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40-Man Roster Info

40 players are on the MLB RESERVE LIST (roster is full), plus three players are on the 60-DAY IL

26 players on MLB RESERVE LIST are ACTIVE, plus eleven players are on OPTIONAL ASSIGNMENT to minors and three players are on the 15-DAY IL

Last updated 6-15-2024

* bats or throws left
# bats both

Javier Assad
Colten Brewer
Kyle Hendricks
* Shota Imanaga
Mark Leiter Jr
* Luke Little
Tyson Miller
Hector Neris
* Drew Smyly
* Justin Steele
Jameson Taillon
Keegan Thompson
Hayden Wesneski

Miguel Amaya
Yan Gomes

David Bote
* Michael Busch
Nico Hoerner
Christopher Morel
Dansby Swanson
Patrick Wisdom

* Cody Bellinger
* Pete Crow-Armstrong
# Ian Happ
Seiya Suzuki
* Mike Tauchman

Kevin Alcantara, OF
Michael Arias, P
Alexander Canario, OF
Jose Cuas, P
Brennen Davis, OF
Porter Hodge, P 
Nick Madrigal, INF 
* Miles Mastrobuoni, INF
* Matt Mervis, 1B
Daniel Palencia, P 
Luis Vazquez, INF

15-DAY IL: 3
Yency Almonte, P
Ben Brown, P 
* Jordan Wicks, P 

60-DAY IL: 3
Adbert Alzolay, P 
Caleb Kilian, P
Julian Merryweather, P

Minor League Rosters
Rule 5 Draft 
Minor League Free-Agents

Projected Post-2022 "Super Two" Players

An unsigned player under club control who has accrued at least three but less than six years of MLB Service Time is automatically eligible for salary arbitration.
Also, any unsigned player with at least two years but less than three years of MLB Service Time who accrued at least 86 days of MLB Service Time during the previous season can qualify for salary arbitration as a so-called "Super Two" if the player is among the top 22% in MLB Service Time of players in that group (rounded to the nearest whole number). And if two or more players are tied with the same MLB Service Time just above the "Super Two" threshold, all of the players with that accrued MLB ST would get "Super Two" status even if that means the number of players with "Super Two" status exceeds 22%.

Because it is based on a percentage, the "Super Two" threshold fluctuates from year-to-year (it was two years plus 116 days or 2+116 post-2021, 2+125 MLB ST post-2020, 2+115 post-2019, 2+134 MLB ST post-2018, 2+123 post-2017, 2+131 post-2016, 2+130 post-2015, 2+133 post-2014, 2+122 post-2013, 2+140 post-2012, 2+145 post-2011, 2+122 in 2010, and 2+139 in 2009).

Besides gaining the right to request salary arbitration and have that right four times instead of just three times, being a "Super Two" player also means the player can elect free-agency if outrighted even though he has not yet accrued three years of MLB Service Time and even if he has not been outrighted previously in his career. However, unlike a player who has accrued at least three years of MLB Service Time and/or has been outrighted previously in his career and who therefore has the option to elect free-agency immediately or else defer the choice until after the conclusion of the MLB regular season, a "Super Two" player who has not been outrighted previously in his career cannot defer his right to elect free-agency. He must make his choice when he is outrighted. 

At present there are 124 players on MLB rosters who are projected to fit the criteria of a player who has accrued at least two years but less than three years of MLB Service Time with at least 86 days of MLB Service Time accrued in the 2022 MLB regular season. So that means that 22% of the 124 (27.28 rounded to the nearest whole number, which is 27) will be at or above the Super Two threshold.and will have "Super Two" status post-2022. 

Sometimes a player petitions (successfully) to have his listed MLB Service Time adjusted (like due to an injury that occurred before the player was optioned to the minors, or because a player was optioned prior to game time or after the start of a game, or because his club intentionally manipulated the rules to keep the player from achieving "super Two" status, any of which would impact the player's service time and thus could impact the number of players who are in the macro group and how many of the players in the group acquire "Super Two" status), so the MLB Service Time listed below is unofficial pending post-season audit by MLB and the MLBPA.

Thairo Estrada, INF-OF (SF) - 2+169 
James Karinchak, RHRP (CLE) - 2+169
Brusdar Graterol, RHRP (LAD) - 2+167 
Jesus Luzardo, LHSP (MIA) - 2+165 
Nick Madrigal, 2B (CUBS) - 2+164
Taylor Ward, OF (LAA) - 2+164 
Kyle Garlick, OF (MIN) - 2+163 
Mauricio Dubon, INF-OF (HOU) - 2+162 
Brady Singer, RHSP (KC) - 2+161 
Tony Gonsolin, RHSP (LAD) - 2+152 
Josh Rojas, INF-OF (AZ) - 2+152 
Santiago Espinal, INF (TOR) - 2+149 
Patrick Sandoval, LHSP (LAA) - 2+149
Kyle Lewis, OF (SEA) - 2+147
Abraham Toro, INF (SEA) - 2+147  
Evan White, 1B (SEA) - 2+146
Nathaniel Lowe, 1B (TEX) - 2+145  
Rafael Ortega, OF (CUBS) - 2+145 
Rony Garcia, RHSP (DET) - 2+142 
Edmundo Sosa, INF (PHI) - 2+140 
Kris Bubic, LHSP (KC) - 2+137  
Evan Phillips, RHRP (LAD) - 2+136 
David Peterson LHSP (NYM) - 2+135 
Adrian Sampson, RHP (CUBS) - 2+134 
Kyle Funkhouser, RHRP (DET) - 2+133 
Jason Adam, RHRP (TB) - 2+132 
Randy Arozarena, OF (TB) - 2+129 
Daulton Varsho, C-OF (AZ) - 2+128
Nick Solak, INF (TEX) - 2+126 
A. J. Puk, LHRP (OAK) - 2+124 
Cole Irvin, LHSP (OAK) - 2+120

So if it remains unchanged, 2+128 MLB ST will be the post-2022 "Super Two" threshold cut-off.  

Tony Gonsolin, Randy Arozarena, Patrick Sandoval, Jesus Luzardo, Brady Singer, and Nathaniel Lowe won't have to worry, but for some of the other players on the above list, being a "Super Two" ain't necessarily so super. In many cases, a club will either release or non-tender the player rather than risk going to arbitration with him. And even for those players who are tendered a contract, becoming arbitration-eligible a year early can make a player more likely to be shopped in a trade, especially by a club with payroll  concerns. It could also motivate a club to extend a contract extension offer to avoid what could be four years of salary arbitration.  

Also, even though Evan White is signed to a multi-year contract (through 2025 with multiple annual club options through 2028) and as such will not be eligible for salary arbitration post-2022, getting "Super Two" status will impact him by making him eligible to elect free-agency if he were to be outrighted. 


there's new LED lighting racks being installed @wrigley.

i guess they're going to join the slew of teams with crazy ass "light show" celebrations/displays/etc...or they're addressing some shadow issues...

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In reply to by Charlie

i wonder how many years someone is gonna have to pay aaron judge 35+ million.  he turned down a 7y, 30m a year contract before he decided to have the best non-roided power season in the game's history.  he plays a good defensive RF, too.

btw, arenado has said he's not going to opt out so goldschmidt+arenado are on the menu for a while...

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In reply to by Cubster

I totally agree with Cubster's Bobby Mercer comparison. Really don't need another Yankee Stadium 30's slugger showing up with warning track power when they get to Wrigley. You triggered me with that Mercer reference, Cubster! That trade was my first severe Cubs stupid management traumatic experience. 

[ ]

In reply to by JoePepitone


That memory still generates significant nausea for me, even after so many years.


Bobby Murcer and Steve Ontiveros for the NL hitting champ and my favorite cub..



i mean, Murcer seemed like a decent guy and all, but jeez.



ian happ GG finalist...

i have never seen anyone play LF in wrigley like 2022 happ.  it's not a defensively important position, but the way he played it was amazing.  the walls, the ivy, the warning track...and straight up regular field level.

nico hoerner robbed of a nomination...i mean, wtf...

[ ]

In reply to by Cubster


as an aside, i frequent sports auctions and you can 110% tell this current economic downturn is not at all effecting people who have 1000s to throw at sports cards/memorabilia.  a lot of stuff has slowed down, but spending on high end vintage stuff is not only not leveling's continuing to rise. 

i'm sure some of it is from people who are too timid to put money in the market or real estate (you've been able to print money doing either the past 2-3 years), but overall it's weird to see the continous march up in this market that's about 3-4 years strong.

Just as a point of information, the TCR 40-man roster page is accurate if acceessed by a PC, but if you use a phone the column headings are wrong (have not been updated for post-2022 / 2023).

I have requested (more than once) over the past couple of weeks that the column headings on the 40-man roster page be updated for mobile phones, because I don't have the access required to do it myself, otherwise I would have changed it. 

So minor league option years left (2023), options used during the season (2023), and MLB Service Time (through 2022) were updated two weeks ago, but I cannot change the column headings as they appear when using a mobile phone, so it looks like the information relates to the 2022 season, but actually it has - ALL - been updated for off-season post-2022 and 2023. 

HOU goes up 3 games to 0 on NYY

yanks fans on the internet are calling for brian cashman's head.

after Harper 2 run HR in 8th, David Robertson is starting the 9th to get the Phils into the WS. Cool.

and Cubbery gets Robertson with back to back walks and one out. He gets pulled. It's never easy with a one run lead.

matt mervis is continuing his great results in the AFL...leads mesa in HR's (4 in 40 PA)

being 24 is hard to handicap, though...he's playing vs a lot of younger players.

adam wainwright will play for STL in 2023.  neat.

STL is meeting with arenado and are confident he won't opt out.  the fact they're meeting with him probably means there's an extension of some sort in the works.  he's got 5/144 left (28.8m/yr).

Recent comments

  • TarzanJoeWallis (view)

    Baseball used to be called the “thinking man’s game”. One tool I’m realizing PCA isn’t given enough credit for is his mind. He’s cocky but at the same time very humble. He seems to fully realize he’s overmatched by big league pitching. Hence, the bunting. I’m convinced that’s of his own doing, not his coaching, because the team, and indeed the whole of baseball, doesn’t think that way any more.

    So what does the constant threat of the bunt do?

    1. Maximizes the use of his greatest offensive tool at this point, his speed.
    2. Provides his greatest chance of adding offensive value while simultaneously seeing more MLB pitching.
    3. Pulls in the corner infielders and may cause the second baseman to cheat toward first, thereby increasing the chances that a batted ball when he does swing away goes through the infield.
    4. May alter the pitcher’s motion knowing that at any time during the at bat there is a strong chance he may be forced to field his position.

      This is an aspect of baseball that unfortunately seems to have been lost. Compare this to the predictable approach of Christopher Morel, who a pitcher knows is capable of hitting the occasional mistake a long way but also knows that all he has to do at least at this point in Morel’s career is throw high gas and he will most likely get a strike out.
  • TarzanJoeWallis (view)

    Sorry, that’s what happens when you obtain a rental for a playoff run. Oddly, most teams wouldn’t be willing to give up arguably the best offensive player available at the deadline for nothing. They’re going to want the best players they can get in return. And there will be competition and plenty of solid offers for that player that have to be bettered. That’s baseball.

    Just last week there was talk of obtaining Elias Diaz from the Rockies for a ton of potential major league talent. The chances would be 50-50 at best that we could extend him and this team had and still has less chance at a playoff run than last year’s team when the Candelario trade was made.

    We can’t on the one hand urge the team to use their prospect depth to make judicious trades to improve the team’s chances and then turn around and piss and moan every time one of the traded prospects happens to have a great game. We’re a better fan base than that!

  • azbobbop (view)

    Center fielder always has the right of way 

  • Finwe Noldaran (view)

    Well, maybe I just said that to myself to try and justify the deal............

  • Bill (view)

    Not that I heard of.  He was traded for Candelario because we felt a couple of months of Candelario was more valuable than a future 6 years of herz would be.

  • Finwe Noldaran (view)

    I hear that, I just feel like I remember reading when we traded him that he was going to be Rule 5 eligible, and we needed a roster spot, et cetera, et cetera.......

  • Finwe Noldaran (view)

    Just realized I haven't been B. Davis or Alcantara or Aliendo at all recently?

  • TarzanJoeWallis (view)

    Quite possible. Another one of the promising arms a bit below the untouchable higher tier. Once again, a “Not happy to see him go but a deal had to be done” situation.

  • Finwe Noldaran (view)

    Aha, so the Nationals may have requested him? 

  • TarzanJoeWallis (view)

    Traded him and Kevin Made for the Jeimer Candelario rental last year.