Cubs. vs. Diamondbacks: Chatwood vs. Ray (Game 20)

CHC (9-10): RHP Tyler Chatwood (0-0, 6.00 ERA)
ARZ (11-10): LHP Robbie Ray (0-1, 4.64)
First pitch 1:20pmCDT

Chatwood makes his first start of 2019 after having the earlier opportunity yoinked away by a rain out. The official line is that the Cubs are playing the matchups by using Chatwood against ARZ and pushing Quintana back. But AZ Phil they might also intend for ARZ to get a look at Chatwood for a potential trade. The key for Chatwood continues to be commanding his fastball.

Robbie Ray gets the ball for the D-Backs in his 5th start of the season. He's allowed more walks than hits so far, 15 BB and 14 H in 21.0 IP. He's held opposing batters to very low batting averages in the past 3 years, so patience will be especially important.

The cold wind we saw in the past two games has shifted and both teams will enjoy the warm afternoon and a breeze blowing out to center. I wish you all some holiday (Cub) homeruns.


Chatwood to start. Mills warming up 

who's this new guy wearing chatwood's jersey?

he's pretty good so far.

4ip 1h 1bb 2k, 0r/er

wow.  way to go chatwood.

6ip 2h 2bb 3k, 0r/er, 71 pitches (he was on a loose 75-ish pitch limit)

this is his first start without giving up a run since april 29, 2018...he's had 15 starts since then, all last season (he gave up runs in 21 of 24 outings last year as a starter and reliever).

That should earn another start, but it looks like Lester might be ready next time around.

he lost command/control in the 1st and 6th for only for a few pitches total...a bad one in the 6th, but he got back into the groove rather quickly.

he's not ace material, but he's got good stuff when he can consistantly repeat it not just start-to-start, but inning-to-inning.


tie game in the 9th...solo HR given up by strop...

rough no decision for chatwood's best outing in almost a year.

It’s not every day you get to see a homerun by Jarrod Dyson.  More rare than a no-hitter so there’s that ... and also a Bote walk-off single will play!!

bote's such a great "part time regular"...gonna be nice to have him around on the cheap for years.

he's got a bit of pop along with his hitting skill and he can play 2nd/3rd well enough to be a legit starter at either posiiton even if he's not gold glove slick.

That’s now Bote’s 4th walk-off RBI since joining the Cubs - the moment doesn’t get too big for him and his confidence is growing.

his WAR is so damn literal.

also, wow 4...didn't know it was that high.  not bad a guy with about 260 career PA.


"it's the easter bote!" - jd

Switched over to the Brewers-Dodgers game in time to see Kenley Janzen give up a tying 3 run homer to Eric Thames with two outs in the 8th ... only to see the Doyers retake the lead with a two out solo shot by Bellinger off of Hader. 

Janzen back out in the ninth to try to close it out  

Trade Chatwood now.

David Bote's wife about to give birth as he laced his walk-off single, so Bote had to leave Wrigey Field in hurry.

Bote will probably be placed on Paternity Leave List on Tuesday (no reason to do it until then) and be reinstated in time for the start of the Diamondbacks series in Phoenix on Friday. (A player must stay on the Paternity Leave List for at least one day but no more than three).

I would expect Ian Happ to be temporarily recalled (replacing Bote) for the Dodger series beginning on Tuesday. 


A player can be placed on the Major League Paternity Leave List when he leaves his club to attend the birth of his child. The childbirth must be either imminent or have occurred within the previous 48 hours.

A player can be placed on the Paternity Leave List any time during the MLB regular season and post-season.

A player must remain on the Paternity Leave List for at least 24 hours, but no more than 72 hours.

A player can be transferred from the Paternity Leave List to the Bereavement/Family Medical Emergency List if the childbirth results in a death or medical complication. For players who are transferred from the Paternity Leave List to the Bereavement/Family Medical Emergency List, time spent on the Paternity Leave List counts toward the maximum number of days permitted to be spent by the player on the Bereavement/Family Medical Emergency List.

The Paternity Leave List functions like the 7-day or 10-day Injured List, in that a player on the Paternity Leave List does not count against his club's Active List, so he can be replaced by another player while on the Paternity Leave List. He does count against his club's Reserve List (40-man roster), however.

An MLB player continues to accrue MLB service time while on the list.

Note that because they have no union or CBA, there is no paid Paternity Leave (or Bereavement/Family Medical Emergency leave) for minor league players, so a minor leaguer attending a childbirth is placed on the generic minor league "Temporarily Inactive List" (which covers any temporary leave of absence). Minor leaguers on the TIL are not paid while on the list. The Temporarily Inactive List is also is used when a minor league player leaves a club due to a family medical emergency or a death in the family. 

Spidey senses say Machin or Dewees, as Happ is likely benefited by regular at-bats. Likely looking for one player to PH in the fifth or sixth inning one time on either or both of two days. Machin noe Dewees would get claimed if DFAd.

Who gets DFA to allow either of those two on 40, though?

Morrow to the 60.

Too bad Ryan Court isn’t around anymore. Always wanted him to get at least one day at Wrigley. 

Nice call. The perfect chance for a guy like that.

Did Court find a new team?

Remember that when a minor league player with no previous MLB 40-man roster time is added to the 40 during the 2019 season, his minor league split salary is fixed at $45,300 for his first season on the 40, so if a player like Machin was to get a brief ride on the 25, it would require placing him on the 40 to do that, and once he is added to the 40 -- even if he is outrighted back to the minors after three days in Chicago -- his 2019 minor league salary would jump from about $18,000 (where it is now ) to $45,300, and I doubt that the Cubs would do that if they can just recall a player (Happ or maybe a reliever) who is already on the 40 and who already has a fixed 2019 minor league split salary. 

Fair call, and educational, as usual.

We shall see.

I hope the Cubs' financial situation isn't so dire that worrying about saving $25k is going to factor on what player they can call up that would best enhance their chances to win. 

SONICWIND: If you disregard the affect it would have on club payroll (slight) and the player's minor league option years (substantial) and how it might impact the Cubs MLB 40-man roster later in the season (TBD), the actual best temporary replacement for David Bote for the two or three days he's on Paternity Leave who might enhance their chances to win would probably be Trent Giambrone, but I would be surprised if the Cubs were to add Giambrone to the 25 (and the 40) right now. Giambrone is Rule 5 Draft-eligible post-2019 so he could be called-up during the season (like the Cubs did with Mark Zagunis a couple of years ago), but probably only if they have already decided he was absolutely, postively going to be added to the 40 post-2019 anyway, and the call-up is for more than just a couple of games.  

So if it's just a matter of adding a replacement body to the 25 for a couple or three games while Bote is absent, I would say that it will likely be Ian Happ, or (less-likely) a reliever who is already on the 40 (like Rosario, Norwood, Maples, or Wick).

I agree that for only 3 games, taking into consideration option years and 40-man roster makes complete sense.  Guess I'm still a little peeved about the Ricketts crying poor when they more than likely have a lamp not being used that costs more than $25k. 

Crying poor is more acceptable than honesty, if honesty would note a "gentleman's agreement" between the Yankees, Dodgers, Cubs, and Red Sox to not go over the spending limits.

In the highly unlikely case that's in play.

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  • Eric S 2 hours 57 min ago (view)

    And Joe pinch hits for Descalso again today - now 205/277/316 on the year. But no need to put a jumpy-jump in the parking lot during spring training like they did last year for TLS so it balances out. 


  • crunch 3 hours 20 min ago (view)

    tommy lastella hit his 12th homer of the year...grand slam.


  • tim815 3 hours 52 min ago (view)

    Not sure why any of the teams would only have enough talent for one XSL game.


  • crunch 5 hours 5 min ago (view)

    aww...cubs were a pest all game, but couldn't overcome.


  • crunch 5 hours 8 min ago (view)

    omfg chatwood...with the bat.


  • crunch 5 hours 9 min ago (view)

    RIP heyward's bat.

    shout out to bo jackson...that was a clean break.

    it was a swing/miss with no contact so it's doubtful it was a cracked bat.


  • Eric S 5 hours 36 min ago (view)

    Bullpen reclamation project Kyle Ryan’s ERA now 5.06. Bummer


  • crunch 5 hours 52 min ago (view)

    wow baez...also, wow rizzo.

    call overturned, but that was a hell of an "almost" play.


  • crunch 8 hours 43 min ago (view)

    he's thrown so little of his other stuff lately that i can't even guess and sure don't know.

    he's always been fastball-heavy, but it's almost exclusively fastball now.

    he gets movement on a 95-97mph fastball...that's a positive about it if he's gonna continously offer it up.


  • VirginiaPhil 8 hours 48 min ago (view)

    Control problems?


  • crunch 9 hours 12 min ago (view)

    schwarber / baez / rizzo / contreras / heyward / almora / descalso / lester / bote

    i guess we're in for 2-20 random games of "pitcher hits 8th" before suddenly deciding that's not a thing anymore...again


  • crunch 15 hours 35 min ago (view)

    it had to feel good for him to get that standing O at the home ballpark.

    he's still throwing almost nothing but fastballs exclusively, though...wonder what's up with that.


  • Hagsag 16 hours 26 min ago (view)

    Chatwood is becoming a force in the BP.


  • crunch 1 day 1 hour ago (view)


    way to break a tie.


  • crunch 1 day 2 hours ago (view)