Archive - Aug 2017

August 24th

Cubs @ Reds: Arrieta vs Romano (Game 126)

CHC (68-57): RHP Jake Arrieta (13-8, 3.63) 
CIN (53–74): RHP Sal Romano (3-5, 5.32) 
First pitch: 6:10pmCST

Arrieta reeled off his third straight win on Friday against the Blue Jays, giving up 1 ER over 6.1 innings. In case you haven't had time to read through the dossier Scott Boras sent you, you might not know that since the All-star Break, Jake is 5-1 with a 2.00.

August 23rd

Cubs @ Reds: Montgomery vs Wojciechowski (Game 125)

CHC (67-57): LHP Mike Montgomery (3-6, 3.64)    
CIN (53–73): RHP Asher Wojciechowski (3-2, 5.36) 
First pitch: 6:10pmCST

Montgomery pitched 4.1 of scoreless ball in relief of Lester against the Reds his last time out, letting the Cubs climb back into the game till the bullpen couldn’t hold it. He’s 2-4 with a 3.60 on the road this season, which closely matches what he’s done at Wrigley. 

August 22nd

Cubs @ Reds: Lackey vs Bailey (Game 124)

CHC (66-57): RHP John Lackey (10-9, 4.67) 
CIN (53–72): RHP Homer Bailey (4-6, 8.44) 
First pitch: 6:10pmCST

This is a repeat of last week’s matchup. Lackey limited the Reds to one run over 6 innings but came away with a no-decision and ended his five-game winning streak. The Cubs would go on to win 7-6, when Baez scored on Wood’s wild pitch.

August 20th

Blue Jays @ Cubs: Estrada vs Hendricks (Game 123)

TOR (59-64): RHP Marco Estrada (5-8, 5.09) 
CHC (65-57): RHP Kyle Hendricks (4-4, 3.45) 
First pitch: 1:20pmCST

Hendricks pitched well (6 IP, 0 ER, 6 K, 4 BB) but ended up with a no-decision on Tuesday against the Reds. He last won a game on May 24 (against the Giants). Toronto is 3-16 (.188) against him. Pillar and Pearce are both 1-2, and Aoki is 1-5 with a HR.

August 19th

Blue Jays @ Cubs: Tepesch vs Quintana (Game 122)

TOR (59-63): RHP Nick Tepesch (1-2, 5.25)
CHC (64-57): LHP José Quintana (7-10, 4.33) 
First pitch: 1:20pmCST
Quintana gave up 1 ER in 5 innings to win against the Reds on Monday. He beat these Jays in June, as a member of the White Sox (7 IP, 2 ER, 5 K, 2 BB). Overall, they are 42-149 (.282) against him. Morales is 14-41 with 3 HR, and Pearce is 5-11 with 2 HR.

August 18th

Blue Jays @ Cubs: Happ vs Arrieta (Game 121)

TOR (59-62): LHP J. A. Happ (6-8, 3.63)
CHC (63-57): RHP Jake Arrieta (12-8, 3.73)
First pitch: 1:20pmCST

The Cubs and Jays have only played four series (2003, '05, '08, and '14). This will be the second appearance by the Jays at Wrigley, other than 2005—a rare sighting, indeed. The Jays lead the franchise matchup 8-4.

August 17th

Reds @ Cubs: Feldman vs Lester (Game 120)

CIN (50-71): RHP Scott Feldman (7-7, 4.43) 
CHC (63-56): LHP Jon Lester (8-7, 3.99) 
First pitch: 1:20pmCST

I don't know if Elias has weighed in, but I'm guessing that last night's game was the first in history to start off with a home-team no-out grand slam and end on a wild pitch walk-off to break a tie. To invoke crunch: neat. Also, hats off to Maddon for remembering that sometimes you need to take one for the team and get tossed.