Dillon Maples Has Wild Pro Debut at Fitch

Reggie Golden smacked a bases-clearing three-run double into the LF corner with two outs in the bottom of the 3rd inning to turn a 2-1 deficit into a 4-2 lead, and Rubi Silva and Dustin Geiger collected three hits apiece, as the Cubs defeated the Rockies 8-4 in AZ Instructional League action this afternoon at Fitch Park Field #3 in Mesa 

Making his pro debut, 19-year old RHP Dillon Maples got the start for the Cubs, but was unable to complete even one inning thanks to a bout with wildness. After striking out the first man he faced with a nasty breaking ball, Maples walked the bases loaded on 13 pitches, and then allowed a bloop RBI single to RF as the Rockies took a 1-0 lead. Maples then got the ground ball he wanted, but it wasn’t hit hard enough to turn two, so another run scored.

By that point Maples had reached his pitch limit, and so he was pulled from the game with two outs and runners at 1st & 3rd. For the day, Maples threw a total of 25 pitches, but only nine strikes.

RHP Dustin Fitzgerald relieved Maples and got the final out of the inning on a strikeout (swinging).

Although he was the Cubs 14th round pick in the 2011 June draft, Maples was rated as one of the top HS pitching prospects in the country. He fell to the 14th round only because he was considered virtually “unsignable” due to a strong commitment to attend the U. of North Carolina (where he would have been the punter on the UNC football team and the "Friday night starter" on the Tar Heel baseball team). But the Cubs enticed Maples to give up his college dream with a reported $2.5M signing bonus (equivalent to “1st round money”).

Down 2-0, the Cubs scored once in the bottom of the 2nd as Dustin Geiger rapped the first of his three hits (a single), stole 2nd, advanced to 3rd on a throwing error, and scored on a Jeffrey Baez 4-3 GO.

Reggie Golden put the Cubs ahead to stay in the 3rd with his two out bases-loaded three-run line-drive double into the LF corner, scoring Carlos Penalver (who had singled leading off the inning), Shawon Dunston, Jr (who had drawn a two-out walk), and Dan Vogelbach (who drew a two-out walk to load the bases).

The Cubs scored twice more in the 5th as Rubi Silva led off with a single, and scored on an RBI double off the left-centerfield fence (near HR) by fellow Cuban defector Yaniel Cabezas. Dustin Geiger then drove Cabezas home with a two-out line-drive single to left.

The Cubs scored again in the the bottom of the 6th, as Rubi Silva blasted a two out triple into the right-centerfield alley, scoring Carlos Penalver (who had singled in front of Silva) from 1st base, and then they plated their final run in the bottom of the 8th when Dustin Geiger and Jeffrey Baez doubled (Geiger had to hold up at 3rd base because he went back to 2nd base to tag-up) and then Geiger scored on a Penalver 5-3 GO.

It should be noted that five of the Cubs eight RBI came with two outs, and it is also noteworthy that Rubi Silva got all three of his hits (two singles and a triple) and Dan Vogelbach drew all three of his walks off LHPs. (Both Silva and Vogelbach are LH hitters).

Here is the abridged box score (Cubs players only):

1. Rubi Silva, 2B: 3-5 (1B, P-2, 1B, 3B, K, R, RBI)
2. Yaniel Cabezas, DH-C: 1-4 (F-9, K, 2B, F-8, R, RBI)
3. Shawon Dunston, Jr, CF: 0-3 (F-8, BB, P-1, K, R)
4. Dan Vogelbach, 1B: 0-1 (BB, BB, BB, K, R)
5. Reggie Golden, DH #2: 1-4 (K, 2B, P-6, K, 3 RBI)
6. Dustin Geiger, 3B: 3-4 (1B, L-7, 1B, 2B, 2 R, RBI, SB)
7a. Neftali Rosario, C-DH: 0-3 (K, L-7, K)
7b. Micah Gibbs, PH: 0-1 (F-7)
8. Jeffrey Baez, LF: 1-3 (4-3, BB, K, 2B, RBI)
9. Garrett Schlecht, RF: 0-2 (2-3, BB, K, BB)
10. Carlos Penalver, SS: 2-4 (1B, P-4, 1B, 5-3, 2 R, RBI)

1. Dillon Maples: 0.2 IP, 1 H, 2 R (2 ER), 3 BB, 1 K, 25 pitches (9 strikes), 1/0 GO/FO
2. Dustin Fitzgerald: 1.1 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 2 K, 14 pitches (11 strikes), 0/2 GO/FO
3. Luis Liria: 3.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 1 K, 40 pitches (21 strikes), 3/4 GO/FO
4. Frank Del Valle: 2.0 IP, 2 H, 1 R (1 ER), 1 BB, 3 K, 43 pitches (27 strikes), 0/2 GO/FO
5. Andrew McKirahan: 2.0 IP, 3 H, 1 R (1 ER), 0 BB, 3 K, 1 WP, 24 pitches (19 strikes), 2/1 GO/FO

3B Dustin Geiger - E-5 (fielding error allowed batter to reach base safely)

1. Neftali Rosario: 1-2 CS, 1 PB
2. Yaniel Cabezas: 1 PO


WEATHER: Overcast with high winds & blowing dust, with temperatures in the 80’s


Why aren't these games televised? My MLB.TV subscription was completely worthless this year.

http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2011/10/arbitra... thinks Garza will get $8.7M and Cubs will have about $40M of spending money if Dempster stays and Ramirez leaves and payroll stays the same.

AZ Phil's take: PROJECTED OFF-SEASON 2011-12 CHICAGO CUBS 40-MAN ROSTER 38 players PITCHERS (20): * JEFFRY ANTIGUA (will likely be added to 40-man roster by 11/20 deadline) * JEFF BELIVEAU (will likely be added to 40-man roster by 11/20 deadline) Alberto Cabrera Chris Carpenter Andrew Cashner ROBERT COELLO (will likely be added to 40-man roster post-2011) Casey Coleman Ryan Dempster (player option) Rafael Dolis Matt Garza * John Gaub JAY JACKSON (will likely be added to 40-man roster by 11/20 deadline) * Scott Maine Carlos Marmol * Sean Marshall DAE-EUN RHEE (will likely be added to 40-man roster by 11/20 deadline) * James Russell Jeff Samardzija Randy Wells Carlos Zambrano OUT OF MINOR LEAGUE OPTIONS: Samardzija ARBITRATION ELIGIBLE: Garza and Wells CATCHERS (4): Welington Castillo * Steve Clevenger # Koyie Hill Geovany Soto OUT OF MINOR LEAGUE OPTIONS: Soto ARBITRATION ELIGIBLE: Hill and Soto INFIELDERS (9): Jeff Baker Darwin Barney Starlin Castro * Blake DeWitt * RYAN FLAHERTY (will likely be added to 40-man roster by 11/20 deadline) # MARWIN GONZALEZ (will likely be added to 40-man roster by 11/20 deadline) * Bryan LaHair D. J. LeMahieu JOSH VITTERS (will likely be added to 40-man roster by 11/20 deadline) OUT OF MINOR LEAGUE OPTIONS: LaHair ARBITRATION ELIGIBLE: Baker and DeWitt OUTFIELDERS (5): Marlon Byrd * Tony Campana * Tyler Colvin Alfonso Soriano MATT SZCZUR (will likely be added to 40-man roster by 11/20 deadline) LIKELY POST-SEASON OUTRIGHT: Esmailin Caridad, P Marcos Mateo, P Lou Montanez, OF Kyle Smit, P ARTICLE XX-B MLB FREE-AGENT: Ryan Dempster, P (player option - likely will come back ) * John Grabow, P Reed Johnson, OF Rodrigo Lopez, P Ramon Ortiz, RHP * Carlos Pena, 1B Aramis Ramirez, 3B (mutual option - likely will opt out) Kerry Wood, P 2012 PROJECTED PAYROLL: + Has NO TRADE rights + Alfonso Soriano ($18M) + Carlos Zambrano ($18M) + Aramis Ramirez ($16M mutual option or $2M club buy-out in 2012) + Ryan Dempster ($14M player option in 2012 + $1.5M in deferred salary from 2010) Carlos Silva (RELEASED - $2M 2012 buy-out still to be paid) Carlos Marmol ($7M) Marlon Byrd ($6.5M) Carlos Pena ($5M deferred from 2011 salary) Sean Marshall ($3.1M) + Jeff Samardzija ($3M club option) SUB-TOTAL: $75M (presuming Ramirez club option is exercised and then Ramirez opts out, and presuming Samardzija club option is declined) NOTE: If Samardzija’s 2012 club option is declined, he would lose his “no trade” rights and would revert to being an “auto-renewal” player for 2012 (subject to a unilateral club option 20% pay-cut from his 2011 $3M salary), and if he is cut the max 20% he would receive a non-guaranteed $2.4M contract for 2012 (and Cubs would owe him $600K severance if he is released prior to 2012 Opening Day). PROJECTED ELIGIBLE FOR SALARY ARBITRATION POST-2011: Jeff Baker ($1.5M?) Blake DeWitt ($1M?) Matt Garza ($9M?) Koyie Hill ($1M?) Geovany Soto ($5M?) Randy Wells ($2.5M?) ESTIMATED SUB-TOTAL: $20M? (or $18M if DeWitt and Hill are non-tendered on 12/2) AUTO-RENEWAL (PRE-ARBITRATION) POST-2011: JEFFRY ANTIGUA (presuming he is added to 40-man roster) Darwin Barney JEFF BELIVEAU (presuming he is added to 40-man roster) Alberto Cabrera Tony Campana ESMAILIN CARIDAD (likely post-season outright) Chris Carpenter Andrew Cashner Welington Castillo Starlin Castro Steve Clevenger ROBERT COELLO (presuming he is added to 40-man roster) Casey Coleman Tyler Colvin Rafael Dolis John Gaub MARWIN GONZALEZ (presuming he is added to 40-man roster) RYAN FLAHERTY (presuming he is added to 40-man roster) Bryan LaHair D. J. LeMahieu Scott Maine MARCOS MATEO (likely post-season outright) LOU MONTANEZ (likely post-season outright) DAE-EUN RHEE (presuming he is added tom 40-man roster) James Russell Jeff Samardzija ($2.5M - if 2012 club option declined) KYLE SMIT (likely post-season outright) MATT SZCZUR (presuming he is added to 40-man roster) JOSH VITTERS (presuming he is added to 40-man roster) ESTIMATED SUB-TOTAL: $9M (includes $2.5M salary for Samardzija, average $450K 2011 salary for another 12 auto-renewal players on MLB 25-man roster, and average $75K minor league “split“ salary for the 13 players who would be on optional assignment to minors), or $10M if DeWitt and K. Hill are non-tendered on 12/2 and are replaced on 25-man roster by auto-renewal players ESTIMATED TOTAL 2012 PAYROLL $103M - $104M 2012 CUBS MLB PAYROLL BUDGET: $???M (it appears that 2011 Cubs MLB payroll budget was $130M) NOTE: The Cubs 2010 payroll budget was apparently originally $140M, but the team actually ended up spending only $132M of it after Dempster‘s contract was re-structured (back-loaded) and Lilly, Lee, and Theriot were traded. The Cubs 2011 payroll budget was apparently originally $130M, but the team actually ended up spending only $128M of it. So if the payroll budget is $130M again in 2012, and with $103M-$104M the likely 2012 payroll as of right now, the new Cubs GM should have about $26M-$27M to spend on free-agents and/or trade acquisitions.

Wow, AZ PHI! You had a busy time at your computer! Really interesting projections. Couple items I am wondering about: Why would the new GM want to keep a 30-year old career minor leaguer in Lahair who had one great Minor League season on the 40-man? Also, Caridad was a top ten prospect. Has the club thrown the (Silent) towel in on him?

Submitted by The E-Man on Tue, 10/04/2011 - 10:12pm. Wow, AZ PHI! You had a busy time at your computer! Really interesting projections. Couple items I am wondering about: Why would the new GM want to keep a 30-year old career minor leaguer in Lahair who had one great Minor League season on the 40-man? Also, Caridad was a top ten prospect. Has the club thrown the (Silent) towel in on him? ========================== E-MAN: I think no matter who the GM is, Bryan LaHair will be back in 2012. I don't think he is viewed as a career minor leaguer anymore. Right now he is seen as more of a late bloomer (like Nelson Cruz, Michael Morse, Ryan Vogelsong, Ryan Ludwick, et al) than 4-A guy. Which brings something up that I have noticed for a long time but finally got clear after talking to some scouts over the past few weeks. And that is, there is such a thing as a late bloomer in baseball. The problem is you never know who they are going to be, and their careers are shorter than the average player who hits MLB at age 24 or 25 just because they get a late start and have fewer peak years, but they do exist, and you have to keep an open mind about them. As for Esmailin Caridad, he will be 28 this month (he is a year younger than LaHair), but unlike LaHair he is on the backslide. He has regressed over the past couple of years, and finished the season on the DL at AA Tennessee. The Cubs should be able to get him through waivers, and once they do, he will be under club control as a minor league player through the 2014 season (presuming he doesn't get selected in a Rule 5 Draft). In other words, he cannot be a Rule 55 minor league FA until post-2014 (at age 31). He was originally signed by the Hiroshima Carp (NPB) in 2006 and attended their Dominican Acedemy for a couple of seasons, and the Cubs signed him after he requested and was granted his release by the Carp in December 2007. Therefore his first season playing in the minor leagues was 2008, and he has to spend at least seven seasons on the active list or DL of a minor league team(s) before he can be a 6YFA. So if he can get it back together sometime over the next three seasons, he should be toiling in the Cubs organization when it happens. And if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen.

LaHair seems to have a nice approach to the plate. AZ, do you have any idea if it's always been this way? Or has he just learned the ropes as he's put in his time?

I'd love to hear what AZ says, too, but I've read quotes from LaHair that suggest that pulling the ball with power is what is new for him.

Any possibility the Cubs spend some of that money Yu Darvish, if the Ham Fighters post him? He seems like a worthy gamble, but the Cubs got burned on the Fukudome deal and certainly the Red Sox don't have quite the pitcher anybody was hoping for in Matsuzaka. I wonder what kind of wear and tear Darvish has--he's pitched over 200 innings a number of times. The SP market is pretty uninspiring, but it's a pretty glaring need for the Cubs with only a few names in the low minors to be even a little excited about--McNutt, Whitenack, Wang, etc.

I'd be shocked if Dempster re-ups that one year option. As the 2nd best real free agent starter he's probably looking at 4/52 bare minimum. Why stay in Chicago at 1/14? Especially staring down his age 35 season and possibly his last long term contract.

Because he likes it here, has a kid with special medical needs and $14 million is still a shitload of money? Just spitballing here.

I think you're both right. He'll probably re-up with the Cubs for around 3 years and $40 million... assuming the Cubs get a GM in place in reasonably short order, and he is told to try to keep the team competitive.

That's probably more along the lines of how Demp will remain in Chicago. With at least a 3 year contract to stay. I just don't see any way he cut and dry exercises that option. Enjoying Chicago and leaving 40 Million dollars on the table are two very different things. Especially since Dempster didn't get a big money contract at any point prior to this last 4/52 he signed before 2009.

As with all of this, we'll see, but I've read nothing else on Dempster other than (a) he's going to excercise the option and (b) his salary comes off the books for 2013.

at 35, he's not gettting that deal. I can't imagine more than a 3-yr extension in the $10-$12M average

dero doing post season desk work at mlb network he's not as outgoing wearing a suit and a $200 haircut as he is with a uniform on...still, not horrible.

"scoring ... Shawon Dunston, Jr (who had drawn a two-out walk)," Those of us who watched (and loved) Shawon, Sr. can't believe that.

http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/redsox/... says Red Sox are possibly even contemplating asking for compensation just to talk to Epstein, if Ricketts falls for that gambit, may he burn in baseball hell.

btw, here are some of the names so far bandied about in Boston articles and a Bruce Miles one as potential compensation for Epstein. Castro, Garza, Cashner, B. Jackson, McNutt, Szczur... not that these are coming from the Red Sox themselves, but more of what the Red Sox should be asking in return...and of course, just take Lackey's contract off their hands.

He's apparently an ass and of course has that terrible contract, but a cursory glance at his numbers in NL parks shows he's hasn't pitched too badly in them...maybe a switch to the NL would help. Not advocating it, just saying it might not be so horrible.

Castro, Garza, Cashner, B. Jackson, McNutt, Szczur... LOL - maybe the Cubs could actually just package all of them together and send them all to Boston! I'm trying to remember other situations where such a "trade" has occurred. Randy Winn got traded for Piniella. Guillen just got traded for two minor league guys (have these been named?). Allegedly the White Sox attempted to demand Logan Morrison. Are there any other examples? UPDATE: yes, they have been named: Ozzie Martinez and Jhan Marinez. Both seem to be legit prospects, rated 4th and 5th by BA, 6th and 6th by Keith Law, in the Marlins' system (http://www.mlbdailydish.com/2011/9/27/2452853...).

They both have had disapointing seasons since those pre-season rankings I heard.

fwiw, saw on twitter that on an ESPN Chicago podcast, Marlins only gave up that much to avoid any tampering charges.

Lol. The only player I would trade for a front office guy is Koyie Hill. I mean, why would Epstein even want to come to Chicago if they are going to give up Castro or other parts of their future to get him? Isn't the point of bringing in a new GM that he will help you improve your roster? They're welcome to Hendry or Quade, though.

couple of relief prospects or DJ Lemahieu is fine by me actually, taking on the Lackey contract wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. If Cubs can get anything back on the Z deal and maybe convince Dempster to go away, it wouldn't hurt too bad financially. Certainly a guy that needs a change of scenery and I could see at least some league average years.

Lackey for Zambrano......Problem solved.

gaining lackey seems like gaining a problem...attitude, aside...which is also a problem.

Also, Lackey's contract runs through 2015. No thank you...buh bye...

BTW..Eff you very much if they want compensation just to speak with Epstein. Ugh....

We should offer to pay for the long distance phone call.

Knowing how keen the Cubs are for technology, I bet they still pay for "long distance" calls.

"Red Sox are possibly even contemplating asking for compensation just to talk to Epstein" If Epstein handles the negotiations on the Sox side, it might work.

Bit of stretch, but I thought it was baseball etiquette to let guy go for higher position if offered. Cubs would have to be offering presidency.

It is, but it seems like the presidency is already filled. I am alright with Rick Hahn... just give us someone who understands BABIP, scouting and player development. If the Cubs want a name guy to draw interest, higher Sandberg.

I think Epstein is the perfect candidate as that he's already been through it all already in Boston. He won't be a zombie after 4-5 years.

i like the guy, but i wouldn't give up anything of value for the suit. this is a guy who signed c.crawford to a slugger's deal...along with his other albatrosses...and cruising on a slew of kids in a system that hasn't produced much in years. he's not that brilliant. props for putting together a group of over-rated kids to rip off SD for agonz, though. when he was cutting his teeth he pissed off a ton of other GMs/organizations...luckily for him (and potential trading) a lot of people he pissed off are no longer in a job of high power. his stunts surrounding dice-K pissed off a lot... -edit- well, calling casey kelly overrated is a bit harsh...high expectations and too-early hype given his age/experience, but too early to say he's overrated...very good arm. though rizzo is young, himself, i don't like his bat as much as some do.

http://www.baseballamerica.com/today/prospect... B. Jackson at #4, sure he'll be on the PCL list as well.

Nothing too Earth shattering or revolutionary here. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2011/10/offseas...

I'll probably check out Nick Williams and the two kids from Spring and Sugar Land this spring. If anyone else wants a second hand account of one of the Houston area kids (Rice and Uof H notwithstanding) let me know.

of course, please post something or send it my way and I can

Let me know when you're planning on going and I may join you if the day is right.

http://bleacherreport.com/articles/879742-the... umm, Bleacher Report breaking stories now? claims permission has been given for Epstein to interview

http://espn.go.com/blog/chicago/cubs/post/_/i... says overall baseball operations budget is $200M, payroll, signings, staff, draft and amateur signings, etc..

berg + b.shitter outrighted to AAA...someone please claim them...at least berg. dunno what shape schlitter is in after his elbow fell off, though. he was interesting for a little while.

Schlitter came over from Philadelphia in exchange for Eyre, right?

He did.

I believe it was actually the Stevie Ire trade?

that happened a week ago

Not technically - they were DFA'd a week ago, and now cleared waivers and got outrighted to AAA.

i meant what he implied, fwiw...didn't know they had already been exposed and cleared.

but very random twitter rumor of Ricketts/Fleita/Kaplan/Wilken headed to Boston on a private jet

LeMahieu 1/3 RBI and K Vitters 0/3 with 2 K Lake 2/3 with 1 R, 1 2B, 1 SB game is in the 7th

Cub Carpenter hitting 100 mph according to Law

Lake goes yard in his 4th AB, "a monstrous HR" to left that hit second fence according to Keith Law 1/4 and 0/4 for LeMahieu and Vitters

another article on bleacher report site...a slideshow of Epsteins worst moves. Ugly stuff, not sure why he gets so much credit...oh wait they won two world series so somebody had to be the good guy. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/722244-bos...

gorilla suit & letting Victor Martinez leave? really damning stuff there... #sarcasm

he's just a lot more human than people give him credit for until recently. some feel it's "what have you done for me lately"...for others, it's "it's been a while since you've done anything"...still love the agonz deal, though. they at least don't bury him over the gagne trade like some...it worked out like crap, but it wasn't a bad gamble...just worked out worse than anyone imagined.

http://espn.go.com/blog/chicago/cubs/post/_/i... "He's a numbers gatherer," Brenly, the Cubs television analyst, said Wednesday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "He gets his stats at the end of the year every year but defensively he's just fallen off the face of the earth. As a baserunner he kills you, he's a log jammer on the bases, and I'm not buying any of this leadership for Starlin Castro stuff at all. okay, the defensive thing is mostly true Brenly said Ramirez has been a productive hitter during his time in Chicago but Brenly said Ramirez struggled in the clutch and defensively at third base. "It's hard to think back recently, especially last year, and remember any big RBIs that he had or any period of time where they won a lot of games because of the way Aramis was swinging the bat," Brenly said. "There's no question about it, you look at the stats and he's the best third baseman they've had since Ron Santo, maybe the only third baseman the Cubs have had since Ron Santo .870 OPS with RISP last year, link to "Clutch Stats" on BR http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/spl...

The Cubs didn't play in any big games last year, making getting big RBI's virtually impossible.

true dat... I see now that Ramirez's selfish, numbers gathering, log jamming, lackadasical defense caused Randy Wells and Cashner to get hurt. Dude was a plague on Cubs humanity.

bob needs to cut the b/s and just hate the fact ramirez is so casual and not the leader he could be if he'd bother to give the effort. that kind of stuff bothers bob, it seems. i don't think ramirez slacked on the field, but once his AB or defensive inning was over he might as well have been reading a magazine in the dugout the past couple years.

btw...vlad has gotten away with this since 1/2 past forever...though it was reflected in his pay.

I swear to God. Whose beloved puppy did Ramirez run over? Why do media people keep coming up with this garbage? If there was one Cub player in the last 10 years who actually made me inch toward believing in "clutch" hitting, Ramirez was it. He is the author of the most Clutchy McClutch from Clutchville moment in the last 5 Cub seasons (2007 walk-off vs. MIL). I know he sucked in the playoffs. Fine. But arguing that the team's best hitter wasn't "clutch" and only "gathered" "numbers"...ARGH *faints dead away*

ARam must secretely be Kent Mercker. --- On an unrelated subject, the next GM needs to find a way to get Paul Sullivan fired.

Yeah. For a while ARam was the poster boy for #5 hitters--a guy with decent power who also didn't strike out excessively, wasn't a hacker and wasn't overly passive at the plate, would go with the pitch to right center if he had too, and could be counted on to drive in 100 or nearly 100 runs per year. The defense criticism is valid--he only had one or two decent defensive years. But once a guy is into his 30s, don't you kind of figure you know where he stands on defense? It wouldn't be realistic to expect him to be something he's not at that point.

I wish the Cubs had more guys that gathered numbers the way ARam did/does. Then they would have a large pile of numbers and more wins.

WTF: that raises the issue of compensation, which Henry would almost certainly demand from Ricketts. Matt Garza? Brett Jackson and Andrew Cashner? Do people really think that such highly rated players/prospects will be necessary to get Boston to allow Epstein to come to Chicago? This is insane.

ozzie cost FLA a couple of their top 10 system prospects. those 3, though...dream the hell on. at least i hope ricketts isn't that stupid.

Why the hell would you pay in players like that? Are there really not dozens of other people who could probably do the job as well? (Especially in the Ozzie situation.)

agreed...even if the guys given up are most likely gonna fall off the team top 10 going into 2012 that's what was given up to get a manager from a team that wanted to get rid of him.

as I mentioned earlier, Marlins likely gave up more to avoid tampering charges, no such thing exists with Theo. If you read the Gammons article I linked, Beane and DePodesta talked about their only being 3 players worth trading Beane to the Red Sox for: Youkilis, Ramirez and Shoppach. When Beane was headed to Boston in November 2002, he and his Oakland assistant Paul DePodesta discussed the compensation issue. They agreed that Boston had only three interesting prospects: Hanley Ramirez, Kelly Shoppach and Kevin Youkilis. DePodesta wanted Youkilis, but Beane told him, "There is so little here, you can't leave me barren." DePo also didn't want to hold up the move, because then he would assume the general manager's job.

someone should tell STL that they're playing a game that counts today.

strikeout/throwout DP...welcome to the game STL

Interesting fielding philosophy by Victorino there... sure you're falling to your ass, but why are you still trying to throw it to 2nd from that position?

pitch back juggling, just for fun... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUMhskwjCmM

That is fucking insane!

I presume it's a viral video for the pitchback, nice effects and well timed. No way in hell a guy could hit that ball in the same spot that many times in a row.

You know who hated base cloggers too. Oh wait, Dustbuster meant anyone that took a walk.

They're log jammers, not base cloggers.

That word is being misused. Everyone knows that a logjammer is a lumberjack gigalo.

Or a Log Cabin GOP member. :)

I was stuck in the car for a few hours today and turned on The Score for the first time in years. Boers/Bernstein are as annoying as I ever remembered, however, they claimed a "report" said Cubs officials chartered a plane to Boston and Crane Kenney was not on the passenger list, which made them happy. But they never said who was reporting it, and I can't find any info on a quick Google search. But perhaps Ricketts is headed to Boston as we speak.

see comment #45 Ricketts already said Kenney is no longer part of the baseball side of things.

kenney's role was overblown, anyway. he was just a businessman who liked to dork around wrigley like he was a coach or owner or something...people saw too much of him, imo...meh. guy's claim to fame is stealing the bobble head promotion from the minors and making it king for a couple of years...meh.

kenney's role was overblown, anyway. got a source on that one?

some people think he was calling shots and bringing in players rather than helping others who asked him to go find some way to get some funding for something. he helped maddux happen...he also helped some things happen that probably shouldn't have...but some people have him involved in it as if he was jr. GM or something.

honestly curious about your source and how you know how involved he actually was or was not... lot of people that I believe are closer to the Cubs than you (and they may be overblowing things certainly) certainly paint him as quite the meddler in things.

i just don't believe he was calling shots like some people blow it up to be. he was known for running around all places you don't see a president and took his role as a team executive to a point of ego, but meh...i see more speculation than truth in some of the people claiming he was/is as powerful as they think he is. the whole soriano thing people are blowing up is f'n retarded. if the owner didn't want more soriano...more soriano wouldn't have happened. people really think he's calling shots on that? that seems to be the biggest "thing" people have against him. having an ego, defecting blame, and taking credit for other people's work is just being an asshole...he's not team building.

just one thing if the owner didn't want more soriano...more soriano wouldn't have happened. Zell and Tribune didn't care about one thing that didn't involve the Cubs past the moment either sold the team and Soriano wasn't going to be any of their problems. Anyway McDonough took most of the blame on that one already with an assist from Kenney on the final sign off. otherwise, to each their own, it seemed you were writing it in a voice of "I know things" rather than a "this is my interpretation" of things. Didn't want people confused like you had any actual information on what actually happened.

i'm responding to what i've read. people took the last texas-tracy (rigs) article pretty seriously when nothing much was actually said. i know he's known as a meddler...but some people have him running things. what have you read that leads you to believe he's calling shots? i've read a bunch of crap and most of it involving soriano. ...and yeah, signing off on things is what he does when he has the money to make it happen and someone's asking him to do it...that's what they do. was he out there championing for soriano or something?

I believe I used the term meddling, not necessarily running every aspect of things. Soriano, radio reports, a few others, Ricketts making a point in a press conference firing Hendry that Kenney will no longer be involved in baseball decisions, and so on. my interpretation of things vs. yours, that's all his departure is nothing but a good thing, not saying he's the one thing that was holding the Cubs back.

Crunch you are the only person who I've heard to say the Kinney involvement was overblown .

not too many people have opinions on it other than blog writers, sports radio, and a few sports writers...and i'm yet to see anything involving him running anything player-wise other than helping others find a way for them to do their thing. i don't see championing...campaigning...just an annoying egomaniac poking his head all over the park rather than sitting around his office trying to get another ad plastered on the outfield wall. there's a difference between being a nosey jerk and actually running things. i'm yet to hear/see anything of him running things, but more than a few instances of him running his mouth and being seen too much. having an ego isn't running things. i just don't see the enhanced impact...i see a guy who tied parts of his ego to the team in an overblown manner. pretty much... "having an ego, defecting blame, and taking credit for other people's work is just being an asshole...he's not team building."

Kenney was responsible for the exorcism of the curse crap right before the playoff game started, and for that he should be beaten with a Nerf bat until bloody.

They also agreed that if Boston wanted Starlin Castro as compensation for Epstein that the Cubs should not hesitate to agree.

at least i hope ricketts isn't that stupid --- I'm thinking the swap somehow will involve Bison parts


RIP Steve Jobs say what you will, but dude made his mark on the world.

So did Hitler.


I believe that is a criticism of suggesting that the important thing to note about someone is that they "made [their] mark on the world". Perhaps not a statement about Steve Jobs in particular. That's my guess.

some people have no love for the guy...like this guy. a celebration of one of the greediest persons to run a corporation in this modern age...no sense of giving on the personal or corporate level...strangling of supply lines to keep hardware artificially expensive...apple tax lobbyists becoming as big of a part of the company as the developers... ...and all this coming on during "occupy wall street" i wish i could roll my eyes on the innerwebs. don't get me wrong...even with all that i don't wish his death. i sure as hell hate he had to go through so much cancer crap just to die, too. living through it can be rough...i wouldn't wish cancer on anyone, or the crap you have to put up with to deal with it.

Yep. Cancer is dumb as hell. It's pretty much consumed my life since July. But when I was in the hospital I was sure as shit glad I had an iPhone, because hospital cable is weak.

so sorry, yo...going through it myself, stage 2-B colon cancer. i watched the end of the season (except the last couple games) in the hospital having my second surgery (reconnecting my colon and removing my ileostomy (crap sack) bag)...it's also why i'm up at stupid hours since march of this year. i'm going to be okay. my surgeries are over...all that's left is 12 more weeks of chemo once i get over my anemia and i can start it again next week. spring/summer i've set aside for rehabbing my body before getting back to work. the hardest part is over for me, but it's going to take time. i'm 6'4" and 152lbs. right now...was 143lbs. right before surgery. two weeks of post-surgery real food has done wonders, though i have the stamina of an 80 year old rather than someone in his mid-30s (turned 35 while in the hospital). i hope you're going to be okay and that you can handle anything you have to go through. hope your support crew is good stuff, too...

That's tough, crunch. I pictured you older and healthier. But hopefully when you're a little older, you'll be healthier.

Good wishes for all of you. I'd pray for you all, but Xenu doesn't answer my prayers anymore.

Best wishes to you two guys. I have warmer feelings toward every single participant in this blog than anyone else that I know exclusively through the internet.

Thinking good thoughts for you both. Keep fighting. You = Nolan Ryan, cancer = Robin Ventura. (Timely!)

When I read some of your vague comments on your mystery medical condition earlier this summer, it sounded vaguely familiar. I've got stage 3 melanoma, diagnosed in July. The prognosis for anyone with stage 3+ melanoma is pretty poor, I'll be lucky to see 50(I'm 33 now). I had a chunk of my left upper calf removed that was slightly larger than a hockey puck in both depth and width in early July. They left that massive hole open(for a month) until my second surgery to remove lymph nodes in my groin and lower abdomen. Then they did skin grafts on my calf hole and the massive hole they made in my groin to remove the nodes. They used muscle from my inner thigh to fill the hole in my groin before putting the skin on top of it. My leg is jacked, it looks like I got in a knife fight with a shark on steroids. I'm back at work and have yet to have any chemo, etc. Unfortunately(maybe?), most of the treatments for melanoma are for people with tumors that cannot be removed or for those that are stage 4 and close to death. And none of them work very well, plus they all have the same shitty side effects. So for now it's "wait and watch", CT scans every two months until something troublesome pops up. So far so good, and I feel pretty damn good. It's drastically changed the way I feel about everything. I don't take shit from anyone and I don't worry about the petty bullshit that others seem to complain about. Interesting year. First kid, finally got season tickets, cancer, and I quit smoking(cancer is the best way to quit smoking, btw). If you happen to be in Chicago next spring or summer, I'll take you to a game. By that time we may both be so skinny, we could share a seat, lol. BTW, the doctors at Northwestern kick fucking ass. Hot nurses too!

Thanks to you and crunch for sharing. I read here every day and don't really have much to add to the comments, but finding things like this from other readers is why I love coming here. I wish you and crunch, and any others out there with similar medical issues, all the best going forward. Your comment about changing the way you live is a powerful one - I'm glad I got to read it.

Heh...and wow, my docs/nurses have been awesome. Even if the paperwork is never-ending to keep from going broke I've been able to get all the help I've needed. I don't know a lot about your cancer...mine (oddly) is a lot more similar to breast cancer than other cancers, down to how they chemo-medicate it...the breast cancer people have way more intense radiation, though. I hope you heal fast and don't have to worry with anything cancer-related for quite a while, if ever again.

Thanks. And you keep kicking ass and eat everything in sight. Medicinal marijuana?

not in my state, but during chemo i used it...and while the side effects didn't kill much pain, i didn't have nausea once and eating became way easier. i actually threw up while i was getting IV chemo, but never even came close while at home afterwards or while doing my pill chemo.

The Cubs season was shitty enough to watch being relatively healthy. Hope you guys both have a rapid recovery and never have to deal with that stuff again.

My prayers go out to both you and Crunch.

ha. i don't think he was evil, fwiw. re: steve jerbs...from a friend of mine... "Steve Jobs is like Ty Cobb, a game changing asshole who's influence and accomplishments will be debated for a long time to come, but no one can deny that the game will never be the same again." that pretty much sums up my feelings on the issue without naming names or calling out specific actions...

Yeah, what he said. I neither confirm nor deny that Jobs was similar to Hitler. I just think that making one's mark on the word isn't necessarily laudable.

indeed. need one of those Hitler videos on Steve Jobs passing now to take this full circle.

http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/baseball... something about Ricketts hiring a 2-man team.. That would mean it's conceivable he could hire Epstein and someone on his secondary tier such as White Sox assistant general manager Rick Hahn or Braves director of pro scouting John Coppolella. The most likely hire to work alongside Epstein — as opposed to be sitting in the main chair — would seem to be Padres assistant GM Josh Byrnes, who was with Epstein from the start in Boston. and then refutes himself a paragraph later Sources close to Ricketts say it's possible but unlikely. And, after all, the Cubs have tried this model before, in the era when Andy MacPhail was president and Ed Lynch and then Hendry had GM titles.

hire someone...then hire some players... hope this is wrapped up by the time the series is over...hell, hope it's over before the world series starts...

Some say don't draft HS RHPs in 1st round. Tim Wilken took Carpenter in 1st in '93, Halladay in '95. Back in the High Life again so 2 guys that blew out their arms, good examples.

Halladay blew out his brains, not his arm.

Steve Jobs dead at 56. One of the great innovators of the 20th Century. And, someone whom I am indebted to for generally useful products I have relied upon Apple designs every day since 1989 for career and fun. R.I.P. Steve.

Sad news. I had just picked up a Macintosh 128 earlier today, got home, was going through all of it (got it from the original owner, includes original bill of sale), and then heard the news. Even the Windows users who had Macs owe much to Jobs without knowing it. Fascinating guy. And Woz, too.

Indeed. Pancreatic cancer sure is an immediate death sentence. 1989 bought a Mac Plus and found a third party 40 meg (Megabyte) hard drive for $540

Meant to say, "even the Windows users who hate Macs owe much to Jobs without knowing it."

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rwsuXHA7RA&fe... "Think Different" ad narrated by Steve Jobs (not released previously with Jobs narration) ...gets me teary-eyed every time.

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  • crunch 5 hours 32 min ago (view)

    hah!  also uggg...i wonder what $20m-ish of k.bryant after a down season and uncertainty of april-june for "normal" baseball is worth to a team.  we will probably find out in a month or 2, though.


  • Charlie 8 hours 9 min ago (view)

    What's that, crunch? Kris Bryant for Robinson Canoe? Bold call!


  • George Altman 10 hours 33 min ago (view)

    Phil, you used to put out a Top 10 or 20 Prospect list around the end of the AFL. Sometimes you would update mid year if trades or draft warranted. This is not false praise...your lists were more impactful than BA, MLB, BP to me, let alone the Cubs fan board lists. Today, the only thing I give any credence to are your evaluations and Fan Graphs Top 40. If the evaluator has only watched video then, hell, I can watch video.


  • crunch 14 hours 11 min ago (view)

    there is no way the 2-3 guys that created most of those cubs reports have seen much more than youtube video footage as far as "live" scouting.

    they seem very dedicated and eager, but there are some questionable things in their scouting reports.


  • Wrigley Rat 14 hours 56 min ago (view)

    I'd REALLY enjoy reading Phil's list with scouting reports!!! I'd definitely trust his ratings more than most!

    Here is what the ProspectsLive.com website says about seeing the players: "Our evaluation team has spent countless hours filling these boards with highly in-depth scouting reports from live looks and film study."

    Either way, in my opinion, it's good to read other people's evaluations, even when they vary from our own. It gets us thinking about how confident we are in our valuations and how much we're willing to modify them based on other people's reports!


  • Hagsag 16 hours 35 min ago (view)

    Phil, I am sure you could put together a more realistic list.


  • Arizona Phil 16 hours 47 min ago (view)

    No offense intended, but did anybody at this site actually see these guys play? 

    Chase Strumpf has only "40" power?!! Andy Weber even has more power than Strumpf? Seriously? Strumpf actually has plus-power. In fact, HR power is his #1 attribute. His power tool is probably at least "60" (maybe "65").   

    Both Ronnier Quintero and Aramis Ademan are "45" run? Really? Ademan has average speed ("50"), and Quintero is Miguel Montero 2.0. His run tool is probably "30" (on a good day). Quintero's plus raw tools are arm and power.  


  • Hagsag 21 hours 45 min ago (view)

    Thanks for the info.


  • Wrigley Rat 1 day 7 hours ago (view)

    I just discovered this site: https://www.prospectslive.com/lists/2020/11/16/chi... (Sorry if you all know about it already!). 52 Cubs prospects listed with scouting reports! Really enjoying this one! :)


  • crunch 1 day 9 hours ago (view)

    we all knew trades were coming...getting rid of 1-2 of the core, but at this point i wonder how much (if any) of that free'd up loot is going back into the team.


  • Charlie 1 day 10 hours ago (view)

    He clearly did not want to be remembered for selling off the core and then walking away from the team a year later. Can't blame him.


  • crunch 1 day 12 hours ago (view)

    every other contender is full of rumor news for who they'll sign...and the hot cubs rumor is kris bryant won't be traded before the wednesday arb offer deadline.  wee.


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 15 hours ago (view)

    jdrnym: The MLB contracts that are tendered on 12/2 via Central Tender Letter are are non-guaranteed contacts.

    And a player signed to a non-guaranteed contract who is released prior to MLB Opening Day receives 30 days salary (paid at the minor league rate for players with split contracts) if the player is released more than 15 days prior to Opening Day, or 45 days salary (paid at the MLB rate for players signed to split contracts) if the player is released 15 or fewer days prior to Opening Day as termination pay. 


  • jdrnym 1 day 17 hours ago (view)

    If a player signs one of those deals that allows a split salary or incentives to be included, does that get treated like an arbitration salary in that it's only partially guaranteed until Opening Day?


  • bradsbeard 5 days 3 hours ago (view)

    Great info. Thanks! 


  • Arizona Phil 5 days 3 hours ago (view)

    BRADSBEARD: What happens on 12/2 is each club submits what's called a "Central Tender Letter" to the MLB LRD listing which unsigned players on the club's MLB Reserve List (40-man roster) are being tendered a contract and which unsigned players are not being tendered a contract. 

    The CTL is sufficient as far as providing proof of contract tender.  

    For players being tendered contracts, the CTL must list the club's MLB salary offer, a minor league split salary offer (if the club so chooses), and performance bonuses (if any) the club is offering to the player.