Cubs @ Reds: Series Thread (Games 26-28)

The Cubs (11-14) dodged a sweep in Atlanta by winning the final game, backing Alzolay to his first win of 2021. They'll complete the road trip with a 3-game series against the 4th place Reds (11-13). For now, it's a battle to get out of the NL Central basement. The Reds most recently took 2 out of 3 from the Dodgers, but prior to that they lost 7 in a row. See below for the weekend's matchups.

Game 26, Friday, April 30, 6:10 pm central

CHC: RHP Jake Arrieta (3-2, 2.57 ERA)

CIN: LHP Wade Miley (2-2, 2.45 ERA)

Arrieta took a loss against Milwaukee on April 25th through no fault of his own. It was probably his best start so far; he allowed 1 earned run and struck out 8 in 6 innings. Joey Votto is hitting .429 with 2 homeruns off of him in 14 ABs.

Wade Miley is off to a solid start in his second season with the Reds. He still relies on weak contact, but he's restricted the walks in the early going. He's lost his last two starts, allowin 6 earned runs on 3 walks and 10 hits in 11 innings. Bryant's is 6 for 14 off of Miley. Baez and Rizzo are a combined 3 for 24 with no homeruns off the veteran lefty.

Game 27, Saturday, May, 3:10 pm central

CHC: RHP Zach Davies (1-2, 9.47 ERA)

CIN: RHP Luis Castillo (1-2, 6.29 ERA)

Zach Davies's last respectable start was April 4, when he made his first start as a Cub and earned his first win of 2021. He's walked 15 in 19 innings pitched.

Luis Castillo has been off to a rough start this season, having an uncharacteristically difficult time missing bats and surrendering homeruns at a heightened rate in the early going. Notably, his velocity is down a tick or two compared to last year and he's throwing the changeup a little more frequently. He lost to the Cardinals last time out, allowing 4 earned runs and striking out 3 in 5.1 innings pitched. Ian Happ is is 6 for 13 with a homerun off of him and Heyward is 6 for 20 with a pair of dingers.

Game 28, Sunday, May 2, 12:10 pm central

CHC: RHP Trevor Williams (2-2, 4.44 ERA)

CIN: RHP Tyler Mahle (1-1, 1.75 ERA)

Williams's had an encouraging first month of the season. He managed to strike out more than one batter per inning and kept his ERA in the mid-4s while mostly avoiding the longball. If he can deliver more of the same, he'll be outpitching expectations. Reds hitters saw plenty of him when he was Pirate, but no one's numbers really jump off stat sheet. Votto boasts .387 average in 31 ABs, but that came with no homeruns and only 1 RBI.

Tyler Mahle took a big step forward in the shortened 2020 season and has continued with a spectacular April of 2021. Combined across that stretch he's put together 73.1 innings in which he's struck out 96 and had a 2.95 ERA. That's a solid half season of work. No Cub hitters have really thrived against him. Heyward, Rizzo, and Contreras are a combined 7 for 50.


zach davies hates puppies, warm summer days, hugs from his mother, and america.

amir garrett likes to fight.  he also likes to yell things at people.

unless you want to fight you might not want to yell things back at amir garrett.

Still can't tell exactly how it developes. Nice of the network to give us that slow mo of Javy, though.

amir straight up remembers every team he's ever pissed off or has pissed him off doing things that only amir has the capability to determine.  the 2 teams almost fought a couple years ago because baez make mouth-yappy hand signs when amir was running his mouth and he tried to fight then, too.

amir was uber-hyped to K rizzo because he rembers rizzo a couple years ago defending javy during that outburst.  javy came to stick up for rizzo this time after amir was screaming at rizzo after the K.

this is the type of guy you're dealing with here:

people say "never scared" a lot, but this dude lives it.  he's ready to take on everyone.  i would try to not piss him off even if he's ranting because he's a special kind of crazy.

Amir Garrett is very lucky he doesn't get at bats

I guess that's it. Seems silly to take the bait. Instead, why not ice him by asking for long timeouts or just continue to give him the yap yap sign? If he gets that amped up, you could probably goad him into an ejection. Javy coming out of the dugout doesn't accomplish anything.

Why is Pat Hughes teaming up with JD on the Marquee? Interesting but at the same time, odd.

I like this pairing a lot, actually. It's a very chill watch where JD gets to be casually smart and funny without anyone else also trying to be funny.

As bad as this team is, somehow Marquee is worse. How the hell can you miss an attempted steal of home because you're zoomed in on Happ's face? 

they dont control the camera feed or direction on the road.  also, the announce team is local @wrigley no matter where the game is played.

they have screens showing most cameras for the announcers, but they're small view with the broadcast shot being bigger.

they can do custom replay and cut-ins after the fact under their control, so they do have access to the feed...real-time is sketchy, though.

boog is especially having a hard time with this and has expressed it a few times.

i'm just glad they're not making them dress up in suits like this is some 1980s national broadcast game.  that was played out.

Not really a big fan of Boog just because he's so dry but I've nothing but good things to say about JD. Honestly I'm much more interested in listening to him in the background than watching the Cubs play mediocre baseball.

Williams pulls the difficult but not impossible Three-Quarters Hendricks in the 3rd.  Only thing that kept him from attempting a Full Hendricks was getting taken out.

nico hoerner is good at doing hits.

HBP a run in.

2 RBI single to follow it up.

2021 cubs pitching, everyone.

really impressed with the cubs "Pitching Lab"

it's a great replacement for actually investing in already developed talent.  great job, guys.

Game three is one of those games where I spend a few minutes looking up park factors and where G.A.B. sits on the list lately. Nice weather in Cincinnati today.

this is a great and terrible game.

Oh, goddamnit.

still trying to figure out how happ got his face cut up...even after 3x replays

Looked like nico's right hand got him in the face (and his knee got him in the ribs/torso area). Scary play for both guys, and just when Happ started to look good at the plate again.

interesting having wolters sub at 2nd while moving hoerner to LF...

wolters in the OF must be nightmare fuel or something.  he is a former IF'r and all, so it's not extrodinary to ask wolters to play there...but hoerner is obviously a well above average defensive middle IF'r who got shoved into LF.

well that was anti-climatic...


Bad, but great, but bad game.  I really don't like the runner on 2nd in extras rule.

been watching a ton of games because, of course.

oddity about these reduced capacity games and crowd noise...  because there's only 20-30+% capacity at most parks, when "The Wave" starts to go through the parks that indulge this activity it makes the park sound 100% full.

also, if you've not watched a SD/LA game yet you're missing out.  playoff atmosphere from the first pitch and it's gonna be crazy when they're 100% capacity.

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  • Arizona Phil 3 hours 18 min ago (view)

    The Cubs have purchased the contract of 25-year old 6'5 260 RHP Adam Heidenfelder from Gary (American Association) and he has been assigned to the ACL Cubs.  


  • Hagsag 13 hours 26 min ago (view)

    Does anyone know what type of injury Amaya has?


  • Hagsag 13 hours 29 min ago (view)

    I can not believe what a good 3b he has been playing.


  • Wrigley Rat 19 hours 20 min ago (view)

    Robert Stock was claimed off waivers by the Mets.


  • crunch 21 hours 20 min ago (view)

    HR in the 8th.  dope.


  • crunch 23 hours 30 min ago (view)

    he's back out in the field in the top 3rd...must be okay, but he sure doesn't look confidently healthy.  *shrug*  off-day tomorrow...


  • crunch 23 hours 40 min ago (view)

    p.wisdom seems to have injured his right leg/knee swinging a bat...


  • crunch 1 day 2 min ago (view)

    “It did not feel good to take Javy out of the game,” Ross said. “I never feel comfortable doing that at all. That's a pit in my stomach and it was in my stomach the entire game.”


    “I blame it on myself. I lost the count of the outs,” Báez said. “We talked about it. We're on the same page. I'll be there tomorrow to help the team.”


  • First.Pitch.120 1 day 1 hour ago (view)

    The thing that gets me is that she cheated with the guy providing religous-based pre-marital counseling. Hmmm... this guy is abusing his (quasi-)professional couseling position to pursue an intimate relationship; forgot the parts of the Bible about lying, cheating, & doing dirty by the 2016 WS MVP; and clearly has very conflicted feelings on the marriage construct... yep, I'm blowing up multiple people's lives to ride-or-die with THAT guy. 


  • Hagsag 1 day 2 hours ago (view)

    I am with my hero Zo.


  • crunch 1 day 4 hours ago (view)

    whole zobrist thing got fleshed out (no pun) in public now...


  • Arizona Phil 1 day 10 hours ago (view)

    The Cubs have signed C Harrison Wenson (ex-LAA) to a minor league contract and he has been assigned to Hi-A South Bend. Wenson spent five seasons in the Angels organization, and he got an NRI to MLB Spring Training as an extra catcher with the Halos this past spring. 


  • crunch 1 day 22 hours ago (view)

    69 (nice) pitches...goes 4.2ip and leaves with a man on 1st

    4.2ip 3h 1bb 5k, 3r/er (2hr)

    alzolay continues to have the HR screw him over.  12 given up in 62.1ip


  • crunch 1 day 23 hours ago (view)

    d.ross pulls baez for alcantara for what was either a mental mistake forgetting the outs or totally not hustling by baez in the bottom 4th running the bases.

    cubs are down by 1.

    hell of manager power play.  hope this plays out well...expect it will.


  • crunch 1 day 23 hours ago (view)

    nico expected back in early july...duffy had a "setback" and is in limbo...bote has started baseball activities, but nowhere near a return time.


  • crunch 1 day 23 hours ago (view)

    haha.  ump checked alzolay's hat and glove between innings and declared it all clear.

    stuff so nasty they wanna make sure you're not on that "sticky fingers" bandwagon.