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October 24th

Free Agents Predictions Contest

Now that we're forced to think prematurely about 2018, it's time to commit your predictions to the public record. That's right: announcing once again our "renowned" .

As always, there are no prizes because it's free to enter and because we are too cheap to really care. Besides, if you aren't satisfied with bragging rights, then you aren't a real sports fan and you probably won't win, anyway. 

October 22nd

October 19th

Dodgers @ Cubs: Kershaw vs Quintana (NLCS Game 5)

LAD (3-1): LHP Clayton Kershaw
CHC (1-3): LHP José Quintana
First pitch: 7:08pmCST (TBS)

The Cubs avoid the sweep and survive to fight another day. To take the series back to LA, they have to face one of the best pitchers on the planet and win a game without their only effective bullpen arm. 

October 18th

October 17th

Dodgers @ Cubs: Darvish vs Hendricks (NLCS Game 3)

LAD (2-0): RHP Yu Darvish
CHC (0-2): RHP Kyle Hendricks
First pitch: 8:00pmCST (TBS)

Thankfully, we’re back at Wrigley. Hendricks went 3-2 with a 2.83 at home this year. He missed the Dodgers, but he went 1-1 with a 0.71 ERA against them in the NLCS last year. Overall they are 7-37 (.189) against him. Turner is 2-7 with a HR.

October 15th