Cubs vs. Red Sox: Series Thread (Games 77-79)

The Cubs welcome the Red Sox and former Cub Rich Hill to Wrigley for the holiday weekend. See matchups below.

Game 77, Friday, July 1, 1:20 pm central

CHC: RHP Adrian Sampson (0-0, 1.69 ERA)

BOS: LHP Rich Hill (4-4, 4.09 ERA)

Game 78, Saturday, July 2, 6:15 pm central

CHC: RHP Alec Mills (0-1, 9.87 ERA)

BOS: RHP Josh Winckowski (3-1, 3.60 ERA)

Game 79, Sunday, July 3, 1:20 pm central

CHC: RHP Keegan Thompson (7-3, 3.34 ERA)



Daydreaming about the line-up for next year & beyond... what do y'all think about putting Happ at 1B? 

My thinking is: 1) I would love to see Happ extended (I know that is a big IF right off the top); 2) lots of interesting RHB in the mix for 2023 & beyond. Not so much w/ LHB; 3) Easier to add LHB in the LF spot, either internally or externally; 4) The minors are heavy on quality OF prospects coming soon; 5) Allows for a good mix of players between the 1B & LF slots depending on performance & optimization for a given game.

Delilah must have given our pitcher a haircut 

Kids these days just don't read their Bibles, so they don't know any better...

OMG fam, thirsty ass Deliliah cheugy af trying to get at my power and girl deadass snatched my wig.  no cap.  FML.

Sorry. I'll save my next Sampson & Delilah wisecrack for when the Cubs play the Phillie-stines.

I hear that as a promise. Better not renege!

Good 5th and 6th innings though. 

cubs win 3 in a row.  hottest team in the NL!

I was at the game today. Surrounded by Red Sox fans, reminded me of a Cardinals game. They were pretty arrogant after the top of the second, but as the day went on they changed their tune.  When Hansel Robles walked Simmons, they (justifiably) were screaming that they couldn't walk a hitter like that. And then Morel came up, and Robles started out with nothing but fastballs. I was thinking "Didn't the scouting report say Morel can hit anybody's fastball?" And then he did hit a fastball for a home run. The Sox fans went nuts. I confess to a certain degree of Schadenfreude. And later on the F-bombs started. 

Also, I think Ross did a great job of managing the lineup and bullpen. The starting lineup was slanted toward Rich Hill (who was classic Hill: 72mph curve ball, 88 mph "fastball."), but Ross pinch hit for the righties, and, thanks to the positional versatility of the team, managed to keep good defense on the field. One of the Sox fans said, "They moved the second baseman to center field? Wow." I think he also did well to use Hughes and Effross when they could do the most good, and then Martin was good, and soon-to-be-ex-cub-Robertson (my best to him in the postseason) was routine in the ninth. 

Fun day at the ballpark. 

robertson has been sneaky great.  beyond the great numbers, he always seems happy and his teammates seem to like him.

angels sign villar.

unless he's planning on pitching that won't help much with the team's issues...much like firing joe maddon didn't help the team's issues.

Every time I feel frustrated with the past few seasons, I think "at least I'm not a LAA fan". High water mark was losing 2 LDS home games in extra innings. 

Angels sign Jonathan Viller

So the Angels will pay Villar approximately $350K (the pro-rated MLB minimum salary), and Cubs pay the rest. So I guess it's a $350K "savings" for the Cubs.  

Oy...Mills pulls something, maybe groin but whatever. Can not get enuf of Leiter Jr

"starting pitching, who needs it?" - 2022 cubs

this season was going to be brutal anyway, but having 4 of your 5 SP's slotted to start the year constantly injured is wtf...

The Cubs just pulled the classic Mills for Leiter Jr. bait & switcheroo on the Red Sox and they fell for it!

hell of a saturday night game...

rucker up, mills IL.

suzuki back to the bigs tomorrow.

bote in the 9th as a defensive 1st base.

4th career appearance at 1st in the majors (1 start).


A cubby occurrence. 

"did someone say say cubbery?  hold my beer, los angeles." - craig kimbrel

Wow.  That. was. pretty. bad.

well that sucked.