2019 Cubs MLB First-Year Player Draft (Rule 4 Draft) Negotiation List


Players selected in the MLB First-Year Player Draft (MLB Rule 4 Draft) are placed on a club's Negotiation List.

In most cases, a player selected by a club in the Rule 4 Draft will remain on the club's Negotiation List until either the player signs or until the signing deadline (whichever comes first), and if a club does not sign a Rule 4 Draft pick by the deadline (5 PM Eastern on the Friday that falls during the week July 6-12), the player is removed from the club's Negotiation List and becomes eligible for selection again in the next Rule 4 Draft in which the player would be eligible for selection.
EXCEPTION: A college senior with no baseball eligibility left remains on the club's Negotiation List until the player signs or until one week prior to the next Rule 4 Draft (whichever comes first).

A player selected in the Rule 4 Draft will be declared a free-agent if he is not offered a contract by the signing deadline.

A player eligible for selection in the Rule 4 Draft who is not drafted ("Non-Drafted Free-Agent" or "NDFA") can sign with any club after the conclusion of the draft any time up until one week prior to the next Rule 4 Draft, unless and until the NDFA enrolls in a junior college or four-year college, in which case MLB Rule 4 Draft eligibility rules apply.

A player selected in the MLB Rule 4 Draft or a Rule 4 eligible NDFA cannot be signed to a Major League contract.

A player selected in the MLB Rule 4 Draft or a Rule 4 eligible NDFA can be "Signed for Future Service" (contract is for the following season) if the player signs a contract during the period of time extending from July 2nd through December 31st.

Prior to the Rule 4 Draft, each MLB club is assigned a “Signing Bonus Pool” (SBP) equal to the aggregate pre-assigned bonus value of all of the club’s draft slots in the first ten rounds (including supplemental & compensatory draft picks). The higher the slot, the higher the bonus value. (The collective MLB SBP is determined in advance by calculating industry revenues). 

The Cubs 2019 Rule 4 Draft SBP is $5,826,900 (or $6,118,245 before penalties would be assessed).

If a club fails to sign a player selected in the first ten rounds (including supplemental draft picks), the value of that slot is deducted from the club’s SBP. There is no bonus value assigned to draft slots after the 10th round, but if a club pays a signing bonus in excess of $125,000 to a player selected in the 11th round or later or to a player eligible for selection who was not drafted, the amount of that bonus in excess of $125,000 is deducted from the club’s SBP.

If a club exceeds its SBP in a given Rule 4 Draft, a tax will be assessed and future Rule 4 Draft picks could be forfeited, depending on how much the club exceeded its SBP. (The club’s 1st Round draft pick in the next Rule 4 Draft is forfeited if the club exceeds its SBP by 5-10%, its 1st & 2nd round draft picks in the next Rule 4 Draft are forfeited if the club exceeds its SBP by 10-15%, and the club’s 1st Round picks in the next two Rule 4 Drafts are forfeited if the club exceeds its SBP by more than 15%).

The Cubs signed 32 of their 42 2018 draft picks, including their first twenty picks and 23 of their first 24. They also signed three NDFA. 

CUBS 2019 RULE 4 DRAFT NEGOTIATION LIST: (updated 6-24-2019):
Ryan Jensen, RHP (Fresno State) - SIGNED ($2M bonus) - SLOT VALUE: $2,570,100
Chase Strumpf, 2B (UCLA) - SIGNED ($1,050,300 bonus)SLOT VALUE$1,050,300
Michael McAvene, RHP (U. of Louisville) - COLLEGE JR - SLOT VALUE: $565,600
Chris Clarke, RHP (USC) - SIGNED ($426,600 bonus) SLOT VALUE: $426,600
Josh Burgmann, RHP (U. of Washington) - SIGNED ($225,000 bonus)  - SLOT VALUE: $318,200
Ethan Hearn, C (Mobile Christian School - Mobile, AL) - HIGH SCHOOL (Mississippi State recruit) - SLOT VALUE: $247,000
Brad Deppermann, RHP (U. of North Florida) - SIGNED ($50,000 bonus) - SLOT VALUE: $194,400
D. J. Herz, LHP (Terry Sanford HS - Fayetteville, NC) - SIGNED ($500K bonus) - SLOT VALUE: $162,700
Tyler Schlaffer, RHP (Homewood-Flossmoor HS - Flossmoor, IL) - HIGH SCHOOL (UIC recruit) - SLOT VALUE: $149,800
Wyatt Hendrie, C (Antelope Valley College) - JC FRESHMAN - SLOT VALUE: $142,200  
Mack Chambers III, SS (Seminole State) - JC FRESHMAN 
Hunter Bigge, RHP (Harvard) - SIGNED ($125K bonus)
Porter Hodge, RHP (Cottonwood Senior HS - Murray, UT) - HIGH SCHOOL (U. of Utah recruit)
Ryan Reynolds, 3B (U. of Texas) - SIGNED ($125K bonus)  
Zach Bryant, RHP (Jacksonville) - SIGNED  
Johzan Oquendo, RHP (Leadership Christian Academy - Guaynabo, PR) - SIGNED 
Tanner Dalton, RHP (Sacramento State) - SIGNED ($5,000 bonus) 
Alex Moore, RHP (Lander University) - SIGNED ($1,000 bonus)
Adam Laskey, LHP (Duke) - SIGNED ($125K bonus)  
Darius Hill, LF (U. of West Virginia) - SIGNED ($5,000 bonus)
Nelson Maldonado, LF (U. of Florida) - SIGNED ($5,000 bonus)
Elian Almanzar, RHP (Florence-Darlington Tech) - JC FRESHMAN 
Manny Collier, CF (Westwood HS - Mesa, AZ) - SIGNED ($125K bonus) 
Grayson Byrd, INF (Clemson) - SIGNED ($5,000 bonus) 
Zac Taylor, CF (U. of Illinois) - SIGNED ($1,000 bonus)
Jacob Olson, INF (U. of South Carolina) - SIGNED ($1,000 bonus) 
Cayne Ueckert, RHP (McNeese State) - SIGNED ($5,000 bonus) 
Chris Kachmar, RHP (Lipscomb) - SIGNED ($1,000 bonus)  
Jake Washer, C (East Carolina) - COLLEGE SR 
Bryan King, LHP (McNeese State) - SIGNED ($1,000 bonus) 
Shane Combs, RHP (Notre Dame) - SIGNED 
Bryce Windham, INF-OF (Old Dominion) - SIGNED ($1,000 bonus)  
Ryan Ritter, SS (Lincoln Way East HS - Frankfort, IL) - HIGH SCHOOL (Austin Peay State recruit) 
Nolan Letzgus, RHP (Heritage HS - Ringgold, GA) - HIGH SCHOOL (Walters State CC recruit)
Hunter Patteson, LHP (Vero Beach HS - Vero Beach, FL) - HIGH SCHOOL (UCF recruit)
Jason Hoopes, RHP (St. Augustine Prep - Buena Vista Township, NJ) - HIGH SCHOOL (U. of Virginia recruit)
Jaylon McLaughlin, CF (U. of Nevada) - COLLEGE JR 
Marc Davis, 3B/RHP (Florida Southwestern State College) - JC FRESHMAN 
Mason Auer, CF/RHP (Kickapoo HS - Springfield, MO) - HIGH SCHOOL (Missouri State recruit) 
Mac Bingham, CF (Torrey Pines HS - San Diego, CA) - HIGH SCHOOL (USC recruit) 

Matteo Bocchi, RHP (U. of Texas)  


Four Cubs draft picks -- 2B Chase Strumpf (UCLA), RHRP Michael McAvene (Louisville), C Jake Washer (East Carolina), and LHP Adam Laskey (Duke) -- are on teams playing in NCAA Super-Regionals this weekend (East Carolina is at Louisville). 

However, McAvene (Louisville's closer) was suspended for four games last weekend after he was ejected by the home plate umpire for arguing a ball-strike call, and Laskey has missed most of the 2019 season with an injury, so only Strumpf and Washer are likely to play. 

The Cubs have signed RHP Brad Deppermann (7th round draft pick - U. of North Florida) and he has been assigned to the AZL Cubs #1. 

From Cubs scout Keith Lockhart himself on Greyson Byrd:


The Cubs have signed RHP Ryan Jensen (1st round draft pick - Fresno State - $2M signing bonus) and he has been assigned to AZL Cubs #1 

in "well, that's about time" news...

baseball-reference is finally showcasing college stats for players.


baseball cube is nice and all, but it's nice to see BR play catchup.

UCLA is done. Chase Strumpf figures to be in Mesa soon.

The Cubs have signed Texas Longhorns reliver Matteo Bocchi as an undrafted free agent.

WHIP below 1 as a senior.

TIM - thanks for that. Longhorns have quite a tradition in baseball. After all, Zonk still does baseball announcing on the Longhorn network.

cubs getting quite a weird streak signing players who played for italian teams.

The Cubs have officially signed twelve more 2019 draft picks: 

Chris Clarke, RHP (4th round - USC) 
Josh Burgmann, RHP (5th round - U. of Washington) 
Tanner Dalton, RHP (17th round - Sacramento State) 
Alex Moore, RHP (18th round - Lander U.) 
Nelson Maldonado, LF (21st round - U. of Florida) 
Grayson Byrd, INF (24th round - Clemson) 
Zac Taylor, CF (25th round - U. of Illinois) 
Jacob Olson, INF (26th round - U. of South Carolina) 
Cayne Ueckert, RHP (27th round - McNesse State) 
Chris Kachmar, RHP (28th round - Lipscomb U.) 
Bryan King, LHP (30th round - McNeese State) 
Bryce Windham, IF-OF (32nd round - Old Dominion)

All twelve were assigned to the AZL.  

Ten of the twelve were college seniors (the easiset draft picks to sign because they have no college eligibility left and thus not much leverage. (Only Clarke and Burgmann were college juniors). 

The Cubs have officially signed two more 2019 draft picks and one Non-Drafted Free-Agent (NDFA): 

D. J. Herz, LHP (8th round - Terry Sanford HS - Fayetteville, NC) 
Darius Hill, LF (20th round - West Virginia U.)  

Matteo Bocchi, RHP (NDFA - U. of Texas) 

Hill and Bocchi are college seniors. 

With the signing bonuses reported so far, the Cubs saved $570K from the underslot Jensen bonus, $144,400 from the underslot Deppermann bonus, and they have an additional $291,300 (5% above their assigned Signing Bonus Pool) available to spend, for a total of $1,050,700 available for overslot bonuses. 

This $1,050,700 has already been offset somewhat by the $500K Herz signing bonus ($337,300 overslot), leaving $713,400 in the draft bonus bank (SBP) to use to pay over-slot bonuses presumably needed to sign Ethan Hearn (probably will require about $750K over-slot) and Tyler Schlaffer (probably will require about $100K over-slot).

So the Cubs will probably need to gain about an additional aggregate $140K (or so) in under-slot bonuses from bonuses paid to Burgmann, Strempf, McAvene, and/or Hendrie (of the four only Burgmann has been officially signed, but his bonus has not yet been reported) to stay within the SBP limit ($6,118,245), and that's presuming there are no overslot bonuses paid to players selected after the top ten rounds. 

So with Josh Burgmann signing for $225K ($93,200 underslot), the Cubs will need only about another $50,000 (or so) in underslot bonuses (combined) from Strumpf, McAvene, and/or Hendrie to come in under the SBP limit (again, that's presuming none of the picks below round #10 get more than $125K).  

In fact, if Strumpf signs for exactly $1M ($50,000 underslot), that would probably do the trick.   

With the Darius Hill signing, there are now only two college seniors drafted by the Cubs in 2019 who remain unsigned (C Jake Washer and RHP Shane Combs). College seniors are usually the easiest draft picks to sign because they have very little leverage. 

C HunterTaylor (Cubs 2018 23rd round pick - U. of South Carolina) was the only college senior drafted by the Cubs who did not sign from last year's draft. 

Cubs 3rd round draft pick RHRP Michael McAvene threw two innings (7th & 8th innings) for Louisville in today's elimination game vs Auburn, protecting a three-run lead. (Louisville won the game and will advance to play the loser of Vanderbilt-Mississippi State tomorrow).

MICHAEL McAVENE: 2.0 IP, 4 H, 1 R (1 ER), 1 BB, 3 K, 1 GIDP, 2/0 GO/AO, 41 pitches (25 strikes) 

McAvene looked rusty, probably because he hadn't pitched for more than two weeks after being suspended for four games after arguing a ball-strike call with the home plate umpire in a Regional game vs UIC. 

His FB sat 96-97 in his first inning of work before going down to 94-95 (T-96) at the end of his second inning when he got the third out by strike out (swinging) with the bases loaded on a 3-2 96 MPH FB. He also displayed a knee-buckling 80-82 MPH SL/CV (slurve), and he threw a couple of mediocre "show me" CH that he can junk when he turns pro.  

Phil, how are we going to get Hearn signed?

HAGSAG: I suspect the Cubs have already verbally agreed to a $1M bonus for Hearn (about $750K over-slot) and $250K for Schleffler (about $100K over-slot), but they won't sign them until they sign Wyatt Hendrie, and Hendrie won't sign until the Cubs find-out if Michael McAvene will sign for under-slot, because Hendrie probably will get whatever is left-over after the Cubs sign McAvene, Hearn, and Schleffler. 

In other words, Hendrie gets whatever is left even if it means signing for under-slot, but he'll get over-slot if the SBP space is available, and that is unclear right now. I don't think the Cubs would have selected Hendrie in the 10th round if he wasn't willing to be flexible with his signing bonus and gamble that he might actually get over-slot if things fall just right. Otherwise, the Cubs would have used the 10th round pick on a sure-thing college senior (like Deppermann) willing to sign for an under-slot bonus.    

Also, if the Cubs don't sign McAvene, it shouldn't really affect the Cubs ability to sign Hearn and Schleffler as long as Hendrie is willing to sign for under-slot. If McAvene does not sign there is no over-slot or under-slot from the 3rd round pick (the slot just disappears), but the Cubs would get a compensation pick in the 2020 draft (after the conclusion of the 3rd round) if they don't sign McAvene.  

The Cubs have officially signed five more 2019 draft picks: 2B Chase Strumpf (2nd round pick out of UCLA - received the entire $1,050,300 bonus slot), 12th round pick RHSP Hunter Bigge (Harvard), 14th round pick 3B Ryan Reynolds (U. of Texas), 19th round pick LHSP Adam Laskey (Duke), and 23rd round pick CF Manny Collier (Westwood HS - Mesa, AZ).   

So the Cubs have now signed 21 of their 40 2019 draft picks (plus one 2019 NDFA). 

Signing bonuses for 2019 Cubs draft picks selected below 10th round (through 6/20): 

$125K (max allowed without SBP penalty):   
Hunter Bigge 
Ryan Reynolds 
Adam Laskey  
Manny Collier 

Grayson Byrd
Tanner Dalton 
Darius Hill 
Cayne Ueckert  
Nelson Maldonado 

Chris Kachmar 
Bryan King 
Alex Moore 
Jacob Olson
Zac Taylor  
Bryce Windham 

So it cost $500,000 to sign Bigge, Reynolds, Laskey, and Collier (obviously the Cubs considered these four to have the most leverage/value, with Bigge, Reynolds, and Laskey college juniors and Collier a three-sport high school player), and only $31,000 to sign the other nine (all nine were college seniors, the draft picks with the least leverage). 

The Cubs have officially signed three more 2019 draft picks: RHP Zach Bryant (15th round - Jacksonville), RHP Johzan Oquendo (16th round - Leadership Christian Academy - Guaynabo, PR), and RHP Shane Combs (31st round - Notre Dame). 

So the Cubs have now signed 24 of their 40 draft picks. 

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    I second & nominate Crunch as winner of the internet....


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    I dub this canon.


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    Good deal - much better ballpark experience than at the Ted. Atlanta fans are buying in and showing up. 


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    It’s a shame that they had to burn Cishek with a five run lead. I guess they could have used Brach or Caratini. Probably not enough time to warm up Caratini. Wouldn’t want to risk blowing the lead with Brach. 


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    gonna be in ATL over the 4th and catching the young braves club in person.  i really don't like going to that park (hey, who wants 3-4 hours of the "tommy hawk chawp"?), but i wanna see this collection of kids.


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    Kyle Ryan playing like a man who wants to keep his big league roster spot - well done!!


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    if javy has the ball you gotta play like you're on a basketball court.  until the play is dead, no matter what your view is, that ball could be coming at you at any time from any angle.

    bote also goofed earlier in the season playing 3rd during a lester start by not knowing how extreme one needs to cover for him.  yeah, technically it should be lester's play, but realistically the 3rd baseman has more range to cover with lester on the mound.


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    Barnette’s 88-91 mph fastball really is, uh, not very special. 


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    But for Flowers and the pitchers spot, the Braves lineup is relentless. When McCann plays, the only hole is the pitchers spot. Tough club. 


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    welcome to the cubs barnette.

    6 pitches to his 1st batter, solo HR.

    you're gonna fit in just fine.


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    Thanks Phil. What kind of prospect(s) do you think it would take to pick up Melky?


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    Not the first time Bote has frozen on a catchable ball from Javy at second ... and leads to two unearned runs. Damn. Love Bote, but when you’re playing with Javy, you better expect the unexpected 


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    mission accomplished.

    also, wow at that 10 mile long leash teheran got to totally suck.


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    Pro tip to the Cubs: score a ton of runs, then score a ton more. These Braves specialize in pulverizing and bludgeoning teams into oblivion, particularly after the six inning. 


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    Walnuts suck. Just sayin’


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    The Cubs have officially signed three more 2019 draft picks: RHP Zach Bryant (15th round - Jacksonville), RHP Johzan Oquendo (16th round - Leadership Christian Academy - Guaynabo, PR), and RHP Shane Combs (31st round - Notre Dame). 

    So the Cubs have now signed 24 of their 40 draft picks.