as soon as his slot is needed), and that can be accomplished by placing Yency Almonte on waivers and outrighting him to AAA Iowa if he doesn't get claimed. And if he gets claimed, or if he is outrighted and then elects free-agency, the Cubs save $1.9M in 2024 AAA. 

The Cubs could also recall an injured player from his Optional Assignment and place him on the MLB 60-day IL, but then that player would accrue MLB Service Time while on the MLB 60-day IL (not that big of a deal) and get paid at the MLB rate ($740K) instead of at the minor league split rate ($120K), and that difference in salary would adversely affect the Cubs 2024 AAV by $620K (which actually might be a big deal, especially with how close they are to the CBT threshold). 

And I previously explained how the Cubs can retain Peralta (if they wish) as well, at least for a while (place Kilian on the 60-day IL, select Peralta to the 40, and then immediately place him on the 60-day IL while he recovers from his left flexor tendon surgery).   

If the Cubs were to add both D. Smith and Cooper to the MLB active roster, that means Alexander Canario will be optioned to AAA Iowa (he gets a 4th minor league option in 2024) and the Iowa outfield would be some combination of Canario, PCA, Caissie, K. Alcantara, and Roederer, with one of them being the DH when not playing OF. (K. Alcantara has remained with the Iowa squad at Minor League Camp even after all the downward roster movement from the past few days, but even if the Cubs believe he is ready for AAA, they could move him down to AA Tennessee if the Cubs want to maximize his playing time, and keep Darius Hill at AAA instead). 

[ ]

In reply to by Arizona Phil

i'm a huge fan of the busch pickup, but i imagine they want at least one of smith/cooper hanging around.  if they can manage to keep both in the system that would be nice...same for peralta and edwards.

they're both good options for part time work.  dom's a lefty and plays a solid 1st.  cooper is good at 1st, but dom is better and well, morel is playing 3rd.  they're both slow runners...rather even there.

dom has the "corner OF" thing going, too, but he's weak in LF and RF so that's not really much worth mentioning though technically in his arsenal.

CRUNCH: Garrett Cooper actually played more RF than 1B in Miami as recently as 2021, so of the two, I would say Cooper would be more suited to play corner OF (both LF and RF) than D. Smith (who can play only LF because of his weak throwing arm). I really wouldn't want either of them playing out there, however, except in an emergency (same goes for Wisdom). 

[ ]

In reply to by Arizona Phil

smith is terrible in the OF.  slow, poor arm...

it's a testament to how much the mets valued his possible production when pete alonso was taking the only slot dom was suited for, yet they still wouldn't trade smith without an outsized return.

i would be happy with either guy, but the lefty might have the edge.

a bench with canario and smith as the R/L power options wouldn't be a bad way to start the season.

i guess at this point the pen is shaping up to be alzolay, neris, merryweather, smyly, leiter jr, almonte, cuas, and little.

not bad.  kinda alarmed at neris's velocity and results being lower than expected this spring, though.

on a more positive note, talent like merryweather and little could make counting on neris being an impact end-game guy an afterthought...and leiter if he can stay consistent (and keep the ball in the park).

[ ]

In reply to by crunch

When AZ Phil was a youngster growing up in the 1960's, there was a 28-man roster limit the first 30 days of the MLB regular season and then active rosters would be cut down to 25 on the 31st day of season or on May 1st (and that was before pitch counts, innings limits, openers, piggy-backers, and a pitcher going only once through the order). 

Clubs would typically carry three extra pitchers (this was back when a 10-man pitching staff was the norm), and it would also give clubs an extra month to evaluate Rule 5 Draft picks.

So I would say having an expanded 28-man active roster is more important the first month of the season (when starting pitchers are still gradually increasing their pitch counts and when relievers are still getting used to pitching two days in a row) than it is in September. 

Tucker Barnhart apparently wins Diamondbacks' back-up catcher gig, so that means Cubs save $740K in 2024 payroll and AAV (MLB minimum salary offset from Barnhart's $3.25M salary). 

A number of Cubs pitchers were traded or claimed off waivers over the past year or so (Michael Rucker, Jeremiah Estrada, Erich Uelmen, Scott Effross, Manuel Rodriguez, Ryan Jensen, Brendon Little, and DJ Herz), and the two who have had REALLY good Spring Trainings are RHRP Jeremiah Estrada (SD) and RHRP Manuel Rodriguez (TB). 

If you told me the Cubs could trade Daniel Palencia and Keegan Thompson for Jeremiah Estrada and Manuel Rodriguez (in some combination) I would make those deals in a heartbeat...

I think that relief pitchers are the most difficult position to predict, since the same pitcher can go from great to bad to great again without any obvious physical problems.  But I never understood why the Cubs gave up so fast on Estrada.  He went from (in my opinion) the odds on favorite as a future closer, to waiver wire loss in just 15 innings of MLB experience.  Granted, his command and control in the majors was horrible, but with his potential and age, I would have expected the Cubs to give him a long leash before disposing of him.  I wondered if he had been a locker room problem, but I never heard such rumors.

It was really weird (almost surreal) watching the Cubs play the Cardinals in a Spring Training game in Arizona. 

And I can confirm without any doubt that Cardinals fans are every bit as obnoxious at a Cubs - Cardinals game in Mesa as they are at a Cubs - Cardinals game in St. Louis or Chicago. 

[ ]

In reply to by Arizona Phil

I grew up in a West Central IL town about 90 mIles North of St. Louis. My grade school class had 26 kids, of which 24 were Cardinal fans. Me and my best friend, Jim, were the only Cubs fans. We were teased and belittled beyond imagination.

They are the most obnoxious, self-important, and know-it-all cocky fans EVER. I hate the team, their city, and every Cardinals' fan with the fire of a million suns.

If they never won another game, it would be too soon.

Recent comments

  • crunch (view)

    cubs get one!  infield popup and m.busch ends up on 2nd.  wind owes cubs fans...need to get that run in to make it more fair.

    cashed in!  tie game!

  • crunch (view)

    assad get d.ross'd after on the corners...102 pitches thrown (104 his season and career high).

  • crunch (view)

    cubs out here giving away chances at outs with the defense...not the first time this year...too many times this year.

    i understand 2 of the 3 miscues (so far in the 5th) were wind-aided, but still...damn...

  • crunch (view)

    big OF shot on the bleachers and judging by what i'm seeing, about 75%+ of those baseball-bat "mugs" of beer seem to be sold to the bleacher fans.

  • crunch (view)

    ryne sandberg posted his latest scans show no cancer.

    that's good.  that said, you gotta wait a few years to see where you're truly at with something like stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer.  if it didn't metastasize to his bones, he's already got an advantage with the latest news...that area of metastasis seems to be one of the worst signs of survival with this particular cancer.

    he will be monitored for the rest of his life until his age/health dictates it's no longer neccessary.

    good news for now.  hopefully he's one of the slightly better than 1/3rd that survive stage 4 prostate cancer after 5 years.  this news is a great start.

  • crunch (view)

    1- NICE!

    2- boo.

  • Eric S (view)

    Interesting pre-game news from Craig Counsell:

    • Professor moved to the bullpen, for now
    • Adbert seeking a second opinion on the forearm strain (sounds ominous)
  • crunch (view)

    yeah, pitch framing is another defensive love interest I don't understand.  i mean, it's nice, but it's elevated importance is way overblown (imo) since the data points to a couple calls of a ball/strike a game that's influenced.

    STL's love affair with it involved getting contreras out of the C position for a while last year...which showed no improvement with his C replacements even keeping his bat in the lineup as a DH.  this year it cost STL his great bat for months, if not the whole season, because they moved him closer to the plate to help frame better.

    you know what's undervalued now for catcher?  stolen bases.  the pizza boxes on the field have people running.  both gunning down runners and being able to do so should be a bit more important.  contreras had a good 33% CS rate, but more importantly his arm and ability only had 9 attempts to steal on him in 20 games (6sb 3cs).  i would say this is much more important than gaming 2-ish ball/strike calls your way per game.

  • Dolorous Jon Lester (view)

    Somewhat OT: I used to be staunchly against robo balls and strikes. I’m growing more and more in favor of it. When I pitched in high school I always tried to extend the outside corner but watching at mlb level, I’m just tired of watching crappy hitting catchers stay in the big leagues too long because they’re good pitch framers. The two Cubs catchers can’t hit, can’t throw, but they’re good pitch framers and the pitchers like them. We sadly are now stuck with DH in both leagues (a travesty), so since we’re going all in on offense, get these worthless bum catchers out of baseball.

    If umpires insist on calling balls and strikes, I think it’s insane some of these guys get to do that. They should have two sets of rotating umpires; base umpires and home plate umpires.

  • Charlie (view)

    Sorry for the Mark Prior tag. I'm posting from mobile and it's not letting me remove it. I feel haunted.