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I like some of the features I’ve seen so far, like the headings on the comments that let you track the replies to previous comments. Better than just trying to line up the indents. 

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I was at the game in October 2020 when Alexander Canario suffered his first shoulder injury. It was the Giants last game of instructs and the injury happened on the very last play of the game!

What's kind of interesting is that the Giants selected Canario to their MLB 40-man roster three weeks later, and what's really unusual about it is that Canario had not yet played above short season ball when he was added to 40! Not to mention the clearly significant left shoulder injury suffered in a game that was attended by a number of scouts. 

However, Canario was one of the Giants Top 5 prospects at the time, and obviously the Giants absolutely did not want to take the chance (no matter how remote) that he might get selected in the Rule 5 Draft.  

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CUBSTER: The Canario injury sounds really bad. It's the type of injury suffered by a person sitting in the front seat in a head-on high speed car crash, right? 

So I would think there might be a question about whether Canario will be able to walk normally again, much less to be able to play baseball. Or even if he can play baseball, will he be able to run the bases and play defense in the outfield, or will he more likely be expected to become a Franmil Reyes type one dimensional DH?  

So could you please give us your expert opinion about the type of ankle injury suffered by Canario last month in the DWL, with respect to how it might affect a baseball player's sprint speed, ability to make sudden cuts while running the bases, sliding, chasing fly balls in the outfield, and shifting his weight load to provide power when hitting. 

Again, just your general opinion about that type of ankle injury, and how it might impact a 22-year old baseball player.


Sunday tribune on the Wrigley Draft Kings annex, a 22,000 ft building being added to the RF corner on Addison...

"It’s sort of like attaching a bus shelter to the Picasso" -Paul Sullivan

Similar things were said when they put in the electric scoreboards in left and right field.  Some guys just have to go out of their way to create a controversy.

ian happ wins LF gold glove.

realmuto beats out contreras for C gold glove.

i have never seen someone play LF in wrigley like happ did in 2022.  he played other parks great, too.


One small thing I’d like to see restored…on the bottom of the comments, there was a button that allowed you to see the last 50 comments. It would be nice to have back. Beyond that, great job.

The new comments on THIS thread get a little yellow "new" tag on them - which I like.  However, the home page used to accurately state how many new comments there were on that thread and that feature is not working for this particular discussion thread.  The home page also shows "5 new comments" for an older thread that I have already seen the comments for.  So there seems to be a bug for that particular feature.

Just heard a lengthy (hour and a half) Jason Heyward interview on ESPN 1000 on Waddle & Silvy's show, in studio.  Sounds like a really intelligent, well-balanced and philosophical guy.  He tells the truth and isn't afraid of having someone say the truth to him.  He talked about how he appreciated that the Cubs fans were "real" with him -- they let him know when he did something good and also when he didn't play well.  Talked about Maddon's managing in game 7 of the 2016 WS -- criticizes when it's called for and compliments when it's called for, with great respect given.  Called his catch in SF in May of 2016 where he was injured his favorite catch of his whole career.  As always, he was a worthwhile listen.  Very interesting human being.

"According to Jon Heyman of the New York Post, the Mets are believed to be unlikely to pursue free agents who have received qualifying offers."

this is cubs-relevant because the mets have a hole in the lineup at catcher.  some mets fans are still pissed they didn't snag contreras at the trade deadline.

mervis AFL "Fall Stars Game" MVP

he's got a .291/.344/.655 line with 6 HR through the first half of the AFL season.

dude is making a strong case for not signing a young(ish) 1st baseman to a long-term contract, though an older guy who can also DH (jose abreu, etc) could be on the table.

lou whitaker not on the Contemporary Era HOF Ballot because they're kenny dwight evans...

Bonds, Clemens, Palmeiro, Schilling, Belle, McGriff, Murphy, Mattingly...

schilling might make it even though he's not a good person.  murphy has his 2x MVP and 7x All-Star going for him.  mcgriff has an outside shot.  i dunno how to handicap bonds + clemens chances.

There are a lot of "not a good person"s currently in the HOF. 

Ty Cobb

Hack Wilson

Cap Anson

For that matter, Babe Ruth.

Other than blatant baseball cheating, such as Bonds, I would hate to see a good player left off because of personal disagreements with their non-baseball views or activities.

I personally think that Rose should be in the HOF, unless there is actual proof that gambling affected his on field performance or managing.

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many people think we should/could be better in the current era.  that's why cap anson isn't in the somewhat recently created Cubs HOF even though he's the greatest Cubs player and manager of all time.  if not for cap anson, jackie robinson may be in the HOF as one of baseball's greatest players with world class stats rather than being an important milestone in baseball history that didn't get a shot until he was 28.


schilling and his muslims/nazis thing was a huge misstep (especially for someone that actively collects nazi memerabelia).  going after gay people and trans people in further rants wasn't a good look, either.  the whole lynching of journalists viewpoint was a thing, too.


with on-field baseball merits, alone...he's a no-doubt hall of famer.  he has made nothing easy for him about giving him support after retirement.

The HOF is not the Hall of "better people".  It is to celebrate those that have excelled at the game of baseball over a period of time.  Interjecting your personal views on what constitutes a "good person" negates the purpose of the HOF.

cubs meeting with koudai senga's agent (RH starter, free agent, no posting fee).

mid-90s+ fastball, cutter, slider, and a very advanced forkball (probably advanced because hardly anyone throws one anymore).

hurrah for that and all, but i want to see the bats situation fixed more than anything.

franmil reyes outrighted to AAA.  looks like he's gonna move on from the cubs.  can't imagine him sticking around.

d.bote outrighted to AAA because there's a near-0 chance anyone will pick up his contract.  pretty safe to assume he'll be with the team in the majors next year.

mills, crook, espinoza, wieck, and brault also outrighted.

Cubs MLB Roster

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40 players are on the MLB RESERVE LIST (roster is full), plus three are on the 60-DAY IL

26 players are on the MLB ACTIVE LIST, plus three are on the 15-DAY IL, one is on the 10-DAY IL, and ten are on OPTIONAL ASSIGNMENT to minors  

Last updated 6-3-2023
* bats or throws left
# bats both

Adbert Alzolay
Javier Assad
Jeremiah Estrada
Michael Fulmer
Kyle Hendricks
* Brandon Hughes
Mark Leiter Jr 
Julian Merryweather
* Drew Smyly
* Justin Steele 
Marcus Stroman
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Patrick Wisdom

# Ian Happ
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Seiya Suzuki
* Mike Tauchman

Keven Alcantara, OF 
Ben Brown, P 
Alexander Canario, OF 
Brennen Davis, OF 
Ryan Jensen, P 
Caleb Kilian, P  
Nick Madrigal, INF 
Michael Rucker, P 
Keegan Thompson, P 
Nelson Velazquez, OF

10-DAY IL: 1 
* Cody Bellinger, OF 

15-DAY IL: 2 
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Nick Burdi, P  
* Justin Steele, P 

60-DAY IL: 3 
Codi Heuer, P 
Ethan Roberts, P
Adrian Sampson, P 


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