Gooz Gets Outrighted to Iowa

The Cubs reinstated RHP Angel Guzman from the 60-day Diabled List today, and then outrighted the 28-year old righthander to Iowa. Guzman missed the 2010 season after undergoing shoulder surgery at the end of Spring Training, and spent most of the past seven months rehabbing at Fitch Park.

Guzman was signed by the Cubs as a 17-year old Non-Drafted Free-Agent (NDFA) out of Venezuela in November 1999 after a contract he had signed earlier that year with the Kansas City Royals was voided due to a pre-existing medical condition. He was long considered one of the Cubs best pitching prospects, and was rated by Baseball America as the Cubs #2 overall prospect in 2003 and then their #1 overall prospect in 2004. He finally established himself as a solid member of the Cubs bullpen in 2009, going 3-3 with a 2.95 ERA and 1.05 WHIP, with 41 hits allowed and 23/47 BB/K in 61 IP (55 games). However, Guzman's career in the Cubs organization was marked by frequent stints on the disabled list as the result of shoulder and elbow injuries, including surgery for a torn labrum in 2003, an elbow ligament transplant (Tommy John Surgery) in 2007, and then another shoulder surgery in 2010.

Because Guzman has three-plus years of MLB Service Time, he has the right to be a free-agent under Article XX of the CBA if he is outrighted to the minors. Guzman has up to seven days to decide whether to exercise this right, but since he is unsigned for 2011 (he was arbitration-eligible), he will almost certainly exercise this right immediately. The Cubs could then try and re-sign Guzman to a minor league contract for 2011 at a low base salary with a pre-arranged MLB split salary in case he is added back to the Cubs 40-man roster at any point during the 2011 season. Or Guzman could choose to look elsewhere.

Last year the Cubs non-tendered LHP Neal Cotts on 12/12 as the lefty was still rehabbing from July 2009 Tommy John Surgery, and then offered him a minor league deal at a low base salary that would have allowed him to continue his medical rehab uninterrupted at Fitch Park in 2010, but Cotts opted to sign a minor league deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates instead (Cotts spent the entire 2010 season at the Bucs Minor League HQ in Bradenton, FL).

The Cubs choosing to ourtright Guzman now instead of waiting to non-tender him on 12/2 means they probably feel they need his roster spot ASAP, either for an MLB free-agent they plan to sign later this month, or for a minor league player they want to add to their 40-man roster by the November 20th roster filing deadline. The Cubs already had two roster slots on their 40-man roster available (I'm not counting John Grabow being on the 60-day DL, because he will be reinstated soon), so now they have three. 

The Cubs would have been a bit hamstrung by having a rehabbing Guzman on the 40-man roster going into the 2011 season, because he is eligible for salary arbitration and he has no minor league options left. So it was just a case of whether he would be non-tendered, released, or outrighted.

The Cubs also saved about $800K in 2011 payroll by dropping Guzman from the 40-man roster prior to tendering him a 2011 contract (by offering him salary arbitration), since players eligible for salary arbitration usually don't get pay cuts while recovering from an injury. (Guzman made $825K in 2010). 


Today was Cubs Day at HoHoKam Park, as the Cubs owners, front office, manager & coaches, scouting department, and player develpment staff took a break from Organizational Meetings to enjoy a catered lunch on the picnic patio above the 3rd base stands. This is just about the only time during the year when all of the Cub area scouts get together in one place. As is the case every year on Cubs Day at HoHoKam Park, all of the available Cubs players assigned to the Mesa Solar Sox got into the game, with Ryan Flaherty getting the start at 2B, Jake Muyco the start on the mound, and Chris Carpenter, Kyle Smit, and David Cales working out of the pen. Neither Brett Jackson nor Josh Vitters were in uniform, however. Jackson has been in the hospital with a staph infection on his leg and then he will be sent home when he is released, but I don't know why Vitters was absent. But he was definitely not in uniform. Vitters is scheduled to play in the AFL Rising Stars game in Surprise on Saturday and maybe he was excused for that reason, but Cartpenter is also on the Rising Stars roster, and he got into today's game.

a.guzman gets a minor league deal from the cubs (via espn)

According to Levine's blog, Guzman's shoulder surgery this year involved the insertion of several screws into the shoulder to repair a torn ligament. For some reason, that doesn't sound real promising for a major league reliever who needs to bounce back quickly after each appearance.

sounds like a normal offseason for guzman, imo.

via rotowurld "Giants GM Brian Sabean said Friday that Pablo Sandoval will begin the 2011 season in the minors if he doesn't "get his act together."" daaaamn...

Sounds like that World Series honeymoon period might just be over...

I offer one Angel Guzman to the Giants for one fat panda.

it'll be interesting to see where the cubs splash whatever limited loot they have...they have trade chips they will probably try to use to do things on the cheap. guzman/caridad/marshall/marmol pen strength? ...or add another arm that's less of a question than guzman/caridad? 1st...SP...either/both? *shrug*

Submitted by crunch on Fri, 11/05/2010 - 2:44pm. it'll be interesting to see where the cubs splash whatever limited loot they have...they have trade chips they will probably try to use to do things on the cheap. guzman/caridad/marshall/marmol pen strength? ...or add another arm that's less of a question than guzman/caridad? 1st...SP...either/both? *shrug* =================================== CRUNCH: I think Hendry will target an established FA RH set-up guy who can close on days Carlos Marmol is not available. It would probably require a $4M base salary, plus another $2-4M in performance bonuses based on Games Finished (GF) in case the guy ends up closing more than expected. Possible candidates among the post-2010 MLB free-agent class could be Joaquin Benoit, Octavio Dotel, Frank Francisco, Jason Frasor, J. J. Putz, Koji Uehara, Dan Wheeler, and Kerry Wood. The fact that some of them (Francisco, Frasor, and Wheeler) are Type "A" free-agents only matters if the player's 2010 club offers salary arbitration on 11/23 (not that Hendry cares about losing a draft pick, because the money not used to sign a 2nd round draft pick will just get redirected and be spent on a Korean HS player or an overslot bonus on an "unsignable" U. S. kid instead).

Guzman's career is a sad one. Saw him pitch in Tennessee in the spring of 2003 before he got hurt and he was flat out nasty. I went to the game with a guy who worked for the team and we sat in the scouting section. One scout said around after maybe the fourth inning and said, "I've seen enough of this kid this spring to tell you that Prior has the second best stuff in this organization."

I remember the same thing from Spring Training in 2004. The guy seems cursed. I blame Micheal Barrett.

Funny, I stubbed my toe this morning and blamed Michael Barrett. I just hate that sumbitch. Stupid Michael Barrett.

AZ Phil: In your estimation, what is the likelihood that Hendry kicks the tire on Prince Fielder or Adrian Gonzalez?

Submitted by John Beasley on Sat, 11/06/2010 - 9:38am. AZ Phil: In your estimation, what is the likelihood that Hendry kicks the tire on Prince Fielder or Adrian Gonzalez? =============================================== JOHN B: I don't think Adrian Gonzalez will be made available until the trade deadline (and that's only if the Padres are out of contention), and I can't see the Brewers trading Fielder within the division. But the Cubs do have a very deep farm system right now, and should be able to put together a decent package for just about anybody (especially a high-quality "rent-a-player") who is made available in the near future. Adrian Gonzalez (in particular) would be a perfect long-term fit for the Cubs at 1B, and they should be able to make him a substantial $$$ offer post-2011 once Aramis Ramirez and Kosuke Fukudome are off the books. Whether Gonzalez (if given a choice) would want to play for the Cubs, I don't know. But getting him in a trade before he becomes a FA (like at or near the 7/31 trade deadline) would give the Cubs a much better chance of signing him long-term. Just for that reason alone it might be worth signing a Nick Johnson (if he can pass his physical) or making a trade for somebody like Luke Scott (who can be moved to the OF if he isn't needed at 1B) now, and then upgrading 1B at the trade deadline if the opportunity presents itself. Signing Adam Dunn for even two years would preclude the Cubs from going after Adrian Gonzalez, even though they probably have the quantity, quality, and variety of prospects necessary to get him in a trade when and if he does become available.

He told the SunTimes yes back in September
“If (the Cubs) made me an offer, I would be interested in it.”

Cliff Lee a Yankee by Monday?

Nah, gotta give NY some time to forget they won 95 games, to think maybe Boston found some money between the couch cushions, and start thinking they "need" him. I'll go with Dec. 3. Gonna do a Free Agent Frenzy, Rob?

is lance berkman a cub yet?

Is he interested in managing AAA?


news from the "why does crunch care about this dude, anyway?" department... matt "i'm matt f'n bush" bush added to the rays 40-man roster. btw, he's a pitcher now for those not keeping track.

via rotowurld via ESPN GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!! "The Tigers and Jhonny Peralta are close to coming to terms on a two-year, $11.25 million contract, according to" really? damn...

Idiotic if true. Overpaying for mediocrity. I wonder if Illitch could've kept Yzerman in the organization by offering him Dombrowski's job.

Disagree. He hit well for Detroit (and my fantasy team) after they got him this year. And anymore, $11.25/2 isn't really overpaying.

Furthermore, on signing Peralta to a 2/11 deal, Jim Hendry was quoted as saying "That sounds good, but I just don't know about $10m for that second year..."

So what is up with this?: I have heard this week that Old Boy Jim's friendship circle has anointed Oneri Fleita as the AAA Iowa manager? Is he going to do both gigs? I really do not get it - other than Hendry really likes him, of course. They are close friends. He must have gone to LSU. Or, Notre Dame. Or, Creighton. OR - hired Hendry before. Or, they play golf. BTW - FA starts tonight at 12:00! It will be very interesting for teams other than the Cubs.

Pretty sure Fleita went to Creighton and played for Hendry while there.

Fleita managing AAA makes my head hurt. And yes, he and Hendry are sleeping together.

:( via rotowurld: "Escogido GM Moises Alou believes free agent Jamie Moyer's career is over after the left-hander reinjured his elbow in a Dominican Winter League game Saturday."

Moyer's wife must be a real bitch. What's he doing in the DWL?

trying to show bill "spaceman" lee how it's really done

Moyer's there rehabbing, if memory serves

I hate Moises Alou on many levels. Mostly for being clutch at the plate, but then throwing tantrums in LF and on the team plane...

Jeter and CLee file...

fwiw, players eligible for FA, are now automatically filed for FA right after the World Series.

has had a 3-year offer on the table by Nats for awhile, is said to be seeking a 4-year deal, no word on the money yet.

Please list all players discussed more on TCR in the last five years than Adam Dunn. My guess: Soriano and Zambrano.

Please list all players discussed more on TCR in the last five years than Adam Dunn. My guess: Soriano and Zambrano. --- for your inspection, a top 10 list?...Brian Roberts, Jake Peavy, Michael Barrett, Jake Fox, Mark Prior, Milton Bradley and Neifi Perez.

brian roberts a cub yet?

Ryan Theriot, Godenot, Reed Johnson, Bobby Scales.

Yep. Adam Dunn would not even crack the top ten around here Beezley.

Where is Thunder Matt on this list? How soon we forget.

He's too busy breaking records in Japan to show up on a TCR list...

j.high-man has a.dunn PREDICTED to go to the cubs... then again he predicts LAA will sign beltre/soriano/

Jon Heyman is the national version of the Trib's Wrongway Phil Rogers

featuring Wrigley Field tonight. Looks like Todd Ricketts did it.

I watched it. Todd came off as very likeable guy. I feel much better about the Ricketts on a personal level.

rick morrissey to cubs fans assuming not hiring ryne sandberg is the worst thing since deep water oil spills...about time someone said something.

Barry Rozner, apparently close confidant to Ryno, stated that he really never had a shot. The Cubs were placating the fans by allowing him to ride buses. To their surprise, and chagrin probably, all he did was win and develop the youngsters at Peoria and Tenn. Quade was Hendry's choice all along. He is another one of Hendry's Minions. That is a good title for a film, actually: "Hendry's Minions" Starring Brian Denehey as Jim Hendry.

i'm just a little tired of people holding a candle for sandberg as if he's a difference maker vs. quade. unless you wanna gauge merchandise sales or cub's convention sales i dunno why one is better than the other on any level...or why anyone would lay the hammer down that one was definitely better than the other...

I think that's the point you and GM shit-for-brains is missing. If the Cubs aren't going to win the World Series next year, why not give the fans the manager they want? Sandberg as a player did do a lot of things I haven't seen Cubs players do consistently since... Sandberg, Dawson and Grace were playing, though.

Shit-you-not, I have often visualized the oscar winning scene from that movie, with Denenhey/Hendry on the hospital bed, cell phone in hand negotiating with Ted Lilly

And the anonymous "Tribune Exec" with his the gun to Hendry's head forcing him to throw another year onto the deal.

found this recent saber blog article on Fukudome

not to mention he's our lead-off man...hehe he may be overpaid vs. production, but he's not junk.

I think Fukudome wears down and/or gets exposed playing everyday. 350-400 plate appearances might be a better use of him than full time.