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Big Cubs Comeback Leaves Rockies Fit to Be Tied

Trey Martin blooped an opposite-field single over the second-baseman's head to score Rubi Silva from 3rd base and cap a furious comeback, as the Cubs rallied to score seven runs over the last four innings to tie the Rockies 7-7 in AZ Instructional League action this morning at Fitch Park Field #3 in Mesa.

The game started at 9 AM, and there was a pre-scheduled curfew of 11:30 AM or seven innings (whichever came first), so that players could get to the airport and catch their flights. As it turned out, the game did go seven innings, ending at 11:20 AM.

The Cubs played short-handed today from the gitgo, what with five players (Javier Baez, Taiwan Easterling Dustin Geiger, Reggie Golden, and Rafael Lopez) on the shelf with injuries, and with another group (Jose Arias, Jeffrey Baez, Jeimer Candelario, Mark Malave, Carlos Penalver, and Alexander Sanchez) having left Phoenix last night en route to the Dominican Academy to participate in the Dominican Instructional League.

In fact the Cubs were so short-handed that Garrett Schlecht played RF but did not bat (he has some type of injury where he can catch & throw but can't hit), Yaniel Cabezas missed two ABs because he was busy warming up pitchers in the bullpen, Rubi Silva played shortstop for the first time in his career, and DH Dan Vogelbach left the game and was not replaced after the end of the 5th inning (he was last seen running in full sprint to the clubhouse so that so he could get to the airport and fly home to Florida... whether he had time to change out of his uniform first, I do not know).

It kind of reminded me of one of those neighborhood baseball games you played as a kid, where some of the guys have to leave before the game is over. Like maybe Johnny's mother is calling him to come home for dinner, or Bobby has a clarinet lesson, etc.

The Rockies rocked Tony Zych and David Henrie for seven runs in tbe top of the 2nd inning, as Tyler Massey (two-run single), Trevor Story (bases-loaded triple), and Tim Smalling (RBI double) contributed key hits. It was the worst outing of Tony Zych's pro career.

The Cubs bullpen then retired 16 of the last 18 hitters they faced, as the Cubs offense kept pecking away at the deficit.

The Cubs scored three times in the bottom of the 4th, as Rubi Silva and Micah Gibbs singled, Dan Vogelbach blasted an RBI double, and Trey Martin followed with an RBI single. The third run of the inning scored on a double play.

The Cubs scored two more runs in the bottom of the 5th, as Yaniel Cabezas pulled a one-out double into the LF corner, Zeke DeVoss singled, and Rubi Silva bounced an RBI FC. The second run scored on a two-out E-4.

The Cubs narrowed the Rockies lead to one, scoring once in the bottom of the 6th inning on a balk after consecutive singles by Danny Lockhart and Shawon Dunston, Jr.

That set-up the bottom of the 7th as the final half-ining of the game (and 2011 Instructs), with the Cubs down 7-6.

Rubi Silva led-off with an infield single, outracing the pitcher to 1st base (the pitcher was late covering). Micah Gibbs lined a single to RF to move Silva to 3rd, and then Trey Martin came through with his game-tying bloop hit.

With runners at 1st & 2nd and no outs, it looked like the Cubs might come all the way back and win the game, but Danny Lockhart struck out after trying (unsuccessfully) to lay down a sacrifice bunt, and Shawon Dunston, Jr grounded out 4-3 (although the runners did advance to 2nd & 3rd). Justin Marra then walked to load the bases, leaving it up to Zeke DeVoss.

But DeVoss lined-out to SS for the 3rd out, bringing the 2011 AZ Instructional League season to a close for the Rockies and for the Cubs. (The Giants, Royals, and Reds have not yet concluded intructs, and will be playing games next week).

Here is the abridged bix score (Cubs players only)

1. Zeke DeVoss, 2B: 1-5 (P-3, K, 1B, K, L-6)
2. Rubi Silva, SS: 2-4 (5-3, 1B, 4-6 FC, 1B, 3 R, RBI)
3. Micah Gibbs, 1B: 3-4 (K, 1B, 1B, 1B, R)
4a. Dan Vogelbach, DH #1: 1-3 (P-3, 2B, E-4, R, RBI)
5. Trey Martin, LF: 2-4 (5-3, 1B, F-8, 1B, 2 RBI)
6. Danny Lockhart, 3B: 1-4 (K, 6-3 DP, 1B, K, R)
7. Shawon Dunston, Jr, CF: 1-4 (3-U , K, 1B, 4-3)
8. Justin Marra, C: 0-3 (K, K, 5-3, BB)
9b. Yaniel Cabezas, DH #2: 2-2 (2B, 1B, R, CS)
10. Garrett Schlecht, RF: NO AB - PLAYED DEFENSE ONLY

1. Zac Rosscup: 1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 2 K, 12 pitches (7 strikes), 0/1 FO/FO
2. Tony Zych: 0.2 IP, 4 H, 6 R (6 ER), 1 BB, 2 K, 1 HBP, 30 pitches (20 strikes)
3. David Henrie: 1.1 IP, 2 H, 1 R (1 ER), 0 BB, 2 K, 29 pitches (21 strikes), 2/0 GO/FO
4. Dillon Maples: 1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 1 K, 12 pitches (6 strikes), 2/0 GO/FO
5. Jose Rosario: 1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 1 K, 11 pitches (8 strikes), 1/1 GO/FO
6. Dustin Fitzgerald: 1.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 0 K, 16 pitches (11 strikes), 3/0 GO/FO
7. Frank Del Valle: 1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 1 K, 6 pitches (5 strikes), 0/2 GO/FO


Justin Marra: 0-1 CS


WEATHER: Sunny with morning temperatures in the 80's


woo...rosscup is back for another week or 2 before he gets injured again. i know he's nothing special with his velocity, but he seems to have stuff that's hard for hitters to handle and doesn't make many mistakes.

[ ]

In reply to by Paul Noce

From that same article, for those who don't like to click links: "Carrie Muskat,’s well-respected Cubs beat writer, reported that outfield prospect Brett Jackson would not be part of any compensation package." I'm with those who say that he shouldn't hold up the talks, but it would be nice to keep him as he sounds like an interesting prospect. My opinion on Ricketts has really turned around. That started with the smart way he dumped Hendry, how he trusted Hendry to finish up the draft signings even though he knew was outta here. Ricketts showed that he understands people when he trusted Hendry. Say what you want about Hendry, but he also showed a lot of class during his exit. Picking up Epstein, however, really makes me sit up and take notice. I was a little worried that he was going to try to be a hands on owner, with that contract extension for Wilken, for example. But it looks like he'll let Epstein run the ship completely - I can't imagine Epstein taking the job if that wasn't the case, and it looks like the Cranester will be relegated to non-baseball business, which is fine -- I think he's fairly harmless there. I haven't been too excited about the Epstein thing yet because this is the Cubs, so for me, my long standing policy is, I'll believe it when I see it. So, I hope this gets wrapped up soon. If this falls through somehow, it will be Cubsdom (aka CubsDumb) at its finest, and I never discount the possibility of disaster when it comes to this team, no matter who is running it.

[ ]

In reply to by champsummers

Not me. The ONLY GM I truly admired was Dallas Green. Hendry startled me when he went on the spending binge and put the teams together for the '07/'08 runs. I cannot blame him for the post season failures and the '08 team I felt was the best Cubs team, and the deepest in a long time. McFail is another matter. I hated him from the beginning and believed that the Tribune hired him to try to win on the cheap. To bring the Twins philosophy to the North Side. It was a miserable failure. The overall talent evaluation, and lack of budget for decent starting pitching really mired the team in the lower notches of the division. Ed Lynch was also a disaster. When McFail was hired in 1994, the team had Jim Bullinger, Jose Guzman, Kevin Foster, Steve Traschel, and Willie Banks as starters. Dave Otto and the great Dan Plesac were terrific non-contributors as well. Amounted to 5th place with 49 wins. 1995 they made it to 73 wins and a 3rd place finish with Navarro, Frank Castillo, Kevin Foster, Trachsel, and Bullinger as starters. 1996 went backwards with a 76 and 86 record, good for 4th. Again, Navarro, Trachsel, Castillo, Bullinger, and the amazing Turk Wendell as closer. 1997 the Cubs upped their game by aquiring...Terry Mulholland! add Trachsel, Foster, Ger. Gonzalez, and Castillo. All good for a 5th place finish. Seeing a pattern here so far? A pro team with all #4 and 5 starters. 1998 finally, the Cubs had something positive with Kevin Tapani, Mike Clark, Trachsel, WOODY, and Gerimi Gonzalez. And my favorite, Rod Beck. Good for 90 wins, a 2nd place Wild Card finish and a Braves sweep in the Playoffs. 1999 however, they slid back to 6th place, with Trachsel (the human game delay), a 35 year old Tapani, Kyle Farnsworth, a 36 year old Terry Mulholland, plus Terry Adams with 13 saves and Rick Aguillara. Gary Gaetti pitched an inning. So this is the first five years, and it was another three years until the infamous 2003 occurance. So the Cubs would have never been the Twins, and McFail, as time would show, would never have the success he had with the Twins, or anything close.

being the key to the playoffs The Rangers had no quality starts in the ALCS, and they are in the World Series. The Cardinals have none in the NLCS, and are one win away

Boston Globe writers say David Kaplan's report that Lucchino was making talks contentious are unconfirmed.
An executive familiar with the negotiations described them as “business-like, civil and moving forward over the weekend.” There were no indications that the talks would break down.
A report from Comcast Sports Chicago suggested that Red Sox president Larry Lucchino was holding up the talks. But there was no independent confirmation of that report.… Kap needs to take some diazepam and shut down his incoming twitter feeds at least until Wednesday. and your 86-88mph fastball suck. he's got an awwwwwwwwwwesome changeup, but unless he's hitting at/near 90mph with the fastball it just doesn't work. to think MIL gave away the one thing they truly need to get marcum...a pimp 3rd baseman.

So is this Fielder's last game as a Brewer? I would think so. On the other hand, I have a hard time believing Pujols and the Cards don't get something done, unless the Cards lower their offer. I'm not sure who is going to make Pujols an offer like he's rumored to want. Maybe the Rangers/Nats get involved, maybe the Cubs do, but I'd be a little surprised. Other than that, are any teams really able to offer him $25 mil + for longer than 5 years? It does only takes one crazy GM/owner. Look at Texas with ARod years ago. Maybe the O's go after Fielder. I'd think Texas probably makes an offer to one of those guys.

[ ]

In reply to by The E-Man

for those that don't want to click the links :) a few more names mentioned than the Rogers article Three Red Sox names that could be part of Epstein’s request are Brian O’Halloran, vice president of baseball operations; Dave Finley, special assistant to the general manager; and Mike Reinold, head athletic director and assistant director of medical services. Both O’Halloran and Finley are considered well qualified to be an assistant general manager, while Reinold is held in high regard by Epstein and could head the Cubs’ medical department. Josh Byrnes, Epstein’s former assistant, is another mentioned as joining him in Chicago. Another name that could be added to that list is Jason McLeod, who headed the amateur draft with the Red Sox and is currently Jed Hoyer’s assistant general manager in San Diego.… A source predicted that the Red Sox will play this exactly like the agents at the signing deadline, waiting until the last minute to get the best possible deal for their clients. says McNutt is one name they're focusing on and likely will take 2 prospects. Any Cubs expected to be on the the 40-man this upcoming season are likely not going (B. Jackson, Szczur, Vitters).

[ ]

In reply to by Rob G.

Yeah, I read this. If this happened, Hendry's strategy of keeping one of Archer or McNutt, will of course blow up. And, as far as I know, there is no one close as a pitching prospect to McNutt in the minors. Then again, no one close to Epstein's success that has been associated with the Cubs. Each scenario is no guarantee, however.

[ ]

In reply to by Rob G.

I don't think there is any such thing as "Business 101". If there was, it certainly wouldn't include negotiation. I don't really agree that the Red Sox are in a position of particular leverage here. As many people have pointed out, there are plenty of qualified applicants for the Cubs GM job. If the Red Sox don't release Theo, they're going to be in a pretty silly situation themselves.

[ ]

In reply to by Rob G.

I am sure that the Red Sox are asking for a shit load, though. I think you're over estimating the PR hit the Cubs will take. Is someone seriously not going to buy tickets or a Cubs hoody, if Rick Hahn is the new GM? I also doubt that Epstein is a big a celebrity as you make him out to be. If a Cubs fan knows who the GM of the Red Sox is, he probably also picks up the BA Top NL Central Prospects issue.

[ ]

In reply to by The Real Neal

his name has been all over the papers the last 2 weeks including a Bigfoot sighting at Starbucks, he's about the best known GM besides Beane and Cashman. They certainly know his resume if not the name and that's the kind of benefit of the doubt that no-name GM will never get. It's a big step in getting the fan base excited and not getting it done now would just be another chapter in "The Cubs Fuck Up Everything". Would it ultimately hurt the franchise? not that much and the fans always come back. The season ticket waiting list is so long it doesn't matter, but it certainly would make for an uncomfortable offseason and probably 2012.

[ ]

In reply to by Charlie

considering the leaks in the Red Sox dam so far, I'm sure we'll eventually find out exactly what they're asking if the deal doesn't happen, then there won't be much to spin. nonetheless, the deal will happen as both parties have plenty of motivation to make it happen, but the thought that the Cubs have little to nothing to lose here smells a bit of homerism. Ricketts doesn't want to lose out on his top choice and Red Sox don't want to deal with a lame duck GM.

[ ]

In reply to by Charlie

Due to the fact that we really do not know what the hell is going on, and everything between the parties is vacuum-packed, I don't think we can make a judgement on if the Sox' demands are reasonable or not. I guess one has to believe that first of all, if Epstein is not hired, the world ends for the Cubs. However, I think there are talented options that are "in the ballpark", so to speak. So, maybe a 1a, or 1b choice. The thing is, management, since the hiring of Crane Kenney, has overtly wanted to emulate Boston to the tune of a near-Red Sox West. This, with the unique combination of the similar peculiarities of Fenway to Wrigley (age, problems, dealing with government authorities, tradition, etc.), I am sure has strongly influenced Tom that Epstein is the right guy. So, its the "whole package" of someone who would "get it" in Ricketts mind, in addition to the metrics, negotiations, and scouting side of things.

[ ]

In reply to by Rob G.

Not really. If the Cubs walk away they can hire a GM today and then hire Theo as the President of baseball operations next off season. So they will take a PR hit this year it will go away next year, and I agree with TRN that the PR hit is very over rated. The Red Sox on the other hand have to keep a lame duck GM for a year. If I were the Cubs I would call their bluff.

Hmm. Excellent source just told me that he thinks that the deal for Theo won't get done by tomorrow. We'll see.

elects for free agency after being outrighted by O's. However, my sources tell me that the Cubs will not panic and overpay just to get a deal done. Instead, they are holding to their position that the Red Sox are entitled to a fair deal but not a major windfall from the Cubs system.

Lake has been batting third for the Solar Sox lately. Today he was one for four with a double and two RBI, plus the obligatory stolen base. I believe he has 8 SBs in 8 attempts in the AFL. At Tennessee he was 19 of 21. Vitters has missed two games since going 4 for 5 on Friday.

[ ]

In reply to by Cubster

The Cubs, one baseball person said, continue to stress to the Red Sox that compensation issues for non-uniform personnel has historically been minimal. It's the view of the Red Sox that, given the magnitude of the deal being given to Epstein and owner Tom Ricketts's desire to have Epstein run his organization's baseball operations department, that this deal defies precedent. ~snip~ One issue that is not a sticking point, contrary to multiple reports, is the matter of which current Red Sox employees would join Epstein in Chicago. A mutual understanding is in place that Epstein will not "raid" the Red Sox baseball operations department.

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  • Arizona Phil (view)

    I was at the Cubs - Dodgers game at Wrigley Field in May 1967, the last game before Ken Holtzman was to report for active duty and be gone for a long time. (He ended up getting leave occasionally on weekends so he could pitch for the Cubs). Cubs won 20-3. Knocked out Claude Osteen. Holtzman pitched a complete game. Randy Hundley hit a grand slam. Adolfo Phillips hit a HR and a double and drove in six runs. Even Glenn Beckett hit a HR! Ted Savage stole home (and it was a true "Jackie Robinson" steal of home, too, not the back end of a double steal). For me, it was one of the most memorable Cubs games of the 1960's.

  • Arizona Phil (view)

    azbobbop: No update on Derniche Valdez. He is still on the Restricted List. 

  • crunch (view)

    ken holtzman has died.

  • crunch (view)

    if it's not a morel injury i'd at least like him to sit long enough to get his finger healed.  he doesn't seem to be swinging as strongly and even foul balls are bothering him.  he's been carrying the injury for a week-ish now.

    dude almost lost is career and use of one of his hands years ago, and he's young...nothing short of his hand falling off will have him telling counsell or the trainers he's not good to go.

  • Arizona Phil (view)

    Could be Paternity or Bereavement.

  • crunch (view)


    morel IL (finally)?  cooper done with the cubs?  something else...

    twitter detectives seem to think suzuki may have injured himself yesterday...

  • Childersb3 (view)

    Heyman reports Canario is being promoted
    No mention of who's going down
    This seems weird
    I'm not upset at all, but is he going to play?
    Wisdom staying to Iowa?
    Mastro going down?
    Someone hurt?
    We'll see

  • crunch (view)

    truth.  his velocity does tend to peak out at 80-90 pitches, but i think he has it in him with regular work given what he showed last season.

    the fact he moves so seamlessly between starting and long relief may doom him to the pen, anyway.

  • TarzanJoeWallis (view)

    Phil, my presumption was that the Cubs are sellers at the trade deadline and that Happ would be willing to waive his no trade clause to play for a potential WS champion. Lots of ifs there but I don’t think completely out of the question.

  • Arizona Phil (view)

    Julio Teheran was a SP for the Brewers last season, so Counsell should know him pretty well.