Guest Column: A Look at How the 2012 Cubs Draft is Going

It seemed a lot of you liked it when WISCGRAD did a brief rundown of the 2013 draft and how the draftees are doing so far, so WISCGRAD just went ahead and did the 2012 draft as well. What a guy...

Round Player Position Comments
1 Albert Almora OF .321/.331/.464 between Arizona and Boise in 2012, .329/.376/.466 in 272 ABs for KC in 2013 before heading to DL. Will Play in the Arizona Fall League
CA Pierce Johnson RHP Only 11 IP in 2012 after signing; now 11-6 with a 2.81 ERA in 20 starts for KC and Daytona
CA Paul Blackburn RHP 3.48 ERA in 20 IP for Arizona in 2012, 3.35 ERA in 43 IP for Boise in 2013
2 Duane Underwood RHP Only 8 IP in 2012 after signing; 4.56 ERA in 51 IP for Boise in 2013
3 Ryan McNeil RHP 20 solid IP for Arizona in 2012 before requiring TJ surgery
4 Josh Conway RHP Recovered from TJ surgery in 2012, sufferred stress fracture to same elbow in Extended Spring Training 2013
5 Anthony Prieto LHP 2.33 in 19 IP for Arizona in 2012; 4.29 ERA in 21 IP for Arizona in 2013
6 Trey Lang RHP Only 13 IP in 2012 after signing; 8.88 ERA in 24 IP for Arizaon and Boise in 2013
7 Stephen Bruno 3B .361/.442/.496 in 252 ABs for Boise in 2012; .362/.436/.478 in 69 ABs for Daytona in 2013 but on DL most of season with recurring hamstring injury
8 Michael Heesch LHP 2.45 ERA in 25 IP for Arizona and Boise in 2012; 3.78 ERA in 119 IP for KC in 2013
9 Chadd Krist C .274/.335/.433 line in 208 ABs for Boise and Peoria in 2012; .249/.361/.355 line in 291 ABs for KC and Daytona in 2013
10 Chad Martin RHP 5.06 ERA in 16 IP for Arizona in 2012; now playing in the Frontier League
11 Rashad Crawford OF Only 30 ABs after signing in 2012; .208/.302/.277 line in 130 ABs for Arizona in 2013
12 Justin Amlung RHP 4.00 ERA in 18 IP for Arizona/Boise in 2012; 3.95 ERA in 66 IP for KC in 2013
13 Bijan Rademacher OF .278/.320/.396 line in 187 ABs for Boise/Peoria in 2012; .287/.355/.381 line in 310 ABs for KC and Daytona in 2013
14 Corbin Hoffner RHP Only 12 IP in 2012 after signing; 1.55 ERA in 40 IP for Boise in 2013
15 Carlos Escobar C .234/.358/.390 line for Arizona/Boise in 2012; .233/.298/.373 line in 150 ABs for KC in 2013
16 Michael Hamann RHP Only 11 IP in 2012 after signing; 1.82 ERA in 24 IP for Boise and KC in 2013
17 Nathan Dorris LHP 1.88 ERA in 24 IP for Arizona/Boise in 2012; 2.80 ERA in 61 IP for KC in 2013
18 David Bote SS .232/.349/.360 line for Arizona in 2012; .225/.329/.341 line for Daytona/KC/Boise in 2013
21 Stephen Perakslis RHP 3.42 ERA in 26 IP for Arizona/Peoria in 2012; 2.95 ERA in 55 IP for KC in 2013
22 Eddie Orozco RHP 1.88 ERA in 28 IP for Arizona/Boise in 2012; 4.88 ERA in 31 IP for KC/Boise in 2013
26 Jasvir Rakkar RHP Only 10 IP in 2012 after signing; 3.98 ERA in 31 IP for Boise in 2013
27 Tyler Bremer RHP 5.71 ERA in 17 IP for Arizona/Boise in 2012; 2.25 ERA in 24 IP for Boise in 2013
28 Lance Rymel C .188/.246/.344 line for Boise in 2012; .260/.335/.329 line Boise in 2013
30 Izaac Garsez OF .246/.331/.410 line for Arizona/Boise in 2012; not playing in 2013
32 Tim Saunders SS .381/.431/.536 line in 194 ABs for Arizona/Peoria/Daytona in 2012; .226/.316/.321 line for Daytona in 2013
35 Ben Carhart 3B .353/.419/.456 line for Arizona in 2012; .246/.297/.336 line for Daytona in 2013
40 Jacob Rogers 1B .326/.462/.507 line for Arizona/Peoria in 2012; .284/.396/.419 line in 236 ABs for Boise in 2013

Cubs @ Dodgers tonight...


My own view after doing it is: Of the 17 pitchers drafted, 6 are doing great, 2 others solid, 2-4 just seem to be OK or meh, 4 are really struggling, 1 other has been released, and 2 others are injured. Of the position players, Almora was doing great at KC this year before getting injured. Bruno's rate stats have been awesome but he has spent much of this year on the DL with a hamstring injury. Rogers has an OPS over .800 at Boise, and Rademacher is doing fine for KC/Daytona. But the three catchers are all struggling; Bote-Saunders-Carhart in the infield are not hitting at all in 2013; Crawford's OPS is below .600 at Arizona, and Garsez was not brought back this year.

Any shot of any of the pitchers being quality# 2 or &#3 starters? Thanks

Bruno had Tommy John surgery. Stephen Bruno‏@UvaBruno11 4 Jul Joining club Tommy John..just a bump in the back in no time ! Stephen Bruno‏@UvaBruno11 28 Jul Making progress already --- note the distal forearm sutures, they took the palmaris longus tendon for his UCL graft.

Shouldn't that go inside the arm? #nightmares

#nightmares --- Surgeons rarely say oops... They just got done harvesting the graft, before it goes to the medial elbow. Kind of like K.Harrelson preparing a can of corn before eating it.

Mike Olt may have been the more well-known name in the trade that sent Matt Garza to Texas, but Edwards could end up being the prize of the haul for the Cubs. With a fastball that sits around 90-94 mph and can get into the high 90s when he needs it, Edwards is a strike thrower who repeats his delivery, works down in the zone, misses plenty of bats and can keep the ball in the yard. The home run he allowed two weeks ago was the first he’s allowed in his 179-inning career. After eight strikeouts in four shutout innings yesterday, Edwards, 21, lowered his ERA to 1.45 in five starts since joining high Class A Daytona.

Jonathan Gray in that link as well, doing quite well.

"Adam RubinVerified account ‏@AdamRubinESPN Got confirmation: Parial UCL tear in elbow for Harvey. Headed to DL. #mets" that's a TJ trip. see you in 2015 harvey...

My season ticket waiting list number has come up, and a representavtive of the Cubs will be attending a game with me on Sept 7th. I can only assume it will be Tom Ricketts.

I hear if you're trying to buy the cheap seats, you get Ronnie Woo-Woo.

okay, that's a lie, there's no such thing as cheap seats at Wrigley.

Samardzija wins player of the week.

Oh my god, I can watch that clip all day.

The crowd would've gone wild if there was one.

I don't know if this is same at bat, Tulo truly perplexed

Another team's rebuilding plan.

now they can throw $25m a year at the team over the next 4 years! ...oh wait, that's not how it works...i mean, that's never how it works.

The fact that Rizzo is thinking about batting 3rd vs. 2nd is dumb. The only two factors should be whether there are baserunners and how many outs. Does anyone in the organization think to coach these guys on the mental aspects of the game?

well whatever nonsense he said, he ended up hitting just fine in 2 spot.

292/393/542 over those 5 games

Someone should tell Anthony Rizzo that before he was moved into the #4 spot to stay in 1963, Ron Santo hit lead-off 17 times and batted 2nd in the order seven times in 1962.

Santo was a big-time OBP guy, leading the National League in OBP twice in the 1960's. He also led the N. L. in walks four out of five seasons 1964-68 (and he tied for the league-lead in triples in 1964, too!).   

These kids now a days.....think they know everything.

in early action... Baez 1-1, 2 rbi including a sac fly Olt, 0-0, 2 walks

justin bellinger didn't even make their top 50? wtf? if he doesn't go top 10 i'd be shocked...hell, if he doesn't go top 5 i'd be surprised. 6'6" 230lbs and murders the ball...not only is he the best HS power prospect in next year's draft...he's better than pretty much every power prospect on the college level. btw, he opts to use a wood bat to do his a high school division that uses aluminum...and he's the only one doing it. this is going to be a heavy SP + SS 1st round in 2014...

Next ten: Justin Bellinger, Scott Hurst, Keaton McKinney, Nick Burdi, Austin Cousino, Cameron Varga, Alex Lange, Trenton Kemp, Brandon Murray, Spencer Adams. Same writer did a mock 2014 draft 2+ months ago and had Bellinger going 19th. Doesn't make list either.

bellinger had a crappy power showcase this year...his longest one being 420-ish and he fouled off or outfield placed a lot of his hits. that's the only thing i can think of that would knock him down so much. still, based on what he's done in highschool...with a wood bat...i find it hard to believe so many are giving up on him so quickly. plus, he dominated the power showcase last year...hit one 470+ ft at chase field. he's probably very tired. he's spent the past many years playing a full season of highschool ball plus every single summer league he can find. if he actually slips to 2nd round btw, i don't think the guy is the next's just that the 2014 draft is so extremely weak with power bats. also, wow...tyler beede is #21 on the rankings...lot of people expecting him to go top-10, easy. he was a 1st round pick by TOR out of highschool in 2011.

Javy Baez just blasted a 3-1 pitch towering over the LF wall. Andreoli was on 2nd (after stealing 2nd) with two outs. 6-0 Smokies that just made my milb tv subscription worth the price!

Baez and Miggy both homer again. I swear ... I'm gonna check and see how many days they've both homered in last three-four weeks.

and Olt is 0-1, 3 walks...I-Cubs up 2-1 in the bottom of 8th, in Iowa.

a win tonight and the Smokies clinch a playoff birth... Smokies Playoff fever, catch it... AA ball...the balloon pop relay between innings.

Three playoff teams--Tennessee, Daytona and Boise--out of five ain't bad.

VA PHIL: Actually either four or five of the eight Cubs affiliates will likely qualify for the post-season playoffs: Tennessee (clinched), Daytona (close to clinching), Boise (50-50 chance), DSL Cubs (clinched), and VSL Cubs (lost to VSL Mariners in VSL Championship series earlier this month), but not Iowa, Kane County, or AZL Cubs. 

BTW, players from a lower classification can be moved up to an affiliate from a higher classification for post-season play, so one or more AZL Cubs players could be moved up to Boise (if Boise makes it), and one or more KC players could be moved up to Daytona for the playoffs.

I didn't see Hillsboro winning 8 of 10 and sneaking up on Boise. They go head-to-head this weekend to conclude the season.

you have to go all the way back to 2011 to find a similar occurrence (discounting the DSL and VSL teams)

Christian Villaneuva catches a foul pop...Smokies celebrate with a 6-0 win.

4th pitch of the game...j.lake failed bunt...getting it out of the way least it wasn't for strike 3 or weakly bunted to the pitcher. what is his obsession with bunting? sure, he's got 4 bunt hits, but you'd think he was t.campana or something with the amount of chances he takes...and m.garza by the amount he fouls off.

Yes and Castro was running and had a better jump than when Rizzo was up, wish he'd have swung away or taken the pitch. The dude is a trip. He's just wound really tight I think, and it's one of his nervous ticks. He has a bunting tick....

between that and his mini-sammy-sosa epic swings, he's proving to be quite entertaining in almost every AB.

j.lake bunts for a hit in the 7th...lulz.

"his mini-sammy-sosa epic swings" To each his own, I guess. To me, only Lake and Rizzo on the Cubs would qualify for a beautiful-swing contest. The other guys are all pretty ugly and hard for me to watch. Castro sometimes puts a nice straightaway swing on a pitch middle-outside. What are you going to say about over-swinging when Baez shows up?

Call me when J. Lake hits 35 homeruns in a partial season. His huge hacks are fine until he's got two strikes on him.

Lake will probably disappear if he doesn't figure that out, but that's what keeps guys in/out of the lineup anyway. Will be interesting to see what happens.

Not sure why I'm supposed to call you. All I said was he had a nice swing. Who hits 35 home runs without trying to get a couple of good rips every at-bat? I've seen half or more of Lake's at-bats and I just haven't see the hacking. Hacking implies swinging and missing, where Lake hits a lot of fouls. Hacking also implies swinging at pitches out of the zone, whereas I've seen Lake take a lot of close pitches, especially early in the count. I just don't see what you and crunch see. Everything looks promising to me so far. He has shown a tendency lately to try to pull outside pitches, which could spell the end of the 9-game hitting streak and the onset of a slump.

when i say "hacking" in the case of j.lake, i mean he loads up and swings the bat as if he was just woken up at 3am by an attacker 2ft from his face and he's fighting for his life. he takes these mighty, full-force, "screw the world" swings. they don't seem wild or uncontrolled...just extremely hard swings that torque his body as he finishes his follow through.

Sunday he took a good 2-Strike swing, and hit a line drive up the middle. I mean...he CAN do it. Doesn't mean he'll learn to always do it....

Of course he can do it, he's young. A love all the alarmist reactions to 22 and 23 year olds around here.

I was responding to your implied connection of Javier Baez and Junior Lake, who may both take big swings. They'd both benefit from a more under control two-strike approach. But one of them could potentially hit 30+ HRs in the majors and thus get away with striking out a lot.

Big as Lake is, and just starting to fill out, I wouldn't say too confidently that only one of those hitters has 30+ HR potential.

Lake may have the physical tools necessary to drive the ball out of the park regularly, so there's always that possibility. But career high in homeruns so far is the 17 he hit between A+, AA, and AFL in 2011. That's nothing to scoff at, but it doesn't put him on anywhere near the slugger level as Baez is right now. I like Lake plenty, and I'm happy to see him take an aggressive swing until he's got two strikes on him. But he will need a two-strike approach to succeed in the majors, and even his aggressive swings get a bit out of control at times. The same could be said of Baez, but the kind of power he already possesses will blot out some blemishes. Also, Lake will probably be playing an outfield spot, while Baez's bat will be playing on the infield somewhere. We actually agree a fair amount here, I just thought you might be making a somewhat facile connection between Lake and Baez and being picky as I am I couldn't let it go.

I agree that we agree "a fair amount here." I'm not making large claims for Lake or trying to compare him to Baez, except in one particular: like Baez, Lake knows that the first rule of hitting is to get good rips--what Theo has called "selective aggression." (You swing selectively, but when you do, you always try to drive the ball.) The player on the Cubs who drives me most nuts is Castro, who hasn't internalized the rule about getting good rips. Neither has crunch, who got me started on my defense of Lake.

Listening to Vin Scully never gets old.

not arrieta's night again...he even walked greinke and gave up a hit to him (though greinke is hitting oddly well this season). 5ip 6h 5bb 3k...4er

Yeah he has that Kerry Wood thing where you gotta watch for his loss of command somewhere in the first 5 innings and hope it doesn't get ugly. And yeah Greinke is batting over .330 and Scully said when SWAIM coached him in Mil, that he'd ask for advanced scouting on hitters. Considers himself a bat, and hard to argue this year.

I presume you meant advanced scouting on pitchers?

I'm happy to be in the minority that thinks NL pitchers should take more pride in their offense and work harder at it.

i truly miss the comedy of a randy johnson AB.

We Cubs fans have been treated to some fun pitcher ABs over the last decade or so. Kerry Wood, Carlos Zambrano, Travis Wood, and even Ted Lilly come to mind.

I remember big limbering hacker Rick Reuschel had a great bat too!

Gameday listed Villanueva's 56 mph pitch to Ramirez as an "Eephus". I didn't know that they had that term in their repertoire.

that's at least the 3rd time he's thrown that this year. odd pitch.

b.wilson (LAD) throwing 88mph sliders and 93mph fastballs. good for him...except for the striking out d.murphy to end the game thing.

Cubs are 6-18 in August, I believe i heard Vin say that was the worst record in baseball for the month.

and they lead the NL in HRs in august...bunk.

Hold on for Rodon! (The best tanking rally cry I could come up with.)

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  • Hagsag 39 min 42 sec ago (view)

    Thom? NFW!


  • crunch 10 hours 53 min ago (view)

    it probably had nothing to do with len leaving, but Marquee can get rid of that "we're all wearing suits and we're classy as hell" look.

    i loved len and bob...len and jd i was only warming up to in the past couple years.  either way, gonna miss len.


  • crunch 10 hours 58 min ago (view)

    *laura ricketts has entered the chat*


  • crunch 10 hours 59 min ago (view)

    the claim is he "really wants to do radio" and "totally nothing wrong with Marquee"...etc etc

    but yeah...the team is having a hell of an offseason having theo walk away with a year left on his deal, semi-embarrassingly trying to find a taker for bryant, deciding to not keep schwarber, and now the long-time cubs pbp TV guy leaves for a radio gig across town.

    all of this and the cubs are yet to be linked to any FA discussions...or names for a GM hunt...or a pool of teams actually interested in bryant...or anything resembling a 2021 plan so far...


  • Eric S 11 hours 1 min ago (view)

    Thom Brennaman - a longtime Cub fan favorite - would fit Marquee to a T 🤣


  • Charlie 11 hours 4 min ago (view)

    My appreciation of Len has waned since 2016. But he and JD have been my favorite Cubs broadcast crew in the ~25 years I've paid close attention.

    I wasn't thrilled about the few changes that came along with Marquee this year.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 20 hours 38 min ago (view)

    I believe this is the correct take. It's surprising that Len is leaving. He's good, but he had gotten a little too rationalizey over the past few years for me.

    However, it seemed he was heavily invested in the Cubs. His departure feels like there is some Ricketts-ish bullshit going on behind the scenes at Marquee that Len wants no part of. Anyway, I wish him well with the other Chicago team


  • crunch 21 hours 15 min ago (view)


    is everything the ricketts touch just falling to shit in 2021?  ....well, except their heavy investments in taking over the state of Nebraska politically with one of the sons and heavy investment in supportive state legislators...


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 22 hours 45 min ago (view)

    This makes a whole lot of sense. Thanks Phil!

    (And that HR off Hader was unforgettable)


  • Hagsag 1 day 1 hour ago (view)



  • Wrigley Rat 1 day 6 hours ago (view)

    Len Kasper is leaving the Cubs for the White Sox radio booth.


  • Charlie 1 day 10 hours ago (view)

    I would be happy to see the Cubs no longer spend DH time on Victor Caratini. Provided there's a Kyle Schwarber or better alternative, of course.


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 18 hours ago (view)

    DJL: I don't think Ildemaro Vargas being out of minor league options is much of a concern to the Cubs because as things stand right now he projects as the team's primary utility infielder in 2021. He can play all four INF positions (1B, 2B, 3B, and SS, plus corner OF, too), and he is switch hitter with some pop, especially from the right side (remember the 9th inning HR he hit off Josh Hader in September?). 


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 1 day 19 hours ago (view)

    I'm a little surprised Ildemaro Vargas was tendered, given that he's out of options. He has value and isn't expensive as he is pre-arb this year, but still a bit surprised. Have to think he's got an inside track to an Opening Day spot at this point


  • waveland 2 days 4 hours ago (view)

    really appreciate the years and years of your updates


  • Arizona Phil 2 days 6 hours ago (view)

    BRADSBEARD: Strumpf was wearing a cast on his hand in Minor League Camp before everything got shut-down in March so his not being at South Bend might have had something to do with that. I don't know why Rivas wasn't at the ATS.