Come on Down Soriano, You're the Next Cub to Be Traded

The N.Y. Post is reporting that the Yankees and Cubs are close to deal that will send Alfonso Soriano to the Yankees for a mid-level prospect. The Cubs owe a little over $6M for the rest of 2013 on Soriano's deal and then $18 million next year and the Cubs will pay the bulk of it, and whatever the Yankees are contributing will be for this year as the Yanks are trying to avoid luxury tax hell next season. Soriano still has to approve the deal, but it seems unlikely he'll reject a chance to go to his first organization and play alongside Jeter and Mo' once again...presuming this is all true.

As for the prospect, no one knows yet but here's a top 20 list from the preseason. Manny Banuelos was a 5-star prospect heading into 2012 before Tommy John surgery, so maybe the Cubs can take a shot at the upside there. Dellin Betances was well up there as well before 2012 or maybe the Cubs see something in catcher Austin Romine, who was once a top 100 prospect. More likely, it's someone not on any of this lists with far less upside...we shall wait and see.


If Soriano is a Yankee by Wednesday, he can face Garza.

Rob- Are your readying the post headline that you used for Neifi and I believe Kal Daniels departure?

doubt I was around for Kal's Neifi (no idea what's with the formatting)

safe to say I won't be using that

maybe you're thinking this one, which I believe I've used a few times

yes, the national nightmare. Who was it for 2006? not opening for me. I thought it was for an outfielder before that.

Corey Patterson was the 2006 story (Ruz wrote it)....archives are all messed up...ugh.

that links works (scroll down), although you can't click on the individual stories, just get the teasers


Gordon Wittenmyer‏@GDubCub Talks with Yanks on Sori ongoing. Not imminent but serious. Cubs' willingness to take most of $$ could swing deal for decent prospect.

The Cubs purchase was heavily leveraged as it was. Where's Ricketts getting all this f'ing money?

What money. Soriano's salary is a sunk cost.

Sunk but he's willing to eat it as a price for a higher prospect.

Which is great, but doesn't cost the Cubs any more money.

And some people like to be argumentative for the sake of being argumentative.

I just have to say that I am enjoying thee deals these last couple of years. They haven't made out on everyone of them of course, but seems like a lot of the guys they are getting are doing pretty well in the minors (or majors with guys like Rizzo) and that makes me feel more hopeful about this Garza trade and future trades.

From the twitter box: Joel Sherman‏@Joelsherman1 #Cubs scout watched Chase Whitley over weekend, #Yankees deep in yng/inexpensive setup Kelly/Claiborne in MLB Burawa/Betances/Kahnle close

Whitley's page, decent numbers for a reliever and just about ready to try the majors

old, seemingly overtly optimistic scouting report on him

says Dodgers aren't in on Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez

is he the affordable top-of-the-rotation arm the Cubs are looking for?

I would think one or more of the Yankees International Signing Pool Values (SBV) will be part of the deal. 

#29: $487,200
#58: $329,000
#87: $222,100
#116: $139,600

The Cubs have been holding off announcing the Eloy Jimenez signing, presumably so that they can acquire additional SBVs in trades that can at least minimize their expected tax-penalty for exceeding their adjusted 2013-14 ISBP.

The Cubs originally-assigned International Signing Bonus Pool (ISBP) was $4,557,200, and they are permitted add up to 50% above their originally-assigned ISBP ($2,278,600) in trades, as long as they haven't exceeded their adjusted ISBP limit at the time of the trade. So far the Cubs have added $963,100 (net) in SBV in trades with Houston and Baltimore (they also traded their 4th SBV slot to the Dodgers in the Carlos Marmol deal), and so they can still add an additional $1,315,500 in SBV before they reach their max ISBP, as long as they don't reach or exceed their adjusted ISBP before they make the trade. Therefore, they could acquire all four of the Yankees SBV without exceeding their maximum-possible ISBP ($6,835,800).

The Yankees have not signed any of the top international free-agents, and a club''s six-highest signings of $50,000 or less are exempt from the International Signing Bonus Pool (ISBP) restrictions. But even if the Yankees were to trade all four of their SBV, they still would retain the $700K in ISBP that all teams get in addition to their four SBVs, so they could still sign a fairly significant IFA for as much as $735K (the $700K base plus a 5% overage) without incurring a penalty that would restrict them in signing players in the 2014-14 Internationalo Signing Period. 

BTW, the Cubs were not able to acquire SBVs from Texas in the Garza deal because the Rangers are big-time players in the international market for under 23-year olds, too, 

Hoyer on MLB Network Radio said the Alfonso Soriano to rumor is getting ahead of itself. Talks are not that advanced yet.

Bryant is headed to Boise, Hoyer says he hopes he can see some time in KC before end of the year

Hoyer felt that maybe towards the end of next year, or into 2015 that they would start to compete more in the division

That should piss off a sufficient amount of the fanbase.

Why Rush things?

I could see this team wrangling for 2nd place in the division in 2014, if a few things break right. That'd be good enough to get fans back in. It'd certainly get me back on board paying closer attention and maybe even watching some games on MLB.TV or something. I would hope that by 2015 they have a legit shot at winning the division, though. By that point, they might start trading off some long-term assets in order to get some shorter term assets.

I've been watching a helluva a lot more this year than in recent years. The last years under Hendry were excruciating. I refused to spend any time watching a bunch of journeymen play lousy baseball. Now, there's something to look at. Can Castro get his groove back? Can Rizzo grow as a hitter? What's with this Junior Puig thing? Will Shark shave that awful mullet? There's all these kids, and I'm interested in seeing if they become any good. If they do, that builds even more interest. I actually root for these guys, instead of wanting to throw something at the TV, or throw my iPad across the room. If just a couple of these kids turn into bonafides, we suddenly have a contender if they can cobble together a decent pitching staff. Cubbery dictates that it won't happen, but what if Lake turns into a star, and Rizzo develops into something special next year? Throw an improved Castro into the mix, and you have some interesting stuff going on. I'm not necessarily optimistic that will happen but it's at least something to hope for, as opposed to the Hendry madness at the end where I had to endure journeyman after journeyman traipsing through the roster. I really rather liked Soriano, at least as an on field personality, and he seems like a hard working guy always trying to get better in spite of an insane contract, but I'll be glad to see him go because he represents the biggest Hendry gamble, one that a lot of people didn't really complain a lot about at the time, and as such his exit really, for me, signals the final end of the Hendry regime.

This team should have most of the resources and personnel to be competitive next year. I expect to see some reasonable free-agent signings in the 1, 2, and maybe 3 year range for positions like RP, 2B, OF, perhaps C or SP. The primary problem is that the Cubs aren't ready to be one of the best teams in baseball yet, and 3 of their division rivals currently hold or are near that mantle. The Reds window may start to close soon, but it will probably still be open next year. The Cardinals are just flat-out loaded and would need a lot to go wrong to be a bad team. The Pirates also look loaded, but figuring out how to either pay for or replace Liriano and Burnett will be their challenge.

RE: the Cardinals, I do have one idea to see an end to that pissant dynasty:

Liriano's on a 2-year deal I believe

Pirates seem pretty adept at finding good buy lows (like Burnett, McDonald, Liriano) while waiting for their guys to be ready, don't see why that would be different next offseason. Also, they have plenty of money they have chosen not to spend while rebuilding, not that they'll pour $100M into a pitcher.

Yeah, Liriano has a vesting option that's going to vest probably for $8M unless he gets hurt soon. So they're taken care of there - losing Burnett should be manageable, though that plus Locke's inevitable regression might leave them weakened but still talented. Depends on how Cole steps up I guess.

it's a vesting option, but also an $8M club option

  • 13:$1M, 14:$8M club option
  • may earn additional $3.75M in 2013
    roster bonuses based on days not spent on disabled list with injury to
    humerus bonus of non-throwing right arm
  • 2014 option may become guaranteed at $5M, $6M or $8M based on days not spent on disabled list in 2013 with the right arm injury
  • if 2014 option vests at $5M or $6M, Liriano may earn performance bonuses up to $8M based on games started

Only those fans who don't like realistic, honest assessments of our team and instead live in the fantasy land where you can get great free agents whenever you want (IE fans of video game baseball).

I'm willing to bet this was a good post.

Ooooooooooo........! Phil does NOT advise drinking the Kool-Aid. :)

Jayson Stark says Atlanta looking at lefty relievers including Russell

Pedroia 7/100M extension...what will Cano get?

Utley a free agent too, doubtful Cubs enterain either idea.

Ellsbury will be available, but I'm sure Cubs aren't going over 5 years on any deal to anyone and would prefer less in most cases.

Granderson, Beltran, Cruz, Pence are the other big names that I don't see the Cubs getting involved with, although Beltran on a 1 or 2 year deal might make some sense depending on whom is leftover after the purge.

FA pitchers

Baker, Feldman again as well as Arroyo, Colon, Burnett, Garza, Hudson, Lincecum, Maholm, Josh Johnson, E. Santana...someone out of that might be a good buy low option. A few other dudes if their options aren't exercised including Halladay.

I'd think Beltran and Choo are probably likely targets given their skillsets and the team's needs, depending on what those guys end up costing. Choo is more likely to want something longer than 3 years, while Beltran might be more inclined for a shorter deal with a team he sees as a contender.

Also for what it's worth, if Soriano to goes thru, player had interest in previously was David Adams Not sure if in play here

his stats are decent...plays mostly 2b in minors, but some 3b

article on him

was released earlier in season but resigned with Yanks

Beltre & Andrus coming this fall to Fox

Ryan Braun – another player voted MVP by the same baseball writers who will gloriously trash him when it comes time for a HOF vote. By my count, that now makes 17 MVP trophies awarded to PED players – Bonds 7, ARod 3, Braun, Sosa, Caminiti, Tejeda, Giambi, Juan Gonzalez 2. Throw in Clemens Cy Young awards and that’s 20+ prestige trophies with PED names on them. Neat.

the game is ruined, no one will ever watch it again...

Jason Parks and Jeff Sullivan have both stated today that the Cubs might now be the #2 farm system in baseball. Still not enough arms for my taste, especially at the higher levels. But it's hard to make a case that any team in baseball has a better or deeper stable of hitting prospects.

If that's true, then... hell yes.

As I am getting older fast it seems, I sure as hell hope that TheoJed have put some very good people in coaching capacities at the levels our "studs" are passing through. Since the money thing can be equalized to a degree in the MLB with all of the "small market bullshit" (Cardinals get another draft pick...), the teams that can muster the most talented scouting, and then back that up with excellent coaching, are gonna be perennial contenders. From what I have read the last couple years, AZ PHIL is not impressed...But, at least they moved Junior out of the infield. Right PHIL?

I was wondering how far they would climb. Added Bryant, Olt, Edwards, international signees, and Alcantara at least raised his stock dramatically. On the other hand, Paniagua and Vizcaino haven't pitched at all. I keep wondering if/when the Cubs might swap out some young bats for some young arms, but I'm guessing that won't happen until these players progress enough for the Cubs to have a logjam at the MLB or at least AAA level.

Paniagua has pitched 2 games for Kane County

2.1 IP, 2 H, 2 ER, 4 BB, 2 K

3.1 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 3 BB, 4 K

got the loss in both games

Paniagua also pitched in Arizona earlier this month and did pretty well:

Dodgers bring up Marmol.

A-rod facing lifetime ban, Yankees would save like $120M. 

No rain, no rainbow.

Fyi- Yankees don't give a shit about saving money.


And old.

the article is a bit, but it related to 2014 and the issues still remain. Their (lack of) moves over the last offseason back it up.

Grilli to the DL. Who is a prospect match for Gregg if he gets to wear an eyepatch over his goggles?

I'd like to see Gregg pitch with Google Glass.

Nick Delmonico to Brewers for K-rod.

decent haul for Brewers, Sickels had him at #4 on his preseason Top 20 Orioles list.

Cubs will get a little less for Gregg most likely.

twitter rumor not even worth mentioning throwing out Joel De La Cruz as a possible get from Yankees for Soriano

24-year old pitcher in Hi-A

"@ChrisCotillo Name to watch in #Yankees-#Cubs deal is Joel De La Cruz. I'm told he is possibly involved if a Soriano deal happens" ...oh boy...a 24 year old repeating high A ball. the rumored return value in this trade is dropping by the hour.

heh...Theo seems less than thrilled with Yankees leaks

Theo says Yankees aren't 1st team to call re: Soriano. "They're the first team to show up in the paper in their home city right away."

"You know what, when the Cubs want to announce something, [we will]," Theo told the Chicago Tribune. "Cashman should just shut the f--- up. That's it. I'm going to call Cashman now."


Dodgers fix of C. Marmol

enters in 5th with one out

1b to Encarnacion, Lind foul out, BB DeRosa, GO R. Davis

comes back for the 6th

2B Arencibia, WP, RBI 1B Lawrie, 2-run HR Reyes, GO Cabrera , Foul Out Bautista, GO Encarnacion


We could have told them to NEVER put Marmol out there again for a second inning of work. Not a good history in those situations. Jeez, you got out of his first inning with no runs scored. Take the gift and count your blessings.

you're going to have to be more specific... "Donovan Hand left Tuesday's start against the Padres after four innings with a right hand contusion."

k.bryant in the lineup tonight for Boise (@Eugene, OR) dylan "ball 4" maples pitching.

0-2, 2k. Cut him.

No. Bring him up. He's obviously bored in the minors.

Dillon Maples responds to your thoughts....thrown 4 shutout innings so far, 2 h, 6k, 0 BB

sweet...cuz he was drowning before he got moved down, and in his 1st start after the demotion before this one.

Adam Eaton used to be on my list of players I would have liked to get from the D-backs in a trade. But with that 70's stash he's now dead to me.

Dana Demuth with absolutely moronic strike zone tonight. Impossible to figure out.

dale and his early ejection agrees.

h.rondon keeps up his pace and finally moves his ERA for the month over 5.00...his lowest ERA in any month is 5.19 and he's currently sporting a 6.68 ERA with a 1.71 WHIP. that's rather impressive for a reliever...and by impressive, i mean, why he still with this club? 6 out of his last 10 he's given up runs...3 of them, multiple runs.

Wasn't he a rule V pick this past season? I suppose they could find an "injury" and put him on the DL for the rest of the year. But this team is going nowhere this year so I'm not sure this much to give much of a shit about.

some rule V picks aren't worth keeping...this one seems to joining that pile. also, j.lake is good at hitting baseballs.

The White Sox have as many trade chips as any trade deadline seller in the majors and they're putting a high price tag on their key players.  According to Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune, the Sox recently turned down a trade offer from the Cardinals that would have sent shortstop Alexei Ramirez to St. Louis in exchange for right-hander Carlos Martinez, one of the many elite prospects in the Cards' minor league system.

delusions of White Sox grandeur...

It would be nice if MLBTR checked their links before posting things. Wrong Carlos Martinez.

k.bryant goes 0-5...with 5Ks yow.

Bring him up! He can have Rizzo, he of watching the batting practice pitch come down the middle of the plate on a 3-0 count with men on, mentor him. What's with the Cubs coaching staff? You have an umpire with an unruly strike zone, you tell them to go ahead and swing the f'ing bat.

Watching the Cubs is admittedly much less frustrating than a couple years ago now, but one of the most frustrating things is in fact watching Anthony Rizzo take a called third strike on a pitch in the zone or just off the plate.

Javy Baez with another bomb -- that makes 22 total for the year.

Baez is batting .203 with a .242 OBP through 62 PAs in AA, but he's still managing to display a wRC+ of 109 thanks to that great power. BABIP is pretty low too, but hopefully it starts to sink in that his power will only partially compensate for his poor plate discipline. I agree with the promotion to AA, but hopefully they keep him parked there long enough to really try to figure out that part of his game.

Javy Baez is the last Wilken 1st round choice, right? It would appear he would not fit the TheoJed mold. Its going to be interesting to see if this guy will develop into a nice player with any plate discipline, and, would he be used as trade bait over the winter due to current shortcomings.

Or they could hold on to him, and see how he develops as a 20 yr old in AA...even if he repeats next year to start, at age 21... unless it's a great trade.

Forget starting the year at AA - how about spending possibly all of 2014 at AA. At his age and given the gaps in his game, I don't mind seeing his development slowed a touch. If he wants to go to Iowa next year, I would make him earn a graduation based upon BB% as well as defensive metrics or skills discussed between him and the organization.

Old and Blue thinks you guys are out of your damn minds. But yeah, he should spend at least the first half of 2014 at AA. Unless he goes absolutely ape shit to earn a move to AAA.

If he goes ape shit in AA, he'll earn MLB playing time. Otherwise he'll do his time in AA until he shows a more balanced approach.

They should have brought him up to start the year off. Can't have had a much worse first half than Castro. But, more seriously, in response to an earlier remark, I think Theo is bright enough not to care if it's a Wilken pick. If he plays well, he'll get a shot. Still sounds pretty raw, even for me.

Jason Parks‏@ProfessorParks Huge raw; 30+ HR potential. RT @Cubs_Baseball: @professorparks Does Javier Baez (23) Homers, have 7 power on 8 scale?

I just picked up Junior Lake for my fantasy team.

Sorry everybody...hope you enjoyed the ride.

I need the twitter box back

Is it not showing up for you? I see it on my Iphone.

FWIW sometimes it doesn't show up for me in Firefox and I just refresh the page and it comes back. It just seems like there is a lot to load and sometimes it stalls and doesn't grab it all. Also, on a related note, starting a couple of months ago the site takes forever (like 3 minutes-ish) to load on the browser on my Kindle Fire. Not a huge deal, and works fine on my other devices.

Wrigley renovation passes city council vote...I haven't been paying close enough attention, when is it suppose to be completed?

here's a good rendering of it

more on Wrigley renovations passing, says it could take up to 5 years and will begin at the end of the season...2020 World Champs!!!

I have read the order of fix-its is Club House/Facilities, Jumbotron, Left Field line, Right Field line, Roof Tops ( I made the last one up). By "Left Field, etc.", it means Lower/Upper Decks...

Drew Davison‏@drewdavison Double A Frisco right-hander Neil Ramirez has been placed on the disabled list with a biceps injury. #Rangers

Soriano not in lineup tonight...Sveum/Cubs say it was a scheduled off day

Soriano is 6/13 against Kennedy in his career though with 3 HR, 7 RBI and 3 BB.

Twitter rumors says Cubs/Yanks haggling over money at this point.

day off scheduling fail. kaplan don't buy it... "@thekapman No shot that this was a scheduled day off. No way. Dale plays the numbers very well."

I don't buy that the Cubs and Yankees are haggling over money at this point. I'd buy they're waiting on Soriano to consent to be traded.

Totally agree. I believe Soriano is EXTREMELY touchy about this and is no guarantee to leave. Obviously based on last year not going to SF and just his answers are always family first etc. I believe the deal was ready when NY press leaked it and Theo had to quash it to avoid another Dempster style backlash while Soriano goes through his decision process at whatever pace he needs.

I'm sure he'll employ the same hustle he uses on balls hit into the corner.

Basically you hit the nail on the head.

Looks like I was wrong. Carrie Muskat‏@CarrieMuskat Soriano met with Theo Tuesday nite, gave a list of teams he would waive no trade clause for. Yankees on that list. #Cubs

Epstein said he "outlined the different options for Sori, and he asked for two or three days to think things over." Epstein said there will be no official notice on his decision until Thursday at the earliest. "He asked for a couple days to think about it," Epstein said. "He said he'll get back to us in a couple days and let us know where he'll go, if anywhere, and then at that point it's up to us if we want to move forward and finalize a deal."

remember when j.hoyer used to be the GM? ...oh wait.

Jesus Christ. Here we go ... Actually this IS what I was talking about. He hasn't thought about it yet? F*ck me if he's not pulling a Dempster.

also looking to move on James Russell from the who is having a great month Pitt thinks he can finish off their pen.


take a shot at Venters who had his 2nd TJ surgery in May, he'd be ready by early next season and has the same service time as Russell and obviously a 2nd piece would need to go the Cubs way.

Pirates and Braves prospect lists for your consideration

garza, 1ip 2h 0bb 2k in his 1st inning of work vs NYY (2 singles)

"- B. Gardner safe at first on pitcher M. Garza's throwing error, B. Gardner to third" ...and of course he scores later. that's the m.garza we know/knew. 6ip 4h 0bb 5k...1r/0er

I was watching that too. I totally forgot about the Garza throw to first base panic thing. He's pitching amazing otherwise.

Olt in Iowa lineup; 0-1 with a K to start

0-2 with a groundout in 2nd AB

Koyie Hill playing for the New Orleans Zephyrs in the is Kevin Kouzmanoff.

3rd AB comes up with 2 on, 2 out and singles on first pitch, Donnie Murphy thrown out at home though to end the threat.

olt finishes 1-5, 3Ks

450 ft'ish HR by Javier Baez tonight....6th in AA.

fwiw, MLB EI is free starts in 10m.

Tim Hudson covering first base and had his ankle stepped on by Eric Young Jr., carted off the field.

Gif here, not for the squeamish


bonus gruesome video

confirmed for broken ankle.

Yikes! Seemed like an accident, though. Hudson must have lost track of the bag because he had his foot/leg/ankle all over it. Bummer.

Yeah, according to reports Young was in tears after the play so it was pretty traumatic for all involved and def and accident.

Back in college, I ended up breaking a guy's tibia in a soccer game accident -- went all Joe Theismann-like. We were both going for the ball and I got to it first while he swung at it and his leg hit my shin instead. It was pretty horrific and I never had the stomach for playing soccer again.

Wayne Randazzo‏@WayneRandazzo Baker at 33 pitches through 2 innings. Sitting around 85. Topped out at 89. #Cubs Wayne Randazzo‏@WayneRandazzo Final line for Scott Baker: 3+ IP, 5 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 2 BB, 2 K, 1 HR. 63 pitches, 39 strikes in third rehab start for @KCCougars #Cubs

What was his typical velocity, pre surgery?

90-93...hovering closer to 91.

dejesus with a double off the top of the CF 407 wall (with the actual HR line up insanely higher). hitting a HR to CF in that park is "bombs or nothing." it would have been a HR in many parks.

k.bryant gets a double to start his ABs tonight...swank.

not watching, did Svuem really have Lake lay down a sac bunt in the 4th or was he going for the hit?

Sac Bung - Len and NotBob speculated that Lake may have done it on his own.

I'm keeping that as bung. I like it.

bung works quite nicely...

wonder why they thought that other than the sheer insanity of doing it....but I present Dale Sveum's lineups as proof that he's capable of it.

That's it, just the idiocy of play. Speculation that he might have been trying to show what a team player he is. Personally, I'd assume Sveum is more the type to call such a boneheaded play.

j.lake with 14 hits in his 1st 6 games. craycray.

Len said Junior Lake's OPS is 1.558

Just when I start to think Soriano is a player . . . I am reminded his resurgence has been on a cushy team with no pressure, he passed up a chance to play for the eventual world champions last year to protect his knees or something, he still enjoys watching his home runs a bit too much, and apparently he and Dempster drink the same kook aid. Yes he has every right to 'take a few days' apparently (tho I would say his real rights are to be ready and say yes or veto) but he to me is much more interested in country club baseball and padding his stats then winning. And THAT is a problem that it will be fun to see eradicated whenever his lazy ass leaves this town. Again I repeat... Do these morons have agents who can counsel them to be ready in obvious trade situations to say yes or veto?

soriano and his family don't want to be on the west coast for some reason. i haven't checked his numbers, but he claims he doesn't play well on the west coast. it'd be interesting if any west coast teams are on his new "that's okay" trade list.

I'm guessing not. I know San Francisco is cold, but I think I do remember him not being into LA too. But obviously the Dodgers don't need and OF, Angels? Oakland? I just find it frustrating. I know it's living in the past to think of these guys as relentless competitors (like when I was growing up in the 60's and 70's) but I mean the guy HAS to know he's not part of the plan and that being in a pennant race is fun. Right? Maybe not . . .

I do agree that it's silly that's he's only now considering it, unless he he wants to decide which teams could provide him a championship (not the other way around, of course). From what I hear though, he's one of the hardest workers in baseball and far from lazy. Some people just have different priorities. Some are willing to win at any cost...cheating or going to another team. Others have a stronger sense of team and loyalty and may not want to win a championship as a mercenary. I absolutely agree though, he should have been ready. BUT, Theo could also have scheduled this meeting earlier so that the decision was already made.

No doubt. But I'm going to put it in the Cubby Occurance column that we have back to back years with a player who is so screwed up they can't handle an obvious part of the job. Yes you make $300 bazillion dollars so one little annoyance is that you may have to say yes or no kinda fast on trades. Dempster never vetoed Atlanta last year. It was hilarious, they just eventually took the offer off the table. I've never seen anything like it. Now last year we could have dealt Soriano but he rejects it. Fine. Now this year he talked several times in the press in recent months about playing for a contender and now it's time and he asks for a few days. The article I post twice above originally ended with him saying he would not say no to the Yankees. And then was extended to kind of say he might as Theo says a complete veto is a possibility. It's true cubby cancer growing wild. Can't wait until the last country clubber is gone. BTW joe I am not really arguing with you at all, just venting about something that pisses me off.

darwin macias with his 3rd error on the season. cubs still lead 6-2 after 5...but ninja is most likely done thanks to pitches thrown and the pen gets 4 innings.

...or not cuz ninja is hitting for himself. 105 pitches...has loaded the bases 3 times in 3 innings in the game...fortunately, only 1 got turned into runs. ha...single.

pulled after 118 pitches with 2 out, goldschmidt up, and men on the corners...0-6 with 6Ks vs ninja (3bb) 3 run HR off b.parker...6-5 game.

That pitch was horrible. Target low and outside, Parker serves it just below the letters, just inside the center of the plate. Straight as an arrow and as big as a Watermelon. Dayamn.

even with the HR i think i'd rather see b.parker continue to pitch in the 7th rather than see m.guerrier pitch in a game the cubs are leading in (especially by only 1 run)...weird stuff...parker only threw 8 pitches.

Junior Lake: welcome to left field, where the ball can leave the yard quickly. It's a big if--he was playing a little shallow, and he took one of Soriano's old routes to the wall--but if Lake gets back there in time, the ball is catchable.

kevin gregg hates cubs fans... corners, 0 outs...

tie game...2 outs. sigh.

Dear Kevin Gregg: Goldschmidt is not an idiot. Even if you have an 0-2 count you have to throw a pitch somewhere near the plate. Otherwise he'll walk and score.

now that the pen has been totally burnt down tonight i wonder who we get next... bowden threw 37 last night, h.rondon 30... tonight parker threw 8, russell threw 3, and guerrier threw 14 combining for 4 outs.

and it's gregg going for 2 innings... bases loaded, 2 outs...because drama and why not...and he coaxes a groundout. phew. 2ip 3h 3bb 0k (he hasn't had a K in 4 games now) i think his trade value is reaching infield rake status at this point. ...wonder who's next to pitch...gregg's gotta be done. 40 pitches.

here comes rondon...awesome. at least he gets a free out...ARZ using p.corbin to PH so they don't burn their backup catcher. ...puts 2 on...gets out of it...woo.

dat cubs lead...sureholds with 5rbi tonight. 7-6, top 12.

rondon going for 2ip... ...and gets it done. CUBS WIN!

Danny Knobler‏@DannyKnoblerCBS56m Even before blown save tonight: Kevin Gregg thru 6/21: 0.77 ERA, .473 OPS against. Since then: 6.75 ERA, .943 OPS against.

lulz...tim naehring (ex-BOS player turned high profile yanks scout) is at the game tonight looking bored as hell. wonder if he's scouting anyone other than soriano.