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Javier Assad
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Kyle Hendricks
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Jameson Taillon
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Luis Vazquez
Patrick Wisdom

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* Matt Mervis, 1B

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Keegan Thompson, P
* Jordan Wicks, P

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Julian Merryweather, P

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Cubs @ Mariners: Series Thread (Games 13-15)

The Cubs were able to manage only one win in San Diego. Their two losses included blowing an eight-run lead in the series opener. Following a day off on Thursday, they proceed to Seattle for another three-game series. See daily matchups below. 


Game 13, Friday, April 12, 8:40 pm central
CHC: LHP Jordan Wicks (0-1, 4.15 ERA)
SEA: RHP Bryce Miller (1-1, 3.00 ERA) 

Wicks is still in search of the last out of the fifth inning. He's posted higher than expected strikeout and walk rates so far, albeit in only 8.2 innings pitched. He's also used his changeup at just over half the rate he did last year and is turning more frequently to the fastball--possibly a biproduct of his relatively short starts so far.

Bryce Miller made 25 MLB starts as a rookie in 2023. He showed better than average command of the strikezone and relied heavily on a fastball that sits at 95 mph. In a very limited sample, lefties have had significantly more success off the hard-throwing righthander.


Game 14, Saturday, April 13, 8:40 pm central
CHC: LHP Shota Imanaga (1-0, 0.00 ERA)
SEA: RHP Emerson Hancock (1-1, 11.42 ERA) 

Imanaga's second start was going swimmingly before it was interrupted by rain. He needed only 43 pitches to get through four scoreless innings. That shortened outing and an extra day of rest should have him raring to go for his third MLB start. 

Emerson Hancock jumped from AA to make three MLB starts in 2023. He was drafted sixth overall in 2020 and profiles as a pitch-to-contact, strong command type. His fastball sits around 93 and he complements it with a slider and changeup. 


Game 15, Sunday, April 14, 3:10 pm central
SEA: RHP Luis Castillo (0-3, 6.89 ERA) 

Although no starter has been announced as of my writing this post, Javier Assad's spot in the rotation is due up. The day off before the series gives the Cubs the option of skipping this spot or potentially piggy backing Assad and Ben Brown. Assad was cruising in his last start before the Padres exploded for their historic comeback, which began with Assad on the mound. 

While Luis Castillo carries an inflated ERA from his first three starts, he's continuing to show strong peripherals. Castillo has struck out 18 and walked 4 in those 15.2 innings so far. His fastball is down a tick or two compared to his time in the NL central but still averages 95 mph. He's traded some changeup usage for increased slider and fastball usage in recent years as well. 

The Cubs travel to Arizona for their next series.


hicks 1st HBP of his career happens with the bases loaded.

pure cubbery.  you're a real cubs major leaguer now dude.

morel (who's playing with a finger injury) rang the hell out of his hand earlier in the game on a broken-bat foul and showed visible discomfort.

i wouldn't be shocked to see morel get a day off tomorrow.

it's going to be hard for the cubs to keep mervis in AAA if he keeps hitting like he's hitting.  3 homers (2 tonight) and 5 doubles in 12 games with a .341/.426/.659 slash.  K's are a little bit high, but not alarming...about 1/4 of his PA.

that said, there's no place for the guy with the current team construction.  the vulnerable guys are cooper, wisdom, and masterboney....and out of those 3 there's only room for 2 before adding more names to the mix.

matt shaw also tearing up AA pitching, but his season is a bit behind mervis's in games played.

[ ]

In reply to by Charlie

masterboney and wisdom are the 2 guys i'd most be worried about their jobs, but initially it's most likely going to be wisdom and cooper holding things down until some bat in AAA (or maybe AA) makes one of wisdom/cooper expendable.

defensively, masterboney is expendable with this current roster.  both starting middle IF'rs are above average SS and morel/madrigal can both play a very competent 2nd or cover 3rd (madrigal D advantage at 3rd over morel).

offensively, you could either point to masterboney's 0 hits and 1 walk in 8 PA or the fact he's only had 8 PA over 13 games.  he's the least used bench option with 1/2 to 1/3rd the PA's of anyone else on the bench.

wisdom isn't a great 3rd base option, but a good enough 1st base option.  once things get settled out, i imagine wisdom and cooper (both righties) will be playing with mervis in their rear view mirror.

[ ]

In reply to by crunch

Since the Cubs have put there faith in Busch as their long term first baseman and he has done nothing but justify it, because Mervis is first base only, and because the Cubs don’t seem to want a full time DH I can’t see them bringing up Mervis. His greatest value comes via trading him as part of a package, and bringing him up only risks him being further exposed as a 4A type player.

That said, either way, it is all wonderfulness if he keeps tearing it up in triple A. So go Matt go!

[ ]

In reply to by TarzanJoeWallis

Bringing him up does risk exposing him to MLB pitching, and would kill his trade value if he fails.  But if he shows he can hit MLB pitching, his trade value would soar far beyond what it currently is as someone with only failure at the MLB level.  

If he continues to hit in the minors, the Cubs would be foolish not to bring him up and see what he can do, especially since they could really use a left handed power hitting DH.  They can give their regulars rest with actual days off, rather than wasting them at DH.

[ ]

In reply to by Bill

Agreed. Mervis lacks prospect pedigree, and he will likely carry the trade value of a suspected quad-A guy until he shows success at the MLB level.

I also think the Cubs will show interest in a regular DH if it turns out they already have a guy who can fill that role well. 

[ ]

In reply to by Bill

I guess my point is that based on past performance, majors, minors and spring training would more likely than not cement the 4A reputation with a call up, particularly as a part time occasional player.

If he tears up triple A other teams may have different thoughts even without the MLB experience. He lacks prospect pedigree primarily because of the system he’s in. Probably not the centerpiece of a trade but certainly a decent component.

[ ]

In reply to by TarzanJoeWallis

I think it's still worth seeing Matt Mervis as a Lefty bat DH. Tauchman would be better as a 4th OF role and pinch hitter or injury replacement.  Tauchman has been essentially a regular in the lineup. 

The DH this season so far has been the following: 

Tauchman (1-3) and (0-4), Happ (0-3) but Tauchman was in LF, Cooper (1-3), Suzuki (1-3) with Tauchman in RF, Happ (2-5) with Tauchman in LF, Morel (1-4) and (0-4), Bellinger (0-5) with Tauchman in CF, Morel (1-4), Suzuki (1-3) with Tauchman in RF, Happ (4-5) with Tauchman in LF, Cooper (1-3) and Morel (2-5).

There seem to be a few patterns. Cooper is the DH vs Leftys. Morel gets some regrouping time as he learns 3B. Finally, Counsell is rotating the outfielders by using Tauchman as the 4th OF to give the regulars some rest at the DH slot.

If Mervis is tried as the full-time DH vs right-handed pitching and succeeds, they would have an additional and regular power (albeit platoon, which lets Mervis have a better shot at success) LH bat in the lineup and Counsell would have to give full days off to get regulars some rest (which I think is better than the "DH-day off."

The theoretical value of Mervis in a trade, to a limited extent, resembles Busch in LA. He does not have much to prove at AAA and is blocked at the major league level...except Busch comes with a better pedigree (more like Andrew Cashner, see below). Therefore, I'm not sure the value is that much diminished (a little bit but not much) and he still would have to be a part of a package for probably pitching depth.  

The better comp is more like Rizzo (compared to Busch), whom Theo-Jed believed in but was a moderate failure in his MLB early trials. To get Rizzo, it cost them, Andrew Cashner. He, more like Busch had a 1st round draft pedigree and had real promise as a starter but some baggage with what I recall were injury issues as well as early career inconsistency. Right now, Mervis does not have that level of value but that might change with more MLB experience.

Finally, some strong prospects are coming and if Mervis has any success, he might bring a much stronger package at that point than just having AAA success this season. I'd roll that dice to find out what he could be as a Cub rather than never finding out. This is all predicated on seeing that Busch is a success as the regular 1B and so far, so good (.311, 4 HRs in two weeks). I’d like to see him bat 5th in the lineup given the early success.

morel in the lineup saturday and playing 3rd.  hand is obviously bothering him, but he's playing.

tauchman gets the DH, because he's left handed or whatever... free game of the day, btw...

mervis with another homer tonight...

porter hodge made his AAA debut and got the win throwing a scoreless inning in relief...while walking 3 and K'ing 1.

imanaga walks back to back batters to the first hitters up in the 6th.  he had 15 innings without a walk coming into the inning.

he gave up his first run earlier in the game, but still hasn't given up an earned run.

I wanted to help Jed with his roster move this Friday:

Activate James Taillon, RHP, from 15 day IL.

Designate for Assignment, Kyle Hendricks, RHP.

Brown and Assad remain as rotation or multi-inning RP options.

Merrvis’ career path and minor league production is not dissimilar to Rizzo and Busch. Busch certainly had a better pedigree but Rizzo was a sixth round draft pick. I agree with Cubster, It’s well worth the option to bring him up as a lefty DH/occasional 1B bat. He probably doesn’t have a long term future in Chicago but he could become a valuable trade chip. Find the right spot in the schedule and let’s see what he can do. 

[ ]

In reply to by Wrigley Rat

The Cubs have mentioned previously that Matt Mervis would have been their 6th round pick in 2020 if there had been a 6th round that year.

Also, Mervis was rated a 2024 Cubs Top 15 prospect by both Baseball America and MLB Pipeline during the off season (both had him at #13), so it's not like he isn't considered a prospect in what is a loaded system. (Personally, I would rate Mervis around #20, but that's because I believe he is really a DH, and maybe even a platoon DH at the MLB level). 

Mervis was also rated as the 2024 #6 1st base prospect by Jonathan Mayo at MLB Pipeline, but again I see him more as a DH.  

Barring some unforeseen circumstances, I suspect the Cubs will trade Mervis for a more-useful MLB piece (probably a "fungible" reliever with more than one year of club control) at the Trade Deadline, just like at the TDL last year when the Cubs traded Nelson Velazquez to KC for RHRP Jose Cuas (who had 5-1/2 years of club control remaining and three minor league options  left when the Cubs acquired him). 

The only way I can see Mervis remaining in the Cubs system is if the Cubs are not in contention and are sellers at the TDL, in which case they will probably trade Bellinger, Cooper, Tauchman, Wisdom, and Gomes, which would probably mean that Mervis will get another shot in Chicago (as the DH), but even then Owen Caissie will probably be the Cubs primary DH in 2025 (if not sooner). 

[ ]

In reply to by Arizona Phil

As I have mentioned here before, I really believe Matt Shaw is the Cubs second-baseman (NOT third-baseman) of the future, so if the Cubs are sellers at the Trade Deadline this year and Shaw looks to be MLB-ready as a hitter and at least passable defensively, Nico Hoerner could get moved at the TDL, too. 

Or if it becomes crystal clear that Christopher Morel absolutely positively just can't play 3B and Shaw can play 3B (even with a below-average arm), then Morel could play 2B and Shaw could play 3B long-term.  

Either way, I believe the Cubs will not retain Hoerner much past 2024, or even past Juiy if the Cubs decide to be sellers at the TDL. (Unlike Swanson, Happ, and Suzuki, Hoerner does NOT have a "no trade"). And it's not because Hoerner isn't a Gold Glove caliber second-baseman and a really good player. It's because his trade value will never be higher than it will be at the 2024 TDL (if the Cubs are sellers) or next off-season if the Cubs are not sellers at the TDL.  

All of which means, if the Cubs are sellers at the TDL (or maybe even if they are not), by this time next year the Cubs lineup could look something like this:  

1. Happ, LF 
2. Suzuki, RF
3. Busch, 1B 
4. C. Morel, 3B (or 2B) 
5. Swanson, SS 
6. Caissie, DH 
7. Shaw, 2B (or 3B) 
8. Amaya, C 
9. PCA, CF 

Or even if the Cubs are not sellers at the TDL and Bellinger isn't traded and does not opt-out post-2024 (which would probably only happen if he doesn't have a good 2024 season), I still believe Hoerner will be moved and the 2025 Opening Day lineup could very well be: 

1. Happ, LF 
2. Suzuki, RF 
3. Bellinger, CF 
4. C. Morel, 3B (or 2B) 
5. Busch, 1B 
6. Swanson, SS 
7. Caissie, DH 
8. Shaw, 2B (or 3B)
9. Amaya, C 

[ ]

In reply to by Arizona Phil

Not sure why Caissie is being classified strictly as a future DH. He’s a big guy but he has shone to be surprisingly speedy and a respectable fielder in left.

Happ strikes me as a competitor and I could see him waiving his no trade to go to a potential winner if the Cubs are sellers and willing to take back some salary. Happ is a switch hitter, a former gold glover, and consistent if far from spectacular at the plate. If Happ left, Cassie could slot in quite nicely in left

By contrast, if Bellinger continues to perform as the 2021/2022 version I don’t think he would be movable at the deadline given his current contract.

I’ve expressed my concerns with 
Bellinger and his interview response as reported on Marquee today did little to reassure me. Essentially, “I’m doing everything I want to do in every at bat and I feel like I’ll get there soon.” I translate this as “Don’t be silly! There’s nothing wrong and nothing I need to work on.” Not an answer that points to immediate improvement. Bellinger has proven he’s quite capable of putting together truly terrible seasons and I’m not sure why my concern isn’t more widespread across the fan base.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love nothing more than to have my concerns be totally off base and for Cody to start tearing it up. Just not seeing or hearing much to support that hope.

[ ]

In reply to by TarzanJoeWallis

TARZAN; Presuming he doesn't spend the next three years in AAA, Owen Caissie projects to initially be  - PRIMARILY -  a DH as long as Happ and Suzuki are on the team (and not on the IL), and both are signed through 2026 and both have a full "no trade."


Which does - NOT - mean Caissie will never play LF or RF while Happ and Suzuki are on the team, just that once he is called up, Caissie projects to be mostly and primarily a DH while Happ and Suzuki are Cubs (very likely through 2026). 


Then AFTER Happ and Suzuki are gone (beginning in 2027), only THEN will Caissie be projected as the primary LF or RF (which of the two TBD).

mervis day off, wisdom at 1st.  wisdom continuing to be an old man punishing kids in AAA is a bit overmatched at this point.

they need to figure out (masterboney) who (masterboney) is going to make way (masterboney) for wisdom to rejoin the team rather soon.  that said, counsell seems to be allergic to using cooper as well as masterboney and cooper may be the one that loses his job even though he probably shouldn't...going 5 for 13 with a homer, triple, and double just don't get the respect it used to.

at what point do people quit treating assad like a "6th/7th starter" that's expendable in the rotation unless there's a string of injuries or someone needs rest?

this guy would be a 3-5 starter on many teams after what he did as a starter last year.

this team will most likely let hendricks and wicks continue to start at assad's expense.  taillon's next start will be with the big league team.

wicks to AAA wouldn't make me upset at this point in his career and considering his early performance in 2024.  wicks has yet to pitch past the 4th inning while throwing a lot of pitches doing it.

Heyman reports Canario is being promoted
No mention of who's going down
This seems weird
I'm not upset at all, but is he going to play?
Wisdom staying to Iowa?
Mastro going down?
Someone hurt?
We'll see

[ ]

In reply to by Arizona Phil

if it's not a morel injury i'd at least like him to sit long enough to get his finger healed.  he doesn't seem to be swinging as strongly and even foul balls are bothering him.  he's been carrying the injury for a week-ish now.

dude almost lost is career and use of one of his hands years ago, and he's young...nothing short of his hand falling off will have him telling counsell or the trainers he's not good to go.

I got to attend the Saturday game in person. The crowd really was half, or more, Cubs fans. It was nice to see Morel looking confident at third. Imanaga looked slightly less dominant but I was excited to be there for his first win. Almonte and Neris looked just as uninspiring as they have on TV so far. 

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    I know they’re managing innings especially for Brown, but I feel like if we’re rolling out our top 5 SP, it includes Assad and Brown, and Wicks would be in Iowa. Wicks is solid and I think will continue to be, but Brown has been awesome and Assad has been our second best SP this year.

  • crunch (view)

    110%...unlike the decision to put in t.miller to protect a 4 run lead with 1 on and get the last out of the game.

    this is the most over-managed thing i've seen of counsell with the cubs.

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    Seemed like the right decision from my vantage! 😂

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    What is this whole clutch hit/score multiple runs thing the Cubs are doing? They can do that? And it’s legal? Nice!

  • crunch (view)

    this game got really f'n good.

  • crunch (view)

    scoring from 2nd on a 60ft hit...a hit off the pitcher's elbow...ow.

    megill walking off the mound towards where the ball was rolling was a poor decision even if he was nope'ing himself out of the game to the dugout.

  • Eric S (view)

    Vazquez with the heads up running - Cubs could could steal this one back. 

  • Eric S (view)

    Is Adames going to steal the Cubs soul two days in a row? Yep

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    hector neris...still not a closer.

  • crunch (view)

    morel has three 3-walk games in may.