Cashner First Rehab Start Stillborn at Salt River Fields

Stephen Cardullo ripped a two-run walk-off double to cap a three-run 9th, as the EXST Diamondbacks rallied to edge the EXST Cubs 3-2 in Cactus League Extended Spring Training action this morning on Whirlwind Field at Salt River Fields at the Talking Stick Resort, east of Scottsdale, AZ.

Andrew Cashner was scheduled to make his first Extended Spring Training rehab start in today’s game at Talking Stick, but was scratched after warming in the bullpen before the game. Whether this latest setback will significantly delay his return to the mound is not clear at this time, but it certainly is not good news for Cashner or for the Cubs.

With Cashner unavailable, RHP Matt Loosen got the emergency start (he was supposed to “piggyback” with Cashner) and had another fine outing, working three shutout innings, and allowing three hits (two by Diamondbacks IF-OF Wille Bloomquist, who is at Extended Spring Training rehabbing from a hamstring injury) and no walks, while striking out three. RHPs Yao-Lin Wang and Jin-Young Kim followed Loosen and were just as good, as the three Cubs pitchers combined to shut-out the D’backs on six hits and one walk (and 11 strikeouts) through the first eight innings. But RHP Dustin Fitzgerald could not convert the save in the bottom of the 9th, allowing a lead-off four pitch walk, a single, a SH-FC, a WP, and the game-winning two-run double, all without retiring a batter.

The Cubs offense did score two runs, but should have had more. The Cubs loaded ther bases with one out in the top of the 1st but could only score one run (on a ground out), Wes Darvill led-off the top of the 2nd inning with a triple but did not score, and Pin-Chieh Chen led-off the top of the 3rd with a single, and after stealing 2nd base, was thrown-out at the plate trying to score from 2nd on a wild pitch... with no outs. The entire Cubs Player Development staff (Minor League Field Coordinator Dave Bialas and all of the coordinators and instructors) is at Fitch Park this week, so hopefully they can address some of the mental mistakes the EXST Cubs have been making all too frequently lately, on the mound, on the bases, at the plate, and in the field. Cubbery must be nipped in the bud!  

Cubs 2010 2nd round draft pick Reggie Golden went hitless again today (with two strikeouts), and is now 0-20 (with eight strikeouts) since hitting a home run last Tuesday.  

With CF Kyung-Min Na having been moved up to Peoria (after a brief emergency two-game stop this past weekend at AA Tennessee), Pin-Chieh Chen got a chance to play CF today. While Chen struggles defensively in the infield (especially when he played SS for a while last year, but even after moving to 2B), he looks perfectly at home in CF. With his speed and athleticism, playing CF and hitting lead-off could be his future full-time gig. Unfortunately, he is blocked by several more highly-regarded Cub prospects at that position (Na, Szczur, Silva, Ha, and B. Jackson).

And speaking of Peoria, yesterday’s Midwest League transactions listed 1B Ryan Cuneo as being assigned to Peoria from Extended Spring Training (with OF Rubi Silva moving up to Daytona from Peoria, and OF Jae-Hoon Ha getting promoted to AA Tennessee from Daytona), but Cuneo was in the EXST Cubs lineup today (he went 1-4). Perhaps the news of Cuneo’s promotion has not yet reached Mesa.

While rehabbin’ Willie Bloomquist was having a great time, going 3-4 with three singles and a walk in his five plate appearances for the EXST Diamondbacks, Iowa Cubs SS Augie Ojeda continued his rehab with the EXST Cubs, playing 2B for six innings and going 1-3 with a single (ending an 14 PA hitless streak) and two strikeouts (both swinging). So far in four Extended Spring Training games (16 PA), Ojeda has exactly one hit. Ojeda was heard to remark (joking, I think), “This is a tough league!”… WelI, maybe it is when you are Augie Ojeda.

Here is today’s abridged box score (Cubs players only):

1. Pin-Chieh Chen, CF: 2-3 (BB, 1B, F-7, 3B, SB, 2 R)
2a. Augie Ojeda, 2B: 1-3 (K, 1B, K)
2b. Marco Hernandez, 2B: 0-0 (F-8 SF, RBI)
3. Ryan Cuneo, 1B: 1-4 (1B, L-4, K, F-8)
4. Wilson Contreras, 3B: 1-4 (E-6, F-7, 6-3, 1B)
5. Yaniel Cabezas, C: 0-3 (5-3, HBP, 6-3, F-9, RBI)
6. Reggie Golden, RF: 0-4 (P-2, K, K, 5-3)
7. Wes Darvill, SS: 1-4 (3B, K, 6-3, K)
8. Jesus Morelli, DH: 0-3 (6-3, 4-6 FC, BB, 1-3)
9a. Blair Springfield, LF: 0-3 (5-2 FC, K, F-9, CS)
9b. Gregori Gonzalez, LF: NO AB

1. Matt Loosen: 3.0 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 3 K, 1 GIDP, 40 pitches (32 strikes), 3/3 GO/FO
2. Yao-Lin Wang: 3.0 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 5 K, 45 pitches (33 strikes), 1/3 GO/FO
3. Jin-Young Kim: 2.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 3 K, 29 pitches (19 strikes), 1/2 GO/FO
4. Dustin Fitzgerald, 0.0 IP, 2 H, 3 R (3 ER), 1 BB, 0 K, 1 WP, 14 pitches (7 strikes)


Yaniel Cabezas: 0-1 CS


WEATHER: Sunny and breezy with temperatures in the 80’s



what great news... too soon to call yourself sellers?

Wow. The news about Cashner really wrecked my day.

Per Muskat, Cashner is going in for another MRI tomorrow. This just isn't good.

a.pujols started @3rd tonight. okay...

Tony LaRussa is smarter than you, and he'll never let you forget it.

I hope Pujols twists his ankle, makes LaRussa walk out to check on him, then pummels Tony for starting him at 3b.

Were it left up to Pujols he'd probably still be playing short... now that would be a nice fantasy league player.

top of first Fukudome K, Barney BB, Castro BB, Ramirez BB, Soriano K, Byrd K

a cubs home run? what? i remember those! go pena.


that was fun...much like going on a ferris wheel and falling to your death

"are you lost?"

Tomorrow Blake Dewitt in right batting 5th, Koyie Hill batting 4th. NEIFI POINT TO THE NTH DEGREE!!!!!!!!!

We do have Mike "Dusty" Quade managing.

Cubs just soiled their undies. Not Barney though Soriano wearing Clown Shoes KHill showing how not to block balls in the dirt ARam showing his stellar backhand what's not to like if you are in the fertilizer business?

I want to see Ha and Na on the big league squad. It would save Ricketts a fortune on letters and stitching on the jerseys.

Soriano inflating the rubber shoes as he rounds third... Lucy DeJesus you've got some 'splainin to do. Wake me up when this bozo's contract has expired. cue the Soriano music:

whatever the record is for outhitting your opponent and still losing, I'm sure the Cubs are on pace to crush it.

How about Darwin Barney? It certainly is early, but I would never have expected him to be starting much less hitting .340+. Not much to be excited about this year at the majors, some good prospects at the minors though some notable struggles (Simpson, for example) and a likelihood that Wilken will not maximize the value of a relatively high pick. But the Castro-Barney combination has certainly been a fun thing to be excited about.

it's just hard to get excited about barney. he hits singles and that's about it. he's not slow, but he doesn't have great baserunning speed. when guys like that slump they really stink. right now he's really good at hitting singles, though. he plays above average 2nd and SS, so it's great while it a starter or cheap bench for the next many years.

it's like being excited about Ryan Theriot. I hope we're all enjoying the good run while it lasts, but it's very doubtful it will.

I understand that conceptually, though Barney is better on defense than Theriot and seems just like a smarter baseball player. But thanks for throwing rain on one of the few perceived figuarative parades for this Cubs team. :)

The Cubs have sent Tyler Colvin to AAA, then Jim Hendry did his spin to cover his own ass and rip Colvin at the same time... "It wasn't that he wasn't given enough at-bats. He didn't earn enough at-bats. The other guys here outplayed him, too., He needs to go down and play for a few weeks and once he does we can go back to the plan we had for him. he completely understood and was looking forward to getting some at-bats." No roster move to fill his spot yet.

Colvin had 10 ab's in last two weeks, 22 ab's in last month. Koyie Hill doesn't hit and doesn't play defense but has a lifetime roster spot. Blake DeWitt has never played the OF but was going to start Sunday in lf. Quade has completely screwed over Colvin, who is supposed to be a building block of this team. We can't sit Fukudome to play Colvin, ever, because Fukudome is hitting .344. Yeah, .344 with a whopping 3 rbi. He also isn't scoring runs, he has 9 runs scored. That's the softest .344 in history. We're going nowhere, bench the kids!

Ummm.... KOYIE FUCKING HILL?!?!?!!! Moroncrisy: The Jim Hendry Story, coming to a bookstore near you.

jeebus... the problem with the offense right now? no power solution: make sure one of the better power hitters doesn't hit Cubbery at its finest but to be fair, how could Colvin possibly crack this group? Soriano: 263/293/541 Byrd: 312/342/390 Fukudome: 344/454/389 Reed: 395/455/632 /facepalm

It's ironic that we were just talking about death threats, and now Hendry and Quade seem to be bating the lunatic fringe into mailing them exploding packages... maybe they're both terminally ill but the huge life insurance policies they have don't come into play for their brand of sickness?

It's nice that these fucking idiots send Colvin down just in time for interleague play when he would actually be useful and probably get a few starts. If there weren't so many damn cameras around, I would go take a dump by the administrative office entrance at Wrigley. I can't wait to see Koyieieieieiie DH in the Boston series, while Soriano runs around like a toddler in LF at Fenway.

Hell, they should have made this move at least a week ago, so that he could have gotten 10 days worth of starts in Iowa and then been brought back up for interleague play. But Colvin really isn't good right now, and he hasn't adjusted worth a damn to the adjustments the rest of the league made on his swing. If they bring Camapana up to sit on the bench for three weeks, I'm going to be very annoyed. Bring up a non-prospect like LaHair or Snyder instead. If they bring Camapana up and actually play him, then they're probably showcasing him for a trade.

Search around youtube for something called "The Luck Dragon".

"we're in the production business." -Hendry You'll rule the day you said that dumb ass.

rue, I'm sure

I'm an idiot, thanks.

I love Colvin's swing, but you have to hit the damn ball. Colvin didn't hit a lick in spring training, either. At least Hendry noticed that and remembers. Nobody else has mentioned it. Actually, Colvin stopped hitting some time last August and hasn't returned to form since.

I used to laugh at the Pirates or the Mets for how poorly run their franchises were, all the while forgetting about the teams I grew up watching here. Now we're back to the crappy teams, and with GM/Owner/Manager who don't seem to have a grasp of how to run the team. The only difference is, at least under Wrigley, the teams always sucked because we were the cheapest franchise in the league. Now we have one of the highest payrolls and are still incompetent.
"That was embarrassing," he said. "That (stuff) has got to stop. And it's everybody that was in that room for that meeting. Myself, the players and the coaching staff. It's just not going to cut it right now."
calls out the pitching, defense, baserunning and ironically Ivan DeJesus decision-making. can't find video of Soriano's miscue

This loss is on Quade (and I'm somebody who has given him the benefit of the doubt so far.) Even I could see that Z tweaked something on a pitch to one of the first couple of batters in the 6th (I think it was Stubbs). Z was not himself the rest of the way, and Quade should have sent the trainer out there to look at him while warming up the bullpen.

Byrd's reaction to team meeting “First-year manager, full season starting from the beginning, things don’t go right and we’re not playing up to our capabilities,” Marlon Byrd said. “Enough is enough and you can only watch it for so long. We have to start doing better, starting with myself. The veterans have to step up and it needs to start with me.” looks like the honeymoon is over.

Any chance that Quade sends himself down for a tuneup?

The veterans have to step up and it needs to start with me. Sure, or any of the other following veterans whose performances are significantly more important than Byrds': Ramirez, Pena, Dempster, Zambrano. I suppose Soriano could do more, too, but if he ends the season with the rate stats he has now, I wouldn't complain much--be nice if some of those homeruns can with runners on base.

Scott Moore was taken out of the Iowa lineup to start the bottom of the 5th inning after his second AB. I wonder if he's the callup.

glad they're in the "production business" Moore OPS: .738 Montanez: 1.041

If they do call up Moore it would fit in with their illogical moves. They have 4 outfielders right now, and apparently DeWitt and Baker are the 5th LF/RF. I don't see what Moore offers them unless they think he can PH, which his past MLB experience unfortunately doesn't really show that. (Neither does Montanez, I think, but at least he can play the OF). If they want a lefty bat, Brad Snyder makes more sense than Moore, and he's hitting .336 or something at AAA.

Uggh, Moore's career avg. as a PH with Baltimore/Cubs is .100, Montanez is .063. I hope they call up Brad Snyder.

Snyder was 2-6 with a double and 3 Ks as a pinch hitter when called up last year. Of course, he also hit .143 (3 for 21) with 9K as a starter.

Montanez makes even more sense for a vet replacement than Snyder. Production-wise, Tony Campana (Juan Pierre wanna-be) would fit well with the singles hitting Cubs and he is hitting .342, so he would be more deserving as well. I hate the fact that the Cubs use AAA mostly for retreads -- be nice if we actually were putting talent at that level that we were developing for the future.

If it is Scott Moore, I sure can see why -- .272/.333/.398, 24k in 103 AB, made his 8th error of the season in the game. For a guy who is already 27 years old, he should have been removed from the game to be released, rather than called up. If you want an older player rather than a prospect, why not Brad Snyder, who at least is giving .336/.379/.598 with his significant strikeout total. I am sure Scott Moore's relatively more extensive major league experience is a factor, but I can't imagine that anyone thinks either will be overly productive at the major league level and Snyder's numbers at Iowa at least provide some basis that the promotion is reward for production. Meanwhile, in that Iowa Cubs game tonight, Steve Clevenger continues his strong performance after being called up...2-4 with a triple and HR. He's now 6-17 at Iowa after being called up to allow Castillo to learn from Koyie Hill for 15 days.

they should call Clevenger up to sit on the bench and keep Castillo company

Quade called a team meeting after Monday night's loss to the Reds. He said the team's play was unacceptable.

my link not good enough for you? that's cool /kicks dirt, walks away appropriate sarcasm bolding as needed

Interesting, I refreshed the page and it didn't show any new posts, then I posted the link. Maybe I'm just blind.

i heard that quade called a team meeting...

Quote from Dusty in that article: "Things happen in about 30 seconds in baseball," Baker said. "Usually, if you go to the bathroom and come back, you have seven runs like we did tonight." What? Those quick seven run outbursts are something that "usually" happens?

Cubs call up midget Tony Campana... 5'8", wears his hat crooked, has pimples, and absolutely no major league future. Not that that's much different than the rest of the guys at Iowa. 0 career hr's in about 1100 minor league AB's.

when I look at this team, I think the one thing they're missing is a singles hitter who doesn't walk much. what...Joey Gathright wasn't available? wish him the best, hope he tells good stories to keep Welington amused on the bench.

At least Campana was hitting at Iowa. Though probably lots of bunts and infield singles. Campana could have a major league future as a Juan Pierre type, depending on whether he does become a singles hitter at major league level. But I agree that he is exactly what this team doesn't need is another powerless singles hitter.

if is accurate Pierre struck out a little over 5% of the time in the minors Campana is at 15.5% so no... you need to put the ball in play consistently if you're only redeeming value is speed and then pray for luck

I think I'm going to take the rest of the season off and just censure baseball news from my life. They call up a pinch runner with interleague games coming up and the DH needed. This is just...fascinating. It's like watching a train wreck that never ends. Ohh, the horror, the horror.

Reed Mantle Johnson will dh.

This team is run so badly they should seriously consider posting all decisions on the team's facebook page and see how many likes they get vs. negative comments. That'll probably produce a better team right now.

I'd agree with the facebook method of managing, but I hate facebook, too.

Same on two butthole computers. I log in. Read new comments, then go back to the homepage. When this happens the 'latest' thread is now Doug Davis's Goose Getting Cooked (or whatever). I click My Account. It says 'access denied'. Click My Account again and 'log out'. Then My Account again and 'log in'. Repeat. What the balls is going on?!


Phil Thanks for this and all your reports. It's a pleasure to have these reports when the parent club licks balls. I was struck by this comment: Unfortunately, he is blocked by several more highly-regarded Cub prospects at that position (Na, Szczur, Silva, Ha, and B. Jackson). How many up the middle prospects do we have to amass before we go after a few mashers? Maybe equally important is how many guys end up getting bigger and move to the corners? It looks like Lemahieu has a chance to do it, but he's not really hitting for a lot of power right now. Maybe Flaherty, too, but more than anything he seems to be moving off of SS. Getting back to CF, I guess we'll all just be happy if Jackson comes up and hits well enough to man CF. We won't be worrying about how to fit Na into the lineup. I just hope they don't play three CFs across the outfield because they don't have corner bats. I guess if they did that with homegrown players I'd be happier than watching these overpaid, underproductive jerks they have now.

"But I agree that he is exactly what this team doesn't need ..." The Cubs have one SB this season not by Castro and Barney, and only six by those two. They have one stolen base by an outfielder (Byrd). Are you sure a center fielder who stole 112 bases the past two seasons isn't something the team could use? If running isn't an issue, why didn't Soriano score on a single to the outfield? Besides, Campana is the one real positional prospect at Iowa. That's what we want to see the Cubs doing, promoting prospects, right? Did we really need to see the latest incarnations of Montanez and Moore?

"Are you sure a center fielder who stole 112 bases the past two seasons isn't something the team could use?" If he could get on base at a reasonable clip, he would be useful, but there's going to be two reasons that he won't get on base. The first is that he's not particuarly good at it, and the second is that he'll be on the bench.


"He's not particularly good at [getting on base]." Campana is a pretty good hitter who has gotten better at every level--unlike the Vitterses and the Flahertys who bump their heads when they're promoted. Campana's OBP was .378 last year and .383 this year. "He'll be on the bench." He can play center or left. I don't think he has the arm for right. Whenever he's on a team, some other centerfielder (Brett Jackson or Fernando Perez) plays right. On my team, he would start ahead of Soriano or Byrd, or he would alternate between left and center. He could see quite a bit of playing time, batting either first or eighth. Quade likes to talk about speed (and the team's lack of it), so now is his chance to do something about it.

With the Cubs dead last in stolen bases, I think the main reason the Cubs selected Tony Campana instead of (for example) Brad Snyder (who has hit 486/514/1.000 over his last ten games with two PH HR) is because Campana will steal bases. I don't know how Quade will fit Campana into the lineup (maybe he'll be used mostly as a PR), but I believe his hyper-aggressiveness on the bases and a compulsion to run at every opportunity is why he was chosen over Snyder.

Thanks always PHIL for your reports and info. I can understand their thinking to a point, however, since the club (without looking this up) is probably near the bottom of the NL in hitting with RISP, what good does "one speed guy" make if the other players can't pick him up? This organization is so out of whack to me, with Jim Hendry the whackiest.

Campana might be aggressive and a good base-stealer, but let's be realistic, he's not going to play, and even when he does get on base, Quade likely won't give him the green light. To give Campana a green light would require a manager who is awake during games.

Campana is a pretty good hitter who has gotten better at every level--unlike the Vitterses and the Flahertys who bump their heads when they're promoted. Campana's OBP was .378 last year and .383 this year. Campana had a BABIP of .382 last year and it's .423 this year. Here's a list of major league hitters who maintian that level of BABIP: (null) Ichiro, who was extremely fast, and now is just very fast, sprays the ball around and hits line drives (20% compared to 15% for Campana) the three keys to haveing a high BABIP has a career BABIP of .356. Not only are major league pitchers better, but the fielders are a lot better, which means if you're in the majors by virtue of a high BABIP, you're in trouble. When you're striking out 85 times and not hitting any home runs, you're not a "pretty good hitter". Remember Ced Landrum? He was a better hitter than Campana. the 5th OF, speed off the bench guy, he won't play enough to matter anyway..... how big of a sample size would it take to think that maybe he could be considered for some playing time? I mean, expecting something like .290/.330/.350 in part time duty? I'm not saying this will happen, I'm asking.

He could do that this year, but it would be as you hinted at, sample size luck. I'd think you take about 60 points off his BA, 80 off his OBP and 90 off his slugging. I don't have anything against the guy and I hope he does great, but based on what he's shown so far he's not a .300 hitter in the bigs, more like a .300 OBP guy. Are those extra bases he gets worth the extra outs he gives up at the plate and with caught stealing? Who knows, but he's not going to be as good as Soriano, Fukudome or even Byrd. Rob G. will be along at some point with the obligatory "every organzation has a dozen of these guys" post, I am sure.

Ichiro has struck out 70 times a year, on average, in the majors. Byrd is a singles hitter who struck out 98 times last season. (He's the guy I want Campana to replace.) How do you know that Campana doesn't spray the ball around and hit line drives? You don't know anything about him except his BABIP, which isn't much. Most of the time you're just blowing smoke with your stats. That's about what they're good for. Take away a guy's strikeouts, and yeah, his BABIP goes up. Campana is hitting .342, so if you take away his strikeouts it goes to .423. Sure, that's high, and hard to maintain--but so is a .342 BA. How about giving me a null list of major-league hitters who maintain that level of BA? If all you're saying is that Campana won't maintain a .342 BA in the majors, or over the course of a season in AAA, thanks, but I didn't need a sabre-metrician to tell me that.

So can he play defense? Can he work a count? Can he mash the ball? Three questions far more important than his batting average.

Okay, no, and no are the answers to those questions.

Maybe you should do a google search for "BABIP definition" before you start pointing out flaws in my logic. FYR, if you take away a guy's strikeouts, it doesn't change his BABIP at all. Let's just go way out on a limb and assume that Tony Campana won't be joining Ichiro in the Hall of Fame. Say he is able to maintain a .330 BABIP, still a very good number (better than the .314 of Juan Pierre, for example). If you adjust his stats this year to a BABIP of .330, his hitting line in Iowa is .267/.304/.367 (assuming he only loses singles on the slugging, which, of course is a generous assumption). Marlon Byrd, as terrible as he has been has managed to go for .316 .345 .392 in the majors, ie a lot better than Campana.

"FYR, if you take away a guy's strikeouts, it doesn't change his BABIP at all." I phrased it poorly. If you take away a guy's strikeouts, you get his BABIP. Campana doesn't hit home runs. The point is that all you are really saying is that his BA can't be maintained. Why not just say that? I agree that Campana is not a .340 hitter in the minors, and certainly not in the majors. "Tony Campana won't be joining Ichiro in the Hall of Fame." Really, Neal--as if I'm the one who had the idea of comparing Campana to Ichiro. Byrd: 73 home runs in 9 seasons (leaving out a handful of at-bats in 2002). What kind of hitter is he? I know you don't like him at #3. Where do you like him? What role does he perform in the lineup? Is there a name for that role? Is he a run producer? Is he an on-base guy? Campana is a leadoff hitter. A list of starting players in the NL who have a similar skillset to Campana's would include Torres, Bourne, Theriot, Fowler and Pagan.

Sorry, I am trying to empathize here, but no. Campana is a leadoff hitter. A list of starting players in the NL who have a similar skillset to Campana's would include Torres, Bourne, Theriot, Fowler and Pagan. I just showed you what a luck neutralized line for Campana at AAA is - it's .267/.304/.367 (.671 OPS) That's what he's is going to do in the major leagues, if he doesn't K more than he does in AAA and maintains a BABIP that probably 2% of major league hitters can manage. Those guys you listed have OPS's of .762, .680, .703, .749 and .757. Only Bourn is close to what Campana has done in AAA, and he's faster as well as a legitimate gold glove center fielder not to mention he has yet to register a 100 run season, despite the advantage of speed and lineup position. I think Byrd is a 4th outfielder, but that is two slots above what Tony Campana legitimately should aspire to. Byrd had 82 doubles across two full seasons (to go with 32 HR's). It would take Campana about 4 years to match that doubles total, and if he played in the big leagues until he was 40 he's unlikely to match those home runs.

"Those guys you listed have OPS's of, etc." OPS is hitting, walking and slugging. Not everybody is a slugger, and it's especially hard for base stealers to get a walk, since pitchers aren't stupid. I agree that Byrd is a fourth outfielder, but not that Bourne, Fowler, Pagan and Campana are sixth outfielders.

Remember Ced Landrum? He was a better hitter than Campana. -------------- That's gold, Jerry! Gold!

ced is also an indie league hitting coach now.

if tony campana & the i-cub batboy appeared in street clothes in a police lineup the eyewitness would be uncertain as to which of the boys put the sack of flaming dogshit on her porch, rang the bell & ran; he makes sam fuld look like methusaleh & better pack his id...can dejesus break ww's record for executions @ the plate? do they track #'s of runners thrown out @ home? cubs gotta lead the league in that - every time they try to break out of the 4 singles = 1 run formula & advance somebody 2 bases in one gulp they get reminded of why, for them, 4 singles = 1 run...

I don't have a big problem with getting thrown out at home... unless there are no outs.

and you're down 3...

That was foolish to risk a runner when you would have had the tying run come to the plate. He needs to get his head in the game.

lehigh valley iron pigs battle the scranton-wilkes barre yankees tonight w/ 1st place on the line...

Man, are you feeling desperate Wellman, or do you have a relative playing for one of the above teams?

ryno managing the iron pigs

As of today, the Cubs are only 3 games out of last in the Central, with the third worst WP in the NL. Ahhhh...winning baseball on the North Side. JOY, JOY!

Hendry isn't a stats man

I worried that injury issues could happen with a stretch from the pen to the rotation with Cashner. Is it too soon to shift him back and just let him be a reliever? Is this going to be a Samjay 2.0 where the organization has too much money invested to let a reliever just be a reliever?

They don't have that much invested. Relievers get hurt as well. Elbow above the shoulder? Check.

Isn't the "elbow above the shoulder" thing on the load up, ala Prior? I mean, for comparison, here's a picture of Maddux at about the same point in his delivery that Cashner is in that picture: In all the images I can find of Cashner, his wind up seems to have him loading his elbow straight back and even with his shoulder:

You're right. I remember checking Cashner during the off-season and thinking he didn't have it, but for some reason when I looked at that picture today my brain told me that was in the wind up, when it's clearly not. Edit* Or maybe my subconscience was telling me something I ignored. In this shot it's clearly a possibility. Cubs cap, but not necessarily from after his Solar Sox days.

...yesterday Q-Ball answered that question. He said as far as he's concerned, Cashner is still a starter.

I'm also of the (extremely non-expert) opinion that the Cubs' use of Cashner as a starter had something to do with his injury. If moving him to starter was such a brilliant idea, why didn't his college pitching coaches think of that?

Probably nothing here that hasn't already been pointed out, but here are my impressions from last night's game in Cincy: * Cold. * The game felt lost when Mateo entered, even though the Cubs had a lead. The guy needs to be taken back behind the barn and put down. It's only the humane thing to do. I mean Ricketts is so confused by why people aren't showing up... are you even watching the games, Tom? * The Cubs looked way way over-matched. The Reds lineup is good top to bottom. They have an infield that can play the ball very well and reliably (a novel concept, I know... but god could you imagine the hand wringing and whining if the Cubs got a guy like Renteria? wahh wahhh... he only hits .250 wahhh...). They have a bullpen that has effective relievers. Simply put- The better team won last night. * The number of empty seats at GAB is a damn shame considering the team Cincy put together. * I had the pleasure of sitting next to some other cub fans who were equally as annoyed and jaded as I am. * There was at least one very drunk Cincy fan yelling racist unpleasantries at Fuku last night. I guess it's not surprising for the midwest, but don't let anyone tell you that only Cub fans are obnoxious when drunk. * Did I mention it was cold?

Cinci is extremely conservative and has their own racism issues. Marge Shott was the owner there I am sure you remember, who would have been a perfect match with PK Wrigley.

Kentucky is right across the river.

You're alive!!!

assuming colvin regains stroke @ iowa...what are chances byrd can be moved @ deadline so fuku can play cf rest of year & open rf for colvin before b. jackson takes cf next year when we shed aram [quarter into season & he has half the homers colvin does; tied w/ the dreadful hill]& fuku, add the prince & still reduce payroll again? favorite team has become the type i most hate - slow, fat, weak & stupid...

Why not trade both? I bet you could get Sox to bite on Fuku, if they get into contention, as Pierre continues his downward spiral.

I don't think, unless the Cubs pick up the tab, that anyone will be biting on matter how bad Pierre is.

Fuku is tradable.

If Milton Bradley and Carlos Silva were, then anyone is... The real question is can he be traded for a prospect, with no cash thrown in. At this point, I would say that's a "no" on Fukudome, but that may change as the season wears on and his money owed dwindles.

I don't want him traded until Hendry is replaced.

rephrasing, the Cubs will have to pick up at the very least, part of his salary to trade him.

The Cubs will have to pay him regardless, if he stays. If it means a prospect or two coming back? I'd say pay the freight.

I'd believe this when I see it....and at his current rate, he'll be untradeable by June matter what flotsam the Cubs may settle for in return.

Yep, If the Cubs want to trade Fuku they better do it yesterday. If Q-Ball took the time to look, he'd notice that as good as Kosuke's April was this year, it actually was DOWN 100 points of OPS compared to his career averages. And so far this May he's down 100 points over May averages as well.

I would play Colvin in right and Fukudome in CF, but otherwise I like what you have here. What are the chances of a Brett Jackson September callup? I wonder if we'll see Ryan Flaherty in September, too. [Edit: I mean to say Colvin in CF and Fukudome in right. Whoops.]

Congrats, those guys might combine for ten hits a month.

"next year when we shed aram" I'm all for shedding Aram, and I'll still be for shedding him when his bat heats up in the summer. Will you? Care to take the pledge?

You were all for keeping Sam Fuld around and making him our starting center fielder too.

And making DuBois, LaHair, Hoffpauir and Bobby Scales starters in Chicago.

Uh-uh. I was never a Fuld fan, mostly because he was a leadoff hitter who never stole 25 bases. Campana stole 66 two years ago. I thought Fuld would have been useful at the start of this season, and that it was a funny time to trade him.

RIP Harmon Killebrew

That's too bad.

santo, feller, killebrew...we're all doomed

sooner than you think...May 21st, around 6 pm.

The guy also predicted the rapture in '94. Said it was based on incomplete research last time. This time he's positive. :)

"sooner than you think...May 21st, around 6 pm." Damn, and I was going to visit a strip club on the 22nd...

nice piece by Rosenthal on Lackey and Posada

RF Fukudome, 2B Barney, SS Castro, 3B Ramirez, 1B Pena, CF Byrd, LF Soriano, C Castillo, P Garza vs. Stubbs CF, Janish SS, Votto 1B, Phillips 2B, Bruce RF, Rolen 3B, Lewis LF, Hernandez C, Volquez P

When I was a kid and this happened we'd demand to rechoose teams.


Our #2, 7 and 8 hitters are probably better than theirs... I wonder if Quade thinks the catcher has to hit eighth to be close to the pitcher in the lineup or something. I don't think a lot of Castillo, but I sure hope he hits 2 HR's tonight and grabs the job from Hill at least until Geo returns.

Raaaiiiinnn! Please rain!

Maine up along with Campana via Witty