Archive - Aug 15, 2019

Cubs @ Phillies: Darvish vs. Smyly (Game 121)

CHC (65-56): RHP Yu Darvish (4-6, 4.43 ERA)
PHI (62-58): LHP Drew Smyly (2-6, 6.96 ERA)
First pitch 6:05pmCDT

Yu Darvish continued to get hurt by the long ball, allowing three homeruns in what seemed like it should have been a stellar start last time out. He struck out nine and walked none, but gave up three homeruns and four earned runs in Cincinnati. His strikeouts and walks have been trending in the ace direction for about two months. Citizen's Bank is not, however, a good place to hide out from the dinger. Harper is 0-2 with a walk against Darvish. Dickerson is 4-10 with a homerun, and Cesar Hernandez is 4-8 with a triple.