2021 MLB International Signing Period


The Cubs have officially signed seven more 2021 IFA, bringing the total number of IFA signed in the 2021 ISP to 22: 

Raino Coran, OF 
Age unknown 
R/R,  6'4 210 

Runelvis Toribio, RHP 
Age unknown 
R/R, 6'1 155 

Scarlyn Lebron, RHP 
Age unknown 
R/R, 6'3 178 

Alfredo Zarraga, RHP 
Age unknown 
R/R, 5'11 158

Cristian Rojas, RHP 
Age unknown 
R/R, 6'1 153

Luis Reyes, RHP 
Age unknown 
R/R, 6'0 185

Wilmer Bolivar, OF 
Age unknown 
R/R, 6'0 167 



The Cubs have officially signed 15 IFA: 

Cristian Hernandez, SS
Age 17 
R/R, 6'2 175
Dominican Republic   

Moises Ballesteros, C
Age 17 
L/R, 5'10 195 

Gabriel Agrazal, RHP
R/R, 6'1 185 

Ronny Corniell, RHP 
R/R, 6'1 170 
Dominican Republic 

Kenneddy Delgado, RHP 
R/R, 6'0 170 

Daniel Ferreira, OF 
R/R, 5'10 170 
Dominican REpublic

Oferman Hernandez, OF 
L/R, 6'0 160 
Dominican Republic  

Zhiorman Imbriano, LHP 
L/L, 6'0 180  

Adrian Martinez, RHP 
R/R, 6'2 190 

Fredy Montenegro, C 
R/R, 5'10 160

David Olivo, RHP 
R/R, 6'0 170 

Welington Quintero, RHP 
R/R, 6'0 185 
Dominican Republic

Pedro Ramirez, SS 
B/R, 5'9 165 

Carlos Ramos, C 
R/R, 5'10 170 

Joel Sierra, RHP 
R/R, 6'1 190 
Dominican Republic




The 2021 MLB "International Signing Period" (ISP) commences today (January 15th) and will extend until 5 PM (Eastern) on December 15th. No international player can be signed during the period of time beginning at 5 PM (Eastern) on December 15, 2021 through January 14, 2022.   
NOTE: Prior to 2020, the "International Signing Period" extended from July 2nd through June 15th of the following year. No international player could be signed during the period of time extending from June 16th through July 1st. The 2019-20 ISP was extended until 5 PM (Eastern) on October 15th, with the start of the 2021 ISP commencing on January 15, 2021, and extending through December 15th, and the 2022 ISP will commence on January 15, 2022, and extend through December 15th.     

Any individual who is age 16 or older, has not previously signed an MLB or minor league contract, resides outside the U. S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, and has not been enrolled in a high school or college in the U. S., Canada, or Puerto Rico within the previous year, can be signed during the ISP. Also, any individual age 15 who turns 16 during the ISP is eligible to sign beginning on the date he turns 16 up through August 31st or by the last day of the regular season of the minor league club to which he is first assigned (whichever comes last).  


There is a maximum limit on the aggregate amount of money each MLB club can pay as signing bonuses to international first-year players.

1. Each MLB club is assigned an "International Signing Bonus Pool" (ISBP) prior to the start of the International Signing Period (ISP). In both the 2021 and 2022 ISP, a club's assigned ISBP will be a "hard cap." (ISBP space cannot be traded in the 2021 and 2022 ISPs). 

The Cubs 2021 ISBP is $5,348,100.  

2021 ISP
$6,431,000 for an MLB club that has a selection in Competitive Balance Round "B" (between the 2nd & 3rd rounds) of the MLB Rule 4 Draft;
$5,899,600 for an MLB club that has a selection in Competitive Balance Round "A" (between the 1st & 2nd rounds) of the MLB Rule 4 Draft; 
$5,348,100 for an MLB club that does not receive Competitive Balance Tax (CBT) revenue sharing (this group includes the Cubs). 
$4,732,700 for an MLB club that does not receive CBT revenue sharing that signed a post-2019 Article XX-B Qualified Player to a 2020 MLB contract 
$4,232,700 for an MLB club that is a CBT payor that signed a post-2019 Article XX-B Qualified Player to a 2020 MLB contract 
NOTE: The Atlanta Braves 2021 ISBP is $1,572,000 as the result of penalties received from a previous season rules violation 

2. Any signing bonus of $10,000 or less does not count toward a club's ISBP limit. 

3. An MLB club (excluding clubs that receive CBT revenue sharing and MLB Rule 4 Competitive Balance draft picks) that signs an Article XX-B Qualified Player (not including its own Qualified Players) will have $500,000 subtracted from its assigned International Signing Bonus Pool (ISBP) in the next full International Signing Period (ISP) for each Qualified Player signed, and an MLB club that is a Competitive Balance Tax (CBT) payor (club's payroll from the previous season exceeded the CBT threshold) would have $1,000,000 subtracted from its ISBP in the next ISP for each Qualified Player signed. (The Competitive Balance Tax threshold was $195M in 2017, $197M in 2018, $206M in 2019, and $208M in 2020, and will be $210M in 2021).
NOTE: The Los Angeles Angels and the Philadelphia Phillies had their 2021 ISBP reduced by $500K and the New York Yankees had their 2021 ISBP reduced by $1M as the result of signing post-2019 MLB Article XX-B Qualified Players.  

4. A club can carry-over up to $400K in ISBP space from one ISP to the next ISP if a contract or contracts signed by a player or players is/are voided after the conclusion of the ISP during which the contract or contracts was/were signed. The amount of ISBP space carried-over from the previous ISP must match the amount of ISBP space that was deducted from the club's ISBP after the player or players signed their contracts. If the amount of ISBP space deducted exceeded $400K, the amount of ISBP space in excess of $400K that is carried-over to the next ISP will be divided up into 29 equal amounts and added to the ISBP of the other 29 MLB clubs. 
NOTE: A club's right to carry-over ISBP space from one ISP to the next ISP only applies to contracts that are voided as the result of the player failing his physical or being unable to obtain a visa to the U. S. or if an investigation by the MLB Commissioner determines the player falsified his age and/or identity prior to signing the contract. It does not apply to contracts voided by the MLB Commissioner as a result of a rules violation by the club.

6. The MLB Commissioner can order a club to forfeit up to 50% of its assigned ISBP from one or more ISP and/or one or more player contract(s) can be voided if it is determined that a club and/or a player or players attempted to circumvent the international signing bonus rules.


1. A international first-year player subject to ISBP restrictions cannot be signed to a Major League contract.

2. A player age 25 or older who has spent all or part of at least six seasons playing in an MLB-recognized foreign professional or "major" league is considered to be a "Foreign Professional" player. A "Foreign Professional" is not subject to ISBP international first-year player restrictions and can sign a Major League or minor league contract with any MLB organization without restriction. A signing bonus paid to a "Foreign Professional" does - NOT - count against the club’s ISBP.
NOTE: Beginning with the 2018-19 ISP, any "Foreign Professional" player under contract to a Liga Mexicana de Beisbol (Mexican League) club can sign a Major League or minor league contract with any MLB organization after the conclusion of the LMB season (including post-season), or (with consent of the player's LMB club) during the LMB season. If an MLB club signs an LMB player with "Foreign Professional" player status, the MLB club must pay the LMB club a one-time release fee equal to 15% of the total value of the contract if the player signs a Major League contract or 35% of the total value of the contract if the player signs a minor league contract. No release fee would be paid by the MLB club if the player's contract has expired or if the contract had been terminated by the LMB club prior to the MLB club offering a contract to the player.     

3. A player under contract to a Liga Mexicana de Beisbol (Mexican League) club who has not yet reached "Foreign Professional" player status may sign a minor league contract with an MLB organization - IF - the LMB club agrees to release the player so that he can sign with the MLB club. The Mexican League club would receive a one-time release fee equal to 35% of the total value of the contract (by rule an international player who is not yet a "Foreign Professional" cannot sign a Major League contract). The release fee paid by an MLB club to an LMB club does - NOT - count against the MLB club's ISBP.    
NOTE: Prior to the 2018-19 ISP, up to 75% of a signing bonus paid to a Mexican League player (or a player under contractual control of an LMB club) who had not yet reached "Foreign Professional" player status did not count against the MLB club's ISBP if the signing bonus was paid to the Mexican League club and not directly to the player and the player received no more than 25% of the signing bonus from the Mexican League club. 

4. Trading ISBP space is prohibited in both the 2021 and 2022 ISP. 


bryant 9.5m, contreras 6.65m, baez 11.65m, z.davies 8.63m

looks like happ is going to arbitration.

Bryant got $19.5M 

* all figures stated are in a range of +/- 10m

yeah, that was me not typing info correctly.  my bad.

Ian Happ arbitration figures are $4.1M (player) and $3.25M (club) with hearing date TBD. 

i like the cubs odds on this one.

Shelby Miller...? Really?


875K if he makes the team with 600K in performance bonuses possible.

Reclamation projects with minimal risk are good in general, but having this guy be currently projected for a rotation spot is laughable.

I would have much preferred to see them sign Foltynewicz in this capacity. Folty was bad last year and the year before but at least its only been two years since he was successful, and he has two years of team control remaining. Miller last put together a good season in 2015.

These guys are a year apart in age and Miller's easily had the stronger career to date. While I'm not big on Miller, much prefer his more standard injury (TJ) than whatever it is that sapped Foltynewicz's velocity. Folty without velocity just isn't interesting and is likely a much bigger injury risk

Monday Tribune: Conservative Joe Ricketts to launch Omaha-based "unbiased" online news service (called Straight Arrow news). 

Yeah, right. Making son Pete look like a liberal. 

Laura when hearing the name hysterically laughed out loud.

Sinclair media investing?

I wonder if the investment cost the exact amount we saved by trading Darvish...

Calling oneself Straight Arrow is like someone having to say "you can trust me completely." Pretty clear the opposite is true.

Finally, someone to give the Green and Libertarian Parties equal footing.

Joe Ricketts, sell the Cubs.

back in november the ricketts also formed a corporation to purchase or create an online sports gambling portal.

they're out there spending money.  yup.

priorities, people...

Of all the things, why does this most make me want to punch

pete ricketts (the governor of Nebraska ricketts) is a key part of an anti-gambling Nebraska group called "Gambling With The Good Life" that actively lobbied their open legislature...including a speech by pete...to keep gambling illegal in Nebraska.

he last spoke for the group to the state government in-session 3 months ago.

...it's also worth mentioning all of this is separate from the Draft Kings/Wrigley Field deal that flew under the radar toward the end of the season that will put a sportsbook directly in wrigley field, itself.

i have 0 interest in hearing about why the cubs need to "save" 30-40m in payroll by directly cutting funding from the product that props up everything they wish to monitize.

The Cubs should claim Kyle Garlick.

God knows, the pitching staff needs more Garlick but the offense needs to ward off those strikeout demons.

Chicago Cubs | (Signing preview, reports & video) (UPDATED INTERNATIONAL SIGNINGS)

Cristian Hernandez, ss, Dominican Republic (scouting report)
Moises Ballesteros, c, Venezuela (scouting report)
Daniel Ferreira, of, Dominican Republic
Carlos Cabrera, lhp, Dominican Republic
Oferman Hernandez, of, Dominican Republic
Wellington Quintero, rhp, Dominican Republic
Raino Coran, of, Curacao
Carlos Ramos, c, Venezuela
Joel Sierra, rhp, Dominican Republic
Ronny Corniel, rhp, Dominican Republic
Pedro Ramirez, ss, Venezuela
Kennedy Delgado, rhp, Venezuela
Fredy Montenegro, c, Venezuela

From Baseball America

None are official. The Cubs haven't officially turned in paperwork on anyone.


International Scouting Director Louie Eljaua was just on The Score and he mentioned that COVID is causing issues with completing physicals and officially signing guys, but he said they have 24 guys unufficially signed right now.

SD picks up joe musgrove from PIT...

they have Snell/Darvish/Musgrove/Lamet and a nice race for the 5th slot.  wow.

 Has to be Paddack

that's where i'd put my money.  he gave up an alarming amount of HR last season, giving pause.  still, he's shown he's better than a 5 slot guy...

Dolorous in discussions with the Washington Schwarbs.

...and done.  1 year deal with a mutual option.

Plus Chatwood signing w Bluejays is done.

cubs freeing up that chatwood + lester loot sure did help...wait...sigh.

jared porter...damn dude...mets gm, ex cubs director of scouting...

"The exchange "started casually," per Passan and Kimes, before Porter started complimenting the female reporter's appearance and invited her to meet him in various cities. In total, there were 62 unanswered texts -- including seven photos -- sent from Porter to the woman. One of them was an image of an erect, naked penis. Reached by ESPN on Monday, Porter stated, "The more explicit ones are not of me. Those are like, kinda like joke-stock images." He asked whether ESPN was planning to run a story about it, then requested more time before eventually declining further comment."

DUDE.  wtf...

I thought the Cubs had lost a rising star in Porter, seems the just got lucky with him leaving the organization. 

Mets owner Steve Cohen announced on Twitter this morning that the organization has terminated general manager Jared Porter following last night’s revelation that he had harassed  a female reporter via a string of 60-plus unreturned text messages, which included unsolicited, explicit images.

“In my initial press conference I spoke about the importance of integrity and I meant it,” writes Cohen. “There should be zero tolerance for this type of behavior.”

The Jared Porter story gets worse and does involve the Cubs...

"The Jared Porter situation is equally a Cubs and a Mets problem. The Mets need a new GM. The Cubs need to reevaluate themselves as an organization.

The Mets fired Porter via a Steve Cohen tweet on Tuesday morning after an ESPN story by Jeff Passan and Mina Kimes revealed that Porter sent a harassing string of text messages and a picture of his penis to a female reporter in 2016, when he worked for the Cubs and the Cubs won a World Series.

The unnamed Cubs employee in the story was an international scout no longer with the organization, according to a source. In the ESPN story, he was quoted as saying he was listening to both sides and trying to mend the situation, which is absolutely not his job. He did not report it to the organization, according to the Cubs statement and a source, though that doesn’t mean other people didn’t know. Passan and Kimes reported that several people were aware of these texts. Did those people work for the team? The Cubs have to find out."

Also remember the Cubs had to deal with Addison Russell's mess in that same time frame. Yeech.


Q to the angels...supposedly 1/8m

Seriously, what's the 2021 payroll number? Currently at approximately $165M and after they trade Bryant, Baez, & Contreras  - $130M. Is that it, $135-140M.

not sure, but i think it's around 130-135m right now even with bryant/baez/contreras still on board...including the 3m to set darvish free and other random $$ expenses on the roster.

tack on another 3-4m for happ when that gets settled....plus other odds/ends that have a chance to make the roster (s.miller, a.morgan, j.holder, etc) and other pre-arbitration guys...

cubs still need someone to back up contreras (if he sticks around, which i wouldn't be surprised to see him stick around)...not sure if taylor gushue is gonna be that guy and m.amaya is too young.

It all depends what you count as "payroll." If you include the $11M in Lester and Descalso's buyouts plus the $3M sent in the Darvish trade you get to somewhere like $145M. If you include the $15M in estimated share of player benefits, you get to $160M. I think that last year, including player benefits, they were slated to be up around $205M for MLB payroll before the pandemic. 

and they are including amusement tax, healthcare costs (Doc Adams doesn't come cheap!), social security and political donations to the City and the Governor of Nebraska. 

That sucks...I wanted to sign Q to a one year deal and see if he could right the ship.  At a minimum I hoped we'd get a draft pick when he left as a free agent and thought we could roll the dice to try and get that.  That trade....man.

given what little we're supposed to expect out of this offseason that would have been a nice gamble.

at this point i wonder if they're going to snag someone to put in between the 2 current staff aces that throw 88mph on a good day, or if they're just gonna toss one of the kids in there to break up the slow-tossers.

i mean, there's gotta be something more than hendricks/davies/mills/alzolay/???...i hope.

Look no further than Shelby Miller!

i wouldn't be surprised to see jake arrieta come on board since no one else seems to want him and he'll probably have to take a 1yr deal...

At this rate, they will need 11 starters in 2021 but like 6 of them will be more or less Alec Mills. The defense will get plenty of practice, at least.

cubs release matt dermody...he's heading to japan.

Lame. He was intriguing 

bjays gave chatwood 3m.

do they not have scouts...or televisions you can watch games where he pitches?

The Cubs are now the "Little Sisters of the Poor".

hank aaron has died.  passed away in his sleep.

we've lost a lot of HOF'rs and other notables in the past many months.

cubs get their backup catcher...hopefully not their main catcher...

austin romine 1yr/1.5m

from an mlb.com article by Jordan Bastian...excerpt on Cubs free agent starting pitching options:

"Still, the Cubs need some more experienced Major League innings.

Given the way the offseason has played out for the North Siders, free-agent possibilities could include Chris Archer. Archer missed all of 2020 due to thoracic outlet syndrome, but he hopes to be ready to go by Spring Training. Free agents Mike Foltynewicz, Carlos Rodón, Rick Porcello and Trevor Williams are coming off forgettable '20 seasons but might benefit from the Cubs' analytics team.

Or, hey, if the Cubs want to stick with "veteran left-hander with leadership qualities" in the wake of Lester's departure, 40-year-old Rich Hill is on the open market, too. Hill, who made his big league debut with the Cubs back in 2005, is coming off a one-year, $3 million (before prorated) pact with the Twins."

Trevor Williams had a really nice 2018. I'm not sure why he failed after that but he will be 29 in 2021 and might be worth a flyer.

still a bit shocked how many people are upset lester left for WAS.

what part of the last 2 seasons has made anyone want another?  he struck out a lot of guys in between the hit parade and homers while trying hard to hit 90mph with his fastball...meh...

personally, i wouldn't be happy to still have him around.

Have to say I agree... I think that some of the reactons is wrapped up with frustration over finances moreso than JL's actual performance.  There are legit elements to that frustration, but nothing is worse than having JL be booed for the better part of a season b/c he is out of gas.  Much rather part with sweet memories & good feelings.

dude had 3 good/great seasons out of 6...3 of 4 clustered together...though he didn't put in 200+ innings in past his first 2 years he was mostly healthy and ready to go for the entire contract.

not a bad run for a long-term pitching contract...  i'm willing to let him go prove things elsewhere rather than putting a possible further strain on his cubs/fans relationship.

Absolutely... especially since you know that you'll be overpaying on the backen. Compare JL's deal to David Price's & it looks like a steal. 

Nicely said. Mark DeRosa approved this post.

cubs sign RH starter/reliever kohl stewart to a MLB contract, 700K...former MIN prospect (1st round, 4th pick, 2013).

he opted out of 2020 (diabetes).

he pitched poorly in 2019.

the 2021 roster is being used to audition risky kids with upside for future club control.

Sounds like a good season to skip an MLB.tv subscription

and hopefully not related to Ian Stewart.

Kohl Stewart has two minor league options left so he can ride the Des Moines - Chicago Shuttle without restriction, although he can elect free-agency if he is outrighted because he has been outrighted previously in his career (not once, but twice). 

So he is essentially the 40-man roster replacement for Colin Rea.  

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  • Arizona Phil 32 min 13 sec ago (view)

    K-DUB: For the first time ever the AZL (now the ACL) is being operated / supervised from outside Arizona, and so there has been some confusion on the ground. A lot of last-minute planning. Lots of TBA / TBD, both within the individual organizations and within the league itself. 


  • Arizona Phil 38 min 15 sec ago (view)

    K-DUB: It's just a procedural move to open up slots on the 180-man Domestic Reserve List.

    Any player who was placed on the 60-day IL on Minor League Opening Day (5/3) or placed on the 7-day IL on Minor League Opening Day (5/3) and then subsequently was transferred to the 60-day IL is eligible to be reinstated a week from tomorrow (7/2).

    As for the type of injuries sustained by the guys who are on the 60-day IL, I would rather not say. I will leave it to the individual player and/or to the Cubs to divulge specific injury information as it relates to a particulart player.


  • K Dub 3 hours 51 min ago (view)

    Can't wait for ACL games to get started on the 28th! (Really wish they'd change the name of the league, though. Bad injury vibes...)


  • K Dub 3 hours 53 min ago (view)

    PHIL: Are you able to provide any clarifying info on the nature of Kohl Franklin's injury/rehab? I saw you moved him from the 7-day to the 60-day IL. Was that just a procedural move because enough time has passed or is that a sign that he's out for the season? Also, of the guys on the 60-day IL, can you clarify who is definitely out for the season/having surgery and those who might return?



  • Eric S 9 hours 28 min ago (view)

    Great stuff, Charlie - Thanks!


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 2 hours ago (view)

    The Cubs have purchased the contract of 25-year old 6'5 260 RHP Adam Heidenfelder from Gary (American Association) and he has been assigned to the ACL Cubs.  


  • Hagsag 1 day 12 hours ago (view)

    Does anyone know what type of injury Amaya has?


  • Hagsag 1 day 12 hours ago (view)

    I can not believe what a good 3b he has been playing.


  • Wrigley Rat 1 day 18 hours ago (view)

    Robert Stock was claimed off waivers by the Mets.


  • crunch 1 day 20 hours ago (view)

    HR in the 8th.  dope.


  • crunch 1 day 23 hours ago (view)

    he's back out in the field in the top 3rd...must be okay, but he sure doesn't look confidently healthy.  *shrug*  off-day tomorrow...


  • crunch 1 day 23 hours ago (view)

    p.wisdom seems to have injured his right leg/knee swinging a bat...


  • crunch 1 day 23 hours ago (view)

    “It did not feel good to take Javy out of the game,” Ross said. “I never feel comfortable doing that at all. That's a pit in my stomach and it was in my stomach the entire game.”


    “I blame it on myself. I lost the count of the outs,” Báez said. “We talked about it. We're on the same page. I'll be there tomorrow to help the team.”


  • First.Pitch.120 2 days 1 hour ago (view)

    The thing that gets me is that she cheated with the guy providing religous-based pre-marital counseling. Hmmm... this guy is abusing his (quasi-)professional couseling position to pursue an intimate relationship; forgot the parts of the Bible about lying, cheating, & doing dirty by the 2016 WS MVP; and clearly has very conflicted feelings on the marriage construct... yep, I'm blowing up multiple people's lives to ride-or-die with THAT guy. 


  • Hagsag 2 days 1 hour ago (view)

    I am with my hero Zo.


  • crunch 2 days 3 hours ago (view)

    whole zobrist thing got fleshed out (no pun) in public now...