Cubs MLB Roster

Cubs Organizational Depth Chart
40-Man Roster Info

40 players are on the MLB RESERVE LIST (roster is full), plus two players are on the 60-DAY IL

26 players on MLB RESERVE LIST are ACTIVE, plus seven players are on OPTIONAL ASSIGNMENT to minors and seven players are on the 15-DAY IL

Last updated 5-21-2024

* bats or throws left
# bats both

Javier Assad
Ben Brown
Jose Cuas
Kyle Hendricks
Porter Hodge 
* Shota Imanaga
Mark Leiter Jr
* Luke Little
Tyson Miller
Hector Neris
* Justin Steele
Jameson Taillon
Hayden Wesneski

Miguel Amaya
Yan Gomes

* Michael Busch
Nico Hoerner
Nick Madrigal
Christopher Morel
Dansby Swanson
Luis Vazquez
Patrick Wisdom

* Cody Bellinger
# Ian Happ
Seiya Suzuki
* Mike Tauchman

Kevin Alcantara, OF
Michael Arias, P
Alexander Canario, OF
* Pete Crow-Armstrong, OF
Brennen Davis, OF
* Miles Mastrobuoni, INF
* Matt Mervis, 1B

15-DAY IL: 7
Yency Almonte, P
Albert Alzolay, P
Colten Brewer, P
Daniel Palencia, P
* Drew Smyly, P
Keegan Thompson, P
* Jordan Wicks, P

60-DAY IL: 2
Caleb Kilian, P
Julian Merryweather, P


Minor League Rosters
Rule 5 Draft 
Minor League Free-Agents

2024 Cubs Spring Training


The Cubs have optioned RHP Hayden Wesneski and OF Alexander Canario to AAA Iowa, C Joe Hudson has been assigned to Minor League Camp, and C Jorge Alfaro has elected free-agency (he had a contractual opt-out).  

So there are now 30 players ACTIVE at Cubs MLB Spring Training (28 on MLB Reserve List and two NRI). 


RHP Carl Edwards Jr and 1B Dominic Smith have elected free-agency (Edwards had an automatic Article XX-B opt-out, and D. Smith had a contractual opt-out). 


The Cubs have assigned LHP Edwin Escobar to Minor League Camp. 

So there are now 36 players ACTIVE at Cubs MLB Spring Training (30 on MLB Reserve List and 6 NRI). 


The Cubs have optioned RHP Daniel Palencia to AAA Iowa. 

Also, RHP Colten Brewer, LHP Richard Lovelady, LHP Thomas Pannone, and INF David Bote have been assigned to Minor League Camp.  

So there are now 37 players ACTIVE at Cubs MLB Spring Training (30 on MLB Reserve List and 7 NRI). 

3/17 UPDATE:

The Cubs have optioned RHP Keegan Thompson and 1B Matt Mervis to AAA Iowa. 

Also, RHP Cam Sanders, C-INF Bryce Windham, and INF Chase Strumpf have been assigned to Minor League Camp. 
So there are now 42 players ACTIVE at Cubs MLB Spring Training (31 on MLB Reserve List and 11 NRI). 


RHP Chris Clarke, RHP Sam McWilliams, and LHP Brad Wieck have been assigned to Minor League Camp.

So there are now 47 players ACTIVE at Cubs MLB Spring Training (33 on MLB Reserve List and 14 NRI). 


The Cubs have optioned RHP Ben Brown, OF Pete Crow-Armstrong, OF Brennen Davis, and INF Luis Vazquez to AAA Iowa, and OF Kevin Alcantara, RHP Michael Arias, and RHP Porter Hodge to AA Tennessee.  

Also, NRI RHP Ethan Roberts, RHP Riley Thompson, C Pablo Aliendo, 1B-C Haydn McGeary, INF Matt Shaw, and OF Owen Caissie have been assigned to Minor League Camp. 
So there are now 50 players ACTIVE at Cubs MLB SPRING TRAINING (33 on MLB Reserve List and 17 NRI)


The Cubs have added 1B-OF Garrett Cooper (# 41) to their MLB Spring Training roster as a Non-Roster Invitee (NRI). 

2/27 UPDATE:

The Cubs have signed free agent OF-1B Cody Bellinger (# 24) to an MLB contract, and the Cubs have traded LHP Bailey Horn (# 92) to the Chicago White Sox. Also, the Cubs have added OF David Peralta (# 6)  and 1B-OF Dominic Smith (# 12) to their MLB Spring Training roster as Non-Roster Invitees (NRI).

2/23 UPDATE:

The Cubs have added minor league C-1B Haydn McGeary (# 70) as an NRI to MLB Spring Training. He is catching "live" BP and bullpen sides.

Also, Miguel Amaya has switched from # 6 to # 9 (presumably so that David Peralta can wear # 6) and Carl Edwards Jr has switched from # 79 to # 58.

2024 CUBS SPRING TRAINING ROSTER: (last updated 3/25)

30 players

28 players on MLB roster
two players are Non-Roster Invitee - NRI

* bats or throws left
# bats both

25 Yency Almonte
73 Adbert Alzolay
72 Javier Assad
74 Jose Cuas
28 Kyle Hendricks
18 Shoto Imanaga *
45 Caleb Kilian
38 Mark Leiter Jr
43 Luke Little *
66 Julian Merryweather
51 Hector Neris
11 Drew Smyly *
35 Justin Steele *
50 James Taillon
36 Jordan Wicks *

9 Miguel Amaya
15 Yan Gomes

29 Michael Busch *
2 Nico Hoerner
1 Nick Madrigal
20 Miles Mastrobuoni *
5 Christopher Morel
7 Dansby Swanson
16 Patrick Wisdom

41 Garrett Cooper

24 Cody Bellinger *
8 Ian Happ #
27 Seiya Suzuki
40 Mike Tauchman * 

6 David Peralta * 

30 Craig Counsell

96 James Adduci (Assistant Hitting Coach - Game Planning)
63 Juan Cabreja (Assistant Hitting Coach - BP Coordinator)
84 Ryan Flaherty (Bench Coach)
33 Willie Harris (3rd base coach)
79 Darren Holmes (Bullpen Coach)
68 Tommy Hottovy (Pitching Coach)
99 Danny Hultzen (Pitching Strategist)
76 Dustin Kelly (Hitting Coach)
80 John Mallee (Assistant Hitting Coach)
90 Jonathan Mota (Assistant Bullpen Coach)
53 Daniel Moskos (Assistant Pitching Coach)
55 Mike Napoli (1st Base Coach)
97 Alex Smith (Data Development & Process Coach)
81 Mark Strittmatter (MLB Field Coordinator)

85 Garrett Lloyd (Bullpen Catcher)

3 (last worn by David Ross)
17 (last worn by Kris Bryant)
34 (last worn by John Lester)
37 (last worn by Dom Nunez - ST 2023)
44 (last worn by Anthony Rizzo)
47 (last worn by Brandon Hughes)
56 (last worn by Jeremiah Estrada)
59 (last worn by Michael Rucker)
60 (last worn by Sergio Alcantara - ST 2023)
61 (last worn by Brailyn Marquez - ST 2023)
64 (last worn by Jordan Holloway - ST 2023)
65 (last worn by Tyler Duffey)
69 (Cubs do not issue this number)
92 (last worn by Bailey Horn prior to being traded on 2/27)

10 Ron Santo
14 Ernie Banks
23 Ryne Sandberg
26 Billy Williams
31 Ferguson Jenkins & Greg Maddux
42 Jackie Robinson


Justin Steele @J_Steele21
I watched Shōta Imanaga throw a bullpen today.. I’m on eBay now looking for cards. Guy is filthy.
2:37 PM · Feb 8, 2024

RHP Craig Brooks (Cubs 2015 7th round draft pick - Catawba College) has officially retired. He was placed on the Restricted List in 2021 after failing to report to Minor League Camp. 

Also, the Cubs have signed NDFA 22-year old RHP JC Coronado (Cisco CC) to a minor league contract. Coronado pitched in indy ball off & on over the past two or three years. He has been placed on the Cubs Domestic Reserve List and has been assigned to the ACL Cubs roster. 

So the Cubs 175-man off-season Domestic Reserve List now has 156 players on it (19 slots are open). Note that although the minor league DRL roster limit is presently 175, the limit will be 165 as of minor league opening day and will remain at 165 until 5 PM (Eastern) on the 5th day after the final game of the 2024 World Series, at which point it will go back up to 175 again. 

mid-FEB and there's 2 big FA bats still out there.  matt chapman and bellinger...

the QO's hanging over both guys (along with price demands) isn't helping either of them.

the interesting thing to me is, while the cubs have expressed positive things about PCA and tauchman they've not stated "these are the guys, we're going with them" or similar.

bellinger 3/75 with an opt-out after seasons 1 and 2...maybe 4/100?  or will someone blink and hand the guy the 200m-ish deal he's looking?

or will the cubs trade away everyone with a contract away, sell the naming rights of Wrigley Field to the presidential campaign of RFK Jr, and buy a few more Wrigleyville properties?

[ ]

In reply to by crunch

CRUNCH: He might be only a DH, but I would say J. D. Martinez is the third FA "big bat" still available, and of course JDM is (like Bellinger, Chapman, Snell, and Montgomery) a Boras client. 

And as I have mentioned here previously, look for Boras to establish his own Spring Training Camp (probably in Arizona) sometime in the near-future for his many unsigned clients (Bellinger, Chapman, J. D. Martinez, Snell, Montgomery, Hyun Jin Ryu, Elvis Andrus, and Julio Urias).

[ ]

In reply to by Arizona Phil

we're entering an era of free agent turmoil between teams and players/agents.

owners really want to force a signing deadline period in december/janurary, and they're pushing hard for one around winter meetings in december.  the players are aggressively against this and i can't imagine it would happen without some serious concessions...and probably more like janurary than december.

in the meantime, spring training camps might be part of the immediate future.

that whole "sit out til mid-season" threat that was a thing for a little while seems to be a less popular option.

I think that 3 / 75 is somewhere close to where Hoyer's trigger point might be.  They offered 25 million for one year, and the two additional years probably wouldn't scare the Cubs off.  I think that a higher salary or longer term would definately make it difficult for the Cubs to agree, given the state of their farm system, especially with outfielders.

but if I were bellinger, I would get it done quickly.  If Crow-Armstrong manages to convince the Cubs staff that he can be their CF this year, 3 / 75 for a first baseman doesn''t look so attractive.

With teams like the Rangers (cashed out), the Blue Jays (would need to subtract before adding) and the Phillies (Merrifield) likely off the buyers list, Jed’s strategy of waiting out the market may just work

Meghan Montemurro @M_Montemurro

At the start of Cubs camp, the plan is for Christopher Morel to focus mainly at 3B, Craig Counsell said today.

Counsell wants to give Morel a chance at 3B and provide him some defensive consistency then see where the roster is at some point in spring and go from there.

Jesse Rogers @JesseRogersESPN
Cubs owner Tom Ricketts on free agent Cody Bellinger: “There’s been some discussions but it hasn’t become a negotiation yet.”

[ ]

In reply to by crunch

followup article...

“We’re just waiting,” Ricketts said. “Waiting for whenever he and his agent are going to engage. It could be any time now or it could be a few weeks. We’ll see where it goes.” Ricketts continued: “Until they are ready to negotiate, there’s not much we can do. We just have to wait for when it gets serious before talking about what the end money amounts are.”

[ ]

In reply to by crunch

Maybe I'm reading too much into it but this quote from Ricketts sounds like CBT threshold is a defacto cap.

"We're right there at CBT (Competitive Balance Tax) levels," he said. "It's kind of our natural place for us. That should be enough to win our division and be consistent every year."


Unless the farm systems really churns out some high impact players; sounds like assembling a team where the 80th percentile outcome is competing for a Wild Card spot is the Cubs foreseeable future.   

[ ]

In reply to by Sonicwind75

He's not wrong thatreaching the CBT give or take a few million every year should be good enough to win thr NL Central most years because you'd be significantly outspending your division. But it's also the job of the ownership and front office to make it be good enough in reality. We'll see. Signing Bellinger would probably push the Cubs to division favorites by a small margin.

[ ]

In reply to by Charlie

But the point of the CBT wasn’t a hard cap. The point was it levels the playing field that big money teams pay a fee to get the best current players and the lower market teams can use those fees paid to them to really maximize the talent they can build. By operating with that as a hard cap, the financial advantage is being thrown away.

[ ]

In reply to by Craig A.

i'm still shocked the owners/players agreed to threshold "tax."  the owners would love a cap, but the players are dead set on that never happening.

as it stands the penalty is a "tax" on NYC and LA teams, and BOS since they choose to blow through it so much.

going 20-40m over the cap isn't destructive to the teams, even with multipliers.  DET and SF has done this multiple times.  the times the cubs did it didn't hurt any future endeavors...such as buying up Wrigleyville property or Nebraska politicians.

That is true.  Unless the farm system produces a very solid foundation, the Cubs (and pretty much most top revenue teams), are going to have to go through periods of good and bad teams.  Hopefully, they will have enough patience to let the development continue.

[ ]

In reply to by Bill

they don't "have to" go through pretending chicago is a mid-market team.  they choose to.

what happens when SD, or BOS, or PHI (etc etc) bites off too much?  they trade their mistake and eat a bit of the cost.

...and they don't spend the following 3+ years rebuilding after the pivot.

this is the main point that kills me.  it's not punting, it's year after year after year of punting.  the savings from the mid-season trades of talent in those punt years...putting that into the following season budget...hahahaha, no.

this team was 1-2 wins from the playoffs last year and didn't get to trade away their attempted-punt talent.  it even cost them prospects to fall 1-2 games short.  this is putting the pedal to the metal with the emergency brake fully engaged.

in what universe and timeline do the 2024 cubs need david f'n peralta?

Mark Feinsand has clarified it's a minor league deal.  i can live with that going into 2024.

[ ]

In reply to by Dolorous Jon Lester

Dominic Smith is likely ticketed for Extended Spring Training in April to rehab from January hand surgery (hamate), then AAA Iowa once he is ready to roll. He isn't a post-2023 Article XX-B MLB FA like David Peralta so he doesn't get the automatic Opening Day opt-out if he doesn't make the Opening Day MLB 26-man roster, but he very likely has one or more contractual opt outs during the course of the season if he isn't added to the 40 (like Jorge Alfaro likely has). Note that also like Jorge Alfaro, Dominic Smith is an Article XIX-A player (he has accrued at least five years of MLB Service Time) so he cannot be sent to the minors (optioned or outrighted) without his consent if he is added to the 40 at some point in 2024.

Minor league vet deals aren't hugely important. These guys probably won't factor in much to the season.

So, Smith & Peralta shouldn't take away one AB from a young MLB ready top prospect who needs MLB experience. Someone who might do what the DBacks prospects did in 2023.


Because the Cubs have never tried to rely on aging vets to keep people's hopes up.


Counsel wouldn't sign on for that, right? Even for all that cash, right?

Ricketts wants more revenue. Aging vets don't provide that. They provide cover for lack of conviction. Conviction in your young guys and your lack of willingness to make bold/significant moves to improve your roster because you might overspend or even be proven wrong in your evaluations.

But, the Cubs would never do anythin like that. I'm simply over reacting to the signing of two old LH hitters on MiLB deals.


cubs post a "funny meme" about nico + dansby calling themselves "nickle and dimes"

the replies, as expected by everyone but the cubs social media team, heavily lean toward ricketts + jed being upset their nicknames got stolen.

they need to start reading the room before posting.

Chicago radio reports that the Yankees are "going after" Snell and Belli.
They've already made an offer for Snell.
They want Bellinger for CF if Judge's foot isn't right and at 1B if Rizzo starts to fall off.
Verdugo/Stanton in LF
Bellinger/Judge in CF
Soto/Stanton in RF
Rizzo/Bellinger at 1B
Any of them at DH
That means one of those five guys isn't in the lineup every game.
If everyone were healthy, I'd imagine Rizzo would be traded eventually.
Boras' dream scenario right there !!!

Here is an interesting thought about Boras's negotiation strategy:   Going into the off-season, Boras knew MLB GMs were not convinced of Bellinger's success enough to offer a long-term and large AVV contract.  His strategy was to convince the one team that experienced Bellinger's success that a market was there to take away a beloved player and make the Cubs bid against themselves.  So far, that has not worked and Boras has to scramble to not be embarrassed by a contract much lower than promised. 

The question is:   What is a scenario in which Boras and Bellinger look good signing a bad contract?  Until that plays out, I suspect Bellinger could go into the season without being signed. 

[ ]

In reply to by videographer

boras is holding onto 4 "top level" FAs and ST games have officially begun.  montgomery, snell, chapman, and bellinger.

there seems to be a bunch of teams not willing to blink, but there also seems to be a slew of teams willing to snap up any of these dudes if the price is right.

at some point it may pivot to front-loaded deals with very early (and probably multiple) opt-outs.

it's still "cubs advantage" on bellinger because there's a QO hanging over him and none of the teams with money are in heavy need of a CF or 1st.

ahhh...spring baseball.  put that shit right in my veins.  

the dodgers are up 8-0 after 2 innings.  joe musgrove pitched to 4 batters and didn't retire any of them...all 4 scored.

cubs tomorrow afternoon.

it looks like rich hill may not find a 2024 contract even though he wanted to pitch in 2024.

being a guy turning 44 during spring training coming off a bad season isn't a good look if you don't have a contract by the time spring games start.

he's played 19 seasons for 13 teams.  his 337.2ip for the cubs is his 2nd highest for any team (361.1ip for the dodgers).  he's the last man standing still playing out of the 2005 cubs crew.  geo soto last played in 2017.

im gonna go ahead...without any evidence pointing to it...and predict bellinger returning to the cubs in 2 days on the 8 year anniversary of dexter fowler's surprise signing.

...and of course the cubs will go on to win the world series months later.

...and the cubs will finally sign brian roberts 3/44m

And right away, the first ball put in play goes to Morel at 3rd, who fields the grounder to his left and pegs out the runner on a good throw to first.

Recent comments

  • crunch (view)

    cubs get one!  infield popup and m.busch ends up on 2nd.  wind owes cubs fans...need to get that run in to make it more fair.

    cashed in!  tie game!

  • crunch (view)

    assad get d.ross'd after on the corners...102 pitches thrown (104 his season and career high).

  • crunch (view)

    cubs out here giving away chances at outs with the defense...not the first time this year...too many times this year.

    i understand 2 of the 3 miscues (so far in the 5th) were wind-aided, but still...damn...

  • crunch (view)

    big OF shot on the bleachers and judging by what i'm seeing, about 75%+ of those baseball-bat "mugs" of beer seem to be sold to the bleacher fans.

  • crunch (view)

    ryne sandberg posted his latest scans show no cancer.

    that's good.  that said, you gotta wait a few years to see where you're truly at with something like stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer.  if it didn't metastasize to his bones, he's already got an advantage with the latest news...that area of metastasis seems to be one of the worst signs of survival with this particular cancer.

    he will be monitored for the rest of his life until his age/health dictates it's no longer neccessary.

    good news for now.  hopefully he's one of the slightly better than 1/3rd that survive stage 4 prostate cancer after 5 years.  this news is a great start.

  • crunch (view)

    1- NICE!

    2- boo.

  • Eric S (view)

    Interesting pre-game news from Craig Counsell:

    • Professor moved to the bullpen, for now
    • Adbert seeking a second opinion on the forearm strain (sounds ominous)
  • crunch (view)

    yeah, pitch framing is another defensive love interest I don't understand.  i mean, it's nice, but it's elevated importance is way overblown (imo) since the data points to a couple calls of a ball/strike a game that's influenced.

    STL's love affair with it involved getting contreras out of the C position for a while last year...which showed no improvement with his C replacements even keeping his bat in the lineup as a DH.  this year it cost STL his great bat for months, if not the whole season, because they moved him closer to the plate to help frame better.

    you know what's undervalued now for catcher?  stolen bases.  the pizza boxes on the field have people running.  both gunning down runners and being able to do so should be a bit more important.  contreras had a good 33% CS rate, but more importantly his arm and ability only had 9 attempts to steal on him in 20 games (6sb 3cs).  i would say this is much more important than gaming 2-ish ball/strike calls your way per game.

  • Dolorous Jon Lester (view)

    Somewhat OT: I used to be staunchly against robo balls and strikes. I’m growing more and more in favor of it. When I pitched in high school I always tried to extend the outside corner but watching at mlb level, I’m just tired of watching crappy hitting catchers stay in the big leagues too long because they’re good pitch framers. The two Cubs catchers can’t hit, can’t throw, but they’re good pitch framers and the pitchers like them. We sadly are now stuck with DH in both leagues (a travesty), so since we’re going all in on offense, get these worthless bum catchers out of baseball.

    If umpires insist on calling balls and strikes, I think it’s insane some of these guys get to do that. They should have two sets of rotating umpires; base umpires and home plate umpires.

  • Charlie (view)

    Sorry for the Mark Prior tag. I'm posting from mobile and it's not letting me remove it. I feel haunted.