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2018 MLB Post-Season Roster Eligibility & Draft-Excluded Player Rules


Roster moves made by MLB clubs in August are sometimes made with an eye toward post-season roster eligibility and off-season roster flexibility. 

With that in mind, here are the 2018 MLB post-season roster eligibility and Draft-Excluded player rules: 

Chatwood to the DL Sure Sounds Like a Good Idea...

Every now & then I see someone suggest the Cubs should just put on the DL so that he doesn't take-up a spot on the 25-man roster from a pitcher who would be more-useful to Maddon and the Cubs. The problem is,

Trade Assignment Waivers Are On Deck

The deadline for "non-waiver" (unrestricted) trades is 4 PM (Eastern) on July 31st, or 4 PM (Eastern) on Friday July 30th if July 31st falls on a Saturday. or 4 PM (Eastern) on Monday August 1st if July 31st falls on a Sunday.

2018 Cubs MLB First-Year Player Draft (Rule 4 Draft) Negotiation List


Just prior to today's 5 PM (Eastern) deadline, the Cubs officially signed their 31st and 32nd 2018 draft picks: 

Niels Stone, RHP (27th round * Indian River State College) - JC FRESHMAN 
Edmond Americaan, OF (35th round * Chipola College) - JC SOPH 

Although the deadline to sign most players selected in the 2018 MLB First-Year Player Draft has passed, college seniors with no eligibility left (and for the Cubs that would be just one -- C Hunter Taylor) will remain on a club's Negotiation List until one week prior to next year's MLB First-Year Player Draft, and Rule 4 Non-Drafted Free-Agents can be signed anytime up until one week prior to next year's MLB First-Year Player draft or until the player enrolls in college (whichever comes first).  

So the Cubs have officially signed 32 of their 42 2018 draft picks (including their first twenty and 23 of their first 24) plus three NDFA, with the possibility of signing one more draft pick (Hunter Taylor) and/or one or more additional NDFA at a later point in time. 

Cubs Busy Beating Bushes for Pitchers

7/5 UPDATE #2

Casey Coleman has indeed been assigned to AAA Iowa and LHP James Buckelew has been assigned to AA Tennessee. 


7-5 UPDATE #1

Although it was reported in transactions, RHP Zach Morton was - NOT - signed by the Cubs and assigned to Eugene. The pitcher assigned to Eugene was Cubs 2018 8th round draft pick Zach Mort. Kudos to TCR's baseballfan67 for this.  


After signing 14 pitchers selected in last month's MLB First-Year Player Draft and a couple of high-profile 2018-19 J-2 IFA pitchers, the Cubs have also added three pitchers with previous professional experience (including some MLB time) to their minor league system in the last 48 hours: