Cubs @ Cardinals: Series Thread (Games 102-104)

What remains of the Chicago Cubs following the 2022 trade deadline will take on the Cardinals in a 3-game series. See below for matchups.

Game 102, Tuesday, August 2, 6:45 pm central

CHC: RHP Keegan Thompson (8-4, 3.16 ERA)

STL: RHP Adam Wainwright (7-8, 3.28 ERA)

Game 103, Wednesday, August 3, 6:45 pm central

CHC: LHP Justin Steele (4-7, 3.86 ERA)

STL: RHP Miles Mikolas (8-8, 2.86 ERA)

Game 104, Thursday, August 4, 6:45 pm central

CHC: RHP Marcus Stroman (3-5, 3.99 ERA)



n.madrigal not activated, but he's with the big league club taking BP in STL.

they most likely had plans to activate him, you know, today...but, you know, things happen...

madrigal activated and brault to the COVID IL...


m.rucker and a.espinoza called up to take the place of givens/robertson

So we're down a player, Effross' former spot is still open.

could really use a win tonight.

happ and contreras are still here, player movement drama is out-of-mind for a couple months, smiles all around on the field, and keegan thompson's had his 12th Red Bull...let's go.

Got to get back to .500

contreras triple!

...and happ robs a HR in LF

...and 2 contreras HBP...classic

this is...not going well.  oh yeah, 2022.  woo.  cubs.

damn this sucks.

they need to blow this whole team up and trade everyon...oh, damn, nevermind.

Too soon, Crunch, too soon.

Velazquez has to play at least 5 games per week the rest of the season. Wasteful if he doesn't. 

Schwindel and Wisdom are who they are. They're maxed out.

Gomes doesn't need extra ABs. Just when he catches. 

Even Willy doesn't need extra ABs as a DH 

Morel and Velazquez need these ABs

Jared Young and Darius Hill probably don't a look now with no hitter spots opening up and McKinstry being added.

No Mervis due to him not being a Rule5 guy. And no AA guys getting a look, even if they're Rule5 eligible. 

Suzuki, Morel and Velazquez are all this Aug, Sept and Oct matter. It would be nice to see Hoerner stay close to 300 BA but more importantly for Nico is to play the whole season.

I guess Madrigal can show some hittability in order to get traded this off season.  Just don't see him staying on North side

i can live with wisdom, but guys like him use pop to take advantage of situations set up for him.  he's support crew for a more solid lineup even if he hits 40 doubles and 40 homers doing it.

he doesn't make consistent contact, he K's over 1/3rd of his plate appearances, and he plays average D.  that said, over half his hits can empty the bases the past couple years (155 hits, 82 doubles+homers).

if they dont have a good lineup up top, they might as well shop him when he starts to get even marginally expensive.  there's other teams out there built for a guy like him to slot in the 5-7 part of the lineup.

Wisdom is a guy who would have great value on a team where his offensive downsides can be mitigated and he can be protected. Playing 3B everyday, batting in the middle third of the lineup is something I'm sure he loves but it isn't maximizing what he can do. I have no ill will toward him, he's been working his ass off for a decade for this chance. If we had anyone to push for those ABs, then it's different. But as the team is currently constructed? I'm cool with letting him live his dream.

Happ, Velazquez, and McKinstry could split LF, DH, and 1B duties for the rest of 2022. Schwindel was fun in 2021 but there doesn't seem to be much reason to give him more opportunities. I like Rivas's style, but he doesn't look like a passable hitter as a 1B only player.

wednesday game postponed (weather)

newcomb getting the 2nd start in the doubleheader vs STL

matt dermody is the 27th man (pen arm)

contreras HR.


we're out here letting STL take BP off stroman in the 7th...even the outs are going near the warning track.

...and we're tied.  sigh.


I was pretty floored that Uelman got that opportunity. Then I looked at who else was available and it was legit no high leverage arms except maybe Wick

uelman's deception doesn't work when he doesn't throw strikes.  slider is nasty with a ton of sink, but not when people aren't swinging at it (i think there was 1 swing at a slider all inning, a miss).

...also a fastball nearly down the middle to a lefty doesn't work.

Where is Dick Tidrow when we really need him?

Ah, Dirt Tidrow. I miss Ted Abernathy too.

Phil, I see ACL game is cancelled tonight because of Covid. Cubs or Reds problem?

Bote to Iowa

new york is straight up falling in love with vogelbach.  he's gotta be having fun.

also in ex-cubs related things, the angels hit 7 homers in today's game and lost.  angels are 17-32 since firing 27-29 maddon.  ouch.

Managed by former Cub great Phil Nevin!

nevin in 06 and edmonds in 08 were great "where the hell did this come from?" high production from low expectations pickups.

Edmonds was extra sweet because he had been such a beloved cardinal. It must have been so upsetting for cardinals fans. He was a huge part of the success that year

i loved cubs-edmonds.  unlike nevin, the defense was still top notch stuff.

he deserved more HOF did bernie williams...and kenny lofton got straight up robbed out of HOF consideration, dude should be in

bases loaded for pujols.  crowd is pumped.

...laser speed grounder to deep 3rd, and wisdom handles the force out at 3rd.  1 pitch, over quick.

I can answer my own question. ACL Reds, not Cubs have the Covid issue. Their games through Saturday are canceled. Cubs back on the field tomorrow

Marlins v Cubs thread isn't up yet, so I'll make this comment here.  The Marlins' starting lineup today has only one hitter (1B Gerrett Cooper) with an OPS over .700 (.775).  I'm not counting Leblanc who only has 18 AB this season.  Pretty weak offense.  Steele has 7 Ks through the first 3 innings.