Archive - 2018

August 23rd

Reds @ Cubs: DeSclafani vs Hamels (Game 126)

CIN (56-71): RHP Anthony DeSclafani (6-3, 4.12)
CHC (72-53): LHP Cole Hamels (8-9, 4.00)
First pitch: 7:05pmCST
Hamels continued his superb run as a Cub with seven shutout innings and a win over the Pirates on Friday. He’s 3-0 with an 0.72 ERA with his new team. The Reds are 9-52 (.173) against him. Peraza and Herrera are both 1-2.

August 22nd

Cubs @ Tigers: Lester vs Liriano (Game 125)

CHC (71-53): LHP Jon Lester (13-5, 3.72)
DET (52-74): LHP Francisco Liriano (3-8, 4.72)
First pitch: 6:10pmCST
Lester got his grove back on Thursday in Pittsburgh, going six scoreless for the win. The handful of Tigers who have faced him are 32-65 (.492). Castellanos is 5-9 with 3 HR, and Martinez is 8-19 with a HR. Thankfully, Miggy, who crushes him, is on the shelf.

August 21st

Cubs @ Tigers: Hendricks vs Zimmerman (Game 124)

CHC (71-52): RHP Kyle Hendricks (9-9, 4.11)
DET (51-74): RHP Jordan Zimmerman (5-5, 4.36)
First pitch: 6:10pmCST
Hendricks gave up 4 ER in 6 innings but won against the Brewers on Wednesday. These Tigers are 7-20 (.350) against him. Mikie Mahtook, whatever that is, is 3-3.
Zimmerman lost to the White Sox his last time out (5 IP, 6 ER). Overall, the Cubs are 16-44 (.364) against him. Rizzo is 5-12, and Heyward is 6-17 with a HR.

August 19th

Cubs @ Pirates: Quintana vs Taillon (Game 123)

CHC (71-51): LHP José Quintana (10-9, 4.46)
PIT (62-62): RHP Jameson Taillon (9-9, 3.66)
First pitch: 12:35pmCST
Quintana gave up 5 ER in as many innings and lost to the Brewers on Tuesday. Overall, the Pirates are 15-53 (.283) against him. Freese is 4-8.
Taillon lost to the Twins his last time out (6.2 IP, 3 ER). He gave up 3 ER in 6.2 innings and beat the Cubs on July 31. The Cubs are 36-109 (.330) against him. Baez is 9-13 with 2 HR. Dang!

August 18th

Cubs @ Pirates: Chatwood vs Musgrove (Game 122)

CHC (71-50): RHP Tyler Chatwood (4-5, 5.06)
PIT (61-62): RHP Joe Musgrove (4-7, 3.49)
First pitch: 6:05pmCST
Chatwood, in for the DLing Montgomery (shoulder inflammation), last pitched on August 11—three scoreless innings against the Nationals. He’s given up 5 ER in 6 innings in one start and two appearances against the Pirates this season.
Overall, they are 21-70 (.300) against him. Marte is 2-6 with a HR.

August 17th

Cubs @ Pirates: Hamels vs Williams (Game 121)

CHC (70-50): LHP Cole Hamels (7-9, 4.22)
PIT (61-61): RHP Trevor Williams (10-8, 3.66)
First pitch: 6:05pmCST
Hamels continued his very-welcome run with 7 innings of one-run ball against Scherzer and the Nats on Sunday, an accomplishment that was somewhat overlooked thanks to the shirt-ripping AB of one David Bote.
Hamels made his Cubs debut in Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago, going 5 scoreless for the win. Overall, the Pirates are 35-120 (.292) against him. Marte is 8-17 with a HR.

August 16th

Cubs @ Pirates: Lester vs Nova (Game 120)

CHC (69-50): LHP Jon Lester (12-5, 3.89)
PIT (61-60): RHP Ivan Nova (7-6, 4.42)
First pitch: 6:05pmCST
Lester continued his quest to double his ERA by giving up 8 ER in 3.2 innings in a loss to the Nationals on Saturday. He’s 2-1 with a 4.70 in four games against the Pirates this season. 
Overall, they are 68-270 (.252) against him. Bell is 5-14 with a HR.