Cubs vs. Reds: Series Thread (Games 157-159)

The Cubs finish out their Wrigley games for the season with three against the Cincinnati Reds. See below for the pitching matchups.

Game 157, Friday, September 30, 1:20 pm central

CHC: RHP Adrian Sampson (3-5, 3.23 ERA)

CIN: RHP Graham Ashcraft (5-4, 4.18 ERA)

Game 158, Saturday, October 1, 1:20 pm central


CIN: LHP Nick Lodolo (4-7, 3.75 ERA)

Game 159, Sunday, October 2, 1:20 pm central

CHC: RHP Marcus Stroman (5-7, 3.66 ERA)

CIN: RHP Chase Anderson (2-3, 4.70 ERA)


I would say that Sampson has earned himself a lengthy audition to be on the major league staff all year next year. 

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I still have them signing a SP this winter. Rodon I hope. But it could be Smyly. Thompson and Alzolay are long relievers. Assad and Kilian stay in Iowa to start. Hendricks is the wild card. If healthy he gets the nod. 

So, Kyle-Sampson-Steele-Stroman-Wesneski and a FA SP

Rodon, Stro, Steele, Sampson and Wesneski are a solid rotation. Kyle probably gets the last spot with Wesneski long relieving.

Bullpen: ManRod, Hughes, Alzolay, Keegan, Wick, Uelman, and a FA lefty (maybe BLittle or BHudson here)

I have Leiter being let go for Cam Sanders being added to 40. 

So Sanders and Estrada in Iowa with Kilian and Assad.

Heuer and ERoberts on IL to start.

Last three 40man arm spots would be BBrown, RJensen and LDevers or KFranklin. That's 22 total spots.

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rondon and trea turner have heavy cubs links in the rumor mill.

disagree about thompson, though.  i think he's the ace of the bunch.  being able to argue about that says a lot about the high end of the unproven pitching youth the cubs have on their hands.  they dont have a sandy alcantara or a spencer strider, but they got some above average SP talent going on.  i haven't been as stoked about cubs pitching youth since wood-prior-zambrano.

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My rotation would be Rodon, Stroman, Senga, Steele, and Thompson/Wesneski.

MiRP would be the rotation loser plus Sampson, Alzolay, and Assad

With SP & MiRP who can cover 5-7 innings almost every game, you wouldn't need as many short men in the pen......and Wick wouldn't be one of them.

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Harsh to Hendricks... likely the last remnant of 2016!

I like your rotation though. I'd put Hendricks in the fifth spot and have Thompson and Wesneski take bulk roles in the bullpen and be ready to slot in when injuries happen. Sampson and Assad in Iowa ready to come up too. Thompson and Wesneski definitely have the ability to stake claim to a long term rotation spot as early as next year.

I think Wick is 100% on the roster bubble.

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In my limited viewing/keeping track via ESPN Gamecast my take is all of Assad, Thompson, and Sampson have all pitched like young players with potential....when they are "on" and have good stuff working they look very competitive but struggle mightily and flat out suck when they don't.  I think Thompson is a step ahead of the other two in that regard, with Steele a level better...either he has bad stuff more rarely or has figured out how to compete with B or C game better.  Don't know about Wesneski since I don't know if he's had a bad start yet.  Next step is how do they all adjust to the adjustments everyone will make for them starting next year.

Keegan has been really good out of the pen. Didn't matter who he was pitching against. But as a SP he could be hot and cold. And, with the SP depth Jed has built, especially if they sign a Rodon quality FA, the Pen is where Keegan is needed more. Steele has been significantly better than I thought he'd be as a SP. I had both Keeg and Steele as RPs. Credit them both for securing belief they can hang in MLB and win games. We'll see how it goes!!

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given the dumpster fire we've been watching the past 2 years, i'm glad this coversation about excess SP can even happen.

the bats situation should be interesting.  some upgrade opportunities would displace in-house talent.  that could lead to trade opportunities.  it's hard to tell where the team will go in that direction.

for those that aim for the moon, aaron judge turned down a 7y/210m+ extension from the yanks before the season began...before...

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Things more common than discussions about Cubs excess competent SPs:

Loch Ness Monster sightings

Bulls dominant Centers

Yeti footprints

Great Bears QBs

Verifiable Bigfoot on crutches photos.


Things as common as discussions about Cubs excess competent SPs:

Great White Sox managers

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If you run these projected FA salaries:

Bogaerts or Turner -- $33-35m

Josh Bell -- $18-20m

Rodon  -- $25m

Senga  -- $18-20m

With Gomes, Hoerner, Madrigal, Happ, B. Davis, Suzuki, Mervis (DH) -- Stroman, Steele, K. Thompson, Wesneski, this team would fit under the CBT and compete for the Division. 

That's absorbing Heyward, Hendricks, Bote salaries (if they can't trade Hendricks).

If I was Hoyer, that's what I would do. By end of 2023 or early 2024, they could have PCA, Amaya, Wicks and Brown ready for MLB Roles.








my god, the reds should be embarrased they exist.  we've seen them play a lot of terrible baseball this year vs the cubs.

their owner has already hinted next year will not have any notable investment, too. fans are really sour on their ownership group.

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