Camp Day at Fitch Park - Updated Cubs Extended Spring Training Roster

Thursday is "Camp Day" at Cubs Extended Spring Training, which means the entire squad participates in an extended training & workout session (PFP, pick-off drills, baserunning drills, fielding practice, BP, and situational hitting), with an intrasquad game to follow.

In post-Minor League Camp roster news, RHP Alvido Jimenez, Hector Mayora, and Jade Mendez, 1B Melvin Camarena, and OF Xavier Batista, Albert Hernandez, and Manuel Pestana arrived at Fitch Park from the Cubs Dominican Academy in Boca Chica, DR, last week (and Camarena, X. Batista, Hernandez, and Pestana have already seen EXST game action), and 23-year old 5'11 195 former catcher Alvaro Sosa (214/254/305 with a 33% CS% combined at AZL Cubs and Boise in 2009 and a career .225 hitter going back to 2005) is being converted to a RHP (joining ex-OF Drew Rundle, who continues his conversion to LHP that began at Instructs last October). And (as I have mentioned previously) utility INF Jonathan Mota continues his conversion to catcher, to help him improve his versatilty. (Mota will be assigned to a full-season minor league team after he has had a chance to get some more experience behind the plate).

Here is the current up-to-date Cubs Extended Spring Training roster (61 players) as of today:


* bats or throws left
# bats both


Frank Batista
Rogelio Carmona
Eduardo Figueroa
Jesse Ginley
Yohan Gonzalez
Gian Guzman
* Cody Hams
Alvido Jimenez
Danny Keefe
* Austin Kirk
* James Leverton
Luis Liria
Hector Mayora
Jade Mendez
* John Mincone
Tarlandus Mitchell
David Patton (ACTIVE REHAB)
* Marcos Perez
Carlos Rojas
Jose Rosario
* Drew Rundle (ex-OF)
Alvaro Sosa (ex-C)
Larry Suarez
Tzu-An Wang
Yao-Lin Wang

* Sergio Burruel
Jose Guevara
Jae-Hoon Ha
Jonathan Mota (ex-INF)
Carlos Romero

# Arismendy Alcantara
# Vismeldy Bieneme
Melvin Camarena
* Pin-Chieh Chen
* Wes Darvill
# Rafael Disla
Brandon May
* Matt Spencer (ACTIVE REHAB)
Blair Springfield
Charles Thomas
* Bobby Wagner

Xavier Batista
Runey Davis
D. J. Fitzgerald
* Francisco Guzman
Albert Hernandez
* Kyung-Min Na
Manuel Pestana
Cody Shields

Justin Bristow (unknown)
Chris Carpenter, RHP (shoulder soreness)
Julio Castillo, RHP (unknown)
Angel Guzman, RHP (March 2010 shoulder surgery)
Marcus Hatley, RHP (2009 TJS)
Dylan Johnston, RHP (2009 TJS)
Dong-Yub Kim, OF (unknown)
* Casey Lambert, LHP (2009 TJS)
Toby Matchulat, RHP (broken foot)
Rebel Ridling, 1B (appendectomy)
Melvin Rosa, RHP (unknown)
Adam Spencer, RHP (unknown)


lineup thur: ss theriot, rf fuke, 1b lee, 3b ramy, lf colvin, cf byrd, 2b font, c soto, p big z Lee back, Soriano sits

Thanks as always Phil. Could you shed some light on maybe one or two players from each "group" of players who you think are the most explosive, or highest impact guys? It also might help if we knew what positions most of these guys played in say the infield, but I'm obviously in no place to beg. Anything is great, Phil. I always love reading all of these things but a lot of times it is hard to distinguish which players are the most projectable. It's very exciting to me. Thanks in advance.

Submitted by W Flag on Thu, 04/15/2010 - 11:02am. Thanks as always Phil. Could you shed some light on maybe one or two players from each "group" of players who you think are the most explosive, or highest impact guys? It also might help if we knew what positions most of these guys played in say the infield, but I'm obviously in no place to beg. Anything is great, Phil. I always love reading all of these things but a lot of times it is hard to distinguish which players are the most projectable. It's very exciting to me. Thanks in advance. ===================================== W Flag: INFIELDERS: Arismendy Alacantara: 18-year old switch-hitter with a decent bat... a little water-bug, he plays both SS-2B, but he can definitely handle SS... is a fast runner with excellent base-stealing technique... is probably the best all-around infield prospect at EXST at this time, although NOT yet in the class of S. Castro or HJ Lee.... Vismeldy Bieneme: 20-year old switch-hitter... "supersub" type who plays 3B-2B-LF-CF... is an outstanding base-stealer... bat needs work... good plate discipline... versatile, but not a particularly good defensive player... Melvin Camarena: Big guy (6'4) with OK speed... 20-years old, played two seasons (2008-09) in the DSL... plays 1B-LF-RF... just arrived from Boca Chica, and I've only seen him hit (BP and DH)... Rafael Disla: 19-year old switch-hitter... plays 2B-SS (mostly 2B)... fast runner, but without the base-stealing technique of Alcantara or the raw speed of Bieneme... has outstanding plate discipline, although he isn't much of a hitter... kind of shaky defensively (which is why he plays mostly 2B)... Charles Thomas: Cubs 10th round draft pick in 2009... 21-year old RH hitter... a lug (6'4 225+) who played college ball at Edward Waters College in Jacksonville, FL (the same school legendary Negro Leaguer and one-time Cubs Coach and Scout Buck O'Neill attended)... good hitter (he led the AZL Cubs in doubles and RBI in 2009) who has improved his plate discipline this year, he really needs to elevate his swing and hit some HR (he hit one HR in 45 games at Mesa last year) or he won't make it at 1B... played 3B in college and both 3B and 1B last year at Mesa (AZL Cubs), but he isn't very mobile so he has been playing only 1B and DH in Minor League Camp and Extended Spring Training so far this year... he was a two-way player in college (3B-RHP) who threw in the low-90's off the mound, so he might be a candidate to get moved to RHP if he doesn't develop HR power... he declined an invitation to attend Instructs last Fall so that he could return to college and get his degree... his father is a Captain in the U. S. Navy... Wes Darvill: Cubs 5th round pick in 2009 out of Langley, British Columbia... lefty hitter... just turned 18 last September... a raw project who will need some time develop (he hit just 223/295/231 at Mesa last year)... 6'2 with a long-stride, he's probably still a growing boy... played for the Canadian Junior National Team last year and played games in Cuba, DR, and all over the U. S... was drafted as a shortstop, but his arm is a lot like Ryan Theriot's so he might get moved eventually to 2B (or maybe to 1B or LF if he can develop power)... seems to have pull-tendencies, which is OK if he can eventually hit some HR... Ping-Chieh Chen: A lanky 18-year old lefty swinger from Taiwan... plays both SS and 2B... has a strong but scatter-gun arm... fast runner... good bat speed... Blair Springfield: 19-year old RH hitter... Cubs 7th round pick out of MacArthur HS in Decatur, IL... could have gone to Illinois State, but signed with the Cubs instead... has just average speed, but he does have raw plus-power... strikes out a ton, but he isn't afraid to take a walk... played SS and CF in HS, 2B and LF last year at Mesa, and 1B and RF in Minor League Camp this year... a man without a position, he will go as far as his bat will take him (he hit just 202/314/236 in his rookie year at Mesa)... D. J. Fitzgerald: 22nd round pick in 2009 out of Dyersburg State CC in Tennessee... 21 years old... "DJ Fitz" played SS in JC, but was moved to 2B after the Cubs signed him... defensively-challenged, he's playing LF full-time now... an aggressive first-ball fastball hitter with a nice line-drive stroke (he hit 290/327/425 combined with four HR in 54 games at Mesa/Boise/Peoria in 2009), he has just average speed and occasional HR power... will need to display more power to be an everyday LF... Bobby Wagner: A 23-year old Canadian who played college ball at Douglas College in British Columbia, Wagner is a slugging corner IF-OF with an upper-cut swing who has a lot of trouble making contact, but when he does he has big-time 25+ HR power (290/361/580 with 8 HR in 46 games combined at Mesa & Boise last year)... he played 3B in college, but the Cubs moved him to LF after he signed and now he's playing 1B... failing to make the Peoria Opening Day roster was not good for Wagner (and he got cut fairly early in Minor League Camp, too), because of his age (he turns 24 in July)... the clock is ticking... Brandon May: 36th round pick out of th U. of Alabama in 2009... was planning to return to Bama for his senior season, but then he signed with the Cubs at the last minute (mid-August signing deadline)... 22-year old polished RH hitter... can play 3B-2B-1B-LF-RF, and the Cubs even tried him at catcher in Instructs last Fall (but he sort of flunked-out of the program)... has been playing only 3B-1B so far this year... high baseball IQ with solid fundamentals, he looks like the kind of guy who will end up becoming a coach or a manager someday... although he might not have as high a "ceiling" as some of his teammates, right now he is the EXST Cubs most-reliable hitter... OUTFIELDERS: Cody Shields: 2009 15th round pick out of Auburn University (Montgomery campus)... 22-year old RH hitter... had Tommy John Surgery right after he reported to Fitch Park last June and just returned to action this year... 6'4 with plus-speed and the ability to play all three OF positions... he may be one of the worst hitters I've ever seen... Albert Hernandez: 6'1 175 21-year old Dominican... played previous three seasons in DSL where he was probably the best all-around hitter on the team... has arm enough to play RF... runs OK... good bat speed... Xavier Batista: 18-year old 6'3 corner OF... just arrived at Fitch Park from the Cubs Dominican Academy last week... a free-swinger with plus-power and with a legitimate "RF arm," Batista needs to work on his hitting approach... just average speed... Manuel Pestana: 20-year old Venezuelan RH outfielder just arrived at Fitch Park with Hernandez, Camarena, and X. Batista.. 5'11 155 (if that), Pestana is a wisp of a fellow... good defensive OF, above-average speed (but not a "burner"), questionable bat, no power... Francisco Guzman: 22-year old lanky 6'1 Dominican lefty hitting & throwing OF... A true CF and a true lead-off hitter, too, Guzman can bunt with the best of them... has outstanding speed and knows how to use it... plus-plus base-stealing skills (55 SB in 130 career minor league games)... hitting is sometimes a problem, though... has zero power... physically resembles Felix Pie, but without Pie's bat speed and power... Kyung-Min Na: 18-year old diminutive (5'7) lefty hitting & throwing Korean... was rated the fastest HS player in Korea in 2009, and he is indeed VERY fast... got a $700K+ bonus from the Cubs last year... is an outstanding defensive CF with a plus-arm... decent hitter, but not much power... understands situational hitting approach... good baserunning skills & instincts... Played in AZ Instrutional League last Fall... reminds me of Tony Campana (AA Tennessee CF)... Runey Davis: 21-year old 6'0 185 RH hitting Texan... Played at the U. of Texas his freshman year, then transferred to Howard JC in Texas, where he played in the 2009 JC World Series (where he faced Shelton State CC and Cubs RHP prospect Trey McNutt)... Davis led JC in HBP, and he does seem to find a way to get hit... otherwise he is a below-average hitter without much power... has above-average speed... below-average defender... Dong-Yub Kim: 19-year old 6'4 Korean corner outfielder... bats and throws right... played in AZ Instructional League last Fall... has plus-power, but needs to improve his hitting approach... has just average speed...

Thank you. Above and beyond what I asked for. Much appreciated

While we're asking... Phil, have you got a chance to see Kirk pitch much? Is the organization dissapointed that Suarez isn't able to make a full season roster by now (I know I certainly am). Have expectations really changed on him?

Submitted by The Real Neal on Thu, 04/15/2010 - 11:10am. While we're asking... Phil, have you got a chance to see Kirk pitch much? Is the organization dissapointed that Suarez isn't able to make a full season roster by now (I know I certainly am). Have expectations really changed on him? ====================================== REAL NEAL: Yes. Austin Kirk is a stocky lefty with a low-90's fastball, a plus-curve, and a change-up that he can throw for strikes. He looked VERY good yesterday in Maryvale. The Cubs are being kind of cautious with him, but I can see him possibly moving up to Peoria before the short-season clubs (Boise and Mesa) begin play. It looked like he wasn't in the best of shape when he arrived at Minor League Camp, and then he got demoted to the Boise/Mesa squad early-on. As for Larry Suarez, he just missed the final cut at Peoria. It seems like when he needs to throw a good game, he implodes. He's very mercurial, and needs to develop more consistency from outing to outing. Like fellow-Venezuelans Carlos Zambrano and Carlos Silva, Suarez really needs to watch his weight. He must weigh upwards of 260+. I'm sure the Cubs are very frustrated with his lack of progress, but he is only 20, so he has time on his side.

Thanks as always. 20 year olds shouldn't weight 260 lbs, especially if they're professional athletes. From the little that could be gleened on line when Kirk was drafted, I thought the Cubs may have really done a good job getting a sandwhich talent in a later round. I would guess had he went to HS in California or Texas and did as well as he did late in the year, he wouldn't have lasted nearly as long. Here's hoping we see both of them in Peoria before too long - and they both prove they belong there.

Theriot SS Fukodome RF Lee 1B ARam 3B Colvin LF Byrd CF Fontenot 2B Soto C Z P Kind of surprised to see Lee in the line up. (Sorry didn't see Rob's earlier post)

Bunting today - Batting fifth tomorrow. Was Lou ever a good in-game manager? This is probably the best lineup possible right now, though.

MLB audio is $20 now? Bunk. I see the iPhone app for $15, but I assume getting the iPhone app doesn't also give you the subscription on the website. MLB is a rip off. And I assume games are still blacked out if you live too close. blah

and Royals willing to pay part of his contract... who's excited? appears it's going to be a bore

You can tell that Marlon did a lot of research before he signed that contract with the Cubs. When he ran out to center Monday to wave to the bullpen, he must mighty confused. So what about the rest of the rent-a-closer field: Chad Qualls, Jason Frasor, Matt Capps, Octavio Dotel, Kevin Gregg, possibly Frank Francisco? Though Frasor has his fans, he's already lost his closer job in Toronto. Which is why another exec said: "Qualls is the only guy who would really interest me. It's just not a real attractive list. To me, Bell is the only legit closer out there who might be available. And I'm not even sure he'll really be available, or affordable."

Dubois takes Rich HIll deep for a 3-run HR, Dubois now 19 away from Iowa Cubs franchise record for home runs. T. Diamond pitching, 2 scoreless so far with 4 K's and 1 BB

Diamond goes 5 IP, 2 ER, 3 BB, 5 K, 2 H, 0 XBH's

Dustin Diamond with the ole' fish eye.

Diamond in the rough?

another breezy day here in DM; blowing out @ Wrigley too?

It's blowing straight out to CF - HARD. I just walked past the ballpark, and the noise coming from the flags above the scoreboard was insane. Let's hope Z can keep his pitches down (and maybe get a couple of his hits in the air).

I like Colvin batting fifth. Test this kid out. Hope he doesn't take too many walks.

I like Colvin batting 5th in AAA, 5th in the majors for the 3rd highest payroll in baseball is a fucking joke.

Expect two HR's from him today... I know Mike C is just trying to reverse psychologize the Fates.

Good Going Mike C! Keep up your Mantra buddy! Our youngsters suck! Our youngsters suck! Our youngsters suck! Our youngsters suck! Our youngsters suck! Blow up the Cubs Farm System! Its the WORST! Pile of SHIT! Wooo! Our youngsters suck! Blow up the Cubs Farm System! Its the WORST! Pile of SHIT! Wooo!

great start

mo' better... apparently Lee has owned Suppan over his career

No jail time. Has to go back to DR for 3 years. Says Cubs will release him.

Santo trying to tell me Colvin is a "nice young patient hitter".

he has walked 3 times now, has been working the count actually and gets a double...woohoo

40 lbs lighter didn't seem to make Soto any faster

Or a better all around catcher.

for bullpen chart neat, as in lame.

That Casey Magehee is pretty good. Where did he come from? more just patting himself on pat for his article from 3+ years ago...

on Castro and Cashner...
Theriot, 30, is an excellent player. He does just about everything to the best of his abilities, and is a good teammate with leadership skills. He doesn't have a great arm, however, which is why Castro would be a significant upgrade at short.
But the Cubs believe Cashner has the makings of a front-of-the-rotation starter and, so far, they haven't been willing to take short cuts in his development

If Cashner can through strikes consistantly (not in predictable counts) I would be in favor of bringing him up. I like him in the pen.

have led at some point of every game this year

2/2... should get another start tomorrow for Byrd I assume... Wandy pitches Sunday, so I assume that's the day Fuku next sits.

A bomb of a home run says Colvin takes Fuku's spot tomorrow.

Fuku sat Monday while Byrd hasn't sat yet and Fuku would sit Sunday anyway.

Since VFTB stole the bullpen usage chart, maybe you should add an outfield usage chart so we can better keep track of who's turn it is out there.

they'll steal that too

Phil - I read somewhere that the Cubs had to DL Caridad because a player can not be replaced on the 25 man roster during the first ten days of the season except for injury. Is this accurate?

Submitted by DavidP on Thu, 04/15/2010 - 1:51pm. Phil - I read somewhere that the Cubs had to DL Caridad because a player can not be replaced on the 25 man roster during the first ten days of the season except for injury. Is this accurate? ================================== DAVID P: Players can be optioned or outrighted to the minors at any time during the MLB regular season. The only restriction that might apply is that a player who is optioned to the minors must spend at least 10 days on Optional Assignment before the player can be recalled from the minors, unless the player being recalled replaces a player who was placed on the Disabled List.

almost... 5-1 heading into the 9th

staying in but Lou and O'Neal came out briefly in the 5th... then came back out after a few pitches, animated discussion apparently...still staying in.

Geez... Take him out.

121 to get through 5 innings...efficient.

Jeez, now he's got Marshall doing it, too.

two straight walks to right-handed hitters by the pitcher (Soto and Narveson) Theriot swings at the first pitch and taps it to the pitcher. Bench him or cut him?

&*$#[email protected] zambrano! 121 pitches in 5 innings including 2 wp's & his 3rd error in 3 starts...lotta value for $36 million between him & the part-time will be a shame to lose the one productive big-money player we have because the others are such wastes...

Unbelievable. Good thing he lost his cutter, it is really helping with pitch count and command. His start in Cinci was not even that impressive.

Dlee. Anyone had him?

Dlee doesn't get ejected and he doesn't lose count of outs in the inning. Quit lying.

Everyone see what he did there?

Someone might have to walk me through it. I'm not seeing how the comment relates to recent free agent contracts or trades made by Jim Hendry, the only topic in which I am interested.


When I saw that, I wistfully wondered "What would Ron Coomer do?"

2 folks had Lee as first ejected Jeff Bush takes the early lead, also getting Jeff Gray correct as first call-up

sorry if mentioned elsewhere but in how many games has the opponent scored in the 8th?

I count 6 of 9 games so far...

made it sound like Ramirez hit it out.

I'm going to go mail my taxes in to cheer myself up.

This bullpen sucks. By my calculations the Cubs' bullpen has given up 19 ER in 26.2 IP for an ERA of 6.40. Take out Russell, Marshall, and Marmol and it's nearly than double that. The collection of Grabow, Gray, Berg, Samardzija, and Cardidad is sporting a combined ERA of 12.40 right now - 18 ER in just 13 IP. Man that is ugly.

It's also frustrating because you don't know if the kids are just nervous because they're still adjusting to pitching in the bigs, or if it's legitimate suckitude.

Sadly, I'm more confident in the 2010 bullpen than I was the 2009 bullpen. Also, I believe Caridad was pitching through his injury

I do not think that Caridad was necessarily injured although his velocity was down a bit from last year's call up. It will burn a vacation day once Shark is sent back to AAA where he belongs. This guy should not even be able to sit in the bullpen as an option when the cubs have a lead.

I know I am the guy who has "outed" the Wide Out as a bust (imo) - but honestly, Hendry has been shoving this kid down Lou's throat since he has been managing the Cubs. I just think that he is going to have to fail miserably for another month for them to send Samarjdjia down.

Sounds about right. He does not seem to have much movement on his fastball and he does not command any pitch well at all.

Iowa Cubs won today, Thomas Diamond threw 5ip, 2 hits, 2 runs...and they won 7-5 against one time Cub "untouchable" Rich Hill who had this pitching line: 5 ip, 10 hits, 7 R/ER, 2 BB, 4K and 2 HR (Dubois and Castillo) at least Hill's case of yips seems to be cured.

He's only hitting .242, but Hoffpauir always knocks in the runs. He has 9 RBI in 8 games. No one else on the I-Cubs has half that many. LaHair is hitting over .400 but with one XBH and one RBI. Who else in the Cub minors has 9 RBI? If you said Castro (in seven games), you got it.

Anybody know where to watch baseball in London? I'm stuck here because of volcanic ash, have yet to watch any baseball this season.

I'm stuck here because of volcanic ash, have yet to watch any baseball this season. That excuse may work with your boss and your wife, but we here at TCR expect more from you, Newport.

There used to be a Tex-Mex place - it was named after some Texas City or the Alamo or something that had some games. There was also a club in the Trafalgar square area where I watched NCAA tournament games. This was like 6 or 7 years ago, though, so not sure if that's useful at all. Try google and "American Sports Bar London" - think that's how I found those places.

I believe Real Neal refers to the Texas Embassy Cantina around Trafalgar Square: When Texas was its own country, the Republic of Texas from 1836-1845, they set up an embassy in London. This Tex-Mex restaurant is not in the same exact building, but that's where its theme comes from. I was by there a couple of years ago but never went inside; I would guess though there is a good chance they'd have games.

Yep that's it, thanks. The other place was better, but drawing a complete blank on the name. It was more of a night club. The food at the 'Embassy' was passable compared to typical English fare, but definitely not as good as your typical American Tex-Mex.

Not sure if you're still in London, Newport, but I lived there for a semester in college in 2004, and there was a big sports bar in Piccadilly Circus called the Sports Cafe. They always had the North American Sports Network on, and it usually showed MLB games during the season. On a random note, it was the only place in London I ever saw with Miller Lite on tap.

On a random note, it was the only place in London I ever saw with Miller Lite on tap. Burn it down.

Anyone who drinks Miller Lite for any reason other than homesickness when good, European beers are available deserves to be smacked upside the head.

I saw both of those places today, staying close to there for today. The sports cafe looks like a complete douche fest. I laughed at the Texas embassy that is actually attached to the canadian embassy I think. Didn't really think of baseball when I saw it. Most places in the uk don't serve "good beer". It's usually a half dozen light beers, Guinness, and a cider. Belgium, Germany, and the netherlands is a different story. Either way, I would never order a miller light here. That and the food here is shit. Going to the bloody grocery store tomorrow if our flight is canceled again. Dumb fucking volcano.

Don't underestimate English beer. I think you just have to know where to find it. I had a native take me to a hole in the wall down some side street. Just a door with a small sign. You walk in and go down 3 flights of stairs and find a basement covered in saw dust where they've been brewing their own beer for like 300 years. Best beer I've ever had and I have sampled Wisconsin's microbrews extensively. I would have no idea how to get there again though, but I suggest you ask around. But yeah, English food sucks. BUT, if you are into Ethnic food London is great. Indian food, Thai food, etc. Also, one of the blocks off Trafalgar square (between Whitehall and Northumberland) has a bunch of Italian places. So you can at least get some decent pizza.

With all due respect, why the fuck would you in the U.K. try to go to a sports bar to watch baseball? You may wish to consider a cell phone (ahem...iphone) that works on the MLB network if you are jonensing that bad? It might just be me, but when in Europe - or traveling anywhere - I try to soak up the local vibe: Cricket, Rugby, and "Football". But that's just me...

At least they fucking have beer in England. I've been living in Italy for two years and I'm just about sick of drinking what passes for beer here. Peroni, Nasty Blue, Baffo d'Oro ... it's all shit. Even in Rome's assortment of Irish pubs, it's hard to get something other than sour Guinness and flat Harp.

After about 4 months there, it was definitely more of a homesickness thing. I'm a big fan of English ales, but after awhile it was nice to have a beer or two from home.

Better put Fuku and Colvin in the lineup today... 1. Ryan Theriot, SS 2. Kosuke Fukudome, RF 3. Derrek Lee, 1B 4. Aramis Ramirez, 3B 5. Marlon Byrd, CF 6. Alfonso Soriano, LF 7. Mike Fontenot, 2B 8. Koyie Hill, C 9. Carlos Silva, P assume Colvin gets a start tomorrow vs oswalt then with the lefty going Sunday

Forcasting the wind to be howling left to right.

No Santo today, going to hospitals for tests.

Too bad they have to play Houston when the Astros are just starting to get hot.

I might agree, except we'd probably be saying, "Too bad Houston is winless coming into Wrigley. That can't last..."

Carlos Silva... the law of averages... this can't end well.

Especially at home, probably a stack of twinkies layed out in the clubhouse.

Silva k's the side. Carlos Silva thinks the law of averages is for pussies.

Fuku gets no errors after all that. Strange.

on Monday... Today's start for Silva and Gorz's tomorrow should be the audition for who stays I'm guessing. Lilly could pitch against the Brewers next weekend.

If Soriano can lose his job to Colvin, I don't see why one of those two can't take Z's job.

There's a big difference between Soriano and Z, Neal. Z can hit.

...and field. Come to think of it, does Soriano still have a good arm? Maybe he could learn to pitch. Problem solved.

...and field. about as well as Soriano lately...

Submitted by Rob G. on Fri, 04/16/2010 - 11:48am. on Monday... Today's start for Silva and Gorz's tomorrow should be the audition for who stays I'm guessing. Lilly could pitch against the Brewers next weekend. ================================ ROB G: Or Randy Wells could be moved to the bullpen for a while and pitch the 8th inning. He was used as a "swing-man" for most of his career in the minors.

Z was a reliever for most of 2001 and the first half of 2002 as well, but that's not gonna happen either.

Yeah, there's no way Wells gets moved to the bullpen after his 2009 season without completely sucking for a long stretch. If Silva or Gorz don't go to the bullpen, it'll be because one of the other 4 goes to or stays on the DL. Right or wrong.

There was a lot of talk about Z being a reliever (closer) as he approached the majors. I believe he'd be the highest paid reliever in the game. Right now, though, it wouldn't really bother me until Silva shows his true colors - assuming Z could would not walk the world in shorter stints.

Note for later: Continue avoiding New Jersey and its citizens

Dang... Fontenot. Nice work on the field! ... and with the bat. If he's going to play like this this year I'll gladly say I was wrong about Fontenot and eat my words. He's been playing hard today.

i still don't understand why people even hated the guy. people get excited as hell about some dude who comes in and shows artificial numbers over 100-150ab's but if a dude has a bad full season he's written off. the guy's swing is compact and level...the dude's D is pretty good even if he's no roberto alomar.

Fontenot and Baker ought to be a damn productive (for the $$) platoon. Fontenot has been just fine against righties (.783 OPS) and an adequate fielder. Baker has mashed lefties (.914 OPS) enough to make up for his subpar fielding.

OPS is a losing battle when it comes to fontenot...he's more of a singles hitter with pop. if he gets his slugging out of the 450s he's having a heck of a season.

Because he's not built like a ball player and he strikes out a lot. Still, there have been other servicable short ball players, so there are exceptions to the rule.

I like Fukudome, but he needs a day off.

Anyone else feeling a bit off kilter in witnessing the last two days with our supposed #1 starter, and our supposed #5 starter?

Which Carlos should get the axe when Lilly returns? You have 3 to choose from.

apparent ace.

who's this silva guy who's on the cubs? and why is his crap "working" this season so far? =p

0.71 ERA So does that mean that we sold high?

it's been a hell of a 13 innings so far in his cubs career.

Prediction: Silva does not finish the year with a 0.71 ERA

quit hatin' omfg haters!

haha, well he IS on track to be very servicable this year. And not to take away from his good outing today, but that play where they doubled him off at first base was terrible. I know he's carrying some weight, but get down to first base, it's only 60 feet.

he was busy pointing at the catcher trying to call interference rather than running hard. chuck knoblauch approves. i'm not a silva fan, nice for him to make me like him.

it would have made for great TV had he run to the pitcher's mound, which is 60' 6" away.

who had April 16th in the pool for his first one?

Soriano not being cut...don't be shocked. Cubs GM Jim Hendry dismissed a report that said his team has considered releasing Alfonso Soriano and eating the nearly $90 million he's still owed. Asked the question by Jim Memolo on Sirius XM, Hendry replied: "Never been a thought to it, Jimmy. Never been a thought to it. No. Those things are speculated by probably people in your profession, not ours." Of course, it's a ridiculous thought that the Cubs would release Soriano now. Source: Chicago Tribune via Rototoworld

jim memolo is a f'n moron.

He has at least thought about it.


go go gadget bullpen

Still nervous about the 8th inning.

Silva has already made the Bradley trade a win, even if he doesn't pitch another inning. I haven't seen him today and it IS the Astros but I'm assuming he's keeping his sinker down and they're beating the ball into the ground?

Yahoo has the Cubs with five runs scored and seven RBIs. Neat trick.

Hi Ho Silva!

you have a shit bullpen that you don't trust past Marmol. You're up by 5 in the 9th, so you bring in Marmol? But then won't use him for more than an inning in a close game on most occasions? Brilliant. (not much of a riddle)

Lou did this before by the way, in 2008 Cubs were beating Brewers by 12 and he brought in Marmol after pitching a bunch of games. But what do I know?

Marmol is dealing early this year, though. It'd be nice if we could find 2 or 3 really dependable guys beyond him.

Marmol is dealing early this year, though. yes, don't burn him out in a blowout then and have him available for more than an inning in a close game. It'd be nice if we could find 2 or 3 really dependable guys beyond him. best to way to find those guys, let them get some work in a 5-run game.

True. It is odd that we saw both Grabes and Marmol in this game. At least Marshall wasn't used.

Relievers have fragile egos guys. Lou likes giving guys opportunities to puff their chests even in blowouts - giving them opportunities to gain confidence (or more confidence). Marmol threw 12-15 pitches, maybe? This from a guy quoted today that,.."He'd be happy to pitch 2 innings if Lou needed him to [when asked about the 8th inning hole]" Would get your nuts tied in a knot over this.

we need to DL zombie when TL returns so we can have 5 best SP's in rotation; sprained brain?

Irritable bowel of the arm.

Brilliant, but for one inexplicable omission: Hunter Pence. C'mon now.

okay, it's not just the weather... "Hardly a crowd - Camden Yards, other parks empty"

hmmm, no one showing up to Blue Jays, O's, Marlins or Indians games coupled with record unemployment. it's gonna be tough to crack that code.

OK - for the 99% of us who thought that Silva would not have even made the team out of ST, yet alone have two very nice starts in the first ten games of the season, I think we should wait a little longer before throwing in the Silent Towel. He has done a nice job so far. May it continue. If our bullpen was as strong as our starting pitching, we'd be giving the FuckBirds a run for their money this year.

The greatest steal in baseball trading history. Milton for my hero far.

MB has some huge hits so far for Seattle. I'm as glad as the next guy that he's gone, and his average doesn't show it, but he deserves credit for coming up with some huge hits for the M's up to this point.

Jesu - 8 RBI's. It would be funny if he has a 100 RBI year, just to spite us. Now that he's up to .147 his job seems secure, no need to worry about Eric Byrnes (.091) and M Sweeny (.100) taking his at bats.

He's also leading the Mariners in "middle fingers flown to opposing fans".