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November 4th

The Last Out.

It's the bottom of the 10th.
The Cubs are up by a run on the Indians in the last seconds of the 2016 World Series.
Joe Maddon has gone through every weird ass pitching change in the world, and after using up every last drop of every last pitcher he trusts, he puts in Mike Montgomery to get that last out.
Everybody in the country is bleary-eyed and staring with open mouths at this moment.
Michael Martinez, who was put out in right an inning before as a glove, is at the plate.
Montgomery throws a hook for a strike.

June 29th

May 25th

April 19th

April 14th

April 7th

Thurs Funnies: It's easy to screw up against this Cubs lineup.

Well, it didn't eXACTly play out like this - Andrew Heaney got a nose bleed earlier in the game.
But you get what I mean.
The Cubs' lineup is just one big monster and if you screw up, it'll only get bigger.

Tonight we'll get to see John Lackey as a Cub for the first time.
For some reason, I feel like he's going to fit in just fine and not have any year one jitters.
Lets see what happens in Phoenix, shall we?

Go Cubs.

March 11th