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October 3rd

TCR Predictions

Feel free to add your own in the comments, as you'll see we're an optimistic if not biased bunch, except Cubnut who was obviously traumatized over yesterday's fiasco. And we all seem to really like the Indians. Arizona Phil: NLDS: CUBS over AZ (4 games) PHI over COL (4 games) ALDS: CLE over NYY (4 games) BOS over LAA (3 games) NLCS: CUBS over PHI (7 games) ALCS: BOS over CLE (5 games) WS: CUBS over BOS (7 games) Cubnut NLDS D-Backs over Cubs in 4

October 2nd

The 2007 Ex-Cub Factor

Hi, everyone. What's new? With the Cubs back in the playoffs for the first time in four years I thought it was a good time to dip my toe back in the Cub Reporter writing pool again. Truth be told with the group of guys writing here now, I've been content to sit back and relax, and just read and enjoy. But since it's playoff time, I thought it was time to dust off the old Ex-Cub Factor and see whose quest for the Commissioner's Trophy is, ultimately, doomed.

Will Jim Hendry’s [CENSORED] Work In The Playoffs?

In Moneyball, Michael Lewis quotes Oakland Athletics GM Billy Beane as saying:
“My sh_t doesn't work in the playoffs. My job is to get us to the playoffs. What happens after that is f_cking luck.”
In Baseball Between The Numbers, the editors of Baseball Prospectus ask the question raised by Beane’s frank self-analysis: Why hasn't the guy’s sh---t worked? To get to the answer, BP identified 26 different measures of team quality—everything from things like regular season won-loss record, late-season W-L record, run differential, and team playoff experience to the more arcane Percent Of Runs Scored On Home Runs and Isolated Power—and after a lot of number-crunching and analysis, they concluded that three factors have “the most fundamental and direct relationship” to playoff success:

October 1st