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  • JoePepitone 10 hours 34 min ago (view)

    Happ has really grabbed that position and made it his own!  Especially the way he goes after balls down the left field foul line by the wall in Wrigley.  Not a wasted motion.


  • JoePepitone 10 hours 37 min ago (view)

    First season sweep by either team of the other in their entire history -- going back to 1883!


  • crunch 15 hours 32 min ago (view)

    cubs sweep the phillies...season sweep, too.


  • crunch 15 hours 38 min ago (view)

    if ian happ doesn't win a gold glove it's a useless, meaningless award.


  • bradsbeard 1 day 10 hours ago (view)

    Sounds like a future September call up to be a pinch runner in high leverage situations. 


  • crunch 1 day 14 hours ago (view)

    j.steele not expected to return in 2022.  he's not shut down, but he's not going to be rushed to make it back before the season ends.

    suzuki still not in the lineup wednesday.


  • JoePepitone 1 day 20 hours ago (view)

    AZ Phil - Thanks for the insight! Regarding his swing, I recall that releasing the top hand as a right handed batter (ala the Charlie Lau method) made a real difference for me in being able to get out of the right handed batters' box, as the follow through was no longer pulling me over towards third base that way. I also didn't lose any power when I switched my swing over. 


  • Childersb3 1 day 21 hours ago (view)


    From what you're seeing in Mesa now and from the ACL summer games, how does this group of Instruct guys compare to past groups with regard to tools? Like from 1 to 10 or the 20 to 80 scale? Are they more toolsy than recent, past classes? Speed, power, size, etc.

    I get that's a dumb question because all of these guys are rookies and under 21 or 22 yrs old (most being teenagers) so it's all tools, but I was just curious. It seems that most of them have one tool that stands out. Always curious of your opinion of the groups.



  • Arizona Phil 2 days 6 hours ago (view)

    JOE P: Tony Campana is (or at least was) probably faster home-to-first only because he was a LH hitter and had a swing where the momentum took him toward first base, whereas Erbin Jaque has a full-blast RH power-swing (he has apparently never heard of "small ball") and so it takes him a beat to get out of the box. But I would say Jaque is faster than Campana running around the bases (like 1st to home).  


  • crunch 2 days 12 hours ago (view)

    overturned on challenge...tagged out coming off the bag while sliding.

    0-2.  boo.  what a bum.


  • crunch 2 days 12 hours ago (view)

    contreras double in his 2nd ab...108.8mph off the bat.


  • crunch 2 days 13 hours ago (view)

    d.ross was booing schwarber (playfully) when he came to the plate at the top 1st.

    baseball is fun.


  • crunch 2 days 13 hours ago (view)

    alexander canario hit HR #5 for iowa today (78 PA).  he's got 36 across A+ to AAA.

    righty, plays all 3 OF slots (dunno how good any of it is, though).

    he came over in the SF/bryant trade with killian.


  • crunch 2 days 15 hours ago (view)

    contreras back!  DH'ing, hitting 3rd.

    suzuki back, but not in the lineup.

    j.young optioned to AAA, hermosillo DFA'd

    madrigal (IL, groin) will not return this year.  he's doing light baseball activity, but he won't progress fast enough to return.  his game relies very heavily on hauling ass any time he makes contact as well as being able to quickly move around and pivot in the IF.


  • crunch 2 days 16 hours ago (view)

    official attendance was 8,766.  there was no where near that amount of people in the park, not even half that.

    it was a little cold, but the weather was clear.


  • Cubster 2 days 18 hours ago (view)

    S Sharma and P Mooney do a Mailbag Q&A including some 40 man roster stuff.

    Athletic subscription required.