Cubs @ Cardinals: Series Thread (Games 71-73)

The Cubs (26-44) head into St. Louis to take on their sometimes division rivals, the Cardinals (40-32). While the Cards are working to maintain pace with their fellow division leaders, the Brewers, the Cubs will be straining to stay ahead of the NL Central laggards who call Cincinnati home. See below for the daily matchups.

Game 71, Friday, June 24, 7:15 pm central

CHC: RHP Kyle Hendricks (2-6, 5.43 ERA)

STL: RHP Andre Pallante (2-2, 1.69 ERA)

Game 72, Saturday, June 25, 1:15 pm central


STL: RHP Miles Mikolas (5-5, 2.64 ERA)

Game 73, Sunday, June 26, 1:15 pm central

CHC: RHP Matt Swarmer (1-3, 5.84 ERA)

STL: RHP Jack Flaherty (0-0, 7.50 ERA)


If we're going to get swept, is it more appropriate to say "bring your brooms" or "bring your dustpans?"

we shouldn't be so negative on great day for the Cubs.

there's a "beam signing" ceremony with Cubs brass and DraftKings CEO at Wrigley today for the construction of the very important multi-story sportsbook.  the team has worked damn hard to get to this point and we need to appreciate how far the Cubs have come as a team.

the 100m DraftKings gave the Cubs in late 2020 has brought such perks as the ability to sign workhorse starter TBD and help Hotel Zachary weather tough times during COVID.

feels good to be a Cubs fan...damn good.

"Betting on baseball is good" - Arnold Rothstein 

Villar dfa. Bote up. 

I guess no real surprise given Villar's horrible defense this season and coming off a game the Cubs committed four errors (including Villar's).  His sloppiness was particularly hard on the newbie pitchers who could not afford even routine plays not to be made. 

the villar experiment cost 6m...4.5 + 1.5 buyout (10m option).

i mean, it looked decent enough this pre-season.  can't argue with the gamble assuming the point was to trade him mid-season anyway...3-slot IF'r with pop.

a slow bat is nothing new to him, but going from being decent/average in the IF to f'n awful wasn't expected...also the power didn't show up.

bote in the lineup and playing 2nd.

I can't remember ever seeing a player in the pre-game starting lineup (as Jonathan Villar was today) Designated for Assignment. Traded? Yes. DFA? No.  

The 2022 Cubs: It's Different Here

Watching the Apple TV+ broadcast on my iPhone.  Pretty impressed by the overall product, both the camera angles and camera work and graphics, plus some pretty good commentary and analysis.  They seem to presume a pretty intelligent audience.  I'm enjoying it.

yeah, it's an odd product, but it's not a bad kind of different.  i like it much more than the youtube broadcast.

there's a lot of information they push at you in graphics.  that took a little while for me to get used to and i wasn't a fan at first. i'm still not a huge fan, but i don't mind it and sometimes it's good info.

the announce crews are mostly unfamiliar voices/people and many are relatively young, but they're very capable, especially considering they're essentially team unaffiliated announcers.

it's a good product trying to find a younger audience without pandering to them or alienating the older fans.

It's possible my opinion is affected by not having access to the Marquee network, so I'm a little starved for live TV coverage.  I've been doing most of my consumption via radio followed by watching the video highlights online.  That said, I am still underwhelmed by the Marquee commentary that is NOT Boog or JD (really miss hearing JD on a regular basis).

i got very few issues with the apple tv broadcast.  the youtube ones i really have a hard time with.

some of the marquee broadcasts can be a bit "side show" filled, especially this year.  it's great someone has a project to pimp or some charity needs help, but these things are getting seriously large amounts of airtime on marquee broadcasts.  this stuff is expected and has been going on for decades, but i feel like i'm watching a telethon sometimes and the game is background entertainment.

bit bored so i checked into how recent draft picks were doing for the cubs...2019-2021 isn't looking too sharp.  it's still way too early to write anyone off or make a career judgement, but it's not pretty.

there's an unusual amount of high-K pitchers that are awful elsewhere (too many hits/walks), almost all of them.

still, a lot of guys missed time with the COVID-cancelled season and it's too early to write off even the 2019 guys.

Yeah...  Injuries have taken a bite out of the top of those drafts. Howard, McAvene, Clarke, Moreno all have missed significant time, if I'm not mistaken.

The Growing Cubs podcast recently did a long segment on Ryan Jensen. I guess he was on the Development list for a good chunk of time & came back with a totally new arm action (ie, shorter). Two games since returning - 5.0 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 BB, 4 K, 1 HBP. So that's interesting...

3 more scoreless for Jensen tonight. He looks so much better with the new delivery. Still hitting 97. 

BRADSBEARD: Ryan Jensen was at the Cubs Pitch Lab in Mesa for about five weeks recently and that's where he had his delivery re-worked. He threw "live" BP a few times toward the end of his stay and you could see how excited he was about his new approach. It's somewhat similar to what the White Sox did with Lucas Giolito a while back. Whether Jensen can remain a SP (like Giolito) is still TBD, however. 

wow, these cardinals suck.

cubs win 3, easy.  bank it.

i got a great feeling about TBD tomorrow.  he's been rather decent for the cubs considering he's thrown about 20 games so far this season.

The Cardinals are pretty meh, as are the Brewers. Worst division in baseball, extremely winnable.

Unless, of course, a team is rebuilding. Which luckily we've been assured the Cubs aren't!

Watching the post-game show.  Apple TV+ has a guy and a girl (I think her name is Lauren Gardner) showing highlights and doing analysis -- and they do several close-up shots of the guy while he's talking but only show Lauren in wide, distant pull-back shots.  She looks TV attractive, as far as I can tell.  Why the aversion to a close-up with her?  This is the second game I've watched and they haven't done a single close-in shot of her yet that I've seen.  She has nice, long auburn hair and an attractive, intelligent look to the extent I can tell from looking at her from the other rim of the Grand Canyon.  Why no close-ups?  Part of my enjoyment of watching TV sports coverage is seeing a reasonably attractive, intelligent looking and sounding woman doing sports analysis and/or coverage.  I used to like watching Paula Faris anchoring the NBC 5 sports on the evening news years back, before she switched to ABC and stopped doing sports. 

Has anyone seen a good, close-up shot of her anchoring the pre- and post-game coverage?  Her Google Images shots look nice enough.  Why do they only show her on the camera they placed in the parking lot?

astros combined no-hitter vs yanks.


starter c.javier threw 115 pitches through 7ip and it's not 1985 so it wasn't meant to be.

also in "other team news"...mark appel finally makes it to the majors 9 years after being the #1 overall pick (k.bryant was the #2 overall pick, btw).  he'll be with PHI @SD out of the pen.

Can never get too much Leiter Jr. 

winning is boring anyway.  give the guy a 10 year contract and change his last name to Pepsi-DraftKings Jr.

Who wants to win when you can MAXIMIZE DRAFT POOL ALLOCATIONS

4 teams in the NL that haven't won 30 games.  3 of them are in the NL Central.

phillies released d.maples...never made it out of AAA this year and did very poorly (tons of walks).

30 years old...might be the end of the line.

phew...2022 cubs...3+ more months of this.

woo!  2022 cubs!  3+ more months of this!

5 run innings are nice when they go the cubs way for once.

A Mills: I've learned so much from Leiter Jr


great win!  down 5-0, 5 run inning, back/forth 0 run battle to extras, win it in the 10th.

fun game after starting out really terrible.

jesse winker (SEA) tried to fight pretty much the entire LAA team after a HBP, got ejected, flipped off the LAA fans on the way back into the dugout, and created a few thousand new diehard jesse winker fans.