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August 8th

Pie Up; Pagan to DL

It's been floating around most of the day, but we have confirmation now that Felix Pie will be called up and Angel Pagan sent to the disabled list. Pagan has apparently lost a significant amount of weight over the last few days and is suffering from colitis. I'm not sure when his symptoms started but he did play in each of the last three games, so give him some props for being tough. And welcome back Felix. Do better!

August 7th

Quadrophenia or Who’s in Left? Why.

As an eyewitness to the Alfonso Soriano now infamous grade II quadriceps strain, the repercussions from it have taken a life of their own. I saw that gleam in Soriano’s eyes as he rounded second base. He knew he had a 5th gear and shifted the transmission so he could motor on into third base. He never did make it to third base. Inning over, and a call in to AAMCO! Mighty Alfonso had grabbed the front of his right thigh…metaphorically, there was smoke coming out of his transmission, never a good sign. He couldn’t even walk to third base, so Met David Wright walked over and tagged him. Next, in great irony, our third base coach named Quade (in the old country, the family name was Quadracepese but they shortened it when they came to America) helps him and lends a shoulder and a leg to stand on as he leaves the field. Did I wait on the MRI with baited breath? No. I knew right then and there it was going to be 4 or more weeks for Alfonso.

It’s Not Easy Being Rich Hill…

The lanky lefty from Massachusetts gave the Cubs exactly what they needed last night. 7 strong innings and only a Carlos Lee opposite field homer to blemish his pitching line. It was the Rich Hill of April and May that we enjoyed so much, deftly mixing his fastball and curve with a few mere hints of a changeup, good for six strikeouts and three measly hits, two by the aforementioned Cubs killer Carlos Lee. Even the longball by El Caballo wasn't a bad pitch, a low fastball at the knees towards the outside of the plate, but Lee always finds a way to beat us. The true crime though was the offense, who for some reason takes a snooze when Rich steps on the mound. They've provided all of 3.27 runs for Rich in his starts this year (the team averages 4.68 runs per game on the year), good for the bottom of the NL barrel amongst pitchers with at least 120 innings. I looked back through the last 7 years of sortable stats at and used 140 innings as the cutoff to see how badly Rich has been shafted this year. Here's the least supported pitchers in each year, the number after the team name is the teams runs scored per game and the last number is the run support for that pitcher. 2006: Dontrelle Willis (Florida Marlins/4.68) - 4.06 2005: Mark Redman (Pittsburgh Pirates/4.20) - 3.23, Kip Wells (Pittsburgh Pirates/4.20) - 3.07 2004: Odalis Perez (Los Angeles Dodgers/4.70) -3.30 2003: Tim Redding - (Houston Astros/4.97) - 3.68 2002: Shawn Estes (Cincinnati Reds/4.38/New York Mets/4.29) - 3.30 2001: Glendon Rusch (New York Mets/3.96) - 3.27 2000: Glendon Rusch (New York Mets/4.98) - 3.73 The difference between the support Rich Hill gets on the mound versus the team's normal output is 1.41 runs per game, higher than any other player on that list. Score the man some runs for pete's sake. Soriano update after the jump...

August 6th

Cubs @ Astros Series Preview

Cubs_Astros The Cubs have sixteen series left, four of which are against teams with records currently above .500 (Rockies, Diamondbacks, Dodgers & Brewers). They have three series left versus the Astros. I'll go out on a limb here and say if the Cubs don't make the playoffs, they don't deserve it.
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