Carlos Pena Claimed On Waivers

Buster Olney . Depending on when that actually happened, the Cubs and the mystery team at the moment have about 48 hours to work out a deal. If nothing can be hammered out, the Cubs can pull Pena back off waivers or they can just let him go to the team and save the remaining salary left on his contract which includes the $5M deferred money he's owed on January 1st, 2012.

While and there's certainly plenty of value in the possibility of getting a supplemental round pick for him (although no sure thing), there's probably more value at the moment in saving the $5.5M or so he's owed, regardless of the prospects they may get back.

Possible Correction: It seems there's a bit of a confusion that if Pena is just given away, the Cubs could still be on the hook for the $5M in deferred money. Not sure why it works that way or how, but that's the current rumor by and .


Pena claimed, but #Cubs likely to pull him back. Need 1B for 2012, want to keep options open. Did not get good offers before 7/31.

Considering Hendry's claim that he didn't want to make too many deals before the deadline, hopefully the thinking has changed.

Update #2

#Cubs Pena has 5M deferred, payable 1/12. If trade occurred, Cubs would pay pro-rated portion - almost all. Again, deal unlikely.

This has gotten about 90% less exciting than it was an hour ago. My math tells me then that the claiming team would be on the hook for about $1.67M if the Cubs just let him go.

Update #3 from . I assume they're just happy to take on the money then.


LET HIM GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So is Brian LaHair going to get the call to sit on the bench while Koyie Hill plays 1b?

Koyie Hill saved us dude!

I'm not sure that Koyie Hill would be any good at 1b. He would make the infielders throw so much harder that not even the mighty Koyie Hill would be able to handle the throws!

But Koyie would win the gold glove simply for playing 1b with a catchers mitt.

-removed- :) Nevahmind.

"probably more value at the moment in saving the $5.5M or so he's owed" Put it towards the Big Z Go Away Fund.

Just save it for future payroll in general. MLB trade rumors is saying Cubs will still owe deferred money. Not sure how that works?

Need the final word from AZ PHIL. What say ye PHIL?

i asked in the comments. Doesn't make sense to me, but I could be wrong. If they let him go through waivers, my understanding is they take over responsibility of the contract.

That was always my understanding as well.

Submitted by Dr. aaron b on Wed, 08/24/2011 - 12:28pm. Just save it for future payroll in general. MLB trade rumors is saying Cubs will still owe deferred money. Not sure how that works? ======================================== DR AARON B: I'm pretty sure that a club that claims a player off waivers is not responsible for deferred money owed to that player. So the Cubs would only save about $1M if they do not withdraw the waivers. My guess is that the Cubs are not much concerned about saving money, and will want a player or players back if they trade Pena.

some more on Epstein to Cubs talk

I love this line:
It's equally hard to imagine the Cubs, hapless as they are, waiting another two months to make their moves.
Good thing it is clear that they have actually no clue about what they are talking about in terms of what the Cubs are thinking, considering that Ricketts has explicitly said that it is likely that they will wait until after the season ends.

nice read on Pujols vs. Fielder sketchy evidence points that Pujols is probably the better going forward, but both are quite risky

At least there was some method to the madness with the Pujols comps... Dave Paker, really? Give me the guy who is four years younger, having a better season, is left handed, and by the way will cost less.

think he qualified his Fielder comps best he could, just very few his size that were ever good. I'd certainly be happy with either one.

I loved watching "The Cobra" when I was a kid. I remember he used to swing a sledgehammer to warm up in the on deck circle.

Dave Parker was awesome. And he had a rocket for an arm, to borrow a line from George Costanza's father.

"but both are quite risky" Shocking news.

Both are risky, only if the Cubs new GM gives them too many years. Soriano wouldn't have been a horrible signing like it has if it was only for 5 years.

I'd be suprised if either took less then 7 year contract.

I agree. And since this team is not close to competing for 2-3 years, I would pass on both of them. I doubt either would want to come here anyways when they look at our organization.

post has been updated, it seems deferred money is prorated over the life of the contract.

also, I can't find this now, but I thought the deal was $3M was a signing bonus, $2M over the season and then the $5M deferred bonus. If that is the case, the other team would be on the hook for about $1.1M or so if the signing bonus doesn't count. I could be misremembering that.

It certainly makes it less of a black and white decision, because now you lose a potential 2nd (really third) round pick, save $1.1 and get to see LaHair give it a shot, or keep him and risk offering him arbitration, to try to get that pick. If he accepts and you still sign Fielder, then you're gonna have to cough up some money to trade him to another team.

Arbitration rulings are only partially guaranteed. If he is released by March 15 the Cubs would only be liable for 30 days of severance pay. San Diego pulled that on Todd Walker a couple of years ago.

But wasn't that only because the guy they gave his job to beat him out in ST?

They were just trying to get the pick if I remember correctly. I think they went out and got Marcus Giles to play 2nd base and told Todd he wouldn't start. Todd took them to arbitration anyway. I think they shopped him all winter. Then just released him when they couldn't find a trade partner.

I recall a few more instances beyond that one since. There's suppose to be some just cause for releasing them like that, but it's been pretty easy to navigate around where it's just a formality at this point. anyway, another good reason to offer it to him then.

it is risky, but Cubs should have some wiggle room next year and especially after 2012 that they could take the risk on Pena even if he accepts. It's not like he'd get much more than a $10M payday in arbitration. That being said, Pena doesn't strike me as a guy that would accept to sit on the bench if he knew the Cubs were pursuing someone else and he wasn't wanted or if the Cubs already signed a deal with the Fielder or Pujols. And if the Cubs don't sign Fielder or Pujols, Pena again is perfectly fine.

The deal was $2 mil paid in 2010, $3 mil 2011, $5 mil January 2012. By my rough calculations, Pena is owed $592,000 for the rest 2011....if it matters.

if the signing bonus doesn't apply, then it's about $1.33 the Cubs would save by just letting him go if those numbers are the case

My #'s are from (edit) Wittenmyers' Blog

I thought it was 3 mil in 2010 and 2 mil this year, but that's just from memory. That said, I have an incredible memory for anything not spoken by my wife.


- removed - This Pena thing has my head spinning.

I'm OK with Pena being our firstbaseman next year if we seriosly go after Fielder and Pujols and lose. If we do not go after those two and just sign Pena, I am not happy. I also would like to see LaHair given a chance the rest of this year, so let Pena go now. LaHair didn't do horrible in his short stint in Seattle and some guys develop later, i.e., Jim Hickman. Question, who will be the Cubs minor leauge pitcher of the year? Does anyone really deserve it?

"who will be the Cubs minor league pitcher of the year? Does anyone really deserve it?" Great question. If it's a reliever, Rhoderick or Beliveau, but they were just setup men at Tennessee for Dolis, the closer, who does not deserve the prize. If it's a 100-inning guy, then three lefties, Kirk, Jokisch or Rusin. (These numbers are a couple of days old.) Beliveau (24, day-tenn): 64.2 inn, 41 h, 18 bb, 82 k, 0.91 whip Rhoderick (22, day-tenn): 63 inn, 41 h, 36 bb, 69 k, 1.24 whip Kirk (21, peo): 134 inn, 115 h, 29 bb, 109 k, 1.07 whip Jokisch (21, peo-tenn): 122.2 inn, 114 h, 34 bb, 105 k, 1.21 whip Rusin (24, tenn-iowa): 112.1 inn, 117 h, 22 bb, 83 k, 1.24 whip I'm going to say Jokisch, for his age and the double promotion, assuming he finishes strong at Tenn. Second choice Rhoderick, for his age and the fact that he skipped Peoria. And I appreciate all mentions of Hickman, #28, my old hero!

nice list, Cubs will stick with traditional stats I'm guessing Jokisch(10-3, 3.08) or Struck (9-6, 3.45 ERA) in 2006, they gave it to 2 pitchers and no hitter, so I assume they could just decide on 2 Cubs Minor League Players of the Year and skip a pitcher

Yeah, I was looking for WHIPs below Struck's 1.43 (caused by 10.1 H/9) but I should have looked at his other positives. He's an easy sell with 9 wins, 2 promotions, 100+ strikeouts, age 21. Like you say, him or Jokisch.

I think Struck will be the POY

Submitted by VirginiaPhil on Wed, 08/24/2011 - 4:33pm. "who will be the Cubs minor league pitcher of the year? Does anyone really deserve it?" ===================================== VA PHIL: Rob Whitenack was well on his way to winning the Cubs Minor League Pitcher of the Year Award until he blew out his elbow, so now it probably will be Eric Jokisch, because Jokisch is the only 10-game winner, and he leads all Cubs minor leaguers in K. Nick Struck would be #2. The Cubs don't care about peripherals, so Austin Kirk won't win it because he has won only five games. And Bryan LaHair will almost certainly be named Cubs Minor League Player of the Year, because the award isn't the Best Prospect Award.

Could be worse. 347 people at Marlins-Reds game this afternoon

That's really bad. I don't really see how hiring Ozzie would put a ton of butts in the seats, they need a team that doesn't change the roster faster than Lady Gaga changes wardrobes.

and a roof, which they're getting

To be fair... it was a game that was rescheduled at the very last moment to avoid the hurricane. But still... pretty awful.

Maybe people were busy preparing their houses for a fucking hurricane.

Heyman, Tweets Yanks claim Pena

Interesting that he made it all the way to the Yankees. That means all NL teams (Arizona?!) passed on him.

Why would the Yankees want him?

improvement over Posada mostly, or at least a good 2nd option...power and patience they like and LH's usually do well there.

Wrongway trying to start something Interesting waiver situation ... #cubs mulling a claim on Gavin Floyd that could could start talks on a multi-player trade w/ #whitesox.

Beat me to it. Get Danks, not Stink Floyd.

unless the multi-player trade sheds a bunch of money off the Cubs book, I would assume a new GM wouldn't be too happy about them making any significant deals right now. Rosenthal's take on Pena to Yankees, says they have until noon CST to get deal done.

Submitted by Rob G. on Wed, 08/24/2011 - 3:58pm. Rosenthal's take on Pena to Yankees, says they have until noon CST to get deal done. =============================== ROB G: The window to make a trade for a player claimed off Trade Waivers is 48 hours, unless the 48-hour period overlaps a weekend (Saturday & Sunday are not considered MLB business days), in which case clubs would have 96 hours to make deal. A player who is placed on waivers remains on waivers for two business days minus one hour (Saturday & Sunday are considered business days only during Spring Training). The waiver list goes out on eBis at 2 PM (Eastern) every business day, and a waiver claim can be made anytime while a player is on waivers, which is anytime up until 1 PM (Eastern) on the second business day (which would be 47 hours if the player is placed on waivers on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, or 95 hours if the player is placed on waivers on Thursday or Friday). When a player is claimed off Trade Waivers, another 48 hours (or 96 hours) is tacked onto the process to allow clubs to work out a trade, with the whole process ending no later than 1 PM (Eastern) on the 4th business day after the player was placed on Trade Waivers.

@CarrieMuskat #Cubs Pena may have been claimed but he's not going anywhere.

Then what was the point of putting him on waivers? Really, Bush is no better than Hendry. I also think all this talk about how everyone is OK with Pena returning next year should have a qualification added. One, he's not worth $10 million per year or anywhere near it. $5 mil on a 1 year deal would be my max. Two, he's not a clutch hitter. Another reason not to shell out big money and definitely not a multi-year deal. And three, we're not going to contend next year unless the new GM pulls some rabbits and a herd of leprechauns out of his/her ass. There's no reason to spend big bucks on 1 year free agent deals when the team can't compete.

The Cubs should hire Kim Ng as GM just so I can hear my father struggle to pronounce her name for years. :) Quade is qwade, like suede. "Did you see what qwade did today?" Who? :)

Two, he's not a clutch hitter. Sigh... Career slash line: .239/.350/.486 OPS: .836 Career with RISP: .241/.390/.486 OPS: .876 Career, 2 outs, RISP: .208/.388/.435 OPS: .823 Career, late/close: .249/.376/.509 OPS: .885 I don't see "not a clutch hitter."

2011, RISP, .163/.349/.348 Sigh. And as for his career, are you arguing that a .002 improvement in avg and no improvement in slg makes him a clutch hitter?

You have a sample size issue in 2011. And as for his career, are you arguing that a .002 improvement in avg and no improvement in slg makes him a clutch hitter? No... I am arguing that he is not "not clutch."

I see four stats with averages below .250. He's not an anything hitter.

Someone really has to explain to the Cubs that folks like Pena are not actually under contract for next year. Just because you trade him doesn't mean you can't have a conversation with the guy and say, "we still want to sign you next year, but this will also help our team next year." It really isn't very difficult.

Miles says about the same as Muskat that Pena isn't likely to get moved since they're on the hook for most of it still anyway. If they manage a draft pick out of it, fine, otherwise that was kind of pointless. soon as hendry was gone both aram and dumpster made noise about leaving the organization. there should be plenty of money and plenty of holes to fill. fun times.

I predict the Cubs 1b next year will be Travis Ishikawa. Hell, someone call Julio Zuleta.

i think they'll splash on someone with stupid it 1st or SP. they're going to have a lot to spend...unfortunately 2-3 SP, 3rd, RF, and 1st to fill with that money...and supposedly looking a new taker for soriano in LF, though i don't see that happening until/unless they figure out the rest of the lineup.

I predict James Loney at 1B for next year. (after he's non-tendered by the Dodgers)

good trivia question on twitter, although poorly researched Konerko is the 6th active player with 2000 hits and 400 HR ( and ESPN says he has 393), so he will become the 6th active player soon enough might be better.... Name the other 5...

Chipper ARod Vlad Pujols I missed the last one, but looked it up.

Follow up question, who's the only guy with 600 HR's and not 2000 hits?

what am I missing? -edit- nevermind.

17 homers if you're mark mcgwire.

no one respects jim thome...he should have done drugs.

now irrational pissed off conservatives who think they're constantly under attack have taken up "the good fight no one else but them is fighting" at the ballpark...because they're too afraid of their own country to realize what a joke is...again. of course this is going down in texas, rangers fans...and yes, it's over "the wave." --- "The latest uproar began when new messages about the wave were posted on the ballpark's video board and caught on TV cameras and broadcast across the country. The messages were in jest, Morgan said, warning that doing the wave could throw out a rotator cuff or result in children being sold to the circus. But some fans and viewers were outraged, and even accused the Rangers of trying to trample wavers' constitutional right of free expression." it's very hard being middle class and white these days. ah, 1st world problems and the constitution being trampled every single day by everyone but the victims...omfg help.

Goddamn crackers.

muuuuuuuuuuh freedom!!! halp! brb, going to a private blog to complain about the government and how it's being worse than Hitler. "we need to learn history from the past or we're domed to repeat it!" - thomas jefferson

"You got a perty mouth" - Thomas Jefferson.

h.bell (SD) on twitter says he's not traded...fwiw. also, wtf is OAK doing with all those FA types and holding onto them? they only traded zeigler that i know of. i think the real market for all these players on teams who could be sellers might be extremely more depressed than fans give it credit for.

...and wandy pulled off waivers by HOU

Campana batting 7th, isn't that the worst place to hit a SB threat? he takes second, it's a guaranteed IBB to the 8th hitter.

quade marches out some weird lineups. people joked about dusty and lou, but there was a method behind their construction (especially dusty's even if people didn't want to believe was shockingly simple). quade usually learns a lesson about where guys should be, but it takes him a while to do it. ...and of course soto is 8th and t.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkolvin hitting 5th. before people get upset over "kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkolvin"...tyler groundsoutweaklyafteracrapswingovlin doesn't have a good ring to it.

Dusty-Ball Fastest guy Middle infielder HR guy HR guy, lower avg HR guy, lower avg HR guy, lower avg This guy is also in the lineup Catcher Pitcher

speed leads, contact 2nd, power (usually in some L/R combo), the rest... dusty let m.barrett/d.miller hit elsewhere besides 8th...mixed them up in the lineup over the years.

C-Pat Neifi Neifi Neifi Neifi Neifi Neifi Catcher Pitcher

it's only 2 innings, but wells has his changeup tonight...nasty.

...and soriano has his HR stroke...

from heyman hearing rick hahn and josh byrnes for cubs gm job. cashman/beane/epstein long shots to go, friedman not 2 likely either

i dont want j.byrnes because i don't want to hear from the complaining masses over the pencil pusher's reputation. i'm not a fan, myself...but i just don't wanna hear all the complaints.

2 HR's in 2 nights for Soriano, now's the time to trade him :)

campamanpanpanpnana is fast. yup.

lol...soto had to call time cuz castro was out of position with the pitcher ready to go. he was talking to aram and grooming a hole in the left side of the infield. no biggie...just a little "doh."

Feels like a McNutt 5 IP, 1 ER, 5 H, 2 K, 0 BB so far Rusin going for AAA, 2 scoreless so far


Jae Hoon Ha flashes the range tonight

starting to feel bad for colvin...he looked really dejected after his last out of the last inning. freeman was playing the line and colvin lined hard out for a double play (really hard hit, aram running from 1st). he not only has had a horrible MLB season, his assignment to AAA to work things out went like crap, too. that's a guy that's ready for a hot september to go home on...or 2012 spring to get here already.

former oriole...mike flanagan found dead. too young, 59.

gwaaah...damn. reportedly, he took his own life and he noted being "despondent over what he considered a false perception from a community he loved of his role in the team's prolonged failure." bleh. jim palmer was VERY emotional talking about him on MASN.

Brenly called him the funniest teammate he ever had.

Sounds like clinical depression to me. Meds can help in cases like this. Senseless...

I'm on meds and I still imagine jumping whenever I look out of a tall building. Meds aren't a cure-all.

Wasn't he part of that two headed GM situation Baltimore had for a while? That was strange.

chip caray singing the a good pop/welcome from the crowd. enthusiastic...wearing the fake harry glasses..."root root root for the bravos"...good ovation from the fans when finished..."we love you ron santo, we miss you"

r.wells continues his "decent" second half for an end-rotation starter. hope he continues...hope he finds a few more mph to his fastball, too...been sitting at 90-92 a lot recently rather than touching 93/94...oh well, as long as his changeup stays sharp.

LaHair! 35 & 36. I think I read that 37 will tie I-Cub record.

day-yam...and he's got about 2 weeks to do it...should get it done.

c.pena pulled off waivers

im starting to wonder if cj wilson is the cubs #1 offseason target at this point...rather than pujols/fielder. i understand the pros/cons of keeping/dealing pena, but there's a lot of noise about pena being in the 2012 plans.

Thank God!

dear old Ramirez is 1st in BA, SLG and OPS for all 3bmen that qualify, 3rd in OBP but what a terrible influence

dear old Ramirez is 1st in BA, SLG and OPS for all 3bmen that qualify, 3rd in OBP But a "B" free agent. Sigh... I get that the ratings factor in the last two years, but that system is broken.

Come on, man, he's no Placido Polanco.

Ok....and please feel free to remind me that I'm just bitching to bitch....BUT: Justin Sellers is playing a little SS for the Dodgers, only 12 games so far, and only putting up .267/.327/.422...0 errors This is a guy the Cubs couldn't even deem worthy of a look 2 years ago? Seriously? So they traded Michael Wuertz for...a guy who's out of baseball, and a guy who is getting a cuppa coffee with the Dodgers.

You're just bitching to bitch. When the Cubs sold him he had never had on OPS over 728, and hadn't shown any power. They also had SS's in their system that they liked more (Castro, Lake). Also... while his minors numbers do look good over the lat two seasons, you are still looking at just 12 major league games.

True....but giving away a decent reliever, at least in 2009, for absolutely nothing? I guess that's more my....hmm...conniption point? Wuertz was decent with the Cubs, and really good in 2009 with the A's..and we got a broken bat, and a bag of balls that we didn't even take out of the box before giving away. Now I'll bitch about not getting Campana more playing time =)

I was more pissed that they dumped Mike Wuertz without even taking him to Spring training to see what he had. If all you were getting was 2 PTBNL's. What was the harm in letting him fight for a job? I just hope the next GM is better than the last several.

agreed! Hey we got Richie Robnett!!!...Er...who?

I think Lou didn't like him. If Lou doesn't like you, get the fuck out! Whereas, if Dusty loves you, get the fuck out!

i-cubs in midst of 9 game series w/ okey city; first 4 were @ home; now playing 5 on hair had 4 doubles [of the team's record-tying 10]night before #'s 35 &36...story problem for the sabremetricians: when was last time league leader in hits neither scored a hundred nor finished in top 10 in BA?

Castro's 12th in BA and on a pace to score 90 runs.

How quickly they forget. Juanderful Pierre lead the league in hits in 2006, and managed to score 87 runs, while finishing .029 out of the top 10.

i was going to guess Pierre, but was in my car when I read the comment and forgot about it.

exception that proves the rule? figured you'd come up w/ the answer & yes, forgetting does come easier these days...

I tend to think that he'll be in the top 10 in BA when all is said and done. He would have to go nuts, and we would need to find a #2 and #4 hitter for him to get to 100 runs.

BTW, related to last night's telecast, Selig basically said that extra playoff teams and realignment will happen...just a matter of when.

Yuck. They should just do like the NBA and NHL and eliminate the regular season.

heh Both of those sports offer too-long, grueling seasons. I'd like a May-August baseball season. Of course Houston residents would probably opt for Feb-June. For all 80 fans that come to the games. Wonder if Marlins v. Houston would set a low attendance record?

: Park Ridge officials want to take down Honorary Jim Hendry Way signs on Northwest Highway, which were authorized in 2009 by former Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Mayor Dave Schmidt said the request is nothing personal against Hendry, a Park Ridge resident, but the city never wanted the signs mounted in the first place.

like the tweet...maybe he'll opt for la-la!