2019 Cubs Extended Spring Training Roster


OF Edmond Americaan has been moved-up to Lo-A South Bend and INF Clayton Daniel has been moved back up to AA Tennessee from EXST.



OF Brennen Davis has been moved-up to Lo-A South Bend and OF D. J. Wilson has been moved-up to Hi-A Myrtle Beach from EXST. 



RHSP Jose Albertos has been moved-up to Lo-A South Bend from EXST. 



INF Gioskar Amaya (February 2017 right knee surgery rehab) has been moved-up to AA Tennessee and 3B-1B Wladimir Galindo has been moved back up to Hi-A Myrtle Beach from EXST (Galindo spent three weeks at EXST).



RHP Adbert Alzolay (lat strain rehab) and RHP Alexander Vargas have been moved-up to Hi-A Myrtle Beach and RHRP Junichi Tazawa has been moved-up to AAA Iowa from EXST, and RHP Riley McCauley has been moved-down to EXST from Lo-A South Bend.  



RHRP Sean Barry has been moved-up to Lo-A South Bend from EXST and OF D. J. Wilson has been moved-down to EXST from Hi-A Myrtle Beach. 



RHRP Tommy Nance and RHRP Jake Stinnett have been moved-up to Hi-A Myrtle Beach from EXST, and OF-1B Abraham Rodriguez has been reinstated from the Restricted List and is active at EXST. 



The Cubs have signed FA RHP John Pomeroy and he has been assigned to EXST. 



SS Luis Vazquez has been moved-up to AA Tennessee from EXST. 



LHRP Jack Patterson has been moved-up to Lo-A South Bend from EXST. 



3B-1B Wladimir Galindo has been moved-down to EXST from Hi-A Myrtle Beach. 



SS-3B Christopher Morel has been moved-up to Lo-A South Bend from EXST. 


4/11 UPDATE:

3B Jesse Hodges and INF Clayton Daniel have been moved-up to AA Tennessee from EXST. 



Here is the 2019 Cubs Extended Spring Training roster. 

There are more than 100 players assigned to EXST, and there may be some additions & changes in the coming days.  


last updated 6-2-2019 
* bats or throws left 
# bats both 

: 47 
Maikel Aguiar 
* Chris Allen 
Willy Cabrera 
Alfredo Colorado 
Enrique de los Rios (ACTIVE REHAB
Manuel Espinoza 
Jeremiah Estrada 
* Riger Fernandez 
Emilio Ferrebus 
Kohl Franklin 
Jamie Galazin (ex-OF)
Richard Gallardo 
* Misael Garcia
Jose Miguel Gonzalez
Julio Guante  
Fauris Guerrero
Manuel Heredia 
Elias Herrera  
Chad Hockin (ACTIVE REHAB) 
* Brandon Hughes (ex-OF) 
* Danny Hultzen (ACTIVE REHAB)
Chi-Feng Lee 
* Brendon Little (ACTIVE REHAB)
* Joel Machado 
Riley McCauley 
Ivan Medina
Eduarniel Nunez 
* Pablo Ochoa
Carlos Ocampo 
Raidel Orta  
Yunior Perez 
John Pomeroy  
Luis Ramos 
Jorge Remon 
* Ruben Reyes (ex-OF) 
Benjamin Rodriguez 
* Luis Rodriguez 
Casey Ryan
* Luis Silva 
Niels Stone 
Jesus Tejada 
Keegan Thompson (ACTIVE REHAB)
* Didier Vargas 
Carlos Vega 
Omar Ventura 
Blake Whitney 

* Andres Bonalde 
* Xavier Cedeno 
Danis Correa 
Yovanny Cruz
* Bryan Hudson 
* Conor Lillis-White
Jake Reindl
* Josh Sawyer 
Allen Webster

Corey Black 
Casey Bloomquist
Kendall Graveman  
* Luke Hagerty 
M. T. Minacci 
Brandon Morrow 
Duncan Robinson 
* Jerry Vasto 

Alexander Guerra 
Caleb Knight 
Marcus Mastrobuoni (ACTIVE REHAB
Orian Nunez (ex-INF)
Richard Nunez 
Raymond Pena 
Henderson Perez 
* Jonathan Soto 
Danny Zardon (ex-INF)  

# Santiago Blanco (LIMITED ACTIVITY
* Rochest Cruz 
Luis Diaz 
# Reivaj Garcia 
# Josue Huma  
Widimer Joaquin 
# Pedro Martinez 
Rafael Mejia 
Herson Perez
Fabian Pertuz  
Oswaldo Pina
Jake Slaughter 
Luis Verdugo 

Yovanny Cuevas 
# Jose Gutierrez (ACTIVE REHAB)  
* Albert Hinirio 
Dalton Hurd 
Fernando Kelli 
* Ervis Marchan
Kevin Moreno 
Carlos Morfa 
Carlos Pacheco 
* Ezequiel Pagan 
* Abraham Rodriguez
* Ricardo Verenzuela (LIMITED ACTIVITY
Brandon Vicens 


Carmelo Martinez 

Ricardo Medina 
Lance Rymel 

Claudio Almonte (Hitting Coach) 
Yasiel Balaguert (Assistant Hitting Coach)  
Michael Carter (Hitting Coach) 
Armando Gabino (Pitching Coach) 
Manny Olivera (Pitching Coach) 
Tyler Pearson (Catching Coach)
Chris Pieters (Outfield Coach) 
Jacob Rogers (Assistant Hitting Coach) 
Carlos Rojas (Infield Coach) 
Chase Spivey (Hitting Coach)
Anderson Tavarez (Pitching Coach) 

Sean Folan 
Matthew Hussey 
Ike Ojata 

Mike McGrew 
Ryan Nordtvedt
Andres Rondon 


Thanks for the update Phil.

Rob Z. had a nice outing for the OKC Dodgers last night...

Zack Short to the DL.

Hit by pitch in the finger two days ago.

If it’s the finger, that’s better than the wrist at least. 

Possible fracture.

Never sounds good.

The Cubs have released RHSP Jen-Ho Tseng (Designated for Assignment last Saturday). The Cubs could not place Tseng on Outright Assignment Waivers because he is on the Iowa 7-day DL, so they had to either trade him or release him. And they could re-sign him (to a minor league contract) if he clears Outright Release Waivers on Saturday, presuming both Tseng and the Cubs have a mutual interest in Tseng remaining with the Cubs at the minor league level (at least through the 2019 season). NOTE: If he is released and then re-signs with the Cubs, Tseng must sign a minor league contract, and he cannot be added back to the Cubs MLB 40-man roster (and 25-man roster) for at least 30 days. 

If Tseng is not claimed off Release Waivers and does not re-sign with the Cubs, he gets his 2019 minor league split salary (about $90,000) as terminatton pay. That's because the termination pay for a player signed to a "split contract" (one salary if the player is on an MLB Active List or MLB injured list, and a different and much lower salary if the player is on Optional Assignment to the minors) is the minor league salary, as long as he is released while on Optional Assignment to the minors (as was the case with Tseng). The one caveat is that a club cannot option a player to the minors and then release him just to avoid termination pay paid at the Major League rate. 

Also remember that while - AN INJURED PLAYER CAN BE RELEASED AT ANY TIME - (and an injured player can also be non-tendered on 12/2), most injured players can be placed on Outright Assignment Waivers (and be outrighted to the minors) only during a limited period of time extending from the day after the conclusion of the MLB regular season until the off-season roster filing deadline on 11/20. The one exception is an injured player on an MLB 40-man roster who did not accrue any MLB Service Time during the previous season. As long as the player is not a Rule 6 Selected Player or Draft-Excluded Player or MLB Rule 55 player and as long as the player has accrued less than three years of MLB Service Time in his career, a player who accrued no MLB Service Time the previous season can be outrighted to the minors (even if he is injured) beginning on the day after the conclusion of the MLB regular season up until 15 days prior to MLB Opening Day. 

Gordan Wittenmeyer wrote that Tseng has been released.

The Cubs have added RHP Manuel Heredia and LHP Joel Machado to the EXST roster, so that makes a total of three 2018-19 IFA making their pro debut at EXST (RHP Richard Gallardo is the other one). 

The Cubs have signed FA RHP John Pomeroy (PIT 2016 13th round draft pick - Oregon State) and he has been assigned to Extended Spring Training.

The 6'5 210 24-year old righty was released by the Pirates at the end of Minor League Camp earlier this month after spending three seasons in the Pirates organization.  

He underwent TJS in April 2017 and missed the 2017 season, but he returned to the mound in 2018.  

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  • Arizona Phil 6 min 50 sec ago (view)

    18-year old SS Luis Verdugo last ten games for AZL Cubs #2 (45 PA): 429/467/881 with four doubles, five HR, and 18 RBI, including three three-hit games and one four-hit game among the ten games.

    As I mentioned at the start of the AZL season in June, Verdugo is the Cubs #1 prospect in the AZL (see my comment in this thread from June 15th). 


  • Arizona Phil 7 min 1 sec ago (view)

    Both AZL Cubs #2 and AZL Athletics Gold win (big) in their games Saturday night and Dodgers Mota clinches one of the two remaining playoff slots with a win while Royals and Padres #1 lose. So it's AZL Cubs #1 vs AZL Cubs #2 at Sloan Park tomorrow afternoon (with game-time temperatures 110+), with Benjamin Rodriguez scheduled to pitch for Cubs #1 and Carlos Ocampo scheduled to start for Cubs #2.   


  • crunch 1 hour 6 min ago (view)

    oscar de la cruz since passing through waivers unclaimed...8 relief appearances

    11.2ip 11h 2bb 16k, 2r/er (both earned runs in 1 appearance)


  • crunch 6 hours 10 min ago (view)

    it's kinda crazy to think there's a chance pedro strop won't make the post season roster (yeah, the cubs have to get there first) unless he shows something different the next 5 weeks.  it's been hard to watch.


  • crunch 9 hours 50 min ago (view)

    yeah, and evidently they can't pitch either.

    now we need a few stupid baserunning mistakes to go with this new look.


  • crunch 9 hours 59 min ago (view)

    cubs can't field or hit anymore.

    this is not a good late-season look.


  • Dolorous Jon Lester 10 hours 28 min ago (view)

    What happened to Danny Hultzen this time??


  • Jackstraw 10 hours 39 min ago (view)

    All whites are distinctive.  And ugly.


  • Arizona Phil 11 hours 24 min ago (view)

    There should be a number of good players and pitchers available off Outright Assignment Waivers over the next few days as non-contending clubs look to jettison payroll even if they can't get players back. The only problem is that the claiming club assumes 100% of the player's remaining pro-rated salary (albeit only one month's worth, unless the player is signed beyond 2019 and/or has a post-season buy-out).   


  • Arizona Phil 12 hours 8 min ago (view)

    BTW, Danny Zardon (signed by the Cubs out of Independent ball during Minor League Camp in March and converted from 3B to catcher at EXST) is now being converted to RHP in the AZL.    


  • Arizona Phil 12 hours 8 min ago (view)

    The AZL regular season concludes on Monday and the playoffs start on Tuesday and although AZL Cubs #1 has been eliminated, AZL Cubs #2 is right in the middle of the race to get one of the last two playoff slots. 


  • Arizona Phil 13 hours 43 min ago (view)

    Today is the last day of the DSL regular season. Neither DSL Cubs #1 nor DSL Cubs #2 qualified for the DSL playoffs. 


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 2 hours ago (view)

    RHP Kelvin Abreu (April 2019 IFA - Venezuela) had his contract voided and he has been released. He spent his entire pro career (four months) on the Restricted List.  


  • Charlie 1 day 6 hours ago (view)

    I didn't watch the game, but I see that Lester got knocked around despite a significant headwind from CF. That's a rare feat.


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 7 hours ago (view)

    I think it's becoming increasingly likely that the Cubs will not exercise Lester's 2021 $25M option after next season (paying the $10M buy-out instead and direct the remaining $15M elsewhere). The 2021 $25M option automatically vests if Lester throws at least 400 IP over the course of 2019-20, but that isn't going to happen.