Cubs @ Cardinals: Series Thread (Games 94-97)

The Cubs and the Cardinals have their final meeting before the 2021 trade deadline--with the Cubs looking to become big-time sellers and the at this point stubbornly holding on to potential free agents (Molina, Wainwright, Miller, and Kim). They'll start the series tied and nine full games behind the Brewers, two behind the Reds. The Wild Card outlook is not much better. See below for the projected matchups (to-be updated when possible).

Game 94, Monday, July 19, 7:15 pm central

CHC: RHP Alec Mills (4-2, 4.84 ERA)

STL: RHP Jake Woodford (1-1, 4.62 ERA)

Mills earned a win before the break despite allowing three earned runs to the Phillies. He went 5.2 and stuck out five hitters. Since subbing into the rotation on June 15, he's had a 3.65 ERA, struck out more than a batter per inning, and kept his walk rate under 3 per nine innings. Matt Carpenter is 3-8 off of him with two homers, and Tommy Edman is 6-7.

Jake Woodford is set to transition from the bullpen to the rotation for his first start in 2021. He's made 17 relief appearances St. Louis this season and three starts at AAA. He featured an average all around four pitch mix and relatively high walk rates this season. In 55 plate appearances this season, lefties have a significant advantage, batting over .300 and slugging over .600 off of the righty.

Game 95, Tuesday, July 20, 7:15 pm central

CHC: RHP Trevor Williams (3-2, 5.51 ERA)


Trevor Williams has made on appearance since returning from the IL, a 3.2 inning relief appearance in which he allowed seven runs, three earned, to the Phillies. He's had inconsistent command and inconsistent results throughout the first two months of the season prior to his appendectomy. The strikeouts have been there, but he's also missed in the zone and gotten hit very hard at times, leading to a .353 BABIP and a high homerun rate.

The Cardinals could potentially recall Johan Oviedo, although the top prospect has struggled in the majors this year and even had a bit of a shouting match with an opposing hitter a couple of weeks back.

Game 96, Wednesday, July 21, 7:15 pm central

CHC: RHP Kyle Hendricks (12-4, 3.65 ERA)

STL: RHP Adam Wainwright (7-6, 3.61 ERA)

This one is the classic Cubs vs. Cards matchup. Hendricks has won 10 of his last 12 and twice has not earned a decision. Going back to May 16, he's held an ERA of 2.48 and a walk rate of only 1.53 per nine innings. His homerun rate during that time is just a touch over one per nine innings. No Cardinals have truly feasted off of Hendricks, although he has not fully nullified Arenado or Goldschmidt. Adam Wainwright is one for two off the righty with a double.

Wainwright took a loss to the Giants on July 16, giving up four earned runs including two homers over six innings. He did, however, strike out seven and allowed five hits and one walk in that time. Ian Happ is 8-17 with four homeruns off of him while Javy is 5-32 with 11 strikeouts.

Game 97, Thursday, July 22, 7:15 pm central

CHC: RHP Adbert Alzolay (4-9, 4.59 ERA)

STL: LHP Kwang Hyun Kim (5-5, 2.87 ERA)

Alzolay didn't look fully in command in his last start, but he muddled through five innings allowing two earned runs. He collected a season-low two strikeouts. He's made only one career start against the Cardinals before this.

Kwang Hyun Kim has made three scoreless starts in a row and has totaled 19 innings in that time. One of those starts was against the Cubs, when he struck out seven over six innings. Lefties have really struggled off of Kim both this season and across his MLB career.


maples up, k.ryan to AAA.

In a couple weeks I think it's time to really and truly find out what he can do. No more of the 2 appearances across 15 games. Throw him into the fire, see what happens.

sigh...baez...bad time to blow 2 plays in a row, bro.

nevermind.  all of this sucks.  i'm ready for tuesday.

This pitching staff except Hendricks was put together with spit and glue. Now it's time to send them to the glue factory. Not a Gaylord Perry reference either. 

k.bryant out in LF doing full-extension diving catches for spectacular outs and we're over here hoping the team can trade him for something of value.  we don't need the IL right now, dude.

ross should bench his ass (not really).

...and bryant is removed after the 5th inning...

we trading or hurting over here?

"right hamstring fatigue"

Holy crap Batman, There is a Santa Claus. We need more 6 run 9ths.

wow, hate i went to bed early.  left with 2 on and 0 outs in the 9th.  i played myself.

7 run game and it was all singles, walks, and a double (and 2 hbp).

Even as the last 6 weeks of Cub baseball have sucked, there will always  be room for a  come from behind,  6 run,  9th inning winning rally vs the Cardinals.

Fangraphs updated their team prospect lists with 2021 draftees. Jordan Wicks listed 8th with 45 future value.  Triantos (15th), new acquired Bryce Ball (19th) and Christian Franklin (22nd) all received 40+ future value grades. 

Updated their top 100 also and Brennen Davis moves up to 17th overall.


15th Rd - BJ Murray signs for $125,000, 17th rd Christian Olivio $75,000.  Neither affecting Cubs money pool.  Cubs still have positive $794,460 not including the alotted money for 2nd rd James Triados.  Other than the 2 that said no right away, only 2nd - Triados (HS), 16th Leigh (NCAA), both expected to sign, and 19rd Avitia (HS) and 20th Cunningham (HS)  both have given no indicition either way are unsigned

bryant's hamstring is taking wednesday off

s.alcantara down, t.megill up

6 pitches in...alzolay gives up a homer.

phew.  man.

19 homers, 16 to lefties (#19 was to a lefty, too).

...and righty arenado gives him #20

d.maples hits e.sosa in the skull (helmet) with a 95mph fb.  he's up and walking, but he got smacked hard.  if this was boxing he would have been down for a few 10-counts.

i can't believe they're letting him stay in the game.  boog really can't believe it.

cards take 3 of 4.

cubs 47-50 and firmly in 4th place.

cubs take on arizona next.  they're on a 4 game winning streak, bringing them to 30 wins on the season.

2nd Rd - James Triandos signs for $2.1 MIL overslot of $823,600.  Leaves the Cubs $5,070 left in bonus pool with 19th and 20th rd unsigned

Triandos $2.1 MIL is the 2nd highest non 1st rd pick signing bonuses by Cubs, only Dillon Maples 14th rd $2.5 MIL (no pool limits in 2011) is more. Maples $2.5 MIL is a MLB record (and likely always will be) for anyone drafted below the 3rd rd.

check out this box score from DSL M's/Yanks yesterday

43 runs, 28 hits, 31 walks, 14 errors (only 1 HR)

seems unfair to even celebrate a win over ARZ, but it was good to straight up squash a team again.